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LE PROMPT: USO ANGIE WITH PEGGY AND STEVE PLS PLS PLS i need peggy with her idiot Brooklynites like i need air

She’s seen the girl before. The USO is a pretty display for the boys who haven’t seen anything close to pretty in months now, and Peggy would roll her eyes, but Peggy appreciates the necessity. She appreciates quite a few things.

And she likes the music.

She’d been caught up, and when she arrives the show’s over. The girls are all clustered about backstage–Peggy prefers to watch from the side of the stage–and she turns to leave, to get out of the way of the well-organised demobilisation the girls carry out every evening.

“You work there?” she hears Steve’s voice, high and pinched like the day she caught him kissing Private Lorraine, and when she spots him, he’s with the girl Peggy’s seen before.

“The Horn & Hardart on Fulton,” the girl says as Peggy pushes her way through the cluster of girls waiting for their own chance to talk to Captain America, ignoring the looks that earns her. “You know the place?”

The way Steve blushes, and then blushes harder still when he sees her standing there, Peggy thinks she might be missing something.

“What about you, doll?” the girl says, looking Peggy up and down in a way that makes her want to blush. “You spend a lot of time hanging out in any automats?”

The girl, Angie, joins them for dinner, such as it is. Splitting a B unit is hardly showing a girl a good time. She’s not sure what Steve was thinking.

Sergeant Barnes sits opposite Angie, Steve beside him across from Peggy, and she gets the impression he isn’t all that interested in what has clearly been Steve’s orchestration of a date.

She’s no idea why; Angie is quite charming. He could stand to show a little more interest.

“When we’re back home I should take you to Club 181,” Angie says, looking at Steve, and then James, and then shifts her gaze to Peggy.

Peggy has the distinct impression the seating arrangement was a little more deliberate than she suspected, and a little better idea what Steve had been thinking.

“Well,” Steve says then, clapping his hands together. “It’s been a lovely evening, ladies. I think it’s about time to bed down for the night" And then he and James disappear.

“What about you, English?” Angie says, still seated beside her. “You gotta bed to be in?”

Peggy very much thinks she has.