she had heart problems

“If there was anyone who cared about me, God already killed them. My mother died when I was eleven. She had heart problems because of all the drugs. These two tears are for her. I can’t even remember her face. I remember going to her funeral but I don’t remember her face. When I dream about her, all I hear is her voice. There’s no dialogue or anything. It’s just her voice, saying: ‘Come here, Jeff. Come here, Jeff.’ After she died, all that mattered was surviving. Nobody showed me love. Maybe things would have been different if I had parents. Maybe I’d have a place to live. Maybe I’d have accomplished something. So I don’t feel guilty for anything. Why should I? God doesn’t feel guilty for killing my mom.” (2/2)

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Oneshot #35 :) Our last hope

Albus and Scorpius needed advice from the one and only, Hermione Granger.

It seemed sudden. They weren’t even close to her.

One day, they just went to her, unexpectedly. It was time for serious talk.

“Albus and I need help.” Scorpius told her.

She looked at them. “I suppose we can talk. What’s going on?” Hermione did not have other obligations at the moment.

“Well, Albus and I both like someone and we want to know how to tell them.” Scorpius explained.

Albus nodded. “You are smart about everything. That’s why we wanted to meet with you.”

“I see. You can either come forward with how you feel or pretend those feelings don’t exist.” She stated based on personal merit.

“What do we say?” Scorpius’s lack of experience didn’t help.

She thought about it. “Speak from the heart.”

Albus always had a problem with them. “I can’t. I don’t know how he will feel.”

Hermione made sure she heard that right. “It’s a he? You like a he? Correct?”

“Yes. I like a he. Big surprise. Not really.” Albus wasn’t trying to hide he was interested in the male race.

“I like a boy too.” Scorpius confessed even though he was the gayest obvious boy.

Hermione smiled. “What a coincidence.” She didn’t believe it was at all.

“Scorpius, you never told me.” Albus felt like he failed as a friend for not knowing.

“The same applies to you.” Scorpius shrugged.

Hermione knowing the secret before their dad’s made her more motivated to be of help. “You learn something new everyday.”

“I have an idea.” She cleared her throat. “Why don’t you practice on each other? It might give you courage.”

Albus and Scorpius looked at each other.

“I am not sure that’s a good idea.” Albus brushed the idea off.

“There is an issue with that.” Scorpius told her.

“It’s not real.” Hermione didn’t think they had anything to lose.

Scorpius sighed, heavily. “Alright I guess.”

“Trying won’t hurt.” Albus was still apprehensive.

Albus pretended to be the boy Scorpius likes while Scorpius did the opposite.

“I know you may not like me but I like you. I thought you outta know.” Scorpius wasn’t used to telling a boy he liked him.

“Oh you mean in a non friendly way?” Albus responded with a chill tone.

Scorpius bit his lip. “I have a crush on you.”

“You are cute. Blond’s are my type.” Albus pretended to be that guy.

“You don’t say….” Scorpius was pleased with the reaction in fiction.

Albus smiled. “We can be the first gay couple.”

“You are right.” Scorpius agreed.

“Who is your type?” Albus was already looking at him.

Scorpius answered immediately, “Green eyes.”

“I have green eyes.” Albus pointed out.

“Exactly.” Scorpius grinned.

Hermione finally got it. “And the gayness continues.” She said loud enough for them to hear.

“Let’s come up with a ship name.” Albus suggested.

“Scorbus.” Scorpius formed it on the spot.

Prayer Request for my dog.

Oh sweet darling,
How I loved you,
and with joyful abundance you loved me.
I pray you get well.
And that God shall watch over you.
God please, love my dog as you have loved me.
Show thine eyes of mercy upon, my dog & my family,
Oh lord please hear my prayers.
May my dog make a healthy recovery.

So recently my dog had a heart attack or problem like it. She is now in the animal hospital and I am grief stricken. Please pray for her, and pray for me. My faith is being tested, and I’m really trying to feel God’s love. I know They do love me but right now it feels so far away. I don’t want to lose faith, and I want to trust God because in my sadness is when I need Them more than ever. If my dog does pass away, I pray we will be reunited in Heaven. I know some people don’t believe animals go to Heaven, and it makes me afraid and confused, i dont want to be stuck between loving my dog and loving God, I believe I can love both and God loves both me and my sweet pup. We’re all God’s creatures.


I loved five women before you.
Who. What. When. Where. Why.

Who I loved, was a girl from college. I wasn’t exactly close to her but with some superficial facts and a few interaction over semester; you know, like most guys fantasizing about a girl they barely know, I filled in the blanks like a fairytale author. And who she became in my head was probably more than the reality. She was a third year sorority girl. And I was the infatuated freshman, sure, but the several times we got to spend together outside  of class also allowed me to see she also had a good heart and a bright spirit. The only problem was? So did just about any other guy. And while she turned me down nicely, I swear, there were times when it seemed like the cliche sorority girl may have felt something for the typical, awkward, freshman.

What I loved, was an old friend. But she was much more than just a friend. We met early in college and kept in touch with the year after. We saw each other grow, and change. And through multiple relationships. I saw her different boyfriends come and go, she was also there for every girlfriend… and break-up of mine. Personality, humor, taste, it was all there. Her and I were almost perfect. The only thing that wasn’t perfect, was our timing. We were never single at the same time and what we loved about each other was never enough to leave who we were with. This is something we eventually have to face and accept. And we had to leave behind what we had.

When I loved, was my first girlfriend in highschool. It’s a bit unfair because she embodies the combination of both love and youth. The feeling of young love is unique and impossible to replace or replicate. Because we can only be that age once. High school was the time of innocence, discovery and adventure. We shared these three elements together and things like, our first kiss, late night sneaking out, and mad-named movies. All of which now have become a nostalgic love. Preserved in a time that neither of us can touch, but know it’s there. Even though we were just kids, there’s not a doubt in my mind that when we were there, we were in love.

Where I loved, was the girl I met in Los Angeles. I never intended to stay there that long. It was just a six-month internship after graduating, but it all changed when I met her. Soon a year had passed and somehow another year after that. I couldn’t leave the city. I couldn’t leave her. Maybe it was my desire to be on my own, or prove something to everyone back at home, but she helped me accomplish it over there. With a relationship reflective of the city we were in. A new energy and new experiences that really push me to mature more than anyone. Or anywhere else. When people ask what city I love the most, I say, L.A. The city where I loved the most.

Why I loved, was a close friend of mine who passed away. She told me after she was diagnosed that death wasn’t what saddened her the most. But the fact that she never really felt like she had fallen in love. She wouldn’t get to have those emotions, good and bad. Of being hurt, and of being held. After she passed, those words stuck with me the most. Teaching me to see that, one of the greatest gifts we have of being alive was the ability to give, receive, and even lose love. There are so many like her, whose lives end before having any of those experiences. What a waste if we don’t strive to love in our lives. She made me understand why. Why waste our life… not loving?

You are the sixth. You are none of them. Because you are all of them.

You are who I love. The girl on the pedestal. The fantasy. The make-believe things that are actually true. You are what I love. The depth, the inside jokes. The bestfriend. You are when I love. A new history is being started with you. We are the young lovers our older selves will someday reminisce about. You are where I love. Because I’d go anywhere just to be with you. You are why I love. Because before you, I didn’t truly understand what I was looking for. Now that we found each other, You’ve given my past, and future, meaning.

You are the sixth. You are the last.

In the Palm of Her Hand

“Just like this, Grace.” Dean wrapped his fingers around his daughter’s little wrist and guided her hand toward the edge of the cake.

The little girl chuckled quietly with her other hand over her mouth as her father swiped her finger along the bottom line of icing. They both grinned at each other as Grace quickly popped the icing into her mouth before anyone else could see. The party-goers were too busy catching up with old friends to notice what the father and daughter were up to… everyone except Castiel.

Cas was leaning against a doorway across the room with his eyes settling softly on his family. His smile grew as he watched Grace steal more icing with Dean’s help. Maybe another person would scold Dean and Grace for what they were doing, but Cas couldn’t find the heart to do it.

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This was the last message i ever got from my ex internet girlfriend. She had leukemia and heart problems. This message was just before she went to have surgery on her heart.
I got a message from her sister the next day saying that the surgery hadn’t worked. She had been induced into a coma, and her chances of surviving were slim. I was heartbroken.
A few hours later, one of my friends told me that my girlfriend was fake. The story had already been used on several different accounts in the youtuber fan group we met in. I was a mess. I still love and miss her even though she doesn’t exist.


The Briley Brothers (three actual brothers and their friend) were a group of four serial killers who operated in Virginia throughout the 1970s.  Anthony Ray Briley, James Dyral Briley, Jr. and Linwood Earl Briley came from a tight-knit family and displayed no signs of antisocial behaviour nor mental illnesses, which makes this case especially unique.

The first murder was committed in 1971 by a young Linwood. While his parents were out, he casually took a rifle and aimed through his bedroom window at an elderly neighbour, fatally shooting her. The callous crime almost went undetected, until family members noticed the bullet-hole in Mrs. Christian’s armpit. Her corpse was examined again, and the cause of death was changed to homicide. Ballistics showed that the bullet could have only come from 16-year-old Linwood’s window, making it an easy arrest for police. When asked why he did it. he coldly replied: “She had heart problems, she would have died soon anyway.” He was aptly carted off to a reform center were he was sentenced to serve only one years detention. His younger brother, James, soon joined him for shooting a police officer.

Some years later in ‘79, the three Briley brothers and an accomplice, Duncan Meekins, began their seven-month long killing spree that terrified the city. They would mainly knock on people’s front doors with some sort of a ruse (i.e the need to use a telephone) and then rob, sexually assault, and kill them. They had a plethora of murder methods: Stabbing, shooting, strangling… One victim was even killed by having a cinder block dropped onto their face. 

The gang was finally caught after the accomplice, Duncan Meekins, was captured and offered a plea agreement. Meekins gave the name and locations of the brothers in exchange for protection from them and a more lenient sentence. He agreed, and the murder spree was finally ceased. Only Anthony is alive, with James and Linwood being executed in 1984 and 1985.

“I grew up an only child until I was 9, and when I was 5, my mum bought me a dog so I wouldn’t be lonely. My favourite dog on TV at the time was Angel, from Lady and the Tramp 2, so I named my little puppy Angel. She had heart problems a few months ago, and while I haven’t watched the movie in a few years, I’m scared when I do go to watch it again soon, hearing Scamp shouting Angel’s name will make me too upset, because I miss MY Angel and want her to come home to me for one more cuddle.”

Look I am so salty in general about the way Danny has been treated by this show.

It is no secret that I absolutely love Danny, my 3rd favorite after hollstein. 

And Danny has consistently been completely beaten down and has not had a single bone thrown to her in this show. Laura at the very least won in S1, and she’s getting Carmilla back in S3. But Danny’s luck just goes downhill consistently worse and worse until STABBED. And no, she was not perfect, in fact she could be reckless and petty af. But she also died to protect her friends, and she spent entire S2 being a good friend to Laura. She was well meaning and she cared. 

But hey, at least the lion hearted Gryffindor (who had her problems but she TRIED) got the death she deserved, pretty noble scene to go out on, right?

Instead they ruin it by turning her into a vampire. And while I absolutely love evil!Danny and Sharon nails it, I am also torn because of course. Bring Danny back and make her evil for ~reasons~ for a good villain that’s probably just going to be staked at the end or something.