she has a bruise on her cheekbone

iromaru asked:


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               FACE ——

     Jaw line is strong and square, with a pointed chin. Her nose is long and thin — there’s not much curve to it, but like her chin, the tip of it is very pointed. Cheekbones are also quite prominent.

Most of Mizu’s features can be described as being very angular, giving her a mean-looking neutral expression. she suffers some resting bitch face rip.

               SKIN ——

     Mizu has a tanned complexion, and it’s very hard for her to burn or tan — she doesn’t tend to freckle either. Her skin is smooth, though battered and bruised, with patches of red scattered all over her limbs due to floor burns. It’s also not uncommon for her to find random bruises and grazes after a long day at training.

     Amongst her friends takamori vbc, mostly she’s known as a “human heater,” and her skin usually tends to run warm. During winter, teammates will come flocking, placing their hands on her face and arms in hopes to transfer some of her warmth onto themselves. hug mizu she’s v warm.