she had to say

    not-so-popular opinion, but i think luna was still pretty strong in ffxv. she might not have been quite as selflessly reckless as she was in kingsglaive, but that’s probably ( mostly ) because she was given very little screen-time at all. at least, nowhere near as much as she & ravus probably should have been given. luna is incredibly strong, all the same. it’s at least expressed to some degree during the fight with leviathan, but i think more-so behind the scenes e.g. when she’s travelling, healing those infected by the scourge. 

    she’s taking that upon herself & essentially transferring their illness unto herself. she is growing physically weak, because the sickness is continually damaging her from the inside. she wasn’t given anywhere near as much appreciation as she deserved, but that doesn’t mean she was a useless or weak character, either. we just weren’t ever given the opportunity to see her be all that she could’ve been. square’s fault ; not luna’s.

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Headcanon: Post arrest, Maggie talks to Lena about the obvious feelings Lena has for Kara. Maggie encourages Lena to ask Kara out. I think we all know how Kara responds... ☺️

obviously she says yes.. she didn’t know lena had feelings for her or that she herself had feelings for lena but when she asked her out it just made sense.. how much she has believed in her since day one and all her fights with her friends about her trusting lena although the evidence clearly made her seem guilty.. so she says yes and lena’s smile is the most beautiful thing kara has ever seen, more beautiful than looking down at earth from space.. so lena invites kara to dinner and that eveing kara can hear lena’s heart racing, sees how nervous she is, even stuttering slightly (which kara only notices because she has super hearing) so she takes her hand and tells her that just being with lena is perfect and that she doesn’t have to be nervous around her (it doesn’t help much but it does make lena relaxa little) and the evening really is perfect, kara can’t remember the last time she’s smiled this much (probably when lena told her she was her hero) and for the first time she’s genuinely happy, it’s then that she knows that this is it, so when Lena drops her off at her apartment she asks her to come upstairs (she doesn’t want the night to end yet, doesn’t want lena to leave) they put on a movie and cuddle together under a blanket on kara’s couch.. but kara is not watching the movie at all because lena is sitting next to her and she can’t pay attention to anything else..

Entertainment Weekly just posted a sweet interview with Kat, talking about her experience with the show over the past 8 years (And fittingly, they used a still from the Bamon vampcakes scene!). Here’s what she had to say about Bamon when reminiscing about specific storylines she enjoyed working on:

Read/comment/share if you want to, HERE.

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Threesome woth Jooheon & Kihyun please?

NSFW! Threesome with Jooheon & Kihyun

  • Kihyun would start the threesome
  • He would start by slowly touch your thigh, slowly moving upward
  • Your legs would open all by themselves
  • His hands would go under your skirt, slowly rubbing your swollen clit
  • “you’re so wet for me baby.”
  • Kihyun would slowly enter one finger inside of your heat
  • As soon as he had you whimpering under his hand he would call in Jooheon
  • You wouldnt even bat an eye because you saw the huge bulge in Jooheon pants
  • “how about we talk off your clothes princess?” Jooheon would ask as he pulls down your pants, kissing your inner thighs
  • Slowly kissing back up your leg, licking your cum off your thighs and sucking on the fingers Kihyun had inside you
  • “She tastes so good. Try some” Jooheon would say as he kisses Kihyun on the lips
  • Both of them moaning at your sweet taste
  • “Hyung…. I need to be inside her”
  • Jooheon would whine, knowing he needs permission
  • “Go ahead. Tell me how tight she is.”
  • After Jooheon enters your tight sex, he moans out loud
  • He’s never felt anything this good. Kihyun isn’t even this good for him.
  • “Bend over my prince, I need to be inside of you.”
  • Kihyun enters Jooheon with no prep because he knows his baby boy can take it
  • All you could hear was Kihyuns breathing, Jooheons moans from being inside you
  • It was all to much.
  • “Let it go baby. Cum for us. Show us how much of a good girl you are”
  • As you were you cumming you felt Jooheon shaking and then you felt all warm inside
  • “Daddy…. I came inside her…. I’m sorry….”
  • Jooheon would whimper from over sensitivity from you and Kihyun
  • Soon enough Kihyun would cum from watching you and Jooheon cry from being so sensitive
  • “What do you say?” Kihyun would ask
  • “Thank you daddy.” Both you and Jooheon would respond with.
  • “Can we do this again?”
  • “Of course baby. How about a bath first?”

-A (I’m sorry for my sins.)

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There are rumours with the staff that that lady in the basement might be an scp herself. Hardly anyone knows what she looks like. Only those who are most desperate for files go down. Rumour has it she knows the O5 personally

The Rumours: 

Each intern sent to deliver files to the basement tells a different story, some say she’s an old withered hag, with a piercing laughter and a sadistic smile. Others say she had a strange beauty to her, youthful and attractive, almost literally, they had to fight to step away.

Some, yet, say they never saw her, just a coat thrown onto a chair that looked like it was bought years before (or after) the desk that accompanied it. That the basement was dark and eerie and that a strange glow was seen from deep into the corridors, each made out of sturdy metal shelves, not unlike the kind used in retail. (could this be the Beyond part from Bed, Bath & Beyond

But, somehow even more strangely, every time an intern is sent down to retrieve a file, they find it neatly tucked into a manila folder, already waiting for them before they have the chance to request it.

The truth: 

She’s never really been that fond of people so, when they offered her the job, she did not hesitate to take it. Whenever someone important from above needs a file that can’t be emailed or faxed, they send an intern with a tiny piece of paper with the information scribbled on it. (even though files need to be requested at least 24 hours prior via - nowadays - email) 

“Keep them on edge” she told her superiors once “if they can’t handle the stress of not knowing what they’ll find, they can’t handle working here.” 

What she really meant to say was “If they’re scared of me they’ll find a way of not bothering me”

And in her more than 20 years of service to the foundation, not a single file has been misplaced.

“I understand,” Cassandra said. “Believe me, I do.”

Dina went on, not really listening to what Cassandra was saying. She worried that if she stopped, she might forget what she had decided to say.”

“I’m naming it Asher. Asher Goth. Asher Goth II. I will remind Mortimer that this is his child, and he’d better not ever forget how it came about.”

“He wouldn’t forget, Dina, and he’s perfectly prepared to pay as much child support as your lawyer fought for and- “

“I’m forgoing the money in the agreement,” Dina continued and brought out a folder from her lawyer. “I want the house that’s mentioned in the agreement, and I want my debt for the restaurant cleared, but I don’t want any money. He can think of that as child support.”


“I want you to take it. Take Asher Goth II and go home. It doesn’t need to be here anymore, it’s just in the hospital because I am. Take it home to your father, and then I don’t want to see it ever again.”

Justices side with Michigan girl in dispute over service dog

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Wednesday sided with a 13-year-old Michigan girl with cerebral palsy who spent years battling school officials for the right to bring her service dog — a goldendoodle named Wonder — to class.

The justices ruled unanimously that federal disability laws might allow Ehlena Fry to pursue her case in court without first having to wade through a lengthy administrative process.

The ruling is a win for advocacy groups that want to make it easier for disabled students to protect their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act. School officials had argued that administrative remedies are an easier and less costly way to resolve educational disputes.

Writing for the court, Justice Elena Kagan said exhausting the administrative process is not always required in such cases. But she said further fact-finding is needed to decide whether Fry can pursue her case in court.

Lower courts had ruled against Fry, saying she first had to try informally resolving her dispute with the school district.

“We’re thrilled that the Supreme Court has torn down unfair barriers faced by students who seek to vindicate their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act,” said Michael Steinberg, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union in Michigan. The ACLU represented Fry throughout her legal proceedings.

Fry’s family sought to use Wonder when Ehlena started kindergarten and suffered from severe mobility problems. Wonder was specially trained to help open doors, pick up items and give Ehlena a measure of independence.

But her school district 75 miles southwest of Detroit initially said Wonder could not accompany her and insisted adult aides could help Ehlena.

School officials later relented a bit, but placed so many restrictions on the dog that Ehlena’s parents decided to home-school her. She later transferred to a different public school that welcomed Wonder.

At issue is the interplay of two federal disability laws. The school district said it could bar the dog under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which allows a teacher’s aide to assist students instead. That law requires families that contest school decisions to first go through administrative proceedings.

But the family said it could sue for damages under a different law, the Americans with Disabilities Act, because the district refused to accommodate Wonder over a two-and-a-half year period.

In her opinion for the court, Kagan offered two examples. In one, a child who uses a wheelchair sues a school for discrimination because the building lacks access ramps. That case, she said, could just as easily be brought against a library or theatre and hinges on equality of access to public facilities, not whether a school’s special education program is adequate.

In her other example, Kagan described a student with a learning disability who sues the school for failing to provide remedial math tutoring. She said the essence of that lawsuit is whether the school offers an adequate education.

Kagan said nothing in the Frys’ lawsuit suggests a focus on the adequacy of her education. Rather, the family is asserting Ehlena’s right to bring a service dog to school regardless of alternatives the school district provided.

But Kagan did not completely eliminate the possibility of a different outcome. She said the lower court must look more closely at the facts to decide.

Fry’s mobility and independence has improved since she was younger and she now attends school without Wonder.

Naomi Gittins, managing director of legal advocacy at National School Boards Association, said the court’s ruling may cause more confusion than help for lower courts trying to apply the law. Her group backed the Michigan school district in the case.

“Going right to court is never a good approach when you’re talking about educational issues,” she said. “It could result in court cases that run up bills rather than a parent talking about this with the school.”

Sam Hananel, The Associated Press

The MBTI Types as People I've Interacted With

-My English teacher (the best teacher I’ve
ever had)
-Very sarcastic and witty (amazing sense
of humor)
-I’ve learned more from her class than any
other class, even though we screw
around half the time
-Talks, banters, and debates a lot

-The best person in all of infinity
-Is me
-I’m just kidding about the first one, lol
-I consider myself to be pretty dang funny

-My 8th grade history/health teacher (the
second best teacher I’ve ever had)
-Says what she thinks (blunt)
-Very opinionated

-One of my favorite friends
-Very logical and math brained
-Sounds sarcastic whether she’s trying to
be or not
-Will actually talk about personality stuff
with me

-One is one of my favorite friends as well
-Friend talks and laughs aloud while
reading books (usually to the
characters). It usually happens during
the worst time to say whatever she’s
saying to the book. (Ex. Someone: “I had
the worst day today.” ENFP: *Laughs out
loud right after that was said at
something the characters did*)
-Friend also sticks her tongue in between
her teeth when she laughs and almost
literally has stars in her eyes when she’s
excited about something
-The other one is my Seminary teacher.
Once he spontaneously brought the
class outside. I thought he’d relate it
something in the lesson but nope, he just
wanted to go outside, lol

-My father
-Really fun, creative, and playful
-I thought he was an extrovert when I first
started learning about MBTI
-Doesn’t actually cry very often, so that
stereotype is wrong for at least him, if
not all INFPs.

-My 10 year-old sister (so I’m not
completely sure about her second
function, but she seems more like an
intuitive than a sensor)
-Asks a million times about the plan. (Ex.
“So, we’re doing this on Thursday for
-I banter with her a lot and it’s pretty fun
-She’s turning into an anime/Harry Potter

-One of my favorite uncles
-Introduced me to MBTI
-Quiet, but REALLY likes talking about
-When we have to hug after some family
event is over, before we leave, it’s
awkward because we’re both awkward

-My 13 year-old sister
-Very artistically talented (performing
arts, visual art, and digital art.)
-Could be a meme if she made a weird

-One of my friends
-Very good at singing and visual art
-Almost always has her hair in either a
ponytail or a braid
-Poke wars

-One is my cousin, and the other is my
step grandma
-They’re both into fashion
-They’re both pretty unhealthy, vain,
manipulative, and probably sociopathic
-I wish I knew a healthy one, but oh well

-My mom (who’s one of my best friends)
-Very determined and hard-working
-Loving and caring
-Looked at my class picture when I was in
first grade, pointed to some kid, and
asked me if he was my crush. I said no,
but she kind of just decided that he was
my crush at that point, lol

-My 9th grade PE teacher/last semester
health teacher
-I’m not sure if he’s actually one, but I
think so
-Steps back and forth while he’s talking/
-Was seriously concerned that he would
have an ugly baby next because his other
children were all cute. (His baby ended
up being cute in case you were

-My digital media (Illustrator/Photoshop)
-Really chill and laid back
-Thinks he’s heaven’s gift to Earth (very
cocky), but is quiet about it (which I find
pretty funny)
-Literally has the word, stoic, written in all
capital letters on a sticky note that’s on
his computer

-One is my grandpa
-He loves spending time with us and
takes my sisters and me out to lunch and
to Barnes and Noble all the time, which is
-Sometimes, if my sisters don’t want their
toys that they got in a kid’s meal, my
grandpa will go up to the most tattooed,
muscular, biker guy in the room and give
him the toys. He says he’s not afraid of
them because he used to be a biker
-The other one is my logical, funny, and
sarcastic math teacher

-My other grandpa
-Works on stuff more than he spends
time with us
-Doesn’t believe in Psychology (so I had
to type him by observation, which I also
did with my teachers)
-Thinks he’s always right (and is probably
unhealthy. I wish I knew a healthy ISTJ)

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how on earth is moana's race stopping her from hating aphobes? I dont get it. it's not like you can speak for every non-hawaiian character either so what makes her off limits?

Yeah, that was kind of my argument? Though they said that they had a problem with me saying she was aroace. Which I didn’t, but they thought I did.

I still don’t agree that that would be racist, but if it was just a misunderstanding, I hope to leave it at that.

Neither aphobe-hating nor sexual/romantic orientation are limited by race.

–Mod Mercy

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Ok I was thinking about this this morning: remember how Tara had Thomas while Jax was Prison? Did they have conjugal visits or something because he was still a little baby when jax got out🤔

One thing you’ll learn about this show if you think about it enough is that the timelines are kinda shit 😂😂😂 If you put in enough thought and start working out logistics, a lot of things won’t make sense because the time frame in which they happened won’t fit or be realistic. But Tara was pregnant with Thomas before Jax and the boys got locked up.

So you think, let’s say that she had a full term pregnancy around 8-9 months, the guys were in on a 14 month stint. But Tara has already been pregnant for around 2 months or so when he goes in. She reveals to Gemma that she’s 6 weeks pregnant when they’re in the hospital I believe before the whole thing with Salazar, and before the whole Belfast ordeal getting Abel back.

So she’s about 2 months when they get put inside, let’s say she has the baby at the fullest term, that’s only seven months away. So 7 months off of the 14 months they’re locked up for is another 7 months. So Tommy should be around 7 months old or so. So he was an ok age when Jax gets out but the age difference between Tommy and Abel but gets worse and worse as the show goes on 😂 Abels damn near a grown ass man by the end and Tommys still getting carried and using a bobo so that’s one thing that didn’t really link up. But him being kinda small still when Jax gets out it somewhat realistic.

Cool question babe 😂

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Didn't Leigh Anne literally say last week that she and Perrie had a thing for 'mixed race boys' and the week before that little mix said they liked Theresa May like how can you say you hate Zayn because he's racist while stanning them. they're both ignorant trash lmao

Little mix have done a lot of offensive things over the years and never once apologised for any of them so Idk why their stans are trying to get brave with Zayn lol

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hello. how are you? how did your day go? what did the sky look like? - the stars

hi! im ok… my day went ok too because I managed to turn in an assignment and idk I got some reading done~ oh and my baby cousin butt-dialed me with her mom’s phone and we had a conversation, I had no idea what she was saying because she’s only 1 but my heart..(I miss her)

Well the sky looked pretty today, around 6pm, it was like blue on top and meshing into yellow. I think I saw a brighter star than usual and it was the only star out? I think it was actually a planet, I heard some will be more visible this week. I took a picture, my phone did it no justice tho :-( venus maybe?

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the ending of heathers makes me so mad because JD's last words were to Veronica and he was pretty much saying I love you and the last thing V said to him was 'goodbye'!! she didn't say it back!!! she didn't!!! say!!! it!!! back!!!

Ok so I’ve thought about this and I think the reason for that is bc like, I’m not really sure how to explain this, but I think she felt like saying she loved him would have felt like a plea to stay or something. Because she KNEW he had to die, and felt like saying I love you would have just made things harder for both of them :/


“The moment we sat down and talked to each other, we had like a natural connection right away. He said to me afterwards that the most important thing for him was to feel comfortable. He had to be comfortable with me and I had to be comfortable with him to do all the stuff that we did this season. I think we just clicked and he felt as much as I did.” (x)


Yuri!!! on Ice Week ♢ Day 02 | Still Alive
option a: ladies appreciation