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‘Hot Guy’

Summary: It’s finals week, and that means lots and lots of studying in the library. However, a certain stranger keeps distracting you from your studying. (College Alternate Universe, Possible Drabble Series)

Author’s Note: Based on real life events. I’m thinking about turning this into a series! Let me know if you guys would be interested!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 935

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Ell: Umm… Since they’re my friends, I won’t be too harsh. Let’s see…

Ell: Matilda is… She’s really something… I find her sometimes become way too obsessed about her looks and sometimes, she just won’t stop talking about the cute guys she likes. Its annoying but she’s really sweet, though. I think she’s really good at cheering up all of us.

Ell: Now, Tamara is actually really fun to hang out with! When she isn’t causing trouble, that is. Sometimes, she just doesn’t think and starts arguing (with Tori especially) and getting angry for nothing. Its irritating. I do like going to the movies and playing video games with her every now and then, though. 

Ell: Now, Tori is pretty cool. She has the resting bitch face but she’s actually really kind and offers good advice when I need it. Also, I can appreciate how she doesn’t retaliate when Tamara starts dragging her in an argument. She’s kinda easy-going. Sometimes, though, I wish she’d express her feelings more often. She’s pretty quiet at times. 

Ell: My friends are kinda weird but I love them anways. Friendship can be complicated.

  • Jacob: He has medium skin tone but he became more pale because he rarely went outside after Abe died; he tans easily though. His skin is oily also and he is prone to minor breakouts on his face. Has an oval shaped face with a average sized greek nose. He has almond shaped blue eyes also. His top lip his smaller than his bottom lip. His hair is dark and it covers half of his ears and covers his forehead. He is average height for his age and he has a lean build to him.
  • Emma: Emma has a fair skin with warm undertones. She has a heart shaped face with a small button nose. Her eyebrows are darker than her hair color and are arched. She has almond shaped chocolate brown eyes with light eyelashes. Her lips are full and the corners of her mouth naturally turn down when relaxed. She is isn't short but she she isn't tall either for a girl and has more development on her upper body than lower body- so inverted triangle shaped body. She has sandy blonde hair that is parted in the middle, it reaches right above her shoulders and curls a little bit outwards.
  • Bronwyn: She has tan skin with a square shaped face. Has nice high cheek bones and a jawline that could cut you. Her elbows and knees are scarred up from rough housing. She is from a Filipino descent also. Medium size flatter looking nose that is naturally highlighted a little bit at the tip. Her top lip is bigger than her bottom lip and she has a prominent Cupid's bow. Has broader shoulders and has a muscular build to her. On the taller side for a girl too. She has dark brown hair cut into a pixie cut that nicely frames her face and is parted in the middle.
  • Millard: He has fair skin covered in freckles from head to toe. Has a diamond shaped face with a medium sided button nose. Has straight thin lips. Is on the tall side, and he has a little bit of pudge on him. He has round eyes with beautiful lashes and has heterochromia (one green eye and one brown eye). He also has wavy mousy brown hair with a widows peak. Wears glasses when he reads.
  • Horace: His skin is practically porcelain-uses the best products for himself. Triangle shaped face with an aquiline nose. Has the brightest, whitest teeth. Thinner lips but his bottom lip is just a little bit bigger than his top. Has bigger ears which he covers by his top hat. Has grayish blue deep set eyes. He is short but with long legs. His hair is platinum blonde and is nicely slicked back.
  • Enoch: Very very pale because he rarely goes outside. Rounded face with a nose that turns a little bit upwards. Has sharp lips and when he smiles on that very rare occasion you can see his dimples. Is pudgy and does not care. Has a short and stocky build to him. His eyes are droopy and are a hazel green color and he has prominent eye bags. He has dirty blonde hair that is two inches longer on top and is always a mess.
  • Fiona: Has dark brown skin with a few moles and freckles here and there. She has an oval shaped face with a funnel nose. Her lips are full and plump. She is at average height and carries most of her weight at her bottom half. She has almond shaped brown eyes with thick eyelashes. She has very thick curly hair that is brown but when the sunlight hit it you can make out red and she often has flowers, leaves, etc scattered throughout her hair.
  • Hugh: Hugh has such a tan line, his covered skin is ivory. Has a rectangular shaped face with a greek nose. His lips aren't full but aren't thin either. When he opens his mouth you can make out prominent canines. He is very tall and he has a lanky build to him but his arms are a little muscular. He has almond shaped brown eyes that he hides under his goggles because his eyes are sensitive to sunlight. His hair is dark brown with cool tones that he brushes back but doesn't add any product to it.
  • Olive: She has cool toned medium colored skin. Her face is round and she has a roman shaped nose that is a little crooked. She has small full lips and is almost always smiling. Her eyes are hooded and are hazel. She is of average height for her age and she has nicely toned legs because of her shoes. She has wavy brown hair with bangs that reach just above her eyes.
  • Claire: She has fair skin with a pink undertone. Her face is heart shaped and she a small button nose. Her lips naturally pout a little. She has very cute dimples too. Very small when it comes to height and still has a little bit of baby fat on her. Her eyes are big and round and are light blue. She has curly platinum blonde hair which she loves having accessorized.
OTP Questions Fill Part 2 - Collection

Hi guys this is a collection of OTP questions that were asked a few months ago. I am compiling them all into this post, so that it is linked better on my master post as I try to clean it up a bit.

Please note these little drabbles are not new, so you may have read them before.

There is a ‘keep reading’ break after the bath prompt.

On a side note I would love to do another one of these lists and may have something up my sleeve for if I hit 1000 followers ‘wink, wink’

Who rocks the Ferris Wheel seat and who flips out and begs them to stop?

His hands were gripping the edge of the steel carriage, his knuckles turning white under the pressure. He managed to let out an exasperated ‘stop’ to her as she was bouncing around the small carriage in her seat. She stopped immediately to look at him quizically, before the relalisation hit her.  Jughead Jones was scared of heights, correction, not scared, terrified. The color had drained from his already pale complexion and his eyes were wide.  A sudden guilt overwhelmed her, here she had been moving from , pointing out landmarks to him and he had been begging her to sit still with him. She thought he was trying to be romantic, wanting her to snuggle close, hands linked with one another, possibly making out like so many of the other couples on the ride. But no it was because he was afraid and she hadn’t noticed too excited to see the worry and concern plastered on his face. She sat still quickly. She lay her hand over his, rubbing his knuckles gently, while whispering to him that it was okay, that she had him. He slowly loosened his grip, allowing her to take his hand in her own. She told him to look into her eyes and he did, not breaking his gaze until they eventually reached the bottom again. As they disembarked from the carriage she offered to treat him to whatever he wanted at Pop’s as way of apology. It was the first time she had ever heard him turn down food.

Who is always horny and will have sex at any time, at any place and at any time?

“You cannot be serious?” She chuckled making light of their situation. He had dragged her into the coat closet shortly after dinner.

“I am very serious.” His voice was low and had taken on that gravel like quality that sent a shiver through her right to her core.

“We are at a wedding, you have to make a speech very soon.” She tried to reason to him and in part to herself as well, reminding him of his commitment, appealing to his sense of loyalty.  

“And you are wearing the most hideous bridemaid’s dress I have ever seen and yet.” He pressed his lips to her neck, breathing in her scent. “I can’t seem to keep my hands off you.” His hand squeezed her bottom through the dress for emphasis. She clutched at the lapel of his jacket, a moan escaping from her mouth, as she leaned into his touch.

His hand moved further down, bunching up the hideous green fabric as his hand stroked up the outside of her thigh. While his lips were still preoccupied with her neck, teasing and sucking at the delicate skin. She could feel her resolve dissipating and knowing that he would convince her. He had before. Her hands moved to his shirt, her fingers running up and down his suspenders.

“I know how you like those.” He smirked. She pulled one back letting it go, it hit his chest with a satisfying smack. “I can make it quick.” He said his lips returning to her neck.

“What every girl longs to hear.” She muttered, before she felt his fingers slip beneath the material of her panties, gasping she lost her resolve completely, hands moving to his hair to pull his lips crashing against her own.

They emerged from the closet shortly after, her straightening the bodice of her dress, him pulling the suspenders over his shoulders, jacket in hand. They casually took their seats again at the bridal table. Veronica gave them both a look, while her new husband Archie seemed oblivious to the pair.

“Did you two just?” She hissed at Betty, who immediately blushed and looked down at her plate confirming her suspicions.

“What can I say Veronica, weddings just get to me.” Jughead answered proudly.

Who is more into taking showers/baths together? Who tries to make it relaxing and who tries to make it sexy time?

She admired her handiwork, candles surrounding the oversized tub, the scent of vanilla and coconut filled the air from the freshly drawn bath. She was ready to wash away the stress of the last few days. She lowered her bathrobe, stepping into the bath, letting the sensation of the water overtake her. She lay her head back resting it against the edge, her fingertips moving slowly through the water, the sound of the sloshing water filling her ears.

She jumped at the sensation of lips on her forehead. Opening her eyes to find her boyfriend staring down at her.She instinctively moved her arms across her chest.

“I couldn’t resist.” He advised, his hands moving from her neck, to her shoulders and down her arm, disappearing momentarily under the water to continue to her wrist.

“I think there is room for two.” She said feeling bold. “It’s been a hard few days.” He smiled as he pulled his t-shirt over his head.

“It’s been a hard month.” He replied. She averted her eyes as his hands moved to his belt, hearing his pants drop to the floor shortly after, only returning to look as she felt the displacement in the water. “This is nice.” He said dreamily. Leaning his own head back, stretching out his leg coming in contact with hers. She stilled at the touch, it wasn’t as if they had not been intimate before but it was still new, they were still discovering each other. She noticed he had closed his eyes as he sank deeper into the water. She bit her bottom lip as she took in his form, the light flickering from the candles highlighted the angles of his face, and lower his collar bone and strong shoulders that she had clung onto more than once. A heat began to rise to her cheeks and she absent mindedly moved her leg up against his. His eyes opened at the touch, a questioning look on his face. Her eyes locked with his and she moved her leg against his thigh in a move she hoped came across as seductive rather than awkward. “I thought we were relaxing.” He said raising his eyebrows.

“There are different ways to relieve stress.” She said, purposefully lowering her voice. She could not believe those words had just left her mouth. He didn’t move, eyes challenging her to make another move. She moved towards him, trying not to slip as she braced herself with each arm on either side of the edge of the tub he was leaning against, her legs either side of his own. She placed a teasing kiss on his lips before raising herself out of his reach. He groaned at the loss of contact. His hand reached out to her waist holding her steady before it moved upwards brushing along the underside of her breast and she gasped at the contact. He shifted himself to recapture her lips, kissing her hard and hungry, before trailing them down her neck, across her collarbone while she continued to try not to lose her grip, while her heart pounded in her ears.

His hand groped the delicate flesh of her breast while she moaned her appreciation.

“Betty are you home!” She heard her mum shouting down the hallway, losing her grip she came crashing down on top of him and he caught her in his arms.

“Please tell me you locked the door when you came in.” She managed to say as they both turned towards the door with equal looks of horror.

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ok but single father steve and kindergarten teacher tony au

genius billionaire tony who mysteriously retired from the arms business after afghanistan and became a teacher instead. who everyone thought always hated kids but is secretly brilliant with them. who makes story time and learning to count seem like an adventure.

and of course steve’s kid adOREs tony. he thinks mr. s is the coolest thing on this planet and he talks about him non stop like he’s a combination between a wizard and an astronaut the way he talks about him and the class pet, this robot arm called dummy, and the awesome science classes mr. s does with them.

and there’s parent teacher interviews and steve finally gets to meet the illustrious mr. s and he’s charming and funny and way too handsome to be his kid’s teacher. and tony’s having an internal meltdown because rule one of his contract is that teachers aren’t allowed to date parents (tyvm prinicipal fury he can keep it in his pants ok he’s not like that anymore). but they still exchange numbers for purely professional purposes, emergencies and etc. so steve starts bringing coffee for tony in the mornings when he drops off the kid and the kid getting sick one day and tony calling to check up on him all worried.

i need the thing someone write the thing

Just for Tonight

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Author’s Note: This is A Juan Carlos “Juice” Ortiz imagine based on Wicked Games by The Weeknd as requested by a lovely Nonny, and imagine #5 for MM5. I hope you all enjoy. Let me know! This imagine is rated M for some smut!

This is my work–originally posted to my old blog @callmemrskozik which is no longer in use. Just wanted to put it out there so people don’t fill up my inbox accusing me of plagiarism.

Just For Tonight


I left my girl back home
I don’t love her no more
And she’ll never fucking know that
These fucking eyes that I’m staring at
Let me see that ass
Look at all this cash
And I emptied out my cards too
Now I’m fucking leaning on that

Bring your love baby I could bring my shame
Bring the drugs baby I could bring my pain
I got my heart right here
I got my scars right here
Bring the cups baby I could bring the drink
Bring your body baby I could bring you fame
And that’s my motherfucking words too
Just let me motherfucking love you

Listen ma I’ll give you all I got
Get me off of this
I need confidence in myself
Listen ma I’ll give you all of me
Give me all of it
I need all of it to myself
So tell me you love me
Only for tonight
Only for the night
Even though you don’t love me
Just tell me you love me
I’ll give you what I need
I’ll give you all of me
Even though you don’t love me


His head is a mess as he pounds on the door, praying she answers. She has to answer. He rests his face against the cool wood, chest heaving.

“Harper,” Juice’s voice breaks as he slaps an open palm against the door. “Harper, please…”

The door swings open revealing a sleepy Harper, a baggy TM shirt hanging to her thighs, black hair falling in waves over her shoulders. She blinks owlishly at him. They’d been best friends once, so close that he would have just walked right in, but then everything changed.

“Juan, what are you doing in Colorado?” she asks, “shouldn’t you be with Claire?”

“I don’t love Claire, and she doesn’t fucking love me,” he spits, “you knew that, you tried telling me…I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t listen…”

“You need to go Juan,” she says but he shakes his head bracing his hand against the door before she can shut it in his face.

“Don’t send me away Harper, please, I don’t have anywhere else to go…”


She’d known him half of her life, loved him just as long, though that love had changed over time. She had fallen for him, a head long slide that had left her broken when he gave his heart away to Claire, the blonde bombshell who blew into town and half of SAMCRO while she was at it.

Of course she never told Juan she was in love with him, to do so would have been cruel as he had convinced himself that he was in love. So as the best friend she bit her tongue, until she caught Karen in the sack with a prospect, and when she tried telling him about it he didn’t believe her. She let loose after that telling him what a mistake it was that he was with Karen; that she didn’t love him. He’d cursed her out, telling her that jealousy was getting the best of her, it wasn’t his fault after all that no one loved her the way Claire loved him.

She remembers the sting of his words. The way they cut into her, bruising heart and ego.

It’s been six months, six months of separation from not just him but the rest of the Sons, and seeing him standing in front of her it brings everything back.

The pain. The anger.

The love.

“Harp, please, I have nowhere else to go,” Juan’s voice fills her head and the brokenness on his face makes her chest ache. Holding a hand out to him she waits for him to take it and when he does he collapses against her.


She pours another drink as she keeps an eye on Juan. He’s slumped on her couch, eyes glassy, a faraway look on his face.

Settling onto the table across from him she holds out a cup which he takes and quickly drains.

“You want to tell me why you’re here Juan? You’re an awful long way from home,” she says and all he does is shake his head, a tear rolling down his cheek, and as she opens her mouth to say something he’s kissing her. She pulls away, fingers pressing to her lips. “Wh-why’d you do that?”

“I wanted to,” his hands sink into her hair, forehead resting against hers. “Tell me you love me, Harp, please…just tell me you love me.”

“Juan,” her voice breaks fingers wrapping around his wrists.

“Please Harper…just for tonight…” his voice rings with desperation as his lips brush against hers again.

“I love you Juan…”


He drives into her relentlessly, Harper’s body burning hot like a furnace beneath him. She is everything and everywhere, and he can’t get enough. Her fingers dig into him, nails biting flesh and he craves the pain.

He moves fast so that his back is pressed against the headboard and she’s straddling his lap. His hands grip her hips as hers circle his neck, and dipping her head she scrapes her teeth across his jaw sending a thrill through him.

“Fuck,” he groans taking a fistful of her hair and giving a pull her head falls back. He feasts on the long column of her throat getting drunk on the taste of her, and when he gets close he looks at her, hand cupping her face so she can look nowhere else.

“Tell me you love me,” he demands and when she does his orgasm tears through him with such force it has her screaming his name.


Let me see you dance
I love to watch you dance
Take you down another level
Get you dancing with the devil
Take a shot of this
But I’m warning you
I’m on that shit that you can’t smell baby
So put down your perfume

Bring your love baby I could bring my shame
Bring the drugs baby I could bring my pain
I got my heart right here
I got my scars right here
Bring the cups baby I could bring the drink
Bring your body baby I could bring you fame
And that’s my motherfucking words too
So let me motherfucking love you

Listen ma I’ll give you all I got
Get me off of this
I need confidence in myself
Listen ma I’ll give you all of me
Give me all of it
I need all of it to myself


She can hear Juan’s voice through the wall; he’s making plans to go back to Charming, and with her heart in her throat she knows she made a mistake. She never should have slept with him. It blurs lines that she could barely see to start with, but she’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to him, she’s never been afraid of putting her heart on the line.

This time is different though.

She told him she loved him, like she’s wanted to for years, but he doesn’t believe her, and that is almost worse than keeping it to herself.

Her chest tightens as she slips from bed and closing herself in the bathroom with her hand pressed to her mouth she slides down against the door, tears streaming down her face. She knows he’s going to leave, and the realization is almost enough to destroy her.

When she left Charming she did holding onto the hope that the next time she saw Juan they’d find a way to make things okay again, and instead things have just been made more complicated. She doesn’t know that she’s going to be able to say good bye, again.

“Harper?” Juan knocks on the door, and closing her eyes tight she takes a steadying breath.

“Be out in a minute,” she calls hating the fact that her voice shakes.

“Harp, let me in,” he calls but she just shakes her head.

“Just, leave me alone for a minute okay Juan?” she begs but he just takes to wiggling the door knob. She knows he isn’t going to go anywhere and because she’s run out of patience she pulls open the bathroom door. “When are you leaving?”

“What? Harper, why are you crying?”  he asks reaching a hand out to brush a tear from her cheek but she backs away.

“I know you’re going back,” she can’t hide the misery in her voice so she doesn’t even bother trying as she motions with her hands, “the walls are thin.” She brushes past him but he catches her arm turning her to look at him.

“What’s really going on?” he demands and her slippery hold on control is lost.

“You want to know what’s going on?” she asks, hands tightening into fists at her sides. “You’re my best friend Juan, I lost you once already, and the thought of losing you again, it hurts too much. I spent the last six months trying everything in my power to forget about you and Charming, and then you just show up, no warning, nothing and you ask me to tell you that I love you, and I do; and it kills me to know that I can tell you right now that I meant those words, I can tell you that I am in love with you, that I have been for almost as long as I’ve known you, and you wouldn’t believe me.  I can ask you not to go, but that would be selfish, or I can ask you to take me with you but that would mean giving up everything I’ve worked so fucking hard to build in the last six months only to go back to where we were one upon a time, but I can’t do that. I can’t go back and be that close to you again. I can’t watch you sleep your way through crow eaters and sweet butts. I can’t.”

“Harper…” Juan’s voice is soft as he stares at her, shock flickering over his face.

“You don’t have to say anything, please, don’t say anything…” she shakes her head and walks away.


“Tell me you love me,” her voice is a whisper in the darkness, “even if it’s just for tonight…”

“I love you Harper,” and no truer words have ever passed his lips.


So tell me you love me
Only for tonight
Only for one night
Even though you don’t love me
Just tell me you love me
I’ll give you what I need
I’ll give you all of me
Even though you don’t love me


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okay... I really wanna see your answering 29, 24 and 19!!

@bugheadjones-the-third Oooh thank you for the asks. I enjoyed your responses to mine so I hope you enjoy these too.

And these are the last fills, for asks received for this set of OTP Questions. Thanks to everyone who has sent in an ask and those who have commented, liked and re blogged, it is much appreciated.

#19: Who drives and who has the window seat?

 She relaxes as the cool air hits her face, running through her hair, the music blasting. She needed to escape to get out of that house. Although her mum had eased up since Polly had returned home, there was still that unspoken pressure there. Pressure to do well, to be perfect but mostly to not make the same mistakes that she had. When his text had popped up on her phone, telling her that he had borrowed Fred’s truck and he was heading out for a drive she had responded immediately. Watching the scenery go by, listening to him sing along, badly, to the music on the radio, she felt lighter, she always did around him. She reached over and clasped his hand in hers, and he pulled her knuckles to his lips kissing lightly. In that car, in that moment it is just the two of them and she would not have it any other way.

#24: Who starts random slow dancing with the other in the kitchen? Who holds the other just above the ground and kisses them?

Filled here.

#29: Who does some crazy stunt to try and impress the other and who ends up driving them to the emergency room after it backfires?

He groaned from the back seat, every bump in the road sending a jolt of pain through his arm. She quickly looked at him, before turning her eyes back to the road ahead of her. Muttering under her breath something along the lines of ‘idiot’ and ‘crazy’. And upon reflection he guesses it was pretty idiotic and crazy to climb on top of the barrier of the bleachers to pronounce his love for her in the middle of cheer practice, before clumsily falling off. They had had a fight, a big one. They hadn’t talked in weeks and he had decided that he was going to show her what she meant to him. Archie had encouraged him, which really should have been the tip off that maybe it was not the most well thought out plan.

She had rushed over to him immediately, the angle that his arm was now in made her feel queasy. She told him that he was going to be okay, but she needed to get him to a hospital as she was pretty sure his arm was broken. The other cheerleaders helped to get him into her car and he thought that he was going to pass out from the pain. But hey at least she was talking to him again.

okay listen, please consider,

More tall, tall broad shouldered Pharahs

also more sweaty pharahs, probably with her hair just plastered to her skull from bein in that helmet for any longer than six seconds on a sunny day bc i mean cmon

proteus-no  asked:

codsworth likes to fold himself up next to ss bed when they sleep, and their romantic partner always trips over them getting out of bed. ss subsequently pats codsworth and tell him to go back to sleep before he flips out.

Hancock is low key scared to fully wake up his SS so he’ll just deal with being grumpy.


Sayoko Uehara–took me a bit to figure out what her central shadow problem could be and wound up on losing your purpose in life and filling this void with sloth and sexual dalliance.  It… uh, took me a while to figure out a depiction that wasn’t overtly sexually graphic.

But yes, she’s hollow, like the void in her life–the lingerie (representing the sex) can’t cover this void.  And she has a hole in her face because I thought it looked cool and really felt like hitting you over the head with the “void” thing.  And she’s got her nurse hat on because how else would you know it was Sayoko?

imagine odin cupping the sides of avas face and wiping away her tears with his thumbs

imagine odin holding ava, stroking her hair with one hand and craddling her with the other while he quietly sings to her

imagine odin cupping the sides of avas face and lightly squishing them together because he thinks she has a cute, soft squishy face

IMAGINE ODIN HAVING REALLY COOL SKIN TO THE TOUCH and thats why ava would snuggle up to odin sometimes because shes always so warm


imagine odin giving ava a gentle kiss on the forehead

the nose

the cheek


graydalestairs  asked:

Hi i'm Miranda (Andy if we're friends!) You have a great tumblr name! I'm a chronic punctuation abuser. Tbh I looked at your description and don't know what Star vs Forces of Evil is but i wanted to follow you anyway!!!

Aw thank you! This is very sweet. Star vs Forces of evil is a TV show about a princess from another dimension that is hyper and super cool and the issues she has to face everyday as she tries to fit in Earth. The episodes are pretty random- since the most randomest things happen to her. I am sorry but I’m really bad at explaining and I feel like I’m not giving you the best description of the show. I don’t usually post about it but there are rare occurrences where I do. The majority of the time I post tsc content: PJO and Magisterium coming close second.

sleeponthefloor  asked:

Emma is a ballet dancer and Killian is a musician at their school. Her partner, Neal, left her or something and she has to find a new one. She does auditions but no one’s good enough and Killian is passing by her room and goes like ”I can do it” and she’s like “what? you? you don’t even know how to dance lol” but eventually Emma decides to at least let him try and finds out that he is actually really good. They start training and spend a lot of time together and...- based on the movie STEP UP :)

AN: Oh, I took a little liberty and changed something in this prompt. But I hope it still delivers.

Rating: Eh, ST for Sexual Tension and hotshots.


She is seething, every nerve ending in her body screaming for her to punch something—or someone. And she just might, one of these days. Today, she has to keep her composure and keep her face pretty… or just presentable. She had been on a rush this fateful day, because she had a seven A.M. class and she woke up late, had tripped on someone’s leg running down the hall in her haste. And now, she has to keep a cool face whilst watching these dancers.

But every once in a while, her faux persona slips and her anger shows. Who could blame her? She has been screwed over for the nth time by this guy, one chance after another, and she just couldn’t let him go, could she? She keeps accepting him back and he just keeps bailing on her. Not today, not anymore after today, because today, she is replacing him and she is going to find somebody better. Okay, maybe not better (he, after all, is one of the best in their batch, and she knows it), but more responsible and loyal. Someone not going to change their mind a week before recitals.

But no matter how hard she tried to focus on the characteristics that she needs, she keeps seeing everything wrong.

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