she had two little sisters

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Hey hi hello! I’m Reagan!

I’m a freshman animation major who loves my Shiba and my angry frogadier son from my nuzlocke comic, which is my only personal project at the moment.

My habitats:
Twitter: Reakagamine
Deviantart: Skittystrawberries
Youtube: GinjaNinjaOwO
Personal tumblr: Pastelcelebi

This is Jenko: He is my puppy love please look at him; (The one getting eaten) 

Super quick FAQ; I’ll edit to add onto this if I need to!

She’s one of my oldest oc’s and she may be a sparkle cat but I love her too much to change her. Back when I was like 13 and I made her I tried to write a story for her and made an entirely new set of clan members in all the four typical clans (Thunder/Wind/Shadow/River/etc). It’s kinda cool that I made that many characters back then but lord the story was garbage. She had two siblings back then with…. interesting names. Her little sister Cloverkit. And her brother. …….Ninjascreech. 

Through Allikatnyas warriors AMVs! I looked up to Alli a lot back then and we actually work together pretty frequently now!

Always has been and always will be. Shes the kitty love of my life. Yes that is a spiderman sticker on her crutch.

( slides into the Dash 2000 ‘n late ) hey , hi hello ! idk if anyone’s here but my name’s jenna , ur Friendly nbhd exo ‘n twice supremacist , god of Typos and all around supreme(me) ! if any of u were around from the start of gangnam u might remind me as the meme dadd*e sehun fc , jooheon’s Apologist but if u were’t it’s v nice to meet u ! i’m super Excited to be back here again ‘n interact with u all lit my ass is $haking ! below , u’ll see that i made another meme , but w/ the lean mean dancing machine hirai momo

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