she has a lot of good and bad traits

reminder: there exists such thing called the halo effect, which means that u see someone with a trait so u think it influences another trait somehow. like “that girl is rlly good at math she must be good at english too and play piano rlly well and be a tennis star” and ya no. it is especially prominent when u see pretty people, but i think it applies with studyblrs a lot too. and the halo effect shouldn’t be a bad thing rlly, only that when it happens u run the risk of comparing and comparing is terrible.

bottom line: just because someone has pretty handwriting or pretty notes or pretty pictures or a lot of followers or a lot of money or a lot of muji stationary does not mean that they r perfect or that u r inferior. they r not perfect. nobody is perfect. u r not inferior. u r wonderful. u r a star.

*bc i know someone is going to get offended probably: people who have all of these things have worked hard for them (at least, someone has, in the money case), and i am not trying to discredit ur hard work. i am trying to give a little love to the people who feel sad that they have not achieved that, and remind them to keep their chin up high. hopefully that comes across :)

I just love Homestuck’s emphasis on potential selves rather than fated selves. Dirk/Bro is currently the hot topic, and I think it’s really important to note that they share the same base, corruptible traits. Lil Cal obviously had a huge influence on Bro, but he took advantage of qualities that Dirk already possessed. But that doesn’t mean Dirk is doomed to being like Bro, and the fact that Dirk has been honestly exploring his negative traits may help him express them positively 

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this–I think most characters in Homestuck, between doomed selves and dream selves and retconned selves, have shown examples of multiple ways of developing. Calliope/Alt Calliope is another recent one (with a very stark difference in presence). Jade/Jadesprite is another that comes to mind, especially because, like Dirk, Jade expressed a lot of discomfort with the self-centeredness and cowardice she realized she was capable of. 

And I love that because there are really few people that are naturally “good” or “bad.” Almost all traits can be productively or destructively expressed–drive could become ambition or manipulation; compassion could become bravery or naivety. Environment, relationships, influences, and introspection all play a big part, and very few are born without the capacity to become great or terrible

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Hotaru Tachibana is by far one of the most underappreciated characters in the Aoharu x Kikanjuu fandom. She has a very well balance of good and bad qualities, and doesn't fall into the boring tsundere, arrogant attitude that is normally associated with athletic or tomboyish female characters. She's very well rounded and has several personality traits that shine, but overall she proves that although her disguising as a male is a really groan-worthy plot device, she can still kick ass, and be proud of being a girl. She presents many leadership qualities that shine throughout the series, and her brash attitude at the very beginning is slowly faded into a logical, clear-headed girl who, although she's loyal to a fault, is able to make her own decisions and come to her own conclusions without letting manipulation get to her. Let's not forget that she also doesn't fall into the male gaze, nor is she reduced to a love interest (even if it's canon that Matsuoka is crushing on her). The fact that she is a strong female lead that is highly disregarded by feminists and is often reduced to her gender by most of the people who DO care for her is depressing to watch, because they are the same people who probably scream about there being very few strong female leads, but they don't even acknowledge Hotaru's existence.

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Not really to THAT extent as their is a good past relationship and a happy ending.

are you talking about when I said the Pokemon mom was like a combination of the concubine mamas?

Mmm, I meant how she acted in the game; manipulative, abusive, obsessive, etc. She had all the bad traits of the mamas in one person, and a lot more power than any of them. I was just making a bit of a joke that a Pokemon game of all things has worse mamas than mine. She’s not exactly worse, but you have to admit, she was pretty close for a kid’s game.