she has been well taught

So my niece and I are chill and I’m on Tumblr and she watching tv she, she looks at my computer and said “Magnifique” I was like lol “who taught you that”

she said some gibberish words and then said “Look” She was pointing to Calum. My 2-year-old niece has been taught well. 

this is the one she point to

Inquisition Companions and Weapons

Cassandra has had years of training to teach her the best ways to use her sword and shield.  It’s rare that she deviates from the old patterns that she has been taught, as they have served her well over many years.  However, every once in a while in a moment of frustration, she will throw back her sword and shield arms to headbutt a particularly annoying enemy, or kick their legs out from under them to provide an opening.

Blackwall always leads shield-first.  He almost never strikes first, waiting for his enemies to attack him before countering them.  It’s a guarded fighting style, just like Blackwall himself.  But, just like Blackwall himself, if he sees a friend in danger, he’s been known to charge forward, bashing his foes out of the way with his shield, to make it to their side and cut down any that would harm them.

The Iron Bull looks like nothing more than a raging beast to an untrained eye.  He charges in with his battleaxe to hit anything he can reach, shouting war cries the whole time.  In truth, much of his fighting style is calculated.  He hits, over and over, searching for weak spots and openings, striking just short of his full strength.  When he finds that weakness, he pulls back, bides his time, waits for the right time, and strikes full-strength, often felling or critically crippling his foes in a single blow.

Varric treats his crossbow like an old friend, or perhaps a lover.  Even as he’s fighting, he’s murmuring praises to Bianca, stroking her bowstring even as he winds it back once more.  Once the battle is over, he immediately stops to check the mechanisms within, and to make sure no stray blood or gore have gotten caught within.

Sera is always interesting to watch fight, since her fighting style is nigh on incomprehensible.  No one’s quite sure how she manages to fire her bow through her legs and still drive the arrow through her foe’s eyes.  Despite the fact that she rarely, if ever, misses a shot when faced against an enemy, she can never quite seem to hit fleeing animals.  Most of the time, the companions pick someone else for hunting duty.

Cole treats his daggers softly, lovingly.  There’s a fluidity in the way he carries them, almost as if cradling them in his hands, and there’s a certain softness to his movements even as he his fighting.  It almost seems gentle and kind as he pulls his dagger across and opponent’s throat or drives them into his back, as if to say, “It’s okay.  You’re at peace now.”

Dorian’s fighting style is fascinating to watch.  His staff is constantly in motion, twirling and rotating, sometimes even rotating around his hand instead of staying firmly grounded in his palm at all times.  A trained eye will notice that each of these actions doesn’t necessarily always result in a spell - the spinning is for show.  It seems to work, as his enemies are just as distracted by it, and never seem to realize the strength of his attack - or where it’s coming from - until it hits them.

Vivienne handles her staff firmly, with very little flare or show.  Every single one of her movements is precise and sure, with a certain strength behind it, as if she is striking her opponent physically instead of with magic from afar.  When she slams her staff down to the ground, the earth feels like it quakes under her feet.

Solas moves his staff slowly, almost lazily.  It feels as if an Age passes as his staff switches hands, or is pulled over his shoulder, making his foes feel like they have all the time in the world to strike him.  However, his opponents rarely reach striking distance, despite his near-lethargic movements.  In truth, very little of Solas’ magic is channeled through his staff - a wave of his free hand renews his companions’ barriers, a glance to the right freezes an enemy solid.  The movement of the staff is for little more than keeping up appearances.

Louis knew a thing or two about pride. His was tested continuously. He found it in establishing a home for himself, carving out a place to carry out his immortality, but that was as far as it went. He was a peon in the higher order, political fodder to give capital within his superior’s suite. Pride was something to get you killed.
“I must have been experiencing something different because I wouldn’t be agreeing at all with what you think you heard,” looking up from his notepad.
“Brute force, I would not have been able to pull her off of you. You’d be dead right now if you both had not been slick wet. You’d be dead if she knew to go for your throat, she has not been taught to hunt.”
“You’d be doing well learning from your mistakes,” he repeated, “Claudia is practically a child and is easily controlled. That is why she stays in, otherwise someone might be using her as fodder for her strength,” as he went through a drawer, pulling out a handkerchief for his hand and holding it out to him.
“She reacts to blood. Her tolerance to blood is low, even lower for fresh blood. She cannot drink that much without being overwhelmed. If she starts to act out again, let her feed. It does not take that much. Just don’t let her get to an artery and you’ll be safe.”

As he piqued his intetest, this was a feature and not a fluke. He knew if he gave the Hunter purpose that he could have a practical allie. It was just all about pulling him in.
“That’s certainly a way to put it but non, you will be in my stock as well. However, any one around your weight could serve our needs. I picked you out in particular, I need your skills.”
“I am a member of the Higher Order, sort of like the congress of the world’s past. The only difference is your fellow congressmen can kill you if you are their political adversary. I need security. But I’ll be needing you for more than just that.”
“The world is unbalanced. I was around when humanity was at it’s epoch. We did not worry about overpopulation. We didn’t worry about starvation, but here we are now.”
“Myself and some of my suite, we are building a coalition of humans to restore order in this world. Hunter, I am needing you to help build this. If we do not band together we shall both die. It is the way, Madaea, the Earth, she will consume us all if we are not wise.”