she had fun during bath time

About Min Ji Eun

I don’t know what the fuck you were all expecting

Since that new chapter - No, since Min appeared at all, I’ve seen countless hate about her. About how she was ‘trying too much to get Sangwoo’s attention’, and how she was ‘getting in the way of Sangwoo x Bum’. I let it slide, thinking that stuff will cool down, but with that new chapter I gotta say something.

Death flags raised as soon as Min showed up. We knew that she could be a potential victim. Along that post (i can’t link to it) saying that Sangwoo chooses victims similar to his mother, and Min having a lot of similarities with her, it was just obvious that something terribly wrong will happen. When she was introduced, it was already shown that she had a crush on Sangwoo, and will ‘rivalize’ with Bum. Sangwoo is champion at fucking with Bum’s mind, Min had to become his puppet at some point in the manwha. She isn’t ‘stealing’ Bum from Sangwoo, that ship isn’t even supposed to be a thing. She is just another victim of Sangwoo’s mind games.

Then, people say that she is mean to Bum. That she doesn’t save him from Sangwoo. I just have one question.

How could Min possibly figure it out during one evening with him ?

Min is just being a girl living her life. Flirting with people, talking with friends, making fun of stuff (even people. Yes, she seemed to make fun of Bum) but she never directly attacked Bum. She was upset when Sangwoo had to leave with him, but she never seemed to have bad intentions towards him. And Bum is easy to judge in Sangwoo’s friend circle, as he is very, very different, and pretty dirty, too (I mean, when is the last time Sangwoo bathed him ?)

Min is just doing her thing. She doesn’t really focuses on Bum, and how could she figure the whole kidnapping thing ? Bum’s nervous attitude could be passing as general awkwardness, and nothing in the evening seemed to hint any abuse made by Sangwoo. Plus, Min’s crush on Sangwoo is not helping. When you crush on someone, your brain basically pushes your crush’s flaws away, making you think they are ‘perfect’.

Yes, Min have a crush on Sangwoo. No, she doesn’t know about his tendencies. Yes, she judged Bum. But that doesn’t mean you can say that she ‘deserves to die’ and shit like that. Hate on Min started pouring in when *spoilers !* she was seen having sex with Sangwoo. Do you think she had any idea of what was happening ? To her, she was just finally having sex with her crush. Min is not the one to hate. The one to hate, since the beginning of the whole series, is Sangwoo.

tl;dr: Leave Min Ji Eun alone