she has a lot of sass lately

This is Hellen Keller!! This is my great aunts kitty who lives in Texas. She rescued her as a kitten, but by the time she was saved, it was too late for her eyes and ears. My aunt says she has a lot of sass and spunk in her and responds to pets and cuddles.

I started watching the new remake of One Day at A Time. Partly because, bored, and partly because a bunch of people told me it was good.

And then I watched 3 episodes and feel asleep during the 3rd because it was so late but I wanted to keep watching. I love Rita Moreno, I love Justina Machado (from SFU!!) and the show is actually really good. It’s funny, Rita is hilarious, there is sass, lots of accents (MEOW!) and they touch on real life while at the same time poking fun at it. I like that they went so different with the Schneider character too, the weirdo hipster guy is fun.

I like the daughter, but she has such pink lips all I think is “she has on too much lipstick” when her character supposedly wears nothing makeup wise. And the kid, he’s a total douche, so I love him for his sassy douche ways.

Netflix really knows how to do things.

I do have ONE suggestion. STOP DUMPING A WHOLE SEASON ON US IN ONE DAY. Spread it out, once a week a new episode, seriously, that is how TV works. Otherwise we binge and in a day it’s all over and we have to wait months for a new season.