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Alright, about those antlers…

The island that the clan resides on is situated atop a myriad of leyline intersections, the majority of which are located beneath the main settlement. These intersections cause huge amounts of magic to seep up to the surface, tainting the plant and animal life. Crystals grow naturally from the ground as well as particularly magic-rich trees and the like. 

So, it goes without saying that as beings held together solely by magic and completely dependent on it for survival, dragons would be prone to the same phenomena. Adult dragons are not liable to have crystalline growths unless they spent an exuberant amount of time near the most concentrated areas of magic dispersal. However, the same cannot be said of children born on the island. As they are in a period of time during which their bodies undergo immense physical changes and growth, the formation of crystals is far more likely to appear in a matter of years as opposed to decades. 

Another area of concentrated leyline intersections is located in and around the Stargrove Orchards. Crystals grow naturally from magic vents in the ground  alongside the trees in the orchards. Only on very rare occasions have residents of the nearby villages been victim of crystalline growths emerging from their limbs and/or extremities. However, one of the orchard tenders, T’lekah, has consistently worked with the trees while pregnant and tending to her children. As a result, they have developed crystalline antlers as opposed to the typical sets made of bone and marrow.

The first signs of crystal growth begin after infancy and in the toddler years. The growth begins at the base of the children’s antlers and slowly overtakes the established bone structures, eventually completely replacing the tissue with concentrated magic, much like bone matter is replaced with minerals during fossilization. By the time that a child has fully matured, their antlers are completely overtaken by crystal, making for a dazzling pair of appendages. The crystal growths also appear on the children’s arms, but are far smaller and easy to pick away during bathing. 

As the crystalline structure would continue to grow and spread as the children age, threatening to overtake their skull and damage their health, small, delicate runes have been inscribed along their antlers. These runes contain future growth to the preexisting crystal, rather than allowing it to run rampant about their bodies. As such, their antlers continue to grow as they age and their bodies are naturally exposed to Sornieth’s latent magic for longer periods of time. However, crystals cease to appear on other elements of their anatomy, saving them from horribly painful debilitating circumstances later in life. Should one of their antlers be damaged or broken, the lost element would return eventually, but never to the full size and extent as before.

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This might be a hard one but please bare with me. Inquisition companions, advisors, and Morrigan (and Kieran if you can but if you can't that's fine) react to the Inquisitor who grew up in the streets and had to hide when they found food - like one day they open a closet or a cupboard and find the Inquisitor eating a pie?

Cassandra- She had been looking for the Inquisitor for some time already to no avail. Yet when she went into the kitchen and opened up a cabinet she nearly yelled at the sight of the Inquisitor in there with a half eaten pie. She demanded an explanation as to why and when they tell her that they had to live on the streets and hide when they found food she became sympathetic towards them. She had no idea. She does tell them that no one will take their food but makes a note to tell the others.

Varric- He had been looking for them to play a round of wicked grace but couldn’t find them. He went back to the tavern to get a drink and when he opened the closet containing the cups he was surprised to see the Inquisitor in there casually eating a pie. Of course he asks why, it’ll be an interesting story about the Inquisitor. He doesn’t expect them to say that they grew up on the streets and had to hide when they found food. Still he can’t help but chuckle at the situation especially if it’s a qunari Inquisitor who barely fits in the cupboard.

Solas- He had been looking for ingredients for a new potion he was developing. When he opened up the cabinet containing glass bottles he did not expect the Inquisitor there holding a pie and a fork. He pulls them out and demands for an explanation they tell him they grew up on the streets and would have to hide when they found food. It makes him realize how real they are and he thinks about his plans. He tells them that they don’t have to hide anymore.

Iron Bull- He figured something was up when they seemed to disappear whenever food was around. He never asks why though. That is, until he finds them in a cabinet with a half eaten pie. When he asks why they tell him. “Sometimes we’d have to do that,” he tells them, “you look away and next thing you know your foods gone. That won’t happen here though. Plenty for everyone.” He lets them be but buys them a drink later.

Dorian- Similar to Solas he had been working on a potion. He did not expect to see them in the closet eating a pie. He damn near has a heart attack and in Dorian style fashion makes it about him. He does ask why they were in the closet and they explain. He understands but thrills them they don’t need to do it anymore.

Vivienne- She had gone to her closest for a change of clothing. Only to see the Inquisitor among them. Eating a pie. She orders them to get out and demands for an explanation. When she hears about why and how everyday was a competition for food. She gets it but tells them that as Inquisitor they are called to higher things than hiding in closets when they have food.

Blackwall- He doesn’t find them in a closet but in a far corner of the barn. In almost scares him half to death but he calms down he asks why. (Insert story here.) He gets it. Having to hide like the others he says they don’t have to do it anymore.

Sera- She had been looking for them to do some pranks but couldn’t find them. When she goes to open a cabinet to get some of the things see needs she finds the Inquisitor sitting there eating a pie. She screams and startles them causing them to fall out of the cabinet. She asks why they were in there and they explain. (You know the drill by now.) She understands “I get it, yeah? I had to do the same as a kid. There’s no same in it.”

Cole- He’s the reason they had the pie honestly. He felt them longing for it. “Going hungry for days. Everyday a competition. Only the strong survive.” You don’t have to hide anymore but you can if you want. He often checks on them if they hide when they eat.

Josephine- They had a meeting with some noble but they were nowhere to be found. When she opens up a cabinet that contains the wine glasses she finds them and screams because she didn’t expect them there. The noble asks if everything is alright she plays it off as seeing a rat. They reschedule the meeting for a late date. She knew of the Inquisitors living conditions before the inquisition became a thing but she didn’t know they hid when they had food. She tells them they don’t need to hide anymore.

Leliana- She noticed how often the Inquisitor would disappear whenever food was around. She knew of their past and the struggles they encountered. She just doesn’t expect to find them in a closet one day with a mostly eaten pie. She leaves them be but tells them to see her later on that day. She tells them that there is no need to hide anymore. They know but they are so used to doing it

Cullen- He damn near has a heart attack when he sees them. Like Leliana and Josephine he knew of their past but explains they don’t need to hide anymore.

Morrigan: She never went hungry with her mother, but after the mirror was smashed she spent many an hour hoarding small treasures against a similar fate. If she stumbles onto the Inquisitor the witchs biting tongue is either still or uncharacteristically gentle, and she leaves them to their meal.

Keiran: With the innocence that most children possess the boy thinks nothing if this action, beyond that it is a grand idea to hide treats from his mother. Their open delight at the location and choice of snack charms even the wary Herald, and when Morrigan later finds them after a panicked search they are contentedly munching on pie.

My Sister Can’t See This!

It wasn’t until Joe stepped out of the shower and glanced at himself in the mirror that he realized how bad it was.

“Y/N!” He called out, stepping closer to the foggy mirror, wiping it off. “Shit…” He mumbled more softly.

“What’s wrong?” His girlfriend appeared in the doorway, worry etched across her face.

“This!” Joe gestured to himself, and her worry changed to confusion.

“Uhm, can I repeat my question?”

“We’re heading to my sisters in, I don’t know, soon, and look at me!”

“Will you please just say what’s wrong in simple terms?” Y/N rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms, leaning against the door frame. She honestly had no idea what the big deal was.

“I’m covered in bloody hickey’s!” He hissed, turning back to face the mirror, his eyes falling on the prominent marks scattered across his collarbone and on his neck.

“I really don’t see the issue yet…”

“My sister can’t see this!”

“Your sister knows you’re a twenty five year old man with a girlfriend.” Pushing herself off of the doorframe, she headed back to getting ready for their trip to Brighton. “She also knows you have sex!”

“No she doesn’t!” Joe called after her, frowning at his reflection. Some of them just weren’t going to be able to be hidden.

He followed her into the bedroom, reaching for a shirt on the bed to tug it on.

“Do you actually think Zoe doesn’t know we have sex?” Y/N cocked her head as she stared over at him, “Or do you pretend she doesn’t know like how you pretend her and Alfie don’t have sex?”

“Oh my gods,” He groaned, “Can we not have this discussion?!”

“You’re freaking out about nothing though!”

“I’m freaking out about my girlfriend leaving marks all over me!”

“You do the same thing,” She pointed over at him, “And worse. So sorry that I got caught up in the moment and was enjoying sex with my boyfriend, but your sister and Alfie are not going to care about a couple hickeys.”

“This is more than a couple,” Joe mumbled, looking at his reflection in the mirror. “Think it’d be weird if I wore a scarf?”

“Yes. Because since when do you wear scarfs?”

“In the winter.”

“It’s spring. Now, will you please finish packing? Our train leaves soon.”

“Maybe we could cancel…”

“Joseph. Pack.”

The closer they got to the Zalfie household, the more worried Joe got.

He kept fiddling with the collar of his jacket, glancing at his reflection in the window, or any surface that showed it, a frown tugging down on his lips still.

“Stop it,” Y/N smacked his hands away from his collar. “And relax! It’s just Zoe.”

“It’s my sister.”

“Exactly. Your sister,” She replied, climbing out of the car, “Your sister who knows you have sex.”

“Stop saying that!”

Rolling her eyes, she headed up to the gate, pressing the button to get buzzed in.

Zoe was standing at the front door when they made their way there, beaming at the couple.


“Hi, Zoe.” Y/N smiled at her, hugging the older Sugg when they were close enough. Joe hung back a bit, trying to hide his minor freak out occurring in his mind.

“Hello, Alfie.” He watched his girlfriend slip from Zoe’s arms and into Alfie’s, hugging the tall man as Zoe turned her focus onto Joe.

“Are you not going to say hi, Joseph?”

“He doesn’t want to get too close.” Y/N teased, grinning over her shoulder at him before following Alfie into the house.

“Are you sick?” Zoe looked over her brother quickly, but then her eyes fell on one of the marks on his neck, and a smirk appeared on her lips, “Or are you hiding something?”

“Nothing.” Joe squeaked out, his hand slapping over his neck quickly.

Laughing, she walked over, tugging his hand away, quickly noticing the other marks, “Hmm, Y/N’s done quite the damage on you.”

“Oh my gods,” Joe groaned, closing his eyes, “We are not having this discussion.”

“Its like you think I don’t know you have sex,” Zoe scoffed, tugging him along behind her into the house, “And really, it’s just funny! You’re the one always teasing Alfie and I!”

“I am not having this discussion!” Joe repeated, his cheeks burning, his sister’s laughter mixing with his girlfriends.

mlm March day 23: clothes swap

i already know i’m not going to have time to do anything today so here’s this old adrino scribble from a discarded wip


(Vegeta and Bulma’s first sexual encounter. Here’s a little bit of lemon for you all. Love ya, Vegebul fans!)

Bulma had never known tension like this. The very air around her was loaded with pressure. It was terrifying…in the best way possible. Now she understood how some people could be masochistic. How you could get pleasure out of an exquisite pain. The longer she thought about it, the more the pressure built. She knew that an explosion was imminent. But she had no idea how to make it happen. After all, this was Vegeta here. The Prince of Stone Cold. The Prince of Raging Fire. How could one person be both at once? Yet, he was. He was so many things. She wanted to know them all. It was impossible.

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So my friend (who is not in the fandom btw) came up with this theory about the khyber crystals. Since each color stands for a personality trait(green is wisdom) does that mean that it's complementary color has the opposite trait? I literally screeched because that were true then it would explain why Ahsoka was fated to leave the order in the first place(she had a yellow saber along her green one)!

Though I love the idea of there being a deeper meaning with a user’s personality and their kyber crystal, but I think it’s been established in canon that isn’t the case. The saber color seems to stem from the user’s alignment with the force. You can even change crystal that had be giving off a red color to white, as Ahsoka did (read the novel called Ahsoka sorry if this is a spoiler). I think the location in where the crystal originated factors in too… maybe, prob not though. 

Ezra’s change in saber (and I’m assuming a new crystal too) may be becuase he’s slightly more attuned with a side of the force that is focused on the need to “protect”. His blue may have been his past self needing to “defend”…. I don’t know. It’s all very mysterious.  

Thanks for the Ask!

TAZ spoilers below

Lucretia’s comment about not being a vain women, but that was a lot of time to lose, hurts even more now. When she first lost those two decades, she had no backup, had no idea where her friends were. She was alone and working against the clock and she just lost two decades worth of potential work. No wonder she started the Bureau, no wonder she sounded so heartbroken telling her friends, who didn’t, couldn’t, remember that they were her friends, of this loss.

Turning - One Shot

Request: Hi I was wondering if you could write out this scene for me of a Wanda x reader turning into a werewolf.

Requested by: @willowangelus4eva

Words: 1024

~ A/N: Hey!! I’m sorry that this is a little late, my schedule got a little messed up this weekend so I’m a little behind on my one shots. I hope it’s not too much of a bother! Thank you so much for sending in your request, I really hope I did it justice :) Please enjoy it :D ~

You had been sleeping next to Wanda. Well, more of her sleeping while you laid awake, absentmindedly stroking her hair. You had known what would happen, you had just waited for it to do so. It wasn’t really a first for you, although for Wanda it was. The thing was, she had no idea about what you were even though you knew what she was. You were so afraid that she would find out and look at you differently.

”Why are you still awake, Y/N?”, you suddenly heard Wanda sleepily ask you which made you flinch a little at the surprise at her not being asleep anymore. However your hand didn’t stop playing with her and you leaned in to kiss her.

”I just have a lot of my mind”, you vaguely answered after your lips had left hers. She frowned at that, worried about you. However, you just put on a small smile before shaking your head and leaning in to kiss her again. She put one of her hands on your cheek as you laid down more and leaned in closer to her. Even though she had seemed so tired just then, it was as if that tiredness had disappeared the second you two started kissing. She was moving her hands all over your body, as you were also moving yours.

It was as if your inner wolf just wanted to be an ass. Just as you felt that your mind had started to wander away, and you were really getting into the make out session you felt it start to arise. It started with just your pulse rising, not really something to really think about in a situation like that. It wasn’t until Wanda’s lips were on your neck and you suddenly felt how you just were about to transform that you realized what was going on. No matter how hard it was you knew that you had to leave, immediately.

”Where are you going?”, Wanda asked in confusion as you bolted out of bed and started to put on your socks and then your shoes. You turned around and gave her a slightly awkward look before scratching the back of your neck. You could barely look her in the eyes as you stood there. She looked so disappointed and sad as she glanced at you. It hurt you to see her like that and you hated that you couldn’t do anything to make her understand why you were acting that way right then and there.

”I just remembered that I forgot to turn this thing in at work. I really have to go and do that, but I promise I’ll be back as soon as I’m done”, you lied while trying to make it look as believable as possible. It was such a bad lie though. Had you had more time you would have come up with something better, but you had to leave right then and there. You could feel your pulse rising more and more, soon you wouldn’t be able to hold anything in.

”So that’s what she’s thinking about when we make out.” You could briefly hear Wanda’s voice mutter those words as you made your way out of the apartment. If you hadn’t felt as if your bones were seconds from breaking you would have turned back and told her that she wasn’t the reason that you were acting so strange. You would have told her that she was perfect and that she shouldn’t think that she had done anything that had made you think about something as silly as work. How you hated that you couldn’t do that.

You had just made it out of the building through the back door when the first bone snapped. Your hand had suddenly twitched into a new position and a scream left your lips at the pain. The fact that you had tried to avoid changing as much as possible didn’t make it any easier when it did happen. It only made it more painful. Even though that was the case your mind hadn’t completely left you. You still knew that you wouldn’t want to rip your clothes and, when you changed back, have to walk home naked.

As you started to undress in the alleyway you hoped that no one would walk past on the street and look towards you. It was awkward enough to undress while being outside, so close to other people. You really didn’t want anyone to see you. At that moment you wouldn’t even be able to hold back the transformation, so not only would they see a naked human but also a naked human turning into a wolf. However, staying in your clothes until you changed wasn’t really an option.

Then, as you stood there naked you let the change completely overtake you. As your bones painfully broke you tried as hard as you could to keep your screams of pain inside. If people got to close they would hear you, and you couldn’t let that happen. So, you told yourself to just endure it and you did just that. You took the pain until you were standing there in wolf form. You picked up your clothes, which were lying on the ground, with your mouth. If a wolf could sigh, you would have done so. It wasn’t easy being a werewolf, especially when it was something you had to hide from someone you loved. In that moment, just before running off, you decided that you would tell Wanda what you were. You were done keeping secrets from her.

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I never got the impression that Regina was especially smart. Occasionally, she can come up with a semi-good idea, but those moments are rare. When she chasing Snow, she mostly borrowed ideas from Maleficent (Sleeping Curse) or had Rumple help her. Or, she hired an assassin. Honestly, I think Regina ruined things for herself because she knew that once Snow was dead, she'd have nothing to live for beyond torturing everyone else.

Yep. And that’s why I think she keeps chasing her in all those flashbacks until she ultimately would come to casting the first curse that brought everyone over to the LWM, i.e. create Storybrooke. 

I mean, she could’ve stopped when Tink found Regina’s “soulmate”, Robin Hood. She chose not to follow through and go into the tavern. She could’ve also gotten away and not marry Leopold. At that point, no one was forcing her - she’d already pushed her mother through the mirror to Wonderland. She chose to go through with marrying him because she wanted to be able to use magic - he wasn’t stopping her and she was on that revenge kick for Snow. She chose to go through with marrying him.

She could’ve stopped doing a lot of things but then again, those were her choices. No one was holding a gun to her head or blackmailing her. She chose to do those things. 

I don’t know man. With the way these flashbacks keep repeating themselves, we know she’ll never catch/kill Snow, so she should just stop. Save us all the damn trouble.

I see your “Julia survived instead of Magnus” AUs and I raise you a Chalupa and a Hekuba as her adventuring buddies …Trois Rowdy Gurls, anyone?


Yuri!!! on Ice Week ♢ Day 02 | Still Alive
option a: ladies appreciation

Fleur Delacour


Today I learned that if you actually let the timer in the Arrival DLC run out it shows the reapers arriving and destroying the galaxy. Such highlights include:

  • The Citadel being destroyed
  • Shepards helmet (head??) on a SPIKE
  • Destroyed Normandy
  • All your friends and crew lining up to be executed

Am I the only one just finding this out because holy shit

How to Quiet Your Cat
  • Chat Noir: ..can't believe you didn't tell me you have the flu! The FLU, Ladybug! People DIE of the flu and you're out here saving the day like it's nothing! What if it complicates itself and becomes pneumonia? Who's going to purify the akuma?? Three of my nine lives flashed before my eyes when I saw you pass out---all of them were equally depressing but---
  • Ladybug: Chat Noir?
  • CN: What?!
  • LB: *smooches his cheek* Thanks for worrying about me. *leaves*
  • CN:
  • CN:
  • CN:
  • CN: *lifts hand to cheek*

I’m sorry I didn’t love you enough.


The first time Nishinoya asked him out, Asahi’s insecurity made him question why somebody so optimistic would want somebody like him. Nishinoya decided to take this opportunity to help Asahi understand his reasons before he made his second attempt.

Asahi kept finding new notes long after they started dating and kept every single one as a reminder.

im not saying nina taught sonny to read, but that is what she tells people