she had one hell of a season

You know what I really fucking love about Marlana? (everything)

No but really, aside from everything, one specific thing that I love about them is that they had equally interesting but “opposite” wardrobe changes as their characters developed.

Alana started out with the wrap dresses, which were usually not layered with anything, and then by season 3 she was wearing three piece suits. She armored up. Did she abandon femininity? Hell no. But she still, finally, after implicitly trusting Jack, Hannibal, and Will and being betrayed in that trust by literally all of them, learned to protect herself. She withdrew her trust and the physical armor of the suits reflected that change nicely. (One could also argue that she consciously or unconsciously was imitating Hannibal.)

Margot, on the other hand, started out with these incredibly stiff and layered outfits. Her hair buns were sleek and severe, and her lipstick reflected that. Need I say anything about the shoulder pads–designed to make her appear larger, more intimidating? Yes, Margot was protecting herself with these layers of clothing, I don’t think anyone failed to pick up on that. And then she meets Alana. And she makes this switch to softer clothing choices, and hairstyles, and makeup. But only with her.

I find this to be really awesome because both of these wardrobe choices were incredibly well-thought-through. Both of them accurately reflected the development each of them was going through. And that’s really cool because a lot of the time in media you see more masculine girls lauded for becoming more feminine in coming-of-age stories, or by contrast, feminine girls who become more masculine to redeem themselves (e.g. Regina George in Mean Girls). And what I love about Marlana is that there’s none of that, because both of their transformations were intensely personal and reflected what they personally were going through.

What the hell was that...






“😮what did we do to deserve this!?”


this whole episode got me so shook and upset. Rowena & the winchesters really did screw up this time. They pushed it too far. They could’ve gotten rid of that ghost like any other but instead they had to go and drag Gavin in it leading him back to his death like that. Then to top it off Rowena’s real reason for convincing him was just straight up petty. What the hell…

12x08 Coda - Castiel and Mary

“I need your help, Mary.” The call had been difficult to make. Castiel had researched, interrogated, tortured…all for naught over the past six weeks. Then one of Crowley’s informants gave him something to go on. It was as far as the newly re-throned King of Hell was willing to go. Crowley served his own purpose.

She arrived in two day’s time. Her pack hit the floor with a heavy thud and she swiped the liquor bottle Castiel had been nursing. Mary poured herself a glass and steeled herself for whatever the angel was about to tell her.

“Six weeks, two days, and ten hours.”

The words rang in Mary’s head. She assumed Dean was too busy to play their phone games or had lost interest. She was all too aware of the pain she was causing her eldest son.

“Why did you take this on all by yourself? Why didn’t you contact me sooner? Or Sheriff Mills?”

Cas sighed, his shoulders heavy with the weight of the situation bearing down on him. He should have stayed with the President and sent Kelly with the brothers. She couldn’t have easily gotten the drop on the both of them.

“I had so little to go on. I fucked it up. It was on me to fix it.”

“How long have you and Dean known each other?”

“Almost nine years. How is that relevant?”

“Because you sounded just like him right now. You both think you’re Atlas with the world on your shoulders.”

Castiel fiddled with his empty tumbler. He and Dean were very much alike. Some of it learned behavior, some of it innate. “Dean and I, we do share a profound bond.”

Mary gave a weary smile. She downed her Scotch and poured another for them both. “How long have you and Dean been…together?”

The angel looked up at her with a furrowed brow and confused expression.

“It’s okay, Castiel. Any fool could see how much you love each other. You didn’t have to hide it. I assume Sam knows since you all live together.”

“Mary, I…”

“Castiel, stop. I won’t bring it up to Dean. I can wait until he’s comfortable telling me. You strike me as a ‘cut the bullshit’ type so I did.”

He didn’t know what to say. He was accustomed to Sam’s inferences and Crowley’s snark, but not the sincerity of Dean’s mother. He just nodded his head and let it be. Perhaps this time he would have the proverbial balls to tell Dean, show Dean, how he truly felt.

Mary slapped her palm on the table much like Dean did. “Come on, let’s go get our boys back.”

Okay, guys, let’s be serious now. My grammar will suck as hell but nevermimd.

Mary had a very dark past, a very dark one. A terrible one.
But this is not a surprise. First I was so terrified that she’d hurt and betray Sherlock but it turned the opposite out, like I expected.
Mary might not be perfect, she had her mistakes but obviously she wanted to restart with John, she loved him and Sherlock so much and how you just saw, Sherlock loves her as well. My heart broke and broke even more when he said all the time he insisted to protect Mary because of this vow. And Mary wanted to keep Sherlock safe, she thought she owed him something just because of the past (shooting at him). And that’s why she died.
Obviously she knew she would die one day and her past would haunt her again. And her privilege is to keep John safe and that’s what she asked Sherlock for.
First I was scared when I saw the CD saying “Miss me?” and then Mary on the screen but that was just to scare us. She had nothing to do with Moriarty.

Ladies and gentlemen, what we saw tonight was a very loyal and gracious man and this man was/IS Sherlock Holmes. Obviously he can’t deal with Mary’s death so he attends John’s therapist now and that’s what my heart has broken completely.
They loved each other, they loved each other so much.

So we had Ren’s backstory but we’re not done yet. There is a big chunk of Nora’s backstory missing because how the hell did she get to Kuroyuri? Those kids didn’t recognize her clothes and mentioned she might be a bandit. Maybe she has something to do with Raven after all?

Nora might be from one of the kingdoms, likely Mistral, likely from a large city. But how did she get to Kuroyuri? Kuroyuri doesn’t seem to be the most central place in Remnant with the next village probably at least a couple of day’s walk away for an adult. So how did a little girl that is clearly not from the area get there?

They wouldn’t have hinted it if there wasn’t something we’re going to see somewhen in the future.

This is for @mittensmorgul‘s Great Fic Writer Scavenger Hunt, round one.


There’s Only One Bed and Castiel (for whatever reason) wears different clothes.

Set in season seven after Cas takes Sam’s Hell memories. Almost canon compliant but where Dean actually visits Cas at the hospital, plus Cas is a little less comatose and Dean is a little less mean.

He’s asking for you, she says. Even in his sleep.

Dean doesn’t know why he even answered the phone. Maybe because they had dick on Dick and he needed a distraction, but he regrets it as soon as he hears Meg’s jeering voice. Your angel needs you, she says. And I need a break. And just like that he’s on his way to Indiana.

Meg meets him outside of Cas’s room to brief him.

He normally just lies in bed, she says. He’s practically comatose most of the time so even you should be able to handle it. He’s not asleep. You’ll know if he is because if he’s asleep, he’s having nightmares. I mean, I’m pretty sure the nightmare thing is all the time. But when he’s awake he can stop the screaming. When he’s asleep, he can’t.

And that’s not all, of course, because it’s Meg and she likes to hear herself talk.

You better fuckin’ watch him, she continues. I did not sit here on my ass playing nurse for however many weeks just so you could fuck it all up.

And more.

If he wakes up, do what he says, she commands. Because if you don’t he will bolt, and if he bolts, you will not be able to find him. My advice: don’t let him out of your sight. He’s a danger to himself.

Why do I care, Dean mutters.

Meg just laughs. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be here, she says, disappearing with a smirk.

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Stydia or Stalia?

Most of everyone’s arguments are so damn childish. I’m not neutral, I ship Stydia like it’s my fucking day job but you guys will literally go down each other’s throats instead of respecting each other’s opinion. I’m going to state my opinion, even though I know someone will try and contradict what I believe. Stydia, from the start, has been my ship. In seasons one and two it was totally one sided, Lydia was in love with Jackson despite how abusive he was. But she realized she had to let him go (not really like she had a choice). Then season three came along and you could see how Stiles and Lydia progressed as friends. They’re witty comments, “investigating” together, the glances, to her kissing him to make sure he’ll be okay. Now you stalia shippers will go to hell and back to defend that kiss saying it meant nothing, and that’s your opinion, but it’s clear that when she was done kissing him, she realized he meant more to her than she thought. And all of you guys talk about Aiden, but their relationship was mainly based on sexual tension. That string scene with Stiles and Lydia was amazing. You could see how Lydia was realizing what Stiles would do for her and how much that means to her. There are so many moments in season 3. Then season 4, that season is for Stalia, I will admit, although I think it was far too rushed and not played out for the right reasons, they liked each other. Their were stydia moments in that season as well, but it was a Stalia season. Then there’s season 5. Stiles and Malia break up and Stiles doesn’t seem to phased by it, they both just disregard what they used to be. And in 5B.. let’s just say Lydia realized she loved him. Fight me on this if you must, but he fucking broke through those doors like there was no tomorrow, caressed her face, dragged her out of there until he noticed that it had to be Parrish (which let me state, Marrish is one of the most disturbing ships I’ve ever seen, given the age gap and sexual fantasies about a teenager in high school). Stiles then holds her in the back seat of his Jeep without driving the damn thing, Scott does. And at Deatons office.. that’s one of the best Stydia moments of all time. He saved her, yet again. Then in season 6, well, so far it’s pretty self explanatory. He loves her, he tells her. He’s had a crush on her freshman, sophomore, and junior year, and it wasn’t till senior year that he knew he loved her. Not just because she’s beautiful, because she’s SMART. He’s the only one who gives her credit for that. That means so much to her. It has ever since their dance. And now that he’s gone, she doesn’t remember that he loves her, she remembers that she loves him. And she continues to search for him. Malia and Scott want to stop looking for him! But Lydia literally insists they keep looking. She’s the only one who has any hope. Now, when I post this they only have 4 episodes of season 6 aired but I’m sure when I come back to this later in the season, this ship will be real. With that said, happy final season!

I’m an A.M. at a halloween store this season, and these last few days have been hell. people throw shit everywhere, they don’t care if you’re off the clock, they dont care about you, they’re just there to buy costumes. I have a good amount of hell stories to tell from this, but the one that sticks out the most is when I had to ring up a lady for some makeup she was buying, and she says “before you ring me up, you need to tell me the prices of these” and I start to read them to her and immediately she just says, “oh my god you’re so stupid, you can’t even listen to directions properly.” at this point I’m just done, I had a 3 hour lecture that morning and I was halfway through a six hour shift, so I was in that mode where I’m helping her with the least amount of customer service necessary. she only had two items and we were low on bags so I didn’t bag them, and even if she needed them she could have just grabbed them. instead, she just kinda throws up her hands and is like “um, I need a bag?” fuck her, at least the guy who came in with the snake later that night made it better

Emma Swan didn’t lift a finger to save the good, selfess, heroic father of her child but she will literally move heaven and hell to save the life of a misogynistic, abusive, selfish, pathetic excuse for a pirate again and again, even AFTER said pirate tried to KILL HER SON AND HER PARENTS?! WHO THE FUCK IS THIS POD EMMA AND WHERE IS THE EMMA FROM SEASON ONE, WHO WOULD NEVER HAVE STOOD FOR ANY OF HOOK’S BULLSHIT AND WASN’T SOME PATHETIC, DESPERATE WOMAN WHO WILL PUT EVERYONE SHE SUPPOSEDLY LOVES IN DANGER ALL FOR ONE PATHETIC, USELESS MAN?!

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I just don't get one thing - why the hell haven't they started moving towards romantic bamon this whole season? Second half of S7 was full of Damon jealous of Enzo and heavy hints at bamon, they could have had S8 as Damon-Bonnie-Enzo triangle and give BD more time together, instead they spent almost whole season showing Enzo as Bonnie's "true love" + Damon being somewhat ok with bonenzo and hung up on Elena. Only to make 180 turn in the very last few episodes. Why, JP? Did she still hope in DE?

1) I think she was looking for the surprise effect since no one expects Bamon endgame that explains  the “tvd series will have a plot twist that no one will expect”.

2) I also think JP is scared of DE fans and didn’t want to deal with the hate all s8 and chose to deal with it the last episodes.

3) When s8 got picked up they decided to put Bamon at the same level in love relationships. Damon had Katherine then Elena and Bonnie had Jeremy then Enzo. They wanted to show the fail of their first relationships BJ/DK with Bonnie and Damon loving Katherine and Jeremy more than they loved them, and then the toxicity of DE/BE for Bonnie and Damon, both ships supposedly “epic” but toxic for them.

I think they just wanted Bonnie and Damon to have the same past for Bamon to happen, showing they will find better with each other than what they had in their past relationships.

I think it’s a combination of these 3 that makes Bamon didn’t happen sooner. Also if Bamon is the only happy ship in the end it makes sense they were apart all season so the endgame is earned and to not be unfair to the other ships who won’t end well.

I feel BE/DE/SC are ships that were canon all s8 because they are not endgame. A ship that spend the whole season together won’t have a happy ending meanwhile the other ships who spend the whole season apart from each other will get a reward and is endgame in the end.

TVD rules guys. If you watch all the 7 previous seasons. Every seasons when a ship was starting the season together they were breaking up in the end and on the contrary the ship who was starting the season broken up was ending up together in the finale of the season.

The censorship of Willow and Tara’s relationship in season 4 goes to show how sheltered Willow and girls of her time would have been to lesbian experiences or romance between women. This is still the case now for so many young lesbians including myself. (I accepted my sexuality around the same age as Willow. I had dated boys like Willow did. I had actually dated more boys than Willow did. You see where this is going?) 

Saying Willow is bi rather than could have been (definitely not “should have been”) is a microaggression against lesbians. It is lesbophobic. Stop it.

Yes, there are issues with bierasure in it now (read: Buffy) but you can’t just point at a lesbian who went through compulsory heterosexuality in high school over 15 years ago and label her bisexual when she’s been out and proud for years.

I firmly believe the decision to not fully explain this on the show came from not wanting to turn their relationship into a gimmick. I believe it was done out of respect but also due to their limitations on what they could say. Willow herself says on countless occasions, however, that she is a lesbian and clearly has no interest in being with men ever again once she accepts her own orientation.

Respect this. Respect lesbians. Respect our experiences and our stories. Actively seeking to erase us is wrong.



I mean, first of all, why Toffee HAS such book when not even Star has something like that? That book it’s about the wand and it’s WAAAY more organized than her glossary.

Second, why did he need the book? He could just do whatever he wants with the wand and with the glossary, but he STUDY the wand…

Then, in the season finale, Toffee ask Star to destroy the wand. He could do ANYTHING with the wand, but he decides it’s best to destroy.

He even KNOWS that Star’s mother had given her the spell and it was the very first she learned! He confirms it’s the spell when she thinks out loud “The Whispering Spell”… HOW THE HELL HE EVEN KNOWS THAT?!

And there’s more. He has a plan for the broken wand. We could dismiss and think it was his mistake trying to get rid of the one thing that make Star easily defeat monsters, but a second before he says “gentleman, it’s been a pleasure”. He broke their agreement which means he accomplished his goal.

Everyone could think he had made a mistake when the wand exploded right after, but then we have this scene…


He KNEW the wand would explode, he knew it could destroy him, he KNEW EVERYTHING!

And then the Wand upgrades and there’s a missing piece.

And let’s pay a little more attention on these facts: look at the Queen face when she mention everything Star did…

Then Star gives her the wand…

As soon as she sees the wand, this is her face!

The calm, serious and indifferent Queen is freaking WORRIED.

Star knows she was supposed to be mad, but when her mother hugs her, she says “I’m always mad. I’m just glad you’re safe”. Which means that she knows  it wasn’t supposed to happen and that Star was in serious danger to came to the point of the wand became shattered.

As soon as Star leaves She says “I don’t know if we are doing the right thing, River” and the King tried to calm her down. They talk to Glossarick, and when he sees the wand he became also worried.


THE WAND DIDN’T CHANGED! It was supposed to be changed to fit whoever holds it, but it didn’t change back to what it was when her mother takes it!

Glossarick says then “I hope you find the pieces soon”, and the piece show up to somewhere…




THIS WAS TOFFEE PLAN! He wants the wand shattered, he’s probably looking for the missing piece, he has some kind of plan for it!

This went too deep and I’m freaking out for the next season!!!!

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What did Lindsey say?

I just realized I havent ‘really’ answerd any of those Lindsey asks.

Okay so in the meet & Greet and also in the panels lindsey talked about season 4 and things that already happend. And that one time she was like ‘oh you obviously already know that 😂 it already aired’ and you saw in the peoples faces that they had no idea what the hell she was talking about. Lindsey was so proud of those scenes and her 'fans’ didnt even watch it. She quickly changed the topic but you could se that she was dissapointed. And honestly I am too. They work so hard to make the best with the script they have given. And not even their fans watch it. I’m mad about what happend with lexa too but the show wasnt about lexa. And it’s never been JUST alycia. She has her show now and she moved on. She doesnt always want to be known for clexa only. So eliza. Eliza loved clexa yeah but life goes on. If you dont love Eliza without Alycia then yeah maybe you should leave. But if you care about Eliza, Lindsey and everyone else then you stay and support them. Because THEY want a season 5. THEY love working together and I love seeing them together. We talked about it with Rhiannon a bit at the Party and she said she totally understands that some of us stopped watching, she loved lexa too but there are so many other amazing actors and they do their best.
We will never see them in a show together again if we dont watch. We will never see them on Conventions. They all have a great on screen chemistry and am not ready to give that up yet.
Yes I would be fucking pissed if they make bellarke happen okay. But there will always be stuff we dont like. Its not the end of the world. Eliza said that too. Live always goes on bad things happen. But guys I saw the dissapointment in their faces when they realized most of the people in the room didnt even care about the show the worked so hard for and didnt even take the time to watch. That their FANS dont care about their work anymore because of something jason did. Thats fucking sad and I really dont wanna be part of something like that. I love them all. I keep watch and keep support. It has never been about alycia.

okay so much has happened today and it’s only 9 am 


am i honestly supposed to believe that Diggle’s more worried about Dinah’s living arrangements than Felicity’s darkness? Like? is the show done with Delicity or??? after season 3 (and a little bit of season 4) have they completely forgotten that they a great relationship with one another???

what happened to the Diggle who reassured her when she was threatened by Sara? the Diggle who supported her when they thought they lost Oliver? does no one remember that scene in season 3 where they thought they were spending their last moments with another?

i get that he had a lot of stuff going on so that’s why i thought that was okay but dig didn’t even thank felicity for saving him????? 

and don’t get me wrong, I’m really enjoying Dinah’s character but  

where’s big brother diggle? 


i get she’s private BUT WHAT THE HELL?

Don’t Worry About Me

Summary: Jo never died by the claws of hell hounds. She married Dean Winchester instead. Jo and Dean fought evil side by side, they became partners and lovers. Now Dean has to kill Amara himself and it’s time to say goodbye to Jo one last time. 

Author: deanwinchester-af

Pairings: Dean x Jo

Words: 1.5k+

Warnings: ANGST. Spoilers.

Beta: @theerinpage, thanks again love ♥

Song: Don’t Worry About Me

A/N: I’ve always loved the idea of Dean & Jo together, watching the season finale this idea came up to me and I just had to write it. I am going to say sorry in advance cause this is a real agnsty and sad one but I am proud of how it turned out. 


Jo’s lump in her throat grew tighter the more she gave thought into Dean’s selfless, brave and crazy decision to save the world one last time. Sucking her teeth, she laid her shaking body against Baby with crossed arms. Jo had been been holding back her tears since Rowena told Dean he won’t be carrying the bomb, he’s going to be the bomb in order to defeat Amara. Jo tried to talk him out of it but she also respected his decision.

She contemplated  her husband standing in front of his mother’s grave in the company of his brother, Sam. Both wide strong shoulders tense and heads bowed as they talked. Jo knew Sam was also trying to tell Dean he didn’t have to do this. When we all know he’s the only person who would succeed this task.

Dean and Jo had been married for three years now, while being in a relationship for over six years. The thought of settling with a hunter never crossed Dean’s mind, if somebody would ask him six years ago ‘Would you ever settle down with a hunter?’ Dean’s answer would’ve been a straight up ‘No’.  Until he found himself spending more time and hunts with Jo. They worked perfectly as a team, slowly they became partners and trusted each other even more, on and off hunts.

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Katя is such a keen, how come her krown was snatched?

this might seem odd coming from a katya-biased blog but i think her elimination was justifiable in season 7 but only because she went up against kennedy in terms of lipsync and kennedy undoubtedly slayed the stage. but the thing is, i dont even think kennedy’s outfit was that bad. it’s cute ! pearl’s hello kitty outfit was way worse so if shes the one who had to go up against katya, katya would have stayed in the show longer (might even reach top 3) :(  but you gotta do what you gotta do for ratings i guess ! c:

as for all stars 2, it’s understandable how bigger of a competition the contestants are there because by that point, theyre all amazing professionals (hell katya was just fresh out of season 7 and she reached top 3 which says a lot !!). but i dont think katya’s crown was snatched in this one and this post explains it well !! :D

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I have an important question... In TW I believe in season 3 where Allison, Scott, and Stiles basically had to die from an ice cold bath to be able to find the nemeton, from what Deaton said how in the hell did Issac and Allison have those things? A strong connection, emotional tether. How because I don't see it?

They started dating around that time, and we don’t really get to see too much of their relationship. I mean, maybe it was more that she was the first one that Isaac really seemed to like. (Besides Scott, but that’s another story.) He connected with her, and although we all know she still loved Scott, she couldn’t be paired with him because he was doing it too, you know? Kind of like, I would have wanted Scott and Stiles to be paired but once again, they were both doing it so…I don’t know. I feel like Allison really cared for him too, we just didn’t get to see too much of it.

Also on a completely different note, I wonder how it felt for Isaac when Allison died. I wonder if it was like…could he feel the tether break? I’m sad just thinking about it, Isaac is my baby. That also makes me wonder if Stiles felt that when Lydia died for a few seconds in season 5. I hate to think about it now I’m depressed I’m done bye. xoxox

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

Characters: Crowley x Reader, Juliet
Words: 1113
Requested by Anonymous:  I wanted to request a oneshot where Crowley and the reader are together and the reader like befriends Crowley’s hell hound. (the one in Season 5, I don’t know if you remember but it’s huge) and Crowley makes the reader see his hell hound and she teaches it tricks and they cuddle and everything. With some fluff?

Warning: Crowley calling the reader Kitten, implied sexy time

Author’s Note: This is my 500th posted one shot!

Originally posted by crowleyslittleminion

Crowley had been so worried when bringing you to hell. Not because of it being hell. Not because he was afraid you’d leave him. No, he was worried because he didn’t know how you and Juliet would get along.

           You had heard about Crowley’s Hell Hound, sure, but you had never been around her. And you knew you wouldn’t be able to see her when you were around her anyway. But it did make you smile to think that Crowley was worried about the first meeting. He wanted you both to like each other.

           “Okay, where is she?” you asked as soon as Crowley brought you into the bedroom to meet Juliet.

           “Standing next to me,” he said hesitantly.

           You immediately sat down in the floor, “Hi, Juliet,” you hoped you were looking in the right place. You held out your hand as if you were talking to any other dog, “You can sniff my hand,” you cooed at her.

           You felt hot breath against your skin and smiled, “I’m not gonna hurt you,” you said, “I promise.”

           After a few more puffs of hot air you felt a very large head nudge your hand and you giggled, “Hi there,” you scratched the invisible head.

           Crowley chuckled softly, “She likes you.”

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At Least You Ain’t Blind: A Bethyl One-Shot

At Least You Ain’t Blind

A/N- this is a quick Bethyl one-shot about the morning after burning down the moonshine shack.  Yesterday, as I nursed my own hangover, I kept thinking how Beth must have had one after the events of ‘Still.’  She was tiny, most likely dehydrated, didn’t have a full stomach, and had never drank before.  Naturally, my brain then started to fill in the pieces of how Daryl would take care of her.
This has been a hell of a season for Beth fans.  So I wanted to dedicate this to the amazing people in our fandom.  I know things can be dramatic at times, but I’m really glad I got to know many of you!

Beth could feel her stomach churning as the morning’s light coaxed her out of her disjointed dreams.  In her haze, her first instinct was to call for her mother and tell her she was too sick for school, but the feeling of damp earth reminded her that wasn’t an option.  It hadn’t been in a very long time.

Though her eyes remained shut, Beth could feel him watching her, his presence quiet but reassuring.  She wasn’t quite ready to face Daryl, so she only shifted her body slightly, hoping to sooth the storm brewing in her stomach without catching his attention.  Unfortunately, the movement did nothing but make her aware of the slow throbbing in her head.  Daryl had been right; moonshine was one hell of a choice for her first drink.  Maybe she should have stuck with the schnapps.

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