she has the best ocs ;w;


Name: Esther Asimov 

Age: 17

Gender: Female

H/W: 5′7″ 120(lb)

Personality: Cold, withdrawn, compassionate, extremely intelligent, Loyal, Determined, Sarcastic, Heart of gold

Family: None


Hired and raised by an ancient organisation that retrieves extremely dangerous artifacts from all over the known universe, everything from biblical time to things extraterrestrial! Trained as a weapon to save these powerful artifacts from humanity all Esther has ever known is the unknown. So she isn’t all that popular when the organisation decided to put her in a more “normal life” setting, but she does her best to adjust and has made some friends through it all. Although she prefers to be more pacifistic in her dealing with the unforgiving unknown she is armed with a contraption of her own creation, a odd pistol which incapacitates enemies and can even erase the past few minutes of their memories with a electrical shock! And even working as a grappling hook which has gotten her out of more sticky situations than the pistol has. She is the best agent the organisation has ever had and it’s something she’s proud to be, even though when it comes to that “normal life” she can’t tell a soul where she goes running off to in the middle of class and return later bruised and bloodied.