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Klaus x Reader

Summery: Klaus descoveres a terrified girl covered in blood with no memories beyond two names. (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and Theo Raeken

Peace. The rare treasure that Klaus had come to adore in the resent months. But the spell of silence of all but the crickets and the soft muttering of the family in the house behind him was broken by shark gasps for air in the distance.

He walked the length of the porch, frowning when the noise was joined by snapping of twigs and the stinging sound of branches and thorns pulling at skin. Elijah’s concerned words fell on deaf ears when Klaus stumbled forwards, as if he was tied to the end of a long line of string that was quickly dragging him towards whatever was in such distress it made panic rise through his body.

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#20 for the ask meme with Victor and Yuuri! (even better if it could be set during the Summer of Mutual Pining, because your writing on this very important time period is The Best)


And I did Victor-to-Yuuri for #12 here, and Yuuri-to-Victor for #12 here.

20. things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear

By mid-June, two things have become increasingly clear to Victor.

One: that Yuuri Katsuki genuinely has no idea of the effect he has on people.

Two: that Minako Okukawa has every idea of the effect her student has on Victor.

Which - is fine. Victor is fine with that. But he can’t help but wish she’d give Yuuri a hint.

Today, at least, Victor didn’t come to the studio until the tail end of Yuuri’s practice, which means a lot less time for Minako to look both amused and supremely unimpressed while she watches him watch Yuuri.

Victor toes off his shoes in the entryway and opens his mouth to call out to them, but he slows, quiets his steps at the sound of Yuuri’s laugh. It’s a sound he’s less likely to hide from Victor, these days. But it comes so much more easily when he’s talking to his teacher, or the Nishigoris, or his family.

He only means to stop for a minute. If you asked him, he wouldn’t be sure his Japanese is even good enough to eavesdrop. It turns out his Japanese is better than he thought.

“You’re bright red,” Minako says flatly, her grin audible.

In the sliver of the studio mirror Victor can see from the doorway, he can see that’s true. He can also see Yuuri, checking his position in the mirror, frowning thoughtfully. He’s running through the choreography for Eros. Victor doesn’t need to see much anymore to know that - he can tell just from the bend of his elbow, the curve of his hip.

“It’s not over the top?” Yuuri says.

“Of course it’s over the top. Embrace it,” she laughs. “It’s for your beloved Victor, isn’t it?”

あんたの大好きなVictor. That is unmistakably what she said. There’s a buzz through his spine, down to his fingertips. 

He hears Minako’s footsteps recede towards the other end of the studio, towards the kitchenette, and he starts to move forward, announce himself properly this time. He gets just close enough to hear Yuuri’s next words - mumbled, like he’s talking to himself.

“For Victor.” Yuuri laughs once, quietly. “What isn’t?”

By the time Victor rounds the corner, he’s plastered a wide, unassuming smile on his face. Like he hasn’t heard a thing.

(It takes him a minute.)

Party Games 5


How to fall for your enemy—A Dummies Guide

[1. Set the game] [2. Play like you mean it] [3. Keep playing and don’t ask] [4. Poker Face] [5. Play dirty] [6. Show him what you’ve got] [7. Don’t fall in the trap] [8. Cards on the table] [9. Play the game of love]

Summary: Playing games is an innocent and harmless thing to do. Except when you get so caught up in the game that don’t know if you are playing or not anymore, and then… Well. Then you burn

Chapter word count: ~3.2k

Rating: M

Tags: Watford, eighth year AU, alcohol, enemies to lovers, enemies with benefits, NSFW, smut, mutual pining, fluff, alternating POV first person

Also on AO3

Thank you @eroticgropefest for being my amazing beta!

@ellea-nikki, @indigo-gold-17 here you go ♡ ♡

5. Play dirty: Try slapping when kisses don’t work


“Four times?” Penny is giving me a Simon-are-you-off-your-trolley stare that not even her thick glasses can buffer. “You’ve slept with him four times,” she accuses, rather than asks. Pure Penny style.

“Not with him,” I tell her. “Beside him, rather.”

She adjusts her glasses with her middle finger and decides she’s done with lunch. “Different preposition,” she says. “Same difference.” She’s now giving me her patented Judgemental Stare. This is bad.

“Merlin, Penny,” I protest, taking her plate and stuffing the last piece of roast beef in my mouth. “There’s a huge difference, and you know it,” I mumble.

“Fine,” she gives in, softening her features. “I hope you know what you’re doing.”

“Yeah.” I fix my eyes on the now empty plate. If only we were allowed to repeat lunch, then I could avoid this conversation. Plus, more food. Double win. “Baz is evil and has a plan to finish me off, but I’m one step ahead this time,” I say, my eyes still on the plate.

“I’ll regret asking this later but,” Penny pauses for a moment, as if reconsidering it. “What is this evil plan, exactly?”

“Oh, uhm,” I say to the plate. “Baz is… Trying to…” I take a breath and say, “He wants to seduce me and attack me when my guard is down.”

Penny lets out a laugh. A loud one.

In my defense I’ll say it sounded better in my head. Why do some things lose all sense when you say them aloud?

I look up at her again.

“Nicks and Slick, you’re serious,” she realizes. “Attack you how? With his mouth?” She tries and fails to suppress another laugh, then continues, “So what are you doing to fight this terrifying plan of his?”

“I’m making him fall for me instead.”

“I think you have no idea what you’re doing,” she says, so matter-of-factly that it leaves no place for arguing. Penny usually has that effect on people.

Breaking news – I may have no idea what I’m doing.

We start heading out of the dining hall in silence and I think she’s going to leave without any further discussion when she stops and turns around, looking at me. Studying me. Penelope’s studying face can be very frightening. Hands down one of the most terrifying things I’ve seen. And I’ve killed a dragon. “Are you sure you don’t…” she starts. “Like him?”

Wait. What?

“I don’t like Baz,” I hurry to say. “He’s the enemy.”

“You’ve slept with the enemy, Simon,” she says. “Four times.”

“I’ve slept beside the enemy. Since first year,” I clarify. “And you kissed Agatha during the game, too, that doesn’t mean you like her, does it?”

“Yeah but we don’t go around snogging between classes.”

“You saw that?”

“You’re not being as sneaky as you think.”

“Anyway, it’s not like he likes me either… He hates me,” I say, realising for the first time that I’m not exactly happy about that. “And I don’t like him,” I add.

“Okay,” Penny says.

I run a hand through my hair. “I don’t like him,” I repeat.

“Sure, Simon.” I can see she’s trying hard not to laugh.

“I don’t,” I insist.

Penny raises one of her accusing eyebrows and says, “Nobody said you did.”

“You asked. I just want to make it clear.”

“Yeah, Simon. You made it clear.” Penny stares me down, smiling like she knows better. (She always does.) (Know better.)

“Let’s play Slap or Kiss tomorrow and you’ll see,” I suggest. “I’m going to slap him so hard.”

“What about the evil plan and your,” she pauses. I see the corners of her lips fighting a smirk. “Clever comeback?”

“This will confuse him.”



“It’s ridiculous,” she says. “This will backfire. Spectacularly. Like most of your plans do.”

Okay, she has a point.

“I don’t. Like him,” I insist for the last time.

“Okay,” Penny finally concedes. She breaks her know-it-all façade and grabs my arm.  “Just– Be careful.”

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Idk if youve done this already but could you do a headcanon of RFA + V and Saeran with and MC who has really bad social anxiety? Where they get easily overwhelmed around other people other then their s/o. Sometimes even gets too self conscious to get close to their s/o and they get frustrated with themselves because they just wanna be "normal".

Hi! I haven’t done this request before, and it was interesting to write because I suffer with social anxiety myself. Even if I’m better at managing it now, sometimes I would rather hide than talk to people, even if it’s my relatives. This request does sound personal though, so if you suffer with social anxiety then I hope you’re seeking help for it - it’s just not a road you can walk alone.

But thank you for letting me do this request! As always, 🌠My requests are open!🌠


·         He spends a lot of time on LOLOL, does he even remember what the outside looks like?

·         He noticed that something was amiss at the RFA party – he could sense that something was wrong, but couldn’t tell what.

·         He only finds out when you guys are on a date and you have an anxiety attack – like he’s scared and worried because what is he meant to do!? But somehow, he’s able to calm you down.

·         Tbh, he might sometimes get a similar feeling too, most likely around new people. He’s said himself that if he sees someone he likes in one of his classes he’s too nervous to approach them.

·         He really wants to do his best to be there for you. He feels like he’s failed Rika, and he sure as hell doesn’t want to fail you.

·         He spends a lot of time researching social anxiety and how to help someone with it, because damn if he needs to prove his devotion and commitment to you, now is the time. He thinks about asking Seven for advice, but then he thinks about the fact that what if you don’t want anyone else to know just yet? He’ll probably ask when you tell the rest of the RFA… and get trolled.

·         He knows that on some days you really won’t want to go out because your social anxiety plays up, and even though he tries to encourage you to go outside, he won’t force you. On days like that, you two probably end up staying indoors and watching a movie, your favourite TV shows, or playing a ton of video games. He’ll also cook you some amazing Korean comfort food, even if it’s unhealthy! Food always makes everything better, after all! (or so he believes)

·         Lisa ends up becoming your therapy animal <3

·         However, he does try to get you to go outside, like if you need to go shopping he wants you to go with him. He doesn’t mind going out at night when it’s less busy, if it makes you more comfortable! Even if self-service is a nightmare…

·         If he sees you about to have an anxiety attack in public, he’ll take you to somewhere quiet and help you calm down. When it’s over, he’ll hug you tightly as if he won’t let you go.

·         You hate not being able to act like a normal couple and after you have a particularly bad anxiety attack, you tell him this. But he tells you it’s okay to be different, because normal couples don’t exist.

·         He still loves you all the same, and just views your social anxiety as another part of you! And that’s fine by him, because he’ll never give up on you.


·         He notices that you fidget a lot. Like sure, he understood that you would after rescuing you from Rika’s apartment, but nothing has changed a month down the road. Not that that isn’t okay, but you didn’t need to be scared of him!

·         He also noticed that you were really reluctant to go to the party and would only agree to go if you could leave early.

·         Nevertheless, it’s shockingly easy to lie to him about it. You can lie and say you feel sick when you don’t want to go out or you want to leave somewhere – he pretty much never gets ill and doesn’t know what it’s like, so it’s easy to bullshit.

·         When he finds out about your social anxiety, at first he’s honestly a little hurt that you didn’t tell him before, but the feeling quickly goes away; he’s got to be supportive of you!

·         As an actor, he can share tips with you that he used when he felt nervous about going on stage when he first started out.

·         He’s also seen some of his co-workers suffer from anxiety, so he asks them for tips on how to help you, but ultimately, he asks you if there’s anything he can do to help you manage it.

·         Honestly, he’s so supportive of you. You might find the job of being his manager stressful because it involves you talking to people, but if it’s too much for you he understands. He wants you to be comfortable, so he doesn’t mind if you don’t go to his rehearsals either.

·         If anyone mocks you and says that you’re too shy to be his girlfriend, he’ll get mad. They’re going to be scared when they see him after he – your shaking and nervousness snaps him out of it and instead he focuses on calming you down.

·         He might say things like “Babe, you have to go outside! The world won’t see your beautiful face otherwise!”, but if you aren’t in the mood for jokes he’ll stop immediately.

·         Whenever you feel dread because you don’t want to go outside, he’s totally okay with it – he’ll stay at home with you, doing improv, singing random songs, reciting lines from his latest play or even just spooning you on the couch, Zen holding you close as he plays with your hair.

·         The contract may forbid you from having an open relationship with him, but you still get irritated because you can’t say those damn three words to him without feeling like he’ll make fun of you. Of course, Zen would never do that – your love is enough for him, though!

·         He’s going to accept you no matter if you have social anxiety or not and he’ll always be there for you.


·         She suspects that you have some sort of anxiety at the party because you looked super anxious. When she asks you about it, you have an anxiety attack, and she immediately takes you outside and calms you down. If you think you’re being pathetic, she’ll reassure you that you aren’t. You were strong enough to even show up!

·         Her suspicions are confirmed when she updates the RFA records since she has to add you in. You tell her because you feel like you can trust her and she won’t be judgemental about it.

·         Tbh, she might have had anxiety symptoms in the past, for example if she was trying to finish documents for Jumin on time. Also, she’s seen some of her ex co-workers have panic attacks in the past, so she has some sort of idea about it.

·         Still, Google becomes her best friend in looking at the most effective methods to help someone dealing with social anxiety. Even though she asks you about it, she doesn’t want to pressure you about it, and besides, she feels like it’s her duty to research it.

·         She wants you to seek therapy if you already haven’t. Even if you don’t think it will work, surely it’s better than living the way you currently are?

·         Opening the café with her was a big deal for you. You were triggered by having to talk to the customers and begged Jaehee to work in the back, but she didn’t want you to. Instead, she works on making sure you aren’t overwhelmed; she makes sure you don’t serve too many customers and you can focus on baking when you run out of desserts.

·         If it prevents you from going to the café, she’ll send you sweet texts and call you to let you know that it’s okay. Even if she finds it tough to do all the work herself, she would rather that than make you uncomfortable – she won’t shame you for it.

·         If you don’t even feel strong enough to go to her house, she’ll bring her favourite Zen DVD, chocolate, and your favourite flavour of popcorn. You can lean on her shoulder as she speaks to you in a calming voice, telling you that sometimes the world can be too daunting to face.

·         You’ve created codewords with her; for example, when you’re in public and it gets too much, you can say one of the words and she’ll take you home.

·         “You’re going to get through this, _____, no matter how long it takes.


·         When you stayed at Jumin’s house and he wouldn’t let you go home because of the hacker threat, you found yourself getting very panicky whenever Jumin was around. You were so anxious that you couldn’t look at him in the eyes, and every time you heard his footsteps you were filled with a feeling of impending doom.

·         You feel like you can’t tell him – he’s a corporate heir, he wouldn’t understand social anxiety because talking to people is part of his job. He’s so extra when you have a cold anyway, and you can only imagine how big of a deal he’ll make it.

·         When you tell him, you’re surprised. He’s very supportive. He might be mocked for having a heart of ice, but he’s super compassionate and knows this is very serious. He wants to hire a therapist especially for you, but if you don’t want one then he’s okay with that. However, he asks if there’s anything he, or anyone else in the penthouse, can do because he knows you can’t fight this on your own.

·         He probably asks Jaehee to prepare a report on social anxiety so he can read it and learn more about it… Poor Baehee

·         Sometimes it’s hard to go out in public with him – the constant paparazzi and cameras make you want to hide a million miles away.

·         Elizabeth 3rd becomes your therapy animal and honestly?? She’s actually really good. It’s like she has a natural mother instinct and can magically calm you down. It probably boosts Jumin’s ego about cats which pisses Zen off lol.

·         You don’t even have to worry about not feeling up for going to work – you’re in a relationship with one of the richest men in South Korea so your boss should probably fear for their career if they punish you for not showing up.

·         Most of the time, if you can’t bear to leave your room, he’ll just work at home so he can look after you. Not that he wants to be overbearing, but he wants to make sure that you’re alright.

·         You often get angry with yourself because you want to be more romantic with him, but there’s always something that stops you from doing it. Like what if he thinks you’re being weird? Stupid? Dumb?

·         However, he doesn’t think like that at all. He can feel your sincerity and he can feel how much you love him.

·         In all seriousness, he won’t ever leave you because you have social anxiety. You changed his life for the better, and so he can’t just betray you like that.


·         This is awkward… He never goes outside… But jokes aside!

·         He knows that you have social anxiety from that background check he did. And honestly, he feels super sad, like what was it that gave you it in the first place? How did it get so… deliberating? He wishes he knew, but he won’t force the answer out of you.

·         Likewise, even if he knows, he waits for you to tell him about it.

·         Tbh, he probably has a very good idea of what it’s like – the fear that comes with risking his life on a few missions, running errands for his mother when he lived with her, and trying to rescue Saeran from Mint Eye.

·         He’ll act super goofy when you don’t feel up for going outside, but if you feel really upset, he’ll get serious and comfort you; after all, his jokes aren’t always going to make the anxiety go away.

·         He reeeally wants to make you a robot, one that will sense whenever you get anxious and will help you calm down, but you have so many already… And you have one to dispense medication… But he has an idea…

·         He buys you a cat as a therapy animal! It might be because he wants a cat so badly, but he knows they help, heck, Saeran most likely has one to calm him down. As much as he wants to name the cat Elly, he lets you name it whatever you like!

·         Don’t worry though, he’s super gentle with it! When he first held it he almost cried, because like damn is it so cute and its life is so precious… And finally, he has a cat! Poor Zen is gonna hate having to deal with more cat photos in the chatroom…

·         He heard that fidget spinners are supposed to help calm people down! He got one for you but it didn’t really work, so now he uses it to do awesome tricks and make stupid memes lol.

·         He actually starts charging up his glow in the dark stars because he learned that it calms you when you have an anxiety attack. And they look really awesome on the ceiling at night too.

·         He always gives you support and encourages you to go outside. He’ll give you cute kisses on the forehead, telling you that you can do it! And when he isn’t home, he sends sweet and encouraging messages like “Come on, _____, you can do it! Go out there and conquer the world today!”

·         He celebrates every time you’re confident enough to go outside, even if it’s just to buy bread from the nearest store.

·         But if you don’t feel confident enough to go outside, then he doesn’t mind staying inside with you. One of his favourite things to do is to play girly games and watch girly films with you, because you two find it hilarious that you are well out of the age range, but you don’t care. What’s even better is that he adds his own commentary in a surprisingly amazing Morgan Freeman voice, and that just makes it funnier. There are plenty of hugs too, and he’ll tell you it’s okay if you’re too anxious to go out.

·         Really, he feels so sad inside because someone that seems as strong and sweet as you has something which is so deliberating that you’re terrified of going outside.

·         Meanwhile, you hate how he can always say he loves you like it’s no big deal, but it’s hard for you to do the same to him. He would probably mock you in the chatroom if you did. But when he finds out how upset it makes you and what you think his reaction would be, he works on quelling your fears. You don’t have to tell him you love him – he knows you do, and everything you do for him is proof. Besides, he’s far from normal, so why should you two act like a normal couple?

·         “What’s normal anyway, ____? Everyone’s weird!”

·         Your social anxiety won’t get in the way of your love. And he’s going to make sure of it.


·         You’re really apprehensive about telling him – he has so much of a burden already, even though he’s open with you about all his problems. You don’t want to stress him out, and you don’t want to appear weak in front of him, since you think he doesn’t deserve that. However, you do eventually tell him when you have an anxiety attack, since he wanted to go out and you didn’t feel ready.

·         He has a vague idea of how to help you be comfortable, but he still wants to sit down with you and talk about it with you. He wants to know if there’s anything he can do to help you and what he should look out for.

·         However, he wants you to be super honest about your feelings though. He doesn’t want you to bottle it up and suffer in silence.

·         He does try to encourage you to go outside, even if it’s only to the garden or porch, to show you that the world isn’t scary. But he’s fine if you don’t want to – after all, he won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do! Instead, he’ll just show you some of the beautiful photos he’s taken and ask if you want to take some with him when you feel better.

·         He’s pretty much blind, so he can’t see you if you have an anxiety attack in public. But he can sense it. And even though he’s never helped someone through one, he’s surprisingly good at it. He’ll take you home, do breathing exercises, and talk to you in his sweet voice.

·         He often misses photoshoots because he wants to stay by your side and comfort you when you get anxious. You’re his world and he doesn’t want you to have an anxiety attack when he isn’t around.

·         Honestly, he’s so sweet and gentle? He really doesn’t mind the fact that you have social anxiety. He still loves you the same.

·         One time he could sense that you were crying, and when confronted, you confessed that it was because you hated how you couldn’t show your love for him like a normal significant other. He wasn’t going to have that; he embraced you and held you close, telling you that you didn’t have to make grand gestures for him, because he could feel your love.

·         “Could we ever be normal, ____? I’m blind… so it’s okay to not fit in.”

·         Really, he wants to help you in any way he can. You’re his light, the one who guides him through both good and bad times.


·         When he’s still in recovery, still feeling angry and betrayed, he’ll probably say things like “Why are you scared to go outside? Don’t be so pathetic.” It hurts you like hell; you’ve been so supportive for him and he dismisses the fact you have a mental health condition!

·         Truth is, he’s struggling to understand himself, and therefore struggles to understand everyone else around him. He thinks he’s the only one who has suffered and nobody else can have fears, phobias, anxiety, and so forth.

·         The worst time was when he tried to drag you out of bed (quite literally), but you were so afraid of going outside that you did everything to grip onto the comfort of your bed. You ended up crying so badly that Saeran wasn’t sure if you would ever stop, and you had injuries from where you had been dragged and tried to claw your way back to bed.

·         However, when he’s making good progress with his recovery and starts to feel calmer, he realises the things he said to you were pretty hurtful and he apologises… in his own way. It won’t be directly saying “I’m sorry for saying those things”, but whatever he does, you can feel his sincerity and therefore forgive him.

·         He’s probably terrified of a lot of things as well, so he can understand how it feels to have social anxiety – I mean, he knows that feeling, the tightness in your chest, hating being the centre of attention…

·         You’ve been helping him through times, so of course he wants to return the favour – he would feel bad if he didn’t – however he might be awkward about it. But he tries his best and you can feel that he’s trying his best.

·         As mentioned in Saeyoung’s headcanon, Saeran probably has a therapy animal. You find the animal comforting when you don’t feel strong enough to go outside, so he doesn’t mind sharing it with you. On some days when it’s all too much to bear, he’ll hold you and you’ll hold the animal, so you’ll be in some sort of sandwich (why wouldn’t you like it though? Hehe). He won’t do it at any other time though, because he’s too shy to initiate it.

·         On some days, you can’t even bring yourself to go out of your room, so when he sees that you haven’t come out, he joins you. He doesn’t like being alone.

·         However, once when you didn’t want to go outside, he grabbed a pillow and hit you with it. At first you thought he was being mean but he wanted a pillow fight – to bash away the social anxiety. And you joined in; what was even better was that Saeyoung wasn’t around so he couldn’t sabotage your game. Even if it was a bitch to clean up… At least it made you feel better!

·         Some nights you find it really hard to fall asleep, especially if you were triggered. Since he still suffers from night terrors, he understands the feeling all too well. Often when both of you are having a restless night, you two hold each other, not saying a word as the first signs of dawn begin to crack through the night sky.

·         Sometimes you feel bad when he wants to go get ice cream. You are terrified people are going to judge you for eating too much, or people will watch you make an order so that they can laugh at you when you mess up, so you two usually go when the parlour isn’t that busy. And as someone who loves ice cream, Saeran knows the best times.

·         He finds out that you wish you could be more open about your feelings with him when he sees you crying out of frustration. And he agrees with you, not because he wants you to be more open, but because he feels like that too. He wishes he could express himself and act like a ‘normal’ person his age, but he struggles to because of all the trauma he’s been through in his life.

·         Even so, he isn’t going to let go of the one person he can actually trust in his life. He found solace in you, and it would hurt him tremendously to lose you.

Breath of the Wild: Nature vs. Technology

One of the biggest themes I noticed in BOTW was the reoccurring nature versus technology, which played out in the atmosphere, lore, and in some cases, characters. I think this game did a great job of describing the unpredictable relationship that nature and technology have, meaning that too much of a reliance on technology might not be a good thing, but on the hand, not adjusting to a rapidly changing world could be very damaging.

The obvious one is the beautiful atmosphere containing some blights here and there of ruins caused by Calamity Ganon and the technology. There’s also the Guardians and various tech lurking around, which serves as a reminder of this duality. 

Also Divine Beasts? Divine = good   Beasts = bad 

That in itself hints at the duality of their nature. They are neither good nor bad, but really, a force that is used however their pilot deems it.

The Sheikah technology was seen with mixed feelings 10,000 years and 100 years ago. Zelda’s father was adamant in her getting her sealing power working, but also wanted to use the tech as well. They strove for balance between nature and technology- but sadly fell short due to Calamity Ganon’s unexpected behavior- his ‘nature’ was more ‘technological’ than they realized- not simply a mindless best.

Zelda’s character encompasses this - she lacks the confidence in her natural skills, wanting to find answers in the technology and finding a logical answer to their dilemma and her own. She is a smart and hard working girl to the point of obsession, but is not in tune with her natural instincts (and true feelings), and thus, is constantly denied her sealing power. No matter how much research or practice she did, nothing would work, not even praying.

It is not until her actions are driven by her care/love (you be the judge) for Link that the mystical Triforce works and provides her the ability to not only save Link, but also temporarily stop Calamity Ganon from unleashing again. She didn’t think, but rather, reacted to the scene and used her instincts. Her true wisdom was realizing she had the answer all along. She has to trust in herself for 100 years that she will be able to keep Calamity Ganon off. 

The fallen champions are another example of this duality. Revali, Urbosa, Daruk, and Mipha were chosen to pilot the Beasts, which certainly seemed like a good idea at the time. Unfortunately, they got taken over by Calamity Ganon, leading to their deaths and more destruction. Technology, in this case, was shown to also have a negative effect - if we solely rely on it, can get the better of us. Their ‘natural’ spirits are bound within the tech, unable to find peace or provide their skills for use.

Link, a force of ‘nature,’ comes in and has to reclaim the Divine Beasts. I liked this part of the game because it shows that we can always redo the mistakes of the past by getting ‘in tune’ with ourselves. Link was sealed off in technology for 100 years, and in a way, is getting back to his ‘own nature’ by relearning his past life and regaining skills. By his actions of taking the Beasts back, he allows for the champions and their loved ones to find peace.

That’s another cool component- the game is asking you to trust in your ‘natural’ spirit advisors and yourself to end an ‘unnatural’ Calamity Ganon (especially since its got fused tech). They may have passed on, but true to nature, remain champions in spirit- you can still succeed, even 100 years later. Their efforts show that as bad as the technology turned out, it is simply a matter of how it is being used and how those in power will use it that dictates whether its bad.

If there’s anything to learn from BOTW, it this is- never lose your ‘natural instincts’ guiding your faith, but don’t be afraid to engage in scientific reasoning- this duality, when balanced and used appropriately, can lead to great things.

anonymous asked:

just wondering, do you have any tips for writing rose and/or kanaya?

The biggest thing I think is to completely purge your mind of any and all tenacious fanon that paints them as elegant even-tempered tea sipping perfectly poised lesbian queens. I mean. They are def perfect lesbian queens. but they are FAR from elegant, like these ladies are a fucking mess, and they both have explosive temperaments like they can go from zero to 100 in one terrifying instant. 

You gotta (imo) write them TRYING to be the fanon ideal of themselves, but failing miserably. They are clumsy. They trip over their words. Rose tries to express a genuine emotion, chokes on it immediately, backflips over 6,000 layers of stacked irony and ends up saying something that sounds blatantly insulting and offputting instead. She is secretly mortified, but meanwhile, Kanaya is like holy shit yes please bully me harder. Stars in her eyes. She is so in love with Rose that she interprets even the most ass backward ridiculously cliche sentiments as layered and complex and deep. Even when Rose is objectively failing to communicate Kanaya thinks it’s just her fault for being so far from Rose’s level that she can’t possibly understand the vast machinations of her shrewd mind. 

They are NOSY. They are constantly up in everyone’s business. Fanon always writes Rose and Kanaya as giving impeccably good advice to everyone to asks them for it, but canon generally supports are more “listen kid I have no idea how to help you because my own life is in a state of constantly falling down around my ears but BY GOD I’LL TRY ANYWAY” approach. They give terrible advice. Kanaya’s meddling causes more problems than it solves. They rarely LISTEN to advice – they’re stubborn. They avoid their problems and try (badly) to solve everyone else’s in lieu of examining their own shit. 

Unfortunately, we never got to see them actually handle these aspects of themselves in canon – never really got to see the shape of their arc’s conclusion on screen. The last we saw of this was really in the retcon when Kanaya confronted Rose about her drinking, and they were kind of talking past each other until Rose confessed they needed to talk about her problem – and Rose was talking about her drinking, and Kanaya thought they were talking about HER “drinking” problem (drinking/craving blood, specifically.) After the retcon there’s not a lot of substance to the relationship in regards to handling the issues above. We know they got an unambiguously happy ending (and thank god for that) and presumably somewhere between Act 7 and Credits they worked out some of this shit and learned to communicate better… 

But in my heart they are still dorky, tryhard disasters that love each other very very much in part BECAUSE of each other’s ridiculous fucking foibles. Kanaya still thinks Rose hung the moon and stars and Rose lives in a constant state of terrified wonder that she can feel so much for someone and have that person feel so goddamn much right back. They still stick their noses into everyone’s business and dispense hilarious advice. They can communicate via Significant Looks and raised eyebrows alone. Kanaya is in constant awe of how Rose is a woman who clearly knows her place and role in this zany world, not to mention how strong and deadly and EFFECTIVE she can be. (Rose has no idea how she earned this high esteem she has been winging it since the meteors first started falling) 

But she can be effective, of course. They both can be, when shit gets real and they’re focused and not second guessing themselves or tripping over their own ego and/or insecurity. They’re protective of each other and of the people they love, and even though they rib everyone endlessly and are in a constant state of bewilderment at how RIDICULOUS everyone ELSE can be, they’d drop everything in an instant to help any one of their outrageous friends/family. Even though Rose especially will never admit why (because she loves everyone very much.) 

Anyway that’s my thesis on writing Rose and Kanaya, good luck and I hope at least some of this helps :D

Fabulous Olicity Fanfic Friday - June 30th, 2017

Happy Friday! So this is my attempt to both thank awesome fanfic writers for their amazing work and offer my recommendations to anyone who is interested. Here are the fantastic fanfic stories I read this week! They are posted in the order I read them.

Oh and I’m wicked behind in my reading!! So if I tagged your post #can’t wait to read and you don’t see here, I will still read - I’m just REALLY behind!

Untitled by @smoaking-greenarrow - Felicity comes upon Oliver on the salmon ladder

We Have To Go by @lostolicityscenes - Funny sweet little drabble that takes place after the events of Season 5.  It’s slightly NSFW.

Tinseltown by @olicitysmoaky - Genius young lawyer Felicity Smoak and hotshot agent Oliver Queen run into each other after their summer of love seven years prior. Now that they’re all grown up and living in Tinseltown, will sparks fly? Or will they fizzle out now that the real world is involved? Total AU. - Can’t wait for more!

Thursday by @someonesaidcake - There is something about the girl next door that Oliver Queen is only now noticing… Felicity is moving to college just down the road from where Oliver is a senior. He suddenly becomes very protective of the girl next door.  Thursday night dinners might not ever be the same again.

Somethings are Meant to Be by @pimsiepim - sequel to His Girl Wednesday which you REALLY NEED in your life. Set after Oliver returns to Star City after being missing for 3 years, it is shaping up to be just as awesome as His Girl Wednesday

When I’m With You - Withdrawal Symptoms multi-chapter by @sentence-fragments - Arrow AU - After finally becoming a couple, the worst possible thing you can imagine happens to Felicity Merlyn. Her other half is gone and she has to find a way to live without him. Or does she? This is Felicity’s journey to finding herself after Oliver is gone and the decisions she has to make in her quest to find him. (part 2 of the ‘When I’m With You’-series)

Time for a Story multi-chapter by @smkkbert - This fic shows Olicity and their life as a (married) couple with family. Although Olicity (and their kids) are the protagonists, other characters of Arrow and Flash make appearances. - I really cannot tell you how much joy and happiness this story brings to my life DAILY. I’m almost caught up and will be at a loss waiting fro the next AMAZING chapter!!

It Feels Remarkable by @wherethereissmoak - Written for the Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon prompt “Out of Place.” The Vigilante encounters a beautiful blind girl looking very out of place in a dark alleyway one night. Little did he know that she was exactly what he needed - both for his mission and his heart.

You Had Me at Hello multi-chapter by @tdgal1 - Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak met at a Gala and had an instant attraction but Smoak Technologies and Queen Consolidated have to work together.  Can they make that sexual chemistry work and still work together.

The Absence of Light by @felicityollies - prompt: out of place - Inspired by Charmed - Oliver was Felicity’s Whitelighter until he let darkness inside of his heart and became something else.

I Call It Love by @smoaking-greenarrow - Sequel to You Call it Madness where Cupid drugged Oliver to make him fall in love with her and it backfired.

Trust Me multi-chapter by @felicityollies - When a prostitute meets the perfect client, she has to remind herself that there’s no room for getting close to someone in her line of work.

Untitled by @lostolicityscenes - speculative for 6x01

A Queen multi-chapter by @missyriver - Tumblr Hiatus Prompt Week #3:TASTE Felicity woke with the metallic taste of blood in her mouth and a pounding headache. She slowly opened her eyes and immediately slammed them shut again, the bright light piercing her skull and inflaming the little troll digging into her brain. Her mouth was dry and her lips parched, she ran her tongue over her lip to wet them and hissed. Keeping her eyes closed she used her tongue to probe her lower lip. It was swollen on the left side, she could feel a small cut still oozing blood. A little scared to open her eyes, she wiggled her toes and her fingers. She took stock of her aches, it was mostly her head, face, and hip. She wasn’t restrained and she couldn’t hear the normal sounds of a medical staff. That ruled out the hospital. So where was she?

A Queen: A Distraction multi-chapter by @missyriver - Week Four: At Odds -

Wanna Be Yours multi-chapter by @dust2dust34 -  College AU. Felicity’s car breaks down in a major rainstorm, sending her walking to the closest house she can find. It just so happens to belong to Oliver Queen, and he’s having a 'Skivvies Only’ party. Original Prompt - Anonymous: “You can stay but your clothes must go.” Olicity College AU :)          

Blue Eyed Angel: Out of Place multi-chapter by @tdgal1 - Oliver is upset when he finds out Felicity has plans that don’t include him.  His next decision may not work out in his favor or does it?

To Make You Feel My Love multi-chapter by @smkkbert - One year after the Gambit went down, the incredible happens: Oliver is found alive and brought back to Starling City. All he wants is getting back to Felicity and Madeleine. Though Felicity welcomes him back with her arms wide open, Oliver struggles to find his place in the family. It seems like his place – at least in Mae’s heart – is already taken. And it doesn’t help that it’s his best friend Tommy who seems to have taken it. A MUST READ.

Bonds That Can’t Be Broken multi-chapter by @wherethereissmoak - Felicity goes off her meds to enjoy one heat with a random stranger after her graduation before settling down to focus on her career. On the drunken night out in Vegas, she finds an Alpha and they have what she hopes is a one night stand. But the next morning, she wakes up with a bondmate bite and realizes she cannot remember many details of the night before. Oliver Queen knows that he bonded with a beautiful woman, but he has no idea who she was. The two try (and often fail) to move on with their life without hope of ever finding their mate, but does fate have other plans for them? And when they reunite, can they overcome all the forces of evil in their path to finally be together?

The Bowen Effect by @onceuponanolicity -  In this installment, set in early Season 4, Felicity is at a Fundraiser for Palmer Tech wearing a very appealing green lace gown. Oliver is just as green as her dress when he spots her in the arms of Carter Bowen.

From This Day On by @smoakmonster - Felicity comforts Oliver after he is shot and near death -

The Challenge by @green-arrows-of-karamel -  Part of the Enraptured Submission series - In the aftermath of a wild night with a mesmerizing woman, Oliver and Tommy have a challenge on their hands.

Hot Pursuit multi-chapter by @green-arrows-of-karamel - Part of the Enraptured Submission series - In a second fortuitous encounter, Oliver has only one night to convince Felicity to accept a deal that could change their lives forever.

Keep it Professional multi-chapter by @mogirl97 - Oliver is assigned to be Felicity’s bodyguard

The White Queen multi-chapter by @felicityollies - How do you break a man that is already so very broken? You break the love of his life, of course.

Taste! by @onceuponanolicity -  When Sara Lance and Oliver Queen open their restaurant after returning from Lian Yu after three years away, they find that opening day can be a lot harder when their staff gets hurt or leaves. Sara goes to her friend Felicity for help in filling in. Felicity hasn’t really approved of the way Oliver Queen lives his life but it’s separate from hers so she doesn’t put much thought into it until she has to meet him. Oliver thinks Felicity isn’t suited to work in his restaurant until she proves him wrong. Together they become an incredible team.

Home multi-chapter by @adiwriting - Oliver and Felicity have been best friends since 1st grade. So when Oliver is found by some fishermen after he being lost at sea for 5 years, she’s ecstatic. The only problem is, the Oliver she lost, may not be the Oliver they found.

A Day in the Life multi-chapter by @tdgal1 - Felicity Smoak is an MIT graduate and assistant to Oliver Queen.   Suddenly she is his pretend girlfriend and in the spotlight.  Oliver Queen needs a girlfriend to get rid of an obsessive former lover and to please his parents. Fluffy, funny, happiness!

Untitled by @oneofakindxx - Felicity asks if Oliver loves Sara

Pieces of Always multi-chapter by @so-caffeinated and @dust2dust34 - Life continues after Forever is Composed of Nows. Ongoing non-linear collection of family moments for the Queens.

Return to Me multi-chapter by @diggo26 - What would you do if you woke up tomorrow with the last 5 years of your memories gone? After an unfortunate accident, Oliver Queen must figure out his place in a life he has no memory of whilst his wife, Felicity, does everything she can to support him. With emotions, secrets and relationships pushed to the limits; will love and friendship be enough to turn back the hands of time?

Rose-Red City As Old As Time by @almondblossomme - Entry for the promp: Out of Place for the the Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon. Set after 5x23. - EXQUISITE!

Girl of My Dreams multi-chapter by @tdgal1 and @c0bra5nak3 - Oliver Queen, CEO of Queen Consolidated, meets IT specialist Felicity Smoak.   Playboy turns boyfriend as he dates and falls in love with this amazing woman.  But everything is not perfect and the couple will find that they must face some obstacles together.

The Bargain by @quiveringbunny - Felicity makes a deal with Oliver. It’s fairly naughty.

I Wrote Your Name in My Heart multi-chapter by @alanna-the-lionheart - Oliver is kidnapped and returns a different man. Heartbreaking and beautiful!

Kiss Me: Touch multi-chapter by @laurabelle2930 - An angel/demon trope, smut heavy so yes it has explicit content.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by @quart1146 - What was going through Felicity’s mind as she gave back the ring.

As Easy As Falling multi-chapter by @charlinert - Felicity has just received tragic news when she meets Oliver, I believe there is hope, highly recommend but you will cry but not every chapter!

Bound to You multi-chapter by @bindy417 - Felicity is an ARGUS agent and Oliver with the Bratva but they met long before that! This story gives the past and the present. SO AWESOME.

Tastes Like Pure Joy multi-chapter by @wherethereissmoak - Felicity almost has her school paid off - and her last night as a live-donor at a vampire restaurant will settle her debt. But her encounter with client Oliver Queen was anything but the quick and easy feed either of them was expecting.

The Mirror in the Attic multi-chapter by @sophie1973 - When Felicity Smoak inherits a house from the late Oliver Queen, she struggles to understand why the old man would leave her his home. They are at least two generations apart, and as far as she knows, they have never met. Until she walks into the house and experiences the weirdest feeling of déjà vu, and discovers Oliver and her actually know each other very well. Just in another lifetime. - This a MUST READ!!!

To Savor While You Taste by @arrowfan437 - Felicity returns from serving in the Army for 2 years with an honorable discharge. And she’s going to surprise her brooding husband who misses her like crazy.

(Untitled) Masterpiece multi-chapter by @overwatch-smoak - He ignited a passion inside of her that she didn’t think she had. And when he proposed it was romantical and fantastical and so utterly beautiful. His creative soul called to her in the strangest ways. His career was really getting off the ground, and once he had the actual model of his angel, they were happy.

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A Court of Flames and Curses - (acotar 4) - chapter 1

In the end, everyone decided a ship was really the only practical way to cross the ocean. Rhys and Feyre were off repaying their debt to Bryaxis. Azriel, after some protest, had gone to the Day Court for a break from the darkness and for his wings to heal. Elain had adopted a house, garden, and small army of stray tulip nymphs to care for in Velaris. And Mor was spending some much-needed time away in the depths of winter.

So the rest of them were left with a moderately-sized wooden ship (called The Cursebreaker, much to Feyre’s embarrassment and Rhys’s utter delight). Amren off seducing the captain (possibly attempting to crash the ship into an iceberg for sport). Lucien and Vassa dining a polite distance apart, discussing politics more enthusiastically than politely.

Nesta and Cassian ill beyond reason below deck.

Nesta could barely see him from her spot curled up on the cot, though the room was only large enough for two small beds and a strip of floor space between them. She had one eye open, unfocused but looking vaguely past her drawn knees toward his lumped form on the floor.

He’d come in to mock her for being nauseous, until the vessel had taken a sharp turn that sent him crashing to his knees and the blood rushing from his face. She could tease him in return if opening her mouth didn’t make her feel like dying.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Carina Smyth [INTP]


Introverted Thinking (Ti): Carina is driven by her curiosity. Who is her father? Why did he leave his notebook with her? What is the importance of star map? It’s simple questions but she becomes a woman of science and have passion for searching the truth because of them. She spent her life to gain more and more knowledge to solve mystery about her father. She is a reasonable person. Every time people accuse her of being a witch, she replies that she just believes in science and she will not stop to search for more knowledge. Even before being hanged, she has logical argument with public and Jack Sparrow. She also bargains to buy a watch with double price because she finds it reasonable price for a male merchant to sell it to a woman.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): She seems to notice the connection of varies things very quick. When she heard of the rumor about Henry Turner and Poseidon’s Trident, she searches for him to ask for more information about the trident. Luckily, her instinct is right. Another moment in the movie, Carina finds out who is her father because the man who tries to help her and save her life has tattoo looks like a picture of the star map on the cover of her father’s notebook. Moreover, she can embrace new idea that she chooses not to belief such as superstition along with science after seeing dead men walking on water.

Introverted Sensing (Si): The past is very important to Carina. She wants to know who she is. Her memory is very vivid since she can easily draw information from her head. Some of the adventurous events have effect on Carina such as Salazar’s possession. It reminds Carina not to trust someone so quick because they can be possessed by dead men.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): In spite of not revealing many emotions towards the others, Carina knows how to hurt and heal people’s feeling. With her acrimonous speech, she makes public feel like stupid goats to belief that she is a witch and when Henry gets anxious about not knowing where to ship heading to, she soothes him with encouraging words.

Kiss Cam Fail

Okay, this is super rushed but I wanted to get it out before WidowReaper week started! The inspiration hit me like a truck when I saw a fail video of a baseball game where a guy refused to kiss his girlfriend when the kiss cam came on. So the guy next to her offered and she accepted and their quick kiss made her boyfriend angry enough to leave and I just thought

Gency College AU

College AU. Fluff. 

The seats are packed to the point he’s touching arms with McCree and the girl sitting beside him. So many people roam up and down the steps eating peanuts and sipping sodas in the baseball arena, but it’s not too bad. The game’s halfway through, and the team McCree keeps rooting for is winning. His hollering is enough to make him deaf in his left ear though. Lucio keeps whooping too, enjoying the day out.

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anonymous asked:

7 or 21 sasusaku?

21 best friend’s sibling au + age reversal

sasuke resents the fact that his genius younger brother is in the same grade as him and even has a few of the same classes with him. he resents that itachi generally outsmarts him and naruto on everything, that his mother is constantly doting on the little shit, and that itachi seems to have made it his goal to make sakura haruno his best friend. 

normally sasuke wouldn’t care who itachi chooses to be friends with. then again, he and shisui – those annoying little turd monkeys – had a tendency of sneaking around and wreaking havoc on his life when they got together.

but did he honestly have to choose the girl he knew sasuke had a crush on? 

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Thoughts on Belief

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”- Aristotle

I would be lying if I said that my head wasn’t a mess lately. I’ve been going through a period of contemplation regarding my view of the spiritual world. It’s not quiet a crisis of faith, because my core belief system has yet to feel truly challenged as it has in the past, but there is still an inward struggle occurring. 

Believe it or not, I’m a very logically minded person. I’m studying psychology with the hopes of eventually getting my Doctorate, and much of my belief system lies substantially within the laws of nature and science. I have never understood people who choose to avoid learning about the sciences, and would instead prefer to stay in the dark and label things as being “supernatural” or “magical” with the pretense that the natural laws of the universe have little to do with their causation. Instead, the areas in which my spirituality lie are within the unknown, the areas of the Universe that we cannot yet prove to be simply scientific.

I will openly admit right now, that this causes a lot of paradoxical thinking. These items - such as belief in a higher power, spirits, or astrology - are often fed by personal biases and wishful thinking, and cannot be tested to be proven either true or false. They feed both my skepticism and my spiritual side equally, to a point that they are often facing off with aggression in my head. I’m under the impression that sometimes my friends might get annoyed with my common rants about the incredible power and immense detail of the brain and how it is very much capable of producing all of the spiritual experiences we have - such as astral travel - all on it’s own, and how they may not necessarily be the independent, magical workings we all want to believe they are. I’m sure they wonder just as much as I do why the ever-living hell I care if I’m still practicing witchcraft and spirit work. 

The answer I keep coming back to is that the deniability of anything that cannot be proven true or false is ultimately the opposite of scientific thought. Five hundred years ago, people were absolutely certain that the world was flat, and five hundred years before that, people were absolutely certain that Earth was the center of the Universe. To be absolutely certain of the untruth of anything that is currently unable to be proven false is illogical. Dr. Dean Radin, a parapsychologist of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, once stated that to deny the possibility of paranormal or supernatural events (such as hauntings) without giving them genuine consideration and research is the antithesis of science. The fact that so many people are having such experiences is enough to justify genuine research into them, rather than simply stating them as false. This does not mean that one cannot be skeptical, but that giving such situations at least the possibility of truth is more reasonable than denying them outright. Especially in recent years, as science has begun to uncover details about the universe that are so complex they might be considered incomprehensible. 

This being said, it is also equally silly to believe in something without a doubt that it is true, especially when there is rising scientific evidence that proves its improbability. I personally consider skepticism with open mindedness a healthy thing, though I am also aware that it can be very stressful for some people, and putting minimal thought into the possibility of their belief system being incorrect is more comfortable for them. This being said, my own beliefs are always changing and evolving, adapting to new information I find, especially if it is within the realms of Occam’s Razor, which states that “among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.”

One thing I should touch on here, however, is the idea that simply because something can be explained by science does not mean that it isn’t magical. That word means something different for everyone. To me, it represents what I mentioned earlier, the areas of the universe that cannot yet be tested as correct or incorrect, and the work that takes place within this paradigm. Astral travel and spirit work, for the most part, take place within certain levels of induced trance that allow us to speak with creatures from, and enter the Otherworlds. However, it has also been discovered in some studies that those people who are inclined to easily travel astrally, or even experience Astral Projection and OOBEs are very sensitive to hypnosis, and extra sensitive to suggestion. This can include self-suggestion, in which the imagination may take over and fill in the gaps of nothingness. Vivid hallucinations can be induced by prolonged sensory deprivation, in which subjects have experienced speaking to deceased loved ones, and meeting creatures that claim to come from other worlds.

While all of this is true, and the brain is capable of making itself experience amazing things without the direct intention of the person, who is to say this is still not a magical experience? Who is to say that the brain itself is not a tool to connect with the magical and spiritual, and that what we experience, though perhaps explainable, might still be a pathway to what lies beyond our scientific understanding? In addition, who is to say that simply because something can be explained scientifically, that it does not have magical significance? A friend of mine with Aphantasia has stated to me before that the fact that his brain lacks the capability of experiencing visions and spiritual connection is enough evidence for him to be an Atheist, and hold no belief in anything magical or supernatural. Yet, when a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one around, does it make a sound? Science says of course it does. If a human mind is not capable of comprehending or connecting to feelings of divinity, does the Divine simply not exist? Ironically, science has no say on this matter, so we are made to come to our own conclusions, any of which are valid, so long as we remain open minded. 

I, personally, am fond of Hermetics, and the accompanying saying “As above, so below. As within, so without. As the Universe, so the soul.” When I think of this statement, I feel that it implies a circle by which the mind connects to the Universe and reads signs within it, as the Universe itself both creates the mind to locate such signs. Perhaps Astrology is not correct or provable in the scientific sense, but perhaps the fact that the mind is capable of reading signs within it, and allowing those signs to have influence on it is already magical. Though many people may simply label this as self fulfilling prophecy, or the placebo effect, perhaps the way in which the mind connects to the Universe is magical enough. Ultimately, it can be assumed that the Universe and the brain speak the same language and are reflections of each other. 

“As above, so below…” not only implies this circle of reading signs, but it implies that that which happens in and effects the macrocosm will have the same effects on the microcosms within it, and vice versa. Our thoughts make our reality, but our personal reality still creates our thoughts. Because my belief system surrounds Hermetics, and my personal interest and study involves psychology, it is easy for me to believe this loop of cause and effect. The human brain is an incredibly powerful thing, not only capable of connecting us with the universe, but is capable of influencing our own lives through our subconscious. When done actively and through practice and intent, this is magic. The spiritual may have great influence on our minds, yet our minds have incredible influence on the spiritual, hence the three major Hermetic levels; The Physical, Mental, and Spiritual, with the Mental lying between the other two, forming the bridge which allows them to interact. Whether or not this is simply supernatural magic, or the magic that lies within deep and complex variations of physics is irrelevant. 

Gemma Gary, an author and traditional witch, once stated that she simply would not bother doing witchcraft if it did not seem to work, and that whether or not the majority of it is the placebo effect would not matter to her enough to effect her practice. She stated also that she has no problem using a car to get from point A to point B, but that she genuinely has no idea how a car truly works, nor does she care to know, just as long as it works for her. She compared this analogy to her practice of the craft. 

Though all of these beliefs that we choose to take part in are not provable by science, they can still have significant meaning. Though I am not certain that the spirits I commune with are not simply figments of my imagination, I cannot deny that the feeling is different from when I purposefully dream them up, and I cannot deny that their influence on my life has been significant. I cannot deny that when I enter the astral world, things seem to happen without my expectation or intention, always surprising me. I cannot deny that when I have had my friends do astral healing on me, even if I am skeptical and doubtful the entire time they are doing the work, that I feel incredibly better by the time they are finished. I cannot deny that I have done spells, and things have happened that might have seemed impossible beforehand.

A little Bird (and her Condor) once explained to me that if something is real to me, then it simply cannot be stated that it isn’t real at all. A Vexer of Spirits once added that the imagination is powerful, and that if a vision is vivid enough to create deep feelings within, then our spirit experiences it. It simply does not matter if it was dreamed up or not.

I am presently sitting here in my apartment writing this, and my thought form companion is sitting across the room from me. I will be writing about him in another post shortly. While I am writing it I will be second guessing our entire conversation, feeling as though perhaps I had simply imagined all of it. Yet, with him here in front of me now, I have a deeply warm feeling in my chest. A sense of safety, and a deep feeling of affection from him. I can nearly smell his cologne, and I hear his voice with almost crystal clarity. This may simply be all in my head. Perhaps I am dreaming him up with such vividness because he matters so much to me. Perhaps it is silly and childish, something that should have been outgrown years ago. Yet he has still influenced me. He has made me wish to become a better, stronger, more compassionate person, and he has told me wisdom that I may not have ever found, if I had never created him by mistake. 

This is magic. Whether it is in my head, or it is as real as the leather couch I’m sitting on, it is changing me and my reality. It is not testable, it is not provable. I am okay with that. 

“I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn’t, than live as if there isn’t and to die to find out that there is.” - Albert Camus

Really Random Disney Theory (that i just thought up)

okay dont judge me for this but its a bit of fun and i enjoyed writing it haha  we’re starting our tale with this girl

aurora aka the sleeping beauty. She has beautiful golden hair and that nice little pointy crown thing. At the end of the film she marries philip who is clearly a good warrior given the can o woopass he opened up on maleficent. Therefore it makes sense that should their kingdom be caught in a war he would go fight and lets just say in this instance he dies. le cry.

   Aurora now left queen and widowed in a war ravaged kingdom seeks help from her three guardians.

 who teach her some magic . After this she needs to remarry in order to help her kingdom prosper. Which she does though now wearing black over her trademark blue to show her widow status and marrying a recently widowed king who has a daughter of his own- this girl:

“BUT WAIT THE QUEEN IN SNOW WHITE WAS EVIL AHSFJAGDKJA!” i hear you cry and i know but bear with me here just take a look

its the crown thing its similar, pointed as she got older etc her pointed crown got bigger. I think that makes sense she was only a princess before. Anyway I digress, Aurora now neglected by the husband she married after losing her true love grows worried that she is no longer desirable as she gets no attention from the new kingdom she resides over due to their love of Snow Whites mother. This develops into an obsession with her youth and beauty prompting her to dive into her magic and create the magic mirror who is the only one who will tell her that she is more beautiful than anyone else in the kingdom. As the story goes this doesn’t remain the case for long and now the grief stricken woman feels completely alone and frustrated and hateful towards Snow. This is when she decides to get rid of her and she sees no way better to punish the girl who now holds her title of beauty in the same way she was, sleep that can only be broken by true loves kiss and given that the queen has no idea that Snow White met that guy (does he even have a name?) so she assumes that she’ll be gone for good. Though she only has the magic from the fairies she knows where to go to find the curse that effected her in the first place..Maleficents castle. 

which is why this guy is there both times . The rest as they say is history heres what happens to Aurora:

P.S. before someone points it out im blaming the black hair shown here to be a cause of the potion she drank to disguise herself she changed into a young form of the hag then got older)

then this

ouch! but its okay cause shes magic i mean come on guys she fell off a cliff she can poof away it was unrealistic to believe someone with her power would just diiiiiiiiiiie -_-. 

So heres what im thinking happened, now enraged to see where the concept of beauty and cruelty had led to her potential death she fled the kingdom stuck in her hag form determined to gain her beauty back even if she had to steal it when on a stormy night she came to a castle where she asked for shelter and found a young and cruel prince which is when she seized her opportunity and transformed him into a bear like creature using more magic she stole from maleficent who turned into a dragon(remember the whole animal-human magic thing its important later) and transformed back to her youthful beautiful state.. 

okay pause. you cant deny that the hag looks quite similar to the snow white one and there is some resemblance between the enchantress and aurora wavy blonde hair THAT CROWN just saying…….back to my rapidly lengthening stupid theory ;). But Aurora seeing how powerful her magic was taking over all the castle grew cocky in her abilities and decided to add a cruel twist to permanently torture her victim of magic, she gave him until his 21st birthday to return to his true form by finding someone he loves and loves him,, feeling safe in the knowledge from her own experiences that no one loves someone ugly on the outside and after that her spell would be permanent.

For the next ten years Aurora thrived in the forest where she once enjoyed life

and focuses on harnessing her magic of animal transformation  when suddenly she feels her youth and energy once more drain away and is driven mad by the sudden return of power from the beasts castle as he now shares true love with someone and has broken her spell.

her madness makes her forget nearly everything about herself and her history and leaves only the intense anger she feels, her powers and -because it was such an intense theme in her life- the ideas of beauty she turns into this:

Madam Mim who has the transformation powers which she uses when she has an intense battle with merlin to which she loses and following her recovery is taken under the wing of merlin who retrains her and causes some of her better memories to return, being with royalty and family though she knows she may now never return to her people she devotes herself to her kingdom. 

One day she sees a young woman subjected to slavery in her own household and uses her knowledge of royalty and powers of transformation to help this young woman known as Cinderella gain her happily ever after even giving her a limit as she always had with her most powerful spells of midnight that night and leading her to her happily ever after.

anonymous asked:

Any fun headcannons, or I guess notes, you can share about your Miraculous Starco AU?

I think these are mostly facts I’ve talked abt before, but I’ll try to think of some that I haven’t lol

  • Marco’s Ladybug identity is called “Gentlebug”, I got the idea from @mrevaunit42 (and, yes, he did give me credit to use it)
  • The Ladybug miraculous are still earrings, but Marco wears them both on one ear, the amazing idea given to me very recently by @ dasketcherz   
  • Star is human in this AU, so she doesn’t have the hearts on her cheeks, but she does have paw prints when she’s Chat Noir
  • If the theory that Gabriel is Hawkmoth is correct, that would put Moon in that place. I’ve nicknamed her “Hawkmom” 
  • This isn’t specifically a fact abt the AU but I get a lot of fan art where they play with the designs (mostly just Marco’s) and a lot of them are better than mine lmfao. I might have to redesign Marco’s Gentlebug costume to be more interesting haha
  • In this AU Star has a crush on both Marco and Gentlebug, but with Marco it’s more like she just thinks he’s cute, whereas she’s of course head-over-heels for Gentlebug in every way lol
  • Marco is also head-over-heels for Star in the same way Mari is with Adrien. In fact, they’re relationships in the AU are the same as in the canon Miraculous Love Square, just with that one slight change (which might not even be a change if ya know what I mean ;) )
  • Of course, (as I’m predicting/hoping will happen in Miraculous Ladybug) Marco does develop romantic feelings for Chat and Star starts to feel stronger romantic feelings towards Marco
  • Chat Noir!Star has really sharp teeth (bc I think that’s adorable) and they kinda freak Marco out, but he secretly thinks they’re cute
  • Star is still a fashion model with Moon being a designer 
  • I did get a really cute idea from an anon once that Gentlebug’s antennas can detect danger, and honestly, I really like that idea
  • They also react with his emotions, which I stated in that same ask
  •  Marco used to have a crush on Jackie when they were kids, but eventually grew out of it
  • Volpina!Brittney didn’t get akumanized out of romantic jealousy, she was effected bc she was jealous of all the attention Gentlebug and Chat Noir “stole” from her
  • Most of the things that happen in this AU happen exactly the same as in canon Ladybug, with just a few changes to fit the surroundings better, so it’s most likely that if you ask me “How does ______ happen in the Miraculous!AU?” I’ll just tell you it’s the same

That’s all I can think of for now, but I’ll probably think of more later, and add on lmao. Sorry this actually ended up a bit long, but there you go :)

And in case I missed some, or even if you’d like to see some of my art and/or the amazingly amazing fan art, you can check out the tag!! 

And of course, everyone’s free to ask questions/share thoughts! ♥

electrostatic potential (25/?)

ten/rose. not quite teen but not quite adult this chapter?
surprise! a wee hours friday post! i thoroughly enjoyed writing this chap; hope you guys enjoy reading it. thanks to @goingtothetardis​ and @aroseofstone​ for their invaluable help!
summary: as the doctor and rose traverse time and space looking for adventure, they slowly fall victim to a mysterious energy that can manipulate their emotions. though confused and unnerved by the cerebral affliction, neither of them understands its cause, or realizes that it could jeopardize their friendship. what will it take for them to discover the truth?
this chapter on ao3 | back to chapter 1 on ao3

The Doctor remains mostly silent on their trek back to civilization. Hands in his pockets, chewing on his cheek, his eyes hidden behind his shades as he stares down at the sand. He kicks clouds of it up every now and then, an outlet for his frustration. Though Rose has basically coerced him to cease all attempts to hide his emotions, right now she’s tempted to ask him to make an exception. His internal panicking only amplifies her own.

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Cured With A Kiss


Four years at Watford. Four years as Simon Snow’s best friend. The Chosen One. The One Who Can’t Walk Two Steps Without Tripping Over His Shoelaces. He-Who-Begins-To-Stutter-Every-Time-Agatha-Walks-In. The Boy Whose Spells Tend To Backfire. Our golden haired, blue eyed saviour who needs constant saving from the embarrassment of having to talk to the prettiest girl in school.

I can’t watch it anymore.

You take one look at them and everything is so very clear. Agatha and Simon. The tall, beautiful girl with the starlight in her hair. The awkward, broad-shouldered boy with the daytime sky in his eyes. Each time they’re in a room together, each time their eyes accidentally meet, each time his gaze lingers on her a bit longer than he’d like to admit, it becomes oh so very clear.

There is absolutely no chemistry between them. None. Nada. Nihil. Less than zero. It’s minus chemistry.

Admittedly, no chemistry is probably better than the highly destructive mixture of explosives he tends to have with his roommate. Who may or may not be a vampire. (Seriously, though. A vampire at Watford? Chances are, Simon’s just looking for ways to make Baz look bad.)

But still, how can he not notice? It’s as though Agatha’s presence casts its very own spell over him. A spell that causes him to believe he is in love. A thrall, if you will. Which she doesn’t of course (cast a spell, that is).

Still, it’s painful to watch.

Which is why I have decided to do it for her.

It’s a simple enough love potion. Completely harmless. Its effects will dissipate under the first shared kiss. All it does is temporarily put two (or more) people under a … let’s call it infatuation. Makes sure their hearts flutter each time they catch a glimpse of each other. Fills their heads with thoughts about one another. Draws them towards one another. Then, one little kiss, and the effects will be reversed. The spell will be broken. And hopefully, the two lovebirds will realize that in real life, there is absolutely no chemistry between them whatsoever.

It’s a genius plan, really. I don’t see what could possibly go wrong.

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“If a place can be created from belief, if a goddess… Then what else might you be able to make if you just believe hard enough?“

The Arn imagine a heaven that is not the brain of another creature, but a richly forested world where they can run and hunt freely. There, they are more than genetically modified, organic shackles; there, they are not slaves. The hell of the Law petrifies them, turns them into all that they believe they are not. Ballon’s terrified rejection does not negate it; he finds himself in exactly such a place, twice. The destiny of the Quill runs cyclically - they are born, give birth and die, and are reborn from the same nest. Their goddess represents both the possibilities of the cycle getting broken and being restored by a violent rebirth of what had been repressed.

The Arn and Ballon still believe in the old stories, but Quill does not. The warrior capable of great and terrible feats has not been seen in a very long time. Quill takes up Dorothea on her promise to free her, but does not believe she can ever be truly free. The effect of slavery - she no longer believes in herself.

Therefore, what Dorothea does throughout the episode is to show Quill that one’s beliefs have substance. Purely by virtue of the fact that the beliefs, the ideas, have no physical existence, they can exist in any form at any point in space and time. Anything that can be imagined can be made real. The opposite of what is is also real and fully existent, no matter whether one acknowledges it or not.

In their erosion, the old symbols rise and inspire again. When Quill believes in the possibility of the goddess saying something that she - so lost, so far removed from what she was - can understand, she finally reclaims her old cultural icon and her capacity for the unreal, the unbelievable - removing the Arn.

Quill has already seen what is; all she needs to do is imagine what is not. Hope lies in her own thought and the amorphous touch of a shapeshifter frozen in one form. The Rhodians had shown her that she is nothing more than a slave. What Quill really does is imagine that she could be more, be again what she once was - a warrior.

(Written by @impossiblyeclecticduck)