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A letter full of regrets. So I played dragon age and here is a small tribute for a decision I had to make.

“I’m not a specialist in writing feely stuff. Despite being completely sure drama was my thing. Whatever…
I used to recall our life in Kirkwall pretty often. Every single day actually. Sitting in tavern with that good old smile and openly saying nonsense like “Oh yeah, that joke of him was perfectly timed” or “Never gonna forget such stupid faces those sons of nags made”. I didn’t care if someone’d heard me. Memories were too fresh to shut them up. All that adventures, no wonder nobody believes my books. Come on, kicking tons of asses, getting wealthy, killing few dragons, robbing a castle. Sounds astonishing, right? And what’s the coolest part - I remember it all. Every tiny detail. Bet I can even recall how Rivainy’s burnt hair smelled after one of slavery market’s clean ups. She looked like a well cooked vivern and screamed furiously. Hawke had to buy every single shiny Jewell from all the Hightown stores just to be sure he won’t be stubbed harshly later on.
Hawke…you remember that bloody champion never played cards well? I still can see his eyes glittering with glory and pride at the day the victory was finally his. Once and for all, I guess. Odd man. You know, despite being damn serious in business and battles, he never said names in such rude and harsh way. He was all like “Hey, Varric, buddy how’s life going?”, “Aveline, you, woman of honor, get out of your desk, lets get some drinks”, “Fenris, I owe you an elvenage-sized box of vine for saving my poor ass!”. It never resembled metal cold “Die” he addressed every piece of crap standing against us. He called us family. We all had dark temptations, odd weaknesses but he saw the light in shadows. And even when our bodies tried to betray him, Hawk…believed. He cared for us so freacking much my own mother never did. Though he wasn’t even the oldest of us. Did anyone really felt older? Doubt that.
So….what I’m trying to say…
Danm, I can’t. Why is it so difficult to operate with simple words. Or don’t I still believe it?
You remember our nights in the Hanged Man? Alcohol, games, face punching. Although Saint boy barely held cards, Hawke still was loosing. Daisy got knocked out from the first glass and all gang unwillingly had to carry her home. And of course there were bandits on the way, and of course they got screwed. After a huge lightning show party had to skedaddle not to bump into bunch of templars. Grumpy argued about “stupid magic” and Blondie just had to answer. Captain talked in commands and Daisy hiccuped so loudly I was aware knights would track us by sounds. Hawke remained silent. And then burst in laughing. Hugged everyone tightly in the giant arms of his. And said he’s happy. He thanked us for all we were. That was a long time ago…
Hawke is gone, guys. I wasn’t there to help him. Wasn’t there to save. I didn’t even had a chance to make up to him. For all he did. I was the one who dragged him into it. It’s on me. But…he wouldn’t want me to blame myself, would he? Guess I still can hear his voice.
Hawke would have said something…supportive. It won’t help anyway. When he lost an important part of him words barely worked. And Hawke wasn’t just a part. He changed people from the inside. Made them better. He made us better. Without him…I don’t even need to know, what would I be like. Life did its best in challenging him. He never fell, never surrender. Beating Arishoc to stand up for Pirat Queen? Sure, why not, he only was five times bigger. Fighting mad templar empress? Living statues? Beams of fire and energy? Oh, okay, everything so that Blondie won’t cry over and blow up something else. Ghosts, spirits, blood mages? No problem. He ripped his ass for our sake. I owed him life I live. I still do.
I want nothing, but promise. From you all. Hawke…was a person worth following. Do not forget it. Do not forget him. Keep that memory. Save it. We had known him long before he became the champion, before he became refugee. We knew him out of those titles, out of history pages. We knew real him. Knew and loved.
Hawke will always be with us….
In our hearts”

E.V.O.L - Chapter 2 (Trixya) - VicThirteen

A/N: Hello! I meant to submit this earlier, but I prefer to post the chapters only when I have the next one ready, so it took a minute. Also, I’m a believer in building antici-

…pation to make every moment that little more special. Thank you so much for the comments, it makes my heart glow with joy <3

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Betty had been Rachel’s best friend for years, they had met in high school, they had met through mutual hatred of a certain cheerleader. Despite their opposite social standing they had brought Monica down and with that Betty had decided Rachel was alright. Betty saw Rachel’s thread as well as her own, according to extensive research on google, this meant Rachel was her soulmate, but it wasn’t yet time for them to assume their roles as doctor and mrs lewis. Lately Betty had been getting worried, Rachel was getting more and more worried about their love as Rachel was getting more and more serious with Monica’s ex, Bruce. At first Betty had thought that Bruce was a fling to rub in miss perfect’s face. But lately they had gotten sappy, they were always together and Betty really didn’t like seeing them all over each other.. she didn’t really know if she could hang around them anymore. She wanted to tell Rachel about their fate so badly but it was hard because Bruce was good to her. He clearly loved her and she seemed to love him too..

Bruce smiled as he looked at Rachel, taking her hand in his and kneeling down, she was eighteen today, so he could finally ask.
“Rachel.. you’re the coolest girl I know and.. I uh.. you saved my life and I.. I.. really like you.. you’re super cool.. I know I’m not-not your soul mate but I love you so much one day I know I will be so.. m-marry me?”

I miss my What’s Her Face doll. I had the “hip” one I think? She had a pink braid wig and a green one and I remember I got her a fluffy blue and green wig too.

I also really miss Diva Starz. The doll itself wasn’t the coolest but the video game for PC. Was. So. Fun.

I’d spend hours making song mixes or whatever.

anonymous asked:

If you're still taking requests, could I request something angsty for either mccree or genji? Whoever you feel more inclined to. Your brand of angst nourishes my soul.

Here we go! This took me quite a long time to write, lmao. It is pretty plot-heavy and there is a fair bit of violence in it so be careful! It’s not very romance-y at all but if you want me to continue it, I would be much more inclined to add a lot more! Let me know! Either way, I hope you like it!

Subject: Genji Shimada x Reader (sort of?)
Word Count: 6k+ words

It was supposed to be a simple reconnaissance mission.

The Russian omnium had been abandoned for years and there hadn’t been enough metal to piece together to make a single omnic. Even at the height of the Crisis, the factory had been one of the key weak points that helped the agents of Overwatch understand and dismantle the larger part of the opposing force. It was located in a far off mountain range at the edge of the Russian-Chinese border, a trek from anywhere with the lack of supplies and travel routes available. The security systems in place had found a minor amount of activity but interference stopped any communications other than a triggered sensor. 

The mission was meant to be a challenge for your rookie squadron, lead by the half-human Genji Shimada. He had worked with some of your division before and each member had their own opinion on the cyborg. Jenkins had bristled at the idea of being mentored by someone he considered “half-omnic” and a “sympathizer” but Velasquez thought that his cybernetic abilities were the coolest thing she had ever seen. You, on the other hand, had always been a little nervous around him. Perhaps it was the lack of emotion you could read on his masked face. Or the deadly and precise force he could unleash at will. Still, he had never been anything but kind to you. Gentle. In fact, he had given you several important tips about combat that you took to heart.

You didn’t like when your teammates talked about him. Whatever he was now, he was once a human, too. A respected member of Overwatch. A hero.

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Pencil sketch of dextro squad in MEHS AU. Wonder what they’re reacting to!

Started as a sketch that somehow turned into Garrus. Naturally, I had to draw Shepard beside him. Tali mysterious appeared to complete the trio. Obviously the coolest people in Citadel High! (That is a lie, they are actually super nerds that somehow got roped into organizing prom) :D

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"You used to bully/mess with me in elementary school and it turned out it was because you had a major crush on me AU" oh and hello! Lol

I swear to you I meant to make this silly, I’m sorry!

The lecture hall was empty save for a handful of early students. Asami began walking towards the first row, ready to take a seat when her eye caught something. “You have got to be fucking kidding me,” Asami cursed under her breath when she saw the person that she hoped she’d never see again. Korra was sitting in a seat several rows above the first one, with a pencil balanced on her nose and her feet on the empty chair in front of her. Asami changed her mind about sitting in front and quickly walked over to an empty seat closest to the wall and further up the hall, just out of the other girl’s line of sight.

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A/N: The inspiration for this came from Eric Clapton’s ”Wonderful tonight”, one of my favourite songs when I was little. Dean x reader fluff. Of course.

Summary: Dean ponders his feelings for the reader during a hunt that takes them undercover to an art exhibition opening.

Word count: 2455

Dean tried his best not to stare when Y/N stood in front of the mirror, holding up the two dresses. She’d been trying to decide for ages; alternating between the two and frowning each time she changed her mind. They were both beautiful in their own right; one flowing, black dress with a low cut back, the other a quirky, patterned halter neck with a poofy skirt, but Dean knew that she’d look stunning no matter what she chose to wear.

Eventually, she turned to the Winchesters and waved the two garments in the air. “I’m no good at this,” she sighed, tilting her head towards Dean. “Which one?”

Sam lifted his eyebrow and shot his brother a quick glance when he didn’t answer. “I’d say go for the long one,” he said, pointing to the black. “Goes better with Dean’s suit.”

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