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I love your class 1-a scenarios! They make me really happy, thank you so much. :) You are awesome^^ Do you think that everyone of class 1-a has a special talent like drawing, singing, gymnastic and so on?


i just wanna point this out b/c it’s great and then i’ll get into headcanons, but Iida, Aoyama, Satou, and Mineta are all apparently really great at drawing 

Iiida looks like he took some sort of still life/classic arts drawing class with the way he shades, and Aoyama’s is so very inspired by shoujo. Mineta’s is like… ridiculously good?? and Satou’s is really neat b/c he’s a kinda ‘less detail, more free-form gesture lines’ kinda guy

i really enjoy Ochako’s super cutesy doodles b/c you can tell she’s not all that great, but she has such a cute art style. 

my favorite part of this panel tho is Bakugou’s mediocre art skills. look at the way he drew his nubby little fingers. look at those shitty little bombshells, the things on the side aren’t even the same size and shape. one’s slightly wiggly and bigger than the other. he gave himself little stick arms. he can’t draw shoes.

Bakugou’s secret talent is that he finally sucks at something and i love it

anYWAY onto headcanons:

  • for whatever reason i think Denki would be pretty good at singing?? specifically kpop, which i also hc him really liking. i don’t even know why i don’t listen to kpop, i just get that kinda vibe from him
  • Denki, Bakugou, Kirishima, Sero are all really good at dancing (especially stuff like free form and breakdancing). Baku dances really aggressively tho, but the others are pretty happy and fun about it
  • Momo is really good at elegant type dancing. also really good at cooking b/c it’s… pretty similar to what she has to do with her quirk?? 
  • i imagine Iida also took a dancing class at his fancy highschool but i can’t imagine he was all that great at dancing tbh. i imagine he has a nearly photographic memory, and is a really fast reader
  • Ochako is really good at making mochi and spotting good deals at stores
  • Todoroki makes really good tea
  • for some reason i think Tooru would be really good at arranging flowers?? idk i just associate her a lot with flowers, im not sure why
  • Jirou is good at vocal impressions
  • Tsuyu is also good at cooking b/c she had to cook for her younger siblings
  • Bakugou is good at cooking b/c he’s just. like that
  • with enough time and energy, Izuku can imitate literally anyone, not just All Might 
  • Shouji is fucking great at drumming (esp with his extra arms)
  • Kouda can write some amazing poetry
  • Tokoyami is also, unsurprisingly, very good at poetry. (goth poetry b/c he’s just extra like that)
  • Aoyama is actually pretty awesome at styling hair and putting together fashionable outfits for people
  • Satou is surprisingly good at singing really emotional ballad-type songs (tho he’s kinda embarrassed about it)
  • Mina is really great at gymnastics and is really flexible 
  • Ojirou is really good at making traditional japanese style foods (especially ones with rice)
Shopping trip bonding

They’re shopping when it happens. Kara gets a text and her face lights up, Connor can hear her heartbeat pick up and the way her step gets lighter.

“Is that Lena?” 

Kara’s grin answers his question even before her nod. 

“Yeah, she’s lonely and wanted someone to talk to.”

“You two are such girlfriends.” Connor jokes, ducking when Kara swots at him, scrunching up her face as she shakes it off.

“Shut it Kent.”

He grins, holding his hands up in mock defence before sliding them back into his pocket. Kara hums as they walk and when she tells him that Winn and James are five minutes away he stops. His fingers toying with the hem of his over-sized hoodie (it was Kal-El’s that Kara talked him into giving Connor). He stops walking and Kara turns to look at him so fast, he sometimes forgets that she has superpowers.

“I know you’re scared but it’s going to be okay, I promise. It was their idea, they both want to help you out. I would but I’m not exactly a style guru.” 

He barks out a laugh as she adjust her glasses with a dorky smile. 

“No but I am. Did Lena like the blazer I picked out for you?”

“You’re lucky I can’t punch you now!” 

He grins delighting in how she blushes and mumbles for him to stop teasing. They wait around for another minute chatting quietly when James shows up with Winn. 

“Hey Kara, Little Kent.” Winn greets them first with a wave as James greets them both with a smile. Connor waves awkwardly, stuffing his hands in his pocket as his anxiety sky rockets.

“Try to relax, okay Connor. It’s just us here, we’ll get you some clothes and if you feel uncomfortable at any point just let me know and we’ll leave. Whatever you need, we’re here to help you.” 

Connor nods looking up at the genuine concern and compassion in James’ eyes. He follows them into the first shop and he can see the shop assistant watching them with a judging stare. Kara wraps an arm around him and together they rifle through some shirts hanging on the rack. Together they find two shirts he likes. As he turns around Winn hands him a pile of clothes. 

He stutters but then Kara is bouncing around excitedly telling him to go and try them on. He can’t find it in him to protest when she’s looking like an over eager puppy so he relents and shuffles to the changing room.

He feels awkward when he emerges from the changing room sporting a plaid shirt and jeans. The same assistant from earlier looks at him with disdain but Kara and James are immediately blocking his view as they smile encouragingly at him.

“I knew Winn would pick out plaid shirts! He’s so predictable.” Kara laughs as James rolls his eyes but then their attention is back to Connor.

“That looks awesome man. I have something that will go with it.” 

Connor smiles as James hands him a brown leather jacket and he pulls it on, letting James fix the lapels.

“That is so perfect for you Con. I guess James is more of a style guru then I am. All I got was this hat.”

Kara pouts, shoving James’s hands out of the way as she places the faded black beanie on Connor’s head, adjusting it - her tongue poking out in concentration as she brushes his messy bangs out of his face, twisting the hat until it sits right on his head.

“There. Now you look perfect.”

He glances at his reflection in the mirror and a smile forms on his face. It’s instantly replaced by a blink of confusion as he hears a click and then he spots the phone in Kara’s hand. 

“I have to show Lena! She’s dying to see what you picked out,” Kara reasons before he can protest and she’s clicking send before he has time to process it. When she looks back up she’s grinning more and Connor doesn’t have to ask before she’s rambling with an adoring gaze in her eyes.

“Oh Rao! Lena’s here, she just text me and said she was with Winn- she thinks you look great by the way. I should go say hi, maybe she can help us out. Lena has a great style, she can totally help me out…I mean you, she can totally help you out. I’ll go grab her.” 

Then she’s whizzing off in a mad dash. Connor chuckles as James shakes his head with an amused smile.

“You’ll get used to her doing that.” James laughs.

“Somehow I don’t think I’d be able to talk her out of it even if I wanted to.” Connor simply shrugs with a content smile.

Lena does help them, she takes one look at Connor and then she’s pulling Kara to a different rack with a determined smile on her face. They return moments later followed by Winn, with Kara giggling as Lena smiles affectionately, handing James some clothes before her attention turns back to Kara. 

Connor takes the clothes watching as Kara giggles again, playfully shoving Lena’s shoulder as the woman throws her head back with soft laughter. He nods to James who gives him a knowing look before proceeding to go back to the changing room.

He tries on five different outfits and eventually decides on a pair of navy jogging bottoms, a mixture of different t-shirts, collared shirts and two pairs of jeans as well as the leather jacket James picked out and the beanie that Kara chose. He’s concerned about the money and it shows on his face when he hovers by the counter. It’s James that wraps an arm around him this time and leads him to the counter, nudging him with a smile. Connor smiles back albeit nervously and shyly pushes the clothes towards the cashier.

“Are you sure they’re right for you? These are very masculine clothes.”

The shop assistant has a patronising smile and Connor stiffens at her words. Looking away as hurt floods his face.

“Excuse me?!” Kara exclaims, gaze cutting into the woman, her nostrils flaring as Lena’s hand grips her arm, the touch calms her but only a little and Connor can tell that the Kryptonian wants to say and do a lot more but what surprises him is who speaks next. Watching with wide eyes as Lena moves infront of Kara, her arms folded as she stares down at the woman behind the counter.

“Here’s what is going to happen here: I am going to hand over my very expensive credit card and you are going to give us what we came here for. You will not utter another word unless it is to apologise to my friend and you will smile because if I have to speak to your manager you will regret it. Is that clear?”

The woman lets out a weak nod, shrinking under Lena’s gaze. Lena looks at her with disgust before she steps back, looking back to see four open mouthed expressions. She gives them a satisfied smirk before turning back to the cashier who hastily passes her the bags and her credit card. 

“We’re still waiting on that apology.”

The woman apologises and then Lena is strutting out of the store as the others trail behind her. They are out of the store when Kara speaks.

“Lena that was amazing!”

“Kara’s right, that was fierce girl.” Winn agrees and Lena laughs, shrugging it off as she speaks again.

“Don’t. No one deserves to be disrespected like that. I may not know exactly how it feels but I know a lot about being judged. Are you okay Connor?”

“Yeah. Thanks Lena.” 

Lena’s smile in response is soft and Connor can only smile back, he thinks that if Kara were to start dating the CEO he wouldn’t mind. 

“I can’t believe you paid for it all  though, you didn’t need to do that!” Kara is persisting, completely ignoring the amused looks as she addresses Lena. 

“Well I am rich, that money has to go somewhere.”

“Still…” Kara pouts and Connor watches as Lena shakes her head and actually leans in to tuck a piece of hair behind Kara’s ear.

“Fine, if you insist then you can buy my lunch and we’ll call it even.”

“You got it!” 

Kara’s excitement is contagious and Connor follows the two watching with a proud smile when Lena links her arm with Kara’s, bringing them closer as they lead the way. James bumps his shoulder and Connor lets himself relax, content with listening to the chatter around him, feeling more comfortable with each moment. 

Another one for you Quinn<3 @lenaluthorsbitch hope you liked it <3

I seriously can’t wait til Monday. The trailer has been on my mind all day and I’m just obsessed with trying to break it down, figure out what its trying to tell us. I have a few theories:

1) Sana is the cause or start of a domino affect that goes through the group. 

  • We see the trailer backwards which has its own significance but at the ‘end’ of it we see Sana tripping Noora. I personally like to think its also symbolic of the fact that Sana is always 5 steps ahead of everything. She can see things the others can’t, maybe because they are distracted but all the teen shenanigans they go through. 

2) Girl Squad back with a force.

  • all our favorite girls back together again!! what I found interesting about them in the trailer was how they almost havent changed at all? We see Chris her usual awesome self, Eva being a party girl, Noora and Vilde still butting heads but there for each other none the less (catching her when she falls?? im 100% sure Willhelm is going to be a whole conversation between them) it felt very season 1 almost. with sana essentially pushing them together. 

3) Even??? no, not Isak AND Even. Just Even.

  • This is point 3 but honestly its the main thing i’ve been thinking about. Now I caught Even4Main fever around month 2 of the hiatus but I managed to stay realistic enough to understand it was highly unlikely. I genuinely didn’t think we’d get much of him and Isak and then… Yousef showed up. NOW I’m buzzing with ideas because the trailer made it clear: Even is connected to Sana and is the final ‘result’ of this domino affect she triggered. 
  • Even is also the only one to get hurt in the trailer as a result of this chain of events. That could mean nothing but… it is Julie. Another thing too is that the hit is a complete shock and clearly catches Even off guard and upsets him quite a bit. The way he sort of stumbles down and his just kneeling there unfocused set off sirens in my brain.
  • Last point on Even (honestly i was floored we saw him) It’s clear that whatever happens, it’s only about him. Though Isak is there, we don’t see his face at all which is pretty clear cut in saying that, This isn’t about them as a couple. I was comforted though by the fact that Isak was shown expressing nothing but tenderness and comfort. He didnt back away from Even once and kept an anchoring hand on him the whole time (he even knelled down with him, which could be symbolic of Even’s biggest fear: dragging Isak down into his dark side) Also, Even looked kinda sad, kinda lost before he got hit. my poor kid is gonna struggle.

4) The kids are partying it up! But…. where???

  • it took me a few watches to finally hit on why the trailer gave me an ominous feel and the sense that something very different was going to happen. Though we are seeing them in a familiar atmosphere (party time) the setting is completely different from run of the mill teenage rager. it is dark with red tones, the people dont seem like typical teenagers, the gang is clearly separate from them, and the walls and floor are black. The girls outfits kinda reflect this too. Like Eva wearing heels. She has a great style but def not a heels kinda girl. And Vilde. she was dressed TO IMPRESS. she looked amazing but so not what we are used to seeing from her in a party atmosphere. Maybe it symbolizes maturity or maybe they make new friends…..

5) Stop. Take it back now y’all. 

  • why. was. it. in. reverse. for one thing the song because it had an Arabic tone when played backwards. But what got me too was that we see Even and Isak first (call back to where we left off last season?) and slowly winds itself back to Sana. Are we suppose to understand that it all started with her and is now ending with her? Is it a cautionary tale? Is it trying to say that some things in life are just unavoidable??? Who knows. (Julie. Julie knows.)

Just some of my thoughts. I’m curious to see everyone elses theories while we wait to start! Happy finale Season 4! 

The Mortal Instruments

Requested by: @bptowel

Favorite Male Character: Alec Lightwood. Most girls might have said Jace. Yes, he’s amazing and pretty handsome, but, in my opinion, Alec has this something that makes me love him more. Yeah, he’s gay, but beautiful still. He would do anything for the people he cares about. 

Favorite Female Character: Isabelle Lightwood! She’s such a bad-ass and a fearless girl, but she also has her warm side, she´s loyal to her family and friends. Besides the fact that she has a great sense of style!

Least Favorite Character: Well, I hated Sebastian/Jonathan when he murdered Max, but I didn’t really dislike him at all. I mean, it wasn’t completely his fault to be that “evil”, he had demon blood running through his veins thanks to his father’s experiment. And Valentine… well, I just didn’t really care about him.

Favorite Ship: Magnus and Alec (Malec), undoubtedly! They’re so beautiful!

Favorite Friendship: Jace and Alec! They kind of remind me of Will and Jem, in some way. Though they’re relationship wasn’t as close as Will and Jem’s (nothing compares to their bond), but still, they were brothers :)

Favorite Quote: “When you love someone, you don’t have a choice. Love takes your choices away” –Clary Fairchild

Worst Character Death (if any): Max Lightwood :( His death is the exact definition of cruelty.

This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: When Tessa and Jem appeared at the end of City of Heavenly Fire!

Saddest Moment: When Sebastian was dying and he was apologizing for everything he had done. His words almost made me cry.

Favorite Location: New York, maybe?

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Personally my favorite vocaloid is Luka and sure, I get a lil salty that the other vocaloids don't get nearly as much representation in the games and media as Miku does but that doesn't mean people should shit on Miku, like??? She's cute and has a nice voice and great sense of style. And the entire culture surrounding Vocaloid was built from the ground up by fans and we should all respect each other instead of waging Waifu Wars

Agreed. Plus, everyone has their preferences. I can totally see why someone would prefer a more elegant, mature voice and appearance like Megurine Luka’s over a cutesy, high-pitched voice like Miku’s. But I personally happen to like electropop music a lot, to which Miku’s voice fits very well (while Luka’s happens to work well in a genre like rock). To each their own.

Awhile back, I wrote a lengthy post about how Hatsune Miku became the most popular Vocaloid (you can read it here) and I think a lot of it still stands. Hatsune Miku became a cultural icon in a way that Luka, Rin, Len, MEIKO, or KAITO never accomplished. With their production and marketing, a lot more emphasis was put on providing a broader array of voice options (and “personalities”) for Vocaloid producers to choose from. Hatsune Miku was the one who was created to found a Vocaloid community using participatory remix culture and that’s what makes her stand out apart from the rest. She is part representational (a character and a technology) and part figurative (an idea, an icon symbolic of creativity, innovation, etc.). The other Vocaloids are pretty much exclusively representational; simply constituting different voice configurations and character designs.

Because different Vocaloids’ voices “specialize” in different music genres, I consistently find that Vocaloid music producers tend to prefer one or two Vocaloids above the rest based on whatever genre they specialize in. For example, kz/livetune does electropop music and mainly uses Hatsune Miku. Vocaproducer YM does a lot of ‘intense’ dance-pop music and almost exclusively uses GUMI. Yuypyuppe does rock music and almost exclusively uses Megurine Luka. and so forth. 

Instead of bashing Hatsune Miku fans, artists, and producers, I think non-Miku Vocaloid enthusiasts should simply support and share non-Miku Vocaloid content. Find producers who don’t specialize in Miku and listen and share and buy their work. View illustration and fanart featuring non-Miku Vocaloids and share that. While Hatsune Miku-oriented content absolutely IS a huge percentage of Vocaloid media, there’s a whoooole lot out there that isn’t, and I think it needs to be shared a lot more. Sharing generates awareness and interest, and with the kind of attention to fanbase trends that exists in the Vocaloid community, I think Crypton and the other Vocaloid companies will be willing to put more emphasis on non-Miku Vocaloids if we let them know we really really want it in a way that reads “we love Luka, Rin, Len, MEIKO, and KAITO very much! GUMI, Luo Tianyi, and Daina/Dex too!” rather than “no more Miku! down with Miku!”

The way that songs are chosen to be featured in games and concerts are mainly through fanbase popularity. Original Vocaloid works that reach 1,000,000+ views on niconico are added to what is called the Hall of Legend (”VOCALOID Legends,” or “VOCALOID densetsu”) and are considered essential enough to the Vocaloid ‘franchise’ to make their way into “official” corporation-published works such as concerts and video games.
Because of this, sharing and appreciation do matter, especially with Vocaloid. Every individual view counts towards supporting producers, Vocaloids, and the life of the community as a whole. Go log into niconico right now and start listening to every official producer upload of Megurine Luka-exclusive songs right now if you want. Spread the love.

Interview: Syd

Today we’re joined by Syd. Syd is a wonderful visual artist who specializes in cartoon-style images. She has a great eye and the images she creates have a sense of whimsy to them. It’s very apparent that Syd loves what she does, as you’ll soon read. My thanks to her for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

I mostly just do sketches and doodles but I occasionally line and color them if I like them enough. I don’t really do much realism, just my cartoony style ^w^

What inspires you?

Inspiration to draw just kinda hits me randomly, like while I’m listening to a good song or walking back from class.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

What inspired me to start drawing, during middle school, was a really good friend of mine who has always been an amazing artist. She was always drawing or doodling cute and funny things and it always made me really happy to see so I decided to try it for myself.

I’m not exactly professional artist material, though I love doodling in my free time, so I’m actually going to college to get a degree in biology.

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

I don’t think I really have a signature haha

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

If it’s something that you’re passionate about, don’t be afraid to do it. No one starts out perfect, so don’t feel discouraged if it doesn’t turn out like you had hoped at first, and keep on trying! Try not to compare yourself to other artists too much; just because what you make doesn’t look like theirs doesn’t mean it isn’t just as amazing.


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

I haven’t put a lot of thought into specifically where I fit on the spectrum. All I know is that I’ve identified as asexual since I was 15 (almost 4 years ago) and I’m perfectly comfortable with that. UwU

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

Fortunately I’m currently living in a fairly friendly and accepting community. When I came out to most everyone this year not a single person tried to convince me that I was just confused and some even went out of their way to understand more, and that meant the world to me. When I encounter people who don’t really understand what asexuality is or what it means, I will just try to explain it to them as best I can.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

I’m sure every asexual person ever has heard the “oh so you reproduce by yourself lol” but along with that I’ve had a few people tell me “well maybe you’d like it if you tried it” or “you just haven’t found the right person yet”. All of these are frustrating to have to listen to -_-

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

No matter how you identify yourself, you are valid. Starting to really think about your orientation can be scary, just know that you don’t have to put a label on anything until you feel ready. Give yourself time to figure yourself out. You’ve got all the time in the world.

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

I post all of my art on Instagram at sydmyrs.

Thank you, Syd, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.

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ohmygodd i realized that in your mutuals and pals there's amazing persons and artists so which of all these people do you admire a lot?

(In case you’re wondering what the anon’s talking about)









That woman with pastel purple hair is coming in alot more often now. 

Every time I see her she looks worse. 

She’s doing it on purpose.

Amber is good at singing, dancing, rapping, composing songs, languages, directing MVs plus she has great personality, attitude and original style. It’s just her company is not good for her, they don’t know how to style and promote her in the right way. (anon)

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I absolutely love this beautiful dress that Susanna Reid is wearing. She looks very beautiful in it and she has such great taste and style and fits perfectly on her 💓

Another list of my favorite comic artists

In no particular order

Greg Capullo

Capullo is best known for his work on Batman which is great stuff. He draws Batman so well its hard to see anyone else drawing Batman. He even drew other members of the JL during Endgame which was great to see. 

Fiona Staples

The artist for Saga (which is in my top 3 favorite comics ever btw). She is just great. She has a unique art style that really grows on you. 

Patrick Gleason

Currently the artist for Superman, he also worked on Aquaman, Batman & Robin, and Green Lantern Corps. His art is just beautiful to look at. His use of black space is just perfect.

Esad Ribic

This guy is on a different level. Unfortunately he hasn’t done much (mostly covers), but his work on Thor: God of Thunder and Secret Wars is magnificent.

Ethan Van Sciver

The legendary artist for Green Lantern and a bit of New X-Men theres nothing i can say about his art instead of its amazing.

Ivan Reis

Another Legendary artist for Green Lantern (I love GL if you cant tell). His stuff is just great. One things for sure he knows how to draw muscles. 


Who would you say is your style icon? I’m a chameleon as a person and as an artist. The characters that I play and the events that I go to, you have to be a different person each time, so I have a different inspiration each time. One of them is Kate Beckinsale; she has great style because she’s always so classy and put together in a very clean way. Zoe Saldana takes a lot of risks, but is still very classy. I love Diana Agron, Emma Watson, Olivia Wilde, Emma Stone…they’re all so great.

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@askthekingofdarkness/ @nightshade102 / (a bunch of other blogs)

I love the mun really much. Very dorky but not as much as me. (We had a dork war and I won a smol alpaca as my prize), extremely nice, she has amazing characters, great writing skills and some sick drawing styles to boot. She drew 2 of my muses (one of them twice) and has made them better than I have ever imagined. Always exceeds my expectations, can keep a conversation going, I love our ships between our muses. And overall, she has made my Tumblr experience at least 110% better.