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everyone in harry potter is a poc: hannah abbot (x)

A pink faced girl with a white headscarf stumbled out of the line, put on the hat, which fell right down over her eyes, and sat down. ‘HUFFLEPUFF!’ shouted the hat. The table on the right cheered and clapped as Hannah went to sit down at the Hufflepuff table; the ghost of the Fat Friar waving merrily at her.

imagine dean and cas have both grown up together, best friends, and they’ve graduated college and like. neither of them have exactly found that someone and they wanna focus on their careers for a little while right and so they’re like “hey let’s live together for a while” so they adopt like 3 dogs (golden doodle, obviously golden retriever, and pretty brown lab) and they find a stray black cat in the shelter looking for a fourth dog (“dean, is she not gorgeous? look at her eyes! she has blue eyes like my own! i’ve never seen a black cat with blue eyes, it must be so rare. this means it is meant to be, cmon, dean”) and turns out the cat gets along pretty well with dogs according to the shelter and so dean is really out of arguments and unfortunately the blue in luna the cat’s eyes reminds him a terrible amount of cas’ and so of course he gives in and cas hugs him so enthusiastically dean doesn’t even complain as much as he planned to when they have to keep going to buy different allergy medications because his body gets used to each different one and it stops working and about a year and a half passes by and wow dean is so fucking in love with cas and wow cas is bringing home some guy named Balthazar that he’s been seeing for two months and as much as he loves cuddling with his beautiful golden retriever it seems like the cat just understands (maybe it’s the eyes) and so he finds himself constantly telling luna all of his feelings while she stares at him with big eyes and their golden doodle rests her head and paw on dean comfortingly while cas and Balthazar are out celebrating their 2 year and when cas comes home he looks wrecked but…. at peace??? and dean’s heart is aching because honestly what the fuck did bitch-a-zar (yeah, dean calls him that in his head. So Fuckin What) do to the love of his fucking life (also yeah, dean accepted this wasn’t just a crush a while ago) (by a while ago he means literally like three weeks ago because dean refusing things is just so much easier in his head but hey, his break through happened) and it’s as if cas can sense dean’s concern-hidden-by-protective-anger and says “he didn’t break it off, dean. i did.” and then he makes his way to his room and tuts so that Luna follows, but not before she gives dean a look that basically says “stop being a little bitch and tell him” (what the fuck. cats are weird) and when cas doesn’t come out of his room the next day for their weekly Saturday movie night (neither of them has missed a day since mary died. that was 16 years ago) dean decides to go in and is confused when he sees cas crying with bloodshot eyes (not because he assumed he’d be fine, but because cas is such a loud cryer and he hasn’t heard him all day) but willing to listen if cas would just fucking look at him and he knows cas knows he’s standing there and god dean knows this is the worst fucking time to do it but he just wants to tell cas how he feels and instead Dean says, “cas?” and when cas responds with a broken, “dean, please. i know tonight’s movie night but i just.. i can’t bring myself to it. i haven’t cashed in my one time out. please let me use my one time this time.” deans heart is actually breaking as he says, “as long as you’re okay with using your one time on an asshole like that.” all that seems to do to cas is make him cry slightly more, and dean hates himself immediately, fuck what did he say what did he say what did he say, and cas says, sort of bitterly, but more directed at himself, not dean, “trust me, Balthazar is amazing. in another life, i probably could’ve married him.” and deans heart Fucking breaks in half, literally, he hears the tearing of it, he swears, and dean says “why don’t you do it now?” and he knows how broken that just came out but he doesn’t care he just fucking wants cas to be happy and then cas says, “im in love with someone else.” and dean is surprised, because that’s so unlike cas, to not tell dean about this kind of thing, and says after a moment, “you’re sure it’s love?” and when cas scoffs deans already half broken heart aches, “trust me. the way he makes me feel? ive never been more sure.” and dean is about to just say okay awkwardly and leave before crying his own amount of heartbroken tears in the privacy of his own room, but then cas continues, “I never thought I would have my definition of love, I never thought I would truly know what it was. I thought I had it with balth, but.. I was wrong. I knew I was wrong when he proposed to me yesterday and I was thinking ‘his spaghetti looks good’.” cas scoffs, at himself this time, “god, the answer’s been in front of me the whole time. almost my entire life.” and then he puts his head in his hands, as dean says, “cas, who has you all worked up like this? is he really deserving of you stopping your life like this?” and now cas gives out a laugh, but it’s bitter, this time directed at both himself and dean, saying “you would disagree, but he deserves everything I could ever give him and more. he’s imperfect in the best way,” and dean responds, “i know him?? who is he?” and dean regrets asking the second he does because he’ll never be able to be civil to that friend ever again, but dean realizes cas has said it and dean couldn’t hear him because he was wrapped up in his own thoughts and cas’ words were still mumbled by his own hands and when dean says, “who, cas?” again, cas stands up suddenly and crowds dean against the door frame and wow, who needs breathing, dean doesn’t, “you.” cas puffs a breath of air into deans face, eyes closed, as dean processes what’s happening, “it’s you, dean. you’re the reason I broke it off with Balthazar. youre the one that deserves everything in the world. you’re the one I’m in love with. you’re the one that gave me my definition of love.” and cas’ eyes aren’t closed now, but they’re downcast, and dean gets his attention by reaching out and touching his cheek with a gentle hand and a quiet, “cas, please kiss me” as they make eye contact and well, if a year later dean proposes to cas with a piece of paper attached to Luna’s collar and cas does the same thing on their golden doodle’s collar, then, well, that’s their business

“And, Ma, she has these gorgeous eyes. And I know she hates them, but they’re my favorite thing about her. They’re this deep chocolate brown, dark chocolate just like her favorite. And they hold this light when she’s happy or excited, and they sparkle when she’s up to no good. Oh how that twinkle makes me smile. And when she’s sad or upset, they turn this stormy black color. But it never lasts. Oh her eyes, Ma. Her eyes,” he spoke in a rush, sighing contently at the end.
—  Except of a story I’ll never write #56 // “I know she hates her eyes, but Ma, I love them.”
Sherlock x Reader: Insecurities and Jealously

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A/N: For anyone reading this: you are beautiful. x

Irene Adler was the most perfect woman you could think of. From a young age you have been told that perfection isn’t a thing because everyone/everything has faults. But Irene was the ideal girl. She has stunning cat-like eyes and beautiful silky hair. She has a gorgeous body and has incredible cheekbones. On top of that, she was very intelligent. She was like a mortal goddess if you compared her to yourself. Everyone else would think that you matched her beauty. You were beautiful, charming, and kind but you never saw yourself as any of those things. You saw beauty is everything except from yourself. However you were beautiful. Everyone told you that you were pretty but you never believed them. Even Irene herself had brought up your beauty! You first met Irene on the ‘Scandal In Belgravia’ case with John and Sherlock. Both you and John had thought that Irene was dead after that case so it was a shock when she suddenly appeared on the doorstep of 221B. The three of you helped her with a case before she moved away again. She had gone to a different country this time. Germany is where she said she was going. It was obvious that when you first met Irene, Sherlock somewhat fell for her. Sherlock didn’t fall for her a second time but you were still worried he liked her because she was stunning. Sherlock had deduced that you felt insecure but didn’t point it out because he didn’t really know how to bring it up.


You were having a salad for diner at 221B. Sherlock was sat opposite you reading a newspaper. He had passed on dinner like usual. You had made him clear all of his experiments off of he table which he did reluctantly.

“You’re picking at your food Y/N,” He stated putting his paper down.

“Yeah,” You replied as you looked up from your dinner. “So?”

“It mean you are either hungry or insecure. It is most likely the second option.”

“What makes you think that?”

“You’ve always been conscious about your appearance. Especially your weight. You try to hide your concerns from me but I still notice. A lot of things you now do subconsciously. Like picking at your food. Now, what could have triggered this? You have always had these worries but they’ve got worse. Someone must have caused this. Not by their actions but by being there. It can’t be Mary or Molly. There is noting wrong with them of course and you find them beautiful. They have just been around too long so they cannot have caused the sudden distress. There are your childhood friends but again they cannot have caused this. So who, a female, has recently arrived and could have caused this. Ah! I know. Irene Adler.”

There was no response.

“Y/N, I notice everything. Especially you.”

Again there was no reply.

“Y/N speak to me.”

“Okay,” You said quietly. “You are right.”

Sherlock took your hand before speaking. “You are perfect.”

“You don’t believe in beauty or perfection.”

“No but if someone was to ask me who I would view as perfect, then I would reply with your name.”

“Not Irene then?”

“Why would I say Irene?”

“Because she’s gorgeous and very smart!”

“You are. Y/N, I don’t love her. I love you.”

“I thought you didn’t love either.”

“I didn’t think I did. You proved me wrong. Another reason why I love you.”

You smiled for the first time that day. “I love you too Sherlock.”

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I love my girlfriend so much she has supported me through everything and she makes me so happy. She also has these gorgeous brown eyes that I get lost in

awwwwwwww. she seems awesome and cute!

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i love looking at my friend's eyes, they're absolutely gorgeous, she has green eyes that have hazel/brown in the middle, she has the same hair colour as me, i absolutely love her and she's a great person. whenever she speaks i can't help smiling but she's pretty much the only person it's happened with that i'm close to. idk if it's platonic or romantic love but i kinda feel like it might be somewhere in between those two?? idk

whoa, those eyes always look so cool! hey, it’s okay to not know what the hell is going on in the feelings department. trust that eventually you’ll figure it out (is that how it works? im not entirely sure im kind low on them - but from what i’ve seen that’s how it works).

either way, enjoy it. it’s a positive feeling that brings you joy and that is something to be cherished. 

anonymously tell me about the person you love


It’s okay. You’re okay.

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Hehe she's a very gorgeous gecko. She's tan and brown and has big cute eyes 😍 So glad I'm not the only one who likes them! -IRA(Ideal Relationship Anon)😂❤

ahhh!! see i never liked geckos bc when we went to florida i just have terrible traumatic memories of florida like, fuck florida sorry people who live there but long story short our bathroom had like 20 geckos in it and as a 9 y/o i was Traumatized™ but then my friend has a ball python named Butter and he’s v cute so lil Geckos aren’t that bad 

also i watched Steve Irwin growing up and not to get deep in the files here but I’m p sure steve irwin was the first person outside my family i loved le sigh RIP in peace 

thank u IRA i love u ~admin h

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📖 💋 gdfjg my crush has this rly pretty blonde hair and these GORGEOUS bright blue eyes just like ghhjfhdfd and she has this rly sweet personality,,, she's also straight which sucks haha,, sorry i'm rly gay i wanted to scream abt her hehe

omg :((( one sided love… is the worst…. n omg pls come n scream about her whenever… ure so cute..

📖 = tell a story 

im sssssssooooooooooo boring omg so im just gonna tell u about what happened with my mom the other day.. kk so i was watching Jackson vids on my apple tv in my living room bc i missed him n my mom was in the room too using her phone or smth n in the vid, jackson started swimming n my mom suddenly went “OKAY CAN! CAN CAN CAN!!! THIS ONE PASS” hfjhksdjs she suddenly told me that she approved of jackson… it was so funny bc i was minding my own business n i didnt even ask her to watch it with me.. honestly i have a whole bunch of stories about my mom + talking about got7… its hilariously embarassing.. hmu if u wanna hear more HAHAHAHAHA

💋 + tell me about your crush

u wouldnt believe me but…. i’ve never had a crush.. in my life.. (the crush i had on my best friend when i was like 12 doesnt count) ive been in a girls school the past 4 years LOL

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Imagine Dean seeing you on campus and telling his friends about you afterward because he thinks he’s in love with you.

Dean sat against his bed in his dorm where he and his friends were hanging out. “Uggh! I think I’m gonna die!” He told them,”I saw the most beautiful girl today, and I don’t even know her name.” His friends laughed at the love sick look on Dean’s face but Dean knew it was all in good fun.

“What’s she look like?” Cas asked, adjusting the snap back on his head, eagerly awaiting Dean’s answer.

Dean shook his head, looking at the boys. “She has the most gorgeous (h/c) hair and sparkling eyes. And oh, that smile,” Dean groaned happily just thinking about her. He just couldn’t get this girl out of his head. He hoped that they would have a class together or something.

“Wow Dean, sounds like a hell of a girl,”Ash smiled at his friend,throwing an empty beer can at him.

Dean caught the can and looked at it as he nodded, “Yeah, she is..God,” he said shaking his head with a smile, “I think I’m in love with her.”