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I officially super love this anime and i’ve become ship trash for it and already claimed a son and husband what is my life

Is it bad that I just blocked someone simply because they stated very adamantly that Lana’s cringeworthy EQ numbers in the musical episode were far superior to Hook’s number, Emma’s solo, and the entirety of A Happy Beginning?  I mean, maybe I’m just being petty, that’s a very good possibility, but at the same time I don’t think any sane, non-tone deaf person can legitimately claim that Lana outperformed Jen OR Colin, much less both of them combined.  That’s just pure insanity, and I would much prefer to go the rest of my life without ever seeing such nonsense ever again.

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Au + Ship Prompt: Alya/Nino, Pokémon AU

Okay, this was another childhood love of mine, so I had a lot of fun with this idea!

Alya had every reason to believe she’d lose the instant she stepped into the gym. Waterfalls lined the walls, and an enormous Gyarados fountain filled the middle of the room, obscuring all but the trainers she’d have to battle before taking on the leader.

She swore under her breath. So much for using the bulk of her team. She might have to rely on one or two and let the rest sit this one out. Thankfully, Marinette had been sweet enough to share a batch of potions with her last time they met up, so if she was lucky, Alya stood a chance.

After a few battles that hit her harder than she had hoped, Alya finally reached the leader.

“Hey, good job. Looks like you made it.” Interestingly enough, he looked about her age. Not only that, she could swear his bright orange headphones were familiar.

“Yeah, I did.” She stepped up, hands on her hips. “I’m ready to challenge you.”

He raised a brow. “You don’t want to heal up first?”

She frowned, scrutinizing his expression to try and figure out why he seemed so familiar. “No, I’m fine.”

“Okay.” He smiled. “If you’re sure.” He tossed out a Pokeball, calling out his Lapras. “You don’t get extra credit for being stubborn, though.”

She snorted. “I don’t need extra credit to beat you.” She summoned her Pidgeotto. “Let’s do this.”

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FERGUS 😭😭😭😭😭😭 oh you ladies crushed it again! I was FULLY expecting baby Faith because I thought boy would mean William but I didn't even THINK about Fergus. Perfect. Just perfect ❤️

Haha I think it was @outlandishchridhe that had the idea. She and I thought it would be so fun because Fergus is her fave. And we knew it would throw everyone off for their firstborn to be Fergus. Glad you loved it!!


Memphis had warned the pair that they weren’t ready to see what Sterling had done, but the weight of the situation didn’t hit them until they saw it firsthand. 

As they entered, Memphis caught the robot trying to sneak into the facility, and invited her inside just to see what would happen. Bones was instructed to act accordingly – as if she had no idea what was happening – but her natural reaction was just as shocked as the one she had planned.

Sterling was too consumed in his ego to question the robot with the sword and threatened the group in front of him.

“Anybody moves, she dies.”

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I hope we don't have to hear about her every time they happen to go to the same place in la lol not a single person that saw him said she was there and she was in a completely different area than him yet u still got anons about it. He literally liked something about being single before the show as if his ass knew when he probably literally had no idea she would show up considering mitchy dropped her ass

I just feel bad for him bc this bitch doesn’t define him, she’s fucking nothing compared to him and I don’t want his legacy to be “remember when Luke dated arzaylea” she doesn’t deserve to be even muttered in the same sentence as Luke. He deserves better, bc he’s so much more than she will ever be. Luke moved on time for everyone else to do the same. Let her crash and burn with her shitty modelling contract and followers. She got what she wanted so she can keep it and fuck off

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These L Chat forums have so much fucking tea: Camila used the outline of Larry (she was a trash shipper) to orchestrate Camren. Lauren had no idea, she just thought Camila was trying to be best friends, and then found out C was only doing it to queerbait and get popular and got upset. She asked C to quit the Camren shit over leaked texts and C got mad, bitched about Lauren and Lauren received screen shots of C's bitchy texts and showed them to her. Then they had this massive blow up fight.

wtf are the L chat forums they sound so good can someone link?? also how does anyone know any of this or how can they prove any of this?


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Blueberry-Muffin tea?

Blueberry-Muffin tea: Tell me a memory, which makes you smile.
at supanova a cute girl came up to me and gave me a hug bc she thought my cosplay was rad even though she had no idea who i was cosplaying.. idk it was really cute

I see your “Julia survived instead of Magnus” AUs and I raise you a Lup and a Hekuba as her adventuring buddies …Trois Rowdy Gurls, anyone?


Today I learned that if you actually let the timer in the Arrival DLC run out it shows the reapers arriving and destroying the galaxy. Such highlights include:

  • The Citadel being destroyed
  • Shepards helmet (head??) on a SPIKE
  • Destroyed Normandy
  • All your friends and crew lining up to be executed

Am I the only one just finding this out because holy shit


Alternate version of Hermione design. She’s bald, yes. I like to explore every possibilities and the only way of doing it is drawing and actually seeing it… This is all conceptual, so I’m just throwing a headcanon here. I’ve drawn her design along with my Harry and Ginny. Somehow, I like the way my bearded Harry looks at her side. 

Again, this is conceptual. An experimenting. Just giving something to imagine.

HAPPY EASTER!!♡ U( ˃ㅅ˂ ✿)U

im not saying nina taught sonny to read, but that is what she tells people

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