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It’s My Fault
Barry Allen x Reader
by @theflash-fantasies
Zoom attacks reader one night at the lab after some pretty cute Barry x Reader fluff.

No Longer You
Dean Winchester x Reader
by @dancingalone21
“Now a shell of her former self, the reader runs into an old flame.”

The Girl Next Door
Tom Holland x Reader
by @notsofastmaximoff
“You just wanted to take a shower and relax in bed after a rough day.”

Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @avasparks
“When you find out Steve is cheating on you, Bucky is there to help you through it; along the way, his feelings for you grow, as do yours for him.”

You Are My Heaven
Steve Rogers x Reader
by @avengerofyourheart
“Falling for a good man, who happened to be her training partner, was unavoidable. Does the reader have the courage to find out if he feels the same way? What if he doesn’t? Life rarely unfolds the way we hope it would. (Events take place after CATWS)” Ongoing Series

A Matter Of Time
Steve Rogers x Reader
by @wayward-marvel-and-more
“(Soulmate Timer AU) Steve awoke with a start. A baseball game was playing softly on the radio. He sat up, incredibly disoriented. He looked to his right arm. 3 Years, 84 Days, 2 Hours, 0 Minutes, 5 Seconds. He’d woken up 70 years in the future.”

Loving Danger
Bucky Barnes x OC Reader
by @lady-thor-foster
“Danger couldn’t quite forgive Bucky for getting the both of them caught during their attempted prison break. Goddamn that man’s incessant need to please Sometimes revenge isn’t the best thing to solve a problem. Jax Cassidy is walking temptation, very few can resist her.”

The Things She Carried
Dean Winchester x Reader
by @effie-w
“Dean meets a huntress. Well, he would define her a robot. At least until he gets to know her…” Completed Series

Calum Hood x Reader
by @txhohood
“Calum has never been in love- ever; it’s not on his top priority of things to do either. But, when the band is on break for the holidays, and Calum wants to spend time with his mum, who is the owner of the top ballet/dance company in the country; Calum meets a girl whose eyes held more galaxies than the universe, and a smile that made his heart beat faster than ever before. This might just make him change his priorities up a bit, but sometimes there are tough decisions to make in the industry.” Ongoing Series

Heat Of The Moment
Jensen Ackles x Reader
by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing
Jared tries to get Jensen to hook up with some girl, unknowing of the reader’s massive crush on him. Ongoing Series

Luke Hemmings x Reader x Michael Clifford
by @5saucefanfic
Just some Muke smut that everybody should read.

Coming Home
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @sad-af1121
Bucky usually comes home from missions after reader has already fallen asleep, but after reader sends him an inappropriate picture, he decides to wake her up.

Sebastian Stan x OC
by @plumfondler
“Broadway veteran Vanessa Vincent is getting her start in movies and is offered the role of a lifetime opposite someone she’s admired for years. What happens when they have to get up close and personal on set?” Ongoing Series

Like Limbs and Hearts Entwined
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @ursulaismymiddlename
“When the woven birch crown appears in the Sacred Grove, the village elders know that The God of Field and Forest, The Lord of the Ancient Wood, has decided to take a Bride.  The most beautiful girl in the village, chosen by him and blessed with his grace, is to perform the marriage rites on the First Summer Moon, thus ensuring a bountiful harvest and continued prosperity for the community…  And you are so very certain and so very thankful that it could never be you!” Ongoing Series


BNHA oc!! She’s very punk but an incredible strategist and still harbors a crush on Gerard Way in a hidden place in her heart. (her quirk is also inspired by dnd combat mechanics shhhh)

She has a v relaxed personality and is a Cool Kid not in the the aloof way but genuinely. Her calm comes w/ growing up knowing she can pause and think about the best thing to say in a conversation/do in a situation before committing to it. On the flip side, whenever she is forced to actually react to a quicktime scenario (more likely day to day than combat) she tends to freeze cuz she isn’t used to having to react to being caught off guard like other people.

She often accidentally slips into her quirk during her habit of daydreaming (especially during class) which is dangerous bcuz if she stays in Time Out too long she comes out of it nauseous, disorientated, and w/ an overbearing sense of unreality. 

Due to her strategy-based quirk she would probably work best w/ Midoriya, but she would probs get along best w/ Kirishima and Jirou.

She could hypothetically bring a villain into time out, bcuz while it is more taxing to hold w/ an unwilling participant she ultimately controls when it ends. She would almost never do this tho, and only when she thinks she would b able to negotiate w/ a villain since they can’t hurt each other in time out.

ah yes the real puipui aesthetic, random english words on couple clothes :’ )

found & finished a really old sketch of the whole team or in this case the teams!! magica has two teams, puipui and chichin (it’s supposed to come from chi-chin-pui-pui, a kind of spell or charm used so that the pain children feel can be cured!) 

the teams have the same goal… but it might also be a competition as the winner team has been promised a prize..? mysterious : o

names from left to right!!! favored names are bolded

Anri “Ai” Tokiwa / Cure Charm - A levelheaded, quiet girl who somehow has an intimidating aura. She has interesting literature and fashion choices (even though the latter can’t be really seen anymore, as Ui insists on wearing at least somehow matching clothes…).

Ui Musubi / Cure Enchant - The cold on the outside, sweet-and-soft on the inside idol girl of the school. She has a hard time getting along with people.

Chiari Riku / Cure Cherish - An odd, loud girl who seems to know everything about everyone - she’s smart and cunning and won’t hesitate to use whatever is necessary to get what she wants.

Chantilly “Yuri” Aoi / Cure Chérie - The new girl in the school - a french-japanese student who’s turning out to be more than just a cute face. She has the third best grades in the school - just after Ai and Riku. 

i didnt actually expect to get asks about my ocs so here we go!!

this is cindy and she has the power to control air. she was bullied a lot when she was younger due to her shyness but now shes trying her best to speak up and stand for what she believes in!!

this is andy and he has the power of super speed. he is cindy’s older brother and will protect her until his last breath. ppl look down on him a lot for being smaller and cuter than his sis but he does his best to appear tough and mighty and will 100% kick your ass.

these two are not really for a specific fandom i just made them because i like superheroes ; w ; other than those two i have my bnha oc

i bet youve already seen him a lot on my blog :’^) 

katous my oc for bnha and he can make clones of himself out of collision. he likes being showered with attention and constantly worries if hes real or not poor child…..

ok those are pretty much my main ocs at the moment!! im glad you asked about them!!

Meow is a cute little creature called a catball. She does not talk like humans do but she only speak by using the word. ‘Meow’ She also uses paper and a black marker to write and draw. ^_^ (Welcome to our team, Meow.^w^) Meow has joined us to our journey. >wO

anonymous asked:

so far no one has kinned w my oc but they seem to like her. tbh the fanbase she's in is pretty chill. there's always the kinfucks but they seem to kin w canon characters and we all just stay away from them.

best of luck to ya mate


yo this is Thorn >:3c
A loner/kittypet who joined the exalted Skyclan (and probably gal pals with lightningstar tbh). she’s v intelligent and cunning, and manages to outsmart other clever characters (Like Owlsong, Sweetfur, Cleopatra and Raventhroat, and they all hate it) at every turn. Veryy witty and clever, and dang charming and sarcastic, she acts like an advisor to Lightningstar and has some beef with Skyfall and Raventhroat 
Thorn in general is pretty kind and sympathetic, she’s got a lot of heart (and loves lighting v much) and like many others, wants the best for her clan 😌 she’s got a good sense of justice and morals, too and skyclan taught her how to fight but she relies on her wit most of the time
if u want, ask abt them!

virtualnight  asked:

I just want to say that Clarissa is the cutest and I want to spoil her, what a treasure to behold. Cicero is also pretty great, but I will admire it from afar.

CLARISSA: Struggling musician (she’s rly good and can play several instruments and has a real nice voice) who lives in a teeny tiny apartment w her best friend Dace (he’s all about theater). They’re both Real Gay…..

Also she’s tall (honestly who’s surprised), like 6′3 or so. she’s a little longer than the mattress she sleeps on

anonymous asked:

I love your oc's Wyatt and Layla!! but don't see too much art of them together. Are all your human oc's friends with each other? What are their relationships like :^)

oh ty!! and yeah i know omg i keep ignoring em im tryna draw them all more now!!

as for their relationships:

wyatt and layla are siblings! layla was adopted and the two ran away from their gross parents

then they met al and now they’re all bffs,,,#squad

wy and al are best friends who sometimes kiss (i mean it tho like they arent dating, and that would mostly be because -

wyatt has a crush on Kim!) These two are both introverted and very awkward around each other. Kim doesn’t really like socializing much, but he knows everybody because he’s -

Al’s roommate! @o@! these two have a weird relationship but they are friends and they learn to trust each other etc etc

al and layla are the two extroverts and they go out and have fun a lot also (sometimes w/o wyatt bc wyatt doesnt like going out much either bt she makes exceptions sometimes bc…Best Friendos) 

yea! these r my main four children

KINDERGARTEN AU with (left to right) Pan, Hal, Day, Gal & Nolan

Sketch commission by the talented f-premaur! ;w; CHECK THEM OUT!

(I’ll be colouring all the sketch commissions I got from this lovely artist in due time aka really slowly.

This one took a really long time because I couldn’t decide HOW I wanted to colour it and the layers kept deleting themselves >…<)

anonymous asked:

random oc ask! who is the best with animals and who is the worst?

omg well Ghuff is pretty good w/ animals but she has nothing on Garul tbh, he’s basically a disney princess. Must be all that Kynareth worship or smthn 

aand Lurdge is definitely the worst. She wasn’t very good with animals before she contracted corprus but corprus just made her a million times worse, turns out divine curses tend to spook animals :’0