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Illustrator and graphic designer Ninni Aalto makes custom Moomin mugs with adult themes. So far she has done Moominpappa’s hangover, tipsy Moominmamma, occultist Little My, Fillyjonk’s pole dance, Hemulen’s SM-plays. WIP mugs consist mugs such as Moomintroll and Snuffkins in a gay club, The Groke’s burlesque dance and Moomintroll meets Cthulhu

Photos by Benjamin Suomela.

You Ran Away (#4)
  • Pairing: Calum & Y/N
  • Warnings: Smut, phone sex/sexting, and swearing
  • Word count: 3000+
  • Requested: Yeah
    • I’d put this series off for a little while, but someone requested more, so here is another part. I hope you enjoy it :))
    • Send requests here

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 

When I walk into the kitchen my eyes quickly meet with Ashton’s knowing ones. I can’t suppress the blush creeping onto my cheeks as I dump down on a chair and stare at the sink – in the opposite direction of Ashton. It has all of the sudden become the most interesting thing in the world.

“So…” Ash speaks, dragging out the word. I feel my face heat just at the possibility of him mentioning what he just saw. I hear him sigh loudly, and I feel like he’s about to tell me the story about the birds and the bees or maybe lecture me on safe sex. “I guess you didn’t murder Calum then.” My eyes meet his, and I clench my teeth, shaking my head.

“Not in the way you thought she would.” Luke snickers as he enters the kitchen. If I had a shovel, I’d dig myself a hole and die there.

Mikey enters the kitchen shortly after, looking like he hasn’t slept for weeks. His red hair is a mess, and he clearly didn’t bother to take a shower this morning. He doesn’t look surprised to see me here, still, in the clothes I wore yesterday.

“Good morning Sleeping beauty.” Mikey laughs when my eyes meet his, I scowl at him. “Or more like ‘not sleeping beauty’.” Luke jokes, making all of us look at him with an odd look, he really lacked a sense of humor sometimes. “Nice one,” Mikey comments, causing me to giggle. 

Ash makes me two pieces of toast, not once making eye contact with me, which I don’t mind too much. Although, just because he’s quiet, doesn’t mean that Luke is, and Mikey either. Luke nudges me in the ribs for what seems like the tenth time this morning. “Where’s Cal, huh?” He almost sings, “What did you do to the boy.”

I ignore him to the best of my ability, and swallow my food quickly, wanting to get the hell away from the boys and this house as possible. I follow the toast with a glass of orange juice, and then I’m quickly on my feet. “Are you going to look for Cal?” Mickey inquires. I roll my eyes, and cross my arms, trying to hide the fact that I’m actually running off.    

“I think I need to go home.” I say while backing out of the room, “Rory probably needs me, I bet she has a massive hangover.” Ash waves me goodbye instead of his usual bear hug, but I think I’m fine with him not coming too close at the moment.

Calum isn’t in his room, so I figure that he’s taking a shower or something. I grab my shoes from Ash’s room and plug my phone into Cal’s charger. It doesn’t take too long before my phone lights up. I quickly scroll down the few texts from Rory.

Rory: ‘You forgot your keys’ 1:48 AM

Rory: ‘Are you coming to get them?’ 2:04 AM

Rory: ‘I guess you’re sleeping outside somewhere, don’t get eaten by wolves x.’ 2:37 AM

I snicker at her text, and type a quick reply, telling her I’m on my way home now.

I’ve already put on all my clothes as I make my way downstairs. If it had been possible, I would’ve sneaked out, but I know that I need to say goodbye to the boys – and Cal.

The conversation dies down the moment I enter the room, and all their eyes are on me, making my cheeks heat. My eyes find Cal’s as he’s quick to maneuver around the kitchen island, and is right in front of me. He hasn’t bothered putting on a shirt, and I force myself not to stare at his half-naked body.

He holds my face as he places his soft lips against mine in a sweet kiss. I pull back almost instantly, before getting lost in his touch. I skim over the boys behind him, catching them all looking curiously at us.

It makes me feel like I’m some sort of out of place exhibition at an art museum – I don’t belong here. I catch his gaze again, as I see hurt flash in Cal’s eyes, but it could’ve easily just have been the annoyance of my presence. He drops his hand as if I burned it, and steps a great step away from me.

“What the fuck did you do to his back,” Mickey comments all of the sudden, as laughter bursts from his mouth. My eyes grow wide, making me spin Cal around to reveal his back. I instantly see the red marks bruising his tan skin. The most visible ones are on his shoulder blades, small red scratch marks. I feel the blood leave my face from embarrassment. I can tell they’re from this morning.

My instant reaction is to flee, and so I do. I don’t look at any of the boys as I duck my head and rush out of the kitchen.

My strides are long and I’m almost running. If anyone saw me now, they’d probably think I’m crazy – now I am starting to understand the whole ‘walk of shame’ thing. I keep my eyes trained on my feet and my head low.  

“Y/N!” Cal calls my name, which I pretend to not have heard. He stops me easily with a both his hands on my waist as he flips me around. I don’t bother trying to escape his grip because I know I won’t get very far. “I’m just going home.” I breathe, hoping he’ll let go of me, and leave me in my own embarrassment.

His eyebrows are knitted tightly together, and I can tell he’s trying to read my thoughts. I try to keep my face plain, and it seems to be working since he keeps staring intently. “Are you leaving because of the marks on my back?” he questions, “Because I couldn’t care less about them.” I bite the inside of my cheek, almost drawing blood as I shake my head slightly. Of course, it’s not only because of the marks on his back, it’s more because I now have trouble looking Ashton in the eyes.

“I just need to get home, and probably nurse Rory through her hangover,” I mutter without actually lying.

Just let go of me and let me go home, I think to myself. I ignore the feelings that rush through my body when he squeezes my waist a little tighter, and the increase in my heart rate when he pulls me closer.  

I push my hand against his chest, holding him slightly at bay, only letting his lips lightly brush against mine.

“I’ll call you later.” He tells me, leaving no room for discussion before letting me run off.

~Same night~

I haven’t even spoken more than ten words to Rory since I came home to the now unlocked apartment. She, on the other hand, has been nagging me about where I’ve been all night, and I have a strong sense that Ashton told her that I was with Cal. I just hope he didn’t tell her everything – because Rory definitely didn’t need to know about the incident from this morning.

She kicks me from across the couch with that knowing smile of hers, “Y/N…” She murmurs, dragging out my name. I lift my biology book up in front of my face, hiding my face and pretending to be actually reading my homework.  

She pushes he foot harder against my thigh, earning a scowl from me, “What,” I hiss, and push her foot away.

“Your phone.” She comments and cocks her head towards my lit-up screen. I can’t read what it says from here, and I won’t check it because I know she wants to know what it says.

“You’re not going to check it?” She questions with a strange look on her face. I shake my head sternly.

She grows quiet, and for a moment or two, I actually think that she has given up.

“Wow.” She comments, and I throw a glance in her direction.

I grow wide-eyed as I see her reading through the texts on my phone.

I snatch it away from her with my heart jumping into my throat.

There are two missed calls from Calum and a couple of texts.

Calum: ‘Don’t ignore me Y/N.’ 08:23 PM

Calum: ‘If you don’t reply I’m coming over.’ 08:46 PM


My heart jumps just at the thought of him coming over with Rory here and his sudden possessiveness.

Me: ‘I’m here.’ 08:51 PM

Calum: ‘Are you okay?’ 8:52 PM


My eyebrows knit together – clearly, Cal suffers from mood swings.

Me: ‘Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?’ 08:52 PM

Calum: ‘With what happened this morning, I just wanted to check if I’d scared you off. ’ 08:52 PM

Me: ‘I have stuff to do Cal – can we talk some other time?’ 08:53 PM


My heart is beating violently against my rib cage, having an inner argument with myself – one side of me wants to continue talking to him, while the other one wants me to shut that door for good. I keep staring at my phone, waiting for a reply, but I guess not replying means yes and goodbye forever – I’m so fucking dramatic.

Calum: ‘I have scared you off.’ 08:55 PM

Me: ‘No.’ 08:56 PM


“What’s with the smile?” Rory points out, catching my attention – I’d completely forgotten that she was even in the room. “Biology isn’t so important now, I see,” She continues, giggling like a child.

Calum: ‘Can I call you?’ 08:56 PM

Me: ‘No.’ 08:57 PM

I put the phone down on the couch facing downwards, and then return to skimming over the lines in my book – which I can barely concentrate on.

I feel the phone buzz with a new text two minutes later, and I can see Rory raising an eyebrow at me, but I don’t give her the satisfaction of me checking the message.

“Stop ignoring him, just reply,” Rory demands and throws a pillow at my face.

I pick the phone back up and flip her off.

Calum: ‘Can I tell you something then?’ 08:59 PM

Me: ‘Depends.’ 09:03 PM

Calum: ‘You look fucking hot without any clothes on.’ 09:04 PM

Blood rushes to my cheeks and my chest when I read the message over and over again. “What did he say?” Rory inquires. I glance up at her shortly, without answering her.

Calum: ‘I haven’t been able to think about anything else today.’ 09:04 PM

Me: ‘You don’t look too bad yourself either.’ 09:05 PM

I can barely keep the stupid grin off my face.

Calum: ‘It’s making me hard just thinking about it.’ 09:06 PM

Me: ‘What a shame I’m not there to help you.’ 09:06 PM

Calum: ‘Don’t tempt me baby girl.’ 09:07 PM

My thumbs fly over the screen as I type my reply, when Rory squeals, making me jump, “You’re sexting aren’t you!” She accuses, smirking at me. I frown, am I?

“You can’t do that while I’m here,” She motions for me to get up, “Leave!”

I jump off the couch and stumble into my bedroom, falling onto the bed, reading Cal’s message again: ‘Don’t tempt me baby girl.’ – don’t tempt him to do what? – oh lord, this is sexting.

Me: ‘Wouldn’t dream of it x.’ 09:10 PM

My eyes grow wide as Cal’s name appears on the screen. He’s calling me.

I roll over onto my stomach, feeling as giddy as a school girl, who isn’t sure if it’s okay to be talking to a guy without the permission of her parents.

“Hey,” I speak, my voice raw.

“Fuck, I know you said you didn’t want to talk, but I need to hear you.” He rasps into the speaker, making my head spin.

“I don’t mind,” I mutter.

I can hear his heavy breathing, causing my mind to wander off, what is he doing. “Do you have any idea what you do to me?” he questions.

I shake my head, even though he can’t see me, “Tell me.” I challenge, not recognizing the person taking over my voice.  

He grunts into the phone, and I hear a door slam shut, “I want to rip off your clothes.” He begins, and I suck my bottom lip into my mouth. “I want to taste you and kiss every inch of your beautiful body.”

“Mhh.” I hum, unable to form a coherent sentence.

“I want to fuck you senseless until you can’t see straight.”

“I want to feel your nails scratching down my back.”

“I want to feel you around me while you scream my name.”

“I want to make you come until you can’t sit down for days.”

I can barely catch my breath, as my insides constrict in the most wonderful way.

“Why don’t you do all that?” I question, hearing his breath hitch.

“I will baby, don’t worry about it.” He declares before hanging up.

I stare at my phone wide-eyed – what just happened?

My heart is hammering against my chest as I notice how quiet everything is around me. I quickly get up from the bed and walk over to the window, glancing down at the road – did he mean he was coming over?

I can hear my heart beating loudly in my ears, as I roam through my drawers – I know I must have something in here.

I pull out a pair of booty shorts, which I never wear, and a white top. Underneath I put on a pair of lacy white underwear leaving the bra in the furthest corner of the drawer – it isn’t like I ever need to wear it, but it seems appropriate now.

Keeping absolutely quiet, I sneak into the now empty and dark living room and to the front door. Am I really just going to stand here and wait? I don’t even know if he’s coming.

I glance at myself in the mirror, rubbing my bright red cheeks.

Is this a booty call?

My head whips towards the door when I hear a knock sounding on it – how’d he make it here in five minutes?

I wait for a couple of seconds, before opening the door.

Cal’s eyes meet mine briefly, before he collides our lips, devouring me completely. He yanks my legs up and around his waist, slamming me against the wall. His lips attack mine in a needy kiss as if he can’t seem to get close enough, while I can barely keep up.

He caresses the back of my thighs with his rough hands while grinding his clothed erection against my core. I whimper against his lips at the buzzing sensation, clutching my hands in his hair, holding him close to me.

Somehow Cal manages to maneuver around every piece of furniture and find my room, without disconnecting our lips.

We’re a mess of wandering hands and indescribably sounds as we crash onto the bed. He nips at my neck, sucking and nipping all the way to my collarbone, while I raise my hips.

Impatiently, I pull his black tee over his head, only separating his lips from my skin momentarily.

His hands cup my breast, toying with the hardened bud, while I forcefully try to tear off his jeans, wanting to feel him inside me.

He removes his hands from my body to help me remove his clothing, before pulling off my shirt, and coming down against me, with only a pair of red and white boxers on.

I dig my heels into his ass while buckling my hips, creating the friction I so desperately need.

His burning hands run down my naked torso and push the rest of my clothes down my legs, leaving me completely bare under him.

He pulls off me, taking off his boxers in one swift move. He kisses me once more, slower than before, as he rolls his hips into mine, stretching me out around him.

A loud cry sounds from me, as I bore my fingers into his shoulder blades.

A euphoric feeling washes over me with every hard thrust, making my body turn to jelly, as I try to meet his hips halfway.

He picks up the pace, holding himself up with his elbows.

The veins in his arms are bulging out as he’s clearly restraining himself from gripping me or flipping us over.

“I need more Cal.” I moan and drag my nails down his neck.

He wraps one arm around my stomach, unexpectedly pulling out of me. He whirls me over onto my stomach and hauls me up against me, pushing right back in, hitting an intoxicating spot. I can barely keep my arms straight, while he dives deep into me and makes the most wonderful sounds.

I let myself fall down on my elbows, moving along with his every thrust and grinding against him.

Great bliss surges through my body, as I begin to clench down around Cal.

His fingers encircle my clit, and I can barely concentrate on anything but the waves of pleasure washing throughout my body.

I’m launched into an intense orgasm, as my body spasms in the most wonderful way. Cal keeps thrusting into me, only adding to the immense feeling, as he abruptly stills inside me, digging his fingers into my hips, while emptying himself into me, my name a faint sound on his lips.

He drops his full weight onto my back, heaving for air.

His lips press faintly against my shoulder blade, before falling onto his back beside me.

He smiles widely at me, taking my breath away from me all over again.

His hands grip my waist, bringing my front closely to his.

My lips are captured by his briefly.

“Thanks for stopping by.” I murmur and tug my head into the crook of his neck, wanting to enjoy the moment for a little bit longer before he leaves me here alone.

I can feel his head shake above mine, “I’m not going anywhere unless you want me gone.”

My lips ghost over his collarbone, “I don’t want you gone.”

Please let me know if anyone wants another part because I’m definitely willing to write it :))


- Calla


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Featuring: Natasha Romanoff and Tony Stark

Words: 886

Warnings: mentions of alcohol

Tags: @vashanatasha

Request: none

Notes: none

Originally posted by little--batman

Opening your eyes that morning was like stabbing them the moment the sun came into your view. At the same time, a pounding started inside your head making you groan and letting you feel how sore your throat was. Water. You needed water. First, you took a deep breath and sat up on the slowly, but you still got dizzy so you had to lie down again. Damn alcohol.

Judging by the amount of light coming through your window, you imagined it must be around noon so it wasn’t surprising that you were in bed alone. Bucky would had been up for hours now.

It took you around three time to get you out of bed without getting dizzy and still, you didn’t feel too safe on your own feet yet. Slowly, you grabbed one of Bucky’s hoodies, put on your woolly socks and left the room. As you went downstairs, you could hear the team talking in the living room. Damn lucky bastards. Steve and Bucky couldn’t even get drunk, Natasha had too much control over herself to drink that much and Tony always managed to avoid hangovers, it didn’t matter how much he drank. Your only hangover partner used to be Wanda but she was out of town with Clint.

“There she is!” Natasha exclaimed when you made your appearance.

She has a hangover oh! She’s been drinking too much!” Tony sang making them laugh.

“Noisy” you mumbled as you headed towards the kitchen without paying too much attention to their mocking.

When you walked into the kitchen, you went straight to the fridge and grabbed some water to drink, not even bothering on grabbing a glass. Glasses weren’t important; water was.

“How are you feeling?” Bucky’s voice said behind you. With a sigh you turned around to face him. Despite how awful you were feeling, a smile appeared on your lips as you saw his.

“I think I’m dead”, you replied making him laugh.

“You definitely look like you are” he smirked walking over you.

“That’s nice” you rolled your eyes.

He laughed and wrapped his arms around you, hugging you, so you could place your head over his shoulder and close your eyes. No. Bad idea. The moment you closed your eyes, the dizziness came back so you pushed them back open and took a step away from your boyfriend who looked at you with confusion for a moment, before getting it.

“Dizzy?” He asked.

“My head is spinning more that after flying with Tony” you mumbled.

“I’m not surprised. You were so wasted last night” he said stroking your hair slowly. You took another sip from the bottle and looked at him, expecting a lecture.

“Did I say or do something too stupid?” You asked, not being able to remember a single thing.

“Don’t worry” he chuckled. “You were adorable actually, telling everyone how much you loved them” he added.

“Oh God…loving drunk. My favourite” you said sarcastic.

“Actually you said something it surprised me”, he said.

Panicking you looked at him. You knew the big mouth you could be when you were drunk, so you didn’t even know what to expect when it came to alcohol and Bucky mixed. Probably it wasn’t something too bad, since he was grinning like a real idiot.

“You said you wanted to marry me someday”, he said.

“Oh…did I?” You whispered blushing.

It was true though. You loved the man that was standing right in front of you, more than anyone else in this world. You knew he was the love of your life, you didn’t want anyone else with you. You wanted a life and a family with him, but you had always been too scared to bring it up since, maybe, it would have been so much for him. Apparently, Drunk (Y/N) wasn’t that scared of the repercussions of that statement.

“Was it true? Or was the alcohol talking?” He asked taking your hand.

“Don’t people say that drunks always tell the truth?” You asked back as you bite your lip.

“They do”, he nodded with a smile.

“There you have your answer” you shrugged looking down at the bottle.

He took the bottle from your hands and put it away, before grabbing your chin and making you look up to those piercing eyes.

“Then I do”, he said making your heart skip a beat.

“W-what? Are…are you proposing? Have I proposed? What?” You started asking confused and suddenly nervous. You did want to marry him someday but you weren’t ready to take that step yet. He laughed a little and kissed your forehead.

“None of it. It’s just a promise…that one day, when our lives are not this messy or in danger every time we go out on a mission, I will marry you” he told you.

“Really?” You asked biting your lip.

“Of course. Plus, I love how (Y/N) sounds” he shrugged making you laugh.

“You’re an idiot” you said grabbing his head to pull him down towards your lips and kiss him, but he pulled away way too soon.

“Ok, go brush your teeth. Jeez” he said giving the bottle back to you. “Damn hangover” he mumbled walking back to the living room, leaving you even more confused with a bottle of water on your hand. He was weird.

Requested? Yes, by @titanicbuff1912

 “…I was wondering if you were still looking to take requests, and if so, if you could do one where Harry is really drunk and shows up at Y/N’s door babbling about how much he loves her, and she has to take care of him through the night (basically a hangover story)?”

It was a Friday, 12 in the morning and a drunk Irish lad had been on the phone with you complaining about how drunk your boyfriend was.

“Yes Niall— of course, you know how he‘s like” You giggled as Niall explained that he was now singing ‘My heart will go on’ by Céline Dion with a stranger.

The loudness of the music and Harry’s singing could be heard through the phone, imagining his bloodshot eyes with his arm swung across the other duet’s shoulders, “Will look after him, make sure H won’t pass out” Niall said, his accent thick with alcohol making it hard for you to believe that he would actually fulfil what he had just said.

“Sure Ni, you be careful too yeah? Don’t want you to be blackout drunk too.”

Harry had noticed that Niall was talking to someone, asking if it was you before he took the phone and started slurring, “Hi baby, miss you, be home s-soon…My heart will go on and on!” Harry had quickly disappeared after singing one of the lines from the song that had obviously caught his attention, giving the phone back to Niall who was laughing his ass off.

You had said your goodbyes after you told him to not drink and drive but get an Uber instead. You plopped your phone on the couch, ‘The Office’ running on your TV as your eyes drooped from exhaustion, taking you into a deep slumber.


The rapid knocking on your door had woken you up, checking the time that displayed ‘2:00 AM’ before groaning at who could be knocking at your door at this early hour.

You stood up to answer the door but had stopped midway as it could have been anyone. Your thoughts were quickly erased as slurs of your name could be heard from the other side, knowing that it was your boyfriend.

Quickly, you opened the door to let Harry in, he was leaning on the door making him lose his balance and fall on you but luckily you had caught him.

He softly hummed before he stood up the best he could, holding your face softly between his hands and examined it with drunken eyes before he placed spongy kisses all over your face.

“I love you s’much petal, you know tha’?” Harry had slurred with a lopsided smile after he rubbed his nose against your cheek. You hummed a response, his curly hair tickling you.

“Hi to you too,” you replied, helping him move to the living room where ‘The Office’ was still playing. A boisterous and drunken laugh emitted from him when Michael Scott and the office broke out into ‘Stayin’ Alive’ by the BeeGees whilst they performed CPR on the dummy.

Harry had sung along with the cast and sat down, dragging you down with him. A small “oomph” left your mouth as you had not expected it. He draped the blanket on top of the both of you as he snuggled into you, leaning his head on your shoulder.

“You hungry babe?” You asked while you softly stroked his hair, merely murmuring a small ‘yes’ as his undivided attention was on the Television. “I’m gonna go make something quick for you yeah?” Harry nodded his head, looking up at you to press a gentle kiss on your lips.

You stood up and headed for the kitchen, making omelets with sauteed mushrooms (a favourite of Harry’s that you have just recently found out) and with it a glass of water and two painkillers to take after his meal.

Harry stumbled into the kitchen while knuckling his eyes. You served the food to Harry who was too busy watching you with affection swimming in his eyes. “You’re the best fuckin’ cook ever huh babe?” Harry lovingly said before leaning over the countertop waiting for a kiss, you pecked his lips and told him to eat.

Harry ate in 2 minutes flat, not wasting any time shoving food down his mouth. Taking the painkillers and swallowing them quickly, a small burp escaped him before he erupted into a loud fit of giggles.

“You’re disgusting you know that?” You joked while Harry had wrapped his arms around your waist sporting a pout on his face. He tried to blow a raspberry on your neck but you had quickly pulled away, a wide grin beaming on your face that will most likely not go away soon with the way drunk Harry is acting.

“Y’still love me though,” Harry peered up, his bloodshot eyes scanning your face with a shit-eating grin.

“Sadly!” You screamed before running to the couch and enveloped yourself in the blanket.

“Hey!” A small pout made its way back onto his face as he fell on you. Peppering your face with kisses that had been accompanied with ‘I love you’s’.

You stayed there in each other’s arms and gaze’s locked, just simply admiring each other. Your breathing pattern synchronised while the both of you feel each other’s hearts due to how close the both of you were. A yawn coming from Harry had broken the silence, you knew that all the adrenaline from the alcohol had to eventually stop and come crashing down on him

“I’m insanely in love with you,” another yawn had escaped his mouth before he continued, “wanna give you the whole world pet.” He peered up at you through sleepy eyes, a warm and affectionate smile adorned his face. “You have my heart ‘n soul in your hands and I’ve never been happier, I fuckin’ love you s’ much.”

You didn’t say anything after that, still processing what Harry had just said to you. He told you many times how grateful he was for you, but this had shocked you.

Soft snores came from Harry, his eyelashes brushing the tops of his cheeks as you smoothed down his hair. His arms still wrapped around you, his head in the crook of your neck; feeling the soft blows of air Harry had been doing.

“I love you too babe,” You finally had said, before sleep had taken over you as well.

Harry would soon have to face two dead arms, a stiff neck and a pounding head in the morning, but knowing that he was in the arms of the one he loved the most he wouldn’t mind what had temporarily pained him.

Feedback would be very much appreciated! Feel free to request me anything to write, I would really appreciate it! All the love x

Chance Encounter | 04

Character / Genre / words: Christian Yu ( DPR +IAN / Yu Barom ) x reader | Fluff, Slight Angst |  14,069 words

Warning: Drama. Slight mentions of violent behaviour (kinda, not much, you know me)

a/n: inspired by the infamous DM mishap which happened to me some time ago, so I decided to just write the whole thing down as a cute reminder. | I have no idea why the chapter just keeps getting longer, but this was technically chapter 4 and 5 combined because I have no idea how my brain works anymore. I’m so sorry for the long wait, I hope you enjoy this as well :)

➽ Chapters: Part 01 | Part 02 | Part 03 | Part 04

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Pastel Colors - B.B (6/15)

Originally posted by xselp

Summary: If only the cute teacher would stop pestering you for a pen.(Library/Teacher AU! Reader/Bucky Barnes)

Prompt: you’re always asking me for a pencil because for some damn reason you don’t know that there is a whole store for stationary—happy birthday here’s a gift card to that store. wait, you work there? what the hell?


A/N: This is for @bithors writing challenge. special thanks to @isavuu for beta reading it. also, i have decided to add more chapters because there is some cute shit i wanna do. 

Feedback is always appreciated.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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Sloane Kelly Facts (from Nexus Uprising)

I’ll make a series of those. We’ll start at the beginning!

-She has a hangover the day of the Nexus departure. She knows that it isn’t professional but she’s not the only one, there was a huge party the day before
-She worked hard to make sure her teams were up to the standards of the Initiative
-She believes Jien Garson is “awe-inspiring”
-She’s anxious and realizes that as Security Director she will have “far more influence” than the “grunt she used to be”
-“Born too late to solve anything, strung out too far by old men in uniforms slinging around old grudges.”
-She believes things will be different this time (no more vendettas, piracy, Skyllian Blitzes). They will do things right with “pioneers eager for the same dream”
-She doesn’t take Alec Ryder “lightly”, she believes he’s not going to be easy to work with. She knows he’s impatient.
-She predicts what Alec will say before he says it (“Well, it’s time to go. So the real work can start.”). She smirks at him and he gives her a “quizzical stare” and a nod. She nods back.
-The Nexus will be a better Citadel. The Council’s flaws, to her, are trying to outmaneuver each other, the krogan and believing humans are “too young for the responsibility.” She mentions a death toll. It makes her irritated.
“The Nexus would be everything the Citadel had failed in.”
-Sloane feels “enormous pride” at the “culmination of all the hard work”
-“They were all in this together, now.”
-Sloane respects the fact that Garson is not a pushover
-She has the “strange honor” of being the last awake. An excited portion of her brain reminds her that she wields the power to stop it all. She could put the whole thing on lockdown.
-She looks forward to spend some time alone and in silence in “her” station. “The place she’d sworn to protect and shepherd on its great mission. The place for which she’d given up her life in the Milky Way.”
-Doesn’t believe in gods or “dodging procedure.”
-Sloane hasn’t left much behind: no family, no responsibilities. She’s just leaving behind baggage (“a galaxy’s worth of it”), old scars, enemies, grudges, idiot officers “far more concerned about the shine on the medals earned on the back of dead soldiers.”
-She grits her teeth when she’s angry
-Being the Security Director is to her “the best job” in two galaxies
-She goes through her checklist with “unwavering attention to detail”
-She nods and wants to shouts ‘hell yeah’ while listening to Garson’s last speech
-Sloane’s own speeches are short and to the point. She’s likely to say “get it done” or “put them down” (things you say 'fast on the ground’)
-If Jien Garson commanded her to stride into hell, Sloane would
-Sloane believes Garson’s strength is to know people, what moves them and what they hope for.
-She’s been a soldier for her whole life.
-She’d witnessed speeches made to celebrate victories, others intoned to condemn atrocities. War had been her path for so long, the life of a soldier her only way, that she’s forgotten what a speech about hope could do to the brain.”

-Her last thoughts as she goes to sleep: Naptime, huh?
-She smiles and closes her eyes.

Idiots In Love

@jonxsansafanfiction Twelve Days of Shipping, Day Five. Roommate or Flatmate AU/ Meeting The Parents Trope 

When Jon finds out that none of Sansa’s former boyfriends have, ahem… treated her right, he vows to make it up to her. He might also ruin her for any future man while he’s at it. 

Nothing wrong with that. 

Rated E, probably not workplace-appropriate (oops!)

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anonymous asked:

Hey Love the blog. Prompt is , "Please talk to me." Please and thank you !

The first thing Rey notices when she wakes up is that she has a massive hangover. The second is that she’s still wearing last night’s dress and jewelry. Even the ring on her finger…

She pauses. The ring. She doesn’t wear rings. Why is there one on her left hand ring finger?

And that’s when she notices the third thing.

She isn’t alone in the bed.

Kylo Ren, the piece of shit, is snoring beside her, still wearing the suit that she’d begrudgingly found him so attractive in. He’s on his stomach, his left side facing her, and she notices in horror the ring on his finger.

“Wake up,” she commands, but her voice is raspy and her throat is parched. 

Still, he does wake up, groaning and blinking. “Why are we in bed?”

“You tell me.”

He shifts to look at her. “What…?”

“Do you remember last night?” she asks, voice rising in pitch. “Because I don’t. But you’re in my bed and we’re both wearing wedding rings, so…”

His bleary eyes widen. “We got married?”

“I don’t know, did we?” she squeaks. 

“I don’t know, I don’t remember anything past those lemon drops.”

She grabs her phone and starts scrolling through it. To her horror, there are pictures of her and Kylo at one of those Vegas chapels, looking obviously drunk and surprisingly attracted to one another. “Fuck,” she whispers. “We got married.” And then an even more horrifying thought passes over her. “Did we have sex?”

“Our clothes are still on,” he points out, but he sounds uncertain.

“Yeah, that doesn’t mean anything, though.” She bites her lip. “I…I think I’m gonna be sick.” She lurches for the bathroom, locking the door behind her just before she throws up in the toilet. It smells sharp and fruity, a stomach-turning blend of cocktails. When she stop heaving, she flushes the toilet and rests her head against the cool porcelain. She got married. To Kylo Ren.

She hates Kylo Ren, even if he is attractive as all get out and even though he’d twirled her while they were stumbling down the Strip last night and for a moment, drunk off rum and the lights and being in Las Vegas, she’d thought it was the happiest she’d ever been. A nobody from nowhere, wearing a beautiful dress she couldn’t afford on the arm of a man who’d normally never look twice at her in a city where anything could happen. 

There’s a knocking on the door. “Rey? Are you okay?”

She doesn’t answer because she’s afraid she’ll throw up again if she does.

He sighs. “Rey, can we please talk about this?” When she doesn’t answer again, his voice turns plaintive. “Please talk to me.”

She relents, crawling to the door to unlock it before curling up beside the toilet again. He walks in, sitting on the edge of the bathtub. “So.”

“So,” she echoes. 

“We got married.”


His leg jiggles, up and down. “I guess you want a divorce.”

Rey hasn’t even thought about a divorce because she can still barely wrap her head around marriage. It overwhelms her, makes her head spin, and in a moment she’s hurling into the toilet again. Kylo stands over her, holds back her hair, and the gesture is so sweet she starts crying. This is too much, it’s all too much. 

When she flushes, he goes to the sink and pours her a glass of tap water. Then he holds a washcloth under the faucet, wrings it out, and presses it against her forehead and cheeks. It feels so nice, he’s being so nice, and a lonely, feral part of Rey is so hungry for all these nice things. 

Maybe, she thinks deliriously, being married to Kylo Ren wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

In fact, it could be kind of nice. 

A Night To Not Remember (Sebastian Stan x reader)

Request: The one where the reader is 18, an actress on Civil War and everyone loves her. She’s wild and crazy. They all went out for a night-out and when she wakes up the next day, she’s got a hangover and has to come to set. The cast tease her, especially Sebastian.

Warning/s: None.

Author’s note: This was inspired in an episode in The Flash (1x12) where Barry and Caitlin went out to a bar to hangout. They were so adorable in that episode that my Snowbarry heart couldn’t take the feels :> This came out more of a friendship thingy than I intended to. But feel free to think of it as romance :) Anyway, I hope you all like it!

Once the final filming of a scene in the movie was a wrap for today, everyone started to pack up. Lots of fight scenes were rehearsed today that it made the cast’s limbs ache faintly. But even so, everyone had a great time as per usual. 

(Y/N) stood up from the ground and walked over to her bag, thanking one of the crew who handed her a water bottle. She immediately gulped it and tied her hair up in a bun. She wiped the sweat off her face and neck using her handkerchief and went to fix her things. 

“Hey, we all should hangout tonight. Have a few drinks, but not that much because we still have work tomorrow. What do you all say?” Robert suggested to the cast. 

Everyone exchanged looks, debating on whether to accept the offer or not. Robert noticed this and sighed and looked at them with a pleading look. “Oh come on. It’ll be fun. It’ll be like a pre-celebration before the whole movie is released. Come on. What do you say?" 

(Y/N) shrugged and raised her hand. "I’m in. I got no plans for tonight. So, why the heck not?” she said, chuckling. 

Robert grinned and motioned her to come over. “Atta, kid. This is why you’re one of my favorite people.” he said and ruffled her hair, much to her dismay. 

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” She grumbled but grinned otherwise. 

Soon everyone decided to accept the offer, except for Scarlett and Tom. Scarlett had baby duties tonight, and Tom had to meet up with his aunt and uncle for dinner. Everyone understood and will tell them how the night played out the next day. 

After Robert gave everyone the address of the bar they will be going to tonight, (Y/N) headed to her apartment to take a nap for a while since it is still two and a half hour from the designated time of their nightout. As soon as her body hit the soft sheets of her bed, she immediately fell asleep. 

She woke up an hour later. She stretched on her bed and let out a yawn. She grabbed her phone from the nightstand and saw that she had two messages from Sebastian. She felt her heart send a flutter when she saw his name on her screen. She’s had developed a crush on the guy when they first met. She was immediately captivated with those blue orbs of his. That was her weakness. Though she never admitted it to him, or to anyone. She hid those feelings very well with her quirky and bubbly persona. 

Chris, Anthony, and Elizabeth once pointed this out to her that they knew about her crush on the Romanian. (Y/N) even tried to deny it, but she knew she was cornered. She had to force the three to not tell the guy by treating them out to this new Gelato shop that opened downtown. 

Curious about what the guy sent her, she opened it and found a video and a meme with a caption. With those two messages, he said “This you” or “This reminded me of you”. (Y/N) playfully scowled at the screen after she watched the video and laughed, typing a reply. 

(Y/N): Hey, it happened one time. Stop bringing it up.

Seb: It won’t go away any time soon, sweetheart ;)

(Y/N) rolled her eyes, but felt her cheeks warm up. She typed in a “Whatever, man :p” before placing her phone down on the nightstand and prepped for a shower. After her shower, she only put on a bra and her underwear, and dried off her hair with a towel. She watched a couple of cartoons that were on TV first before heading back to her room to get dressed. 

She settled on with a simple gray knitted crop top that stopped just above her belly button with a high neck and no sleeves, simple black jeans, a long white cardigan, and black knee high boots. She wore a simple makeup look, and tied her hair up in a ponytail and left a couple of strands out to frame her face nicely. Once she’s comfortable with her look, she grabbed her purse and headed out to meet with the others in the venue. 

There were a few paparazzis around but only a few. They snapped some photos of her walking to the bar and asked some questions, to which she stopped and answered for a while before the paparazzis be on their way and left her. She entered the place and was greeted with the cool temperature inside. There were a few people around minding their own business. A person was singing on stage. She figured that it must be Karaoke night. She made a mental note to ask one of her friends to accompany her in singing. 

“Hey (Y/N), over here!" 

She looked to her right and saw Chris waving for her. She grinned and joined everyone.

"Hey you guys.” She greeted, giving Elizabeth a hug for she was the one who is near (Y/N). 

“Glad you could make it, kid.” Anthony greeted, raising his glass at her. 

(Y/N) smirked. “I don’t turn down parties, dude. It’s not in my nature.” she said and sat on the chair next to Elizabeth and Sebastian. 

“Love your outfit, (Y/N).” Elizabeth complimented. “I can’t recall a time you wore clothes such as these. You were more of a baggy shirt and leggings kind of person, right? This is sexy and leaves a little bit of a mystery. Very nice.” she said, her inner fashionista coming out. She poked the bare skin of (Y/N)’s waist. 

(Y/N) chuckled and slightly swatted her hand away. “Stop it. You know I’m ticklish. Besides, I don’t always dress like a hobo." 

She felt someone at her left poke her side, the way Elizabeth had done earlier. (Y/N) slightly jumped and playfully scowled at Sebastian who looked at her in fake innocence. "Stop it, Sebastian.” she warned. 

Sebastian feigned a mock of shock. “What? I didn’t do anything." 

(Y/N) mocked his words and ordered her drink as Jeremy started a topic to which led to a laughter-filled conversation. As time pass by, everyone decided to try out on the stage. Chris and Anthony were the first ones who made their way and started singing in a slight drunken manner. This earned a lot of laughter coming from everyone in the bar.

When Chris and Anthony returned, (Y/N) downed her fourth glass and asked for a refill. She was already feeling tipsy and the effect of her beverage started to kick in by the third glass. She cleared her throat, grabbing the attention of the others. 

"I can already feel the kick of my drink. I probably won’t remember the next moments that will follow but I don’t care.” She slightly slurred and paused to grab her refilled glass on the table. She raised it up and cheered, “Let’s make this night like our last!" 

The others wolf-whistled and cheered, downing their drinks the same time. 

The sound of a phone ringing woke (Y/N) up. She opened one eye and squinted at the sunlight that is peeking out of the curtain. She blindly looked for her sunglasses on the nightstand, and once she found it, she put it on and yawned, stretching her arms and legs out. She grimaced at the taste of the beverage she drank last night mixed with morning breath. 

When her phone beeped, she grabbed it from the nightstand and checked what the notification was. She had 2 missed calls from Scarlett, 3 messages from Chris. 

Chris: Hey, where are you? Filming is about to start

Chris: Yoohoo, where you at

Chris: Are you dead? I kid, I kid. Where are you?

She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion at the screen right after she read the messages. She then remembered that she had work today. Cursing softly, she glanced at the clock on the wall and it read 11:00 AM. She glanced back down to her screen to see what time Chris had sent the messages. 8:05 AM. 

"Holy fucking shit!” (Y/N) yelled and immediately sat up. But when she did so, her head started to ache really bad. She groaned and clutched her head, leaning back against the headboard of her bed. God, how much did she drink last night? Her head felt like it was throbbing from the rushing pain. 

With the headache, she managed to stand up from her bed. It took her a few seconds to gain her balance. She looked down at herself and saw that she was wearing her pajamas. She couldn’t remember if she had changed into these last night. Though she couldn’t actually recall the events that happened last night. It all came up as swift flashes of blurry images that made her head ache more. 

She saw a note sitting on the end of her bed. She picked it up, curious what is written on it. She was surprised when she recognized Sebastian’s handwriting. 

Hey Summer lovin’ (you’ll know later), 

If you’re wondering why you have this in your bed, it is because I helped you get home safely last night. I won’t spill you some details about what happened, maybe later when you drop by the set. Oooooh, you’re so going to love it hahaha. 

Anyway, you are so going to have a terrible hangover when you wake up. So drink lots of water, a'right? I can’t wait to see your face later hahaha (sorry not sorry). 

But to make up for the teasing there, I’ll order up KFC fun shots for you to eat later. I know it’s your favorite. 

I hope you’ll feel better. 

I’ll see you later :) 

- Sebastian

She felt her cheeks warm up. Sebastian is a real sweetheart. The thought is making her heart flutter even more. But then, she groaned in embarrassment when she realized that he witnessed her in her drunken manner. He was probably the one who helped her change! Oh god, she thought.

She walked inside her bathroom, and shrieked loudly when she saw her reflection on the mirror. Her makeup was smudged all over the place, her hair was sticking up in random places that it looked like a bush, and her eyes were bloodshot with dark circles underneath. 

“What did I do last night?” She muttered, touching her face. 

After taking a nice shower to relieve the tension on her body, she dried her hair and dressed in her casual attires, a simple blue jacket with a black hoodie, ripped jeans, and her converse. She tied her hair up in a bun to make her look presentable, and put on her sunglasses to hide her bloodshot eyes. Then she headed to the set. 

“She is alive!” Anthony announced when (Y/N) entered their line of sight. She flinched at the loudness of his voice. She gripped her coffee cup a little bit tighter as she came closer to the cast. 

“So loud.” (Y/N) said, her voice coming out hoarse. She stopped next to Paul, who rubbed her back comfortingly. 

“We thought you were dead or something when you didn’t show up in your usual time.” Chris joked, earning laughter from everyone. 

(Y/N) slightly scowled, but smirked. “You can’t get rid of me that easily, Evans." 

Sebastian leaned forward and slightly pulled down her sunglasses, and had a surprised and amused look on his face. "Woah, (Y/N). Your eyes are so red." 

"No shit." 

"Listen, (Y/N). Do you remember what happened last night?” Robert asked, pulling out his phone from his pocket. 

(Y/N) raised an eyebrow in confusion, though she looked at him in suspicion. “Well, a little bit. But mostly are blurry images that I’m not even sure if it happened last night or it’s a dream.” she said. “Why?" 

Unbeknownst to her, the others exchanged knowing smirks. 

Robert smirked at her and didn’t answer for a sec. He just tapped his phone two times before letting everyone see what he clicked on. "Oh nothing. But I thought you might wanna see this.” he said. Something tells (Y/N) that she is going to regret it very well whatever the man is going to show her. 

She was right.

It was a video. In it, was an area in the bar they went out to last night. Particularly the stage. Up in the stage, was a drunken (Y/N) laughing her ass off. Video (Y/N) took off the white cardigan she was wearing and held the microphone, still giggling. 

“Mr. Sebastian Staaaaaan! Come on downnnn…. or up….” She slurred, pointing towards something. The camera was turned to the direction of Video Sebastian who was leaning against the counter with a drink on hand, looking very surprised yet amused. “Come up here, with meee!" 

Video Sebastian chuckled and shook his head, no. 

"Ohhhh, come show ‘em what you got. Come on!” Video (Y/N) pouted and pleaded like an adorable puppy. She started to chant his name, convincing other people in the bar to do the same. Everyone started to chant Sebastian’s name. 

“Oh, god….” (Y/N) muttered, covering her mouth as she watched the scene. 

Video Sebastian ran to the stage, joining her. Video (Y/N) started giggling while Video Sebastian looked at her, chuckling. He was muttering something to her that only both of them know. 

“We’re going to tear this place down….” Video (Y/N) said, looking drunkenly serious at everyone – whom only laughed. The beat of a music started playing. 

“Is that Summer Nights?” Scarlett asked, laughing. 

Video (Y/N) started singing the first two lines of the verse rather out of tune, earning chuckles from everyone. Video Sebastian sang the next line nicely, earning a surprised look from Video (Y/N). She recovered and throughout the song, Video (Y/N) danced happily as she sang. Video Sebastian almost missed his turn from laughing. 

“Tell me moooooore!” Video (Y/N) finished, her voice slightly cracking but she didn’t care. Everyone started applauding and cheering and whistling as the two walked down the stage, Video Sebastian helping Video (Y/N) down while she continued giggling and drunkenly spurting words that seemed to amuse the man. 

The video ended there. (Y/N) was dead silent while the others turned to look at her with amusement in their eyes. None of them said a word. (Y/N) inhaled and released it heavily. She looked at all of them with shame and embarrassment. "Well shit.“ she breathed out. 

Everyone laughed and bombarded her with teasing and stuff. She could only stand there, looking like a tomato as she narrowed her eyes at them. Sebastian laughed along them and went to wrap an arm around her shoulder, rubbing her arm comfortingly but did sneak a few teasing remarks at her. Bastard, she thought as she hid her blushing face on his chest.

Please tell me we didn’t have sex last night (1/4)

Summary: Waking up with the worst hangover ever Abby, a second-year medical student, has absolutely no recollection of getting home from last night’s party. So imagine her surprise when she wakes up naked in her bed with nobody other than Marcus, third-year law student and general pain in her ass, Kane. Just what the hell happened last night??!

Inspired by the following prompt: How about Kabby at university and they end up together in bed after a party? Bonus if they aren’t really friends but have a lot of unresolved sexual tension :D

Abby wakes up to a pounding head and her mouth feeling as dry as a desert. Groaning, she tries to open her eyes, but the light that’s pouring into the room quickly makes her clench them shut again.

I’m never drinking again

Not only is she experiencing what has the potential to grow into a massive hangover, her pillow also seems to be breathing? Realising that she’s not alone in her bed and that yes, she is naked and so is the body she’s lying on top of, Abby feels a panic attack coming up. Her body tenses as she tries to wrack her brain on how the hell she not only ended up naked with another person in her bed but most importantly with whom.

The last thing she remembers from last night’s party is playing several games of beer pong with Callie before ending up on a couch drinking, she thinks whisky, with, oh no, Marcus stuck-up Kane. Abby’s almost scared to lift her head, but she rationalises, even in her drunken state she wouldn’t have sunk so low as to sleep with Kane. Right?!

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BNHA Headcanon Dump Pt. 2

Ft. Drunk! Class 1-A (under the assumption that they are safely allowed to consume copious amounts of alcohol)

Bakusquad: Sero is almost always the designated driver

- But when he DOES get drunk, it’s when shit hits the fan and there’s like tape everywhere and he starts trying to eat his own tape,,,he’s so far gone,,,

- While Kiri turns up the radio and sings R E A L L Y  L O U D L Y   

- Kaminari is the one drunkenly dancing on the roof of the car (while it drives)

- Bakugou lying down stoning and mumbling in Kirishima’s lap

- But what if drunk Kiri was just an emotional drunk: really sad or really happy and extremely extremely clingy (Bakugou secretly doesn’t mind)

Bakugou has two moods when he’s drunk: depressed or fucking angry

But imagine if he’s completely and utterly wasted and then he starts GOING TO PEOPLE TO APOLOGISE

(this is absolutely recorded down and immortalised in multiple handphones)

(bakugou is regretful drunk CONFIRMED.vid)

Drunk Todoroki is the best because: 1. He doesn’t look like he’s drunk at all. Straight face all the way. You think he’s sober? Wait til you start asking him questions and he’ll answer all of them with 100% honesty, no filter whatsoever. (he’s the truthful drunk)

I imagine Uraraka would be absolutely savage while drunk: swearing at people and dissing them left and right, n o m e r c y

(savage drunk uraraka is fearless)

Tokoyami would probably wax poetry in his drunken stupor

Jirou and Toko would prolly get drunk together because they can emo and music together

Headcanon that Tsuyu can’t get drunk! Maybe it’s just another frog feature (??)

Ashido never ever gets hangovers because she has a tolerance against it (because i think drinking alcohol is acidic? and her quirk is acid, so…) and she is the absolute PARTY ANIMAL 

Shouji would be the responsible one and not allow himself to drink because he’d get sensory overloads when he’s drunk (or even worse, hungover) (responsible baby octopus!!)

People who never get drunk are: Iida (responsible), Shouji (responsible), Kouda (responsible) and Tsuyu

I think drunk Ojiro would be that kungfu master who makes all the sound effects when he fights

Lightweight Midoriya and Aoyama??? Aoyama only accepts the finest of wine 

(drunk aoyama is a hoe for attention, but when is he not honestly)

(Mineta is banned from booze because his perving just gets 100000% worse)

Drunk Satou challenges everyone to arm wrestling (and loses spectacularly against Shouji and surprisingly, Kirishima) and likes to cook when drunk (insert drunk!cooking fic here) “First…we add the eggs…then the flour - or was it the other way around…?”

What if drunk Yaomomo turns into a second Iida?? She gets fired up about almost everything and becomes extremely enthusiastic. (also she’d totally be involved in drunk karaoke with Kaminari, Kirishima, and Jirou)

Drunk Hagakure?? Haven’t seen her! (she absolutely strips when drunk)

What if Class 1-A played drinking games??

- Ashido and Tsuyu would win. They chug that stuff like it’s no tomorrow. There is no stopping them because one of them doesn’t get drunk and the other doesn’t get hangovers.

- When it comes to beer pong, no one wants to go against the team that is Tokoyami and Shouji because they always. win.

- Ojiro always wins drunk Twister

- They come up with a game that is like drunk horseracing in which they pair up and one person piggybacks on top of the other. The person on top drinks a fuck ton while the one below (the runner) is blindfolded and has to be given directions to reach the finishing line. All the runners apart from the winning pair has to drink three cups of alcohol in a row.

- Everyone wants to pair with Shouji because it’s an easy win. Shouji forfeits the game. (everyone cries)

- Sero cheating with tape!!!! (Kaminari purposely screws up his directions to make Sero lose even though they’re a team) 

- Instead of like in the Tournament Arc, Bakugou’s carrying Kirishima this time. But because he wants to fucking win, Bakugou just BLASTS OFF into any general direction (fuck Kirishima he’s fucking drunk) and he may or may not have rammed into people but that’s their problem and not his

- Todoroki screwing everyone over when he freezes over the floor AGAIN

- Everyone just ends up screaming and yelling after that

- They decide to push each other around on the ice while lying down (Midoriya absolutely trips and falls by himself)

- What if Class 1-A lies in a circle on the floor face-up and everyone just hold hands

- And Jirou plugs in her earjacks and the huge, thick sheet of ice vibrates

- The ticklish ones are squeezing the hands that they’re holding and screaming


Utter. Chaos.

Everyone just goes after Midoriya. Cinnamon Roll is not spared from this war.

Kaminari is absolutely ticklish but no one dares get close to him. (Yaomomo managed to devise a plan that involved Sero’s tape, Todoroki’s ice, and Ojiro’s tail. It worked.)

Kirishima yelling as he’s trying to escape from Bakugou and Sero, hardening himself as he runs away the best that he can (running away is very manly, in his defence)

The girls attack Ashido and Uraraka but Uraraka just makes herself float and Ashido trips people with her acid.

(they’ve formed a truce because why not? the more allies you have the better.)

(Ashido’s gonna break the truce.)

Jirou is fending them off on her own by using her earjacks as stabbing devices 

Hagakure is the safest, but also the most deadly because YOU CAN’T SEE HER COMING

Is Bakugou ticklish? Highly likely. Does anyone want to confirm that theory? Yes. Does anyone want to prove that theory? Kirishima, probably, if he weren’t so busy running away from said test subject.

Shouji is swarmed by Tokoyami, Satou, Kouda, Ojiro and Mineta because they need so many people to pin him down (it still wouldn’t have worked if not for Mineta’s sticky grapes, honestly)

Midoriya is dying by the hands of Iida and Todoroki while trying to fight Uraraka back (and dodging from Dark Shadow, and escaping Sero’s sticky clutches, and narrowly missing being attacked by Jirou’s earjacks, and - did Yaomomo just produce a feather duster?) and now he’s screwed

AU! You propose while drunk - Optional Bias

He was cooking breakfast, somehow this time things were reversed and he knew it was his turn to show that he cared too. He couldn’t let her down, so he was trying to do his best. It was the first time she had gotten that drunk. He smiles at the thought, even drunk she was too cute. Finishing up with cooking he placed them all on a tray, and he started his journey to the bedroom.

Walking slowly, balancing everything on the tray and making sure nothing spills or falls over he enters the room. Placing the tray softly on the table next to her, he moved to wake her.

“Hey” he said shaking her shoulder a bit “wake up” he continued.

“Come on, honey, you need to wake up” he tried again. He felt her move away from him, knowing it was going to happen he wraps his arms around her, not letting her scape.

“I hate mornings” she said. Dropping her head on the bed, and graning a bit.

“I brought you some breakfast and something for the headache” He told her petting her head a bit, knowing she must be feeling terrible.

“You are an angel, I love you” she answered sitting up, he passed her the tray, watching as she ate the food quietly. “What happened last night?” she asked after a while.

“You drank a little bit too much, you end out dancing on top of a table and propose to me, you know basic stuff” his eyes were on her, watching her freeze over his words and turn a deep shade of red. She was in shock, propose… She was never going to drink again. “Hey, it’s ok. It was cute” he said and move to hug her.

“Look, I’m sorry I clearly wasn’t in my best state of mind. Sorry if I made you embarrassed” she tried pulling out of his embrace but all her efforts were in vain.

“Hey, I actually answered yes. You were so happy that jump on me and fell asleep. It was a great proposal” he was now making fun of her. “But for real, I didn’t know you thought we were ready for that step yet. We haven’t talked about it much, I just wish you could have let me do it first” he told her smiling, taking her head in his hands and pulling her for a small kiss. She blushed brightly.

“I’m sorry”

“It’s ok, now I’m sure you are going to like this” he stood up from his spot in the bed and opened a drawer pulling out a small bag. He walked over to her once again and gave it to her.

“What’s this?” she asked, confused.

“You have to open it” he told her smiling.

Taking the bag in one of her hands, she searches for what was inside, Finding a box she pulls it out. It was small, blue box. When she saw it her eyes widen in shock. Not know if to open it she looked at him. He was avoiding her stare, he was a little embarrassed, to say the least.

“Open it” he told her without looking at her.

She opens the box to find a small ring. It was simple it had three smalls stones, one next to the other and in the center of it was a stone that was a little bigger than the others. She felt her eyes water a bit at look up to him. Her silence made him get courage and lift his eyes to where she was, watching her reaction. She couldn’t find any words to say.

“I bought it a while ago. I thought it was perfect for when the time comes, but if you don’t like it we can always change it”

“No, I love it. It’s just… I wasn’t expecting that” she was still in shock, that much she could say.

“Here, try it on” he said and move to take the ring from her hand, grabbing her left hand and carefully sliding the ring on her ring finger. It was a perfect fit. Now a couple of tears left her eyes and he swipes the with his tomb. “You haven’t even said yes, but since you propose first I’ll say we are getting married”

She laughs and jumps to hug him. Forgetting all about the hangover she had.

“See this has already happened”

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How about every one in the nein swapping classes around.

Molly knew he was a really shitty rogue, but he didn’t much care. He liked his flashy eye catching clothes, and was able to manage well enough without sneaking in the shadows to get what he wanted. He could juggle and play with his daggers for the circus instead of sneakily steal, that was more fun any day. Besides, it was much more fun to listen to Yasha’s fortunes then to sneak around avoiding the gazes of others. 

He was never one to meet expectations of others, why should he do so just because he was a rogue?

No one taught her how to heal, in the clan. She was so bad at helping the torturer, she ended up healing the people instead. Nott doesn’t know when or how it happened, but a day after waking up with the worst hangover she has ever had in a long while, there was a holy symbol in the shape of a tankard gripped in her hand. Not one she had seen before, she didn’t even know how she knew it was a holy symbol, it just felt right to call it that. 

Under the service of the Lucky Drunk, Cayden Cailean, Nott prayed and freed her friend that night, allowing them both to escape to their own freedoms. 

Yasha knew she was special, that she could use her blood to do things and didn’t need any specific weapon or item to perform them. It wasn’t the greatest thing for a carnival though, and had to submit to doing something a little less interesting. Telling fortunes was okay, but she didn’t much care for it, even if Molly found it fascinating. 

Sometimes she felt a strange pull from her magic, and left for a little while. She always came back, though most of the time without any answers as to why she was gone. 

Beau’s parents totally fucked up somehow, making her go with monks. She always had magic, what did her dad think some monks could do, suppress it and make it somehow go away? Make the magic stop the same as make her obedient? Fat chance of that shit happening. 

She was a motherfucking magic user, and a natural damn good one at that. It was easy for her to leave. 

Jester heard the whispers when she was young, though they only grew louder after she woke up outside Nicodranas in a lot of pain, after she managed to escape the people trying to kill her. She slept that night and dreamed of an eye, and knew that it had saved her, protected her, and wanted her to learn and grow and get better in return. An odd request from a friend, but one she was happy to do for them!

Her friend gave her a hexblade lollipop sword thing, and it was really cool! 

Fjord thought he had a good handle on his anger. Probably a bit too good a handle, if anyone were to care. He’d learned well how to harness it when needed, and when best not to give in to that unsavory shit he got teased for in his youth. People were always surprised when he let it out and the aggressor tended not to have a good day afterwards. 

He wasn’t what people would normally consider a barbarian, and he was happy for it, doing his best not to need his abilities when he could talk it out instead. 

Caleb had lost his magic, somewhere in the years between. He didn’t much miss it, but there was a gaping hole left where once there was boundless magical energy stored in him. He focused on that absence, meditating for hours on it, watching and appreciating Nott for her help when she used her magic to heal him when he injured himself. She would probably teach him a bit if asked, but he doesn’t want that. 

He can protect himself without magic, can find a way to reconcile what he had done in his past, so long as he was strong enough to fight without. He didn’t need magic when he was a strong enough monk to dismantle his past mistakes. 

Oops, baby, I miss you - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @brien-odylan

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x OC

Word count: 14.5k

Warnings: a little bit of angst, mentions of sex, cursing, World Cup, Brazil losing, some fluff.

A/N: I can’t believe it’s finally done! *inserts hallelujah chorus here*. This story has been on the made ever since the enf of June, over the course where I had to go through a dryspell, where I couldn’t write anything for days. But it’s finally here now and man… Just knowing that it took me a little less than a month makes me want to kill myself.

Anyways, this was made as part of @disbestiles writing challenge in celebration of her 600 followers, using the songs Oops, by Little Mix and Miss You, by Louis Tomlinson. Let’s a great deal of it, having my back when all I wanted was to give up writing this story and everytime I changed what it was going to be about. See, miga, I finally finished it! Shoutout to the amazing @mischiefandi for proofing some of it and to @malia–stilinski @mf-despair-queen for yelling at me. And also to my best friend that doesn’t have a tumblr but was totally my inspiration for the very last scene. Enjoy it!! xxx

A shrill sound was what woke Ananda up that Sunday morning, her eyes trying to adjust to the clarity of the room. She tried to close her eyes and muffle the sound, but for as hard as she tried, the noise wouldn’t go away and seemed to be coming from inside her head, going off for countless minutes until it stopped.

Slowly, the girl opened one eye and looked around. She was back in her room, the sunlight entering through a crack on her blinds on the window on the opposite side of her bed and she just wished she was dead. Her head was pounding strongly against her skull, as if someone had dropped an anvil on her head or hit her until she went unconscious.

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  • Alya basically has 64 missed calls from Adrien
  • then he transforms as chat noir to escape once again from his house like in the christmas special
  • Alya then calls Nino and the two together with Adrien form a task force called save mari from beer 
  • Adrien will find Mari first because of his cat instincts
  • Mari cries when she sees Adrien and she calls him hot stuff
  • Adrien still thinks that his lady is cute, even though she smells like beer
  • When Marinette says SPHOTS OHN, Adrien quickly covers her mouth
  • Luckily, Tikki didn’t understand
  • Alya is a bit mad at Mari, since she didn’t call her for girls’ night
  • when they leave the bar, Mari tells the bartender “bye, bye, little butterfly.”
  • Ladybug has a terrible hangover the next day, but she doesn’t remember a thing
  • of course all these will only happen when these two dorks find out their true identities.
  • yes, I used “these” twice in a sentence

Mini drabble requests: Hvitserk Ragnarsson

Request for: Anon
Request: Ohhh so maybe so fluff with Hvitserk ( I have little crush on him), and I see him with a party girl so him take care of her when she has hangover hahaha it could be funny
Warning: Fluff
Words: 973

Taglist: @itharley @burningsunshin3 @miss-brightly-red @inthenameofodin @odins-missing-eye @nothingbuthappydays @float-autumn-leave @zombie-zayde @supervalcsi @decaffeinatedeaglefart @ivarbarnes @dani-si

You loved to dance but after this much ale this became a whole other way of dancing you enjoyed quite a bit, certainly when he was looking you. You bite your lip looking him right in the eyes as he threw a nut into his mouth, tilting his head while he narrowed his eyes. His chewing was almost slowed down as the ale took more of your body in own hands after another cup. Hvitserk let you look for your own boundaries before you couldn’t dance and just stood there light headed at the side wall of the great hall.
‘Already done?’ He asked amused while walking your way.
‘I think I drank a little to much of the,’ you nodded your fingers towards the empty cup of ale. He laid his hand around your waist and caressed your cheek.
‘If you keep dancing like that I probably hire some men to keep you safe from prying eyes.’ He noted. You started laughing, resting your head against his chest while the giggling just didn’t stop. ‘By the gods, you really drank to much. Come on, let’s get you home.’ He chuckled amused. You muttered something, half sobbing because of no reason while he supported your body home. You and Hvitserk went a long way back as friends, but that had changed in an intenser way. When he pushed the door open you found your way to your room and rested against the wall. ‘Will you manage?’
‘You gonna stay?’
‘To see you throw up every hour, no thank you.’ He reacted amused. You turned around and looked at him, all desperate and in need of some guidance.
‘What if one of those praying eyes followed me home? I’m defenseless like this.’ You spun around your body and he caught you from losing balance.
‘Not as defenseless as you think.’ He nodded. You smiled, pushing up your tips and pressing a kiss against his cheek.
‘I really really like you Hvitserk.’
‘Other confessions to make?’ He asked amused about you light and talkie mood.
‘We should defiantly have sex.’ You stated while pulling down that dress, falling down naked in the bed, turning yourself into the sheets.
‘I’m gonna hope you remember that tomorrow morning.’ He whispered but you hardly understood, already slipping off to the hard needed sleep to overcome this hang over.

Waking up with a massive headache that left you nauseous and ready to throw up. You carefully turned in your bed, squeezing your eyes hard together for all things danced around.
‘There is a herb that helps against that.’ It was like his voice sang. You slowly turned on your back, opening one eye to him.
‘Please tell me it doesn’t grow in England.’ You muttered. He reached behind him and offered you a cup. You mumbled something and took it over, looking in it to the strange brew. ‘How bad is it?’ You asked.
‘That or the night?’ He asked amused.
‘What did I do?’ You asked tired. He stroke some strands of hair out of your face, looking at you down.
‘Nothing I can’t handle, it was,’ He felt silent, finger scouting your naked shoulder. It was then that you realized you were naked. You groaned, turning away and looking back into the cup. You took a deep breath and drank it empty in one swift move. It tasted wrong and you had to do your best to keep it in while you handed him the cup back over your shoulder. ‘Something else you need?’ He asked, the edge of his voice a little concerned. You turned back on your back and looked at him. He lay on his stomach beside you, smiling generally compassioned with your situation. Probably he was a professional in hang overs.
‘What do you usual do when you experience this kind of stuff.’
‘Keep it dark, rest, don’t concentrate to much and drink enough water and things like this.’ He held up the empty cup and you pulled your noise up, he chuckled. ‘You will manage.’ He reassured you.
‘You stayed here the whole night?’ You asked curious. He was your friend, but staying he never did before.
‘You asked me to.’ He nodded. You looked into his eyes, searching for something that would clear up other parts beside the dancing but there was nothing there to see.
‘What else did I ask for?’ You went further, not trusting yourself with the black place in your memories. You squeezed your eyes back together, feeling that the darkness was indeed better then all this light in the room.
‘Sex.’ He answered without any shame. You didn’t react, instead you let it sink in before you slowly opened your eyes.
‘Maybe I should thank you with that.’
‘You really want to go down that road?’ He asked with a cocked up smile. He wasn’t prostesting against it, why would he. The fact he didn’t mistreat you and you totally trusted him was one thing … but you wanted him, since he was back from Frankia something changed between the two of you.
‘I wasn’t dancing that good for nothing.’ You tiredly smiled. He hummed, his eyes slowly following your covered body under the sheets. You pulled the braid that was hanging over his shoulder and he looked back. ‘Next time I dance you know what to do.’ You whispered. He lowered his head, his nose stroking aside yours before he placed his lips on yours in a short kiss.
‘You taste totally wrong.’ He whispered against your lips.
‘Couldn’t say that from you Hvitserk Ragnarsson.’ You smiled in approval. His smile broke open and he placed a kiss on your forehead.
‘Catch up on some sleep, we dance another time.’ He promised. Look at him, being all caring and responsible.  

AN: I absolutely love the ‘wedding pact’ trope, especially when they inadvertently fall for each other on the way there. So here’s my take on that. :) thatweirdparamedicstudent here ya go!

the nearness of you


To be fair, Clarke has just come from a really bad break up. And it must be written somewhere that the severity of the break up is directly proportionate to the amount of alcohol to be consumed (already consumed, her throbbing head reminds her). The heaviness in her limbs must be accounted to that, and also the dead prickling of her legs, and the warm hard body curled around her from behind, too, because –

Wait. What?

Her sharp intake of breath has the warm, hard body tensing behind her (she’s definitely ignoring the hardness that’s pressing against her ass because that is not the point here), the heaviness in her arms now known as another pair that’s decidedly not hers tightening as if by habitual impulse. She’ll admit, maybe never, that the embrace feels strangely welcome and familiar and warm and comfortable –

“Holy shit, that’s a lot of wine,” a voice rumbles on her back, the tremors of his chest sending an involuntary shiver down her back for absolutely no reason at all. Shut up.

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