she has a wedding ring on her finger too :3


SOOOO lol. It was too easy so I immediately did it. SO she NEVER takes her wedding ring off unless she’s filming? LMAO!

The first photo is the recent Elle event, the second is the HFPA press conference on Oct. 3 (Photo courtesy of lovepollution)

SOOOO in at least one of these very public occasions, because the wedding ring is ONLY ONE, she of course didn’t have the wedding ring on her ring finger.

My thought though, because Kerry is anything but stupid, is that she made that statement on purpose. Given she has – on MULTIPLE occasions – worn ONLY ONE of these two rings on her ring finger, and ONLY ONE can be a wedding ring, to me she’s saying something else: NEITHER of these is her actual wedding ring. (which is true).

She may be always wearing her actual wedding ring. Just wearing it, not necessarily on her ring finger or on a finger in general.(there’s a lot of place for things in purses and pockets, to always have them with you). What’s certain is that in these two occasions (And mind you I just went to get the most recent and easily available ones) she was NOT wearing the same single ring on her ring finger, and the wedding ring is only one, so it is most definitely a lie that she never takes it off, if we’re to assume what’s on her ring finger is the wedding ring. Just like I found these so easily, others with brains can put two and two together as well.