she has a power stance

Frozen Zodiac Signs

Anna- Gemini or Sagittarius

She is very eager to get her way (such as when she goes off to find her sister and Hans cautions her) and is also very stubborn, able to get anyone, even if she is 100 percent wrong, to understand her point of view.  She is a gem of a person, is very charismatic, and is extremely social when given the chance.  She longs to communicate with people in a new, face to face sort of way.   She is naturally driven by change, whether to change her lonely world, or to try to change her relationship with her sister by finding her and bringing her back to Arendelle. Overall, she is very optimistic and curious about the world in which she has never been able to be apart of.  She’s eager to meet new people, and wants so desperately to live this “fairytale” life, even though she doesn’t realize just how jovial and naïve her desperation is/can seem.  She can talk someone’s ear off, and rambles at her own, fast pace, uncaring of what the person she’s talking to is thinking, but is overall a youthful, optimistic, adventurous, communicative princess driven by a sense of change.

Elsa-Virgo or Capricorn

Elsa is very mature for her age, having had to take on such big responsibilities since she was young and almost hurt her sister.  She tries her absolute hardest to try and not reveal her powers, determined in keeping those she rules and loves out of her own, hardly controllable harm.  She practices in doing so and shows concern in how her powers are increasing in strength (such as when she is in the library holding the scepter like her father in the painting and when she is growing up and she asks her parents why her powers are growing).  She has a stance that represents a young woman of orderliness, gracefulness, and regalness.  She has a remarkable ability in not letting people get inside her emotions, though this all crumbles down when her sister, Anna argues with her about her heartbreaking, lifelong isolation.

Kristoff-Taurus or Aquarius

Kristoff is very down to earth, content with his life with his best pal, Sven.  Although he comes off as though he isn't the biggest fan of change, when he does encounter it, he gives it a try and accepts what it brings him, which might ultimately be for the greater good (such as when he meets the rambunctious Anna).  He is extremely stubborn, but if he meets someone worth the time, his sense of judgment will let that person make somewhat of an impact.  He is a naturally independent person and also has strong opinions and judgments on those who, in his mind deserve them (such as when he argues with Anna about her sudden engagement and when he goes towards Hans like he is about to punch him).  He is very loyal to those he loves and is willing to do anything for them, though he can be slow to act (like when he leaves Anna alone at the castle and heads back up the mountain).

Hans-Leo or Scorpio

Hans is a very manipulative person.  Although he does seem to exhibit two personalities, the first, obviously fake one, is a forced personality, making him unlike Geminis, who naturally have dual personalities that are both unforced.  He is an “actor”, wanting to use this tool as a way of gaining control and a sense of possession.  He seems to be uncaring of others emotions, only wanting to be in power.  He is a very secretive being, and is a naturally dramatic figure.  His overall ambition, a trait of many Leos, becomes a weakness of his and causes his ultimate downfall.

I Survived Streetcar

Stella, Holy Scully, #BlancheInBrooklyn spotted together at last by the stage door at St. Ann’s Warehouse on Water Street 😏 If you attended the May 18 show of A Streetcar Named Desire in Brooklyn, hope you nabbed a sticker! We had so much f*cking fun giving these out, and watching people pick them up from random places and smile! The activity was a nice counterbalance to the whirlwind of destruction happening inside the round. 

The show itself was a wild ride. It was as if Gillian had gathered up all the pain in the audience just before Blanche DuBois walks out with her suitcase and shades, and proceeds to spit it forcefully back at us. Talk about being gutted. I have never seen Gillian in person at anything. My emotions were everything. I was nervous before the show (not going to lie), clinging to my seat during the performance, silently dying and crying at the end, and oddly so surprised to feel calm and free at curtain call. I have to think on that last bit. That Gillian, always casting spells. The applause for the terrific cast was thunderous and seemed to just go on and on.

The message to fans I added to the back of the stickers we gave away :) Shoutout to the #gillygifcrew on Twitter crew, sorry Tumblr! 

Many people have written about not actually ‘seeing’ Gillian on stage at Streetcar until curtain call, as she uncurls her back and stands up straight, giving a hint of that Gillian smile. This was true for me. As the show progressed I acclimated to the production, I looked and looked for Gillian and all I found was Blanche. I was truly amazed but honestly a little scared by that. What it must be like to turn your body over to another and transform into a person so real that you yourself disappear completely. The performance is far more physical than I expected. Blanche isn’t just teetering, she’s got the shakes, her body careening about the stage, twisting and bending. She collapses! She runs! She holds her ground! I noticed Blanche has the oddest power stance, all askew but firm, if and only for a moment. Gillian was practically standing sideways as Blanche held her weight against the bathroom door to keep Stanley out. Dresses went unzipped! Heels were lost many times! At one point Gillian stood with one shoe in and her bare foot perfectly arched as if still in her blue pumps, until the nurse retrieved her shoe, and politely tapped her on the foot to signal she could slide back into it. The text and performance is so forceful - I saw lots of Gillian spit flying around when she delivered Blanche’s deliciously long winded pieces of dialogue. The long bits took my breath away. Watching Tennessee William’s language pour out of her was just incredible, like a torrential rain hurling down on us all. 

I had second row seats and Gillian passed closely by during Blanche’s devastating last walk. Her gaze was just feral, eyes full of despair, I felt them searing into me. At the end during bows and thanks, I could literally see the change occur in her eyes, as they became less wild, less pained, twinkling. Her Blanche is just something else. This is what I love about Ms. Anderson. She must escape the whole world as she knows it when she inhabits these women we have come to love - they are unrecognizable from one another and from the Gillian we know through talks and interviews. 

In a way, I think her fans who have followed her work closely know this feeling of total escape too. When I was 16 I ditched high school and took the train into the city to catch The House of Mirth at the movies in the middle of the afternoon. It was my introduction to Edith Wharton, just as Streetcar is an introduction to Tennessee Williams to so many young fans and those unfamiliar with this important work of literature. (I talked with several young fans who had never read the play; wanted to know if the production as true to the play, etc.) At 32, sixteen years later, I without hesitation ditched work to catch Streetcar in the theater, in another city. It felt right. Many of us have been to years and years of The X-Files Therapy, as I like to call it, completely escaping into the show when necessary. Slipping into Gillian’s work, and the worlds of her characters has been an important escape for me time and time again.

Sharing Streetcar has been a thrill. Our Lady Gillian really has THE BEST fans. She attracts a type methinks - cool as f*ck, flaws and all, constantly aspiring. I was so excited to meet one of my internet friends Kaati and share in the experience. I also attended the show with my good friend Marin - this was her first introduction to Gillian and what an introduction it was. We read the play together beforehand and totally got swept up in the excitement; she was a pro at handing out stickers to strangers, making memories with every sticker 😂😎 I of course have so much more to say but Streetcar was at once so incredibly magical, exquisite, and cathartic, I want to give time to consider it more. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to also see Streetcar again on May 28. This time, I know I will survive. So I am signing off for the night. I have like three meetings tomorrow at work, including a tour of a new train station in my neighborhood! OMG. Don’t these people know about Gillian F*cking Anderson?

graphic by my girl @mdub129 on the twitters // she made this in the wee hours after being slayed by Streetcar!


Since I first posted this in the wee hours of May 18 some weird internet shit happened, as always seems to happen. 

First, @ilovesashaa stumbled upon the sticker pole and was like “Okay, which one of you did this outside of St Ann’s?!” I was living. Then, it would seem Ms. Anderson herself (or her posse TBH) stumbled upon her lady friends and tweeted a photo of #StellaInBrooklyn. That lead to my death. I had a good run. 

How Gillian’s tweet ruined me: There are a lot more objects in need of Gillian Anderson stickers #StellaInBrooklyn.

If you want to get some Gillian stickers, cause why wouldn’t you here’s where you can get them.

I love making people smile unexpectedly. This is a good reminder to keep at it.

cc: @perplexistan @storybycorey @thecomedicpenguin since we’ve chatted about Gillian and Streetcar, wanted to share my first thoughts with you all especially!