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Tomoyo's fashion check [Tsubasa Caractere Chronicle]

[page 21]

In various countries, the differences in temperature are intense, don’t you think? Clothing that is easy to move in is [taken into] consideration, too!

Clow Country: The cloak [can be] put on and taken off, so wherever he goes, the measures against changes in temperature are perfect, too, aren’t they?
Nihon Country: [The clothing] clings to his body exactly, so it seems as though he can adapt to swift movements, too.
In a dream: It is a kimono from Nihon Country, isn’t it? It seems good for relaxing.

[page 27]

What kind of thing is the fashion of the image of Syaoran-san? [I will] check at once!

Clow Country: It is Chinese clothing that has made black the prevailing color. It is cool and stylish, isn’t it?
Hong Kong: Changing completely, [it is] pure white Chinese clothing. It is good that he appears pure here, too.
Nirai Kanai: It is the clothing he was wearing when he went to archaeological sites, isn’t it? It is simple and full of functional beauty!

[page 35]

Even though she is an image, Sakura-chan is Sakura-chan! She is my heroine~!

Tokyo: Her appearance [when she is wearing] a cloak [is] captivating, too… I want to film Sakura-chan during an adventure, too.
Hong Kong: It is her wonderful appearance [when she is wearing] a uniform, isn’t it? I want to go to school and study together [with her]!
Hong Kong: Grown-up Sakura-chan is wonderful, too! Her expression when she has kept her sorrow secret is good, too, isn’t it?

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I was curious as to where the gems on your Hamilton/SU crossover are. I see that Alex's gem is on his forehead, and I think Thomas' gem is on his chest where his bow is. But what about the rest of the characters?

just you wait..

jk im probs never gonna finish these bc of my lack of motivation.. 

hamilton - forehead bc hes a nerd

burr - back bc u know,,, literal back stabber lmao im cool

laurens - idk actually, maybe shoulder blades to replicate the action of taking out a musket from ur back??? idk

lafayette - right side to imitate an action of a sword (thx the-mageofheart, credit to them )

mulligan - hand bc hes physically strong and he probs rips things from the ground,, always he uses his hands a lot in the play if u notice

angelica - back of the neck bc she voices her opinions but she has her white-lies 

eliza - heart bc shes so wonderful and expressive i love eliza so much

peggy - side of the arm bc shes good support for anything 

washington - middle of the chest bc hes the center//general//the command of everything

jefferson - yah his throat bc boi does he like to talk shit

madison - hmm maybe his lower chest areas where his lungs would be,,, bc he sick plus his gem is a bit cracked ;)

maria - hmmmmmmmmm maybe her thigh or leg area, idk reallyy her boob?? idk man

the supernatural au

suggested by @jonas-doesnt-know!

  • tracer has decided to prank everyone by popping out of doorways like a poltergeist
  • it doesn’t work at all
  • anyways welcome to the supernatural academy
  • in which everyone’s attractive and fictional creatures
  • if you couldn’t tell, tracer’s a ghost
  • who somehow has retained her crocs and an annoying british accent
  • amelie’s half-shifter, half-vampire (genetics turned her into a purple asshole in spandex who can turn into a huge-ass spider (literally))
  • mercy’s tired
  • but she’s also a healer angel
  • like as in she has wings and a halo and she touches someone and abruptly they feel 109878657 times better about life
  • pharah’s a werewolf with too much muscle and too much obliviousness
  • even lena notices mercy’s heart eyes
  • when pharah turns, she’s russet-brown with gorgeous eyes and soft fur
  • zarya’s a bear shifter
  • the bear has pink hair and a smile that could make flowers grow
  • mei’s the kid of a water elemental
  • which basically means she can blast someone in the face with water
  • but on a scarier note, she can also suck the water from a person’s body, effectively draining them of life instantly
  • everyone loves her and everyone’s terrified of her
  • symmetra’s a genie
  • the moment she introduces herself, the entire class joins together in a rousing rendition of ‘a whole new world’
  • she’s really cool and owns an entire collection of prisms
  • reaper’s still a wraith. nothing new there. except he’s even prettier
  • hanzo and genji are the sons of a god. which is cool.
  • they colour-code their outfits
  • mccree’s a merman
  • he swims to class in a cute lil hamster ball of water and flirts with hanzo. 
  • hanzo ignores him.
  • s76 is a tired old dad who transforms into a phoenix
  • lucio’s a spirit who has the best music taste ever
  • he’s (dating/best friends with), who’s a gremlin. obviously.
  • back to the ships.
  • pharah and mercy won cutest couple last year
  • mercy started hardcore blushing and her halo even turned a little red
  • pharah just sort of looked at mercy and said
  • ‘well, do you want to be?’
  • mercy nodded so fast her halo almost fell off.
  • they kiss, and everyone ‘aw’s. it’s the otp.
  • widowtracer? let’s see. first meeting.
  • lena tries to scare her, and amelie scares her instead
  • because she has the best ‘fuck off’ expression ever
  • but then- wonders of wonders- lena gets a crush.
  • she’s really annoying at first
  • pulls amelie’s hair in the hallway
  • does dorky things to try to impress her
  • amelie hisses and her eyes turn bright red and an hourglass glows on her back and lena, the fkn idiot, grins and bows.
  • she bonds with hanzo over having a terrible hoe always on your back trying to woo you (mccree)
  • she also bonds with him over having it work
  • lena grows on her
  • eventually, she appears with crocs and flowers and amelie grabs her by the goggles and kisses her
  • tracer doesn’t even talk for like five minutes
  • ‘if that’s all it took, maybe you should do it again,’ winston says.
  • and then tracer starts going into overdrive and spouting incoherent gibberish because her brain’s been fried
  • they’re voted ‘wow that couple shouldn’t work but they do’
  • and lastly, mei and zarya
  • they cuddle a lot
  • zarya’s bear form is surprisingly squishy
  • they’ve been dating since they were fetuses (fetusii?)
  • zarya’s a morning person and they have all their classes together so zarya just carries mei to class and mei clings to her like a parka-swaddled koala
  • they’re unanimously voted ‘most unproblematic couple’

New Year’s Eve Kiss.  Analysis

Have you ever noticed that when Charles and Elsie kiss, she keeps her eyes open while he closes his. It is almost as if she has waited so long for him, that she wants to experience every part of kissing him with all of her senses: touch, taste, sound, and sight. When leaning in for the kiss and coming out of it, she has the same expression: one of wonder, amazement and overpowering love for this man. 

Though Carson  closes his eyes, I have no doubt kissing his wife is any less thrilling.  He always smiles going in for the kiss and coming out of it. He may be a curmudgeon, a stickler for rules, and keeping a neutral, professional face at all times, but he cannot help himself. He loves this woman - he adores her; he wants her in every way a man wants a woman and he cannot suppress the smile that emerges on his face.    He always looks as if his breath is taken, even if for just a moment. 

And that he has kissed her in the servant’s hall speaks volumes in and of itself: he has kissed her at work!


Roy: You’ve been sleeping in my shirt. Because you miss me.
A vitriolic retort is on the tip of Sonia’s tongue, but something holds her back. Roy is looking at her with an expression of wonderment. She has to admit her heart clenched when she saw him. It was obviously a reaction to how bad he looks. He has black circles under his eyes, he is unshaven and he looks like he’s lost weight. She still can’t wrap her head around the fact that he was begging. She discreetly sniffs the air but she can’t detect any alcohol. Drugs?
Sonia: I just threw the shirt on when Apollo came to get me. It was the nearest thing I could find.
Roy: Bullshit. You were sleeping in my shirt. Fucking admit it, Sonia.
Sonia: Roy, I will not tolerate-
Roy: You don’t hate me. You don’t hate me.
Sonia looks at him in shock. She has never seen Roy cry, not like this. Only when their babies were born, and even then he tried to hide it and quickly composed himself. But now he’s not even caring that he’s standing in front of her with his eyes brimming with tears. And as far as she can tell he’s sober. The world has shifted on its foundations. She’s shivering, it’s quite a cool evening. She lets him put his arms around her. She breathes his smell. So many things threaten to crush her at that very moment that she doesn’t dare speak.
Roy’s voice is raspy next to her ear.
Roy: I took a terrible gamble, honey. And I lost. I never lose. I don’t know what to do. I’ve lost everything. My family, my job-
Sonia is plummeted back to reality.
Sonia: Roy. You lost your job? What on earth-
Roy gives her an abridged version of events. Sonia is confused. She thought Roy and Amos were friends. She and Roy walk back to the house, Rogue trotting smugly ahead of them. Sonia isn’t sure where her anger towards Roy has gone, only that it’s a very long way away.
Sonia: Well, I’m sure Daddy can speak to Gus and convince him to give you your job back.
Roy draws a deep breath.
Roy: Damn. Do you really think he’d do that? Even after I stood him up last Friday?
Sonia: He rang your office after he’d been waiting for half an hour and the receptionist told him you were on leave. He just thought you’d taken sick. I’m sure it won’t be a problem, Roy. You know how much Daddy loves you.
Roy: What about you? Do you still love me?
Sonia stares at him, perplexed.
Roy: It’s a simple question, hon. It only requires a yes or no answer.
Sonia: I don’t know. I don’t know.
The ghost of the Roy she married flickers in his smile.
Roy: You’ve been wearing my shirts to bed. I know you do.  Duh.
Sonia glowers at him.
Roy: Okay, here’s another question. Do you want a divorce?
Sonia: No, Roy. But I don’t want the same marriage we had before, either.
Roy: Good. At least that’s something we can both agree on.  So, can you tell me what kind of marriage you do want?