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just some silly little serra portrait drawing things that nobody asked for nor did need i’ll crawl back in my basement now

Imagine Spencer Taking Care Of You While You’re Sick And Building  A  Fort

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-Imagine Spencer With His Short Hair That He Had Around Season 6/7 Just The First Gif Fit In Perfectly.

 Also, I’m open for request so if you would want to drop one in my askbox that would be great! :) I Love You All-

You groaned in annoyance as well as pain when you heard rapid knocks on your apartment door. You contemplated getting up from your cozy white sofa, a couple seconds later deciding you didn’t feel the need to do so.

“Door’s open.” Your raspy voice attempted to inform, only for it to crack when your throat tightened. You had taken a sick day off of work considering you were… well, sick. You think you got it from your younger sister who had the flu last week when she stayed a couple nights with you. A fun weekend with your sweet sister had turned into 2 days of care giving. Now, here you were sleeping the whole day and sweating like a pig. You didn’t know what you had, but you figured it was flu related, maybe even strep throat.

You heard your door handle wiggle around but never had heard your door open. As you stared at your white ceiling, you then heard another eager pound on your wooden door, causing you to instantly sit up in alarm.

“It’s locked, Hailey!” You heard a familiar voice inform you with a hint of amusement in their voice. The ends of your lips tilted upwards, knowing who would be waiting at your door.

You threw your legs over your couch, your bare feet smacking the fuzzy white carpet beneath you. As soon as you stood up, you momentarily clutched onto your stomach in pain, earning another groan from your throat. Your head was pounding, still needing to get used to all the blood pressure falling from being so used to lying down all day. You then wrapped your small fingers around the ends of your light brown cardigan, which hung past your butt, around your front frame, suddenly feeling cold.

You tiptoed to your front door, thankful that you lived in an apartment and the door was only around 8 yards away from the living room. You set one hand on the freezing door knob, keeping your other phalanges around your sweater. You gradually twisted the doorknob, attempting to move as little as possible. When you opened the door, you were met with Spencer Reid with his standard awkward smile and two Starbucks coffee in both of his hands.

“I heard you were sick today and decided to stop by after work to check on you,” Spencer stated, inviting himself in and making his way to your marble island in the kitchen so he could place the coffee’s on the counter. When you didn’t reply, only smirking to yourself, Spencer turned around and raised one eyebrow, questioning your silence. Normally, you always were the one to talk out of the two of you. Your best friend studied your face, taking in your weary and sickly appearance. You hadn’t noticed considering you were eyeballing your favorite coffee drink Spencer had gotten you.

“Hailey?” The tall doctor inquired, capturing your attention. Your hair was up in a messy bun, small strands of hair falling over your face. Dark bags were placed under your exhausted y/e/c orbs and your lips were slightly parted. Spencer smiled again, still keeping his eyes on you. You reminded him of a small child at that instance.

“Have you eaten anything?” Spencer questioned, casually strolling to the other side of your counter and turning his back on you so he could open the cupboards. You watched lazily as he grabbed a plastic cup and brought it to the fridge’s water dispenser. Once the cup was full of cool water, Spencer rotated back around and began taking steps towards you again. He handed you the glass of water, carefully making sure you had it in your hands before letting go of the cup. You shook your head violently, realizing that nothing but drugs and water had entered your stomach today.

Your friend sighed and examined your face, there was still makeup on your face, most of it being around your eyes from all the rubbing you had done. Spencer then brought his eyes to your living room, noticing all the blankets on your couch. No wonder why you hadn’t gotten any better.

“Hailey,” Spencer began, bringing his hazel eyes back to you, You stared up at Spencer, still a bit dazed from your nap earlier. “Can you go take a cold shower for me while I make you something to eat?” He quietly asked you, taking a step closer to your short figure. Spencer was 6’1 and you were only around 5’3, so looking up at him would result in neck cramps sometimes.

You stuck out your lower lip and sunk your shoulders as well as hanging your head low, landing on Spencer’s chest. You whimpered, not wanting to walk all the way up your stairs to your bedroom at the moment. Spencer noticed, his chest rising and falling much higher and deeper than usual.

“I-I guess I could carry you upstairs.” Spencer shyly suggested, awkwardly smiling when he felt your head go up and down on his chest. Without warning, you then lifted your head up as well as your arms like a little girl would when her parents would carry her. Spencer chuckled and then bent his knees so he could put one arm around your knees and the other around your torso. Without hesitation, Spencer hoisted you up into his arms, bridal style, causing a small shriek to escape your throat. The two of you completely forgot about the water, not noticing the fact that you had dropped the plastic glass onto the ground. You then rested your head on your best friend’s chest and snaked one arm around his head.

As Spencer carried his friend up the stairs, he kept his eyes on you the whole time. You looked so fragile and composed. Your eyes were closed, completely forgetting that you were in the arms of Spencer.

“Hailey,” Spencer mumbled, staring at the two of you in your bathroom mirror. He liked the reflection he saw. Carrying you while you lay asleep in his arms. He smiled to himself, now looking down at you. “Hailey, you need to take a cold shower.” Spencer insisted, bumping her with his arm. You opened your eyes, now gazing up at him. A simple nod and Spencer put you down, already missing your warmth in his arms.

Spencer rotated around, preparing to leave until he overheard a quiet whimper from behind him. He then stopped, turning half way around to see you standing there with your arms up in the air. He furrowed his eyebrows and swallowed nervously. He really hoped you weren’t gesturing what he thought you were. Your eye’s lit up, the amusement glimmering in your bright orbs for the first time that night. Spencer awkwardly chuckled, now knowing you were only teasing him.

“After you’re done, get dressed and come downstairs, I’ll have dinner ready.”

Spencer informed you before pacing away and closing the door behind him. You then smiled to yourself before getting undressed. Spencer didn’t have to take care of you but he was. You adored that about him, how warm hearted he was.


 After you took a frigid shower, which you despised, you got dressed in leggings and a red hoodie. You already felt better, now finding it more comfortable to walk. Your face felt refreshed and your body felt clean.

You still took small steps down the stairs, not wanting to make a ton of movement just in case your stomach ache decided to come back. You glanced up from the ground when you arrived at the bottom and didn’t see Spencer anywhere. Well, you had only looked in front of you, which was the kitchen, but when you turned your head to your living room you froze. You couldn’t believe your eyes. Before you was a fort that Spencer must have set up. When your best friend saw you standing there completely appalled. He dashed out of the fort and stood by your side.

“Feeling better?” The tall man asked, glancing down at you and mirroring your smile. All you did was nod before what happened next. You didn’t even see it coming. “Good, so I can do this!” Spencer whispered playfully before sweeping you off your feet and zooming into the tent with you in his arms. You giggled after a surprised scream escaped your throat.

Spencer leaned down, you still in his arms and then dropped you only a few feet off the ground and into a pile of pillows and blankets. You shrieked in astonishment, Spencer then landing right on his butt next to you. This was entirely unlike Spencer. You turned and looked at your friend who was now staring at you, a serious expression on his face, almost startling you.

Then, he brought your coffee in between your guys’ faces, causing you to snort and lift your shoulders up, a dorky thing you did when you tried to contain an obnoxious laughter.

“I should get sick more often.” You slyly mumbled, causing a chuckle from Spencer as he put his arm around you after handing you your coffee. You sunk into his arms, finding yourself completely dumbfounded when you felt Spencer’s lip on top of your head.

“I- I’m sorry,” Spencer muttered, not realizing what he did until now. You only blinked in shock before turning your head and lifting yourself up to Spencer’s level. You two stared at each other until you finally worked up enough guts to kiss his cheek. Spencer’s face immediately flushed 50 shades of red, you mirroring him. 

The end of the night ended with you sitting on Spencer’s lap and binge watching all the Harry Potter movies until 3 a.m. Tomorrow, the both of you would be exhausted at work but it was all worth it. You fell asleep with Spencer’s arms wrapped around your waist while your back faced him, your head resting in the crook of his neck. Spencer didn’t fall asleep until he knew you were. He enjoyed taking care of you and hoped he would be able to do so again.

Caffeine Challenge 19

Miraculously I was free again at 10am on a weekday. I took it as a sign that i should write something. Once again thanks to @caffeinewitchcraft for the challenge. 

The prompt i used was “Usually people thought their preferred method of payment was money.” 


Usually people thought the preferred method of payment was money.They came in with all sorts of currency, from American dollars, to stocks and bonds, many simply showed up with gold bars. I didn’t fault them. Most people didn’t have much information, and the little they did have was twisted through years of fables and fantasy storytelling. The truth was often less black and white, and a lot stranger. 

Buying a curse from a fairy was not a simple transaction. 

I sat on my stool, staring blankly at the bottom of my cup, ignoring the chime of the door as my next customer arrived. The moonlight shown through the window of the coffee shop, giving an almost ethereal edge to the various chairs and tables strewn about. The naturally dim interior lighting was resting for my eyes, so used to straining in the unnatural glow of fluorescence that humans seemed to prefer so much. I called out to the barista for another round, shaking my empty cup pointedly, at which she rolled her eyes but complied. I like this shop; it’s open late, catering to the supernatural crowd. People leave you alone for the most part. The night staff, most of which were supernatural beings themselves, enforced it. 

“Here you go, black coffee with…” she sighed loudly “ten sugars.” The barista shuddered. “Must you butcher my beautiful coffee?” 

“Shush, coffee slave. The customer is always right, remember?” 

With a laugh she turned away, although I distinctly heard her mutter something about ‘uncultured fairy twat” 

“I heard that!”

Without turning she responded, “I was counting on it.” 

The brief exchange and the sweet coffee was enough to lift my spirits, but they quickly plummeted again as the woman now standing beside me cleared her throat to get my attention. She was well dressed, her clothing, hair and nails immaculate, but her face was transformed by a look I knew all too well: desperation. 

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okay but do you know what angers me. Jason and Reyna were best friends for years. Like, parallel to Percabeth best friends probably. Before Hera, they probably had movie nights and sparred together and she probably won at everything and when one had the flu the other would make them stay in bed all day and run up and give them soup every few hours. They’d take turns buying each other hot chocolate and Reyna would experiment with cooking Spanish food for them and Jason would feel like he had to give something back so he’d cook for her and set the kitchen on fire and they’d end up ordering pizza. Jason and Reyna knew each other for years and when he was missing, Reyna would have been out of her mind with stress. Not only was she running this entire camp on her own, but her best friend was missing. And then, he comes back, and she probably hadn’t slept that night and she’d left that bit out of her braid because she knew he liked it and Jason ignored her. She watched Percy and Annabeth run to each other like this was all they’d been waiting for for two thirds of a year - which it was - and she watched them kiss and hold hands and Jason ignored her. Reyna probably accepted that he had a girlfriend. She’s not an unreasonable or jealous person and I 100% think that she went “okay, we’re still friends like always”. But Jason ignored her and showed Piper around the city and barely acknowledged the years of friendship they’d had and it angers me a lot okok

Request: You are the youngest and weakest Mikaelson sibling and they all love you and are very protective of you. One day you get bored and decide to take an important piece of clothing from each of them. When they realize they’s gone missing they all blame each other and start fighting. But when they see that you have them they are annoyed but let you keep them because you always get your way with them.

Characters: Mikaelsons x Sibling Reader

Gender: Male/Female/Other   Triggers: None

Words: 1,103


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You were tied up. You hands bound in metal chains soaked in vervain. The man that had taken you wanted to get back at your siblings for something they did hundreds of years ago. And since you were the weakest, and youngest, of course he decided you would be the best revenge. He knew he couldn’t kill you, but he could definitely hurt you.

You hear the door open behind you “Hows my little prisoner this morning?” he placed his hands on your shoulders.

“To be honest, I’ve been better” you spoke with an air of boredom. This wasn’t the first time you had been taken, and you knew it wouldn’t be the last. 

He let out a chuckle “Well, I have to admit, you are the least annoying of your siblings.” he walked around you and sat in a chair in front of you.

“Oh trust me, I know” this earned another smile from your capture.

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Thank Goodness

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:    901
Requested by Anonymous:  Could you write a jensenxreader where she gets really sick and passes out while he’s on set and he comes back and sees her on the floor and freaks out and stuff? Please and thank you 😘😘

A/N: if you want to be tagged in anything, just let me know. :)

        You were sitting in the chair watching Jared and Jensen film a scene. You were supposed to be getting ready for your own scene, but after taking one look at you, everyone rearranged scheduling so you didn’t have to film.

           You had woken up and felt terrible. It was some kind of weird stomach thing that was making you fatigued, queasy, and all around terrible.

           “Baby, go on to my trailer and lay down,” Jensen said between shots, “You need to get some rest. I’ll come check on you as soon as I can.”

           You groaned, “I don’t wanna stand up.”

           “You’ll feel better if you can lie down,” Jensen said.

           “Fine,” you relented, standing up. You felt a little lightheaded, but steadied yourself, “I’ll be sleeping if you need me.”

           Jensen kissed your forehead, “Good.”

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Without a Mask

Anonymous asked: 132. ”I thought I lost you” dick and bruce!

Summary: In which Dick is kidnapped for the very first time and Bruce swears he’s going to have a heart attack.

ao3 |

Nine-year-old Richard John Grayson, ward of Bruce Wayne, heir to Wayne Enterprises, was being kidnapped.

Well, he was fairly sure that was what was happening. It was hard to see with a blindfold covering his eyes, but his shoulders were in an awkward position due to his hands being tied behind his back, there was a gag in his mouth, and there were unfamiliar voices muttering somewhere in front of him.

Okay, he was being kidnapped. He knew how this worked, for the most part since he’d been taken hostage a few times as Robin. But the question was, was he Robin or was he Dick Grayson, because the reasons for being taken would be very different.

He was jolted forward suddenly, and he let himself roll off whatever he was lying on and onto the floor, because Bruce had always said that it was better to pretend to be unconscious to gain info the kidnappers would never say in front of a conscious hostage.

“Shit,” someone said from almost right next to him, and then Dick was hauled back onto the soft—seats, probably. He was probably in the backseat of a car. “Joe, don’t slam on the breaks so hard. We don’t want the kid to wake up before we get back to base.”

“I knocked him out with enough drugs to keep him out for hours,” another voice called out, but this one sounded like it was coming from the front seat. “He ain’t waking up, Doug.”

“Get the kid downstairs,” said a third voice. “I’ll make the call.”

“Is this far enough away?” Doug—the first voice—asked.

“It has to be,” Joe said. “We ain’t got no matter gas left in the tank.”

There was a pause and then Dick was being moved. His head spun when he was lifted into a sitting position, but he managed to keep his limbs pliant and relaxed as one of the guys heaved him over his shoulder. He didn’t know where he was or who he was with, but he was in trouble, and he could only hope that Bruce would come for him soon.

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anonymous asked:

How would Henry cope if Scully's cancer returned? And how would Mulder? OR... how would Scully cope if something happened to Mulder, but she isn't free to drop everything and go to him? Would she want to, or would she have closed the door on that reaction? How would Henry deal with that? #TeamHenlly

Henry paces the hallway outside her room, one hand to his forehead, the other holding his phone. “Pick up, pick up,” he mutters.

Mulder does, finally. “Henry?”

“Yes. Yeah. Listen, this isn’t easy, but I’m at the hospital with Dana and I’ve got some, uh, some bad news.” He is proud of his steady voice, his steady hands.

“Is she hurt? Is she sick?” Mulder sounds almost accusatory, as though Henry has been derelict in a simple task.

“She’s sick. They…” he runs his hand through his hair, circles around the vending machine again. “They found a mass in her sinuses, Mulder.”

The silence on the other end goes on too long. “Mulder, are you there?”

“Do you know her medical history?” The words are clipped.

“She told me, told the doctors this isn’t new. But she said something about a chip, about that scar on her neck. What the hell is going on here, Mulder? I’ve never pushed her about her past, but I’m seriously in the dark here.”

There’s a heavy sigh on the other end. “It’s not my story to tell you.”

Henry, his frustration peaking after hours of obfuscation and obliqueness from Dana, slams a fist into the wall. “She’s my wife, goddammit! Whatever you two have, Mulder, whatever it is, I never pried. I trust her and I trust you and I accept it. But you need to tell me, right fucking now, what I don’t know.”

People are staring, but he doesn’t care, he feels righteous and productive.

“Henry, I-”

“You tell me,” he growls, “or I will drive over right now and beat the living shit out of you. I have a lot of impotent rage I’d like to direct somewhere.” He’s not entirely sure he can make good on this, but he thinks adrenaline will give him an advantage.




“It’s medicine,” Mulder says slowly. “The chip in her neck is some kind of medicine that stops her cancer.”

Henry is appalled, “That’s it? That’s the secret you couldn’t share? Am I losing my goddamned mind? Call the fucking manufacturer right now and get another one, for Christ’s sake!”

“It’s not that simple,” Mulder says, his voice soft. “It’s, ah, not on the market.”

“You’re telling me you know of a medicine that treats cancer effectively and you can’t get it? Is it foreign? Illegal?”

“It was a sort of custom design,” Mulder says.

“Give me an answer, a real answer. You two and your doublespeak, I swear to god…” He’s gripping his hair by the roots.

“Fine, Henry. Here it is.” There is anger in Mulder’s voice now, and Henry finds it satisfying. “Her cancer was specifically engineered to manifest if she ever took the chip out. The chip is a tracking device. I don’t know why it stopped working, but before you come over and kick my ass, you have a lot of fucking questions to ask your wife.”

Henry’s mind is reeling. He leans against the wall. “A tracking device?” he repeats. “Engineered cancer? How do you engineer cancer? Why do you engineer cancer?” He can’t process this, not this and Dana asleep in the hospital bed with a demon behind her eyes.

“Shit,” Mulder breathes. “Goddammit, Henry. How bad is she?”

“She’s weak, very thin. She kept saying it was the flu, you know how she is. But she had a few nosebleeds and went in. And here we are.”

“Yeah, I know how she is,” Mulder says, and Henry hears the pain in his words.

“There’s a man,” Mulder says. “Who knows about the chip. He might, uh, he might arrange a deal.”

Henry is baffled, but tries to swim with the current. “A deal? Why would an- never mind. Call him. I’ll pay whatever he wants, no questions asked.”

“Oh, I don’t think you can pay what he’ll want,” Mulder says. The words are measured, heavy. “But I can.”

The line goes dead.

sweet lies | v [pcy]

based (loosely) off of exo’s song sweet lies.


706 words

Originally posted by kaisanity

this chapter consists of chanyeol cheating on [y/n], and [y/n] catching him. and i was going to write from both pov’s, but while writing i decided on just chanyeol’s. but it soon changes, i’m not gonna spill lol, ENJOY !! also if you’ve ever been cheated on leave that bitch a$ap (rocky). [i am foreshadowing the ending btw lmao]

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obligatory sick-fic

is she writing stupid reddie one-shots in her free time? why yes, yes she is. just something cute and soft. i imagine them being around sixteen seventeen because writing anything romantic involving children gives me the fear.

Richie Tozier squeezed his eyes shut and prayed for the merciful embrace of death. Not that he was trying to be dramatic, but the light streaming in from outside was so bright he swore his eyes were going to catch fire if he kept them open any longer.

“Quit doing that.”

“What?” He moaned, cracking one open to squint at Beverly as she dunked the washcloth back into the basin of cold water at his bedside and began to mop his brow. She didn’t look overwhelmingly happy to be there but he supposed he couldn’t blame her for that. He wasn’t exactly thrilled about it either.

The Losers had each taken their turn to come over and visit him after school. It was a cute sentiment. He’d had Bill and Ben in a couple of days earlier armed with a couple of shitty horror films and some tapes by bands he’d never be caught dead listening to. Mike had brought him candy he was too sick to eat and Stan had dropped by the previous evening to deliver him some homework, the sadistic bastard that he was. Evidently, his charming ways and comedic commentary were dearly missed among their little circle by all except one.

He was trying not to read too much into it.

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Modern AU university headcanons for the Pevensies:


  • he’s so excited yet terrified to be beginning that chapter of his life
  • he’s always worrying about what if he fails his classes or doesn’t like any of the majors he decides on or etc etc
  • literally always studying
  • studies alone and in groups
  • his books and notes are a mess of sticky notes and highlighters and random margin markings that only he understands
  • the kind of person who makes good use of their time and turns in everything on time
  • will sometimes get dragged by susan to parties or by lucy to social events
  • doesn’t enjoy it too much
  • more into small groups of close friends where they’ll joke and play games and pig out on take out
  • professors love him because he’s always interacting in class and never gives them a reason to complain about him


  • definitely the party girl in university
  • left home a few weeks early for sorority rushing
  • every sorority wanted her and she wanted all of them, it was a difficult choice for her to make but one she eventually made
  • it’s not that she didn’t care about her studies, just rather that she wanted the “full college experience”
  • she was usually the first person everyone texted when they wanted to plan a good party that tons of people would go to
  • she was super responsible though
  • always made sure everyone got home safely and no one was driving while intoxicated
  • poured all of the drink mixtures herself since she didn’t trust anyone else to be truthful about what’s inside a mixed drink
  • (ended up becoming a pretty great bar tender at a local bar to help pay her way through school)
  • never drank much so that she could make sure she was sober enough to take care of her friends when they got drunk
  • she may be a party girl but her mothering nature came first
  • no matter how much she liked to party, don’t doubt that she didn’t have all of her assignments done and on time to hand in to her professors
  • while she wasn’t the best student, everyone admired how she was able to stay up until three in the morning partying and was somehow able to turn in all of her assignments on time and study


  • is that guy that everyone knows only decided to go to uni for the sake of going
  • he didn’t even decide on which university to attend until the very last second when most application deadlines were coming up
  • definitely the guy that procrastinates and sleeps in class
  • nobody knows why he’s always tired considering he doesn’t study
  • his major is undecided for most of his time in uni
  • doesn’t party but doesn’t study much either
  • really just doesn’t leave his room at all
  • always ordering take out and has it delivered directly to his dorm room
  • the restaurants know his orders by heart
  • kind of just skating by life without much of a plan


  • she originally wanted to rush but decided that with the many classes, sports, clubs, and social events she wanted to join, a sorority would take up even more of her time
  • immediately becomes the captain and president of her clubs and sports because she’s such a great leader
  • the one person everyone goes to when they need help for something
  • if she can’t resolve a situation herself, she has at least several people who can resolve it
  • not the best student but one of the most studious
  • she’s in every single study group in all of her classes
  • people love studying with her because she’s so thorough and she knows when exactly to goof off/take a break and when to be serious
  • all of the professors know her even before she becomes a professor’s assistant
  • she’s usually seen in the professors’ offices sharing coffee and helping with some grading
  • at the head of all school functions
  • homecoming queen three years and a row
  • would’ve been all four years but she had the flu her last year
He takes care of you ♡ Grayson

Originally posted by infinitygarner

Request: ‘‘Also, could you write a Grayson imagine where you’re feeling a little sick but he’s really sweet and cuddly and carries you everywhere? Thank you, and I wish you the best of luck with your blog!! xx’‘

Response: Thank you so much ♡ had much fun writing it :) It includes taking a bath with Grayson, so I hope you enjoy! xxx

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

Today was Wednesday. Normally you would be in school right now, or at least doing something, but today you weren’t feeling very well. Your mom thought you had the flu; you thought she was right. All you had done today was laying in bed, watching Netflix. The only thing you had eaten today was a cracker, since that was the only thing your stomach could handle. Nope, today was not a good day.

You wake up from a nap and glance over to your nightstand to see what time it was. It was half past three. You sigh at the thought that you hadn’t been doing anything productive today. You knew that you were sick and it was totally okay to skip a day of school, but you couldn’t help feeling a little frustrated with yourself. After all, you were never sick. Both of your parents weren’t home to take care of you, because they had to work all day. With much struggling you prop yourself up and take your phone from the nightstand. While you scroll through Tumblr, you suddenly see an incoming call. It was Grayson Dolan, your boyfriend.

‘Y/N, babe, why are you not at school? I’ve been sending you texts, but you haven’t texted me back. Is everything okay?’ he asks with a worried tone in his voice. You cough before answering. ‘I’m sorry. I’m feeling a little sick. Have been sleeping all day.’  ‘Aw, I’m sorry to hear that. I will come straight to you when school is over. Should I bring some soup or do you need anything else?’ Grayson asks. You smile at his sweet voice. ‘No thank you, I’m okay. It would be nice if you could come, but I really don’t want you to get sick.  Maybe you can stop by tommorow?’ You hear Grayson laugh at the other side of the phone. ‘Y/N, I don’t care if I get sick. If I get to lay in bed with you all day, than it’s worth the risk. See you later, baby.’ ‘But, Gray-‘ you tried to protest, but he already had hung up.

With a sigh you put your phone back on the night stand. You yawn and let yourself fall back into the pillows. Now wasn’t the time to worry about if Gray was going to see you like this. If he wanted to be stubborn, you couldn’t stop him. You put your blanket back up to your chin, and before you know it your eyes are closed again and you doze off to dreamland.

With a quiet knock on the door your eyes flutter open. ‘Y/N?’ you hear Graysons soft voice on the other side of the door. ‘Come in,’ you say with a sore throat. Grayson pushes the door open and there he is, looking like an angel with a bowl of steaming soup in his hands. As always he’s looking gorgeous. He was wearing a black T-shirt, some blue jeans and over his shoulder he was carrying his schoolbag. ‘If you get sick, you can’t say I didn’t warn you,’ you say. He laughs. You smile softly while you work yourself up, leaning on your elbows.
Grayson puts his bag down and starts walking up to you with the soup.

He carefully sits down on the side of your bed. He glances over to study your face, eyebrows frowned. ‘How are you feeling?’ he asks, while he hands you over the soup. You gratefully take the soup from him. ‘A little better, now you’re here.’ He smirks and looks at you for a few seconds, before he stands up again. He takes off his shoes and throws hem near his bag. Without asking he takes the soup out of your hands. ‘What are you doing? I thought that was for me,’ you mutter confused. Grayson grins. ‘Just scoot over a little, please.’ You do as he says, and without spilling anything he comes laying next to you, handing you over the soup again. Although the soup is really hot, you were still feeling cold as hell. When you’re done eating, you cuddle up against his warm, muscular body. ‘Woa Y/N, you are really cold,’ you hear Grayson say. You laugh. He strokes your back and plays with your hair, leaving small kisses on the top of your head. Suddenly you didn’t really mind that you were sick. With a shiver of pleasure you close your eyes, enjoying the warm, bubbly feeling you had.

You cuddle together in bed for at least half an hour. ‘Thank you,’ you whisper against his chest. ‘For what?’ Graysons asks. ‘You know, for bringing me soup and cuddle with me when I look like a mess,’ you explain. ‘Anytime, princess. You would have done the same for me,’ he says while he pulls your hair out of your face. ‘Besides, you always look amazing, so I don’t know what you mean by looking like a mess.’ You smile, because you know that he was being honest. ‘But…’ Grayson starts. ‘But what?’ you ask, a little worried. ‘Don’t say that you have to go.’ You feel Grayson chuckle. ‘No, I just… Look, don’t take this wrong, but you smell a little weird. I think it’s because you’re sick and have been laying in bed all day.’ ‘Oh,’ you say, feeling a little embarrassed. ‘Should I make you a bath?’ Grayson asks. You nod. ‘Sure, that would be nice.’ Grayson gets up and leaves the room. He walks to the bathroom and a few seconds later you hear running water.

A few moments later you decide to go and meet Grayson in the bathroom. He was in there for more then ten minutes now. When you pull the sheets from your body and try to get up, you feel a sting in your stomach. ‘Ahh,’ you groan, just when Grayson walks in. He rushes towards you and pushes you gently down on your back. ‘Don’t move, Y/N. If there is one thing that you don’t have to do if you’re sick, it is moving.’ He slides his huge arms under your back and carries you without any effort towards the bathroom.

You hear soft music playing in the background. One of your favorite songs, Heart’s Content by Brandi Carlile, is playing. Grayson puts you down and grabs your shirt. You raise your arms up. He undresses you slowly, looking at your body with full admiration, like he’s enjoying every minute of this. You step out of your sweatpants. He takes of your bra and leaves a quick kiss in your neck. A pleasant tingling feeling goes along your back. He squats down on his knees and removes your panties. He then supports you with one hand on your lower back and his other hand holding your hand, while you step into the bath. You let yourself lower into the warm water. Grayson undresses himself within five seconds, and you can’t help but stare at his toned abs and just his body in general.

When he’s in the water you carefully settle yourself between his legs. He gives you a kiss on your back an starts massaging your shoulders. An unexpected loud moan escapes from your mouth and Grayson laughs. ‘Does that feel good?’ You close your eyes and nod. ‘Very good.’ He massages you for a few minutes, sometimes with a little more pressure, making sure it was just the way you liked it. You had never felt more relaxed in your life. After the little massage he washes your hair with your favorite shampoo and you rest your head against his bare chest. Grayson strokes his hands up and down your arms. ‘By the way, I didn’t think you smelled weird. I just wanted to take a bath with you.’ You giggle. ‘I knew it.’ ‘Is it okay if I visit you tomorrow too?’ he whispers softly in your ear. You grab his hand and put a kiss on it. ‘Do you even have to ask?’

All The Untested Virtue

Bellamy and Clarke were friends with benefits.

Until one day, suddenly, they weren’t.  

~3k, mild M.

In a way, Bellamy was Clarke’s longest-standing relationship.  It started by accident five years ago, when she was still boiling mad at Finn and he’d just broken up with Echo for the third and final time.  They were coworkers just on the edge of being friends back then, and a few bitter laughs while working late one night had led to her fucking him on his desk chair, his fingertips digging into her hips.  After that, it became a semi-regular thing whenever they were single at the same time, and over the years they had coalesced into something else entirely.  She had a key to his apartment— so I don’t have to get out of bed and let your ass in when you want a booty call,  he’d laughed— and he had a key to hers thanks to the week she had the flu and couldn’t get out of bed.  (That was the week they officially became friends and now she couldn’t even remember what it was like to not have him in her life.)

Clarke climbed the steps to Bellamy’s place and realized she hadn’t been here in months— not alone, anyway.  She’d come over with Miller for beer and sympathy the week after Gina broke up with him, and she’d swung by for dinner with him and Octavia a month or so later, but this was the first time since the day two years ago when she helped him redecorate Miller’s room that she had been over on her own.  (Miller had moved in with Monty and Bellamy decided not to get a new roommate, so Clarke had taken charge of turning Miller’s bedroom into a cozy study.  That had ended with her riding him on the floor with books littered around them, her heart twisting strangely when she looked into his dark brown eyes.  

She’d met Lexa a week later.

Her break-up with Lexa last year had been terrible and Bellamy had been her rock through it all, but even if she could  have imagined having sex with someone when she was finally healed, by then he was with Gina.  But that ended six months ago, and tonight Clarke had been boredly scrolling through her favorite porn sites when she realized she didn’t just want to get off— she wanted to get off with him.  He’d taken almost an hour to respond to her text, but once he did she threw on a nicer bra and a tighter shirt and headed out.  She had spent most of her walk over imagining what they were going to do first— she was torn between going down on him until he begged her to stop or just kissing him until her lips were buzzing— and her panties were already uncomfortably damp by the time she put her key in the lock.

To her surprise, Bellamy wasn’t by the door when she entered.  He was laying on the couch with a pile of client folders next to him, one open on his chest.  “Don’t get up on my account,” she deadpanned and kicked off her shoes.

Bellamy sat up and closed the file but his expression was strange— closed off, almost cold.   I can change that.  She knew what he got like when working on a difficult case, and she knew exactly what he needed to take his mind off of it.  Clarke sauntered towards him and he rested his elbows on his knees, looking down at his feet instead of at the way her hips were swaying.  “I’ve been thinking,” he said, and she clicked her tongue.

“I’m not here for us to think,” she purred, but something felt wrong.  He was fidgety and looking anywhere but her, which wasn’t like him.  She peeled her shirt off— he loved her tits— and stepped between his feet, but he stood up abruptly and she fell a half-step backwards.

“Clarke, no,” he said and moved away.  He wasn’t looking at her at all, and a waterfall of ice crashed through her chest.  “We need to talk, and not— not like that.”

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I Would Never Call It Love 2

Since I just saw pictures of Calum and Nia kissing I’m going to make a really sad blurb right now to go with my dark soul and tears. Also partly inspired by nerdymuke on tumblr and their “through the years” story, so go check them out. Ok, enjoy.

part 1

(not my gif)

One month later…

Calum was enjoying the first month of his world tour with his best friends. He also enjoyed the new found time with his front band, which mostly consisted of girls. The drummer, with her colorful hair, big lips, and puppy eyes, really caught his attention. His skin would get bumpy at the touch of her hand on his, his arms neatly wrapped around her thin waist so easily, his smile came naturally as a result of her presence and laughter. She could feel the growing tension as well, loving every moment she got to spend with this golden boy.

Y/N, on the other hand, was living a life of full regret. She had only gone out once since her and Calum’s last exchange, which resulted in her crying in the vodka infused punch bowl to random people who passed about her sadness. She was eventually kicked out onto the cold streets, and slept on a nearby park bench that night with no recollection of anything that night. She had skipped classes because she was physically too ill to attend, not because she had a cold or flu, but because her crying kept her up all night. She would never get any sleep, and couldn’t breathe out of her nose or talk normally because her throat was scratched from the screaming that would accompany her cries. Thank God she lived alone. She also missed many days of work because of this as well, but never more than she missed school. She still had to put food on her table.

The urge to call him, the urge to run over to his place and bang on the door to be let in, knowing full well he wasn’t home, was beginning to break her down. She never knew pain could hurt this bad when the person who you’re hurting over was never really yours. I mean, who would know? She had deleted all the pictures, texts, etc. the night they last encountered each other so there was nothing to help mend her heart, she absolutely had nothing of his or anything that remotely reminded her of him. She forgot his signature scent, the curves in his biceps, his squishy cheeks, his touseled dark curls, his errupting laughter. And all of it, she missed deeply.

The boys felt uneasy once they saw Calum falling for Nia so quickly after what last happened with Y/N. Of course, they never knew of what happened behind closed doors, but they knew something was going on. They weren’t just friends that would ‘go out for coffee’ or ‘go out for brunch’ every week, or so Calum would say, for 6 hours at a time. Ashton knew better than anyone, and he saw texts that proved his thoughts right. He wondered why Calum was so broken once the plane had annouced their departure, tears instantly slipped from his eyes while looking down at a phone with no notifications. And once he saw Calum’s eyes fall on Nia with such interest, he knew it was about Y/N.

Soon, the boys would be stopping at their next show which was in Chicago. For hours Ashton contemplated contacting Y/N via Twitter since he followed her, asking her if she’d like to come to the show. He would pay for her ticket, hotel, and backstage pass so she could see Calum again after a little over a month, and spark whatever they had that left his poor Cal in tears. Ash knew he would have to be sneaky though, making sure Calum wouldn’t take his phone or overhear conversations with her. But in the end, he sent her a message.

Her face lit up like a christmas tree in the dead of night. Her heart raced to a million beats, and her head pounded every corner of her brain. She couldn’t believe it. The offer, the reasoning behind it, everything. At first, she absolutely declined. Telling Ashton, “No. Absolutely not. I haven’t nothing to say to him, and want nothing to do with him. Sorry, but thanks for the offer.” Then Ashton laid down the heavy card. “But he cried over you. For the first few days he sat by himself being quiet and looking at his phone for some kind of message from you. I’ve always been suspicious of you two, and now I know what’s been going on.” If that didn’t make her want to jump out of her apartment window, then she didn’t know what would. Eventually she gave in upon hearing about Calum’s distress. Maybe they had both been going through the same motions, but were both too incredibly stubborn to admit it. I mean, it took so long for Calum to even come clean about his feelings, so she knew it would take him longer to tell her about what he’s been going through now. Or so she thought.

With sunglasses on her face a luggage on her hand, she drove in a taxi to the hotel Ashton rented a room for her in. Her hands began to get clammy, realizing she was in the same vicinity as Calum once again, and she could see him anytime before her big concert reveal. Ashton messaged her once she was settled in the room, telling her to be ready by 4 so her uber that he payed and sent for her, can pick her up and take her to the venue for soundcheck where he’d give her the concert ticket, backstage pass, and of course a hug for goodluck.

Once she was dressed in a skin tight black long sleeve dress with matching thigh high boots, she was picked up right on time by her friendly uber. She exited the car only to be pulled by a tall muscular man with a shirt that read ‘security’ on it, and pushed inside the venue. Ashton greeted her by catching her before she could fall due to the security’s hard push.

“Whoa there,” she laughed while catching her, “sorry about that. Security is pretty solid for us.” He lifted her up to her knees, as she brushed off her dress and smiled shyly at him.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, properly at least.” He shoved his hands in his pockets to retreive what she came to meet him for.

“You as well.” He was about to hand her the ticket and pass, but she put her hand on top of his to signify to stop before he could fully put it in her hands.

“I knew Calum the best, but I just want you to know that I actually do really enjoy your band and music. All of you are so talented, and in no way was I befriending Calum for fame or anything.” Ashton gave her a confused look, and she slightly chuckled. “I know you guys have probably had people in your life come in and out because all they wanted was 15 minutes of fame with you guys. But that’s why I kept myself out of the spot light, and it wasn’t just Calum’s decision. I didn’t want any of you seeing me like that because I genuinely liked you guys.” He smiled brightly at her, molding her hand to fit around the contents in his hand.

“We have our fair share of that with the guys’ girlfriends on this tour.” Y/N laughed loudly. A real laugh, one she didn’t know she could still make after the month of complete darkness she was in not too long ago. “Now, go sit in the back of soundcheck, make sure to keep your head down so that way when you go back stage Calum is truly surprised, and then enjoy the concert then go to the right hand of the front of the stage so the security can take you to come see us.” She nodded, giving him the big comforting hug they both needed.

She did as Ashton said, and sat in the very last row of soundcheck, on the side Calum wasn’t sitting in front of. She saw him emerge from backstage in his navy tank, black jeans and messy hair. A small gasp left her mouth before she quickly put a hand over it. He looked better than he did when he left, if that was even possible in a months time. But she knew she had to keep her composure, so she sat with her hair slightly in her face, but looking up enough to witness his beauty.

A fan 2 rows in front of you asked a question that got your head to shoot all the way up, not caring if he saw you or not, because the answer to this question was vital.

“Do you miss anyone that isn’t with you on tour now? I mean obviously your family but anyone else?” Calum let out a sigh, and waiting a rather long time before he answered, truthfully.

“Yeah of course I miss my family. My mum, dad, sister, even a few of my cousins. But other than that, no. I don’t miss anyone.“ Y/N looked over at Ashton who saw her from his periferal, and he looked scared. He gulped, causing his Adams apple to bob up and down, and his jawline sharpened. Her fingers crept inward, and were making sharp indents on her palms. Her breathe hitched, and without thinking, her legs straightened, making everyone, even the boys, look at her, and in a flash her back was facing them and began walking out.

“Y/N stop, don’t leave.” She heard over the speakers, freezing in her tracks with her back still facing them. Her mouth fell slightly open, with puffs of air escaping them. She could feel herself shaking, tears daring to pour out of her eyes. She looked back to find Calum standing up quickly, making his mic fall to the floor. She couldn’t look at him for more than a second before she was whisked away by another tall muscular guy wearing a shirt that said ‘security’…

The boys had finished their soundcheck about 20 minutes after the whole incident. Y/N had been sitting on the small couch they were given backstage, and soon she saw Ashton cut through the dark curtain seperating the stage from backstage, and scolded her with dark eyes. He couldn’t even get a word in before Calum practically tore the curtain from the ceiling as she stomped toward me. He grabbed my arm and brought me to my feet before taking me to a room filled with the bands clothes, instruments, and hair products. It was big and spacious, which meant there was tons of room for yelling.

Calum slammed the door before speaking. “What the hell is your problem?” He screamed at her, getting in her face, and in an instant she pushed his broad shoulders away from her, walking on the other side of the couch inside the room so she could have a barrier.

“What the hell is my problem? You’re the one bruising my arm, slamming doors, and screaming in my face! I thought you’d be happy to see me!”

“No Y/N, I’m not! Once I’m happy and finally starting to get over you, you decide to come back and be here! Well news flash Y/N I don’t want you here, at all!”

“Well I didn’t want to come here either alright. Ashton contacted me saying how sad you’ve been because of what happened between us because Calum, he knows you better than anybody, and he knows what’s been going on between us. And I’m not going to lie, I’ve been a mess without you. So I thought coming here would help me realize why I felt so low but I knew the reason the whole time.” By now, Y/N was crying. Tears hit the couch, and her head hung low. Calum crossed his arms with tension, waiting for her answer.

“I’m in love with you too, Calum. I don’t know why it took me so long or why I never said it, but I mean it now. I’m in love with everything about you, everything I’ve gotten to know about you, every flaw and every perfection of you.”

“Well I’m not in love with you, so leave.” He said defensively. She choked back on her tears, looking up at him to find him much closer in front of her than before, his eyes baring into her own. All she saw was black, no feeling, no sympathy for her travels to come and tell him this.


“I told you. I’m over you. And I mean it. I actually have someone else right now in my life that has, in a way….replaced you. She’s the drummer of our front band, and she makes me feel more loved than you ever made me feel.” Her hand caught up to her mouth to avoid loud screams from coming out like the ones she experienced in the silence of 2 AM, and Calum still felt no sympathy.

“Calum c’mon! We’re about to go on stage!” You heard a girl’s voice errupt from behind the dressing room door, and in a giggly voice as well. Knowing fully well of who it was, Y/N grabbed at her hair by her temples before pacing the inside of the room.

“I’ll be out in a minute babe!” He yelled before reaching for the door knob.

“Calum no wait please-“ Y/N ran toward him and pulled his hand into hers before he could open the door. As if he knew the affect he now had on her, he left his hand in hers for a few seconds, before roughly pulled it back with a tense look staring down at her.

“I’m sorry you made the trip all the way out here, only to be disappointed.” He opened the door and stepped halfway out before speaking again. “At least now, you know what it feels like.”

With another slam to the door, Y/N huffed out the last bit of air she could muster from her lungs, as she felt like Calum was choking her and she couldn’t breathe at all. Now she was the one left in a dimly lit room. Oh boy, she caught feelings and she knew the feelings she felt for Calum would be just that, feelings.

Essays in Existentialism: Stud IV

more stud lexa????? totally my fav.

Previously on Stud

The first hint of the autumn chill was a glorious kind of magic. It rattled its way through the streets on rickety wheels, making leaves chatter on leaves and making ships creak in the harbour. It climbed its way up buildings, leavings the fingerprints of the impending winter on the glass. The first chill was a defiant, fierce little thing, that was known to only a few who braved the early hour as the sun began to wake in this half of the world. Their breaths all became clouds, drifting along aimlessly as their throats tightened against the cold. But, like the first line of soldiers, the first hint of the end of summer was bombarded and dispatched with little effort by the day once the sun rose and attempted to hide any evidence of the bodies. 

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A Rescue .:Fake AH Ryan x Reader:.

Pairing: Ryan H x Reader
Summary: You meet the most dangerous criminal of Los Santos and fall in love. What could go wrong?
Warnings: Mention of blood, small torture scene you can skip over, cursing
Type: Overall it’s fluffy af
Word count: 4,234
Author notes: So I’ve been working on this for the past couple of days and a few things. The program I run it through to check for grammar issues said it was too long to check so whOOPS. Also, it swaps around a bit with whose pov it’s for I’m sorry. And last but not least, I can’t write torture so..Sorry. If you enjoy, please feel free to reblog!

To say the story only started four days ago would be both the truth and a lie. While the current problem had only been a problem for four days, that’s not where the story of (Y/n) and Ryan started. You see, it started about four months before, the two had met.

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done chasing ;;

Summary: How do you chase after someone who’s chasing someone else? 

Word Count: 3,192

Tags: Bridgette/Felix ; Identity Reveal

ao3 won’t post this right now; will add link later.


There was never a doubt Bridgette loved Felix.

She loved him more than anything; he had been kind to her when no one else had, made her feel welcomed and to an extent, loved. She wanted nothing more than to return the favor; let him know he was wanted, had someone he could depend on.

Sure, she came on strong but Bridgette wasn’t one to back down easily.

Not when he rejected her offer to go to the park; or the library; or the music festival; or the café down the street. Not when she got doused with water from that puddle; when she burned her tongue on the tea she had gotten to impress him.

She kept going on; telling herself that it was all worth it if he ever said yes. And Bridgette believed he would; as long as there was even a chance he’d say yes to her - just once, if only to get her out of his hair - she would keep charging on.

That’s what she did; leapt into action and let her heart guide her.

So why was she hiding behind a column, listening to her mind for once?

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