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I think if jungkook really loved nari he wouldn't have gotten with you, like what would've happened if nari didn't call him?! Would he have gotten with YIU or just say he still wanted to be friends? I agree he has to talk to nari but saying he loves her is a bit extreme, even nari saying she loves him I mean she clearly doesn't love him if she can't trust him alone with his best friend for years, you get me? I just want to know your opinion on my hypothesis

well the part about him not getting w oc if he really loved nari i don’t think is very true, bc trust me he loves nari. like to the moon and back in love with her, so when he found out about her cheating on him, he just wanted to be w someone who he knew cared about him, and those emotions manifested into being w oc (spoiler for pt.2 you’re going to get jungkook’s thoughts from his pov when he wakes up in the morning next to oc and his talk w nari and all that, so you’ll get better insight into what he’s thinking. you’ll also know what he wanted to say to her and all that). 

and nari definitely loves him, yes what she did was impulsive af and awful, but it was out of ridiculous jealousy. and from an outsiders perspecitve oc and jungkook can look like they’re dating at lot of the time, they’re very touchy feely, always together, ect, and so when jungkook didn’t answer his phone and he spent the night at oc’s house, her years of pent of frustration for their relationship just kind of exploded. (yes this is unhealthy and people should trust, but not everyone’s like that.)

you’ll see a lot more context to the character’s feelings next part, i promise. but jungkook can’t decide what he needs to do until he talks w nari and sorts out his own feelings for both girls that he cares deeply about. 

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Hi, I wonder if you could help me find a FC for my Winchester sister OC, I'm looking for a brown-haired, blue-eyed female, and possibly small framed. And could pass for an 18-year-old.

hey! here are the best suggestions i could think of, hope they’re at least kinda helpful lmao

odeya rush (19)
margaret qualley (21)
emma roberts (in her gifs w/ brown hair from when she was younger lmao) (25)
jodie comer (23)
maisie williams (19)
vanessa marano (23)
india eisley (22)
liana liberato (20)
maia mitchell (has brown eyes i think but she could probs work) (22)
kaya scodelario (might b a bit old but again has younger gifs) (24)
maddie hasson (has sm brown haired gifs but again she could work) (21)