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it took me like three years but i finally got a commission from @johannathemad !!! she was sweet enough to do some Yorkalina fanart for me and I absolutely have not stopped screaming since I saw it, holy shit

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If an woman were to vault over a second story balcony and land on someone, what kind of injuries could she expect? What kind of injuries could her victim expect? Would it be possible for her to come out relatively unscathed, if she put thought into the best way to land before she went for the jump?

Hey there! I’m glad you sent this in. Thanks for asking!

Your character has 2 things going for her:

1) She’s not falling from THAT high a height. She could still have significant injuries, but a second-story balcony is only about 12-15 feet off the ground. While that’s triple body height – our threshold for where we suspect serious injuries – it’s also not, say, the 5th floor (which is likely fatal).

But the person she lands on—assuming she plants her feet on their shoulders—actually helps reduce the height of the fall, making it closer to 7-10 feet, which is a much more survivable injury!

2) She’s landing on something soft (compared to concrete). The person may alter the way she lands, but they’ll also slow her down over a longer period of time than simply hitting the pavement.

Remember, it’s not the fall that kills your characters, friends, it’s the sudden stop at the bottom.

As to the specific injury patterns and “safest” way of falling, I’d say she would be best off going feet-first and aiming for the person’s shoulders or back with her feet.

Now, with a straight drop with a landing on the heels, you’d expect to see a very particular pattern of injuries called Don Juan Syndrome. What happens is that the person lands heel-first, and the force just travels directly up from there, breaking calcaneous (heels), knees, pelvis, and spinal compression injuries. DO NOT WANT.

However, if your character has any kind of martial arts training or has taken any parkour at all, she’ll have a better idea how to land: feet parallel, knees relaxed, land on the balls of her feet, allow her hips to tuck behind (rather than hyperflex the knees and push the hips forward).

If she does it right, and she controls not just the first fall (into the person) but the second fall (awkwardly, probably backwards, onto the pavement from the height of that person’s shoulders), she may walk away relatively unscathed, though for realism’s sake I’d appreciate at least a sprained ankle or wrist, or a goose egg on the back of her head.

I’m not a traceur, but this video has a surprisingly good illustration of the body mechanics she wants: 

As for her victim, they’re in for a bad day. That kind of force landing on them, completely unexpected, makes me think of things like broken clavicles and shoulders, plus injuries from getting pushed to the ground, so up to and including broken wrists, broken arms, head strikes (with scrapes / hematomas / …) plus the possibility of a concussion.

Honestly, they could both walk away with concussions. Hooray for concussions!

From a reader’s perspective, I’m really curious as to whether or not she’s aiming for the person or if they just happen to get in her way. If she’s self-centered enough to think “they’ll break my fall”, that’s a really interesting trait for a character to have. If she’s trying to hurt them that’s even more interesting!

Either way, I hope this was useful!!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


Justin Foley x Reader || Love Yourself - One Shot

A/N: Hey babes. I’m quite on the roll with writing an imagine everyday but I’m only doing it to finish requests bc I don’t like leaving you guys to wait too long. Requests won’t be open for the next 4 weeks. Thank you to anon for requesting this. Be sure to like and send me feedback on your thoughts. Hope you enjoy ! Much love .xx 

 Warning: little bit of smut 

 Many would think that Liberty High was filled with ‘perfect’ people. Some may be perfect due to their personality but majority is seen as perfect because of looks. 

I was one of those not so perfect people if I do say so myself. I didn’t have the body or the looks to fit in with the popular gang at Liberty High but nevertheless I wasn’t ungrateful to have a great friend as Alex. 

 Alex and I became friends when we first met at Monets, he was sitting alone at a 2 seater table and for that one day the cafe was busy, I wouldn’t know why. “Hey is it okay if I sit here ?” I asked and pointed at the vacant seat. “Yeah sure” he said and smiled back. I sat down in front of him and decided to take my drawing book out. I tend to doodle in the afternoons to help relieve stress and for me to be more imaginative. Some drawings may be meaningful while the others were just playful. 

 I could feel his stare on me as I started drawing, “Hey don’t you go to our school ?” he asked. I looked back at him sucked in a breath and kept my lips in a straight line, nodding my head in a reply. “You’re Y/N ? Right ?” He asked as I continued to draw. “You got that right” I said raising my eyebrows but not looking back at him. As I already see everyone as fake, it’s hard for me to believe that someone actually wants to be my friend or they’re just trying to use me. 

 “I’m -” I cut him off and finished his sentence “Alex Standall, yepp I know you too” I said and took a quick glance at his face then continued to draw. He had a sly smile on his face. “I like you” he said. I dropped my pencil and looked back at him, “Wasn’t expecting that. Why so ?” I asked curiously. “How about we start of as friends ?” He asked as a suggestion. Their was no way I was going to believe he liked me anyway, maybe he meant that he liked the way I came off ? I’m pretty sure it’s that. “Deal” I grinned. That was the start to our friendship. 

 Every day Alex and I would meet at Monets as our hangout spot, then soon enough we found other students from school also meeting up at Monets. We decided to drop the meet ups and instead just hang at each others house. Don’t worry, we didn’t have a fling if that’s what you’re thinking. He may be my best friend but I wouldn’t turn that friendship into anything more than that. 

He did later on confess that he was dating Jessica, I wasn’t one to judge and nor do I have a say in his life, who am I to interfere anyway ? 2 weeks after he confessed their relationship - which was surprising that they were together for 3 months - they broke up. A week later Jessica moved on to Justin Foley. Why am I not surprised this time ? 

 I honestly don’t understand high school relationships, why admit the words “I love you” to your other half if at the end of the day you’re feeling obligated to do so because of infatuation. Unless you’re seeing yourself getting married to them, I’m not one to judge you. 

 Alex never told me why they broke up but rumour has it that he cheated on Jessica with Hannah Baker, I don’t believe that and I ain’t buying it either. I don’t think Hannah is one to break other people’s relationships.

Jessica and Justin had decided to break up after 6 months of dating due to them always having fights and Jessica having to move somewhere else because of her dad. Justin still seemed to be his usual self after the breakup but low key he’s probably hurting. 

Alex and I was in the middle of our get together at my place watching The Hunger Games when the next thing was Alex’s notifications were blowing up from the group he was on with the boys, that being : Bryce, Justin, Zach, Marcus and Monty. They were having a meeting at Bryce’s house and all of the boys were there except for Alex. “Do you have to go ?” I whined. “I sadly do” he said getting up and throwing on his jacket. “Or…” he looked back at me “Or what ?” I asked. “You tag along with me” he said. “Nuh uh, that’s not going to happen. I rather be home alone than be with a perv like Bryce” I said. His name disgusted me. 

 “Aw please. It won’t be long, I’ll just go do what I have to do and we’ll be back before you know it. Besides, I can’t leave you all alone here, your parents aren’t around and it’s not safe” he said. He sounded like my mum. I huffed “Fine” I rolled my eyes and just threw on a hoodie, I was in pyjama shorts and just slipped out of my shoes into my sneakers. I thought I was dressed okay. 

When we reached Bryce’s house of course no one expected me to tag along. When Alex not on his door, he opened the door shocked to see my face “Well well, if it ain’t Standall and Y/N” he said. How did he even know my name ? “Is it okay if she’s with me ?” Alex asked. “Yeah sure man. Come in” he said and moved aside for us to enter. He bit his lip as he took a good look at me. Pervert. I let it slide. 

He walked us to his pool house, “Boys we have Standall and Y/N in the house” Bryce yelled. We both just waved at everyone. Ugh I shouldn’t have came along. All of them turned their heads to get a good look at me as if they’re seeing me for the first time. “Do what you have to do, I’ll be outside” I whispered to Alex and walked out to the pool to dip my feet in. Minutes later I hear a door slam and footsteps getting closer, I didn’t bother to look back to see who it is because I was expecting Alex to say “Let’s go” but instead Justin decided to take a seat beside me. 

 “Hey” he said beside me. “Hi” I said back. That awkward conversation hit it off for us that we actually started dating 3 weeks later. 

 I was busy getting ready for our date tonight, a casual dinner. My room was a total mess after trying to find the perfect outfit. My hair and makeup was done, all that was left was finding a blouse.Theirs absolutely nothing that I could find. I was sat in my black jeans and bra on my bed as a tear fell from the brim of my eyes. If Jessica was still with Justin, she wouldn’t be worried as to how she’s dressed because she knows she has a good body, she’s popular and she’s known to be hot. I on the other hand was antisocial unless I got to know you then I’m bubbly, I wasn’t popular and nor did I have the best figure either. I thought I was a bit chubby for my weight. It wasn’t easy to lose it either because I was insulin resistant. 

My door then rammed open and I stop my crying to see Justin. “Baby what’s wrong ?” He asked as he rushed over to hold me in his arms. “I’m not good enough for you Justin, you deserve better” I cried. “Why would you say that ?” He asked as he tried moving my hair away from my face. “I’m not as pretty or as hot like Jessica. You need a girl who’s of your status, not an antisocial fat loser like me” I cried even more. “No no babe don’t say that. I love you okay, I really do. Yes Jessica is my ex and I loved her but she’s my past. Baby you’re my future” he said and pulled me closer to him. 

 “Why would you go for someone like me Justin ? I’m not your ideal girl. I doubt you’d even want to be seen with me at school because you’d be embarrassed” I said as he wiped the tears off my face. He lifted my chin for my eyes to meet his. “Look at me” he said sternly. I stopped crying and lowly muffled. “I love you and only you. I love your smile, your laugh, your eyes, your figure and simply everything about you. You’re perfect just the way you are. Don’t compare yourself to my ex. Ever again” he said. 

“Y/N, I see you changing me to be a better person than I was yesterday. You have no idea how much I’m breaking inside when you say those things about yourself. You’re the light of life Y/N and I don’t think anyone else can make me feel the way you do” he said and started leaning in, I didn’t budge. I kissed back as I was slowly pushed back, laying flat on my bed. 

Justin got on top of me and slowly kissed me from my eyes to my nose. His fingers played on the hem of my jeans as he swiftly pulled them off. He made me stand up straight as he continued to kiss from my neck to my chest and stopping just above my panties then reconnecting our lips once again. I helped him quickly pull his shirt over his head. The sparks are everywhere. “Justin I love you” I said in between kisses. “I love you too” he said and started leaving wet kisses from my jawline to my neck. He then sucked and bit on my collar bone, I knew it was going to leave a mark later but I couldn’t care right now. “Tonight I’m going to show you how much I love you” he said and smirked after seeing he marked me.

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I ship this guy (from this post -Link-, from the game @konstandin-rpg

with this gal here (from @kago-to-torii)

I headcanon them as being a loving and supporting family.

They also have a son, who has a face like his father’s, and has lots of hands like his mom.

They also have a daughter who is sad and cries tears of blood, who has faces/masks growing from her body. She has low self-esteem. 


I ALSO GOT IT FROM DRAX, pal of kago to tririririririririr.

this game shall be called: kagotostandin. 

it’s just about an ordinary loving monster family. and the power of promises and friendship.

Now onto the kids. (Used the Mom and Dad as references!)


he squats



(he can make hands and other stuff from his goopy body) 


she so sad pls help her

she also says hello!!!!!!!!!!

her “friends” also say “hello”!!!!!!!!!!!!

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While it is common knowledge that humans mate and that love is lost universal, how do you think they'd react if they see actual true love forming before their very eyes?

Alright, I shall do my best to write this.

But just so we’re clear, I suck at writing romance stuff, so it might not be as cute as you are hoping for.

Okay! Let’s begin!

Human Quinn was short. She was shorter than Human Jenny, which she was quite pleased about. Huma Quinn’s hair was much shorter than her’s too, and was colored. It was odd. A bright green color, which was one Xylion had yet to run into yet. Was this a different culture thing?

She also sounded different. Human Fredrick said it was because she was British, which everyone assumed was a subcategory of humans. She had multiple pieces of metal imbedded in her ears, and one ear even had a bunch of metal running along every edge. She also had coloring on her skin, but none of the humans seemed to react oddly to it. The coloring was in the shape of some odd symbol, though when asked, Human Quinn would just say it was a fandom thing. Whatever that was, of course.

Human Quinn was to be one of the nurses. She worked alongside Datallion, and he said she was quite enjoyable.

However, she and Human Isaac were constantly on edge.

It had gotten to the point where even their fellow humans would groan whenever they were in the same room and leave. Xylion didn’t get why they hated one another, but when he asked anyone, they said they had no idea either.

“I’ve never met Quinn before in my life.” Human Mason would mumble, not even looking away from the book he was reading.

“She’s a good nurse, and she has a nice body. Not that that’s important, of course. But other than that, I know next to nothing of her.” Human Fredrick would stutter, his face turning redder as he spoke.

“Everyone thinks she’s so cute, but she really isn’t! I’m way cuter, right Xylion?” Human Jenny would say, grabbing onto Xylion until he hastily answered yes and ran.

Xylion sighed as he sat in the cafeteria. He looked up and saw Human Isaac and Human Quinn sitting alone. The other humans were nowhere to be seen.

He quickly got up and sat at their table. They both looked up. “Oh, hey Xylion.” Human Isaac said, taking another bit of his food.

“Human Isaac! Human Quinn! I have to ask you both something.”

Human Quinn raised an eyebrow, and it was then Xylion saw the glint of metal at the end of it. She had metal everywhere, it was kind of terrifying. “What do you need, Xylion?”

“Well, I need to know, for the good of the crew, why you do not like one another.”

Human Quinn stopped eating while Human Isaac began to cough up his food. Human Quinn snickered at him, which he only replied with an evil look. He sighed. “We hate one another because she’s a stuck-up bitch.”

“No, it’s because your a lowlife scoundrel who prefers to insult people rather than compliment them!”

Human Isaac rolled his eyes. “You know what, I’ve had about enough of you, Chang! I can’t believe you! What’d I ever do to you, huh?”

“Let’s see…you insulted my style by saying it was too showy, you insulted my appreciation of my favorite thing by judging my tattoo, and you commented on how bright my hair is! I think that’s enough to hate you!”

He rolled his eyes at that. “I never said I disliked them, Quinn. You have great style and your tattoo happens to be really nice. Not to mention your piercings show how much pain you can tolerate. And your hair, while not good for camouflage, looks really good on you. And I’m sorry if making a joke about your appearance offended you, I do it with all my friends.”

Human Quinn seemed to be without words as she stared at him. Human Isaac sighed as he stood up. “Sorry, I should go.”

Xylion watched as he walked away, leaving both him and Human Quinn in silence.

“Well, that’s settled, no? No more fighting, right?”

Human Quinn looked at him, and he saw how red her face was. She ignored him as she continued to eat her meal. Xylion sighed. “You humans are so confusing.”

Over the course of the next few weeks, Human Isaac and Human Quinn seemed to grow closer. Human Jenny was annoyed at first, but when human Fredrick began to tease them about kissing one another, she joined in on the fun. Soon, the whole ship was doing it.

Human Jenny taught Xylion what a ship was, and he immediately began to call them Human Quisaac whenever they were together. Human Quinn and Human Isaac refused to speak to Human Jenny for awhile after that.

However, the next biggest surprise seemed to happen while they were in the break room. Xylion was participating in a game known as Truth or Dare. He was intrigued by the concept of it.

“Okay, Xylion, truth or dare?” Human Jenny asked, grinning at him.


“Hmmm…who was your first kiss?”

Xylion blinked. “What?”

“Who’d you first kiss, dumbwad.” Human Isaac said, giving him what Xylion came to know as a smirk.


Human Quinn gasped. “You haven’t kissed anyone before, have you?”

Xylion looked down, hoping to contain his blatant embarrassment. “No, I have not.”

“Why?” Human Jenny asked, her voice surprisingly calm and sweet.

“Never seemed important. Besides, I’m not exactly considered the most attractive K’Lonian.” He said, trying not to give away too much information.

Human Jenny nodded. “I think you’re pretty cute, Xylion.”

Xylion was frozen. How would one respond to that? “T-thanks?”

Human Fredrick scratched the back of his neck. “Okay…Isaac, truth or dare?”

“Uh, dare, obviously.”

Human Jenny and Human Fredrick exchanged glances with one another. Human Jenny gave another one of those smirks before looking at him. “I dare you to kiss Quinn.”

Human Isaac and Human Quinn both stopped. “Come on then, that’s- that’s-” Human Isaac said, shaking his head.

“What, you don’t like her?” Human Fredrick asked, sounding completely shocked.

He stopped. “I never said- no, I-”

Human Quinn sighed before scooting over to him and grabbing his shirt collar. Human Isaac’s eyes were wide as she pulled him down so they could kiss. Xylion watched as they locked lips. He heard a weird noise coming from next to him, and he glanced over to see Human Jenny making fists as she made that odd, high-pitched noise.

He looked back over to Human Isaac and Human Quinn having pulled away. Human Quinn gave him a small smile as she gently kissed his cheek. Human Isaac was blushing like mad as he pulled away.

Xylion barred his teeth, attempting to smile like the humans did. When they noticed, they all laughed, and he attempted to join in. However, the action was alien to him and he ended up sounding odd.

A few weeks passed, and things seemed to be even more cheery around the ship. Human Isaac and Human Quinn began to date, and they never stopped being together.

They got permission from Captain Zellnor to share a cabin, in which he gladly allowed.

Overtime, Xylion found the two of them doing little things together, like feeding one another their food, snuggling on the couch, playing with each other’s hair, getting into tickle wars that resulted in stolen kisses and little things that just makes everyone feel good on the inside.

Whenever Xylion asked how they were doing, all they said was that they were in love. They loved one another.

Xylion had never felt love for someone outside his own family, but by the way the two acted, it certainly seemed it.

Maybe it was even true love.

So yeah, I did my best. I don’t know how good it was, but I tried to do my best writing this. I hope you enjoyed it!

And if you want to ask me to write something or want to submit something, etcetera, then go on ahead! I’ll do my best to respond to everything and/or write everything!

New article on Wakaba

Higuchi Wakaba (Tokyo, Nihonbashi Jogaikan 2nd year student) has participated in all Japanese class competitions since elementary school and first attracted attention for her success All Japan Championships in 2015 and 2016. Speed and jumps are her strong points. Her goal is an Olympic Medal. While looking forward to the Pyeongchang Olympics, “the season of fights” has already begun.

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Sejeong: The first person I talked to was So Mi. My face popped up beside her whenever she was on the monitor. I didn’t want us to get awkward but I realized during promotions that she and I can get crazy together.

Jeon So MiShe kept touching me when we were promoting together. She goes ‘hey’ and pokes me. She’s an ahjussi style.

Sejeong: I like touching her because she has a good body.


So you can all blame this on @lesbabeths and @percyyoulittleshit. They were talking about Percy’s body type, so me being me and having 0.00 chill, I decided to share my HCs about ALL the demigods’ body types. All of them are depicted as they appeared at the end of the Heroes of Olympus series, and they are also wearing the underwear I HC them wearing. From the top:

  1. Percy Jackson: 6′ (1.83m); Percy is based on a mix of Michael Phelps and classical Greek sculpture. He is described as muscular, but the recently mortal Apollo can fit into Percy’s shirt, so Percy cannot be too brawny, otherwise the shirt would be super baggy. Still, Percy’s sword training, swimming, and horse riding necessitate a strong core and legs, and the sword-play especially requires strong forearms to dexterously wield the blade. He wears boxer briefs, since they provide support and fit with Percy’s more lackadaisical attitude.
  2. Annabeth Chase: 5′9″ (1.75 m); Annabeth is based on track and field athletes. We do not get much description of her body in the books, except that Leo calls her “tall scary blonde,” so I chose her height early on and went from there. Annabeth is a capable warrior but only ever uses a dagger until she picks up the drakon-bone sword in Tartarus, so she does not need much upper body strength. Her strength comes from a strong core and legs that she uses to outmaneuver opponents before striking. Annabeth seems like a pretty practical girl, so I think her underwear is only practical as well: sports bras and some generic ones as well for daily use.
  3. Rachel Elizabeth Dare: 5′4″ (1.63 m) So the books say that Rachel is “slim,” but I decided to go with a plus-size model body type for her. The fact that she is curvaceous in a way that Annabeth is not probably fueled Annabeth’s jealousy in PJO, and besides I like to encourage body positivity. Call me crazy, but for some reason I think Rachel has the BIGGEST collection of the laciest underwear ever. I have no logic for this HC, but it feels right.
  4. Hazel Levesque: 4′11″ (1.50 m) Hazel is described as being short, so I decided to exaggerate it a bit here. Since Hazel prefers a long cavalry sword she has pretty good shoulders and upper body strength, and since she rides often she has core and leg strength to keep herself in the saddle while striking. That is why she has such thick legs, much like Merida from Pixar’s Brave. Underwear from the 1940s and 1950s was mostly comprised of high waisted underwear and pointed bras that were not practical for intense exercise, so I chose a sports bra and modern high-waisted underwear instead.
  5. Frank Zhang: 6′9″ (2.05 m) Mars was a noble war god, but Ares was all about the fear and terror of battle, and what could be more terrifying in battle than a giant running towards you on the battlefield? I have spoken before on my HCs on how Frank’s blessing should have been handled, so think of this as a continuation of that line of thought: even though Frank now has the “ideal” warrior’s physique, it is freakishly so, and causes a new host of problems that Frank did not have before.The emphasis on his shoulders and pectorals are mentioned in the books, since those are the muscles that are the showiest and most intimidating. I considered giving him a more veiny, bodybuilder-ish look, but Mars is still a war god, and having so little fat is not practical. Frank probably alternates between compression shorts during training and boxer briefs at other times.
  6. Leo Valdez: 5′6″ (1.68 m) Leo is the ONLY demigod with a confirmed height, and while I expected him to look shorter in the lineup, I realized that Leo was supposed to be more of an everyman than the other demigods, so it fits. Even though Leo is the child of the smithing god, and smiths are often very bulky, Leo is not a smith; he is a tinkerer, and having no visible muscle tone furthers Leo’s feeling of not belonging. Still Leo keeps a cheerful façade, so I thought printed boxers suit him nicely.
  7. Jason Grace: 6′1″ (1.85 m) Jason is described as one inch taller than Percy and also thicker, so I based his body on Roman statuary. While the Greeks emphasized a more sculpted look, the Romans emphasized a more smooth look, so while Jason may not have abs like Percy he is just as strong. Jason also sports the Roman “aquiline” nose. I chose to go with briefs for Jason not just to differentiate him from the other boys, but because they are the most practical of men’s underwear, supportive and with the lowest fabric requirement, i.e perfect for Jason.
  8. Piper McLean: 5′4″ (1.63 m) Piper’s body type is straight up copied from the Venus di Milo, which is a Roman copy of a Greek original, something that seems to relate to Piper. Piper is not a warrior, though she can fight, but is not a defining trait of her character, so I chose to go with a softer look; no particularly defined muscles, but with a slight tummy. In keepinh with Classical ideals, Piper is not very busty, perhaps that is why she never thought of herself as beautiful in a world where the bust is so emphasized. Like Rachel, Piper also probably likes some more traditional underwear, and while I like to imagine that she sheds the “not like other girls” mentality, for now she does not go too extravagant with the undies and keeps it simple.
  9. Reyna Avila Ramirez Arellano: 6′2″ (1.88 m) Romans pride strength in battle above all else, so Reyna needed to be well built. I chose to make her tall as well to give her a natural charisma and presence among the troops. Strong arms allow her to wield a sword, combined with a stacked core and strong legs for her Pegasus-riding. Reyna also keeps it simple with her underwear, using sports bras and compression shorts to keep from chafing when riding.
  10. Nico di Angelo: 5′2″ (1.57 m) They say that short people are so angry because they are closer to Hell. I’m not sure how true this is, but Nico seems determined to prove it. Malnourished as a child, Nico has probably stunted his growth somewhat, but the still keeps up enough strength to kill monsters and fight alongside a legion of dead Romans, so he must have some muscle tone. As noted before, the ‘40s were keen on high waisted gear, but I could not find any modern underwear that fits the bill, so Nico probably uses boxer briefs as well.
  11. Will Solace: 5′9″ (1.75 m) Will is described as having a “surfer’s body” so I started from there. He has tone but it is not too much and there is a layer of fat over everything.He works out a couple of times a week, as per his own doctor’s orders, but Will is not a warrior. Also, boxers seem to fit his laid-back attitude and lifestyle nicely. Credit where credit is due, his face and hair are based on @cherryandsisters‘ design, since to me, hers is the definitive Will Solace.

ADDENDUM I: @pepemclean asked about body hair. I really did think about it, but it is SO HARD TO DRAW so I forwent it on this round. I might go back and add it, but for now just know that Nico, Jason, and Reyna have lots of body hair. 

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The way you draw Peggy makes me really happy and feel good because she has the same body type as me and I hate my body but Peggy looks cute so therefore I feel kinda cute.

Round bodies are cute tbh

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More judo facts because I'm obsessed- Jaehee actually would be able to pick up a person really easily and carry them any way she wanted. She also probably has thighs strong enough to crush a watermelon (a lot of dojos have you do like a million squats) and she definitely has really good balance, as well as a fairly good understanding of body physics (since both are the fundamentals of the sport). Female Judokas generally use flips a lot since being short is actually helpful. --Judoka Anon

Wow! Thank you so much honey! Imma keep this aside because this might be very very useful in an upcoming story I have planned! Thank you darling! 

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Oh baby, I’m always on fire for you–

Okay okay. So, my choice then! Let’s rant about bodies!

If someone comes at me again Jack Morrison’s ass is flat, I will legit grow a dick just to slap them across the face with it. KEEP THAT SHIT THE FUCK OUTTA HERE.

Right. I’ve had this issue a lot when it comes to Pharah and the way people depict her body. I will not deny that she has a good bit of muscle. She has been practicing martial arts for over 20 years, and she’s lived the life of a soldier ever since she could enlist into Egypt’s Army. That tends to build muscle.

But what bothers me is that SO many strip all of femininity off of her, and make her masculine and BUTCH as hell. So many do not understand how female bodies work. Most people draw Fareeha as if she has a man’s physique, even though it’s impossible for her to have certain muscles shaped like that. (Asked a friend who is a doctor, got it confirmed. And some research did it.) Why won’t people let her be strong, muscular and feminine? Why the need to turn her into borderline-male just to make Mercy or Symmetra look like the pretty dainty damsel.

I mean, have you seen Pharah’s eyeliner? The girl has her wing-game on!

Yes, she has abs. Yes, she has biceps and triceps. But she does not have the physique of a bodybuilder. When you look at Pharah’s model, you notice how slender her wrists and waist is, even in that thick armour. Now, how do you fit a MASSIVE bulging six-pack in there? You cannot.

Leave her damn curves alone! -huff-

val’s a little confusing because she has good physical/body control so she knows how to move in battle to be effective and knows how much she can take physically ect but her ability (pyromancy) is so unpredictable it takes her a really long time to even start to master and control it so she has to use it in short calculated bursts to be effective

{ oh shit!! y’all don’t even know how long i was waiting for this au to come back. anyways, here’s my bdspaceau lisa lisa design! what no i totally wasn’t playing this on repeat while designing her?? }


Name: Liesel Joestar

Age: 29

Race: Human

Affiliation: Rebels, formerly Human Fleet

Occupation: Mercenary

Backstory: Not much is known about her. When she was still apart of the Human Fleet, Liesel worked as a mechanic for a ship. It’s unknown how (or why) she left the Fleet and joined the Rebels, as she refuses to disclose much information about her. “Protects her against potential blackmail from any possible enemies,” as she calls it.

Cool Fun Facts (the more you know):

- She calls her gun Suzie.

- She’s buff and has a good amount of upper body strength! Working as a mechanic for five years helped. i’m not good at drawing muscles ok don’t call me out i know it looks bad

- The yellow marks on the upper portions of her arms are tattoos of lightning bolts!

- “I know a guy.” - guy hooking a client up for a job. “Hi yes hello I’m the guy.” - Liesel, probably.

- Part of the rebellion to help expose corruption in the Alliance.

{ anyways, that’s ‘bout it. if anything seems out of place, please don’t hesitate to message me and i’ll fix it! i’m super pumped to interact with others in this au starting the 14th of july! }

Sorry, Not Sorry- Part 1

Imagine Y/n and Spencer are roommates. Y/n really likes Spencer, but Spencer is in a committed relationship. Y/n has no other choice than to get over her emotions or move out. She is then unsure if she should tell Spencer how she really feels. 

I pull into my driveway with a bunch of groceries in my trunk. This time of the month sucks, besides the other thing that girls hate, because it was my turn to buy groceries. 

Every month me and my roommate, Spencer take turns on buying the food. This month, as you can see, is my turn. 

I pop the trunk to retrieve the groceries. I take about ten bags at once and walk slowly toward the door. When I get there, I realize I left my keys in the car ignition. Great move smart one.

Without wanting to go back, I bang on the door with the groceries hoping that Spencer is here. He is always usually here around this time because his classes end at 4. Checking the time to see if I’m right, it’s 6:30. Little fucker.

Banging on the door harder, this time, he finally opens it. I rush inside to put the bags down. Dang, they were hurting my fingers. 

“Are there any more bags?” Spencer asks from behind me. I nod my head, my back still faced toward him as I put the bags on top of the island. 

I get items out of the bags and put them up. While putting the drinks in the fridge, I hear a loud thump causing me to jump and hit my head.

The thump came from no other than Spencer accidently hitting the doorframe with the bags.

Spencer laughs and drops the bags he had on the floor. He’s so damn destructive.

God damn boys.

“Spencer! I have cans in there!” I shriek while rubbing my temple.

He laughs louder, placing his hand on his stomach. “Yo-You should’ve seen the look on your face” his voice wheezy. 

I roll my eyes and throw an apple at him. He dodges and sticks his tongue out at me. 

I love how me and Spencer are so close. We didn’t really talk at first when we met but then it just changed one day. 

Around eighteen months ago, we shared the same Psychology class. Our Professor, Professor Martinez, thinks College is high school 2.0, so he gave us assigned seats.

He sat me and Spencer next to each other and we barely talked during the first semester. Only “What did he say?” or “Did you get the notes from the last slide?” were exchanged. 

Then one day, Professor Martinez assigned a partner book project to where we had to read an entire book and make a PowerPoint to see if we can discover pieces of information to who might be a sociopath, psychopath, etc.

Turns out, the book was Pride and Prejudice, which was my all-time favorite and Spencer was my partner. When we worked on the project, it appeared that was his go-to book as well.

We quickly bonded over the book and got an A on our project. Professor Martinez said we did the best in the class and spotted clues that he didn’t see.

Ever since then, we became really close. Late night sleepovers, introducing each other to new books, binge watching Netflix, you name it. 

Spencer and I then decided to move in together about 4 months ago. Best decision ever. 

I mean, getting to live on your own and share an apartment with your crush, I’m living the life.

I mean best friend. 

Well, I might as well tell somebody. 

Spencer has been my crush for about 9 months now and my feelings grow stronger each and every day. 

What’s not to like about him? He’s intelligent, funny, down-to-earth, gorgeous, has a sense of style, has a sexy voice, has sexy hair, and has the most perfect plump lips.

His smile makes my day as well. His perfectly aligned teeth exposed. Can make any girl swoon.

My thoughts were interrupted by him throwing the apple back at me hitting my boob. 

“Ow, you jerk!” I grabbed my boob and groan. He has an audacious look swept across his face.

“Don’t make me wipe off that look” I threatened. He throws his hands up in the air with the same expression.

I chuckle knowing he is going to be stubborn. His face in the little smirk of his makes my knees weak. 

“Just come and help me unpack the groceries, you dork”

He smiles and picks up the bags he dropped, he walks to the kitchen and places it on the counter. 

“Did you get the last of the bags?” I ask putting the rest of the drinks in the fridge. 

“I don’t know did I?” The sass in his tone was so forced. 

I look over to him with a Don’t-Mess-With-Me look. 

“Yes, I did. Gosh”  

I laugh and continue unpacking. I would take glances at him once in a while to see if he was putting the food in the right place. And to also see his face. His perfect jawline and face. 

I realize I each time I stared, it was about a good 10-15 second. He’s going to notice. (EDIT)

“What are you looking at punk?” 

Crap he noticed. I flushed and look at him abashed.

The way he says punk is so satisfying. I like the way he pops his P’s. Everything about him is just so perfect. 

“You.” I tease.  

He gasps and puts his hands over his chest in an overly dramatic way. “Oh my gosh, no way.” I walk over to him to slap his hand but he catches it and twisted it behind my back. Oh wow.

“Spencer! Let me go!” I struggle to get out of his grip. He twists my arm tighter causing me to whimper in pain. “No.” His tone sounding somewhat serious.

About 5 minutes later, I convinced him that if he let me go then he wouldn’t have to put up the groceries. He, of course, obliged to that and literally ran off into the living room to watch some educational show on the history channel.

Oh, he’s so adorable. I love how he is such a nerd for everything. The way his eyes dilate when he’s interested in something. How he bites his lip at a dramatic scene in a movie or TV show. All the little things that make me fall harder for him.

I finish putting the groceries up and head to the living room. I was about to plop myself down on the couch until I heard someone knock on our door. I grunt and drag myself toward the entryway. Without looking through the peephole, I simply open it to find the one and only, Spencer’s girlfriend, Jennifer.

I almost forgot about her. She didn’t appear in my mind prior and I wish she wasn’t in my head by any means. For, I hope she never existed.

I know it’s not good to say since she is one of my good friends.

She has shoulder length, blonde hair, her body is perfectly toned due to owning a Zumba studio, her fashion sense is goals and her nose is even perfect. I mean C'mon I might as well say her eyelashes are perfect. Even her name is pretty.

There are a million reasons to be jealous of this girl but the only main reason is that she’s Spencer’s girlfriend. Someone I will never be for as long as I live.

I mean who can compete with that? She is basically a walking goddess. 

“Hey Y/n” She greets me with a hug. 

After we pull apart, she lifts her hand up and I see that my keys are around her index finger. Crap I never went back to get them out of the ignition. 

“Be careful love, you could’ve been car jacked” She says as she hands me the keys. 

Jennifer was one of my good friends that I met in my English class. I then introduced her to Spencer and he swooned over her.

Sometimes I do regret my decision. Then other times, I’m glad he’s happy.

It’s not that I don’t like her, because I do. It’s just because I’m jealous. She has something I don’t have.

It does take a lot of courage to admit to being jealous of someone. People are so stubborn and hard-headed nowadays. 

I laugh at her comment and invite her in. “Spencer is right over there being a nerd.” She goes and sits next to him, surprising him. 

“Hey, baby.” 

Oh, my god. My knees jiggled from him saying that and it wasn’t even directed at me. I’m legitimately a weirdo. 

He leans in to kiss her and I immediately turn my body around to walk to my room. 

Yes, it hurts enormously to see your crush kiss another girl. It’s inferior when he’s your best friend because that is all he will consider you to be. It’s for and way more terrible when you can hear them “make love” in the room right next to yours.

Don’t you have that feeling where you can literally feel your heart rip out of your chest? The unpleasant feeling happens to me daily. Every time I see them together, it constantly reminds me that I will never be in that position. 

Never be able to sit on his lap. Never be able to kiss him and say “I love you.” Never be able to have an emotional or physical connection. He says I love you to me casually but I know it doesn’t have the same meaning as to when he says it to Jennifer.

I’ve wanted him to have more meaning behind those words ever since I realized that I liked him.

9 months ago


The holidays were around the corner and everybody was packing to go home. I, on the other hand, was not. I couldn’t retreat home, for I don’t have a good relationship with my parents and my siblings all live elsewhere. They don’t want me to be in their lives.

Therefore, I was lying in bed having to lie to my roommate as to why I wasn’t going home. 

 “My parents died when I was little.” was my response ever since I came to college here. Her face had a look of sympathy which I despised. 

 I know it’s terrible to say that about my parents but I needed something believable to explain to noisy people. 

 She left with a goodbye and Merry Christmas. Leaving me here to have another Christmas alone at the coffee shop surrounded by happy families and friends. 

 I take out Sense and Stability to re-read while the time passes to only be interrupted by a knock on my door. 

I get up and walk to the door to patent it.

 There lies my best friend, Spencer. “Hey” 

 I give him a wide smile. “Hey, I thought you were already leaving?” 

 He stays silent for a little bit. Putting his hands in his pockets. 

 “Why aren’t you leaving, Y/n?” His face has this look as if to know that I’m hiding something. I look to the ground with an ashamed look on my face. Can I tell him? He is my best friend. He won’t judge me. Right?

 “Y/n, you know you can tell me anything.” He reaches for my hands assuring me. I remove my hands from his embrace and sigh, walking back toward my bed.

 He follows me in and closes the door behind him. I sit down on my bed and put my head in my hands. He sits down next me and hugs me. 

 “You don’t have to tell me.” He says acquiescent. 

 I shake my head looking up. “No, I want to tell you. I haven’t told anybody and I think I may explode if I keep it in.” He nods signaling for me to continue. 

 I take a sharp breath before continuing. 

 “When I was 16, I went out with this 25 year-old-old guy named Dylan.” I stop, taking another breath. “He was the dreamiest guy and I felt so lucky to have him. My parents, on the other hand, didn’t like him very much due to his age. They thought he was bad for me and felt a very negative feeling when he was around. Me, being the typical 16-year-old, ignored them and thought they were just being paranoid, for he was my first boyfriend.” I look at Spencer and he looks concerned.

 “Everything was perfect for me and him. He would take me places, expensive dates, though I didn’t care for his money. I cared for him a lot. Then one day I came home really late, like 3 am late. I tried explaining to my parents what happened but they didn’t want to hear it. They forbid me to see him. They said if they saw me with him or even mention him, they would move me across the country to another state to live with my grandparents” I realize I’m dragging the story. “Sorry it’s pretty long” 

 He rests his hand on my thigh. “It’s okay, continue.” 

 I flicker my eyes across the room and let out a breath. “So, when they said that, I went rebellious and snuck out to see him every night. I started skipping school. My grades were dropping drastically. But I didn’t care. As long as I was with him my world was complete.” I smile at the memory. I remember being hopelessly in love. The way he made me feel so beautiful. 

 “Then, when I turned 17, we got intimate. He made me feel so beautiful and so loved. Until, I realized my parents were right about him.” I look down ashamed at my actions. My eyes are burning, tears threatening to fall but I don’t let them.

 “Turns out the first time we did it, he recorded it. I had no idea he did this until my friends told me that a video of me was going around social media. When I got my hands on it, I couldn’t stop crying. He had exposed me to everyone I went to school with, my parents, my siblings, and everyone in my city.” Tears fall from my face onto the ground. 

 Spencer puts his arms me and embraces me. “Shh, it’s okay. He’s not here to hurt you.” His hands run through my hair.

 “Worst part is, when I confronted him about it his exact words were ‘I did it for a bet of who can get into your pants and record it. Because you were such a prude and you needed some in your life’ I remember those words so vividly because it’s crazy how 29 words can ruin your whole perspective about a person who you thought you knew so well.”

 I can feel Spencer’s tears fall on my head. I pull away from his embrace with a puzzled look. “Why are you crying?” 

 He wipes his tears. “Because, it hurts me knowing that someone has hurt you in the worst way possible.” 

 I was in awe of how much he cared. Even though I know people have probably been hurt worse, but the sincerity was enough to make me smile.

 “If you don’t mind me asking, where did you go after that happened.” 

 “I moved to my grandparents for my senior year of high school. It sucked but it was better than being known as a slut or “porn star.” 

 He just nodded his head and formed his mouth into an “O” shape. 

 “Hey, why don’t come with me? Come and spend holidays with me and my family?” I thought about it for a second. Going to meet my best friend’s family and spend Christmas with them? Is it a good idea?

It would be the first Christmas in three years that I wouldn’t be alone. 

 “Sounds great,” I smile. 

 The look on his face made me smile so much. His eyes lit up and he gave me a wide toothless smile. 


When I went to his hometown I was amazed. I have never been to Las Vegas before and being here for the first time with my best friend was a great way to spend it.  

 I met Spencer’s family and they were total sweethearts. They thought I was his girlfriend at first and kept re-asking us throughout the night because they wouldn’t believe us.

 He would be my little tour guide and tell me the facts about this city as we pass by casinos or important architecture. The way he looked so proud to be here telling me about it was so adorable to me.

 The way he was there for me and by my side when I had nobody made me realize that I like him. The way he didn’t judge me about my past and brought me along with him. How he shared his emotions with me.

 Not many guys would do that. 

 But we all know that Spencer is a rare species. 


I throw myself on my bed and smile remembering the times me and Spencer have had. 

We still have good memories but we can rarely make some with Jennifer in the picture. He’s still the same guy but minus the time. 

When he first met her, he wouldn’t stop talking about her. He was constantly saying how beautiful she is and how is was going to make him hers. 

He got what he wanted. 

“Hey, Y/n” Spencer walks in without knocking. “You left your phone downstairs and it keeps going off.” He says throwing the phone on my bed before walking back to the living room.

I retrieve it and see I’m getting a call from my girl best friend, Emily. 

I slide the answer button. ‘Hello?” 

“Finally, you pick up bitch.” I laugh. Emily is my old friend that I met my senior year of high school.

“Anyways, how have you been? How’s Spencer hmmm hmmm.” Emily knows about Spencer and my crush for him. She was the first to know. 

“I’ve been good. Spencers been well. How are you? How long has it been? 6 months?” I say ardent. 

“It’s been 7!” She exclaims. “You never talk to me anymore.” Well, I guess she’s been good too since she didn’t give me a definite answer.

“I’ve been busy. School, Moving in with Spencer, Jobs…” 

I hear her shriek over the phone. “YOU MOVED IN WITH HIM?? ARE YOU TWO A THING NOW?” Her voice almost made me go deaf. 

I sigh. “No, but we decided to move in together so we can spend more time with one another.” 

“Sounds like he wants you alone.” 

I wish. 

“Well, I would've guess that too until he got a girlfriend.” I pull my phone away from my ear getting prepared to hear you scream again. I’m surprised when I don’t hear it. 

“Awe love. He’s retarded.” Ugh, I hate sympathy. 

“Eh, it’s okay.” 

“Where do you live at now? I want to see you.” I can hear her getting into her car due to the door slamming and hearing an ignition going off.

Wait, No. Does that mean?

“Oh my gosh! Are you in Virginia?” I exclaim. 

“You guessed right love.” 

I shriek again before giving her my address. I haven’t talked to her in 7 months so, god only knows how long I’ve seen her. I cannot wait to see her face again.

I run downstairs to wait for her arrival. My heart is beating so fast out of my chest I forgot what the hell I was down about earlier.  

I make my way to the living room to find Spencer and Jennifer having a hardcore make out session. 

Oh. That’s why.

So, I decided to make this into chapters. It may be only 3 parts but hey I write a lot into one Imagine.  

Hope you enjoyed. xx

SCM – Scorpio Jealousy Smut

Request by 2 Anons and aikawamidori77

From Scorpio POV

Holding her hand, we make our way to the deserted beach. Finally, I have some free time and we decide to have a date at the beach. Upon reaching there, I throw a small shopping bag to her. When she opens it up, she got a shock.

“This bikini is too sexy. It is not covering much of my skin.” She blushed while protesting.

“I think it will look good at you.” I exclaimed.

“Did you went to the shop yourself and pick it up yourself?” She teases me back.

“Just hurry up and put in on.” I exclaimed back and can feel my cheeks turn red. I recall how I walk in to the shop awkwardly. I finally found one which I like and I think it suit her.

After a while, I heard her calling me and I turn to look at her. Jeez, it really looks good at her and I can’t take my eyes off of her cleavage. I can feel my face flushes as she walks toward me. I entwine her hand and walk together with her toward the water. Just before we get into the water, I heard voices which I hope I heard wrongly. I turn around and instantly piss off. Why are the rest are here? How do they know we are here?

“____, you really look great at the bikini.” Teorus blinks and tries to get closer to her.

“She did instead look good. Surprise that this goldfish has such great body curves.” Leon smirks and his eyes look her up and down.

“Did Scorpio pick this for you?” Dui smirks.

“I never expect Scorpio to be into this.” Ichthys teases.

“I bet he is a man after all.” Huedhaut replied with his face flushes.

“What the hell you guys are here?” I rebuked and _____ is already brushing with all the comments those guys make. Idiot, I am the only one that allow to see her in bikini. Now everyone get to see it. I am so piss.

“Well, I saw you walk in to the shop to pick it up and decide to track your activities since then.” Ichthys smirks.

“Let’s get into the water now.” Teorus said and pushes everyone into the water.

Throughout the whole time, I keep her close to me but the guys purposely try to get even closer to her. I am not letting any of those guys near her. Those idiots are pissing me off on purpose.

“_____, let’s get out of the water now.” I rebuked and snap my fingers and bring us to a beach surrounded by big rocks.

As I hold her in my arms, I can read her mind that she is wondering why we are getting out of the water so fast. Don’t you know why, you stupid woman. I know it is not her fault but I can’t seem to calm my jealousy inside me.

“It is kind of cold.” She whispered after a while.

I sigh and wrap my arms around her body to keep her warm. Feeling her breasts press against my chest, I can feel my member below starting to get harder. I do not think I can control any longer. I do not care if we are out in the open place, but I want her now to calm my jealousy in my head. I push her against one of the big rock and devour her soft lips urgently. I slip my tongue inside her mouth and lock her tongue with mine while my hand caresses her body and slowly move to untie the cord that holding her bikini and then move to undid the hook. The top drop it to the ground and I lean down to kiss her breast while my hand moves to untie the cord that is holding her bottom.

I can feel her breathing getting hotter and she moves her hand to my swimming brief and pull out my member. Without any delay, I lift up one of her legs and thrust my hard member deep inside her. I start oscillating my hips roughly on her, while she wraps her arms around my body pulling me close to her. I can feel her inside wet and hot, tighten around my hard member. It seem to be sucking me in as I increase my pace, touching deep into her womb. She moans and kiss me back hungrily as she lost herself in ecstasy. I give another one big thrust and ejaculate inside her. I continue to hold her in that position until I am sure that I have empty all my seeds inside her. Soon I feel a hot liquid flowing up from her, dripping down to the sand under our feet. Jeez, I really cum a lot inside her. I look down at her flush face; my urge for her start to evolve inside me again. I can feel my member inside start to grow harder again. I can’t seem to have enough of her. With that thought in my mind, I lift out both her legs to wrap around my waist and I start oscillating my hips again. I can’t believe this woman can make my heart and mind go crazy for her. I really need her in my life.

anonymous asked:

-seductively whispers- fredrobin angst where Robin is too ill to fight, and Frederick must guard her tent in the thick of a frightening battle with risen. A good scare for Freddy bear yes ♡

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

He paced back and forth outside your tent, his hands clenched tight behind his back as he waited for some sort of feedback from Libra. His bottom lip was chewed sufficiently, jaw set tight. Considering the state of anxiety he’d taken on one would assume you were dying in there.

To Frederick, you might as well have been. After heading to your tent for the morning wake-up call (or good morning kiss, as you preferred), it only took a glance at you curled into your cot to realize something was wrong. When you didn’t respond to his calls and his hand touched boiling skin, the poor man turned into a basket case.

Libra kicked him out shortly after Frederick dragged him in, separating husband from wife in the name of focus. Frederick disagreed his floating was a distraction, but he was willing to do whatever he had to ensure your safety.

But he was just as glad to have Libra allow him a back inside. He hurried to the priest with a nervous frown, which deepened when he caught sight of Libra’s exhausted expression. “What is the diagnosis?” He asked, “Will she be all right? S-she will, won’t she?”

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Slowly falling in love- Yoongi chapter 6

AN: I’m sorry again that it’s so late  but really school is awful. I will post a one shot with Jimin later today. And now enjoy ;) Sorry for any mistakes.

Y/N - your name,    Y/F/N- your friend name

Genere: Romance, Angst, Smut (in next parts)

chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, kiss scene- Yoongi pov, chapter 4, chapter 5

WC: 2043

Summary:  He’s the worst guy in school, everyone is scared of him, he don’t give a shit about his grades or classes, still all the girls are in love with him. That’s how you would describe him- MIN YOONGI. You’re the only one that’s not into him, you are more scared of him then in love. And after that one stupid thing you did it was only worse… well that’s what you thought at first.

Part: 6/?

Originally posted by lets-fly-away-bts

This week was weird. Yoongi didn’t show up and his friends were avoiding you.

Except Jimin, he was the only one that talked to you more then just saying Hi like the rest. It was Friday, last day of school before a week and a half break, and Y/F/N was spending a lot of time with her new boyfriend Hoseok.. So you were on your own for whole week. You weren’t upset with her about that, you were actually happy for her. It was lunch time and you went to your favorite place to eat- schools rooftop. When you were there you saw Jungkook sitting on the edge of the roof. 

Hi Jungkook !- You greeted him while siting beside him.

Oh Y/N hi !- He answered with a big smile.

What are you doing here? I thought you will be eating with guys. - You continued with the conversation.

I just wanted to clear my mind.- He said staring at the sky.

You just nodded nut you knew there was something more. He wanted to tell you something, you could sense it.

Y/N, please don’t hang out with Minhyuk and don’t be around him.- He said looking at you, his face was dead serious.

Within this week you spend a lot of time with Minhyuk. He was living near your school and sometimes he took you out for coffe or walked you home. You were feeling a little weird around him  because of all this situation with Yoongi but you were happy that he was there.

Why? Why all of you don’t want me to be near him?- You asked. 

He is crazy, he will hurt you.- Jungkook said holding grabbing your shoulders.

Y/N be careful, please.- He added.

Jungkook I am careful. And you guys can’t just tell me who I can hang out with.- You said getting a little angry. Who the hell did they think they were. They can’t tell you what to do with your life.

Y/N I know we can’t but Yoongi hyung will..- He said looking down.

Yoongi will what!? I hate him with all of my heart and I don’t care if he want me to be near Minhyuk or not.- You said and started walking away.

Lies. You were lying to yoursefl about your feelings towards Yoongi You just wanted to get over him. 

Y/N wait please just talk with him about that.- Jungkook stopped you.

No.- You simply said and came back to your classroom.

It was your last class and all you wanted to do was just go back home. You even rejected Y/F/N offer to go out and have fun and relax.

But you regreted it later.

Your teacher asked you to stay after school and help with cleaning. You were okay with this because you were always helpful. It was late when you were on your way back home. It was pretty warm so you decided to take a walk. You were happy that you have almost 2 weeks to relax and spend some time with Y/F/N. You heared you phone ringing. 

Yoongi was calling.

Ugggh what does he want now.- You said to yourself before answering.

Y/N come to my place right now, we have to talk.- Yoongi said with a raspy voice.

Yoongi I don’t have time and I thought you told me that you don’t care so why you wnat to talk right now.- You said, obvious annoyance in your voice.

Fuck Y/N just come to my place.- Yoongi said angrily.

God Yoongi why do you act like this?!! One time you are a complete asshole and then you are worried about me  and want to talk to me.- You started rising up your tone.

I’ll explain it to you but you have to come here.- Yoongi said almost whispering the last part.

Fin…. AAAAGGHHHHHH !!!!!- You couldn’t finish because you felt some grabbing you and covering your mouth. The person started dragging you somewhere. 

You wanted to scream for help. You wantes to scream for…. Yoongis help.

Y/N !!!!!!!! WHAT’S WRONG?!?! FUCK Y/N STOP PLAYING AROUND. I SWEAR IF YOU ARE JOKING I’M GON…- The person who was holding you ended the call and hid your pohone in his pocket.

Suddenly your vision went black and you fainted. You woke up in unfamiliar place. You wanted to move but you quickly noticed that you were tied to a chair. You started looking around. You guessed that it was some old, abandoned building. You heard footsteps and your heart started beating faster. You were really scared. But then you recognized the guy that came in. MINHYUK. It was him, standing there and smirking.

Hi Y/N, nice to see you again.- He said leaning closer to you.

You were to scared to say anyting.

Oh come on Y/N why are you so scared, I didn’t even do anyting…. yet.- He said sitting on the chair in front of you.

Again you didn’t say anything and avoided his eyes.

Why are you so quiet? Whne we were going to a coffe shop you were so talkative and now you can’t say a word. You fortgot to bring your tounge or something?- He continued.

W…wh..why are do..doing this?- You managed to ask.

Why you ask. Well I need Yoongi. And more  specifically I need him to suffer and be in pain. Just like I was because of him.- He said with a dangerous smile.

Then why am I here?- You asked confused. Why would he use you to make Yoongi suffer.

Because Yoongi cares about you and won’t let anything happen to you. Especially if he was the reason.- He explained.

What are you even talking about. Yoongi doesn’t cre if I get hurt or not. I’m nothing to him.- You said, tears started falling.

Oh don’t cry sweetheart. Belive me he does.- Minhyuk came closer and wiped your tears.

If you want me to prove it then I will just call him.- He said taking out your phone.

He dialed Yoongi’s number and put it on speaker.

HELLO!! Y/N WHERE ARE YOU? WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?!- Yoongi almost scremed to the phone.

Calm down Yoongi- Minhyuk said and motioned you to stay quiet.

Minhyuk?!? Where is she? - Yoongi asked impatiently.

Don’t worry she is here. Safe for now.- Minhyuk came up to you and grabbed your hair tightly.

You hissed. And when he started doing it harder you whimper out of pain amd Yoongi heard it.

Don’t hurt her Minhyuk. I swear don’t you fucking dare to touch her.- Yoongi said with anger.

Too late.- Minhyuk slapped your cheek and you cried in pain.

Come on Y/N let Yoongi hear what you are going through because of him.- Minhyuk said loud enough for Yoongi to hear.

God dammit Minhyuk you fucker.- Yoongi hissed.

Come on be her hero, come here and save her. We are in the old building, the one we used to hang out at.- Minhyuk said and hung up.

You didn’really know if Yoongi will actually come to save you but that’s what you were hoping for. After a while Minhyuk left the room.

It will be really a shame to hurt a pretty girl like you and I was starting to like you Y/N. Since I’m a gentleman I won’t hurt you. But my friend will.- He said and disappeared.

After that the other guy came in and came closer to you. You could see that he was dangerous and he dosen’t care who his victim is. He could hurt anyone. Soon he started hitting you. He kicked the chair and now you were lying on the cold ground. He was beating you, kicking your stomach and slapping your face. Tears were falling again. You were screaming Yoongis name. After he was done he lifted you and left you.

Y/N !!!- You heard somone screming your name and door slamming.

You looked up and saw him. Yoongi was here he was in front of you.

Y/N are you okay?- He said softly.

Yoo.. Yoongi you came. - You said relived and smiled a little.

Of course I came.- He looked at you again.

At the same time Minhyuk came back.

Oh hi Yoongi. You’re fast.- He said coming closer to the both of you and Yoongi immediately stood up and punched Minhyuk in the face. They started fighting. Soon both of them were coverd in blood. But Minhyuk managed to still kick Yoongi.

Let her go, you wanted me not her.- Yoongi said almost whispered.

Fuck you Min Yoongi. You’re gonna suffer.- Minhyuk said and started beating Yoongi again.

You couldn’t watch it. Your heart was in pain when you saw Yoongi, lying on the ground and coverd in blood.

STOP!! PLEASE STOP IT.- You screamed.

Minhyuk froze and Yoongi looked at you.

Plese leave him.- You said sobbing.

And he did. He came closer to you and grabbed your neck and looked at Yoongi.

Yoongi did you already banged her or are you still waiting.- Minhyuk said caressing your hair.

Don’t touch her.- Yoongi blurted out.

So you didn’t. Great.- He started kissing your neck and lips.

DON’T TOUCH HER!!- Yoongi screamed with the last forces he had.

You know she didn’t belived me when I told her that you care about her. Don’t you htink it’s time to tell her about your feelings.- Minhyuk stopped kissing you and you looked at Yoongi with confused eyes.

Come on be a man. Tell her.- Minhyuk kicked Yoongi again.

Min didn’t say anything.

Fine, then if you don’t want to I assume you don’t love her. Great now I can have a little fun with her. She has amazing body I bet she will feel so good around me.- Minhyuk started to slide his hands over your body and kissing your neck. You started screming and crying. He started lifting up your shirt.

I LOVE HER!!! I LOVE YOU Y/N!!- Yoongi screamed and stood up.

What? I didn’t catch that. - Minhyuk turned to face Yoongi.

I LOVE HER!- He said again and punched the otherone again.

Yoongi couldn’t stop hitting him. He was furious. But when he heard your sobbing hen quickly rushed to you and untied your hands and legs.

You immediately hugged him and startd crying.

Shhhh. Y/N don’t cry, everything is okay now.- He said and hugged you back.

Yoongi..- You broke the hug and looked at him.

Don’t say anything.- He picked you up and both of you left the building.

Yoongi..- You started again.

I TOLD YOU NOT TO SAY ANYTHING.- He rised his vice, not stopping naand still dragging you to his motorcycle.

You didn’t say anything anymore. He told you to sit in the back and hold him tightly. He drove off to your palce. When you were there he told you to go in.

No.- You answered and took his hand.

We are going to your place and if you don’t want that then you are comming in with me.- You said and started dragging him inside. When you two were inside you sat on the couch. You grabbed a first aid kit and cleaned Yoongi’s hand and face. 

I’m sorry.- You said when you were done with cleaning.

For what, I’m the one who should be sorry. It’s all my fault.- He said not looking at you.

No it’s not, if I only listened to you, if I would avoid him, none of this would happen.- You explained looking down.

You felt how Yoongi grabbed your hand.

I shouldn’t have get angry and shouldn’t leave you on your own.- He said softly.

You looked at his face and your eyes locked together. You were sitting there, looking at each other for a while. Yoongi took your face in his hands.

I meant it.- He whispered and leaned closer.

He kissed you. but this time you didn’t hesitated to kiss him back. Both of you had your eyes closed. The kiss was perfect. You could feel that it was full of love and passion. After a while he broke the kiss.

I mean it, I love you Y/N. Sorry.- He stood up and started going towards the door.

But you stopped him and grabbed his hand.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed it. One shot with Jimin will be later today and chapter 7 on Saturday.