she has basically licked the faces of all my other favorites

hickey / taehyung

warnings: hickey, kissing, making out…

note: sorry for mistakes

‘‘but please taehyung, it’s nothing like that it’s just a stupid hickey’‘ you whined to your best friend of 5 years, pulling at his sleeve, as he scrambled through your fridge hoping to find something to cool himself off in this hot weather.

‘‘no i won’t do it it’s weird y/n…’‘ he stammered back, grabbing a bottle of cola and an extra one for you. he closes the fridge and shoves the cola in your hands but you grab it and set it down on the counter, walking towards him and pulling his waist closer to yours.

‘‘gosh tae c’mon pretty please! i’ll return the favor i promise!’‘ he stops in his tracks turns around and you look him up with your doggy eyes.

‘‘not with those eyes pleaseeeeee…’‘ he huffed before grabbing your forearm and leading you to the couch in the living room. he sat you down and throws the cola on the coffee table, before hovering his legs over your waist.

‘‘w-what are you doing?’‘ you suddenly ask but he rolls his eyes as his hands travel to your neck. with one hand he moved your hair away, while the other one rested comfortably on your shoulder. 

‘‘j-just stretch out your neck a bit’‘ he commands and you do as he says

within seconds you felt taehyung’s hot breath on your skin and moments later his lips finally met your skin. he first pressed a couple of them on the same spot before moving on the other side.


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Sister Date | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Romance
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: Hi guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a write up I’m sorry I just don’t have that much time to write anymore. I remember when I used to post imagines everyday, so sorry but I think I’m gonna be able to write once or twice a week now. But yeah, anyway this was requested and I had fun writing this. Sorry this took so long! Enjoy!

Request:  Could you do an imagine where Zach is confused your at his house bc he knows y'all didn’t make any plans but then you’re like “oh I’m not here for you. I promised may (his sister) that I would take her shopping” and just zach getting all happy that you’re spending time with his sister.


I knock at the huge front door of the Dempsey’s while straightening out my top. A couple of seconds later and the door swings open and a pleasantly surprised Zach Dempsey stands in front of me. His eyes were opened wide in shock.

“Well this is a nice surprise!” Zach exclaims as he pulls me in for a hug then kisses the crown of my head.

“I thought you were doing something today, babe? What brings you here?” he continues to ask as he takes a piece of hair away from my face and pushes it behind my ear.

“Oh, I’m not here for you.” I reply as I pinch both of his cheeks.

“I’m here for your sister. I promised her that we’ll go out together today.” I add.

“Aww, that’s great babe! I’ll just get changed for a minute and come back down then.” he replies but before he could leave, I grab his wrist and laugh.

“Babe, it’s a girls’ day out. You can’t come.” I tell him and he pouts.

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Safe & Warm

Summary: Just an insight into your relationship with Bucky. Based on Colbie Caillat’s Bubbly.

Word Count: 1,436

Contains: Excessive amounts of fluff.

Originally posted by enochianess

Bucky stops in his tracks, making Steve retrace his steps back to the flower shop. Bucky is admiring flowers and he grins. “Didn’t know you were into flowers now, Buck.”

Bucky scoffs, digging his elbow into Steve’s ribs. “Shut up. They’re not for me.”

“For Y/N?”

“They remind me of her,” says Bucky.

Steve smiles at him. Bucky is happy, he is actually healing from everything and is smiling more often than not and it makes Steve want to run back to the tower and find you, hug you as tight as he can.

“Buy her the flowers,” offers Steve.

“Should I?” Bucky’s forehead is creased and Steve laughs softly.

“Yeah, she’ll love them, man.”

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Montgomery De La Cruz Imagine #1 (AKA FIRST ONE EVER)

It was 11:45 AM, only fifteen more minutes for lunch time. Y/N’s favorite time because she was always reading a new book every week and that’s basically all she did in her free time; reading calmed her and it became her very own stress reliever ever since her parents announced their divorce.  this week it was “Everything Everything” seeing as the movie was coming out this week, on Friday to be exact and she was a sucker for love stories.  Most times she would ditch her friends and eat in the library to read in a peaceful place without the ruckus of annoying students in the cafeteria.  After, impatiently waiting for lunch, the bell rang and she basically ran to the library with her paper bag lunch clutched in her hand.  Ever since she started reading at lunch in the library, she had found a secluded table towards the back of the library.  She speedily made her way over and stopped as she noticed it was already occupied.  She bit her lip and decided to walk closer trying to figure out who the person was and if she knew them.  As she got closer, she saw a brown haired boy and noticed he had slammed his fist on the table, it was loud to her since she was right by him.  She knew Montgomery since she had tutored him last year in History and he was in some of her class this year; she wouldn’t say they were friends though. Maybe a small “hi” or “how are you” was exchanged between the halls or out in the field but she couldn’t deny she wished she was close friends or just have him notice her.  She wanted to know the real him and not the Montgomery who pushed students into lockers or acted like an ass to look cool.  She licked her lips and approached him “Hey Monty, you’re sitting at my table” she whispered to him in a teasing tone as she approached his table.  He quickly looked up s he heard her voice and locked eyes with her.  “Oh hey Y/N, i’m sorry. I can leave if you want.  I was just studying and yeah but i can leave since you probably want to be alone at your table…” he wandered off, sheepishly since he couldn’t even complete a sentence in front of her, because in all honesty, Montgomery admired Y/N and wished he would gain the guts to keep some kind of friendship with her.  He assumed that since everyone knew about his reputation, she wouldn’t want to associate with him.  Meanwhile, Y/N wished to befriend him and possibly even more.  She softly giggled and shook her head as he rambled, “it’s okay, I don’t mind sharing as long as you share your Cheez-its with me” she nodded off to the opened bag of her favorite snacks that were by his books.  He shot her a grin and nodded “deal” he said moving is backpack to an empty chair beside him. Y/N sat down on the chair to his left side and reached for her book in her backpack and opened up the part where she left off reading last night.  She was halfway in chapter 11, when she noticed Monty was making the table shake causing her to softly giggle. She looked over at him, “are you okay? Do you need some help?” she softly asked him.  Monty bit his lip and shook his head “I feel so stupid, I never understand what goes on in class and I just feel like a failure” he said as he frowned and dropped his head down.  Y/N’s heart swelled at him and and his answer, she placed one hand on his back, soothingly rubbing her hand up and down, “you’re not stupid, Mont and you’re definitely not a failure, either.  Don’t put yourself down, okay?” She assured him.  He instantly got a smile on his face to her little pep talk and nodded, looking over at her “thank you” he said softly.  “So what are you having trouble with here?” she asked pushing her book to the side and leaning over to see Mont’s work.  “Chemistry” he mumbled in an irritated voice. She chuckled, “yeah, Chemistry is a pain in the ass although if you do less talking you can learn more” she teased him as she would constantly hear him chatting away in there Chem class every day.  He shook his head and laughed, “Mr. Cooper has a voice that bores me to death,” he said jokingly.  Y/N laughed “I don’t know. I think he has a lovely voice” she says disagreeing with him.  After her comment, they both look at each other and laugh.  She looked at Monty’s paper and shook her head, “you just need the date from last week’s lab and that will help you find the answers to this sheet” she pointed to the one in front of him.  Montgomery’s cheeks felt heated and he instantly felt stupid again since 1.) he didn’t have those lab notes and 2.) he needed her help to figure out that the lab notes were needed.  She chuckled and turned back to reading, allowing Montgomery to work.  After ten minutes, he turned to her, “so do you have the lab notes? I had a baseball game and left class early” he mentioned to her.  This caused her to gasp and laugh pretty loud, “and what have you been doing for the past ten minutes Monty?” she asked him.  He cheekily smiled at her, “I’ve been watching you read that book, not in a creepy way but you looked cute” he shyly said.  She shook her head at his response and pulled her notes handing them to him.  Another 10 minutes passed,Montgomery fully turned to her, leaning his head onto his arm, she looked up at him through her lashes and gave him a questioning look.  “Isn’t the movie coming out on Friday?” he asked her curiously, she instantly grinned and nodded “yes! How did you know?” she asked him. He laughed “my sister keeps mentioning she wants to see it to her boyfriend” he said rolling his eyes and shrugging. Y/N nodded, “I hope he takes her, she might need a shoulder to cry on” she mentioned, biting her lip.  “Do you?” He asked her, “Do I what?” she answered his question with a question. “Do you need a shoulder to cry on when you go see it on Friday?” he asked her once again.  This caused her to blush and bite her lip with a soft chuckled.  “Are you asking to be my shoulder to cry on?” she continued to tease him, wanting to hear him fully ask her.  Montgomery playfully rolled his eyes, “you’re going to make me fully say it?” he asked her, looking at her and receive a node from her.  He jokingly sighed, “will you accompany me as my date to see Everything Everything with me Friday night and allow me to be the shoulder you cry on Y/N?”  She grinned and nodded at his response, “yes, Monty. I would love to be your date and cry on your shoulder.”


this is my first imagine everrrrrr. so feedback is greatly appreciated and idk if I will write more but I was in my Monty feels and I’m pretty sure I’ve read all the Montgomery imagines on here already! and i’m super sorry if u dont like it. I also didn’t know how to end it so sorry for a shitty ending. ILY.

Feral. (Joshua x Mingyu x Reader Smut)

HELLO GUYS SO HI, IT’S ME. :) SORRY WE HAVEN’T BEEN UPDATING AND POSTING, GUYS WE ARE SO BUSY LIKE AND I FEEL TERRIBLY SORRY FOR THAT. I wrote this because a lovely anon had requested and joshuaxmingyuxreader! and it has now arrived! but ya know, it’s really unrealistic in ways. ;) i hope you guys enjoy this! i am so sorry if it is does not reach your expectations but omg i did my best, everyone, enjoy!! we love you, as for the requests and the asks and such, please be a bit more patient! we want to be sure that you’ll be satisfied with our work, thank you. :) :* sorry if you don’t like this type of concept but i’m sorry. sabdfjkabflajdnasdlfnalskdfnasdffd

-admin kate x 

warning: there will be subtle rape scenes, and it may be triggering to some. if you’re not into that, then you can stop reading now. :) but we do have other stories you might enjoy ;) (self promoting, no shame)

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Carry On: The Musical
A fan musical of the book Carry On by Rainbow Rowell using songs from many musicals (and a few non-musical songs). Each song is annotated with a quote or reference to the book to demonstrate where in the book the song is taking place. Sadly, the annotations are not available on mobile. :( (Please suggest any songs and/or quotes you feel need to be added!) Incredible cover art by ! Go check out their blog; their art is fantastic and they are a really cool person!! (And so talented!!! Like holy s m o k e s)

Carry On: The Musical - listen here

A fan musical of the book Carry On by Rainbow Rowell using songs from many musicals (and a few non-musical songs). Each song is annotated with a quote or reference to the book to demonstrate where in the book the song is taking place. Sadly, the annotations are not available on mobile. :( (Please suggest any songs and/or quotes you feel need to be added!) Incredible cover art by @ddoale ! Go check out their blog; their art is fantastic and they are a really cool person!! (And so talented!!! Like holy s m o k e s)

Since the songs have annotations that don’t show up on mobile, I’ll put them under the cut! Hope you enjoy!!

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Birthday Surprises- Ethan Dolan

Author: grethansdolans

Pairing: Ethan x reader

Requested: Yes

Request: Can you do an Ethan imagine where it’s your birthday and he does all these really cute surprises for you and maybe some gifts or something as well. Basically just him being the cutest and best boyfriend ever 

Warnings: Fluff c;

Originally posted by dailydolantwins

You woke up to the sound of birds chirping near the bedroom window. The sun shinning through the blinds casting a warm glow into the room. You rub the sleep out of your eyes, stretching your arms as you sit up.

You look to the side of the bed where Ethan would be only to see a tray with breakfast on it with a cute little note besides the juice. You take the note delicately in your hand reading the hand writing you recognized as Ethan’s. You open and read the note.

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Flags (Part Three)(#PrideFic)(Spideypool)

Happy Pride Month Lovelies!!
Wade and Peter talk a bit about sexualities in this chapter, please keep in my mind these are my opinions and aren’t meant to upset anyone. If you would like to talk about anything mentioned in here, feel free to message me or drop by my ask box
Pride Month is about all of us feeling welcome and secure in who we are, and I would never want to hurt anyone’s feelings or offend someone.

Wave your flags, babes, we are all perfect the way we are.

Part One     Part Two


“So.” Peter took a bite of the ice cream Wade offered him. “So pansexual means you are attracted to everyone.”

“No.” Wade shook his head. “No it means I can be attracted to everyone. Lots of people assume pansexuals are whores, that we will sleep with anything with two legs but that’s not true.” He shrugged a little. “I once dated a girl with one leg. No problem.”

Peter burst out laughing and Wade leaned down to press a cold kiss to his lips.

“Love that laugh, baby boy, glad you enjoy my jokes.”

Peter’s lips tingled a little from the unexpected kiss and he looked up shyly.

“So you can be attracted to anyone? I guess I dont see–”

“It’s like this.” Wade slipped a thick arm around Peter’s waist and steered him through the small crowd. “If I had seen you from the back, and fell in love with this ass–” He patted Peter’s butt lightly. “when you turned around and I got a look at the rest of you, it wouldn’t matter if you were a guy, a girl, non binary, asexual, it wouldn’t matter. I’m already attracted to you so that’s just that. Its not that I WILL sleep with anyone, its just that I could.

“So… even like, trans–” Peter hesitated. “I don’t know the right word, I guess.”

“Petey what’s your favorite thing about a girl?” Wade asked and Peter made a vague motion around his chest. “And you’re favorite thing about a guy?” Peter didn’t answer and Wade tried hard not to laugh. “Alright, so imagine being with someone who has both those qualities. It’s fun and exciting and… fun.” He shrugged a little. “Sexuality and gender is no hindrance for me when it comes to choosing partners. I can be with whoever catches my eye.”

“That sounds… freeing.” Peter admitted.

“It is. But so is deciding on your sexuality, no matter what it is.”

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GOT7 Turbulence in Houston! (Mark Was Coming For Me?????)

I just stumbled upon your blog and thought I would share my experience at the Turbulence fanmeet. Also I wanna say that this blog is pretty cool. While I don’t doubt my favorite groups’ loyalty to and love for all of their fans, it is still nice to see that all fans receive hella fan service and attention.

Ok so I’m just gonna get right into the nitty gritty because I had a lot of interactions (surprisingly) and I have a lot to say! 

So I interacted with 6/7 boys during the concert!!!! 6/7!!!!

The first person to look up at the balcony was Bambam. I actually didn’t wave at him that time because I wasn’t paying attention. I only smiled and it was a bit delayed so idk if he saw that. Honestly he was probably paying attention to the girls next to me who had screamed his name to get his attention.

All of the boys except Jackson looked up during the encore, homerun, which is my favorite song now (lmao). First was Mark. He looked up and was dancing with us and hyping us up. I think he was really amused by the girls next to me because they were dancing extra hard. Lol they were super nice and cute! Oh and although I’m not sure about where they came from exactly.

Mark was looking up for a long time, and you just know when you make eye contact with someone, right? Like I swear as I was up there turning up to homerun Mark was staring into my soul and we were vibing off of each other. Don’t get me wrong, I’m positive he was looking at other people on the balcony, but I know when he looked at me and we had a moment. He was looking for so long that I literally crumbled for a second because I couldn’t handle that mess lol! My mom was like “this little boy is flirting with you!” Then Yugyeom comes over with Mark and is dancing and looking up. At this point I’m shook because of Mark and then Yugyeom has the audacity to smile up at us like some angel and dance with us?? I was done. But got7 wasn’t done lmao. Mark is leaving, but this boi turns his head to get another look as he’s walking away (like he wasn’t looking for so long already). Next was BamBam I think. Yugyeom was still there, but he was looking at the audience on the ground. BamBam looks up and I wave and point at him because I missed an interaction last time. He pointed back with a smile and nodded like “I see you!” Mind you, I’m fangirling but still dancing too lol. I think Yugyeom looked up again when BamBam was looking up too. Next was Jaebum! He looked up and looked a little surprised to see us?? Like he was surprised there was a second floor or something lol idk. But he looks up and smiles at us because we’re all dancing our butts off and mouthing the lyrics as best we can. He lifted his mic and made a little “Oh” or something and started smiling so wide

A little bit later, Jaebum looks up again and starts doing the dance move the girl next to me was doing and we all were screeching and dancing lol it was so cute! Next Jinyoung came and pointed at us and started bopping a little harder lol. Last was Youngjae. He just looked up and smiled and pointed cutely. He’s so beautiful. I don’t have any videos, but if you look at other fancams, you’ll be able to see when the boys look up to the right (the audience’s right). Anyway, the only person who didn’t look up was Jackson, but I saw him whisper in Yugyeom’s ear and then Yugyeom immediately ran to our side and looked up at us so I do wonder if he actually saw us. The girls next to me got Jackson’s attention backstage because we could see backstage perfectly where we were seated on the balcony, but I missed it! 

Before I talk about hi touch I just wanna add that the flirty subkulture entertainment staff members were coming for both me and my mom (she looks my age lol). I kind of stalked this blog before getting the courage to submit my own experience and saw a lot about them too lol. 

Anyway, now to hi touch! (The order is probably wrong, but I’ll try my best to remember). When we get on stage, we first see Jinyoung. I hi five him and say hi while smiling because I’m excited as hell and he smiles back so animatedly that I was a little shook. Next was Youngjae I think. I’m not 100% sure. I didn’t say hi to Youngjae I only smiled and we were hi fiving but the line stopped moving, so we were just stuck with our hands pressed together! So I decided I would say hi and thank you and he made this cute little awkward noise in reply lol. Idk what to say about that??? But he’s so beautiful like I love me some Choi Youngjae.

Next was Jaebum (I think) and I get to him and he smiles so hard all of his teeth are showing and his eyes turned into crescents. He raised his eyebrows at me “like oh, I saw you on the balcony.” Like he recognized me?? They’re all so beautiful idk how I kept my chill but I did!!

Then it was Yugyeom? I am about 5'8/5'9ish and I had to look up at his fine self a little. He’s so hot y'all! And his smile was so big and beautiful.

Next was Jackson. I was a little disappointed because I couldn’t get his attention during the concert, but boiiii he came thru during hi touch!! First of all, his hand was low with the palm facing upwards so I had to place my hand in his like some princess or something. I said hi to him while smiling and I kid you not, his eyes got big and he said a little “oh” or something. Then he proceeded to kind of check me out (not subtle at all). He was looking at me with stars in his eyes!! Like, I didn’t know what to do with that. As I was going to BamBam, mine and Jackson’s gazes kind of lingered on each other’s and I was dying on the inside!!!

So, I remember saying hi to BamBam, but I think that was all as Jackson had literally just snatched me and I was trying to re-secure my wig! Last is Mark. Mark Tuan. I get to him and look into his gorgeous face and say hi and thank you for coming and his hand is like Jackson’s so this is Princess Hand Holding 2.0. Let me just say, Mark had a very sweet and warm aura. Like he’s very approachable I guess. But as I look at him he is looking back at me and licks his lips (I know it’s a habit of his, but the timing was just fatal) and says in his deep voice “no, thank you for coming.” Unlike Jackson, Mark was gripping my hand even though the staff was saying don’t. His thumb was also kind of rubbing the back of my hand??? And I was like Mark??? Boiii are you good??? Don’t play with me like this! Since my brother was after me, I spent a couple more seconds with Mark because I knew he wouldn’t rush me. But I guess I was more nervous than I thought because I couldn’t get any words out and we were just looking at each other. Lol so I knew it was probably getting weird for him and if i lingered too long, the staff would’ve basically tried to kick me off stage so I started walking away. Here’s what really got me. I had to let go of his hand because he wasn’t letting go of mine!!!! A lot happened in that handful of seconds I had with Mark. (I also think when you’re seeing you favorite group, things can feel slower than they actually are? Or maybe that’s just me?)

So I was chill during the entire hi touch, but once I got off stage, I was finally realizing how snatched and shook I really was. Like I just stopped at the stairs and kind of freaked out a little bit before really leaving the stage. And listen, my brother was after me, and he told me Mark was still glancing at me as I left and said “what’s up” but was only kind of paying my brother attention as he said it!!!!!! My mom and I look like sisters and I thought it would be funny if one of the boys tried to flirt with her but she was up there with a super mom aura, almost babying them because they looked tired. Lol it was so cute. 

But yeah, that was my experience. And I’m not gonna give you guys a sob story, but I’m kind of sickly, so I don’t get to do much. With that being said, it was a blessing that I could go to this event and even more of a blessing that Got7 made it so so so memorable. The entire fanmeet was amazing and so were the boys and the igot7s. I wasn’t expecting to be treated like that. This was also my first Kpop event. Got7 are fan service kings; it is out of this world and I was shook with a capital “S.” Like every time I see them on videos now, especially Mark or Jackson, I get shookt all over again lmao. 

And I was struggling with choosing a bias but Mark was always as the top of the list and he sealed the deal! He was like “quit being an unfaithful hoe. I am your bias.” 

I’d also like to add that my brother has social anxiety, but Jackson, Mark, and Youngjae were so friendly with him, giving him dap and saying wassup that he was so happy when he left. It was an amazing experience and I would 10/10 recommend going to their events,

Read My Mind (Trixya) Chapter 2 - Candy For Children

A/N: Here’s chapter 2! I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I hope you enjoy it! I now have the skeleton of the next few chapters figured out so hopefully I should be updating regularly. Thank you to the person who pointed out my mistakes with the powers! I had just been going off the definitions on the AHS wiki. I will probably keep using the same terms I used in the first chapter for continuities sake, but I really to appreciate it. Happy reading!

Summary: Trixie is a clairvoyant witch, sent to study at Mrs. Charles’s Academy for Gifted Girls, where she meets another young witch named Katya, and sparks fly (no pun intended).

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So I had an idea. It’s not fanfiction, it’s about a writer and their muses, but then I got to thinking, “who would play the characters in this if it WERE fanfiction?” So yeah, here you go.


Gadreel would play drama/angst. When he’s sober, he likes to add a dramatic flare to writing (Ie. Juliet finds out that Romeo has been lying to her for years now). But when he’s drunk, he likes to torture characters, kill them, and make a perfectly good healthy character go rotten. Keep the booze away from this one. 


Sam loves everything romantic. If you give him a plot line, he will more than likely insert a fifty-page chapter about how their eyes locked. He does not get along well with Gadreel, seeing as that angsty sonovabitch always ruins his happy plots! “Love is pain” says Gadreel, and Sam can’t stand it.


Who else but Gabriel? He believes that anything can be funny, puns are his favorite, though. He loves collabing with Dean, because even if they’re so very different, their genres somehow mesh well together. He’s tried to collaborate with Gadreel in the past, but sometimes he makes Gadreel get too sidetracked in laughing his ass off.


Ok but who else but Gunner? “Football. Circa ‘99, Dick Vermeil – best coach. Basketball circa ‘84 –” He spits out random facts about sports, tries to insert them into every single plot, and knows movies of every genre that fit sports into it. He may be a sports loving Jock, but he ain’t no fool.


Dean is sure that licking and sticking can fit into any story. Hell, why do you think that horror movies always have those sexy scenes where the teens get murdered right after boning? Because porn is life. He absolutely adores working with Gabriel, because porn parodies make everybody happy.


John freaking Winchester. Need I say more?


Look at that face. Does that look like the face of a man who would hurt you? Well, yes, Alastair does have that face because…well, he is the horror muse, after all. Gore. Ghosts. Jumpscares. Oooh to see your horrified gaze is ecstasy, he truly truly thrives off of your fear. “I write what comes to me, it’s not my fault that I’ve got delicious amounts of pain flooding through my imagination.” He’s so bad, but when the plot needs it, he’s got the special kind of fear-inducing ability that everyone needs.


Is it any surprise that Sully is the fluff muse? He’s full of sugary sweet goodness, and boy does he love working with Gabriel, laughter is basically the fruit of life. On the other hand, he stays far far away from Alastair and Gadreel. I don’t even need to mention that he and Sam collaborate quite often, making super fluffy romance stories c:


Castiel loves a good mystery. That is all.


Charlie! She was in Oz for crying out loud! SHE LED A (fake) ARMY INTO WAR! If there’s anyone who’d help you write a good ass adventure story, it’s her. She focuses on the journey, and not the destination, so there’s always a world of possibilities. She and John makes the best action/adventure stories in this universe.

Will you be my Valentine?

TITLE: Will you be my Valentine?



ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki is planning to confess his love for you on Valentine’s Day, with orchids and a poem he himself wrote. Someone from the Avengers (who has a problem with Loki being in their team now) catches him in preparation and mocks him, saying “Oh, a monster in love, nice.” This gives Loki a pause as he is reminded of his heritage and his past deeds....

RATING: safe

NOTES/WARNINGS: I don’t have anything against the Black Widow but I think she could be the most suitable to say that cold comment. I apologize for my grammar mistakes. Thanks for reading! I’d love to know what you think.

It was February 13th, the following day would be Valentine’s day and some of the Avengers were planning what to do with their partners while the single ones living in the Stark Tower just didn’t give it a thought. What no one knew was that Loki, the last one recruited to be part of the team, was planning his own thing. He wouldn’t admit it out loud but he had fallen in love with one of the members. She didn’t have powers, she was just the best with computers so she was contracted, being a lose second hand to Tony. (Y/N) was friendly, cheerful, passionate about what she did and stood her ground, no one could make her feel inferior to them and Loki loved that. She was kind hearted but with a strong personality. Loki knew she liked romance so he did one of the things he was best about, use words. In a poem to be exact. And he bought orchids, her favorite flowers.

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What Are The Chances (Pt 3)

Pairing:  Chris Pine x Reader

Warning: Smut!! I wrote smut! Oh my god.. Please tell me if it’s terrible!! 

Summary: Filming finally wrapped on Star Trek. You are Chris having been dating for a few months now, but haven’t taken it to the next level. While doing interviews, Chris and you can’t seem to stop flirting, let’s be honest, it’s adorable.

A/N: Again, I LOVE SOFIA BOUTELLA. I think she is amazing. In fact I like her some much, I decided to steal her life… ish… for you, the reader. <3

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Word Count: 1377

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Lordt….I see why umm… never mind. Let’s just get right into it! LOL



inookii: Hi Luscious! Finally, we meet for our chat. Welcome!
xLUSCI0USx: ty! its an honor to be here
inookii: No it’s an honor to chat with who I think is top 3 (if not #1) sexiest pornstar! How is that going?
xLUSCI0USx: oh hush it, ur gonna make me blush
xLUSCI0USx: its going great :)
inookii: LOL. Now, you’re Director of Modeling at IX, correct?
xLUSCI0USx: yes i am. well one of them. i share the role with Henvoiv.
inookii: Oh OK, does he handle the males and you the females?
xLUSCI0USx: no we tag team the whole department together. we work as a team :)
inookii: Oh cool. And what does you guys’ job entail? What do the Directors of Modeling do? Do you assign the tasks?
xLUSCI0USx: we come up with task, ideas or whatever things we can do to improve our work at ix, and we report back to Aly (the queen of porn in my eyes) 😝

inookii: Yes, she is the greatest at this porn/model group management thing
inookii: Do you inspect and approve work before it hits the tumblr boards, too?
xLUSCI0USx: no, we let our stars post whatever they want as long as it’s not offensive or brings drama
inookii: Oh nice.

xLUSCI0USx: we dont want them to feel like their being censored

inookii: OK, so management but not micro management.

xLUSCI0USx: exactly


inookii: And how did you get started in the porn world? Who discovered you or were you born this way? LOL
xLUSCI0USx: well i met Henvoiv like 2 years ago or longer. After knowing him for a bit i found out he did porn and didnt even know that existed
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: at the time i managed and worked at a strip club that belonged to a friend too. started hanging around him and more ppl of the porn world. he asked me to join and at first i wasn’t.
xLUSCI0USx: i was curious for sure but wasnt sure if i would be able to do it lol
inookii: LOL and now you’re killin it!
xLUSCI0USx: i dont know about that but i enjoy it thats for sure
xLUSCI0USx: i owe it all to him
inookii: Oh please. LOL I know like 3 guys who lust after you daily…and I don’t even know a lot of people.
xLUSCI0USx: lol can i get names?
inookii: Like, my boy Wolfie. LOL
xLUSCI0USx: i am single now lol

LUSCIOUS IS SINGLE!!! *waits for stampede*

inookii: Oooo! Let’s talk about your being single…sounds like you’re ready to date. How does that work with you being a pornstar?

inookii: What if your guy wants you to quit?

xLUSCI0USx: im just taking it one day at a time, if a guy catches my attention so be it, but living the single life right now lol

xLUSCI0USx: most guys know what i do and they have to be ok with what i do, cuz i enjoy it and it’s a part of me

xLUSCI0USx: As far as he wants me to quit we would have to be together for a while and i would consider doing it

inookii: Oh, so you’re open to not just pornstars for dating.
xLUSCI0USx: oh yeah, i dont have to date pornstars. As long as they’re nice and sweet i dont care if their pornstars or not

inookii: I agree. Don’t change overnight for anyone.
inookii: Isn’t it funny how guys meet you a certain way, want you to change, but still chase girls who are the way you were when they met you?
xLUSCI0USx: exactly, i dont get it. Dont force me to change, make me wanna change for u
xLUSCI0USx: thats how i see it
inookii: Exactly!!! Inspire the change, madafaka!


inookii: So you model and porn, do you prefer one over the other?
xLUSCI0USx: being a pornstar i definetely enjoy that lol
inookii: lol I bet
xLUSCI0USx: but i love doing photo shoots too. i like to mix it up lol
inookii: You do both very well. Seriously. I think your stuff is always lit!
xLUSCI0USx: aww thanks love, that means a lot. im my hardest critic
inookii: :) So let’s talk dirty….
xLUSCI0USx: my favorite topic lol
inookii: Who’s your favorite porn partner? I know Eric loves you as a partner, but who is yours?
inookii: LOL sorry I’m spilling your beans, E
xLUSCI0USx: lol, Eric is a sweet heart. i love him. not many guys like him out there
inookii: true
xLUSCI0USx: but favorite pornstar….thats a tough one
inookii: Ok top 3
xLUSCI0USx: so many good guys up there
inookii: Don’t worry about feelings. If they’re not named, they’ll work harder. LOL
xLUSCI0USx: obviously supamanexclusive was my top cuz he was my ex but hes gone
inookii: awwwww
xLUSCI0USx: sorry guys if u dont make it its nothing personal :)
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: so my top 3, lets see…
xLUSCI0USx: gotta put Henvoiv on there
inookii: Da Henny!!!
xLUSCI0USx: or as some of the girls call him white chocolate lol
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: i started talking to Rob from Legends a little more and discovered he’s pretty good
xLUSCI0USx: so he’s in there too, and Gumbosauce…love his stories
inookii: I think I know Gumbo. I’m so horrible at remembering names. :P
xLUSCI0USx: he’s in IX too
inookii: Congrats guys. The rest of you work harder to be on the Luscious List! LOL
xLUSCI0USx: lol if u guys want to put in the work im available to work with u
inookii: LOL You’re about to be booked til Christmas.


inookii: Im surprised no girls made the list tho
xLUSCI0USx: lol
inookii: Are you strictly dickly or prefer dicks?
xLUSCI0USx: oh i thought we were talking guys only
inookii: Oh is there a top 3 girls?
xLUSCI0USx: no i like the occasional pussy licking lol
inookii: nam nam!
inookii: I mean, oh…interesting! lol
xLUSCI0USx: Aly is number one… no doubt
inookii: Yay, Alyyyy!
xLUSCI0USx: Dolly also is so yummy…our up and coming star, she might take my job away from me lol
xLUSCI0USx: i know ur not a pornstar but i love ur work that u put out… super hot
inookii: Waiiiit…me???!
xLUSCI0USx: yes u, girl ur hot
inookii: LOL I was like huh??? :O
inookii: awwww thank youuuu! you’re sweet.
xLUSCI0USx: yw but just speaking the truth, and i love ur products too
inookii: Aww thanks so much. I’ll send you some, if you have some on your list. The support has been great.


inookii: Do you create, as well?
xLUSCI0USx: no i dont, i dont have the patience to create lol
inookii: lol it IS annoying
xLUSCI0USx: my creativity is in porn lol
inookii: We love your porn
xLUSCI0USx: i tried it once a long time ago and almost threw my laptop against the wall lol
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: im glad my porn brings smiles to ppls faces lol
inookii: I get help a lot. I don’t have the patience or the time all the time.
xLUSCI0USx: i give it to u for doing it still, not my thing lol
inookii: So let’s talk about your porn some more, then…
xLUSCI0USx: sure
inookii: Are the scenes real…or are they poses, or a bit of both?
xLUSCI0USx: ill say 95% or more are real
xLUSCI0USx: i go all in lol
inookii: LOL yesssss!
inookii: And are you into BM poses, BM pose and RP or just RP?
inookii: well, i guess for your work you do have to have the poses.
xLUSCI0USx: bm and rp
inookii: Nice!
xLUSCI0USx: yeah for the most part but rp is the biggest thing with me
inookii: Great RP is key!
xLUSCI0USx: u cant have bad rp cuz then the poses dont do anything. u can still have a great time with basic poses as long as the rp is on point
inookii: true!
xLUSCI0USx: i just cant get into it with guys or girls that have bad rp skills


inookii: So recently, someone was beefing about stuck up pornstars…are you one of the stuck up pornstars? LOL Meaning, are you picky about who you do or …?
xLUSCI0USx: the thing is most ppl are surprised that im not stuck up when they meet me, they always assumed i was stuck up
xLUSCI0USx: but im not really picky with who i work with. ive worked with many different guys from different companies
xLUSCI0USx: the only ones i dont work with are the ones that are always surrounded by some kind of drama, i dont do drama
inookii: LOL omg the drama is at an all-time high!!!
inookii: So who’s on your radar to put in some work with next? Like who are you dying to work with? Or do they come to you since you’re such a umm
inookii: since you’re like top of the line, right now.
xLUSCI0USx: dont really have anyone on my radar right now but i did get to work with Rob recently and he was on my list before we did our pirate scene
xLUSCI0USx: but if anyone out there wants to work with me just let me know lol
inookii: hmmmm… you said Rob twice. I feel like there’s something there. LOL
xLUSCI0USx: lol i plead the 5th
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: we just friends and talking thats all
inookii: o.O


inookii: So when was the last time you had a secret affair? Something hot and sneaky.
xLUSCI0USx: oh wow that’s been a while
inookii: Whaat?!?!
xLUSCI0USx: it had to be before i became a pornstar
xLUSCI0USx: yeah ive been a good girl lol
inookii: People are so busy with drama, no one is sneaking into DMs to be freaky anymore? Shame
inookii: LOL @ good girl
xLUSCI0USx: i get some DM on tumblr but its usually from the guys ive worked with
xLUSCI0USx: just a little flirting here and there but nothing big or serious
xLUSCI0USx: im just a flirty person and i guess i bring that out in the guys and in some girls too lol
inookii: LOL Good, we need the fun back. Everybody should flirt and fuck and stop fighting.
xLUSCI0USx: fucking fixes everything lol
inookii: This has been proven lol


inookii: Do you remember what your favorite scene was? The most enjoyable ever?
xLUSCI0USx: probably my first one
xLUSCI0USx: cuz it was new to me and didn’t know what to expect
inookii: The spontaneity and not knowing what to expect was the turn on?
xLUSCI0USx: hell yeah ma :p
inookii: So when you and Rob begin to date, how do you imagine the perfect date night to be?
inookii: Are you into dinner and a movie or straight to the bedroom?
xLUSCI0USx: lol
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: if Rob or any guy begins to date, a perfect night would be as simple as sitting and hanging around
xLUSCI0USx: i need a guy that keeps my attention with talk, and not make it about sex all the time
inookii: oh gosh, that’s hard to find on imvu
xLUSCI0USx: ik it is
inookii: Everybody is super horny all the time.
xLUSCI0USx: but there’s a few out there that have. that’s what i find attractive on here
xLUSCI0USx: if u do that to me, my panties come off lol
inookii: Yes, someone who has more than dick to offer
xLUSCI0USx: exactly
inookii: Yes, make me wanna give it to you…don’t just crave me. Make me crave you too.
xLUSCI0USx: yep, when guys do that to me im usually the first one that makes the move to head to the bedroom lol
inookii: LOL same
xLUSCI0USx: if u come to me straight up asking for pussy don’t bother cuz u aint getting it
inookii: omg i thought that was just me
xLUSCI0USx: looks like we have a lot in common lol
inookii: Yes. LOL
inookii: Do you date girls on imvu?
xLUSCI0USx: i havent dated any girls on here, just hooked up with a few but just never dated one
xLUSCI0USx: just never happened i guess… but im not against it 😝. hit me up ladies lol
inookii: LOL Wow…I always say girls are for hookups, boys are for dating.
xLUSCI0USx: if i got with a girl she gotta be ok with me getting the penis every so often lol
inookii: Would you date a futa girl? Or would you be a futa for her?
xLUSCI0USx: nothing against them but not really my thing
inookii: Another thing we have in common.
xLUSCI0USx: it has to be a guy dick in me lol
inookii: I have a lot of friends who are, and I love them dearly, but I’m not into it.
inookii: I want my dick to come from a big retarded man lol
xLUSCI0USx: lol u know it


inookii: Do you watch regular real porn or are you too busy making your own?
xLUSCI0USx: oh no i be watching real porn too. always have
inookii: What are you into? Genre? And who is your fav pornstar?
xLUSCI0USx: dont really have a favorite pornstar but i like watching big booty girls get it
inookii: yesss!
xLUSCI0USx: if a girl in the porn isnt hot i cant watch it lol
xLUSCI0USx: do u recommend any pornstars?
inookii: Jada!!! Lol Jada Stevens.
xLUSCI0USx: ill have to look her up
inookii: She’s so sexy.
xLUSCI0USx: if u say she is im sure she is. so i know what ill be looking up later
inookii: Yes, just her demeanor…the way she moans, the way she sucks dick…amazing

inookii: My least fav thing about porn is the cum shot…whats yours?
xLUSCI0USx: my least favorite is how a girl moans. some of them are annoying.
xLUSCI0USx: i fast foward to the parts shes sucking dick and when shes riding the guys dick lol
xLUSCI0USx: sometimes i pretend its me lol
inookii: LOL You’re so bad
xLUSCI0USx: no I’m a good girl lol
inookii: If you had only 5 minutes, would you fast forward to the ride, the dicksuck or the pussy eating?
xLUSCI0USx: the ride  :p
inookii: oooo!  the pussy eating is my fav… and I like to watch anal too
inookii: But Im a prude, not a perv so…lol
xLUSCI0USx: lol


inookii: So we know that guys who know how to finesse you and make you want them is a turn on…what are some things about you that turn you on. For example, I love to not wear panties…it makes me feel sexy and naughty.
xLUSCI0USx: i like to show off my body. the less clothes i wear the better
inookii: Yesss!
xLUSCI0USx: as u can see right now, i got my tits hanging out lol
inookii: LOL Im covered up like a nice girl.:P
xLUSCI0USx: still looking hot af
inookii: awww ty!
xLUSCI0USx: yvw… wouldnt mind taking u back to my place :p
inookii: OMG! LOL Are we making each other horny??
xLUSCI0USx: sorry didnt mean to say that out loud lol
inookii: LOL Let’s talk about church
xLUSCI0USx: i got horny the minute i walked in here lol
inookii: Have you ever fucked in a church….fantasized about fucking in a church or….? LOL
xLUSCI0USx: no i never have but now that u mentioned it im gonna be thinking about it
xLUSCI0USx: lol sorry lord
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: im going to hell
inookii: That would be an awesome porn scene… giving head to the pope, while he’s wearing his gown thingie
xLUSCI0USx: omg girl lol u something else
xLUSCI0USx: i love it
inookii: LOL we’re going to hell
xLUSCI0USx: mhm
inookii: Whats the freakiest place you’ve done it on imvu or irl?
xLUSCI0USx: in rl i fucked in the coat room at my friend’s wedding lol
inookii: omg lol
xLUSCI0USx: ppl just on the other side of the door
xLUSCI0USx: could of easily opened the door and caught us
inookii: Well, at least it wasn’t with the groom or was it? LOL
xLUSCI0USx: no no lol it was my man
inookii: oh ok… and on here?
xLUSCI0USx: on here, ive fucked in public rooms before with ppl watching lol
inookii: omg back in the day??  i miss those days
xLUSCI0USx: mhm  when everyone went to rooms and chill with ppl
inookii: yes and u could walk in and just join a sex act
inookii: now people wanna expose you…like, who slutshames on a sexual game?! LOL
xLUSCI0USx: ikr lol but i dont care if someone wants to expose me.  i know i get around lol


inookii: Soo what made you switch from red hair to blue? I love it, btw
xLUSCI0USx: ty love. just wanted to try something new
inookii: Very cute!
xLUSCI0USx: ty :) eventually ill go back to the red at some point. like to keep it fresh
inookii: Are you XPlus or XXL or you just go with whatever’s sexy? Guys wanna know when they go shopping for you. Hint hint!
xLUSCI0USx: i usually wear both. just depends on whats sexy when im going shoppin 😝 lol
inookii: IDK why I thought I saw you with bigger tits. Not that I’m looking O.O  -_- <closing my eyes
xLUSCI0USx: its ok u can look *sits back and lets them out more than they are*
inookii: LOL Girl, your tiddies is showing LOL I just zoomed in!  wooohooo
xLUSCI0USx: told u
inookii: I thought it was just sideboob
xLUSCI0USx: i like to let them breathe
inookii: LOL Lord help me
inookii: Lordt Ok let’s talk about church again
inookii: So… church… lol
xLUSCI0USx: lol


inookii: Who does an aspiring pornstar or someone who wants to leave their crappy group contact to join IX?
xLUSCI0USx: we are looking for some male talent. Anyone interested u can hit me up, or Henny or Aly
inookii: I know Wolfie is dying to become a pornstar. You know him.
xLUSCI0USx: i dont think ive had the pleasure but then again im bad with names if ive only met u once or twice
xLUSCI0USx: but if hes interested tell him to hit me up and we’ll give him an interview. but remember Wolfie, gotta have good rp lol thats the key lol.
inookii: Noooo, you know him. He’ll die if he sees you saying you don’t know him. He worships you.
inookii: Let me find his real WolfBoi
xLUSCI0USx: oh ok now i know who u talking about lol
inookii: The funny thing is he has a gf. I hope she’s not on tumblr to read this.
xLUSCI0USx: sorry gf
inookii: lol
xLUSCI0USx: lol


inookii: Aright so let’s play marry, kill, fuck…
inookii: wait…no kill… Marry, fuck, oral LOL
xLUSCI0USx: ok lol
inookii: Amber Rose, Beyonce, Rihanna
xLUSCI0USx: marry beyonce… girl got money lol
inookii: yessss lol
xLUSCI0USx: fuck amber, and rihanna oral lol
inookii: omg i agree
xLUSCI0USx: lol
inookii: fuck the shit outa amber’s fat ass, and rih is so delicious
xLUSCI0USx: hell yeah… if amber rose showed up at my house i would wish a dick appeared on my body so i can fuck her good lol
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: all i need is half hour tops lol
inookii: Would you watch Rob do her and then eat her off his dick?
inookii: wait…the interview went left.
inookii: disregard disregarddddttt! LOL
xLUSCI0USx: why u keep bringing his name up? Lol but yes i would lol …i hope he can handle amber rose lol


inookii: Which one is Rob? Robydenell or something like that?
xLUSCI0USx: yes him
inookii: Oh i think i saw his name in beef recently
inookii : LOL the beefs ….let’s talk beefs …very briefly because no one has time for lames
xLUSCI0USx: lol ok
inookii: Do you think these miserable fucks who start beef do it because they’re ugly and bitter or just to get their names out there?
xLUSCI0USx: i think its mostly cuz their bitter but i can see them doing it cuz they want their name out there. what better way to get ur name out there than attack the ones on top
inookii: True. So true. Put some damn work in, you lames! Some good work.
xLUSCI0USx: that’s why some ppl can’t keep ur and aly’s name out of their mouth
inookiiinookii : I hope they choke LOL
xLUSCI0USx: lol we just all need to get along. no need for the hate. we here for fun


inookii : Aright, I’ve kept you here long enough looking at your booty fall thru the seat of the chair and your little cute tits stare at me…LOL
xLUSCI0USx : they like what they see lol
inookii: So before we go, let the fans know how to reach you…and if you have any words of advice for aspiring stars…
xLUSCI0USx: anyone can reach me by messaging me on tumblr…thats the quickest way ill get back to u
xLUSCI0USx: and for all the aspiring stars, keep at it and dont give up
inookii: Now you know some of them need to give up but awww that’s sweet. lol
inookii: jk….never give up!
xLUSCI0USx: lol


I swear, this was so much effin fun!  😜

Moving In (4/4)

It’s done! It’s taken over 6 months somehow, but my birthday gift for @annytecture is finally complete. <3 Feelings are resolved and declarations are made, and it is very CS.

Unbeta’d, so all mistakes are mine. ~2400 words, rated T for some mild language, a bit of hinting at past relationships, and toothache-inducing fluff.

Also on Ao3.

Day 110

Finally. She finally found a way to quit working that soul-sucking schedule she’d been working for the last few months. Emma gave a sigh of relief as she exited hers and Mulan’s new office.

She had finally reached the point where she just couldn’t keep on with the schedule she’d had, and the sheriff’s department seemed no closer to hiring someone new.

She’d randomly run into Elsa and Mulan a few days ago, and it had been surprisingly pleasant. In spite of the initial awkwardness of the situation, Emma and Mulan fell into conversation quickly about work. Mulan mentioned that she was starting a private security and investigation agency and that she was looking for a partner, and Elsa had reminded her girlfriend that Emma worked in law enforcement. They’d met a few times since then and talked numbers, and they were ready to get to work.

She was just so excited and and relieved not to have to deal with sixty hour weeks except by choice. With one of Mulan’s contacts, they already had a fairly lucrative contract in the works.

Now to tell her friends.

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sinking like sand in your sea

some people believe in love at first sight. some people say it takes a lifetime. for maya hart it takes five years. // or the stages of falling in love with lucas friar

lucaya oneshot. title from send me the moon by sara bareilles

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you’re the best kind (of bad something) 
4 months after frosted flakes (and avocados)

Three knocks, that was all it took for Jane to wake from her already uncomfortable slumber, her neck already cramping on her couch because her bed reeked of him, his stupid cologne on her vanity and the stray shirts laying over her desk chair, and well she couldn’t really hang out in her room right now. But it was three knocks that woke her up, three knocks that caused her to tangle her feet in her blanket and trip her way towards the door. 

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Give a Paladin a Cookie

Yes, I’m still going with the “Cookies and Cream” theme for Shallureith and no one can stop me!

Title: Give a Paladin a Cookie

Rating: G

Series: Voltron Legendary Defender

Characters/Pairing: Shiro/Allura/Keith

Summary: Allura is baffled when Keith finds a bag of Oreos to share with Shiro.  Just what exactly was the big deal about them?

Allura had seen Keith smile before.  He smiled when they won a battle, or something funny had occurred or if merely there was a good feeling to be spread around.  They were small smiles, but quiet and sincere.  

Keith had occasionally broken into big huge grins, but they were very rare and hard to achieve.  Hence, when Keith had entered the Earth store with her she was rather baffled to see Keith gleefully grinning over a bag of cookies.

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Do-Over My Second Thing

I thought I was SOOOO clever putting this puppy under a cut, but apparently my settings prevented A LOT of people from reading beyond the first paragraph. My apologies. I am re-posting it without the cut to see if that helps. Sorry for clogging the dash of all of those who have already read this. Thank you all for your support and sweet comments.

Fanfic Master List

My Sassenach

Chapter Two

Three weeks had passed in a flash. Caitriona was packed and gone, leaving LA behind for another grand adventure, this time in Scotland. She regretted leaving Eddie, but until she was more stable and settled in Glasgow, she was travelling light, like she had in her modeling days. Maybe if they got a second season she’d think about putting down actual roots and Eddie could become a posh European cat. Right now Cait was holding on for dear life, trying to keep up with everything that came whizzing at her at lightening speed.

Was it really just three weeks ago that she spent a weekend cramming, trying to learn the basics of that book? And then the screen test. The stuff legends were made of, at least in her mind. Nothing could compare to that screen test. Sam Heughan had swept into her life like a raging storm and left her reeling.  Everything since that day was a blur. It was like she was out of focus, or was a radio station just slightly ‘off’ on the dial. She couldn’t seem to settle. After their kiss, that intense, almost uncontrollable moment Cait had gazed into Sam’s eyes just as she would have after any screen kiss, but this time she was actually searching, looking to find the soul she had glimpsed so briefly during their encounter.  As they wrapped that moment she was stuck halfway between her professional self, participating in a planned, intentional display of passion, and her private self, participating in something so wholly unexpected that she felt exposed and unmasked. She had lost her boundaries during that kiss, unable to determine where she stopped and Sam began. She was shaking and unable to control her breathing. They stood still, eyes locked, until Sam slowly lowered his forehead to hers and she felt herself relax into his calm center. She could have stood there for hours, merely breathing the same air as this man, and been content.

Shaking her head at the memory, Cait hurried to finish dressing, anxious not to be late. She was meeting Sam today for lunch. She hadn’t seen him since the screen test, although as soon as she was officially cast they had begun a lively and entertaining text exchange. She laughed more at his cheeky banter than she had with anyone in a long time. They had also discovered that they had several mutually favorite restaurants in London, and had agreed on sushi for today.

Caitriona approached the restaurant and saw that Sam was already sitting at a table outside, face deep in his phone. When he saw her approach, he immediately stood and greeted her with a kiss on the cheek. It shouldn’t have made her stomach clench like it did. She hadn’t realized how much she had wanted to feel his touch again. She held onto his hand for a moment as they exchanged greetings, and when Sam invited her to sit, he brought her hand to his mouth, grazing her knuckles with a kiss. Cait actually felt a little weak in the knees, and sat quickly, a little disgusted with herself that she was acting like a swooning teenager over the latest heartthrob. The thing was, she was pretty sure he was about to become the latest heartthrob. Sam wasn’t a widely known actor, but she was in London enough to have seen some of his stuff over the years, and she had to admit, those Tennent’s lager commercials had always made her laugh. She was pretty sure this man was about it hit it big.

They chatted and laughed their way through lunch, getting to know each other a little better, asking questions and enjoying opening up.  Cait already felt like she knew Sam pretty well after all the texting they had done, but she was positively enthralled being in his presence. He had such an animated way of speaking. Eyebrows raising, mouth splitting wide with a grin, or opening ever so slowly as he unconsciously licked and sometimes bit his lip. Cait found herself unable to look away when he did that. Was he doing it on purpose? She didn’t think so but somebody needed to tell him to stop.  It was positively lewd and rendered her absolutely unable to control her thoughts. The things she wanted to do with that lip… her thoughts trailed along thoroughly inappropriate lines. At least she felt they were inappropriate thoughts to be having about a coworker she would soon be spending nearly every day with, but she was having difficulty stopping.  Well, to be honest, she wasn’t having any difficulty, because she hadn’t tried to stop.

After lunch, Sam suggested they go for a walk along the riverfront and Cait agreed, eager to prolong their time together. There were many things she should be doing in order to be ready for Outlander ‘boot camp’, but not yet. Not today. Today was about Sam. If Cait had anything to do with it, today was going to last as long as possible.

They talked first about their careers, comparing jobs, detailing favorite projects, laughing over bad experiences and speculating about the future.  Talk moved next to childhood and family, the love, trauma and crazy baggage that everyone has.  Cait felt a warm glow start in her stomach as Sam talked about his family, especially his mum.  He was fiercely proud of her and more than a little protective. That was good. Sam had a healthy respect for women and the fact that he would show such devotion to the woman who had sacrificed so much of her life to make his possible showed that he had his priorities straight.  The glow grew and started to spread.

Twilight loomed as they wandered in and out of shops, talking and browsing. Sam suggested that they stop for a drink and a bite. They found a cute little place and chose a secluded table where they could continue their conversation. As their drinks came, they naturally started sharing their plans for the future, their hopes and dreams. The conversation was moving from personal to downright intimate. Cait wondered at herself, sharing so much with a man that she had essentially just met. Except she hadn’t just met Sam. It seemed as if she had known him forever. When they kissed, and she caught that glimpse of his soul through his impassioned blue eyes, she felt as if her past and her future were colliding and then uniting in one eternal round. That nothing had ever existed before Sam, and nothing could now exist without him. She was intoxicated with the idea and felt desperate to touch his soul again, to connect with that calm center that made every nerve ending quiver and erased reason and sense from her mind.

She became aware that she was staring at Sam when he trailed off mid-sentence and stared back at her, blue eyes deepened to dark pools of emotion. He quirked an eyebrow in inquiry, and reaching, took her hand in his. He held it, saying nothing, merely caressing her skin. Her quivering nerve endings promptly exploded, and her heart sped up to such a rate that she feared Sam could hear it beating erratically through her chest. She took a deep breath, trying to think of something to say, when Sam murmured, “Are you ready to go then, lass?” The slightest hint of his Scottish accent breaking through his posh and urbane speech.

The question caught Cait off guard, so wrapped up in her own thoughts that she stuttered and stumbled for the briefest moment, before responding, “I’m ready to leave the restaurant, yes. But maybe not ready for the night to end?” Her eyes continued to bore into him, and she stood, beckoning him to follow. She walked out of the restaurant, not looking back, and felt Sam’s gaze on her. They walked, in unspoken agreement, in the direction of Cait’s hotel, holding hands, lost in their individual musings.


“I want you.”

That bold statement ignited the smoldering embers of her body, fanning into full blaze the warm tendrils of fire that had accompanied her all afternoon. 

“It’s just that…”

Fear washed over her, extinguishing the flames, reducing them to coals, heavy and dark in the pit of her stomach. ‘But’, here came the excuse that he would use to crush her soul and walk away, leaving her a ruined shell. She knew that would be the result, even though she’d only known him for a few weeks, and only spent this one day with him. She readied herself to brush off his excuses with a flippant comment, to hold it together long enough to shut the door to her room and stumble to the bathroom where she could quietly fall to pieces.

Sam ducked his head not making eye contact, “It’s just that what I feel for you, I don’t just want you. I want to be with you, in every way possible. It’s too soon I know, and I know you’ll likely think me mad, but I’m in love with you. I’ve never felt this way before, never told a woman such a thing on what amounts to our first date, and I wouldn’t blame you if…”

Cait ducked her head below his so she could look up into his eyes. She saw fear, anxiety and desperation. But also determination, bravery and love. And without thinking, she reached up and cut him off with a kiss. Sam started in surprise, holding perfectly still for a moment. A moment longer and she felt his body respond, hands grabbing her and thrusting through her hair, pulling her mouth closer to his, pressing his hips to hers. The kiss went on for a long time, the fulfillment of the kiss they had had to surrender before. Cait felt the dampened tendrils burst in an eruption of fire and heat. She was losing herself again, surrounded by his body. Warmth and strength and tenderness all colliding in an urgency of need. She clung to the kiss, clung to Sam, willing him to understand through her body what she was feeling.

Sam eventually pulled away, eyes dark and stormy, lust and restraint warring in their depths. He took a deep breath, and Cait’s eyes were drawn to his mouth as his lips parted seductively. His tongue grazed over his bottom lip. She reached up and touched his lips, feeling the deliciously delicate skin. She leaned in for another kiss, and the softest groan escaped Sam’s lips before he swiftly claimed her mouth as his own. He grabbed Cait by the shoulders, stilling her. Holding her as if she would flee if he didn’t anchor her to this spot.

“Caitriona,” Sam panted, standing just inside her hotel room, “I’m not sure this is a good idea.” His body was pressed hard to hers, pinning her to the wall.  “Not until we know what we want, until we know where this is going.”

All Caitriona knew was that she wanted to have his mouth on hers. Consuming, being consumed, never stopping the swirling, dancing inferno going on between them.

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