she has a lot of pantsuits

Civil War ends.

Steve fucks off to Wakanda.

Tony helps Rhodey, moves everything back to Manhattan. 

Tony returns to work, actual work. 

He and Pepper reconcile, lots of tears, lots of apologies on both parts. They got to couple’s therapy. It works really well. They get married.

Rhodey walks Pepper down the aisle. His +1 is Carole. She looks amazing in her pantsuit.

Pepper is pregnant. They have twins. They name the little girl Maria, and the boy James. Tony still has issues, but Pepper supports him. Rhodey and Carole are the godparents.

Vision is a hit with the kids.

The next superhero war hits (Infinity Wars). Some of the team comes to Tony. There are new faces. He’s got a toddler on his hip.

There’s a moment where he remembers, and he shakes his head. “You kids stay safe,” he says. He stays home.

The day is saved. 

Tony is tucking his kids in for bed.