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hiii. just wanted to say that i love your blog, your headcanons in particular. they always give me that itch to sit down and write out what i gotta get down soooooo i decided to drop some in ya ask box lol. can i get some random headcanons on how GOM would be with their female best friend?? hope that's not too general.

THANK YOU SO MUCH i did not know i am a source of writing inspiration /cries/ nope! not too general and i kinda like this idea :) 


  • Originally, many thought Akashi was dating his female best friend because of his gentlemanly qualities - always opening doors for her, giving her his jacket when she’s cold, pulling out chairs, etc. but that’s just what he does for the women in his life.
    • Admires his best friend’s ambition and strength, and he learns a lot from her. 
  • They bond over intellectual topics and deep talks and he treats her as an equal.
    • Headcanon that Akashi is not as traditional as his other male counterparts in the Akashi patriarchy LOL. 
  • She is always his +1 to events until he has a significant other.
  • THEY GIVE EACH OTHER FASHION ADVICE?? Like, sometimes Akashi wears something really weird (like a fur coat) and she’s like “Sei, can you wear something less extra” 
    • He calls her late night to ask her for girl advice lmao
    • Also she’s one of the few people who can calm an angry Akashi down l0l 


  • Acts like his best friend’s slave, complains a lot, rolls his eyes and gives infinite sass but would fall apart without her.
  • He asks her a lot of questions about girls and learns a lot how to care for another human being through her.
    • SIDE NOTE: Aomine is, I believe, less selfish and more human because of Momoi. He realizes he says a lot of harsh, blunt things and softens his edges when he’s around her. 
  • He enjoys going out to eat with her post-game and always revels in his glory, and she kind of sits there, feeding in his confidence LOL.
    • She makes him pay for the food though and just sits there munching as Aomine goes, “did you see my AMAZING block??” 
  • Aomine’s best friend basically keeps him from failing in school and is his number one wingwoman because daiki actually sUCKS at talking to girls, despite his perceived exterior. 
  • He gives her one armed hugs ALL the time and lazily calls her “Baka” 
    • PS: im a huge aomomo shipper so i think aomine gets with his female best friend sooner or later


  • Rants and talks about astrology and philosophy all day every day to them.
    • Cute headcanon: they share astrology memes and exchanges lucky items. 
    • Midorima made her believe, or follow Oha Asa a lot more and find more happiness through spirituality.
  • Sometimes, they go for days or weeks without talking but then Midorima would propose a study session together and they’d sit in silence and study until one breaks the silence and talk about what’s on their minds.
    • She always talks to him about her boy troubles and Midorima just nods, unable to give any damn advice because he is socially incompetent. 
  • She reminds Midorima that he’s too hard on himself and always sends little texts encouraging him to take care of his health, especially when he’s sick.
    • CUTE HEADCANON: they go to medical school together and live together platonically in the same apartment. 
    • they’re close enough to share books, and midorima, being a serious person does not take this lightly. 
  • one night when she’s really upset, midorima drives to her house, picks her up and takes her stargazing as she vents to him and he nods quietly. 


  • Headcanon they are food buddies!! except she’s a pastry chef and enjoys baking and always needs someone to taste the food.
    • Mura is always like, “____-chin, they’re all so good - i can’t tell you which one’s better!!” 
  • Mura gives her creative ideas on what new foods or recipes to come up with and CUTE HEADCANON they become co-business owners to a bakery/sweet shop. 
  • Mura carries her on his back whenever they go traveling because she’s lazy to walk and all she has to do is feed him food to keep him going (he’s like a car!!!) 
    • Mura asks her for girl advice and she just claims that he’s a lost cause but is secretly a great wing woman when he really needs it.  
  • His best friend brAIDS his hair or ties it up for him when it gets super long and in his face because he keeps complaining about it and she’s tired of hearing about it. 


  • Like Akashi, a lot of people thought they were dating but Kise sees her as a little sister.
    • fun headcanon!! she is a photographer friend who started off kise’s modeling career by doing his headshots and simple poses.
      • Kise loves doing all types of photoshoots with her and they always go traveling or on adventures to shoot. 
    • another fun headcanon!! they start a youtube channel together to document all their fun experiences.
  • Very adventurous pair of friends who don’t mind attention - both sUPER sociable. they go to bars together and are the life of the party honestly. 
    • When they’re drunk they sing karaoke pieces together LOL 
  • She teaches Kise how to do natural makeup so when he’s having a bad skin day he can cover it up or like…wing his eyeliner when he wants to sometimes??
    • kise paints her nails for her when they’re bored? 


  • his best friend is his quiet partner-in-crime
    • they’re basically super similar in everything except she gets a lot of people’s attention because she’s cute and adorable and small while kuroko tends to become her shadow (poor kuroko) 
    • she hates milkshakes but she flirts with the workers at maji burger so she can get a free one and gives it to kuroko!! 
  • they trade books and goes on walks with nigou to talk about books
    • headcanon that they are in multiple fandoms but they disagree on who they ship and so they always argue over that LOL 
  • Nigou really likes his best friend (sometimes more than kuroko) and they playfully argue on who nigou likes best. 
  • his best friend always goes to support his games and they both make fun of kagami-kun together like an evil duo 
Why the Hetalia characters are in detention
  • Germany: people around him wouldn't stop talking when the class was supposed to be working silently and he got so mad he accidentally broke a desk.
  • Italy: was one of the people who wouldn't stop talking.
  • Japan: turns out he was hacking through the school's internet filters so he could watch anime and play games.
  • America: showed up to first period 15 minutes late with mcdonald's breakfast. again.
  • Russia: called America an "idiot victim of capitalism" when he came in late with mcdonald's.
  • England: set off the fire alarms trying to heat his lunch in a teacher's microwave.
  • France: caught having sex with someone in the back of the auditorium.
  • China: his teacher finally figured out that the food she was smelling in class every day was him. How did he hide entire meals from her from months?
  • Canada: has been marked absent from a lot of classes because teachers thought he wasn't there, and is too polite to correct them about it.
  • Prussia: brought a bird to school.
  • Austria: sassed the gym teacher because he didn't want to run laps, then pretended to faint to try and get out of it.
  • Romano: told the counselor she could go fuck herself with a tomato when she tried to push him to take a Spanish class.
  • Spain: isn't even in detention just came by to say hi to his friends.
  • Netherlands: when the school's vending machines were taken out, he started an underground business selling candy, chips, and soda that used to come from them. He's only in trouble because students aren't allowed to sell things without authorization--they don't even know about the weed.
How the bois & Yui text

Shu: Uses emojis when he doesn’t want to spell out some words, lazy writing often where he doesn’t use punctuation.
Sends cutesy/very sexual/seductive texts to Yuma because he loves his boi. Likes the sunflower and yellow heart emojis the best.

Reiji: Very serious, uses proper grammar and punctuation. The mom-toned texter and is always on top of things. Rather would call than text.

Laito: Seductive texts all the time, sends photos of him in thigh highs or booty pics to significant other. He uses text-made emojis rather than the ones that come with the phone, or uses cute heart emojis.
Sends the moaning emoji a lot.

Kanato: 75% of his messages are in caps. Sends photos of teddy doing “aesthetic” things all the time, and uses candy emojis almost all the time. Uses “kms” or “KYS”.

Ayato: Sometimes uses abbreviations and emojis, sometimes uses good punctuation and grammar. Very fast replier and texter, he will answer so quick you’ll be shooken.
Is all sexual and cute when texting Ruki, and tries to use big words to impress the Mukami. Always says, “SEND NUDES” memes to Ruki and sends him cute selfies.
Sends offensive memes

Subaru: Surprisingly a calm texter, barely uses emojis and has good punctuation/grammar. Hates “lol”, “lmao”, and other abbreviations because sometimes he can’t keep up with the new ones this generation has these days. When angry, his messages are 100% in caps and exclamation points.
Is sweet and nice to Kou, often telling him that he’s thankful they’re best friends and that they can talk without being angry.


Ruki: Barely uses emojis. Grammar & punctuation on point, and hates to send abbreviations.
Sends pictures of his soup or his cat, Luna, to his brothers when they’re out of the mansion and about somewhere else. Sends cute and loving texts to Ayato, often sending him paragraphs beyond paragraphs on how much he loves the other. Sends photos of the outdoors at nighttime when the stars and moon are out.

Kou: Sends cat and flower emojis all the time, always seeming happy when texting people he admires a lot. Likes making little cat faces with text, often sending photos of cats he sees on the streets with “RUKI PLEASE CAN WE KEEP THIS WHAT THE FUCK”.
Sends voice messages of him singing about cats. Really cute texts, especially to Subaru about how much he loves him and how he’s his best friend.

Yuma: Sends eggplant and peach emojis to Shu on a daily basis with the three raindrops, or sends him long love notes that are 75% in caps because he loves him so much. Grammar and punctuation are slightly off, as he typed too fast and often messes up on spelling (has a lot of misspells here and there), doesn’t care enough to add punctuation as much.

Azusa: Uses periods a lot almost after every sentence “….”, sends knife emojis and “:D” when someone says they might injure him. Seems very calm and emo all the time.
Late replier because he’s often occupied by his knives.


Yui: Cutesy texts that have a bit of sass within them, and her punctuation + grammar is very good. Her texts are neat, making sure she doesn’t overuse words or emojis. She likes flower emojis and sweet memes.
Sends photos of animals she sees to the brothers with “can I have this” as a caption.


Carla: Very serious texting, uses no emojis and has good punctuation + grammar. Always seems mad and like he has no emotions.

Shin: Semi-serious, misspells a lot and likes to send text versions of dog emojis. Texts Carla to tell him how much he praises him and how he’s so great. Sends texts to other families to annoy them/play threaten them.

This is Hellen Keller!! This is my great aunts kitty who lives in Texas. She rescued her as a kitten, but by the time she was saved, it was too late for her eyes and ears. My aunt says she has a lot of sass and spunk in her and responds to pets and cuddles.

some headcanons for the Big Brother AU
  • Anthony was the first to find out about Marinette’s secret identity.
  • Tikki loves him. Absolutely adores him. 
  • Anthony almost always carries a bag of cookies on him when going out, just in case he runs into Marinette and she needs to recharge.
  • They don’t share a room, but they share bathroom. Marinette likes to blame her tardiness on Anthony’s tendency to lock the door while he showers so she can’t use the sink to get ready
  • Anthony finds out about Adrien being Chat Noir before Marinette does
  • Because of this, Anthony becomes the Ultimate Wingman
  • Marinette likes taking Anthony’s photography hobby to her advantage when building her fashion design portfolio
  • His favorite thing to take pictures of are plants
  • Anthony has grey eyes like Sabine, but his build is closer to Tom’s
  • Anthony and Marinette were always relatively close, but once he finds out about Ladybug, their relationship becomes even more solid
  • Anthony swears. A lot. And Marinette swears a lot when she’s with him.
  • Anthony has to get Marinette to kill the bug
  • Anthony is team Instinct and Marinette is Valor. There’s a billboard next to their house that’s a gym and it’s a constant battle of custody.
  • Anthony is the only one that can (sometimes) beat Marinette at video games. They’re pretty evenly matched.
  • He’ll carry her upstairs if she passes out on the couch after a late night akuma attack.
  • He is full of sass. All the time. It actually takes Marinette a little longer to develop romantic feelings for Chat than she otherwise would have because she sees her brother in him.
Unknown Feelings | Pt. 1

Taehyung Scenario/Imagine

Genre: school fluff ; slightly angsty ; cuteness everywhere

Blurb: You’re taking a summer class with your long time crush Taehyung. You’ve confessed your feelings, but he doesn’t feel the same way. Add in a flirtatious Jeon Jungkook and wonder how Taehyung would deal with seeing another guy all over you.

Word Count: 2,344

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Reader x Taehyung

A/N: Yes, this was a product of my overactive imagination when I found out I was going to spend my entire summer with my own long time crush. DON’T JUDGE ME.

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ideal Nancy Drew game

-full of chores
-full of sass
-full of hot gays in their mid-late twenties
-(hot silver fox also welcome tbh)
-lots of brutal ways to die. not get “kicked off the case” but literally lose a limb, get ur guts squashed out ur body, etc
-u can call ned
-it’s sCaRy
-not necessarily set in a “cool” destination it just relies on the good ass mystery to be enchanting
-just one location or maybe two or three but not 100 where u have to go everywhere all the time and it’s awful
-Nancy has a personality where she argues w suspects and also clearly likes one more than everyone else
-there’s no koko kringles or mentions of sonny and krolmeister doesn’t make literally everything
-FOOD u can order and eat a lot of food & there’s none of this “milk instead of a soft drink” like EW come on
-some elements and games like in SAW (pachinko & the fashion game) where u can totally dick around for a while and do ur own thing so the game isn’t just always the exaaaaact same every time u play it
-bonus version of game comes w her interactive’s interpretation of snapchat and u get to see snaps from bess & George and the hardy boys
-did I say chores and sass already??
-Nancy gets to strangle a man with her bare hands

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Hey, sorry I don't really get how having the same caption is a shade.. Can you please explain?

Back when he posted it this summer all of us were like:

CH has a track record of saying sexist things so when he posted “she can cook too” a lot of us didn’t take it as “awh that’s so cute”, but more like “you’re a fucking douche bag”

So the fact that Kimby posted the same EXACT words…. I can’t. Especially amidst all the weird ass behavior between TS and CH lately. She might have gotten away with it if she would have just posted the pic and called it good, but she’s faving tweets that are quoting hers saying “the shade” and “the sass” or that she’s better than him, LIKE COME ON.

Kimby knows exactly what she’s fucking doing, and I love it.