she hasn't aged


“You know, you don’t have to do this right now. It can wait, if you’re not ready.”

“It’s ok… Thanks for coming with me.”

Docks: Holding Area - in which many feels were had. These two tho, amirite??


BUFFYVERSE + Aesthetic: Kendra Young (for nikii-the-slayerette & ladiesorgtfo)

[Pinklike Dreams]

Happy Birthday! @pitukel

solas and his quiet qunari charge from that stupid dream i had weeks ago


‘i need to invest in a hairbrush’ is not a thing solas ever thought he’d catch himself thinking…


Meghan Mahowald & Alana Haim duet at the Gardenia in Hollywood (circa 2009)

I imagine that Lila Grace really likes Oscar from Sesame Street. Not surprisingly, I guess. A misanthropic grouch who lives in a trash can and loves garbage? The resemblance between him and her favorite person in the world (i.e. her dad) is downright uncanny. :P