she has my heart forever and always

It straight up hurts my soul that there are people out there blind to this woman's beauty.

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So she has gray hair.   So fucking what.  Most of us out there are going to have it someday, and hell.  Some won’t even make it out of their 20’s without it. 

Tell me something.  Does the color of your hair define who you are as a person?  Because it absolutely shouldn’t.  I’m sorry, but the very idea that it would is bullshit. 

Melissa McBride, from all accounts, is a wonderfully genuine person.  She’s well loved by her peers, and she has this amazing talent that allows her to speak a thousand and one words without saying a word.  She’s creative and kind and a precious gift to The Walking Dead fandom.  Her portrayal of Carol Peletier has transcended genres and made people that would normally shun shows like TWD take notice. 

And oh, yeah.  She has gray hair. 

But you know what else she has? 

A special sort of chemistry with her costar Norman Reedus.  A sparkly kind of something that is pretty rare on television because in the absence of unambiguous evidence of the true nature of their characters’ love (and it’s love, dammit…fight me), she’s drawn you in.  Admit it.  Even if you balk against the very idea of romantic love between Carol and Daryl, you cannot deny they are special to each other.

And why shouldn’t they love each other like that? 

Oh, I forgot.  It’s the gray hair.  That somehow renders a person a used up has-been around these parts.  That negates any desire to have a loving emotional and yes, sexual connection with the person they are closest to in the entire post-Apocalyptic world. 

Really people? 

Melissa McBride and her character are fucking gorgeous, and you know why?  It comes from within.  Don’t get me wrong.  Both of them rock the gray hair like nobody’s business–I can only hope I do the same one day, and thanks to MMB, I’m not so afraid of it anymore, but even if they didn’t, I’d still look up to them for so many reasons that I won’t go into right now. 

I’m not even going to address the absurdity that she’s somehow not a good match for Norman’s Daryl because she has gray hair and therefore, she must be old.  They’re literally the most age-appropriate couple in theory on the entire show besides maybe Carl and Enid.  They’re contemporaries.  And you know what? They look absolutely gorgeous together, but that’s not even the best part.  Their chemistry is a thing of beauty, and Carol’s and Daryl’s hearts?  Know each other.  They recognize each hard-earned beat. 

So don’t come at me again with this ageism fuckery.  Because it makes me sad that the people in my fandom can be so shallow, for them and for this adorable lady who deserves nothing of this. 

Look at her.

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 Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves, and I feel…I just feel sad that this is a thing. 

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Stepping off my soapbox now.  I can’t take the credit for the gifs of this lovely human.  That goes to the gif-makers.  I hope you don’t mind my borrowing them. 

@gifsourcefed made a little post detailing about how she felt about all the hosts and I thought it would be a good way to show my appreciation as well! 

My story is pretty much like every others, I started way back in 2012, right around the time of the fall, and from then on my life was forever changed. SourceFed has always been my home, some place I could leave for a bit and then come back and things were a little different, like the furniture had changed around and maybe we got some new members, but it was still home, it still had the heart and the love that I always remembered.

Lee Newton, the sweetest, funniest, dinosaur loving woman I’ve ever seen. I connected with her Make-A-Wish story and being sick and having surgeries all the time as a kid with my own past being similar, and from then on she felt like a new mom, one complete with hilarious voices and a bright smile.

Joe Bereta, the dad I wish I had, so athletic and fearless, and Joe knew how to tell a story like nobody else, I always wanted to learn how to tell a story like Joe Bereta, even if he did almost die in half of them.

Elliott Morgan, the dry humored, silly guy who had the tendency to go a little dark, Elliott was filled with endless talent and entertainment, there truly was nobody like Elliott Morgan, and never will be. 

Steve Zaragoza, this silly, joyous, funny, fantastic man. I love Stee, even when I disagree with him, because Steve is so magical, so special in the way he exudes happiness. Zabagoobler has always been the kind of guy I wanted to be friends with.

Trisha Hershberger, this small, dramatic, tech loving woman. I love Trisha Hershberger. Trisha reminded me of myself, in drama and wanting to be an actress, and so very tiny and optimistic and loved games and technology. Trisha is the sweetest little lady, and I know she’s going to be a fantastic mother.

Meg Turney, this red haired force of nature. Meg was hot and quick and full of life, so casually cool and fun it almost hurt. Meg seemed so effortless in everything, like that being that amazing was just easy. She made being a nerd girl in a t-shirt be hot.

Ross Everett, although far from a favorite of mine personally, always added a little spice. I actually did come to miss him when brought up the last few days, missing the dynamic he had, and I think that’s how Ross shined: he was good with people, good with bouncing off of them, good at creating a fun energy and a good time. I could only hope to have that much energy as Ross.

And then came our first round of newbies. Admittedly, these are probably my favorite hosts, ones I connected with the most.

William Haynes, the unpredictable, creative, wild Naruto Shippuden loving boy. I had a crush on Will when he first popped up on Anime Club. Will was awkward, but well spoken and characteristic, and funny? Will was so funny. And he changed, right before our own eyes, Will went from this awkward boy, to this amazing, cool, funny man. Will showed me that even in the void, you can always find the light at the of the Tunnel (Vision). Speaking of Anime Club…

Reina Scully, this small, beautiful Asian woman. God do I love Reina Scully. Reina was small, just like me, and loved anime, and was actually pretty disgusting and lewd, in the best of ways, things that I was afraid of showing, but Reina brought me out of my shell. Reina is by far my favorite host, coming into her own from sitting quietly at TableTalks to yelling to my favorite soft chicken boy. Never did I have to think about liking Reina, because she was so likeable right from the moment she popped up. Somebody else that brought me out of my shell?

Sam Bashor, meek and sweet in the beginning, now a still sweet, but amazing man who is so full of ideas and passion that he seems like he’s going to burst. Sam was also somebody I had a crush on, the old Doctor Who outfits were so charming, and the privilege of seeing Sam (and Will) grow from boys my age to these incredibly talented men who are living their dreams and their passions, has always given me hope and something to strive for, that you can change but still be yourself at heart, especially if deep down you’re actually just the Flash.

Matthew Lieberman, this boy! God I love Matt. It was so popular to dislike Matt, but I loved him. I love the crazy stories Matt always brought to the table, and he always knew how to tell them, the details and specifics, and in story reactions almost unbelievable and amazing. And cooking! The man can cook. Amazingly so. I’m so upset we never got to see more of Matt’s skills, and that SourceFeed is never going to happen now. And on top of that, an actor and a writer? Matt is so talented, and I especially loved him on Nuclear Family.

Around late 2014 early 2015 I fell off SF, but not for long. I came back home, just like always, and there were even more new hosts. 

Bree Essrig, this feminist fireball, Bree is everything I wish I could be. Talented, outspoken, funny, beautiful. Bree is the complete package, topped with hair just as fiery as she is. Bree’s skills were brought to the forefront on Nuclear Family, and not getting to see those anymore makes me so sad. God damn do I love Bree Essrig. Know who else I love?

Maude Garrett. Maude. Fucking. Garrett. When Maude Garrett enters a video, enters a single frame, this is Maude’s show now. Maude brings the light to the room, draws all the attention in with that tall blonde Australianness that only she could exude, somehow contained in a Star Wars dress. Maude is so ridiculously funny, you might as well just sit back and let her go at it. The dynamic with Sam is so amazing, so perfect, lightning in a bottle that could never be recreated. I can’t wait for the Smaudecast.

Steven Suptic. This soft chicken boy. This boy grew on me. I watched SPF for Reina, she’d always been my favorite, and now she did games? Full time? Hell fucking yeah I was in. But then this boy came in. This weird white boy with greasy hair who said all the wrong things. I don’t know how long I wouldn’t watch a video that didn’t feature somebody else that involved Suptic. But somewhere along that way, that boy got a haircut, and I’m pretty sure some new glasses, and eventually found his voice and his stride, and GOD do I love Steven Suptic. Suppy is a grower, somebody that’s so bombastic you’re off-put by him. But then you watch more, and you realize that boy that jokes around all the time? Is sentimental, and kinda sweet, even if he still says the wrong things sometimes, but now it’s a little bit endearing, especially if his dick is just, y’know. Out.

I was pretty consistent with keeping up from now until the end, and luckily, I’d already been keeping up with a few of the new hosts.

Ava Gordy, a sweet, funny, short haired lady with legs more bendable than I thought possible. Ava’s been somebody I knew since 2012 as well, I saw a video she did for Taylor’s Swift’s “RED” album reviewing it, and had been watching “HALT, I am Ava.” ever since. Seeing Ava here was a surprise, a good one, Ava’s talents finally having the coolest of platforms I could think of to be shown off. Ava is funny, her timing and storytelling impeccable. Ava Gordy is a masterpiece.

Mike Falzone, this sweet, funny man was also somebody I knew, having been around the YouTube block, knowing of Tonjes and Gunnarolla. Mike was like Steve, hilariously funny, always doing something to get a laugh, and this man is so genuine it seems almost impossible. Mike is so sweet, so good to this world, and so funny on top of it all. The world does not deserve the Calzone, but we get to enjoy him anyways.

Candace Carrizales. Oh Candy. Candace is someone that took the most to grow on me. Her humor is so different from the others, her demeanor so unexpected from this office that’s known to be out of this world loud and exuberant. Not Candy. Candy’s just hear to be here, and have a good time, and to give a laugh. I wish I could’ve appreciated Candace sooner, seeing her grown more comfortable and more into her voice and comedy has been amazing, and I wanted nothing but to see her more, considering she’s made me laugh so much in the last few months than I ever expected.

Yessica Hernandez-Cruz, God damn do I love this lady. Yessica and Will were dynamite, bouncing off each other, feeling like the PBL duo to SFN’s Maude and Sam, it was impossible to not smile seeing these two do magic together. Yessica on her own, is even more magical, proud of who she is and unapologetic, and holy shit can Yessica make me laugh. I’m going to miss Yessica, but I have hope for the PBL trio, considering John’s promises. Speaking of…

John Ross, I love this man. John is somebody I want to hang out with, to teach me all that he knows about food and camera work and everything he’s familiar with. John has such an aura about him, so friendly and positive, John is the calming member of this amazing trio, just wanting to spend time with his friends and have a good time and make amazing content. John Ross is a gift.

Whitney Moore, another gift, was the perfect person for Nerd. Whitney was a slightly familiar face, and she felt just so right to be there. Whitney brought a cool meal edge to the channel, her slightly darker tones of interest so contrasted with her bright and bubbly personality. I always smiled when Whit was on screen, so funny and cool, ready to take on the world. 

Filup Molina, the biggest surprise for me, was just on Nerd one day. Just hanging out. And I’m glad that he did, that hat wearing, funny boy. Filup’s always been slightly out of place for me, in the best way, his references falling on deaf ears because they didn’t make sense to others, jokes that the viewer caught going unnoticed by others, I loved him. Filup was a breath of fresh air for the channel, a sparkling gem that I feel not many noticed.

Aside from the hosts, I wanted to note a few BTS staff:

Rickey Mizuno, handsome, talented Rickey boy, beautiful behind the camera and in front of it. This man exudes charisma, and we didn’t get to see him nearly enough. Dani Rosenberg, the HBIC, funny and badass, Dani was one of my favorites to see. She really made SF what it was, and I want to see her do more awesome shit. Sophia Lorena, that curly haired beauty, dealing with Will’s shit every day was truly a lot for her to deal with, and I think for that alone we should be praising her. Also, have you seen her blog? Sophia’s amazing. Starline Hodge, the beautiful, talented graphic designer, Star’s vlogs and art have never not caused me to smile. Star was always subtle in things, but I always wanted more of her. And Audrey Davy, hearing Reina scream her name in SPF videos was always hilarious, and seeing her in Phil’s vlogs and in the Drunk Co-Workers series confirmed that Audrey is a dime a dozen, hardworking and sweet, Audrey was one of my favorites always.

To all of those in this list, and on staff, thank you for these 5 years. They were wonderful, and funny, and God, I will never forget them or the people that made them. And I will never forget the amazing community that thrived from it. I love every single one of you. 

See you, you hot little daddy’s.


      Bex just gave a calm smile as if she’d known this moment was coming ever since the day the Blackthorne Boys walked through the front doors—like it was inevitable that the Gallagher Girls would eventually bring at least one of them to their knees.


This scene ruined me. Some would say that Breezie was sweet-talking Metal Sonic, but I will always see it as flirting. I could go on forever, lmao. That page is just a blessing for my shameless shipping heart. ♥

Click on the pictures for captions! My friend @131-di made some great quotes on two of them hah hah.

10 Bias Tag

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10. MOMO from Twice, I been getting into twice more and  they are so cute but MOMO just has a speical place in my heart

9. Eunhyuk from Super Junior, my first bias and soon he will be discharged from the military IM EXCITED

8. Hwasa from Mamamoo, bless her thighs OMG she is so beautiful 

7. Bang Youg-guk from B.A.P, I love how deep his voice and he always looks so cool 

6. U-Kwon from Block B, damn this boy gets me everytime I watch a BLOCK B video! 

5. DEAN, such a pretty voice and a handsome face! Plus his music is so good 

4. B.I from IKON, I love this dork and I just wanna hug me! I have a lot of feelings but type them out

3. G Dragon from BIGBANG, oh damn GD wont let me out of his grip. I leave for awhile and then he reminds how much I love him. 

2. Jay Park, DAMN STAY IN YOUR LANE BOI ugh his songs always get stuck in my head plus that man’s body is a walking sin 

1. Wonho from Monsta X, MY BABY I LOVE YOU! HE IS SO AMAZING AND DESEVE ALL THE LOVE AND HUGS. PLus he is so good at being sexy and cute and on top of that he is mega talented! STAN MONSTA X VOTE MONSTA X (y’all better vote) 

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This kiss will forever and always be my favorite kiss. Do you see how they look at one another? That was the first time Emma had ever looked at Killian with trust and love in her eyes. He has a look of relief that he had finally won her heart over and he was willing to do anything to win it.

He traded his ship, his home, his life as a pirate for her, and she opened up to him letting her walls down for the first time.

Just a beautiful moment❤️
Top couples<3

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Coming up with this list was hard because it’s rare that I like a ship so much that I actively seek content for it. Plus, usually when I like characters I just ship them with myself LOL

here we go here we go here we go

Moon and Lillie (Pokemon Sun and Moon)

LILLIE IS SO CUTE AND PRECIOUS SHE MUST BE PROTECTED ALWAYS. I love Hau too but boy be third wheeling me and my girlfriend the whole game B-B-B-B-B-B–BB-B–B-BOY. She’s my favorite companion in the Pokemon games. Bonus points for also being incredibly useful with how much she heals you lol (but then again, pretty much everyone on Alola is kind like that bless TToTT). Thank you for the poké doll and wonderful memories I’ll remember you forever babe.

Marinette and Chat Noir (Miraculous Ladybug)

Miraculous Ladybug has captured my heart and soul in a way that I haven’t felt in a very long time. I love every bit of this freaking adorable and FRUSTRATING LOVE SQUARE but MariChat is my favorite :D Plus, there’s just so much good fan content about this show overall to the point where I mix up canon with fan fiction. For MariChat, I love the idea of them hanging out and talking about their crushes or surprise visits or balcony talks give me more give me give me more.

Tom and Marco (Star vs the Forces of Evil)

I did not expect to like this as much as I do, but S2E10 won me over. I love their dynamic and platonic BROS BEING BROS relationship but also kiss and hug and sing together plz bb

Keith and Shiro (Voltron: Legendary Defender)

This is 100% @snowisdelight fault and that’s all I have to say about that XD

Meimi and Asuka Jr. (Saint Tail)

Saint Tail is my #1 magical girl/shoujo series ever. I’ve watched the series three times and it still gives me butterflies and blushes. I love these two so much. 10/10 would recommend.

Honorable Mentions

Jack Frost x Elsa (Rise of the Guardians and Frozen) - Yo I was all over this when Frozen came out LOL

Haru x Makoto (Free!) - Makoto’s my favorite Free! character and I’m also a sucker for best friend shit

Eugene x Rapunzel (Tangled) - Tangled’s my favorite Disney movie and I cry every tiem Eugene looks at Rapunzel ow my heart


Any Black haired character x Blonde character - My aesthetic



Love is about trust. Love is about caring for someone more than you would for yourself. Love is forever, and never dies out. It will always exist. Love is pain and love is healing. Love is heartbreak and love is heart-ful. Love can never be avoided; love has uncontrollably surrounded every single person alive. Love is trusting someone with more than you even trust yourself with. Love binds your inner secrets and the outside world together. Love is love.
—  my friend when I asked her what she thought love was for a project
For Freyja

Blessed are the lips of my Lady for She bestows Her kisses on the lonely and lost. Freyja’s golden tears are gifts to the multiverse. Thankful and humbled am I to be in the presence of a woman so generous and great. She has shed tears for me. I offer Her my resilient heart in return so that She may boost Her own strength.

She is the song in my limbs, the joy in my laughter, and the vigor of my grief. Freyja takes the wounds of me and transmutes them to gold. I offer Her my shedded snake scales so that She may remember all of me for always and forever.

May She remain with me for aeons uncounted and into the timelessness.

May we always dance together. Please, dear gods I ask You, may I always dance with Freyja.

O Beloved Goddess, thank You for Your embrace.


Fangirling over W Korea’s latest photoshoot feat. Taemin [SHINee], Krystal [f(x)], and Kai [EXO]…


Because these three talented artists are my faves and …having them in one frame is PERFECTION…

Taemin looking good and flawless as always..

While Krystal never fails…she’s forever gorgeous..

She’s has a goddess-like beauty..definitely..

and Kai…of course…his striking looks will make your heart skip a beat...

He exudes a bold yet warm aura…

The portrayal of genuine sibling love of Kai & Taemin…

..and this photoshoot gave crazy feels to the world of fanfiction…the SHIPS!



A depiction of an intense Love Triangle..

Plus..feeling ecstatic and excited for the release of the official shots of these…

Taemin caressing Soojung’s face..

and Kai placing that flower crown over Soojung’s head..

and I wonder who is Krystal leaning to though?

those dreamy shots..

Fangirling for the nth time over the official releases and the making video ;) ART + PERFECTION.

J.K Rowling is our Queen 👑 and my life would be completely differently if she did not exist. Harry Potter made me who I am today and was the book that made me a true fan and made me a big reader. Rowling has changed so many people’s lives just with her words and teaches and will continue to teach so many people so many things. I will forever be indebted to this woman because she made my life so much better and her books are the fandom that started all fandoms . I hope she has a fantastic birthday and I hope she knows just how much she is loved.
And Harry Potter, created by Rowling is now 35 years old and all his school adventures are over but they will always be alive in our hearts. Harry taught me to be brave, he taught me not to back down to bullies and that life isn’t always easy but it’s always worth it. The boy who lived always is humble and kind and taught us how to be better people and I cannot picture a world without him or his mother. I hope Harry and his family and friends are celebrating his birthday well and that he has a chance to play a bit of quidditch with all of them.

Remember that Fankind stick together,

Magikash 💫

my heart is broken because this is true: no matter how much time has passed scott loved allison and will always do. all of them will do. because how would much he loves kira, she will not replace allison for him. kira doesn’t replace her smile, her determination, her desire to save everyone, her bravery.  allison wasn’t afraid when she was dying even. she was pacified. part of scott died with her.

scott’s heart belongs allison forever and ever

this is the essence of first love (gif via x)

An AU fanfic where Carol actually sees Therese flirting with the Actress and her heart breaks in a million pieces because she knows she has lost Therese forever. But then Therese comes looking for her, to her apartment, because she actually caught a glimpse of Carol as she was flirting with the Actress. Carol face falls in disbelief and tears begin to roll. Therese reaches for her chin and holds her there. “It was you. It has always been you. You hold my heart.”

I want to be like Tohru

((so I first read Fruits Basket when I was pretty little, and I found out that I have been a fan of Fruits Basket for 9 years! o.o:  I know, crazy right!  It has been such an amazing big part of my life and i’ll always remember the many things I have learned from the story.  The story will stay in my heart forever and ever and always.  <3.

Ever since I read the first volume I have wanted to be like Tohru. <3 she is someone I look up to even though she isn’t real ^_^::  all the same she has someone I have wanted to be since I was a little kid. 

Now that I am a little older, I’m still a kid but I’m also a young adult and I got my first job!  :D and I’m so happy and I always try to have Tohru’s work ethic <3 I also made my very first real friends and they mean the world to me <3 something really funny is when I first met one of my friend’s the first thing she asked me was if I saw the Anime Fruits Basket. And I said “oh my goodness yes! I love Fruits Basket so much!” and than she said that I reminded her of Tohru and I felt so happy because I was just being me and I guess over the years I have become more like her and I was so so happy!  <3

Just the other week I got my really good friend into Anime and she started watched Fruits Basket and she was yelling at the TV and pointing at Tohru and staying that they stole that from Emily (that is my name) lol she couldn’t believe how much alike we were and it made me so happy!

At school I will sometimes think “What would Tohru do?” when I was having a hard time and I had the books with me everywhere <3 well not all of them all at once! That would be a lot of books ^_^:: I usually have 2 with me <3

This year I got to go to my very first Comic Con and I got to Cosplay for the first time. :D something I have wanted to do for forever ^_^ lol and my first Cosplay was… lol you Guessed it!  Tohru Honda! :D <33333 I made the costume with mommy and it was so much fun to work on something together <3 so many people there called me Tohru and got so excited to see me <3  I’m a little shy but being Tohru made me feel so happy and confident and I was able to talk so well to everyone <3 my friend who I mentioned first let me use her Momiji toy!  <3 while there I saw another girl dressed as Tohru and I saw someone dressed as Kyo!  I didn’t get a picture with Kyo :’( I told him I was so happy to see a Kyo and that I loved his cosplay so much!  he had a little kitty toy on his shoulder and I thought it was so cute! but there were so many people around and I didn’t want to get lost because my friends were really far away so I told him I had to go and that I hope he had a wonderful day and I went to go find my friends to tell them I found Kyo <3  Someone else also got excited to see me and started to talk just like Momiji and it made me so happy!  a lot of people took pictures of me and I am so flattered <3 I didn’t think people would want my picture. lol it is funny to think that people have pictures of me with them now but it makes me glad because I made them so happy <3

I’m so happy and I want to continue trying to be more like Tohru because she is my hero and I love how she makes so many people happy and I want to do that too <3. I’m so happy that Fruits Basket is in my life <3))

Imagine: He has a nightmare and panics.

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*his POV*

Panting, I woke to a tear stained pillow. My dreams, my nightmares they all revolve around Y/N. The best of them, and the worst of them. The dream that she is my forever, and the nightmare that she’ll wake up one day and realize that she is too good for me. 

In a flash the scenes come back, and they feel real. Real enough for me to get out of bed. I call her and she doesn’t answer. My heart rate begins to pick up. She always answers. I dial again, and again. On the third try I’m embarrassed but I’m crying again. “Not again, not again, not again.” I whisper to myself, slipping on my shoes. I grab my keys and run out to my SUV. On the drive to her house, I dialed again. I let myself in with her spare. 

“Don’t move! I have a bat, and my boyfriend is here!” 

“Y/N?” I called out into the dark. I flipped on the light and she screamed. 

“Jay, what the hell! It’s 3 am!” She sees my face and drops the bat, coming closer. 

“I just-I had a nightmare. You weren’t answering your phone, I got scared.”

“I didn’t answer because it’s on Do Not Disturb!”

“Good, so it was just a dream.” I sighed. Her lovely, soft face softens. 

“What was it about?” She asks. 

“What they’re all about. Losing you. I can’t lose you.” She pulls me in for a hug, leaning up to kiss me first. 

“Of course you won’t. I’m yours, I will be always.” I lean my cheek into her hair, clutching at her. “C’mon Jay, you’re sleeping here. Neither one of us has anywhere to be tomorrow.”

Dear Gleeks ...
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The 2-hour Glee series finale is tonight! I’ve had the time of my life playing Santana these past six seasons. Glee allowed me the opportunity to explore the 3 things I love the most, all at the same time: singing, dancing, & acting. I have so many amazing memories, have built beautiful friendships, and most importantly Glee has introduced me to the sweetest fans in the world!

I am forever grateful for Santana - she will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you all for the love through the years. While I’m sad to hang-up Santana’s pompoms, I’m excited for this next chapter of my life!


Tell me we can be together forever
Tell me we will always be happy
Tell me that hope is all we need
Fill my heart with lies
Fill it to the brim
My heart can’t feel anymore
She has become numb
Say your sweet lies
Let her feel again
Also, for the ones who always question "aren't you too old to like Taylor Swift?"

Once you’ve grown up with Taylor and she’s brought such meaning to your life and helped you through so much, you don’t just grow out of that. Taylor has left an imprint in my heart that will be there forever.

anonymous asked:

Have you ever thought of Elsa's heart literally being frozen? Like the actual organ in her body is made of ice or covered with it and that's where she gets her ice powers? I don't know. Sounds cool to me. (pun not intended).

That’s actually my headcanon of where her powers come from. I do think she was born with her heart frozen (but since it has been like that since birth she can live with it) and that where her powers come from and why they are related to her emotions. 

To support my headcanon, when during For the First Time in Forever (Reprise) the strike that freezes Anna’s heart comes from Elsa’s heart. 

And when Anna’s heart is frozen, it can’t stand being like that (unlike Elsa who has always had it) and that’s why if it’s not taken away she’ll freeze to solid ice. 

I will always be a swiftie and Taylor will always have a place in my heart. But one day I won’t have this blog anymore. I will have said goodbye to all the people on here. I won’t fangirl over Taylor the same way as now. I know this is a really sad thought, but it makes me really happy that I’ll always have these memories from this time of my life. I will have all the memories from my internet friends, from all the time Taylor made me smile and all the time she has noticed me and made my day a million times better. This may not be forever, but our memories will always be with us.