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For people who are feeling saddened by Iron Fist’s lack of diversity, I present to you Agents of SHIELD. While the first season is not the greatest or most diverse by any means, the remaining three seasons are full of suspenseful plot lines, intriguing characters, and yes - lots of cultural diversity.

Out of the seven main characters, four of them are POCs, and another four of the seven are female leads. Not only did the writers of the show cast an Asian-American for the lead, they also COMPLETELY REWOTE her character to represent that. And get this - never once has this character, Daisy, been used as a brainless romantic interest. No, this girl has depths and she is. damn. right. fierce. Not to mention, she’s got some effing awesome superpowers.

And of the three main superpowered Inhumans on the show, two are female and all three are POCs. Not to mention, the one guy on the team, Joey, is openly gay.

Not only is this show a beacon of diversity, it’s girl-powered as hell. If you’re feeling disappointed in the wake of Iron Fist, I recommend giving this show a try. I promise you that you will not regret it.

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Jojo is now saying people who believe Louis relationships are fake are 'accusing him of being a lying closet gay' and 'the same people believe in little green men from mars' and are 'very odd and sad'

this is honestly so vile but unsurprising, considering she’s taking money for contributing to exactly that image. also “a gay”? really? really?? shows how little integrity she has about basic lgbt stuff right there. why would she have any integrity when it comes to louis. 

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What if Kara goes for the Supergirl reveal, and tears open her shirt, but forgets that she isn't wearing the costume and instead flashes Lena

So Kara is so nervous, because she has planned on telling Lena her secret for weeks, right? The Lucy reveal was easy, so she’s going to copy it, just go in and take off her glasses and pull open her shirt and it’ll be just like ripping off a bandaid.



Because Lena does not react like Kara anticipated.

She expected some confusion, maybe a little anger, some hurt -

She didn’t anticipate the way Lena’s jaw drops slowly or the way her eyes widen, or the way her lips curl into a smirk before diving after Kara’s.

Later, when they’re naked and half wrapped in the blanket from Lena’s couch, Kara turns to her.

“If I would have known you were going to react that way t finding out I’m Supergirl, I would have told you a long time ago!”

“Wait, you’re Supergirl?!”

“Yeah,, that’s why I stripped down to show you my - … oh.”

“‘Oh’ is right!”

“I’m sorry? I had this whole plan-”

“It’s fine, I like the way it ended up better. Besides, I already knew you were Supergirl.”

“What? No way!”

“Yes way!”

Kara is silent for a moment before she speaks up.

“So … what now?”

“We could go on a real date?”

“I know just the place.”


Thoughts while playing The Freshman Book 3 Chapter 12: Flirting With Disaster

Eek! We’re still at the concert. Now we’re rushing out and Kaitlyn’s lashing out at Zig. Well… she has every right to be mad. :-/

But now she’s asking us “How could you do this to me?!” Wait, what? Look here you little… It’s not even five minutes into the game and I’m already stressed out.

Wow, she’s really being unreasonable huh? I tell him it’s not my fault and she says “He’s your friend so this is on you.” WHAT?!

I’m really upset with Kaitlyn now. “Why is that always your call to make?,” she asks. “These are my choices, good or bad.” Uh, excuse me. I may be your best friend but I never make the decisions for you. It’s always YOUR choice.  Geez. So now she walks out.

In walks Zig. And we’re pretty mad at him. I’m getting tired. When is this chapter ending? I fight with Zig and tell him he assumes the worst of my friends — thinking Chris was condescending with the program, Kaitlyn judging him…

Oh look. MC’s so mad at Zig for taking her side, for defending her against her friends. MC goes “I don’t need you to fight my battles for me.”

Hmm. How very similar to Kaitlyn’s argument. MC and Kaitlyn are experiencing the same thing in a way. I’ll articulate better later. If I feel like it. I’m so stressed out already.

Oh, he walks out. Kicking a trash can at that. How cinematic.

This chapter should be called “The Chapter Where Everyone Walks Out.”

Now we walk alone… into Double Tap. :P With Becca? And she’s being nice to us? Okay… Oh. Her parents are getting divorced. :(

She gives us a lift to campus (sweet!) but we’re sleeping at the sorority. Sleepover!!! Okay there’s a diamonds choice for Becca to talk more with us. Let’s go for it!

She’s telling us how tough her relationship with her parents were. Childhood angst and all. Pretty sad stuff.

We’re being friendly with her now. She’s the Catwoman to our Batman and we tease her about having a catsuit in her room. She goes, “If you’re really nice maybe I’ll show it to you sometime.” Huh? Did Becca just flirt with us?

So we sleep in Becca’s bed, side by side.

And then we leave the next morning. (At this point I’m wondering, was there an option to sleep with Becca? My MC probably didn’t have that option because she’s dating James? Hmm…)

Back at home, and look it’s Chris. And we slam the door on him. Oh my god this drama is driving me nuts.

And because we’re a sucker for pain, we call James. I BET this won’t turn out well either.

It doesn’t. What the hell is Yasmin doing in his apartment? Does she watch over him like a hawk? Better yet a vulture?!

So Yasmin’s spouting out a lot of stuff that’s just irritating me so I won’t type them out here. And look, it’s James coming back into the scene with a funny note from Prof. Vasquez. He’s cut short by Yasmin because they have to leave. JAMES, SHOW THE FRIGGIN’ NOTE. Oh my gosh, he’s really sucking at being a boyfriend.

Aaaand we’re cut off.

And apparently going to California!

The end.

Final thoughts:
STRESSFUL. Kaitlyn’s self-centered. Zig seriously needs anger management classes. James needs to widen his awareness. Becca was a revelation. And MC? I’m glad she stood her ground through it all. But okay, what’s going to LA going to accomplish? She better know how to do this right so she doesn’t compromise her boyfriend’s promising career. So stressful. I’m outta here.

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The average human can last about 3 minutes without any oxygen before getting serious damage. However, asahina is an ultimate level swimmer, meaning she could survive from anything up to probably 10 minutes. If her main problem right now is breathing, then she has a very high chance of survival, though I expect it is probably more to do with her injuries. But don't loose hope !!

No, she stopped breathing because of her i-injuries…B-But you’re probably right about the fact that she is trained to handle lack of oxygen better than us…But there was s-so much blood…

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Does everyone know what's going on? I realize that the WoH probably don't but what about the 77th?

We know most of it but we don’t want to be in the way so we are all waiting for them to come to us…

I want to be here for Kyouko but she has a lot of things to deal with right now so I will probably only be a bother. Waiting is really hard though…


Honestly I don’t have many Oc’s that I still bring up regularly that aren’t based on some AU.
But I do have these two! Carlisle is a terrible Fae who’s pretty pathetic about his deals and magic. He’s sarcastic trash who smokes too much and leaves eyes everywhere.
And Michaela who runs a witchy magical flower/charm shop with her pyro mage roommate and has something inhabiting her right eye. She can barely be bothered with him, he might be her familiar or something but she hardly cares.

I need to bring them up more really

I’m watching Moana with my niece and I told her my favorite character was coming (meaning Tamatoa) and that he sings a cool song.

They reach the island with the entrance to the world of monsters and she looks at me and says “Coco! Your favorite boy is coming!”

Small child has no idea how right she is.

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How do you feel about the phrase "curves in all the right places"?

I’m not a fan. It implies that there’s a wrong place to have curves which then implies that there’s a body that’s just wrong. Which I mean don’t get me wrong, of course being severely overweight isn’t “healthy”, but there’s plenty of people with thin bodies that are unhealthy. You can have 36 28 36 and have clogged arteries and barely functioning tar filled lungs because you smoke a pack and a half a day like my cousin. But she swears she’s gods gift and prettier than everyone else because she has the right body with curves in the “right” places. Usually the “right” places are that they have a small waist with larger breast and hip ratios. So someone that doesn’t meet that criteria is being made to feel like their body is wrong. Which of that’s you’re opinion, that’s fine you can think that but I write for people to enjoy, not make them feel inferior. So I don’t ever use that phrase in my real life and I never ever would use it in my writing. I wouldn’t ever want to feed Into that stigma and make a follower feel like shit when they’re trying to just read a story and relax. It’s rude.

Edit: not trying to come for anyone that smokes. That’s your business, I’m just saying how ironic is is for someone with a cigarette in their hand to mock someone for being overweight because it’s unhealthy 😒😂 We all know that smoking is hella bad for you. I’m just making a point.

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Beroncia with jealous Betty

thank you sm for the prompt! I hope you enjoy it! :))

Logically, Betty knows she has nothing to worry about when it comes to the people (numerous people, so many fucking people) that want Veronica. She knows that Veronica’s heart is hers because Veronica has Betty’s right in the middle of her palm, she knows she never has to worry about her girlfriend straying, she knows that Veronica wouldn’t leave her for one of the many people (so many goddamn people) who just want to say they’ve slept with The Veronica Lodge–she knows this.

And yet.

Yet, she’s stuck with that sick stomach churning feeling whenever someone shows even a fraction of their attention to Veronica and Betty sees that it’s anything but platonic.

Like now.

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#malia has gone from being so desperate to turn back to a coyote  #to slowly learning to control the shift #but struggling so much at the balance of human and coyote especially with the full moon #so she’s worked and worked at keeping control #and now look at her: she can shift perfectly from a coyote into herself #and not only has she mastered such a difficult skill #but after getting her coyote form back she chose to stay with her pack


Katie McGrath + wearing her watch on her right wrist (even though she’s right handed)


time to dance // panic! at the disco