she has lots of other boyfriends tho

okay so a friend wanted pimbits prompts and I suddenly wanted a fic where all three of them were in the nhl.

As Bitty’s junior year comes to an end, Samwell is doing amazing, and after Jack’s pretty amazing season, and another Frozen Four run, people are paying attention to the up and coming members of the smh team, including Bitty. Bitty hadn’t really ever considered himself going pro, but he also had no idea what he even wanted to do after he graduated.

With a lot of encouragement from Jack and the smh team, he starts actively looking at teams and considering his options. He attends a few camps and time starts flying by. A lot of his friends assume that if they give him an offer, he’s going to pick the Falconers, so that he gets to play and stay close to Jack. While it’s a nice thought, Jack and he have discussed it, and it’s not exactly what they want.

They would love to stay as close as possible to each other, but as much as they would love to have someone who compliments Jack so well, they aren’t exactly looking for a new winger, and he’s just not exactly what they’re looking for. They extend an offer, but it’s not a great one, and both Jack and Bitty know that it’s wth no hard feelings towards anyone.

The team that ends up actually being the best fit for Bitty is the Aces, though he almost doesn’t take the offer. Jack and Kent aren’t exactly talking at this point, but they have tentatively apologized to each other and will at least send each other the occasional congratulatory texts and chirps. Bitty is still understandably wary.

However, despite the fact that Bitty does not trust the captain, the management makes a strong case for him. He’s something they might need to try and break their playoff slump and it’s clear they think that he would be an asset to their team. There’s also the fact of his sexuality, which they happen to be very much aware of. This turns out to be what clinched it for him.

The thing is, despite what a mess Kent is, he has a decent amount of support within the aces administration. They’re used to working with a player who’s practically in a glass closet, and for Bitty, who isn’t quite out to everyone but with his online presence is also not exactly in the closet either, they’re ready and willing to help him through when he inevitably comes out of the closet, even if it’s in his rookie year.  

It’s a lot farther than either Jack or Bitty wanted, but they also knew that they wouldn’t get a lot of time together during the season anyway, and they manage. Most of the communication is through texting, and skype when they can, and it’s hard, a lot harder than it was the previous two years, but they manage.

It helps that Bitty’s biggest problem now is dealing with his ott captain. It’s familiar in some ways, because if Jack Zimmermann works harder than god, Kent Parson is on the same level. He’s kind of a dork, and his team seem to nothing but give their dear old captain endless amounts of shit, but he still manages to rub Bitty the wrong way. Maybe it’s just his protective streak over Jack flaring, maybe Parse is actively antagonizing him (it’s a bit of both, Kent is nothing if not a shit disturber and doesn’t know how to show affection any other way than to fuck with people) but he just can’t seem to get passed this simmering anger. Luckily, he’s had practice via Jack at not letting it get in the way of his game. 

On Kent’s side of things, he is just, continuously baffled by this feisty hockey player who is even smaller than he is. He gets along with literally everybody but him, and no matter how hard he seems to try, nothing works?? Jack ends up getting an ever increasing amount of distressed texts from Kent, trying to figure out what the hell is up with his boyfriend and how does he get him to like him. In a bizarre way, if actually brings Jack and Kent a lot closer, despite the fact that Jack spends most of the interactions either laughing at Kent’s distress or commiserating with him about his passive aggressive boyfriend. (Kent also is the king of wanting people he can’t have, and accidentally mentions how cute he thinks Bitty is to Jack on at least 4 separate occasions. Jack was put off for about two seconds before he realized that the two of them hooking up was like the ultimate fantasy and had to go take a walk in the fucking snow to calm his ass down.)

The thing is, despite Bitty’s misgivings, Kent really isn’t a bad person. He’s a mess of a human being who can’t seem to function normally in a conversation and who has a bad habit of stress cleaning not only his own apartment, but other team members, especially as it gets closer to playoffs. He’s also surprisingly modest for how much shit he talks, and is very considerate and caring towards his team. Reluctantly, he starts falling for Parse a little too. 

It doesn’t take long for this to come out between Jack and Bitty, considering that with the distance and crazy schedules, communication is even more important than before. It’s awkward, and a little embarrassing to discuss it, but eventually they decide that they should bring it up to Kent, who is tbqh floored. Cuz, look, it is a painTM to be into a couple, and the struggle had been real for a good while now (Swoops has been laughing at him about it since day one tbh) and you never really expect to be propositioned like that.

So, it becomes a thing, it’s hard tbh, bc now Jack has TWO boyfriends who live a stupid amount of miles away, and who get to spend a lot more time with each other than they do with him, but they manage. They meet up as much as possible and skype with each other a stupid amount, and Jack keeps threatening to kidnap Kit bc he’s feeling lonely and Kent is shocked and offended (tho Jack is legit probs the only other person that Kit truly likes- Bitty and Kit currently have an armistice that can be annulled at any time if she gets in the way of his cooking). 

Idk I could probably go on and on about their dating life but this post is already way too long. tl;dr pimbits in the nhl au with bitty as part of the aces!