she had a female best friend and partner!! she and her sister had an active relationship!!

My Naruto and Dragon ball character comparison post.

My Naruto and Dragon Ball comparison post.

I was bored after watching the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super. I thought I should write something about it. I first thought about writing a review but I thought that would be a bit boring considering other reviewers have said what I wanted to say on a much larger platform. I felt it would be a bit redundant if I write the same things as a reviewer.

At this point was brainstorming ways to show my love for Dragon Ball while giving some sort of interesting information for my audience. So, I came up with a detailed comparison post on the relationships with in the Naruto and Dragon Ball universe. I am aware that Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto, is heavily influenced by Dragon Ball and Hunter x Hunter. Those are just facts that you can look up yourself. The story and designs of the characters are very similar. There are very obvious similarities between the series and I don’t want to point too much of that stuff out in this.

Also for this post I will consider Naruto the Last movie a cannon fact, because I take Kishimoto’s word for it and I don’t care much for the part where Hinata and Naruto met when they were young because that is an easy slip up that even authors of novel mess up. I know it’s a small mistake that seriously mess up the continuity of the story but I also feel that Naruto could mess up the wording when he was young and his chakra control is very low, so regardless the outcome would be the same. Also it is very likely Kishimoto actually watched the movie before anyone else and did not catch the slip up. Usually with big animated and even live action movies the author is able to watch the movie beforehand. If you don’t agree with me using the Last as a cannon movie and it truly bothers you, I ask you to not read this from here on out.

This post will be talking about the relationships formed within each universe respectively and how they compare with each other. If you want to add anything I ask you to make a post response and link me, or reblog/message me and then it will be added. If you disagree then please tell me what you disagree on and I will try to see your side of the issue.

Now that that’s all out of the way let’s get into it.

Goku and Chichi vs Naruto and Hinata:

Hinata and Chichi actually have a lot in common ideals, children, how they married their husbands, their character color, and even their fighting styles.

Hinata is a very shy and introverted individual which is a huge contrast compared to Chichi and her over the top attitude towards life, however, Chichi and Hinata have very similar ideals in the sense that they are very traditional thinkers. Now mind you, I am not calling them simple minded. I am just saying that they like to follow a very traditional mindset. Proof of this would be their weddings. The way they conducted themselves during their weddings was very particular. Hinata is seen wearing a traditional outfit. She is also from a higher class family. Chichi wanted to wear her mother’s dress when she got married. The dress was also very traditional. I believe Naruhina and Gochi both got married outdoors as well.

The way the two couples fell in love is also a very similar to one another. Goku got engaged to Chichi at a very young age and he didn’t know what marriage was. He honestly thought it was a food and years later Chichi, who is at marriage age, wants Goku to go through with his promise to her. After a series of events Goku and Chichi are officially engaged to be married and wants to get married at Chichi father’s (The Ox King) kingdom. However a large fire engulfs the palace and traps her father and her mother’s wedding dress in the tallest tower. Goku and Chichi try to find a fan that can put out the flames and during that mission Goku realizes that Chichi means more to him than just a friend. They save her father and the dress and get married. Which marks the end of Dragon ball and Dragon ball z starts soon after that. They then go off and have two boys Gohan and Goten.

Comparing this story to the Naruto the Last movie story line you will find a lot of similarities. Naruto goes on a mission to save Hinata’s sister. On this mission he starts falling for Hinata and later in they get married. They marry in a very traditional fashion as well. This marks the end of Naruto’s story line and the beginning of the new generation’s story (Ex. Naruto Gaiden= Sarada and Boruto Naruto the Movie).

Naruto’s similarities with Goku as a father is basically they both are absent (due to their jobs/death) for a fair amount of time in their children’s life. However, Naruto is still around actively contributing to the family and is able to see what his child is struggling with, whereas, Goku is out of the loop for a long time due to his death during the cell arch.

Hinata and Chichi’s parenting styles are probably very different but I think their end goal is the same. This is my speculation due to the fact that we don’t see much of Hinata as a mother because the Boruto movie is not out yet. I will add to this part of the post after the movie has been out for a couple of months (that way we have time for accurate translations).

Naruto and Sakura Vs. Bulma and Goku

The relationship between these two have always been a topic of discussion but I am not talking about them in a romantic relationship. I am talking about them as comrades and friends. Seeing that their relationship NEVER progressed to the romantic realm. Yes, Naruto had a major crush on Sakura but that doesn’t mean that she is obligated to fall in love with him because he’s the main character. I think that the parallel between NaruSaku and Goku and Bulma is pretty straight forward. Goku and Bulma are just partners in crime and that sums up the relationship between Naruto and Sakura pretty nicely. Naruto and Sakura are banded together through Sasuke. Without Sasuke’s presence (or lack thereof) they wouldn’t have much to work with. They are banded together towards a common goal: bring Sasuke back to the village. Same as Goku and Bulma are banded together towards the goal of collecting the dragon balls. That is all I have to say about NaruSaku and GokuBulma.

Bulma and Sakura have a quite a lot of similarities.

Physical features are they both are very fashion forward and have unusual hair colors. Bulma’s hair was actually supposed to be Lavender but due to Dragon ball being in a time where animation was still very primitive with the color schemes they decided that blue would be the best option. This is why Trunk’s hair is lavender and not blue like his mother in the animation. Sakura’s hair is a very pale pink and she is known for her red Chinese style dress. She goes through a plethora of hairstyles through the years but she tends to keep it short. Bulma also went through a lot of styles until finally going with a short bob style haircut. They also have very striking eye colors. Sakura’s eye color is a leaf green shade and Bulma’s eye color is a sky blue ( in the manga it’s lavender like her hair).

Intelligence wise Sakura and Bulma are both arguably the smartest females in their specific series. Sakura is basically the best doctor of in the ninja world and Bulma is an engineer/business women.  They are both easily the prettiest women of their series. Bulma is constantly showing off her body and her good looks and Sakura is constantly hit on by her fellow shinobi.

Sakura and Bulma are both mothers to a child that the raised by themselves during the beginning. Sakura and Sasuke’s child Sarada has very little memory of her father due to the fact that he had to leave for a long time in order to protect the village. Sakura essentially had to raise the child alone for a time and balance work and single parenting for a bit. However Sasuke does come back to the village and he and Sarada have a good relationship now. Bulma and Vegeta have Trunks during a time when Vegeta had a lot of pride issues. So, due to Vegeta’s pride Bulma raises Trunks by herself for a bit. Vegeta realizes his family is important and becomes a better father to his son and daughter.

The audience never sees the marriage of these two couples ever. We never know if they went through a traditional marriage or is it something they just say. They are very committed to each other so I don’t think it matters but it is an interesting similarity.

Sasuke and Vegeta look almost the same. They have very similar tempers and beliefs. Their relationship with their rival and wives are very similar. I think that the only difference is that Sasuke is much more gentle when he talks to Sakura then he is with other people. This is contributed to the fact that Sakura is much more emotionally sensitive to Sasuke and he realizes this. Vegeta likes to get his wife, Bulma, mad at him. He enjoys teasing and having someone to argue with. They have a very playful relationship. 

Sasuke is the last heir to the Uchiha name and Vegeta is the last heir to the Saiyan Empire. They both lost their families and home at a young age and have an affinity towards vengeance. However, they also both went through periods of being unstable emotionally. Which caused pain to the people they loved. They are now more stable, but if anyone touches their families they both get very emotional and attack with all their might. Sasuke and Vegeta tend to take things very far and their emotions do get in the way of them making important decisions. Sasuke tends to think about things in a more complex manner and his mind is very scientific, whereas, Vegeta has these traits but allows his temper to get the better of him. They both value their family and heritage. Sasuke holds his Uchiha status very dear to his heart and Vegeta basically announces his status as a saiyan whenever and where ever he can.

Sasuke and Piccolo (based on the trailers for the new movie)

In Boruto Naruto the movie, Sasuke becomes a mentor to Boruto. He teaches Boruto how to hone his raw talent into a power he can use. A lot like how Jiraiya did with Naruto.  He teaches Boruto about his father and what Boruto should do in order to surpass his father. He even gives Boruto life lessons. (When the movie come out I will add more, but for now this is all I have.) Boruto is the Gohan to Sasuke’s Piccolo.

When Goku dies and goes on Snake way, Piccolo takes in Gohan has his student. Seeing his potential as a strong fighter. Piccolo at first is reluctanct to teach his rival’s son, but Gohan’s gentle nature grows on him and Piccolo becomes a father figure to Gohan. He watches over Gohan as he grows and even attends his wedding.

In a recent interview Kishimoto-sensei tells the interviewer that he wanted to have a Piccolo-Gohan type of relationship in the new era. So, he decided that the best candidate would be Sasuke seeing that Sasuke and Naruto are rivals and so is Goku and Piccolo. (When I find the source I will add it.)

Krillian and 18 vs. Shikamaru and Temari.

Krillian is the best friend to the main lead, Goku, and his wife was a former enemy turned good guy. Although Shikamaru is not the “best friend” to Naruto I feel that they were pretty close childhood friends. Naruto and Shikamaru care about each other a lot and Shikamaru cares about Naruto’s well-being enough to become his adviser. Krillian is sort of an adviser to Goku. Sometimes Goku forgets what it means to be human and gets so involved in a fight that he forgets his own strength. Krillian acts as his reminder that humans can only take so much. He is stabilizing character for Goku reminding him that as much as Goku is a warrior he is also a family man as well. This is what Shikamaru is to Naruto. Sometimes, during the course of the series, Naruto becomes so wrapped up in the search to save his friend that he forgets that Sasuke is a rough ninja. Shikamaru basically tell is to him straight. He’s a very smart, lazy character and this balances out Naruto’s dumb, hardworking character.

Temari is the only daughter of the Suna’s leader. She has a cocky attitude that is backed up with a highly intelligent set of skills. She is much more mature than her brother and in many ways advises them as they go from being public enemy’s number 1 to become the most respected siblings in the ninja world. Temari is kind person but due to her upbringing she has to conceal that kind heart with colder exterior. She and Shikamaru start of as enemies during the Chunin exams but later become comrades and then lovers.

18 and Krillian start off as enemies and become comrades before finally become husband and wife. They have a child names Marron and they live their lives Roshi’s island. 18 is an enemy with a heart that has an explosive in it. Krillian wishes for it to be taken out her. 18 sees this and is touched by the act they soon start dating afterwards and get married. She was taught to be a heartless killing machine by her father, Dr. Gero, along with her brother 17. She grows to hate her father and brother and decides to work against them.

Temari and 18 are both tomboys with a girly side. They are highly skilled and start off as enemies. They care about their comrades and fall in love with the cowardly, lazy, and friendly Shikamaru and Krillian. They both only have one child with their husbands.

Whelp this is getting long so I think I will cap this where it is. I will add more when I have the time, but for now this is all I have. These are the similarities between the two shows and I hope you enjoy my opinion on this. If you would like to add something please message me or reblog and add it there. I will make sure to source you! If you disagree please message me or make a separate post and tag me, so I can see if I messed up anywhere. I’m sorry if there is any grammatical errors, I try my best to catch as many as I can but I do miss some. I’m not the strongest when it comes to my English skills, so sorry. If anything confused you please let me know!

May your days be filled with smiles~

-Gagesol ♥