she has the cutest dimples

Consider… for just a moment… chubby Katelyn…. Like her vixen outfit is a little tight and no thigh gap,, soft tummy,, soft girl,, listen:

- her fingers aren’t long and slim and she bites her nails until they bleed, but her hands are?? Adorable?? something about them that Aaron just loves,, what great place for a diamond ring, hmmm??,, ,
- she has the cutest dimples when she smiles tbh
- and right after a game,, when shes a little more out of breath than the other girls, and her cheeks are red, and her hair is falling out of her ponytail and sticking to her forehead,,
- wow im weak, what a beautiful and talented girl, I’m in love
- Aaron works out extra hard so that he can be Strong and carry her all day and give her piggyback rides because she deserves it
- once everything settles in the minyard vs minyard situation and its okay for her to hang out with the foxes more, she becomes the new designated innocent child that everyone dotes on
- The girls will take her clothes shopping and sometimes things don’t fit right and she gets sad and a little embarrassed because allison is in the dressing room with her trying to get the dress to zip up in the back but it’s just not happening
     - allison pops her head out the door and says something to Dan and then looks back and goes “this is absolutely fucking ridiculous, this dress is so cheaply put together, it’s not made to fit anyone, I bet even I couldn’t pull it off,”
     - Dan knocks and allison opens the door to take a new dress from her (it’s a little bigger) and she gives it to Katelyn while still ranting
     - “you know you almost have to go a couple sizes up just to account for the poor craftsmanship!!”
     - Katelyn knows that allison is being overdramatic to spare her feelings but she’s highkey grateful for it and this new dress?? Fits great??? And it looks hella cute on her?? So it’s a win/win
- hear me out,, I’ve learned some tricks for feeling good about yourself when you’re a little bigger and I’m here to tell you that Katelyn’s hair is long. like it frames her face perfectly and ends somewhere below her boobs, and its just kind of all over the place and in the way all the time but she doesn’t have the heart to cut it anymore
- she goes walking with Neil some mornings, and one time they walked passed this guy who started harassing her about her weight and she tried to just ignore him but Neil was NOT HAVING IT, he had to explain his bruised knuckles to Andrew later
     - Aaron overheard what happened and now he doesn’t hate Neil quite as much

- anyway yeah just,,,, consider chubby Katelyn,, please,

[Mark] Racing Hearts (Chapter 5)

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My jaw nearly drops. This kid, that doesn’t seem like he can think, of anything than himself, has a baby? Someone that literally has to come first before himself?

“You have a child?” I blurt out, incredulous.



I take a closer look at the little baby girl. She’s dressed in a white top, black sweatpants, and white high Converse shoes. She is mixed, and by the curly ponytail that holds her mane, her big, very big but slanted eyes and her olive skin, I guess that the mother is black. She looks adorable. She’s pressed against her dad’s chest, her arms folded against herself as she suckles on her round pacifier. She’s looking at le in silence, blinking sleepily from time to time. If I was expressive enough, I would have heart eyes.

“I guess the brunette isn’t the mother.” I sate, unable to tear my eyes of this jewel. She looks like she’s around one year old.

“Who, Alice?” Tuna asks.

“Her name is Alice?”

I hear him sigh, and I wave at Rose.

“Where is Kameron?” He asks, exasperated.

“I don’t know.” I reply, looking up at him. He looks rally annoyed. And in a rush. There’s a baby seat on the desk, along with a hug bag that I assume is the bay bag.

“Do you need help?” I propose, not because I want to help him, but because I guess that his problem involves the fact that Rose is here, and I’m not against a little babysitting today. Really, I just want the baby, I don’t care about what the fuck he has to do.

“You want to help me?” He says impassively.

“No.” I reply. “But there’s a baby involved.”

“I’m no letting you touch my daughter.” He declares coolly, his words mirroring mine from when he drove my car.

“Very mature of you.” I mutter. I don’t know why I’m losing my time with some 26 or 27-year-old kid. Really, he just needs to grow the fuck up.

“It has nothing to do with maturity. I only let Kameron touch her.” He retorts.


“You want to know my story, now?”

“Fuck you.“

"Don’t swear around my daughter!” He shouts, startling the sleepy darling girl. She jumps and starts crying second later. Good job, Tuna. The poor princess is tired and he’s here yelling at me.

“Oh, god.” He groans, hoisting the weeping child up so her head rests on his shoulder. “I’m sorry, sweetie. I’m so sorry.” He coos while rocking her, his tone sweet and honey-like and so not what I’m used to. I nearly gag, but it works;

I hear incoming footsteps behind me and turn around to find Kameron arriving to his office.

“Kameron.” Tuna sighs in relief. He walks to him, almost pushing me aside so he’s in front of him.

“Kam, I need you to take care of Rose for me. I have an interview in an hour.” He states matter-of-factly. He’s not asking for a favor, he’s demanding. Dickhead. Kam looks at him and then at Rose who has stopped crying and is looking at him.

“Hi.” He gently pokes her cheek and smiles. So he can touch her, but I can’t.

“Why did you bring her in today?” I ask him. He turns to me and gives me the most exasperated, annoyed and frustrated look I’ve ever seen him wear.

“I didn’t.” He mutters dryly. “Her mom is gone on a two week trip and just dropped her in front of my house.”

“Why don’t you call a babysitter?” I propose. There are so many solutions to his problem, but he’s being an idiot. He shoots me a glare without answering and Kam speaks.

“I can’t take care of her, I have to see all the sponsors today. And I’m late.” He says, and Tuna’s face falls in despair.

“I’m free.” I remind him.

“Yeah, because you’re a has-been. What are you still doing here?“ He snaps back. If he didn’t have a baby in his arm I would have punched him.

“You motherfuc-“

"Sivan is really good with babies.” Kam cuts me off.

“She’s violent.” Tuna retorts. “Can’t you see what she did to my face?” He points at the cut on his lip.

“She doesn’t hit babies.” Kam says calmly. He sighs.

“Plus, you don’t have a choice.” I add pointedly. He turns to me.

“She won’t like you.” He states. Fuck him.

“Only one way to find out.” I murmur and holds my hands open for Rose. She looks up at me and blinks really slowly, her pacifier bobbing up and down as she registers my offer.

“Come here, you cute little chunk."  I encourage. She shifts and reaches out to me as well, making me proud and my chest warm. Being appreciated by a baby like that the first time meeting her is something even more satisfying than winning any Grand Prix.

"Oh, you like me.” I gush, taking her out of her dad’s arms and holding her to my chest. She leans he head against my beasts and just stays there, still slowly falling asleep. “You’re not like your dad at all.”

I look up and see Tuan glaring at me, but still confused by what just happened. He doesn’t comment the fact that his daughter likes me, his ego probably blocking any word that might come out.

“She’s sleepy, but she won’t fall asleep without her blankie.” He explains, taking a step back. “I’ll go get it. Don’t move.” He says before exiting the room. Blankie? What blankie? I’ll get the little one to sleep myself.

I move her so she’s laying horizontally in my arms and rock her gently. I have a secret weapon that works on every single baby on earth. I t worked for me even as a teenager.

“Layla haru'ach goveret.” I sing softly, watching her as he looks up at me, eyes barely kept open.

“Layla layla homa hatzameret. Layla layla kochav mezamer.” Kam signs with me knowing the power of this Hebrew lullaby. It’s so soothing that by the time I sing the last verse, she had her tiny fingers on my nose and she can’t keep her eyes open.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

“Numi numi kabi et haner. Numi numi kabi et haner.” I murmur, and she drifts off to sleep, the movements of her pacifier becoming slow and gentle. "Layla, Layla.”

The door opens, and Tuna walks in with a blue rug in his hand.

“Here.” He says before realizing she’s already sleeping. He frowns. “What did you do?”

“I sang her a lullaby.” I shrug. He frowns even harder, at complete loss.

“Alright.” He says, more to himself than to him. I circle Kam’s desk and put Rose down in her baby seat so she can sleep better.

“Everything you will need is in this bag.” Tuna points at the black baby bag. “Food, diapers, clothes, wipes, toys, headbands, whatever.”

When I look up at him, he’s pointing a threatening finger at me.

“You can take her for a walk but don’t tell anyone it’s my daughter and don’t let them touch her.” He says. I really want to spend time with this baby, but if he doesn’t stop being bossy and doesn’t look a little bit more thankful, I will throw the baby bag at him.

He says it has nothing to do with maturity, but only a child would still sound pissed and angry towards someone who’s doing them a favor just because he doesn’t like them. I pity Rose. His father has a shitty personality.

Tuna leans across the desk while I stare at him, unimpressed, my arms crossed over my chest, an eyebrow arched in a challenging manner. His face is inches from mine, but I’m not backing down.

“If I see the smallest bruise on her, Sivan, I will end your life.” He says quietly.

“Go fuck yourself.”

“You swear around my daughter one more time, and I swear to god-”

“Mark.” Kam interrupts. He turns his head and looks at him. “She’s got it. Trust me.”

He says nothing, his lips forming a grim line as he pulls his phone out of his pocket.

“Give me your number so I can check up on her.” He orders. God, I hate that he has authority on me. If his daughter wasn’t so goddamned cute I would make his life a living hell.

“Make sure you delete it afterwards.” I mutter.

“Count on me for that.” He retorts. I almost want to stick my tongue out at him just to be on his level of maturity.

After I give him my number, he sighs and puts his phone back in his pocket. He has one last look for his daughter, and that’s when I see his eyes change and drastically soften. He runs a finger across her soft cheek in silence. I understand Rose is probably the only one who will ever get that kind of thing from him; I understand why.

He turns on his heels without a word, without a ‘thank you for doing this’, nothing. He really is the rudest person I’ve ever met in my entire fucking life.

“You’re welcome.” I say to his back, and he flips me the bird over his shoulder. Now, I really need to find a way to have my revenge. He must think he just made me his bitch, but I’m only doing this because I love babies. I don’t want him to think h won the war or something like that, I still hate him, I haven’t forgotten what he’s done to me, but I’m mature enough to distinguish him from his daughter who needs a babysitter. He closes the door behind him, and I look down at the sleeping beauty on the desk.

“Your father is an asshole.” I whisper to her, because she has to know.

 “Go easy on him.” Kam says, standing next to me. “I really takes him a lot to let anyone take care of Rose.”

I scoff and roll my eyes.

“Really, Sivan. I’ve only been able to hold her for a few weeks.” He argues. Really?

“And what? Should I feel honored?” I challenge. To my surprise, I see him actually think for a moment.

“Maybe.” He says, his words hanging in the air with a lot of other untold things.


After her morning nap, Rose wakes up hungry and grumpy. She doesn’t let me put her down after I feed her. She just sits on my lap, her head against my chest while I read a book on my phone. But she’s something like one year old, it doesn’t last very long. After fifteen minutes she wriggles out of my hold and explores the office. Her dad calls me then, cold, bossy, to check up on her.

I lay down a few toys for her and go back to my reading. Occasionally, I ask for a hug or two, and she willingly gives them to me. I make her laugh, realize she has the cutest dimples ever, and then she plays again. Her father calls, again. But then she gets bored, and a little bit claustrophobic. I decide to let her explore and open the door of the office. I don’t lead her anywhere, just let her walk wherever she feels like it with her pacifier and blankie in her tiny hands. When she aims for the stairs, I pick u=her up and help her down, and then she walks off on her own.

We land in the locker room, and she opens a locker or two before wanting to get out. She makes a U tur and I follow, and on my right I see a beam of light and here a faint noise. When I look in that direction, I find a paparazzi snapping pictures of me. I don’t think about how he got in, I just pick up the child and hide her face, trying to protect her.

“What are you doing?!” I yell at him, running away, needing to lock myself somewhere. He follows us, and with the baby in my arms I can’t stop him, I get punch him or knock his camera off. I’m helpless.

“Get out!” I yell, running up the stairs.

“Is it your baby?” He asks from behind me and calls my name.

“Fuck you!” I reply and lock myself in Kam’s office. I drop Rose to the floor, cursing to myself, out of breath and furious. I hadn’t missed this at all, the lack of privacy, the invasion of my personal space, the fact that it affects people who didn’t choose it. I hate paparazzis.

I take my phone out and call Elijah to warn him.

“Hey, Siv. Why aren’t you on the track?” He asks as he picks up.

“Eli, a paparazzi got in.” I reply dryly.

“I’ll call security.” He declares and I hang up.

I look down and see that the little Rose is crouched down of the floor, her facial expression straight and unexpressive. She’s pooping.


After about three hours in total, Tuna comes back. He barges in the office, almost startling us both.

“Dada!” Ros squeaks happily, and takes wobbly steps towards her father.

“Hey!” Tuna says, mouth open wide, the corner of his lips tugged up and his eyes smaller than usual. He as a few wrinkles around them and he’s showing his teeth.

He’s smiling.

It’s the first time I see him smile ever since I’ve met him.

“Cm’here.” He says, kneeling down and holding his arms open for her.  “Give me a big hug.”

Her little legs carry her to him and she presses herself against his chest, trying to get her short arms around his neck, and climbing up his thigh. He enfolds her in his arms, humming in satisfaction.

“Good girl. I missed you.” He praises, kissing her head repeatedly.

The guy is only human with his baby girl. That’s almost cute, if it didn’t mean he was a dick towards everyone else.

I get up from my seat, shrug my jacket on and grab my own bag while the two of them reunite, and walk towards the exit.

“Thanks for watching her today.” Tuna says, almost surprising me. I’m not going to tell him he’s welcome because he’s not.

He rises to his feet with Rose in his arms, and I take a last look at the lovely little girl.

“You should think about hiring a babysitter.” I advise him. Rose twists and reaches out to me. Tuna lets me take her in my arms one last time.

“She really likes me.” I say to myself.

“Because she doesn’t know you.” Tuna mutters, fishing his buzzing phone out of his pocket. I poke Rose’s cheek and watch her dimples appear as she smiles to me. She smells like baby and cuteness. She’s a real jewel, unlike her father.

“What the hell is this?” Tuna asks, and when I look at him I realize he’s talking to his phone. But then he looks up at me, horrified. “What did you do?”

I frown, confused, and he shoves his phone in my face. I take it in my hand, too curious to see what’s making him mad that I barely notice him taking Rose away from me.

On his phone I read a press article.

“Triple car race world champion Sivan O’shea seen with her new man’s baby? O’shea babysits while Tuan recovers from bad fall that left him bruised on the face. What about Alice?”

The former racer let us know of her return when she was seen hanging out with Mark Tuan and Lewis Hamilton to celebrate the start if the season, and has been seen today again with Tuan’s baby girl Rose. One thing that we know is that Tuan is an overprotective dad and wouldn’t let O’shea touch her unless he trusted her.

This makes us think that there must be something between them, but Alice, Tuan’s official girlfriend was also seen at the bar with him two days ago.

This story sure needs to be cleared up.


There she goes again

I’m sure they only met like a week ago, and he lets her around his child smh. Overprotective, my ass

He just lets her play with the baby so he can bang her

Did she not get dick in Israel for her to be that thirsty?

What is she doing this season beside babysitting?

To the person that gets her,

I’ve been afraid of the day she would find you, but at the same time I always hoped she would. You see, that girl you get to wake up to every morning and kiss every night is the girl of my dreams, but you are the man of hers. With that being said there are just a few things you need to know…
First, if she says she doesn’t care… She does, she always does. So make sure you take her feelings and opinions into account when making a decision. Secondly, don’t forget to tell her how beautiful she looks in the morning, or when she has a mouth full of food, or when she is doing absolutely nothing at all.. Because she is… She is so beautiful. And she should never have to doubt that. Also, when she talks, listen.. Really listen. She likes to know you care about her day and what’s going on in her life. Plus, it’s incredibly adorable when she talks about something she is excited about or how her nostrils flare when she is angry. Speaking of her being angry, she has the cutest dimple on her chin that fits perfectly with your thumb. She hates when you do it and will get irritated but it’s worth it to feel like God made a part of her to fit perfectly with you. She is the most amazing human being I have ever met. The way she looks at you, holds you and loves you is a feeling too wonderful to describe. So cherish her and every moment you have with her. Buy her flowers, kiss her until she can’t breath, take her dancing, watch her shows with her, don’t let her go to bed angry, and just love her in all the ways she longs to be loved….
I know I wish I could.