she had to run out of things to say

My new meds make my skin throw a fit. It’s not terribly bad, just a few things here and there, but it’s bumming me out because I’ve never really had too many run-ins with acne.

My four-year-old sister, however, is under the impression that it’s just “3D freckles”, and that they look very, very pretty. She wants all of my freckles to “pop out”, especially the ones across my nose; they’re her favourite.

And it puts me in this weird position where I can’t say, “No, this is acne, and it’s bad,” because I don’t want to teach her that it’s a bad to have unclear skin, you know? I tried to tell her that my skin was sick because of the new medicine, but she was having none of it. She didn’t think they were any different than all of my literal, actual freckles, despite my efforts to delicately tell her otherwise.

Kids are weird.

The more I think about interactions I have with children, the more I realise that children will consistently compliment “flaws” until they’ve been taught not to.

Like, a kid at the library, whose sister has vitiligo, saw my scars once and suggested that his sister and I should be cats for Halloween, since I have “tabby skin” and she has “calico skin”. “I can be a black cat,” he immediately added. “It’s not AS cool, but they’re the spookiest.”

When I started losing weight, my little brother immediately demanded that I gain it back, because I wasn’t as comfortable to cuddle with anymore.

And my other little sister always wants to wear her paint-stained clothes to school so that “everyone can tell [she’s] an artist”.

I don’t know. I guess talking to little kids just reminds me that all of this superficial shit we worry about really is 100% made up.

Day Fifty-Eight

-I asked a woman how she was doing. “They call this the world’s best kitty litter,” she replied, “And it is.” She then followed up with a sales pitch, trying to convince me to buy it next time I was in the market, despite her seemingly not having any connections to the company and me not owning a cat.

-A woman came through my lane, acting strange and wearing sunglasses at 8:15 on a very overcast morning, making me certain that she made an extra stop after dropping her kids off at school.

-I was shouted at for saying two words to a woman. All that I had managed to get out was “how are”, but she was far too efficient a businesswoman to bother with such trivial things as small talk or manners. 

-I handed an elderly man his receipt, only to find that this man’s hands painted a mystifying landscape. The deep wrinkles running along his arm, deep valleys and rolling hills. The unnaturally abundant and long white hairs, snow-dusted trees blowing in a light breeze. The unidentifiable greenish blotch, the toxic dumping zone of the bayside nuclear research laboratory.

-Subtitled kung fu movies have been playing quietly in the corner of the break room for days, despite a lack of any interested audience to be found at any point. It is fascinating to find the diverse interests the store’s poltergeist seems to hold.

-An unwrapped Hershey’s kiss was left on a table, carefully placed behind a dog decoration. This creativity is frankly inspiring and I would like to shake the hand of the comedic genius who did this.

-I rang up the man who denied me a job at Best Buy a month before I was employed here. Looking at how we have both turned out since then, I am grateful things played out as they did. I now have at least six people who read stories from my days at work. His beard has somehow become more creepy than it had been during my interview. I can safely say that I have come out the winner here.

-As a young girl was pushed around the girls section by her mother, she pointed to each item, asking if it was boys or not. This continued for an entire circuit of the section until the mother, seemingly having taken the hint, pushed her towards the boys clothes, much to her delight. It brightened my day to see the mother handle this with such grace and I hope the girl finds the clothes she was looking for.

here’s how the other one thing will axtually happen:
mary: but. you wouldnt. kill. your own sister?!
sherlock: ……..BAHAHAHAHA WHAT
mary: yeah! im your sister! birth records show the holmes family had a daughter! who vanished! and she was me!!!
sherlock: uh no, she was me, i’m a trans man, nice try lol
mary: ……..*makes a run for the door* *accidentally falls out window instead* shit

Chronical Illness Translation: I'm okay

When you are chronically ill, your definition of “I’m doing okay” or “I’m alright” has to change. When people ask you, “How are you?” or “How are you feeling?”, the answer is actually, usually, rather unwell… but you don’t want to make things awkward or make the topic of your health part of the conversation so you either say “I’m okay” or “I’m alright”.

Just now I had a moment where my mom called me and asked me how I was feeling, the truth is I’m sinking into bed with severe fatigue, muscle cramps, joint pain, some nausea/migraine, and labored breathing & dizziness but because my pain levels are not screamingly intolerable, I answered “I’m alright”; to which she asked if I could go out and run an errand.

I had to all of a sudden clarify, “I’m alright as in I don’t need an ambulance at this very moment, I’m stable but I’m not currently physically able to do a task like that.”

I’ve always had a THING for languages like if a girl starts speaking her native language to me in a sultry voice I am done for, even if she’s secretly saying the most random shit ever. It’s become my headcanon that this is how Yuuri feels about Viktor speaking Russian.

Viktor picks up on it and starts teasing him with it, like they’ll be out in public and he’ll lean in and whisper completely innocent things like “on the way home we should stop at the store because we’re running out of dish soap” as sexily as possible because he loves how red Yuuri turns even though he has no idea what he’s saying.


For anon…reader is Tony’s daughter as requested. This imagine has mentions of an abusive relationship. I will place a ‘keep reading’ line in order to avoid accidental reading. You’re beauties’s health is much more important than my writing.

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I don’t know how many times I have to scream about it, but Padme did not die from childbirth or a broken heart. Is there a 100% confirmation of how she died? No, but think about her death, or better yet, go rewatch it.

As she’s giving birth, Anakin is being rebuilt into his life support suit. These two things run parallel to each other and are happening at the same time. The medical droids say that he body is shutting down and that she “lost the will to live.” They say they can’t explain what is happening.

Now, Padme’s death (and the supposed death of her unborn twins) would cut out the last thing Vader had keeping him tied to humanity. Palpatine knows this. And Palpatine is with Vader and has no way of knowing what Padme is up to. The first thing he tells Vader is that Padme died, and how the hell would he know that? He could have lied to one of the most powerful force users ever and just said that his only attachment left in the galaxy is dead, but Anakin probably could have realized the lie right away. Palpatine didn’t send people to kill Padme. He didn’t send people to even check, but he knew that she was dead, because Anakin could feel his mother’s pain from planets away, you can bet he’d know if Padme was alive or not.

Now, the ability to just drain the life from someone is definitely something dark side users can do. Its not easy or common or something any old Sith learns in Sith 101. But its something that can be done. Now, with the force all out of wack because the Jedi just got wiped out, the dark side is all over the place, and the sheer chaos of all the killing of force sensitives is just not good for the galaxy. And Padme has just been chocked out and gave birth. She’s in a vulnerable state and Palpatine is more powerful than he’s ever been before, and he was always pretty damn powerful.

Padme’s body just started shutting down and all the technology around her did nothing. This is a setting where you can stick someone in a vat of goo and it heals just about everything. Because the force can work despite all the technology and medicine working against it. Bacta can’t heal the force draining the life essence from your body. Palpatine knew Padme was dead. He was no where around her, and he knew that she was dead because he couldn’t have lied to Vader about that. He also knew that killing Padme would be the last step to making Vader absolutely his, as he had nothing else to lose after he lost everything.

But yeah, Padme died of a broken heart I guess.

This time I can see the signs clearly, and their all telling me the same thing.. run. 
Loving you is a bad idea, I think it might destroy me but still, I can’t hold myself back. someone else has the space in your heart occupied and trust me when I tell you, I know how hard it is to get them out, so I say this to you with confidence because I know you could never admit it but to you I will always be second. She will always be first.
And for a little while you were second to me too, I still had the door half open waiting for him to come back, but now its different..
now you you are the only person I want to be here next to me. Your the only one I think about. So maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’ll change but damn, I’ve been in this situation one too many times and although I want to be me and you so bad, i can’t sit here waiting for you to choose me.
Its either you’re here or you’re not.
—  Your hearts not with me and we both know that so why can’t we stop seeing eachother

“Ah, that Jasper, always running around and creating discourse whenever she appears. Boy that didn’t work out for her did it.”

“Yeah… she lost her mind in a corrupted fusion. I guess you could say… she had a short fuse?”

“That’s pretty fucked up Smokey.”

“Not as fucked up as Jasper was!”

“OOOHOHOHOHO Oh boy we’re gonna get so much hate mail aren’t we.”

“I made them myself.”



Yeah… same.

That was a very… subtly dark joke there.

I took my dad to see The Force Awakens last night (my second time to see it), and amid the awesome things that happened - like us both agreeing we really had to go to the bathroom and ducking out during Supreme Leader Snoke’s speechy scene, running through the halls of the theatre (at which point my dad grabbed my hand and snickered so I could say “I know how to run without you holding my hand!”) - listening to the three people next to us had to be the best.

It was a grandma and grandpa, and their granddaughter, who looked to be about seven or eight, and who was mesmerized by the whole thing. She kept asking questions, the foremost of which was “Who is that?” when we first see Leia. Grandma goes, “That’s Princess Leia,” and granddaughter goes, “Princess Leia?” “Um-hm, she used to be just Princess Leia, but now she’s a general too. Han Solo is her husband.” The entire rest of the time, the little girl proceeded to not comment about Rey, or Poe or Finn, or BB-8 (though she did giggle when the droid fell on top of Finn), but to freak out every time Leia came on screen. During the infamous scene with Han and Kylo Ren, the little girl covered her face and goes, “That was Leia’s husband,” in a heartbroken whisper.

So while my dad made trigger-finger motions at Kylo Ren for his unforgivable actions, the little girl next to me was fangirling over Leia Organa, who is still the strongest, most beautiful, and most admired woman in the Star Wars franchise, even when given very little screentime, grey-haired, and not 110 lbs. Carrie Fisher is beloved not only by fans of the original series who remember her as she was, but is stealing the hearts of little girls who see her for the very first time, recognize her love for Han, her strength, her determination, and leave the theatre with the determination: “I want to be like Princess Leia.”

Crazy how far life can take you. My gf was in a 6 year relationship with the person she thought she would marry, have children with, etc. I too was in a relationship with a woman I thought would bear my children, or child, and my name. We recently sat down and talked about how we had our lives planned out with our partners, etc. However, if the universe doesn’t have those plans for you, it will be known.

Thing that sits with me the most is when my gf says I have been waiting to hear love songs and see a face. She told me she can see my face now and that really sat with me. I never imagined someone feeling strongly for me the way she does. I know people have loved me but I always felt a limit to their love. Or like I had to compete for their love. Or maybe I always knew their love would run out or die down for me. I am not easy person to love.

I don’t want her to experience the old me. I don’t want anyone in my life to experience the old me. I have real goals of settling down and getting married and apart of that is forfeiting some behaviors that are detrimental to what I really want to establish… A forever kind of love.

2017 is going to be insane, I can feel it already.

A Rafael Stan just told me off trying to convince me that he is an abuse victim and that I can’t blame him for not noticing that Petra was comatose, getting Luisa a “babysitter,” and saying he though Petra was “missing the mom gene.” ONE, she defended him not figuring out the Aneska/Petra thing because nobody else did. CAN SOMEONE REMIND ME WHO WAS MARRIED TO PETRA, CURRENTLY RAISING TWO BABIES WITH HER, AND CO-RUNNING A HOTEL WITH HER? Jane? No. Michael? No. It was Rafael. Of all people, he should have seen it spending day after day around her. Im not mad that he didn’t notice, I’m just saying of all people it should have been him. TWO, Luisa has so many problems that, yes, she shouldn’t have been alone that night. Therefore, he should have just had a friend sit with her and keep her company. Simply calling it “babysitting” highlights how Rafael views and treats Luisa, like a messed up child. She has been through so much and deserves more than that. THREE, Saying to a woman that you thought “they were missing the mom gene” is wrong on SO many levels. Petra was trying her best to deal with post-partum depression and be a mom to the girls anyway she could, which for her was financially supporting for them. Saying that there’s “a mom gene” also implies hat something is missing from a woman if they don’t want to be a mother or simply don’t do it to society’s standards. I know Raf has made some progress in the past episode; however, he really “knocked it out of the park” with these last things. I’m not picking apart his past, this is crap he’s done IN THE LAST EPISODES. I understand it was hard to notice that Petra was a fake. I get that Luisa needed someone with her. Raf was right to point out how well Petra was currently doing with the twins. ITS JUST THE WAY HE GODDAM DID IT.

Some more wintery headcanons for everyone’s favorite kids:

-El being so excited to see her first snowfall (that Mike had described to her in fantastic detail) that she runs right out the door and forgets her winter coat (thankfully Will runs out after her with it)

-Mike always keeping extra boots and mittens and fuzzy scarves around to keep his El warm

-Dustin getting his tongue to a metal pole on a dare from Lucas

-El going over to the Wheelers’ first thing on Christmas morning and Holly coming downstairs and saying “Santa brought Ellie for Christmas!!” (From a conversation with the lovely @theamiableanachronism)

-Mike wearing the dorky Christmas sweater that his mom made for him

-Dustin sneaking cookie dough for himself and El to eat

-Lucas teaching his friends to play broomball on the ice

-Mike holding El’s hands when they go back inside the house to warm her up after being out in the snow

-Will making special drawings for his friends’ Christmas presents

-Mike’s dad insisting on having the most Christmas lights in the neighborhood and having Mike help put them up on a freezing cold night

-El kissing Mike on the cheek under the mistletoe like she saw on tv

-All five of the kids falling asleep together on Christmas Day in a nest of blankets after opening presents and marathoning Christmas movies

Alright, are we going to ignore that one of the “obvious” things in TFA is that both Kylo and Obi Wan are somehow the only ones aware of Rey’s presence during her vision? Luke couldn’t see her, kid!Rey couldn’t see her, no one else could see her. Obi Wan is the one who calls directly to her by saying her name, and she immediately runs to meet him. I just think we need to chill out a bit, the truth will come in time.

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Hey! Could you maybe write a sanvers cuddling fluffy fic? I'd love to see your spin on it!

ha so this is a bit longer than expected it to be but it’s pretty cute! I hope it what you wanted!!

Alex was a reader.

That was something Maggie learned very quickly. Any free time Alex had, anyone could probably find her reading a book.

Maggie loved walking into the apartment at night finding Alex reading - something - anything she could get her hands on. She read something new every few days and Maggie swore that one day her girlfriend was going to run out of books. They just couldn’t possibly be written fast enough. Maggie teased about this endlessly - calling Alex a nerd each time she finished a book - but honestly, it was one of Maggie’s favorite things about her.

Maggie walked over and, without even saying a word, gave Alex a small peck on the lips just to tell her she was home. Maggie went and changed into one of Alex’s t-shirts, grabbed the ice cream - vegan of course - out of the freezer, and joined her girlfriend on the couch. Alex accepted easily, allowing Maggie to wiggle underneath her arm. They fit together perfectly, like pieces to a puzzle. Maggie pulled a blanket around both of them and rested her head gently against Alex’s chest.

Alex, lost in her book, mindlessly twirled Maggie’s hair around her fingers. She always loved it. She loved the texture and the feeling between her fingers as she twirled it. She wanted to describe the softness as that of cloud - like one of those really fluffy ones that are stark white against the intense blue of the sky. That had to be right.

Maggie smiled at the feeling of her hair being stroked. She slowly raised the spoon up to Alex’s mouth, offering her some of the ice cream, knowing that the only reason that she’d stop reading was if there was a dire emergency. “Mags -” Alex whined, “move your arm! It’s getting good.”

“Fine. I won’t share my ice cream then, Danvers,” Maggie teased.

“It’s not exactly ice cream, anyway,” Alex shrugged, still half reading the pages.

“You know, for someone who loathes my vegan ice cream, you sure do eat a lot of it.”

Alex giggled a bit, “I do not!” Her voice raised a bit - as it always did when she lied.

“Yeah, you do! Pretty sure I had way more than this last time I opened it. And don’t think I don’t hear you out here in middle of the night.” Maggie teased lightly.

“How-?” Alex cut herself off with a grumble. She was going to ask how she knew it was her and how she knew she was eating her ice cream at 2 AM but she already knew the answer. She grabbed a spoon and scooped a bit of ice cream into her mouth.

Maggie smirked at the sight, “I’m a detective, Danvers. I detect.”


It took approximately sixteen hours of our lives to see Sam Maekjong finally stepping up in the game and getting closer to get what should have been his for a long time now. Let’s not mention that he also talked to like ten dozen people before he finally decided he will go all ninja/Assassin’s Creed mode on the old evil man. By the way, Ah Ro had a good and fair point. When she called out Sam Maekjong that he only wants to use her as an excuse to run away was pretty damn right. We know he has sort of a love thing going on for her, but it’s probably not as strong that he would actually give up on everything and go farming with her…
Anyway, I hope starting today we will get closer to him becoming the actual king and settling down into a good conclusion, because it’s just getting too much. 

Though I have to say I really liked the scene between Sam Maekjong and Princess Sookmyung. I wish they wouldn’t be “destined” to marry each other because it just makes everything weird, but I do think they would have a good dynamic and they should help each other out. Also, looking at the preview, that kiss is going to kill me. I guess it runs in the family that they threat the people that they love and also kiss them with force. Amazing… 

Isn’t it funny though how previews can trick people? We all thought something terrible will happen to Hansung but it’s just the typical family drama. I learnt to not trust previews anymore. I wish there would be a Hwarang continuation where they only focus on the real couples, Yeo Wool x Hansung and Ah Ro x Sun Woo (okay maybe Ban Ryu x Soo Ho and Sun Woo x Sam Maekjong can get some special episodes as well). I would even buy a DVD of that. 

Talking about Ah Ro, I’m not sure what Wonhwa really means because this is only the second time I’m watching a historical drama and I’m not so familiar with the term. But reading about it and seeing some responses here on Tumblr, I have high hopes for something good or at least something very interesting happening. I mean it does sound dangerous as Sun Woo was freaking out because of it, but I think that would suit Ah Ro’s character because she has gone through some pretty harsh situations already and every time she showed how caring and smart she is. I mean the fact that even the Queen realizes that way before many of the people in this fandom… 

Ban Ryu though… just because your step-family is made up of snakes, why do you have to act like one? Yes, we can look deeply into why is he acting like this and we can say all sorts of supporting and hopeful things, but let’s be honest, he acted pretty crappy in the past two episodes. His character development is not going on a positive slope anymore. It’s more like a negative slope of a quadratic equation because he is going downhill now. Soo Yeon deserves better. 

What still makes me happy while watching this drama is the developing brotherhood and friendship of the Hwarangs. How they step up for each other (well except for some) and protect each other when time calls it. I also love it so much whenever Ah Ro and Sun Woo have cute scenes together, like when they were by the water and Sun Woo gave a quick kiss to her. I don’t even understand those who say they don’t have a good chemistry and feel she should be with Sam Maekjong… I mean their love is so cute and fuzzy, I literally melt in front of the screen. I also do believe that their love is strong enough to survive that inconvenient kiss from the princess. At least I really hope it, because if their love gets ruined few episodes before the final, I’m not going to survive that.

And now we get to the point where we only have four episodes left. I complain a lot about this drama’s writing in general, but I’m definitely going to miss it. I got too invested in the characters and their love lives that it will be hard not seeing them every week. The cast is just wonderful and I wish they would come together like this in some other dramas. Hwarang may not be perfect, but it definitely did a good job with making people fall for characters or be upset at some, and think about the story even long after the episode was done. But I just hope that the following final four episodes will do more good to the characters and to the plot in general than bad. Because they all deserve a happy ending and I want to see a final cute yet meaningful kiss between Ah Ro and Sun Woo without tearing my heart out. And I really want to see Sam Maekjong getting the throne and every other character finding their own happy endings. 

The Time of Year to be With the One You Love

Merry Christmas @stygian-omada-fan! Hope you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the story :)

- Your Secret Santa @hope-for-olicity

The Time of Year to be With the One You Love

Felicity stood on her balcony at the loft looking out at the glowing Christmas lights. At such a height she could see into some homes near by, families and friends happily sitting near Christmas trees. She smiled remembered Walter telling her how passionate Oliver was about Christmas the first year he returned from the island.

She had her own run in with Oliver that Christmas. If Felicity remembered correctly, that was the time he brought her the mysterious black arrow. She smiled remembering that she also told him that she didn’t think much of archery. Open mouth, insert foot - she could even say stupid things without even knowing apparently.

But Oliver didn’t say stupid things. In fact, he told her she was “remarkable” and then gave her that Oliver Queen smile. She became so flustered that she didn’t say thank you like a normal person but instead “thank you for remarking.” Who said thing like that?

So long ago, so much had changed since that night. She was looking forward to see Walter at tonight’s City Hall Holiday Party. She secretly loved when Thea told her the story about how all the invitations said Christmas Party and Oliver insisted they be reprinted on his own dime to say Holiday Party.


Oliver was seated at his desk in the Mayor’s office. It still surprised him sometimes that this is what his life had become. He had walked past people doing last minute prep for the City Hall Holiday Party on his way in.

He always loved holiday parties. His family had held any annual Christmas party at the Queen mansion up until he went missing. He smiled remembering how his father put a Christmas tree in every room. Robert Queen loved Christmas, his father had been on his mind a lot lately since the alien mind tricks had made him a part of his life again. Oh how he wished his father had been home when he returned from the island.

Thinking back to that first Christmas when he returned from the island, his family had not wanted to celebrate Christmas and he had pushed it on them. Remembering the Queen mansion full of Christmas decorations made him smile. Sadly, the party did not go as planned and he got called away on Green Arrow business - of course he was the Hood back then.

That was also his first Christmas knowing Felicity Smoak. Although, he wouldn’t admit it to himself back then, he would use any excuse to go see Felicity. She was like a little ray of sunshine in his world and he never knew quite what she was going to say. She fascinated him. In fact she still does.

Felicity was still working in the Queen Consolidated IT Department that Christmas, she was so pretty, sitting there completely unaware of his presence, even now he remembered this with a smile. She was so indignant that he had not knocked. It was cute.

While he had figured out the composition of the black arrow himself, he knew she could find out where to find this particular arrow faster.  He almost choked when examining the arrow she told him that she thought archery was a waste of time, shot to the heart in thought.  Of course Felicity had no idea because this was still during the time when was telling her amazing, not amazing, cover stories. They both knew she wasn’t buying them but he really did not want to get her involved in his world. He just could not resist coming back to see her.

He should have known then that this remarkable woman would become the love of his life. Thinking of Felicity, he could not help but be glad that he would see her tonight. Sadly, she would be on the arm of another. But if Billy Malone made her happy, that is what he wanted.

However, if he was being honest with himself, he did not think Billy Malone was making her happy. Something was wrong with Felicity and he wished he could help but he really did not think it was his place anymore.

His phone buzzed reminding him it was time to get ready for the Holiday Party. There could not be a City Hall Christmas Party without the Mayor, now could there?


As Felicity walked into the party on Billy’s arm she could not help but feel a little nervous. This was Oliver’s party and she was with her new man, person, the guy she was seeing. Oliver said he was okay with this but it still felt wrong.

She was relieved and a little anxious when she saw Walter near the bar. She had missed him and now that she and Oliver were no more she saw even less of him.

“Walter, Merry Christmas!”

“Felicity Smoak, so nice to see you again. I trust all is well.”

This was a difficult question to answer as the short answer was no. But you couldn’t tell people no, everything is not well, I was fired from my own company and then killed 50,000 people. Somehow she knew this would not go over well at parties.

So she gave Walter a big smile and said “Yes, exciting times for me. A lot of irons in the fire, still sorting out what I”d like to do in the New Year. Nice to have options.”

“I had no doubt you would land on your feet. You have always been resourceful. If you need any help from me, please let me know. I’m hoping one of those irons in the fire is your own company. I’ve always thought Smoak Technologies has a nice ring to it.”

“Thanks so much for your support Walter. I will have to think but you are right Smoak Technologies does sound good.”

“Felicity, Walter so nice to see you,” Thea said joining them looking lovely in short gold cocktail dress.

“Thea, you look lovely so nice to see you and might I say how impressed I am with your work here at City Hall. I think you really found your stride. Your mother would be proud”

“Wow Walter! Way to make a girl feel special. Thank you so much!” Thea went to hug Walter as Felicity watched. She knew how much Walter meant to Thea and it was so nice to see them together again.

Just as she was about to say something to Thea she heard Oliver voice saying “Can I have your attention please.”


Oliver saw Felicity walk in on Billy’s arm, deep breathe he told himself. She looked beautiful in her emerald green gown, that hugged all the right place. Stop checking her out, he thought to himself.

As he let out the deep breath he heard “I saw that.”

He turned to see Thea standing behind him. Maybe she would ignore what she saw if he changed the topic.

“Don’t you look lovely. Gold really suits you Thea”

“Why thanks Ollie, you clean up nice yourself. Now back to the subject at hand, the lovely lady in the green dress. When are you going to apologize and grovel? You and I both know you are better together. I’m shipping Olicity all the way.”

“Thea, it’s complicated and,” he nodded toward Malone, “she’s happy and has moved on.”

“She’s happy? I mean I know you aren’t always the smartest man in the room,” Oliver gave her annoyed look.

“But you can’t be the only who doesn’t notice she is miserable.”

“What are you talking about? I know things aren’t perfect; she’s still dealing with Havenrock. But she’s not miserable Thea. Look her over there - she’s smiling.”

“For a man who wears a mask half the time, you aren’t very good at recognizing one.”

Oliver was shocked. When he looked down at Felicity he could finally see what he’d suspected all along. He just hadn’t been allowing himself to look at her. He had felt focusing on her was wrong, she had made herself clear a couple of months ago that they were over. So to respect her wishes and protect his heart he had kept her at arm’s length and missed that the most important person in his life was barely keeping it together.

“Earth to Ollie. While your sorting through all your self-blame, we both know you are doing it,” Thea smirked at him. “I’m going to go down and give Felicity a break. She’s talking to Walter and I doubt that is a comfortable conversation given that she is unemployed and spends her nights with the Green Arrow.”

Before Oliver could say anything, Thea had walked away, headed toward Felicity. He could see Felicity physically relax as Thea interrupted the conversation. He thought he may have seen a genuine smile in there as well.

Oliver decided it was time for the Mayor’s Holiday Toast. He stepped up to the podium to address his guests.

Can I have your attention please.

Thank you. I promise I’ll only take up a moment of your time.

I just wanted to say wish everyone here Happy Holidays! I know many people put in a lot of hard work to make tonight happen so first I think we should give them a round of applause.

Oliver paused as people clapped. He scanned the room for Felicity. He could see she was standing alone, watching him speak. He made eye contact.

The Holidays are the time of year you spend with ones you love. I was thinking just today about the last Christmas party I threw at the Queen Mansion when I first returned to what was Starling City. I was so happy to spend Christmas with my family after so many years away.

But times change as we all know, sometimes we can’t spend the holidays with the ones we love. Things happen, maybe we cause them ourselves, that lead to estrangements. Or maybe we impose them on ourselves because we feel unworthy.  But the holidays are the time to put all that aside.

I would like to take this moment to acknowledge those that I love that are here tonight, my lovely sister and Chief of Staff Thea Queen and the woman who will always hold my heart Felicity Smoak.

So I encourage to reach out if you can - let those you love know that you love them. Tis the season for love and forgiveness.  

Please go and be the ones you love!

Oliver took in the rest of the room at this point to see how they took his speech. Felicity’s face had remained encouraging but stoic - mask in place so it was hard to tell what she thought.  He looked back to find her again but she was gone. Off with Malone he guessed.

“Well, Mr. Mayor that was some speech.” He turned to see Thea.

“Yes, I ad-libbed a bit from what you had written.” he shrugged.

“A bit.” she chuckled.

“I think Felicity heard every word, how could she not when you were looking right at her? Obvious much?”

“Sorry, I just felt like I had to do something. I didn’t want her to have to wear a mask with me. I need her to know that I still love her and would be there for her.”

“Do you know where she is now?”

“No, I haven’t seen her. But shall I send her your way if I do?”

“I’ll find her myself”

Luckily Oliver had done all the political hobnobbing and glad-handing earlier so he was free to roam the party in search of Felicity.

He had just turned the corner that led to the washrooms when he saw Malone. Oliver knew he should feel bad professing his love to the other man’s girlfriend but he just couldn’t. Obviously, Malone wasn’t providing Felicity the support she needed, the support Oliver could. He did not want to make decisions for Felicity but he wanted to let her know that she had options.

“If you are looking for Felicity she went home.” Malone said. “Your little speech, upset her, and made her realize what I already suspected. She’s not over you. She called it quits with me.”

“Malone I don’t know what to say.”

“Please don’t say you are sorry, because I know you won’t mean it.”

“That’s true. But I want to thank you for being there for Felicity. I know things may be over now but she spoke very highly of you.”

With that Oliver turned away and left his own party.


Felicity got back to the loft and kicked off her shoes at the door. Her feet were killing her. She was going to put on some comfy clothes and put on an episode of Blindspot. She just needed to not think about her life for a moment.

As she walked up the stairs, she couldn’t help but remember last Christmas and how are life had changed forever. First with the most beautiful proposal she could ever wish followed quickly by the most horrific attack. She was really glad she couldwalk up these stairs again. Felicity was glad to remind herself to be grateful. It was hard being sad all the time, even if that was her default feeling.

As she slipped one Oliver’s old t-shirts over her head, long ago claimed by her - so not really Oliver’s she told herself. She allowed herself to think of his words tonight. At first she was shocked. After months of nothing. Nothing to the point, that she thought he lost interest, he gave this speech. She had to admit her heart soared for a moment.  He still loved her. He said and she heard it.

But after Havenrock, she didn’t really deserve that love anymore. Didn’t he know? He deserves someone who is whole, not default sad. But maybe he doesn’t know. Maybe he’s been buying her act this whole time. She knew when Oliver mentioned unworthy of love in his speech, he was referring to himself, he had no idea of how unworthy she felt.

She took a seat down on their bed, her bed now and started to cry. How could he do this? Make her want him again? As though she had stopped? Dangle the possibility of them together when she knew she no longer deserved his love. She lay on his side of the bed, where she always chose to sleep but still considered his side and let herself cry.


Oliver decided to walk to the loft, clear his head and prepare what he wanted to say to Felicity. She probably wasn’t happy with him. It’s not like she rushed up to find him. She left. That could not be a good sign.

But with all Thea had pointed out concerning Felicity’s mask, he was really worried he had missed other signs. He was so busy protecting himself, not looking at her. He missed the most important thing. She needed him. That was it, period. And he was going to be there for her from now on; in whatever way she would let him.

He just hoped that she would let him. He was a little hurt that she had not spoken to him but at the same time he understood. He was almost to their loft, when he noticed the convenience store they used to frequent during happier times. Oliver decided to stop in and pick up some of Felicity’s favourites. Best not to show up empty handed when seeking forgiveness.

He still had his keys so he let himself into the building. When he got to the loft door he could see the lights were on through the glass door. Good, she wasn’t asleep.

He knocked on the door. Waited. Knocked again….no sound from inside the loft. Should he just give up and go home, eat the mint chocolate chip himself? No, she had been alone with her pain too long, this was stopped now.

Just as he raised his hand to knock harder, and the door and there Felicity stood rumpled, in his shirt, pushing up her glasses, which did nothing to disguise her red eyes.

“Felicity. I’m so sorry.”

“You are sorry,” she said without any inflection.

Oliver had no idea where he stood here. So he decided he better just stick with the truth. “Yes, I am sorry if what I said tonight made you uncomfortable. I am sorry for not telling you about William all those months ago and I am very sorry to have left you alone with your pain. I need you to know I am here now and want to be here for you in any way that works for you. I love you Felicity. I understand if you don’t love me but I will always love you.”

Felicity stood there looking at him, “Come in.”


She should have known he would show up. Part of her hoped he would, but now that he was here she wasn’t sure she wanted to answer to the door. She knew he would be her kind, wonderful Oliver. And it was becoming harder and harder not to just lean on him.  But she didn’t deserve his kindness. She was responsible for 50,000 deaths.

He knocked again. He wasn’t leaving. She was going to have to face him. Deep breathe.

She opened the door and there he stood looking better than ever in his suit, with his suspenders - Felicity always loved Oliver in suspenders. She was so distracted by all his hotness she almost missed it when he said he was sorry.

He was sorry…for what? What did he have to be sorry for? No one should be apologizing to her. She needed to apologize to the world. So without thinking she asked what he was sorry for.

As he spoke, she let a bit of his warmth inside. Just a little she couldn’t help it. He said he loved her. Even if she was undeserving, it was rather amazing that Oliver Queen still loved her. And he thought she didn’t love him - as if that were possible.

So she did the only thing she could in that moment, she invited him in.


“Felicity, why don’t you sit down. I’ll make us some tea.”


Felicity still hadn’t said much. She clearly was not okay and he knew this couldn’t just be about the speech at City Hall.

He stayed in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil, put the mint chip ice cream in her very empty freezer and watched Felicity curl up on the couch she wrapped the green throw around herself. She looked so sad, so despondent. How could he have missed this? Well, he wasn’t missing this now.

Oliver walked over to the living room, carrying to cups of tea. He set them down on the coffee table and took a seat next to Felicity on the couch. He couldn’t help but notice that she moved back, just a little.

“Felicity. We need to talk.”

“I broke up with Malone. It wasn’t real”

A couple of weeks ago those words would have made his heart soar but now he knew it was never real, just another part of Felicity’s I’m normal mask.

“He told me. Felicity I want you to know, that I know that you are not okay,” Felicity began to turn away from him. “Hey, it’s okay that you are not okay. Do you hear me? You can be not okay with me.”

“Oliver.” Felicity’s eyes welled with tears again.

Oliver went to take her in his arms. After months of avoiding touching in this moment, Felicity’s comfort took precedence over self-preservation. For a moment it looked like she was going to allow it but instead she jumped up from the couch.

“No. You know what I did. I killed 50,000 people Oliver, 50,000 people! I don’t deserve your hugs, comfort or love.” the tears were streaming down her face.

“Well, I’ve never been exactly in your shoes Felicity and thank goodness I wouldn’t be able to walk,” he smirked “But I have done so many horrible things and you more than anyone else in this world know what I am capable of. I’ve killed, been responsible for the death of innocence people and have hurt those nearest to me and to my constant amazement that never stopped you from loving me. I will never feel truly worthy of your love, if I could still have it, I would take it and hold onto tight with both hands.”

Felicity’s face had remained unchanged as he spoke. She just stood there looking at him. She stayed silent for minute, almost like she was processing what he said. “I will always love you Oliver Queen. But I don’t think you can help me. I’m broken. I don’t sleep, I barely eat and it takes all my effort just to get out of day and pretend to be normal.”

“It’s time to stop pretending Felicity. At least with me.”

“I can’t stop pretending! If I stop, I don’t know what will happen.”

“You can stop right now. I am here Felicity. Stop right now, come here.” He gestured for her to sit in his lap.


Could she do it? It would be so much easier to just let Oliver hold her. She knew how his touch always had a comforting effect on her. But she didn’t deserve this compassion. As she continued to be at war with the two sides of her brain, Oliver tugged on her hand.

And it was as though the universe made the decision for her. She collapsed into Oliver’s waiting arms. She snuggled into him and she started to cry as Oliver rubbed her back.

“That’s it. Let it out. No more mask with me Felicity. I am here for you. We will get through this.”

Felicity shook her head against his chest to say no. She really couldn’t speak through the sobs.

“Yes, you will Felicity. Because as a very smart person once told me. I know this because you are not alone and I believe in you.”

With that Felicity cried harder and Oliver hugged her tighter.


That night was a breakthrough for them and the first step in a very long road of Felicity coming to terms that she was not responsible for the Havenrock - it was Damien Darhk and Damien Darhk alone, who was responsible.

But she did get better, she was forever changed but with the help of Oliver and a therapist Lyla was able to suggest she was getting better.

She and Oliver had remained friends through it all. Felicity wasn’t ready for a relationship and for a long time still believed she didn’t deserve Oliver.

But now that she felt better she thought it might be time to move things to another level with Oliver. Oliver who had been patiently waiting for any sign, he thought, she didn’t notice. But of course she did.

She was sitting at her computers in the lair when she heard the ding of the elevator. She turned to look at Oliver and could not hide her love for him.

He walked over to her. Never breaking eye contact. Felicity stood, even in heels she was so much shorter than him. They were never nose to nose.

“Oliver.” she didn’t get a chance to finish what she was going to say and Oliver was kissing her.

All of a sudden he pulled back “This is okay right? You are ready for this now?” he looked like a scared puppy dog.

“Yes, Oliver this is okay. More than okay. I love you and think it’s time we show each other how much.”

Oliver eyes widened and darkened at “show.” He grabbed Felicity’s hand and led her down to the area that was serving as his bedroom.

As Felicity walked away with Oliver she remembered what it meant to be loved by Oliver Queen.


The following year when Oliver gave his speech at the City Hall Holiday Party, the love of his life, Felicity was by his side.

Out of Time

Characters: Yoongi (love interest) and the rest of BTS

Genre: Fluff, Comedy

Summary: She’s from a small town,has had past relationships, but none have worked out so far. She’s an optimistic, energetic, open minded and what some would call a “happy-go-lucky” kind of girl with her occasional childish antics. Min Yoongi is a genius with his words, comes off as a cold person and is mature. These two wouldn’t seem like the kind to click, but, some say that opposites attract…

Originally posted by grlcrsh

I ran to catch the train to head further into the city. It’s a hot summer day, and the last thing I want to be doing is running, and the second to last thing I want to be doing is getting on a small confined place with people standing toe-to-toe. But my friend Mija has already been waiting for me for 10 minutes now. And it’s going to take me at least another 10 to get there. 

To clear things up, Mija is my best friend from middle school, we went to high school together as well. Unfortunately we didn’t get into the same college, but we’re in neighboring towns, so it isn’t so bad. We meet up on weekends and any other days we have off. That is, if she doesn’t have plans with her five year steady boyfriend Chongbin. 

Me? I’m lonely. I’ve never had a boyfriend for over three months, my taste in men is always changing, and I’ve been told I’m often too wild or childish for them to deal with. They want a girl who is soft spoken and gentle, not loud and outgoing. A girl who is on time to dates and not 20 minutes late (that one I can understand, but still). A girl who is dainty and girly, not spunky and only slightly tomboyish. And above all, a girl who acts mature, and motherly. If you couldn’t guess, all the latter ones aren’t me. It’s not that I’m ridiculously immature or anything, that’s not it at all. I’m smart, I just also have a taste for life. I’m not afraid to speak my mind, I’m not afraid to be open and outgoing. But I guess some people can’t handle that. Or they don’t want to, it’s too burdensome. Either way, I know that my prince charming out there somewhere.

I just haven’t found him yet… 

Mija has always been involved in my love life, or lack thereof, for that matter. She has set up blind dates, made mixers for me, and always gives her opinion on who should be my next date or boyfriend. She says she wants me to be happy, loved and cared for. I tell her I would like that too, but now just isn’t my time. Maybe I’m supposed to be waiting for someone. Who knows. 

I run through the sliding doors of the subway train and use the closest person as a back stop, slightly bouncing off the older business man. I flash him an apologetic smile, but of course he’s too busy looking down at his phone to care.   

As I watch the scenery go by, I see people walking in groups, carrying shopping bags and drinking ice cold beverages or ice cream under the blazing sun. My mouth slightly waters at the sight of something cold to fight off the heat that feels like a blanket over my bare arms and legs. 

Trying to take my mind off of the desire I level my eyes with the billboards lined along the sides of buildings and the skyline. There I see an ad for some K-pop boy group. There are seven of them, and below their beautiful faces is the name Bangtan Boys and a name of their newest album released. I smile and before I know it, their alluring gazes are out of my view and far behind as the train continues to speed forward. I’ve never listened to their music, never even really heard of them. I’m not really into that kind of music to be honest. Mija is, she’s crazy about music groups like them. I’m sure she knows them… And their names… And their ages, and their birthdays, and where they were born, and how many siblings they have including their favorite foods and colors. She’s a fanatic when it comes to K-pop boys. It started in high school with this group called EXO, and then moved on to three other groups by the time we graduated, and then by the time we entered college, she would talk about all these other groups and names of guys I’ve never heard of either. Everytime Mija would open her mouth about the boys and men she liked, I was lost. I could never follow a single train of thought she had when it came to these groups. But they made her happy when she talked about them or listened to their music, so I guess if they make her happy, I’m happy they exist. 

The train stops and the people on board sway. I look up to the stop and see the name Seoul and realize it’s my stop. I hop off the train and make my way to the crowded streets. I check my phone to make sure I have the directions and name of the cafe down before I head off in some unknown direction and get myself lost. Once I find the text Mija sent me the night before I head off. As I walk, I notice how upbeat the streets are, a perfect match to my personality. I hear songs floating out of shops and people laughing and calling after one another. My lips turn up slightly in a small smile as I get good vibes from the streets of Seoul. I notice a familiar name on a banister and realize it’s the coffee shop Mija and I agreed to meet at. I speed up my steps both desperate to get out of the heat and also to see my best friend after a week of not seeing her due to exams. 

When I enter the shop I am greeted with a cute decor of the interior of the shop. Light wood for the table tops and chairs that seem to be made out of bamboo to match, while the walls are painted a nice light yellow and have landscape pictures covering the wall in a patterned manner. There are a few green plants hang from the walls as well, standing out against the yellow to add a more homey feeling. 

I scan the place, looking over heads to find a familiar face. A hand waves, catching my attention to my left, I look over to see Mija smile a huge smile, her lips glistening from the lip gloss she always wears as her hair is pulled back into a high ponytail. She’s wearing a thin white sweater, the sleeves pulled up to her elbows and a pastel pink shirt underneath while jean shorts and converse finish her look. I smile and wave back and make a bee-line towards the table. 

When I’m only a few feet away I see two ice teas sitting in the center of the table, condensation covering the outside of the glass while a lemon slice hangs on the rim of the glass. “Oh thank god. Mija you’re a life saver.” I speak as I drop my purse on a chair and take the one next to it as I face Mija and grab one of the glasses and take a long sip. 

Mija chuckles as she watches me with amused eyes. “I know. I figured it would be better to get you a drink instead of listening to you complaining while waiting for the drink.” She explains as she takes a sip of her own ice tea. 

I smirk. “You know me well." 

"Don’t I though?” Mija winks. “So what’s been up with you? Any new boys? How were exams?" 

I sigh. "Nothing new with my love life. I’m beginning to think that’s non-existent. And I definitely aced those exams and you know it." 

Mija rolls her eyes. "Okay, first of all, your love life is not non-existent. It’s just lacking is all. And second of all, I know, and I hate you for being a brainiac. I totally flunked at least two of them, if not three.” She speaks holding up three manicured nails. 

I smile sympathetically. “I can always tutor you.” I offer, half teasing, but also know that she needs it. Badly. Something her boyfriend and I always tell her, but it always going in one ear and out the other. 

She sends me a grimace. “Hah, yeah and let you make me feel even less intelligent while you spit numbers and facts out at me? No. I don’t think so. Thanks for the offer though." 

I laugh as she holds her hand up like she’s pushing someone out of her personal space. "So how about you? What’s new?” I ask, turning my attention back to my sweet ice tea. Loving the feeling of it going down my throat, cooling me off. 

Suddenly Mija’s face brightens with a huge toothy smile. “Oh, you will never guess.” She speaks, as I already hear the excitement in her voice. 

Immediately, a thought comes to mind. “Is it the Bangtan Boys?” I ask with a flat tone as I squeeze, the lemon into my ice tea. There’s a silence, and I look up to see Mija looking at me with a confused expression. “What?”

“How’d you know-” She suddenly cuts off and her face lights up again with a huge smile. “Oh my god!” She exclaims, suddenly very excited. She reaches across the table and grabs both my hands in hers as she looks into my eyes. “Did you finally get into a K-pop group!?”

I burst out laughing at the thought of me actually liking something like that. “Hah! You wish Mii.” She pouts, sulking back into her chair, giving me big puppy eyes. “Never in a million years babe.” I continue smirking at her. “Anyway, was I right?” I ask, getting back to the topic at hand.

She huffs a big sigh and sits back up straight. “Yeah.” She responds, and a smile returns to her face. “They’re having a fan meet!” She exclaims. I raise an eyebrow at her as I sip my drink, signalling for her to go on. “And I got a ticket, and my friend got sick, but she had a ticket, and she gave it to me. Thinking I would take Chongbin, but you know… That would be awkward and, Chongbin isn’t into that, he wouldn’t like it. You know how he is.”

I sit up and smile for her, happy that she’ll be able to meet the loves of her life, aside from Chongbin of course. “So you’re going to meet them?”

She smiles and nods. “But, I have an extra ticket, soooo….” She drops off.

I smile at her in a confused manner, not catching on. “’Soooo’….?” I ask, signaling for her to get to the point. “So what?”

She laughs at me. “Ahhh Eunji, you really are slow huh?”

I send her a playful glare. “Hey!” I point at her. “You know, I may be slow, but at least I get to the point of my stories. Now continue or I’m gunna get bored and leave to find something for lunch!”

Mija rolls her eyes. “Jeez, your mind is always on food. And quit shouting would you?” She glances around the cafe. “We can’t have another place to get kicked out of because of you and your loud mouth.”

“Can you just get to the damn point of your boring story already?”

Mija sighs, but continues. “So, I thinking I would take you with me-”

“Stop right there!” I shout cutting her off. “No.”

“You didn’t let me finish-”

“I don’t need you to finish! I’m not doing it. No way.”

“C’mon, you get to meet famous people and hold thier hands. How amazing is that?”

“Yeah, and I could walk down the street any day and hold the hands of a thousand strangers if I wanted to simply hold someones hand–whom I do not know. No thank you Mija.”

“Why are you so against this?” She asks, practically whining.

“’Cause it’s not something I’m into.” I answer simply.

Mija gives me a disapproving look. “Anyway, I’ll take you just so you can-”


“Just so you can-”

“Ah! Ah!” I shout, raising my finger is a signal for her to stop talking.

“So you can-”

“Waiter! Check please!” I shout, raising my hand for the waiter.

Mija laughs, covering her mouth with her hand as she tries to control her laughter. She then reaches over to grab my raise hand. “Okay, okay, Eunji, just listen to me. Please? And if you really don’t like the idea then you can turn it down and I’ll find someone else to go with. Okay?” She offers, pleading me with big eyes.

I hesitate at first, but then sigh and lower my hand as I cross my arms. “Fiiiiine.”

She smiles and nods. “Okay, so I was thinking you could come with me so you can see my world. I mean, we’ve been best friends for years now, and we know so much about one another, but you never really saw this part of my life. And it’s a big part. You may think that I only like them for their looks and hot bodies, but there’s more to it. In a way they saved me. They have saved our friendship plenty of times when we fought, ya know? They would in a way encourage me to try and mend our relationship, and in the end… Well… Look at where we are now.” She smiles sweetly at me, and I feel something in my heart.

I touch my hand to my chest. “Oh my, is this empathy that I feel?” I ask.

Mija slaps her palm to her forehead. “Eunj,” She speaks using my nickname. “I’m being serious here.” She speaks, fighting back a smile as she looks at me.

I smile. “I’m sorry, continue.”

Mija continues. “So, I would like you to meet the boys that have both saved me and our friendship. And just see what I mean when I say they aren’t like the idols you think they are. And maybe you’ll be able to appreciate, if not their music, then them as people. They deserve that much. And if not for them, then for me, your sweet Mija.”

I groan and roll my head back. “Fiiiiine.” Mija claps her hands and begins squealing. So I look back to her and raise a finger. “But I’m doing it for you and not them. Get it?”

Mija smiles widely and nods. “Ahhhhh! I love you Eunj! You have no idea how excited I am! Oh! I should dress you up in a cute outfit! Oh! And I have to teach you their names and nicknames and stage names, oh! And also their ages and positions in the band! Ahhhh!! I’m so excited you don’t even know Eunji!”

I rest my elbow on the table and rest cheek in the palm of my hand as I watch her, utterly unamused. “I think I have an idea of how excited you are Mija.”

She smiles as me, this time a genuine and sweet smile. “Thank you Eunji.”

I can’t help but smile back at her. “No problem. Though it might kill me.”

She rolls her eyes and pulls out her phone. “Let me show you the members okay? We gotta start since the meet is only three days away.”

“Awww man…” She sends me a look as she pulls up their pictures on her phone. “Sorry.”

She holds her phone out to me. “This is Namjoon. A.k.a. Rap Monster, he’s the leader of the group, and if you couldn’t guess from his name, he’s also a rapper.”

“Jeez, I feel like I’m in a cop show and gotta memorize the faces of criminals.” I mumble and again Mija sends me a look. “My bad.” I look to the picture on her phone of this supposed Rap Monster and see a handsome boy with a big smile and dimples. “Dimple face, got it.” I pause and then burst out laughing. “It sounds like I said pimple face! Oh my god that was a good one!” I laugh, but when Mija only glares at me I settle down and take a sip of my drink to calm myself down. “Sorry sorry. Namjoon, good looking guy.”

She nods in approval and swipes to the next picture. She holds it out to me once more. “This is Seokjin, or also known as Jin. He’s the oldest and is in the vocal unit.”

I look at the picture of an easy-going looking guy. I smirk. “This one looks like a mom.” I try to hold back a chuckle so I don’t get yelled at.

However Mija simply smiles widely, and I squint at her in confusion. “Wow, you got a knack for this Eunj, he is the mom of the group. He cooks and takes care of all the other members. Maybe this is your secret talent.”

I glare at her this time. “Huh, sooooo, I can call this grown man a mom, but when I called the other one ‘dimple face’ I got a mean look. Okay. That’s cool.” I speak sarcastically.

Mija simply rolls her eyes and swipes the screen again, when she sees the next picture her face lights up in a bright smile. She squeals and holds the phone out to me. “THIS! Is my baby, he’s amazing and super talented and super adorable, but can also look insanely handsome too! Hoseok. Or also known as J-Hope, Hobi or simply Hope. He’s the dancer and other rapper of the group. He helps with the choreography for their dances.” She speaks, and I can see her eyes light up as she talks about him.

I look to the picture and smile. I like him already, not only cause he makes my best friend happy, but also cause his smile is big and bright. I can see why they call him Hope. “Happy-go-lucky-simpleton. Got it.” I speak, just to tease her.

Mija gasps and reaches across the table to slap my shoulder. “How dare you! Take it back! He’s smart too you know!”

I laugh as I hold my shoulder that she hit. “Sorry, sorry, okay, J-Hope. Got it.”

Mija glares at me. “You better get it. And get it right.” She practically shoves the phone out at me this time. “This is Jimin. He’s another good dancer and he’s also part of the vocal unit.”

I look at the picture and laugh. “Look at his cheeks! Ohmergahd, I can’t! Look at how they floof out! They’re like two mochis attached to the sides of his face! Hahaha! Oh my god! God have mercy, I can’t even!” I almost fall over laughing, I mean look at those cheeks, they’re ridiculous. “How is he a grown man! Go back to preschool and give the poor kid that you stole those cheeks from back!” I laugh again and my own cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling.

Mija can’t even hold back her laughter and laughs along with me. “Don’t do this when you meet him. Or he’s gunna hate you.” She warns as she laughs. Then she swipes the screen again and hold the phone out for me.

I wipe a tear from my eye after all that laughter and glance at the phone. “Who’s this?” 

“This is Taehyung. Or also known as V, that’s his stage name. He’s a vocal unit and also know as an alien. Because of how weird he acts and sometimes the weird faces he makes. But he’s super adorable and sweet.” Mija answers smiling fondly. Kind of like a mother talkign about her own son. “He’s my baby. He’s too pure for this world. He needs me to protect him.”

Ah, that’s why.

I nod, and she moves on to the next one. “This is Jungkook, Kookie, Jeon Jungkook. He’s the maknae. The baby, though he’s great at many things, so he’s also called the golden maknae.”

“Damn, more accomplished than me and I’m older.” I mumble glaring at his picture.

“Oh yeah. He’ll wear down your self esteem in a matter of weeks.” She speaks pulling her phone back and looking at the screen.

I yawn and stretch. “Is that it? I think I can remember them all.” I speak taking a sip of my tea.

“No, there’s one more.” She replies and hold out her phone. On it is a very attractive man. He has blonde hair and smooth looking skin. Though something about his eyes captures me, a look of loneliness and longing. Something about his cold aura makes me want to warm it. I stare at him, taking in his features. “This is Min Yoongi. Or just Yoongi, though his stage name is Suga, and his solo artist name is Agust D. He’s a rapper as well and also makes the music of their songs, he’s a very talented person musically and a genius with words. He’s also talented in being a insanely fast rapper, it’s amazing when you listen to him.” She speaks, and I don’t reply, just continue to look at his beautiful features that are on the now too small screen. I can’t see enough of him on that tiny screen. Mija pauses and looks at me, but I still can’t tear my eyes away. “Eunji?” No response. “Ahhhh, looks like someone is drawn in. Possibly in Love?” She offers sounding sly.

That snaps me out of my trance and I glare at her. “Hah, no way. It’s just… He, he has a weird look, so I was just trying to decipher what was wrong with him.” I lie and sip my drink as I look anywhere but Mija.

Mija laughs knowingly, and I know I didn’t trick her. But she lets it go. “Alright, well. Now you know all their names and positions in the band, so you should be good for the meet.” She speaks giving me an approving nod.

I nod. “Yeah, I should be good.” I reply.

“Oh, you’ll be super good when you meet the new love of your life, Min Yoongi!” She declares with a huge smile. 

I flick the straw wrapper at her and it hits her cheek. “Shut it!”

She laughs and raises a hand to her mouth, covering it as she widens her eyes. Like a kid hearing a swear word. “Ohhhhh, she didn’t deny it!”

“I don’t even know him! How could I like him!?” I shout.

However Mija simply laughs. “Weird things happen, you never know who you’re supposed to end up with.” She replies. I roll my eyes at her ridiculous words.

However, little did I know how true those words were at the time. How someone like me, with so little importance in the world compared to someone like Min Yoongi could cross paths with someone like him. That day I met him at the fan meet, that was the reason those past relationships never worked out.

Could a girl with energy, a talkative mouth and a more open minded way of living have a successful friendship with the serious, lazy and sarcastic Min Yoongi? Could their weird and seemingly incompatible friendship become something more?

A/N hope you guys liked. This was requested, by a sweet anon, but I guess I deleted the request, so I hope this is what you wanted! (it’s kinda long, I got carried away, sorry huehue~~) Keep the requests coming in! Mucho Love!


“My father died when I was six. He drowned on a fishing trip. My mother had to raise five of us in North Philadelphia. I remember being twelve years old and going to a market on the corner. My mother had sent me with a note, asking for some credit so we could buy some food. The owner made me wait. There were other people in the store, and they were paying, so this guy is just skipping all over me. He’s making me beg in front of everyone. He’s saying things like: ‘Your mom still owes me. She never pays.’ My mom was my queen, and he’s running her down in front of all these people. It was degrading. I hated that he had that power over me. Like he had water, and I was thirsty. So I screamed at him and stormed out. I kept thinking: ‘One day I’m going to buy that store.’ But then I calmed down, and I realized that I just spazzed on the one guy who could help us. So I walked up to some of the dope boys on the corner, and asked them to let me earn. They thought I was too young at the time. They wanted to protect me. So they just gave me the money.” (Metropolitan Correctional Center, New York)