she grabbed his tie

Counter Act

Spencer x reader

Flood warning

“I’m drunk!“

“Kinda gathered that Pen. When you started hounding Reid to play strip poker it kinda gave the game away,” you laughed at your best friend, trying to push her into the back of the cab Reid had hailed.

“I don’t know where my keys are… I’s losted em.”

“Yep,” you fastened her seat belt. “That’s why you’re staying in my spare room remember sweetie.”

The cabbie turned around, “If she vomits, there’s a $100 soiling charge.”

You nodded waving a plastic bag at him, you had it covered. You and Spencer climbed in on either side of your wasted colleague. You lived in the same direction so he was gonna help you get her to yours and carry on home in the same cab.

The driver set off, Garcia rambling incoherently before passing out on your shoulder.

“How is it that it’s Morgans fault she’s this pissed, but we get stuck making sure she gets home safely,” you looked over at your friend.

“Because Morgans’s the only one that can handle Rossi when he’s wasted. I think we got the easy end of the deal,” he laughed back at you. “She’s drooling on your shoulder by the way.”

“Yep, I can feel it,” you grimaced.

The taxi pulled up outside your house ten minutes later, you shaking Garcia awake.

“No, no no, sleep,” she mumbled as you fiddled with her seat belt and climbed out of the taxi, tugging her with you. She wouldn’t budge.

“Spence….. I think you’re gonna need to come in with us, I’m not gonna be able to get her up the stairs by myself. I’ll call you another cab later or your can crash on the couch.”

He shrugged, paying the driver and hopping out of the other side.

Between the two of you, you managed to drag Penelope inside and push her up the stairs to your spare room.

“Spencer! You’re soooo pretty Spencer. Our little boy genius,” she kept grabbing at his tie much to his amusement as you unbuckled her heels and pulled down the cover to the bed.

“You just need to loosen up a little…. ” she’d managed to completely unravel his tie now it hanging loose at the sides of his neck. “Y/N you think he’s pretty don’t you. She’s told me….. ”

“Sleep Garcia,” you covered her up, placing a glass of water and some advil on the bedside table. She started snoring before you’d even closed the door, and you led Spencer down your stairs to your kitchen.

He went to call a cab, coming back in a few minutes later. “There’s an hours wait, can I just crash here?” he’d rolled his sleeves back up. They’d come loose in his tussle with Penelope.

“Sure thing. Beer?” you pulled two out of the fridge ready. “I’m not quite ready for sleep yet.”

He took one off you taking a long drink as you leant back against your kitchen counter watching him.

Penelope was right, he really was pretty.

“What?” he clocked you watching him, licking the residue of his beer off his lips.

“Nothing, I was just thinking that I agree with Pen. You are definitely pretty Spence. Pretty hot.” Smooth Y/N, smooth…

His eyebrows shot up in suprise, “What?”

You shrugged, “You’re hot Reid.”

“You think that I’m hot?” Disbelief clouded his voice.

You moved closer to him, taking the beer bottle of his hand and placing it on the counter besides him.

“Yep,” you popped the p. “Especially now, slightly dishevelled, tie hanging loose.”

“Erm, I kinda think you’re pretty too,” he blushed slightly, biting his bottom lip.

It was the lip bite that did it and you reached out grabbing the loose ends of his tie.

“Good, it makes this so much easier,” you tugged hard on the tie ends pulling him towards you, his lips coming down to meet yours.

His mouth crashed onto yours, his hands moving straight to your waist and gripping firmly. You started fumbling with the buttons on his shirt making quick work of opening them.

Tilting your head to the side you flicked your tongue out, dragging it across his lip and feeling them part, his own tongue coming out to meet yours hungrily. Fuck, the boy was a good kisser.

Pressing his body against yours he started walking you backwards until your felt the edge of your kitchen island jabbing into your back. His hands moved to bottom of your top, pushing it up and over your head, your lips breaking contact so you could pull it off.

He stared at you hungrily, taking in the curve of your breasts. Tugging on his tie again you pulled him back down, him hesitating before pressing his lips to yours again, “Are you drunk Y/N?”

“Not in the slightest Spence. We don’t have to do this though if you don’t want to.” Giving him the chance to bow out now.

“No, I do want to. I like you, a lot. I just…. Didn’t want this to be a drunken mistake.”

“I like you too Spencer, have done for a while. Now can you just kiss me again please,” you yanked on the tie now, seeing a grin appear on his face before his lips pressed against yours again, moving faster now.

His hands started roaming up and down your torso, grasping at your skin and making you gasp when his palms skimmed over the cups of your bra. He moved his hands up to your shoulders, pushing down the straps. Your hands found his belt buckle, fumbling with it and then popping open his button and zipper.

Moving his hands to your butt, he crouched slightly picking you up and placing you on your worktop, pushing your skirt up as he went. You locked your legs around his waist pulling him tightly to you, feeling him hard against you.

Reaching his hand between your legs he began massaging over the fabric of your panties, the friction making you cry out. Moving from your mouth he started kissing a wet trail down your neck to your breasts pushing down the cups of your bra as he went. Your hands moved to his hair, tangling in his messy curls as he sucked one of your nipples into his mouth, you feeling it harden instantly as his tongue flicked out against it.

“Fuck Spencer….. ” You moaned as his hand moved faster between your thighs, pushing your underwear to one side so he could caress you, feeling how wet you were. You didn’t want to wait any longer, you needing him now. You untangled your hands from his hair moving them down to his pants and shoving them open and down, hearing his buckle clink on the floor. Gripping his erection you positioned him at your entrance, sliding as close to the edge of your counter as your dared without risking falling off.

He kissed back up to your mouth, before pushing himself into you, a groan leaving his throat as you tightened around him.

“So….. So good Y/N,” your legs locked around his waist he began thrusting, filling you deeper with each move. You gripped the sides of your counter to stop from coming off as his pace increased, his hand slipping back between you to massage and rub at your clit, the sensitive nub already throbbing.

Kissing and licking his neck you stifled your moans as his fingers increased their rubbing, driving you crazy.

“I’m close Y/N, this is too good,” he rasped out, his other hand digging into the curve of your ass.

“Mmmmm I know, just a bit…… Oh fuck.” You’d been about to say harder when he hit your sweet spot deep inside, making you bite down on his shoulder.

A few more thrusts and you felt yourself going light headed, that familiar heat rushing through you. “Spencer, I’m gonna….. Ah…ah, fuck.”

The contractions from your orgasm sent him over the edge too and a few hard, fast pumps later and he moaned the same, long low “fuuuck” as he came.

You held each other panting, your legs loosening their grip on him.

“Wow,” he whispered into your neck.

“I know,” you chuckled back.

“Guys…. Are you done? Can I get another drink now?” You heard a voice from the other side of your kitchen door, you both pulling apart quickly.

“Shit!” You both exclaimed grabbing at your clothes, Garcia pushing the door open seconds later a dirty smirk on her face.

“The kitchen counter….. Nice work genius!”

Your Favourite Shitty Student

| Warnings: Smut, teacher kink, and daddy kink. |



She sighed as she sat up from the grass and stretched her back. She was sitting behind her school, why? Because she wanted to piss off her favourite teacher.

She decided she had held out long enough to promptly annoy him, and decided to head to History, the class he taught.

She inhaled before opening the door to his classroom, she was 27 minutes late, but she didn’t care, she wanted all the attention from her teacher that she could get. And the best way to get attention from a teacher, was to be a shit student.

Turning the knob, she walked in, and all eyes landed on her, except the teachers, he didn’t even need to turn around to see who it was.

“Miss [Y/L/N], see me after class.” He said in a tired voice, clearly irritated by her actions, but she just grinned.

“Yes, sir.” She took her seat towards the front of the class and the teacher continued his lesson, though, she wasn’t paying attention.

She was too busy admiring the way his white button down shirt and black jeans fit his lanky body, and how his chocolate brown eyes followed the words he scribbled onto the blackboard. How his large hands gripped the chalk he was holding, how his brown hair swept to the side. This teacher was unlike her others; he was young, laid back, and extremely attractive. Everything about her teacher drove her insane. She bit her lip to hide a smile as she thought of all the ways his hands could hold various parts of her, and how soft his pink lips would feel on hers.

Suddenly, the bell rang, and while the other students gathered their things to go home, she sat still, wondering if her teacher would address her and tell her off or if this would be another silent detention like the last three, leaving her to her thoughts, her filthy thoughts.

As soon as all the students left the classroom, the teacher sat back down at his desk, and began scribbling something onto some papers, he was grading them, or so she assumed.

10 minutes passed and he still hadn’t said anything, but unknown to him, he was driving her wild.

Every once and awhile, he’d mess with his hair, ruffling it, making it stick up in spots. Or he’d crack his knuckles, the sound echoing through the near empty room. And most importantly, he’d loosened his black tie and undone a few buttons on his shirt.

This fucker was killing her softly, so she decided to be bold, unusually bold. She stood up from her desk, and walked over to her teacher, leaned down, and laid her hands upon the top of the desk.

He didn’t look up from what he was doing, he just continued to look down through his glasses at the work he was doing. She spoke up in the most sensual voice she could muster. “Guess what, Mr. Howell.”

He raised an eyebrow, still not looking up at her. “What is it, Miss [Y/L/N]?”

She leaned down even further, hoping to force him to look at her.

“I’m not wearing any knickers.”

She smirked to herself, quite proud she had managed to state that without stuttering or turning red. Mr. Howell, however, was not phased by this. At least, not to her.

‘What a dirty student I have.’ He thought as he shifted in his seat.

She wouldn’t give up though, she’d sat through his tortures for too long, and he was going to learn what she thought of him.

She walked around his desk, behind his chair, and wrapped her arms around his torso, straightening him in his seat and resting her chin on his shoulder. “You fucker, don’t you realise what you do to me?” She whispered in his ear.

He removed her hands from his body and swiftly got up from his chair. And suddenly she realised how tall he actually was. He stood at over a foot taller than her.

“Miss [Y/L/N], I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately. But I am your teacher, and you don’t need to talk to me this way.” He spoke, but he didn’t sound angry, he sounded somewhat disappointed. However, she wasn’t about it stop anytime soon. She grabbed his tie, and pulled him down so she could look into his eyes. “Shh, Mr. Howell. I want this, I want you. I don’t fucking care if you’re my teacher. I need you.” She emphasised the last three words by whining slightly, brushing her lips against his.

“I don’t want to get arrested.” He said quietly, guiltily enjoying her attention. She smirked, “You won’t, if we’re careful enough.” She pressed her lips against his, and he kissed back, placing his large hands upon her hips. She let go of his tie and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She pulled away from the kiss and whispered into his ear, “Sit back down.” As she walked over to the classroom door, locking it and rolling down the blinds.

She walked back over to him, and straddled his lap, slowly grinding her bare core against his clothed crotch, causing the area below her to get harder. “I wish you knew what you did to me.” She whispered into his ear as she kissed down his neck. “I wish you knew how I touch myself at night, thinking about how our bodies would fit together-” She kissed his collarbone. “-or how you sound when you’re pleasured-” She unbuttoned his shirt and yanked off his tie. “-or how you’d feel inside of me.”

He gulped slightly, shifting underneath her as she felt his member twitch uncomfortably through his jeans. She just laughed, and crawled off of his lap, fiddling with his belt buckle. She slid down his jeans and underwear in one pull. She got on her knees in front of him, and took his member in her hands, pumping it slowly.

“You know, Mr. Howell, you’re a hell of a lot bigger than I ever imagined you’d be.” She smiled and kissed the tip of his member, causing him to moan softly.

Slowly, she took his length in her mouth, his member hitting the back of her throat. She bobbed her head slowly, as his hand found its way to her hair, gripping it tightly.

Leaning his head back in pleasure, he closed his eyes and moaned out occasionally. She started going faster, and his moans became more frequent and louder.

“Fuck,” he stuttered out. “I can’t last much longer.” She smirked and bobbed her head faster, him coming unglued under her.

He came in her mouth, and she swallowed it all. She smiled fondly at her teacher, and sat back down on his lap, rubbing his chest softly.

“You taste good, daddy.” She said as she kissed his lips softly. A faint blush upon each of their faces. As one hand cupped her cheek and the other laid upon her thigh, rubbing it as softly as she was rubbing his chest. They shared a slow, passionate kiss.

But then, the class phone rang, startling both of them and breaking them apart, a line of saliva connecting their pink lips. She broke the string of saliva while he reached for the phone, clearing his throat before answering it.

“Hello? Yes, she’s here.” He looked up at her and mouthed 'It’s your mum.’ She nodded, laying her hands on his shoulders, rubbing them softly, his hand still on her thigh as he listened to her mum on the other end of the line.

“Yes, I had her stay after class for being tardy, yes, she has detention for a week, yes, I’ll send her home now. Okay, bye.” He leaned back up and hung up the phone, looking at her fondly. “Sorry for giving you detention.” He smiled.

She just laughed. “It’s fine, as long as I’m the only person stuck with you.” He nodded. “Oh trust me, you will be.”

She got up from his lap, and they both stood. He pulled his trousers back up and she began fixing his shirt and tie. He smoothed out her hair and kissed her forehead softly.

“You’re a naughty girl, you know that?” He smirked as he rested his forehead upon hers, playing with the hem of her skirt.

“Yeah I know, but I’m your naughty girl.” She kissed him, and walked to her desk to pick up her bag. Walking to the door, she turned around and looked at him.

“Oh, and Mr. Howell?”

“Yes, [Y/N]?”

“Open my desk when I leave.” She waved at him and left the room.

He stood by the door, watching her walk down the hallway and out the front doors. He walked over to her desk and saw a piece of paper, sprayed with her favourite perfume, and neatly folded with “Mr. Howell” written on it.

He unfolded the paper and grinned to himself when he read it.

“Here’s my number, call me tonight, and by the way, Mr. Howell? I love when you wear your glasses, even though we both know you don’t need them.

- Love, [Y/N], your favourite shitty student.” 

No Place like Home

for @txf-fic-chicks  post-episode/missing scene fic challenge … cranked out after feeding the dog and cat and before leaving for church … proofed while my kid watched, at high volume, Shawn Mendes sing ‘Mercy’ … any and all errors are her fault :)


She needed to eat.

He needed to eat.

That’s not to say they wanted to eat but need took precedence over desire to curl up and die while the Peacock brothers headed to points unknown with their mother in the trunk and a straight family tree laid out in front of them, uncurving, unbranched and unthinkable.

Scully saw that he was guiding her towards the diner across the street and thinking about shaking his steadying hand from her elbow, she felt him lean in, “we need food before we drink liquor or else we’ll be drunk as soon as we open the magic bottle and passed out by the third sip.”

She couldn’t argue the sound logic and relented, her feet shuffling her across clean roadway and up unchipped curb to a diner that looked like it fell out of Maybury, much, she cringed, like Andy Taylor had. About to slip further into her depression from the last four days, she perked up at the smell of homemade food and ‘Chantily Lace’ playing passively through the speakers. Leading her to a corner booth, complete with red, shiny vinyl seats and chrome table edges, he gestured in a gentlemanly fashion, “ladies choice. Left or right?”

Choosing left so her back was to the wall, she slid in, involuntary smile floating up at the memory of 5-year old Dana and her family eating out on the rare occasion her father deemed them rich enough to afford a restaurant dinner for his family of six.

Mulder caught the memory skirting across her face and tapped her hand, “hey, dime for the thought behind the smile.”

Settling into the cool backrest, the material creaking slightly under her movement, “once in a blue moon, dad would be home and he’d look at the family checkbook and doing all kinds of math in his head and dramatically scribbling for effect on the corners of several old newspapers, he would decide that the bank account could handle taking six people out to the local diner in town for dinner. Now, today I understand that he would have taken us regardless but all his showy dramatics back then made us appreciate our night out more than probably most kids did. We didn’t see him as much as most families so a night out was special enough but then when we’d see just how special it was and we thought it was costing him a small fortune, we made sure not to fight, we were extra polite, we talked and tried to one up dad with stories of how tragically exciting our elementary school lives really were in comparison to his boring existence on a Navy carrier.” Thanking the waitress for the water she’d just set down, Scully pulled the glass towards her, spinning the ice with her straw before looking back at him, “there was a diner like this in town, blue and green instead of red but I swear to you, that waitress over there is the same and I desperately want to ask if she lived in San Diego in the 70’s.”

Mulder, glancing over his shoulder, returned to her gaze a moment later, smiling as well, “I double dog dare you.”

Scully felt some of the angst of the case draining away, “no, I’m good for now with the wondering and the suspecting, proving isn’t necessary to existence at the moment.”

“Fine. Take away my fun.” Opening the menu, “what are we eating? Want to share a shake? Pretend we’re 13 and on our first date?”

With an eye-roll, she poked his leg under the table with the rounded toe of her boot, “I don’t share ice cream well, Mulder. I’m greedy and terrible and need to selfishly have it all to myself. I will, however, give you the cherry from the top in compensation for the denied double-dog dare.”

Tapping the side of her calf back in response, “fair enough.”


Burger and meatloaf consumed, shakes slurped and cherry surrendered, Mulder sat back, “what’s next, G-woman. We don’t leave until tomorrow morning.”

“Well, you’d mentioned gallons of liquor and I’m still pretty okay with that idea.”

Figuring there had to be some kind of liquor store around the town that time forgot, he signaled the bill, stood to leave and held out his hand, “come on. Inebriation awaits.” Dropping a sizeable tip, he then charged the meal to the Bureau and led her out with his now standard hand on her back, guiding her forward simply because it always felt like the natural thing to do.

He chose to turn left randomly and before reaching three storefronts down, Mulder pulled her to a stop by the back of her shirt, halting their beeline to liquor and forgetting. Looking over her shoulder, “what?”

Mulder, eagle-eye that he could be, was pointing to a flyer in the window of the Post Office, “we should go see that.”

Following his finger, she read the sign, “you want to go to Home Elementary School’s production of,” squinting slightly to make sure she was reading it properly, “Wizard of OZ?”

“Yeah. We need some culture, Scully. We never do anything cultural, worldly, sophisticated.”

The eyebrow flew miles into the air, “elementary school plays are cultural, worldly and sophisticated?”

“We just lost, into the general population, an entire incestuous family who keep their mother in a trunk. We need this more than we need the entire contents of a liquor store, trust me.”

Realizing he was completely right, “let’s go.”


The folding chairs wiggling in haphazard rows across the cafeteria floor transported her back to an age where folding chairs were meant to wiggle in haphazard rows across the cafeteria floor. She grinned as she bought her $3 ticket and nearly giggled at the flying monkey who took it at the door, the small boy poking his friend and whispering, “go show them two seats and they’re tall so put them in the back.”

The friend whispered back, “shut up, Tim, I know what to do.”


In an 8-year old huff, the friend led them to two seats in the back row, handing them copy paper programs before walking away. Scully leaned up to Mulder, talking low into his shoulder, “they think I’m tall.”

“They’re delusional kids huffing glue. You’re the shortest thing in adult world and they’ll be bigger than you by sixth grade.” Dropping into a chair and patting the one beside it, “now, sit before they call the giant squad to come take you away.”

Smacking him hard on the upper arm, she settled in, “you are enjoying this too much already.”

“If I had popcorn, I’d be in heaven.”

While he lamented his missing snack, around them parents and kids, grandparents, friends, assorted other relatives filled the seats for the next 15 minutes, the room soon darkened and the play beginning.


An hour later, they had witnessed four stage-frightened kids, one tremendously loud and surprisingly on-key Dorothy, two fighting trees who threw their apples at each other instead of the main characters, several set mishaps including the curtain falling to reveal the wizard before the wizard was to be revealed, a crier, two trippers and a nervous nose-picking palace guard who then screamed when he realized his nose was bleeding from the aforementioned furious gold-digging.

Once Dorothy finally got back to Oz and all was set right with the world, the lights went down, another kid wailed at the sudden darkness, then, the stage lit up again, a straggling line of kids awaiting applause in the middle of the floor and visibly fearful it wouldn’t come.

They didn’t have to worry … because Mulder was there and he was so damn happy with what he’d just experienced that he jumped from his seat, clapping as loud as his cupped hands could achieve, his yelling praises and congratulations and hooting driving the rest of the hesitating audience up and standing, first looking at Mulder and each other to see if this was proper etiquette then realizing their kids needed hooting and yelling.

Scully buried four fingers in her mouth, letting out a wolf whistle that echoed throughout the cinderblock room. More whistled joined and it took nearly four minutes for the room to quiet again to a manageable level. Kids cheered, bowing and giggling, coming out to the audience to find their families while Mulder and Scully stood quietly alone, grinning at the best night they’d had in a very long time.

The ticket taking flying monkey turned from his parents in the row ahead of them, “hey, which kid do you belong to?”

Mulder gave him an appraising look, wondering fleetingly what it would be like to be owned by a kid, “none, actually. We were just passing through and decided to take in a show.”

The kid nodded, then looked up at Scully, “sorry I didn’t realize you were that short. I would’ve had Tim put you closer up.”

Scully smiled at him, “I saw the whole thing and it was wonderful. Thank you for doing such a good job.”

Something twinged in Mulder’s chest as he watched her speak to the younger boy. He wanted to see her with her kids, watch her raise them in Scully fashion, science quizzes at the dinner table and midnight slime concocting at the kitchen counter because she had to prove Mulder wrong about the consistency and use of Borax in solution.

He would revisit the fact that he was at these midnight sessions and dinner table tests another time but for now, he took her elbow as the kid turned back to his parents, “come on, shorty, time to go.”

Instead of moving, Scully put her hand on his shoulder and climbed onto the folding chair, making her taller than him by several inches. Standing in front of her now and grinning up like a love-struck fool, she grabbed his tie, fiddling with it for a moment, “not so short now, am I?”

“Nope. Not at all.”

Returning his grin, she wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly, crowds be damned, “thank you for the culture, Mulder.”

Arms around her waist, he held her steady and safe high up in the air, “thank you for the world, Scully.”

Love Is ...Never Fails

By: @booksrockmyface

Rating: Teen and up

Summary: A series of scenes set in modern times featuring many pairings/families from the Hunger Games (similar to Love Actually). Inspired by 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. (Much thanks to thesaltywinteradult who helped iron out all these details, especially in giving me the scenario for the first Everlark scene.)

Trigger warning: The first section features sick kids (there is puke). The sixth deals with a recovering alcoholic (not explicitly mentioned, but heavily alluded to).


1. “Love is patient, love is kind”

Annie walked out of the Mags and Brendan’s room shaking her head as she cleared the thermometer. “Both are just over a hundred.” She pressed the thermometer to Pearl’s temple. The baby tried to burrow into Gale’s chest away from it. “I know, sweetie. Just give me a minute.” She clicked her tongue. “Hers is only ninety-nine point three.”

Finnick stepped out of the kitchen with bowls of soup. “I got the cure for what ails ‘em.” He walked toward the bedroom, but paused when Pearl puked all over Gale’s chest. “Ew.”

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anonymous asked:

Could you write Sethkate - she's mad at him because he almost "let" Amaru kill him to touch her, and she would have just had to watch? :( Ends in hot passion-loving kissing!

Whew boy… some of these prompt end up running long. I really like the beginning of it, with her thought process. I’m not completely sold on the switch. I  LOVED this prompt. I hope I did it justice. SethKate for sure. 

Without A Fight (…but there is a fight)  

Sometimes she thinks that they’ve taught her to steal too well. That it’s now often too easy and too second nature. She’s sitting alone on the trunk of the black Camero with a Pal-Mal that she’d pilfered from Richie pack hanging out of her mouth and whiskey-sour that she took from Seth’s desk in her hands. Stealing a thing isn’t a thing. It doesn’t bother her to steal from them and why should it? They stole her first. She’s not really angry at them, but her anger is overwhelming on nights like this when she wakes up from a nightmare.

Nights like tonight when she dozed off listening to the boys plan their next job and the next thing she knew she was waking up to the haunted memories of the last moments of lives Amaru took. Pulling someone's​ soul away from them, that is the type of stealing from which there is no redemption from. She knows on some logical level that she had no control over what Amaru had done, but some nights that knowledge was simply no comfort.

The doctor had been thinking about his wife and children, how he loved them and how he was going to a break his promise to be at his daughter’s soccer game. The nurse had been thinking about how he was only at this job for a few more days. Manola couldn’t believe that she was dying in front of her lover and she didn’t want Kisa to blame herself. Her brother had been broken; seeing her in the flesh, all his thoughts were consumed with God’s judgement. Richie’s mind was a mess: the logical half screaming to fight back, while the rest of wanted to save her. All of them, every soul that Amaru took felt fear and panic; none of them had wanted to die. But Seth…

When Amaru touched Seth all she felt was devastating guilt and how he deserved this. It wasn’t like the remorse that Scott felt, because he was still trying to resist, but Seth hadn’t even tried to fight back. He stood there and took it, just let her start to kill him… And for what? For the sake of guilt? For some twisted sense of he’d earned it? Penance? She’d begged him to kill her. She didn’t want to watch him die or let that twisted demon kill anyone else, but he didn’t even try to stop her.

She throws the glass across the parking lot and it shattered against the pavement. She fights the urge to just start screaming. The back door opens and closes behind her and it’s only a single puff of the cigarette before she smells gun-oil and earthy aftershave.

“You alright, Princess?” He leans against the car, close enough to, but not quite touching her.

She flicks the cigarette way and watches it snuff itself out on the wet pavement. “Peachy.” She’s trying to remember all the relaxation techniques that she’s learned over the past few months so she doesn’t explode. Her ears feel hot and she’s still thinking about screaming consequences be damned.

“Yeah you sure sound like it.” He huffs, because he hates secrets, hates it when he doesn’t know what the people around him are thinking. “You take my drink, just to break the glass?

“Take it out of my cut.” She growls.

He arches his eyebrow, “What the hell is up your craw?”

“Nothing. I’m allowed to be mad.”

“Okay. So what the fuck are you so pissed about?”

She grinds her teeth together. “You.”

“Me? I didn’t do anything!” He pushes himself away from the car and looks up as rain drops start pinging on the cars in the lot.

“That’s the problem.” She folds her arms over her chest.

He looks agitated, “I’m not playing this game. I’m not playing the pronoun game where you say something cryptic and then we play twenty questions until you finally tell me what’s got you so pissed. You want to tell me; then tell me.  We need to get inside before this damn rain hits us. Come on.”

Lightning illuminates the parking lot and the rain starts pouring down on them. He grabs her hands and jerks her off the car, trying to drag her back into Jed’s, but she resists. She doesn’t want to go back inside, she’s angry and she doesn’t care about the rain.

“I’d rather play in the darkness, thank you.” She snips pulling her hands away and planting her feet. There’s this rush in her ears, screaming at her to push all of his buttons. Make him pay for all the pain he caused her, so she picks words that’ll bring up bad memories.

He advances into her space, much like he did in those Mexican motels, when she’d challenge him and he’d reach by her to collect his drugs. This time his eyes aren’t angry, there’s almost a softness to them as he gets so close she can feel his body heat, despite the chill of the rain. “What is wrong? What didn’t I do? You gotta talk to me.”

She has to look up when he’s this close, he’s got a few inches on her and it used to intimidate her, but those days are long gone. “You were going to let her kill you.”

“Who? The guard at the bank? She never even touched her gun. I had…”

“Amaru.” She digs her nails into her palms, she hates saying that name out loud. “You didn’t even resist when she tried to try to take your soul. You were going to let her kill you.”

He blinks and whether it’s from the rain or her words she isn’t sure. “It’s not like I knew what was happening.”

“Bullshit.” She calls him out, jamming her finger into his chest. “You felt exactly what she was doing and were going to let her. I could hear you, thinking some twisted idea about how you deserved it.”

“I did. I did deserve it.” He growls looming over her now, but not touching. “All that shit I put you through. I deserved…”

“Well I didn’t deserve it. I didn’t deserve to watch you die. You think I wanted to watch that?” He steps back slightly but she advances back into his space, not letting him get away. “Do you have any idea how that felt?!? Her laughing in my mind about you being a sacrificial lamb! Do you know what it would have done to me to watch you die? How my heart would have broken…”

His hands are suddenly buried in her hair and his mouth is on hers insistent, demanding more with every inch he takes. The rain is pouring down now, but she barely feels it. All can she feel is his heat. He’s alive and he’s here. She grabs his tie to pull him closer and moans as he forces his tongue into her mouth, deepening the kiss. One of his hands leaves her hair and grips her hip, pulling her flush with him while he backs her up against the car. She gasps as his mouth finds her neck, biting and mouthing his way down as one of his hands slips under her shirt.

The rain is soaking them, but she doesn’t care. She wants this…She just wants. She’s achy and needy and her body feels so raw as he pours all of his energy into her like a electricity. She’s hot and cold all at the same time and she just doesn’t know what to do with all of it. She’s hungry and there’s this overpowering emptiness that needs to be filled. She wants to feel this, feel him. How can she be mad at him one moment and letting him grope her the next. Maybe she’s just going mad. Richie told her once that love is the ultimate insanity and the cure for it all wrapped up together. All she knows is that she needs Seth and everything he’s giving her. She digs her nails into his shoulder as she pushes herself back up on the trunk.

“Tell me to stop.” He snarls against her ear, there’s a low, dangerous quality to his voice that she forgot he had, but instead of scaring her it makes her grind against him. She wants all of him, the dangerous part, the gentle part…she wants all of it. She wants him. “Tell to me stop, Kate.”

She doesn’t.

Great prompt so much fun! Thanks for it, anon. Love to my Loves.

anonymous asked:

How would the RFA + V and Saeran react to MC's mother coming over and acting a bit flirty when MC is away?

this was so much fun thank you for requesting this OMG

~pls dont request me rn they are CLOSEDT~


  • he was super mega nervous about meeting MC’s parents so he wore a collared shirt and slacks and he looks pretty snazzy
  • MC’s mom was making dinner
  • “hey sweetheart, do you and your boyfriend want to come help make dinner?”
  • they were talking to MC’s brother in the other room when their mom requested some assistance 
  • Yoosung gets the job of kneading dough for home made rolls
  • “and as for you, MC, can you run out and get more rice? we dont have enough”
  • MC complains that they’ll miss Yoosung, but leaves to get rice anyway
  • their mom was absentmindedly stirring something on the stove
  • she looks at Yoosung, smiling
  • “you’re doing a good job with that dough over there, Yoosung.”
  • “thanks, miss!”
  • a compliment! MC’s mom must really like him :D
  • “you must be really good with you hands”
  • Yoosung thought that was….kind of a weird compliment? but hey, at least she was nice!
  • “oh well i have some experience with cooking! i make meals for myself all the time in my dorm”
  • “oh, i didnt know you were so experienced”
  • why…why is MC’s mom talking so weird?
  • of course she didnt know…? why would she? they just met?????
  • “will you stir this for a sec, Yoosung? i need to fetch something from the pantry”
  • Yoosung wipes his hands off with a towel
  • “sure!”
  • as him and MC’s mom pass each other, he feels a prick on his butt
  • he whips around to see MC’s mom wink at him
  • did she just…………..pinch hIS ASS?????
  • Yoosung starts talking really loudly and really fast
  • “um, i’m actually gonna go see if MC needs any help at the grocery store”
  • “Yoosung, that doesnt even make sense-”
  • gtg gtg gtg gtg gtg gtg gtg gtg 
  • he bolted out the door, got into his car, and literally drove to the grocery store


  • when MC told her family they were dating a famous actor they were immediately like ooooOOHH we have to meet him!
  • so they plan to meet up for dinner at MC’s favorite restaurant
  • after they sit down MC and their little sister excuse themselves to the bathroom
  • “so, you’re an actor? thats pretty impressive”
  • MC’s mom leaned over the table to get closer to Zen
  • “yes ma’am. i’ve been acting for a few years now”
  • “i thought your name sounded familiar. do you have any other hobbies?”
  • “well, i like to ride my motorcycle”
  • wait…thats not something you should tell someones mom…
  • nice going, Zen
  • “ooohhh, a motorcycle? i didn’t know you were the bad boy type”
  • she bites her lip
  • oh….um….alright then,
  • Zen smiles nervously, unsure of how to respond
  • thank god that right around then was when MC and their little sister came back to the table
  • their sister insisted on sitting next to MC instead of on the other side of the booth
  • a perfectly pleasant conversation followed
  • it wasnt until the food got there that things got….bad
  • everyone was listening to MC tell the story of how them and Zen met
  • when Zen felt a shoe caress the inside of his calf
  • oh alright, MC wants to play a little footsie
  • he lets their foot crawl up his leg to the inside of his thigh
  • wait, wait one second Zen hold the phone hit the pause button
  • MC is sitting next to you, not across from you
  • so like, this is physically impossible
  • but the only person who’s across from him…….
  • ……….
  • OH!!! FUCK!!!!!!
  • when Zen puts the puzzle pieces together his entire body flinches in an attempt to get the foot away from him
  • “Zen? everything alright?”
  • MC grabbed his hand, concerned
  • “i’m fine, babe. i think i just need some fresh air….”
  • “i’ll join you! i’m feeling a little cluttered in this booth, too”
  • MC shoots her sister a glare
  • once the two are outside, Zen starts apologizing frantically 
  • “oh my god baby im so sorry i swear to god i thought it was you-”
  • “Zen, what are you talking about?”
  • Zen breathes in, trying to calm down
  • “i dont really know how to tell you this, MC…”
  • “just say it! you can tell me anything, Zen”
  • he breathes in
  • “during dinner your mother called me a bad boy and then shoved her foot in-between my legs”


  • Jaehee came to MC’s place with surprise lunch!
  • she didnt know that their mom was in town visiting
  • when MC opens the door and sees Jaehee they tackle her with a hug!
    “i’m so glad you’re here Jaehee! and with food, too!”
  • Jaehee laughs and returns the hug as best as she can while holding bags of take out
  • “MC? who’s at the door?”
  • Jaehee looks over MC’s shoulder to see their mother sitting on the couch with a cup of water in hand
  • “it’s my girlfriend, Jaehee! yknow, the one i was telling you about?”
  • Jaehee blushes like crazy
  • thats the first time MC had ever introduced her to someone as their girlfriend
  • it…felt nice
  • “nice to meet you, miss”
  • Jaehee sets her food on the table and holds out her hand to MC’s mother
  • “oh dont be so formal, dear!”
  • she stands up and squeezes Jaehee in a tight hug
  • is fine i guess
  • she’d rather just shake hands but Jaehee wants MC’s mom to like her
  • MC’s just super excited that Jaehee is finally meeting their mom!!
  • “i’ll go make us some tea!”
  • they happily skip into the kitchen to make tea for their mother and Jaehee
  • an awkward conversation starts between MC’s mom and Jaehee
  • she wasnt really….good at this…
  • “i’m going to see if my daughter needs any help”
  • as MC’s mother stands, she loses her balance and spills her entire cup of water onto Jaehee’s shirt
  • Jaehee was mortified
  • she’s wearing a white shit
  • “oh my goodness, i’m so sorry!”
  • “n-no, it alright. accidents happen, right?”
  • “here, let me help you out of this wet shirt”
  • MC’s mom reaches for the buttons on her shirt
  • Jaehee literally shoves MC’s mom away from her
  • “i think i c-can manage myself just fine, excuse m-me”
  • Jaehee practically sprints into the bathroom and slams the door shut behind her, locking it
  • what the hell what thE HELL WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT


  • MC really wanted Jumin to meet their mother
  • he was open to the idea, since he was planning on being with MC for a long time~ forever, preferably 
  • he invites their mother to an elegant dinner at his penthouse 
  • and everyone knows you cant have an elegant dinner without an elegant wine
  • he chooses one of his best bottles for the occasion
  • MC usually only has one glass
  • which is why he was surprised when their mom downed 4 over the course of the dinner
  • he thought it might be rude to not let her drink, so he just let her request as much wine as she wanted
  • big mystake, Jumin
  • “Jumin, thank you for such a delicious meal, as always”
  • MC beamed at him
  • “of course, my darling. its my pleasure”
  • he kisses them on the cheek
  • MC politely excuses themselves from the table to use the restroom
  • “Jumin, you’ve got quite the home”
  • MC’s mother was talking rather loudly, and her words slurred a bit
  • dammit…
  • “thank you very much for saying so. i hope that one day MC and i can share this home”
  • she leans over the table and grabs his tie, pulling him toward her forcefully
  • “i bet we could share something right now, Jumin”
  • he gently takes MC’s mom’s hands and pries them off of his tie, then stands
  • he straightens his tie and brushes himself off
  • “please excuse me”
  • he slowly walks upstairs
  • when he reaches the top of the stairs, MC emerges from the bathroom
  • “oh, hello sweet-”
  • “oh my god, MC”
  • he runs to them and wraps them up in a hug
  • “J-Jumin…?”
  • he holds their shoulders
  • they’ve never seen him this flustered….its kinda cute
  • “MC your mother just hit on me it was so terrible i think i might die…am i over reacting?”
  • alright,this is not cute.
  • “she WHAT?!”
  • oh shit Jumin you’ve really done it now
  • MC goes downstairs and throws their drunkass mom out of the house, ordering driver Kim to take her home


  • ever since MC’s mom found out they were dating a tech genius
  • she always forces Seven to come over and help her out when her shit breaks
  • he’s fixed her TV, her cell phone, even her lamp….
  • it just….needed a new light bulb…
  • Seven finds it a tad bit pesky to be honest but he wants MC’s mom to like him
  • and like he’s not an asshole
  • he’s working when his phone starts to buzz
  • it’s MC’s mom again…
  • he audibly sighs
  • “yknow you dont have to keep going over there and helping her, right?”
  • Seven smiles at MC
  • “i know. i guess i’m just too nice for my own good”
  • MC rolls their eyes as Seven answers the phone
  • their mom was having computer troubles and Seven tries his best to help over the phone but she keeps insisting he come over
  • Seven gives MC a kiss before leaving, promising not to take long
  • once there he sits down at her computer and gets to work
  • “here, i’m sure you’re probably thirsty”
  • MC’s mother was offering him a cold beer
  • he refuses, but thanks her
  • Seven was typing code to help her computer better protect itself from viruses
  • this computer just had….so many viruses…it pained him
  • MC’s mom pulls up a chair next to where he was working
  • just like MC he thinks, she wont leave me alone
  • “wow, look at those fingers go”
  • Seven freezes
  • what…what the fUCK
  • dont!!! dont talk about my fingers dont look at my fingers dont look at me go away go away go AWAY
  • but she did not go away
  • MC’s mom leans over, her low-cut shirt showing a large portion of her chest
  • “think you can show me a few of your tricks one day?”
  • Seven never takes his eyes off the monitor, and pulls his hood up far over his head to block out everything but the computer and the keyboard
  • “please let me work”
  • finally, he manages to get rid of her
  • that was the most dreadful, the most atrocious, the most godawful
  • when Seven finally comes home he slams the door closed behind him and slides down, crumpling onto the floor
  • MC runs to his side
  • “Seven, you okay?”
  • he looks up, hands covering his face
  • “no offense but i never want to see your mother ever again”


  • MC’s mom was returning from a business trip
  • unfortunately MC was busy with work so they couldnt pick her up from the airport
  • V, being the angel he is, offered to pick her up
  • to wasnt too far from his place, so he really didnt mind
  • he was even looking forward to getting to spend some time with MC’s mother
  • family bonds are important, and he wants to be involved in every part of MC’s life
  • when MC’s mom sees him she waves happily
  • “oh, i’m so honored that my daughters cute boyfriend took time out of his schedule to pick me up!”
  • red fLAG
  • he just smiles warmly and gives her a ‘welcome home’ hug, then loads her luggage into the trunk
  • on the way home, V strikes up a conversation about her business trip
  • she complains that it was dull and even says she missed him
  • :| ????? y did u miss him ??? :|
  • V just laughed and tried to ignore it
  • she not flirting! you’re just getting along. thats all! it’s good that you’re getting along with her
  • just as V was thinking this, MC’s mom changed the subject
  • “but what about you, V? why did you come pick me up today? maybe because you missed me?”
  • V rubs the back of his neck
  • “well MC was really busy with work today…”
  • “you…didnt even miss me a little…?”
  • V feels something touch his leg
  • he looks down to see her hand inching closer to the inside of his thighs
  • when V looks up again he sees that the light turned red while he was distracted
  • he slams on the breaks
  • MC’s mother, who had neglected to put her seat belt on, is thrown forward
  • her head smacks into the dashboard
  • “shit! are you alright?!”
  • okay yea she was acting like an ass but he didnt want to GIVE HER A CONCUSSION
  • MC’s mother sits up, rubbing her forehead
  • “yea….yea i’m alright”
  • the rest of the car ride is completely silent
  • V wasnt sure if he was more scared to tell MC that their mother hit on him or that he almost killed her


  • Saeran is t e r r i b l e  a t  p a r e n t s
  • he dont like parents and parents dont like him
  • but MC still drags the poor boy to family lunch every sundays
  • the whole family comes and Saeran usually just quietly eats 
  • when someone tries to talk to him MC just answers instead
  • they know he’s not very good at this but MC’s family is super important to them
  • so once a week Saeran stomachs these gatherings
  • do it for MC, Saeran. do it for MC
  • after a particularly awkward lunch one day, Saeran decides to help MC’s mother with the dishes
  • even if im not very social, i should at least be helpful…
  • “you’re awfully quite, Saeran”
  • MC mom said as she rinsed off dishes and handed them to him to dry off
  • he doesnt answer
  • “i kind of like that about you”
  • oh god, he already hates this, please….,stop,,
  • “all the rest of the people MC brought home have been so childish…”
  • stop talking stop talking stop talking stop talking stop talking
  • “but you seem….mature”
  • MC’s mom places her hand on top of his
  • oh, HELL NO
  • this is bad on every single level that has ever existed
  • Saeran, not wanting to make a scene, rips his hand away but continues to dry dishes
  • “dont fucking touch me”
  • “excuse me?”
  • “i said ‘dont fucking touch me.’ shouldnt you know better than to hit on your daughters boyfriend?”
  • she gets a bit frazzled, tries to defend herself but fails, and eventually stomps out of the kitchen
  • MC walks past her, then looks at Saeran
  • “what’s up with her?”
  • “she’s just pissed cause i wouldnt let her touch my hand”
  • MC sighs and rubs their temples
  • “i swear to god, every fucking time i try to bring someone home…”
  • Saeran laughs, and grabs their hand
  • “dont worry, my hands are all yours to hold”


Secret Meetings - Remus Lupin x OC (Request)

Warning: Graphic Smut & Strong Language

Request: “Can you do a Lupin/OC one-shot? Possibly with some sweet, smutty goodness?”


“I really can’t be bothered with Transfiguration.” Sirius huffs, dragging his feet along the stone floors of Hogwarts.

“Remus is raring to go.” James chuckles to himself, nodding his head towards the girl walking in front of them.

“Oh yeah! Look, Remus, it’s your girlfriend!” Sirius sniggers.

Remus nudges Sirius harshly in his ribs with his elbow as his cheeks redden.

The girl in front of them was called Ella Wilde; a beautiful 7th year student that almost every guy at Hogwarts adored.

She is a short, curvy girl with blue eyes, a pale complexion and long black hair that cascades down her back.

“What!?” Sirius laughs, “It’s not like she’d take any notice of you anyway. Look at her!” he exclaims.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence.” Remus replies sarcastically.

“Oh, come on, Moony! Look at her body! The way her hair swishes right above her perfect ass.” James describes dreamily.

“Argh, that tiny little waist!” Sirius groans in awe, mesmerised by the sway of her curvaceous hips. “You could just imagine grabbing her while you-”

“You do realise there’s more to girls than their anatomy.” Remus barks, clearly affronted by his friends’ comments.

“Oooh, calm down, Moony! You’d think she was your girlfriend the way you’re going on!” Sirius taunts.

Little did the two Gryffindors know that Remus Lupin had in fact been secretly seeing Ella for the past four months, taking her on dates to Madam Puddifoots Tea Shop and meeting her in abandoned classrooms across the school.  

The boys finally reach Transfiguration class where they take their usual seats at the back of the classroom.

Sirius and James sit on the opposite desk to Remus and Peter, while Ella Wilde and her friend Arya Wood sit in front of them.

Whenever Peter wasn’t looking, Remus would push Ella’s stool forward with his leg and she would respond by kicking her leg back and playing footsie with him for the briefest of moments, every touch sending shockwaves through Remus’ body.

“Oops!” Ella exclaims, turning around and pretending to pick something up off the floor, discreetly leaving a scrunched up piece of parchment on Remus’ desk as she looks up at him with a wink before turning around again.

Remus snatches the piece of the parchment up off his desk as he notices James and Remus craning their necks to see what she had left there.

“What’s that?” James mouths.

“Rubbish I think.” Remus lies convincingly, pretending to discard the parchment but instead opening it under the desk.

Meet me tonight, Classroom Eleven.’

It read in Ella’s elegant handwriting and Remus couldn’t help but grin to himself stupidly.


It’s eleven o’clock and Remus has finally reached the door to Classroom Eleven, an old abandoned classroom, having snuck past several prefects and almost being caught twice.

Remus raps on the door before letting himself in, finding Ella sitting on a desk directly in front of him, her shirt unbuttoned and her legs parted slightly under her short skirt.

“Ahh, there you are Remus! I was beginning to think you had forgotten me.”

Remus walks over to Ella and she grabs his tie and pulls him in to kiss her.

“Sorry, there were prefects everywhere.” Remus explains, running his fingers through her long black hair and tucking a few stray strands behind her ear.

“I heard your friends earlier by the way.” She smirks, looking up at Remus’ mortified face.

“I do apologise, they were just trying to wind me up.” Remus declares.

“Oh you don’t have to apologise.” Ella states, stroking up and down her thigh playfully, “In fact, it turned me on quite a bit.”

“It did?” Remus breathes, watching her nimble fingers move slowly up and down her leg.

Ella hopped off the desk she was sitting on and turned on her front, arching her back and swaying her hips seductively.

Remus can already feel himself hardening as her hips hypnotise him.

“Oh yeah! What were they saying again? I’m sure my ‘perfect ass’ was mentioned.” she teases, looking back at Remus and biting her lip as she notices his trousers tenting.

“That ‘perfect ass’ is mine.” Lupin growls, stepping forward and grabbing Ella’s round cheeks possessively before slamming his crotch into her.

“Mmm.” Ella smiles, clutching onto the sides of the desk and pushing herself into Remus’ demanding erection.

Remus’ hands glide around her stomach and begin unbuttoning her shirt, massaging her breasts while grinding into her.

“Did you get a bit angry?” she giggles innocently.

“No. Why would I? I know I can make you crazier than any other guy in this school.” Remus replies confidently, taking a fistful of Ella’s hair and turning her head so that he could look her in the eye as he lifted her skirt above her waist.

Remus bent down and gently sunk his teeth into her voluptuous behind before slapping her ass sharply with his left hand, leaving a red mark on her pale skin.

Remus spins Ella back around on the desk and pulls up a chair, taking off her underwear and placing her legs over his shoulders.

“Hmm, if this was on our curriculum I think I’d attend every lesson.” Remus jokes, his eyes roaming over Ella’s womanhood as if contemplating where to begin.

Ella’s hands snake down her stomach, reaching down to play with herself but Remus stops her.

“Oh, no! Patience Ella.” He smirks, taking her hands in his and resting them on the juncture between her hips and thigh.

Remus runs his deft tongue up her folds and circles her clit as she moans quietly and digs her nails into the back of his hands.

“Mmm, I love how you taste.” He groans huskily before flicking his tongue rapidly against sensitive bud.

Ella moans louder and calls out Remus’ name; begging for him to be inside her.

He responds by sliding one long finger inside her, filling her up slowly whilst sucking on her clit.

“If this was on our curriculum I think you’d pass every exam with flying colours!” Ella moans, her thighs shaking as Remus slides another finger deep inside her before curling them up and thrusting hard into her.

Lupin can feel his throbbing cock straining against his trousers, he loves seeing Ella in this state; sweat on her body, her hair a wild halo above her head, her own wetness spread across her thighs as she bucks her hips into his tongue.

“You’re such a gentleman, Remus. Making sure that I’m taken care of before thinking about yourself.” She smiles, sliding off the desk, onto his lap and stroking his penis through his trousers.

Remus takes a sharp breath in through his clenched teeth, the smallest touch was now emphasised tenfold on his sensitive member.

Ella takes out Remus’ throbbing penis and begins pumping his thick shaft in her small hands, before moving up to his head with a slight twisting motion.

She raises herself up on her knees, placing herself above Remus’ cock and using her wet folds to tease him further.

“Ungh!” Remus groans, rolling his head back and closing his eyes as Ella licks up his neck before biting his defined jawline.

He snakes his hands around her thighs and picks her up with ease, his naked cock teasing her hardened clit as he lays her down on the floor.

Ella pulls Remus in for a kiss as his bulbous head pushes against her tight entrance.

“Oh, fuck!” she moans into his mouth as he plunges into her cavern.

Remus takes her hands in his once more and lifts them above her head, his elbows on the floor steadying him as he ever so slowly pumps himself into her, letting her body adjust as he kisses and sucks on her neck.

“You’re always so tight!” Remus growls, lifting one of her legs over his shoulder, enabling him to push himself deeper into her soaked depths.

“Mmm, yeah! Right there, Remus!” Ella screams as the new position allowed Remus to hit her g-spot directly with every thrust.

“You like that, baby?” Remus asks, leaning up and using her leg as a support as he thrusts himself deeper and deeper, trailing his tongue up her calves to the sensitive skin around her ankle.

“Unghh, yeah! Please, don’t stop!” she moans, her hand finding the leg of the desk and gripping it tightly.

Remus could tell that Ella wasn’t far from her first orgasm and began fervently rubbing her clit with his skilled thumb.

Ella’s hips bucked upwards against Remus’ thumb and as he had predicted, Remus soon felt her walls convulsing around his cock and her juices gushing onto him, her mouth forming a silent ‘O’ as her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

He kneels down, kissing her passionately while she moans and writhes as her orgasm washes over her, her hands clawing at his muscular triceps as he continues to pump himself into her slowly.

“I want you to come inside me, Remus.” She breathes in his ear, her fingers entwined in his messy brown hair.

“Whatever you say darling.” Remus replies with a grin, thrusting himself deep and hard into Ella’s spasming core.

Ella’s screams reverberate around the abandoned classroom and Remus hoped to god that there were no prefects hovering around outside as his pace quickened.

“Shh, baby.” Remus chuckles, resting his forehead on hers and kissing her so as to stop her from moaning too loudly.  

“Oh, fuck me, Remus!” Ella cries, her nails digging into the skin of his back as she bucks her hips forward, desperately trying to get Remus deeper inside her.

Remus can feel his cock twitching inside her and thrusts himself into her one last time with a low growl, his seed squirting deep into her core as he feels her gush over his softening penis once more.

“Ungh, fuck Ella.” Remus pants, collapsing on top of her and nuzzling into the juncture between her shoulder and neck.

Ella lets out a contented sigh, her nails drawing light circles into Remus’ sweat soaked back.

“Why didn’t you tell your friends that we were together?” she asks after some time.

Remus thinks for a moment. He wanted nothing more than to scream from the castle battlements that they were together.

“You didn’t want me to.” He replied truthfully.

“I never said I didn’t want to. It’s just kind of always been a secret for some reason. Why did you think that I didn’t want you to?” she quizzes.

“I don’t know, I mean, look at me and look at you.” Lupin confesses, his face still nuzzled in her neck, hiding the embarrassment creeping onto his face.

“What!?” she exclaims, taking his face in her hands and looking him in the eye.

“You heard Sirius. ‘It’s not like she’d take any notice of you anyway.’, and he’s right. I don’t know what you see in me and neither will the rest of the school.” He admits, looking up at her sheepishly.

“Well lucky for you I’m not like most of the obnoxious, narcissistic twats in our school. I adore you.” She declares. “Plus you can make me crazier than any other guy in school.” She adds with a smirk.

Remus chuckles to himself as he leans down to kiss her on the forehead.

“So you want me to tell my friends about you?” he asks as they both get up and begin redressing.

“Yeah. I hate seeing you around school and not being able to just hug you whenever I want!” She exclaims, buttoning up her shirt and taking Remus’ hand as they sneak out of the classroom.

“But wait until I’m there. I can’t wait to see James and Sirius’ faces!” she giggles, standing up on her tiptoes and kissing Remus on the cheek before turning off towards the Ravenclaw common room.

Neither can I.’ Remus thinks to himself excitedly as he wanders back up to the Gryffindor common room.


Hope you like it!


I promise.
  • Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster)

AU: Kim Namjoon is a CEO for a successul company, but as a billionaire, finding love is hard. Or at least he thought until he first stepped his Armani shoes on to a subway plattform.

Fluff / Angst (ft. mild smut)

Masterlist || Words: 3850 || Read on AO3

Originally posted by minpuffs

He leaned back in chair with a sigh and loosened up his tie.

“There is someone here to see you Mr. Kim.” His assistant said over the phone.

“Send them in.” He said while holding down the button.

He had just been in a long heated meeting that had ended with the client storming out of the building. Namjoon trusted his instincts more than anything else, he knew that this supposed client was full of lies, he was too smart to neglect the fact that he had never heard of the company this person came from and decided to take research upon himself to find out that his instinct was right again, scammers. This wasn’t the first time his instincts had saved him, he trusted them fully. Except for when it came to the woman who had just stepped in to his office…

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A long day

1 year old, Emma Dupain Cheng toddled towards her toy. She had managed a step before falling over. Undeterred, she continued her quest for her stuffed kitty.

“Look at my little bug go!” Tikki smiled, as Emma grabbed her toy.

“Bug? Oh please, that’s one of my kittens if I ever saw one.” Plagg smirked zipping around the baby, floating just out of reach. “Isn’t that right kitten?” Emma giggled grasping for the tiny god. “See she agrees with me”

“She’s 1. She giggles at everything. Besides she’s far too sweet to be one of yours” Tikki chided.

“S..she could be one of mine…a butterfly.” Nooroo squeaked.

Tikki and Plagg both shot him look, and he whimpered.

“Hey you two be nice to him. Or no treats. Besides he’s got enough on his plate with Him coming over.” Alya sighed, before scooping Emma up in her arms. “And I think she’d be a great butterfly. By the way, nooroo I put your bird house in our room for now. He won’t bug you in there. Not if he wants to live anyways.”

Nooroo nodded, before flying off to his little home.

“How’s my little chaton?” Adrien grinned, looking sharp as ever in his black dress shirt.

“You mean your little butterfly?” Alya shot back.

“Emma? Please she plays too rough to be any of the bugs. Isn’t that right? Huh? Who’s daddy’s little chaton?” Adrien cooed, Emma gurgled more fascinated by his lime green tie than anything else.

“How are the other two? Mari still picking out a dress?” Alya sighed.

“Yes, I told her she doesn’t need to be too terribly fancy we are staying in. She wants to show off a little.”

“Doesn’t she hate your father?”

“As a person, completely. However she still respects him as a fashion designer. As for Nino, Mari roped him in as a second opinion.”

“Dear god, they’ll be there all night. I’ll talk to Mari. Can you check on dinner?” Alya asked setting Emma down. The almost toddler, unfazed by the altitude changes, immediately began teething on her kitty.

“See she’s a chaton.” Adrien smiled kissing his daughter’s head before heading to the kitchen.

“I hope not, one walking pun generator is enough.” Alya mused as she walked up the stairs.

“That’s not even a chat thing!” Plagg grumbled, as Tikki laughed.

Their mood quickly changed with a knock on the door.

Emma’s attention immediately shifted when she heard the door open. She cared little about whatever her dada was saying to the stranger. All she knew was that this stanger had very shiny feet. And shiny had never lead her wrong yet.

Gabriel blinked when he felt something grab his shoe. He looked down and smiled, before picking her up. “Hello Emma I’m your grandfather”

Emma’s face scrunched as she saw her shiny getting farther and farther away. So far away she couldn’t even see it any more. Her shiny was gone. She would never see it again. The stranger gargled something to her. Smiling. She was having none of it, as she started to cry.

Gabriel felt his heart break a little as his only grandchild sobbed seemingly because he spoke to her.

“Don’t take it too hard father, she can be a little fussy sometimes” Adrien consoled as he took his daughter in his arms.*although she normally likes new people*

Emma mourned the lost of her shiny, as she cuddled into a familiar chest. A chest that happened to have a very bright green tie. Bright, much like shiny usual lead to good things. Emma gurgled happily as she grabbed the tie.

Adrien grinned as Emma gently tugged on his tie. He kissed her both her cheeks, she laughed, reaching towards his face. Once again bright didn’t let Emma down.

Gabriel sighed *she’s a baby, babies cry at everything. Don’t take it personally.*

“Hello Gabriel” a voice said in an saccharine tone.

“Good evening Marinette” he replied, flatly. *oh this is going to be fun. That dress however is stunning* He thought taking in the details of the silk. He stopped when he saw her glance at him. “A french design with eastern flare. You’re skill is impressive as always.”

“Thank you, Gabriel” She said indifferently, although a small smile gave her away. “Adrien, can you get dinner on the table. I’ll put Emma to bed”

“Of course Princess” Adrien smiled handing their daughter over, then walking to the kitchen. Gabriel following closely behind.

“That went okay.” Gabriel said slightly in shock.

“What did I tell you? This won’t be so bad.” Adrien smiled putting the chickens on the table.

Maybe it was Adrien’s natural bad luck, maybe it was just inevitable but dinner went disastrously. It started with all the enthusiasm of forced politeness. Which turned into passive aggression and just an atmosphere of “get the fuck out”.

Adrien swore Alya was about to punch his father when they heard Emma cry. “I’ll get her” he said, relief clear in his voice.

“I’m coming with you.” Gabriel stated, walking with his son.

“I can’t believe they’re being this stubborn. I told them to be nice.” Adrien grumbled.

“You can tell a person to do anything. That doesn’t make it so.” Gabriel sighed.

“I know, it’s just we have come so far in the past year.” Adrien sighed, opening the door to his daughter’s nursery. “Alright baby, wants wrong huh? You hungry?” He cooed puting his finger near her mouth. Emma grabbed at his finger putting it in her mouth. Adrien grimaced as he felt the start of a tooth. “Is a new tooth bothering you? Don’t worry. Dada will get you a teething ring. Father, you mind watching her for a minute?”

“I don’t mind. I will be leaving shortly anyway” Gabriel said calmly.

Adrien nodded as he headed towards the kitchen.

“Emma, I have something important for you. I don’t know what kind of person you’ll be. But he’s a versatile one. For him all you have to be is yourself. So when you’re ready. He will be waiting.” Gabriel smiled wearily as Emma nipped his finger.

“Hey, I got the teether” Adrien said, from the hall.

Gabriel blinked quickly placing the small black box on top of the dresser Emma’s crib lay against.

“I better get going. I have a trip to Los Angeles in the morning.” Gabriel said letting out a yawn.

“Well I thought it was nice to see you.” Adrien sighed hugged his father.

“I enjoyed seeing you too. You’ve made me proud. And she would be very proud of you too.” Gabriel smiled, kissing his son’s forehead, “i’ll text you when the plane lands.”

Adrien just nodded, tears leaking from his eyes.

Gabriel loosen the embrace to wipe away Adrien’s tears, “I miss her too. Every day. But she will always love us. Although I have a feeling there was a time she’d liked to have beaten me over the head if she could.”

Adrien laughed through his tears, “I have a feeling she would have liked to do that to both of us at some point.”

“Probably. Now you better reply to my text tomorrow.” Gabriel smirked.

“Yes father” Adrien rolled his eyes, not hiding his smile.


Gabriel let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding, as he exited his son’s apartment. *that didn’t go as I hoped. And I didn’t even hide the miraculous. I’ll text Adrien and tell him it’s a gift for Emma when she turns thirteen. If I’m lucky he won’t look in it.*

(Later that night)

Emma woke to the sound of yelling coming from her baby monitor.

“AT LEAST HE FUCKING TRIED” the monitor speaker gargled into the nursery.

Emma hot tears leaked from her eyes. She squirmed in her crib, shaking it. She was about to sob when something fell into her crib. Emma looked at it confused. She grabbed it, before shaking it. It rattled. And she giggled. She tried to shake it again, only it slipped smacking into the dresser. Her new rattle popped open. Emma’s eyes widened when she saw the greatest thing in her one year old life. Something shiny and bright. She immediately snatched up the shiny bright thing and it began to glow.


“We just don’t want him to hurt you again.” Marinette yelled exasperated. Tears began to flood her eyes. “You were so broken when you found out. Barely ate. Barely slept. Barely talked. I don’t want to see you go through that again.”

“Well that’s my decision to make.” Adrien said, “look he is really trying. We even have weekly lunches planned. I know it’s hard for you to trust him but he’s all I have.”

“You have us, for better or worse.” Nino stated.

“He’s my father. I can’t shut him out. I can’t even fucking hate him for what he did. If it had lost you three in a car wreck. I would have done anything to get you back.” Adrien sobbed.

“Chaton” Alya said softly, holding him. Nino and Mari both joined the hug. They stood there, relaxing in each other’s embrace, when they heard a very loud scream coming from the baby monitor.

“EMMA” all four said, immediately running to their daughter’s room.

Adrien flipped on the light switch, only to see Emma grinning from ear to ear as she shook a blue thing in her tight grip.

“Put me the fuck down!” The blue thing screamed.

All four adults blinked, frozen in shock as they stared at the peacock pin in the baby’s lap.

“You have got to be kidding me.” Plagg grumbled from the doorway.

“Oh come on. Where did he even come from?!” Tikki huffed crossing her arms.

“Hey will you fuckers stop standing there and help me?” The blue kwami growled, “shit no. Don’t eat me!”

Emma only smiled, gumming his head.

“Fuck my life” the blue god groaned, drool dripping down his face.


Requested: Dialogue prompts #12, 58, and 92: “Did you enjoy yourself last night?” “I didn’t realize I needed your permission.” “This relationship used to be all about communication! Whatever happened to that?”

For months it had been him on her mind. Only him.

As a member of the Crisis Negotiation team, their paths crossed in the office from time to time. After working the BAU for two weeks on a high-stakes case involving a cult, they’d bonded over their mutual love of books and old movies. There was so much they had in common, and soon enough they’d become fast friends. The tricky part was pinpointing the moment it had become more than that.

After a rough day at work, when the hostages her team had been trying to negotiate the release of were killed, Reid was the first person she called. He came over to her apartment to comfort her, and after she’d had three glasses of wine, the lines of friendship and deeper feelings were a lot blurrier.

She’d kissed him. He’d kissed back.

The next morning, they decided to keep things professional. Strictly friends – occasionally with benefits. And for a while, that worked. To an extent. In those relationships, someone inevitably wanted more. Knowing that he would never risk his job, she told him she couldn’t keep doing it. That it was too confusing, and if they were going to be friends, they needed to be just friends. No perks. No benefits.

It didn’t put an end to what she felt though. Something she absolutely refuses to admit to him. But weeks have gone by, and it’s time to move on. With his work, it isn’t too hard to avoid him. Nearly every week he is called away to some part of the country to save the world.

Which is why it takes her by surprise to see him waiting outside her office door. She doesn’t have to be a profiler to tell he’s angry.

“Spencer? What are you doing here? I thought you were in Dallas.”

He keeps a straight face, the sort of perfect poker that Las Vegas has imparted. A terrible liar, his body tells more than his face lets on. Clenched jaw, hands shoved in his pockets. Most definitely angry.

“We solved the case, got home two and a half hours ago. So, did you enjoy yourself last night?” The anger, the utter betrayal, in his voice is clear. What she doesn’t understand is why he’s so furious with her.

Instantly she feels defensive. “Yes, I did. I had a great night.”

“That’s all you have to say about your date?” he asks. “It was a great night?”

“Why do you even care? How’d you know I went on a date anyways?” She loves Penelope, but if the analyst has been snooping through her personal life, that love will be diminished.

Those eyes that so often hold kindness now glare at her. If looks could kill, she thinks. He straightens up, towering over her. While she has always considered him to be non-confrontational and gentle, he is quite capable of being intimidating when he wants to be.

“I heard him talking about it in the bullpen. Practically bragging about it.” That sounds unlikely, but bias has already colored his perception. “I mean, really Y/N? Of all people, Anderson?”

She crosses her arms and makes every effort to return his icy gaze. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I needed your permission. And I don’t see why it’s such a big deal!”

“Wh-what – I mean – you don’t!” he sputters. “I just thought you might’ve told me about it, so I didn’t here it at the office! You lied to me!”

Now he’s just plain exaggerating. “I didn’t lie to you, I just omitted the truth!”

“Same thing!”

“Why the hell does it matter?” she cries, throwing her hands up in exasperation. After a long day, the last thing she wants to do is argue with him. Spencer is supposed to be the rational one, the smart one, but when he’s made up his mind to be upset, he can hold a grudge for ages. “If it bothers you so much, just say so! This relationship used to be all about communication! Whatever happened to that?”

It’s a good thing the hour is so late, otherwise the hallway would be full of agents and other Bureau employees, any one of whom would overhear their heated discussion. To be caught arguing with another agent over personal matters could land them both in hot water.

“Apparently we don’t have a relationship, seeing as though you’re sleeping with Anderson!’

Her face burns. “I did not sleep with – wait, that’s what this is about?” Is he enraged because she went out with someone else? When he looks away, she knows she’s guessed correctly. A million thoughts fly through her head, but all of them are overshadowed by the frustration she feels. “You have no right to get mad at me for that! You were the one who wanted to keep this professional!”

“Yeah, well, I was wrong! I was afraid I would mess it up, and I didn’t want to lose you!” The truth finally comes out. All this time she thought she was alone in feeling this way, in missing him. In missing what they could be. It validates every rendez-vous they had. Every late-night phone call, every stolen glance and eager kiss, every touch traded when no one was looking. Hours spent on couches and between sheets pretending that it meant something more. Wishing that she could say I love you when it was over.

This rage is a jealous one. Her heart skips a beat as he continues. “I know what I said, but you were the one to break that off! I wanted to be with you, I just needed more time to figure things out, and I never thought that-”

She cuts him off mid-ramble, grabs his tie and pulls him down to her, kissing him with every ounce of passion she can muster. It is a forceful meeting of lips and teeth, exceedingly needy in its desire. His hands find their way to the small of her back, pulling him tighter to her. When she bites his bottom lip gently, he moans, pushes her up against the wall. It’s been far too long since they touched, but they pick up right where they left off. Her body has not forgotten the sensation of his, has not once stopped craving him. It seems the situation is the same for him, judging by the way he ravenously seeks contact, mouth traveling away from her lips and towards her neck.

As though through water, she hears footsteps in the distance. They sound miles away, but she knows better. Somehow she manages to tear herself away from him mere seconds before Garcia rounds the corner, her bright orange heels clacking loudly on the floor.

“Oh! Y/N, hey, I was just thinking about you!” she says. And then she freezes, eyes drifting from her to Spencer and back again. Both are out breath, clothes disheveled. His hair is even messier than usual, sticking up in all the places her fingers roamed. An inkling of suspicion dawns on Penelope’s face, but she then glances down at her watch. “You know what, though? It’s getting late and I really think I should save this conversation for another time. Have a good night you two!”

They stand stiller than statues, watching her leave. It’s not until her brightly clothed figure disappears into the elevator that Y/N finally exhales. “That was close.” Turning to him, she adds, “And you were saying?”

Dr. Spencer Reid, certified genius, has been rendered temporarily speechless. She laughs. Physical passion has that effect on him, that high IQ of his stunned into silence by the more corporeal needs.

When he finds his voice again, it is much softer than before. “I, uh, I need to amend my previous statement in light of new evidence. It wasn’t that I wanted to be with you, I still want to be with you.” He reaches up to brush his fingers across her cheek. “I care about you, very much so. And if you still care about me, I want to pursue this.”

“As more than just something physical?” she asks, daring to hope for the first time in months that such a thing is possible with him.

“God, yes. I’ve always wanted that, I was just… I was so scared that you wouldn’t. I want to do this right. I’ll take you out on a proper date, and drive you home, and hold your hand. We could go see a movie this weekend, or go to dinner. Anywhere you want. If you’ll let me, I can be a good boyfriend. I want to be.”

She smiles, and it feels so much like a dream. Ironically, it is the physical sensation that reminds her it isn’t. “I would love that. But maybe you could just come over tonight instead. You can take me to breakfast in the morning, and I’ll even let you pay if you want.” There is a trace of apprehension in his eyes still, and she tries to soothe it by reaching for his hand. “We don’t have to do anything, that’s not what I’m asking. I just… I’ve really missed you, and I just want to be around you.”

“I’ve missed you, too.” They start towards the elevators, hand in hand, and oh how good it feels to touch him in such a casual manner. In such a public place. Given, the office is practically empty at this point, but it’s much more open than they were before. “Oh, but Y/N? What about Anderson?”

“Oh, it was only date. Besides, something about the heartbroken look on his very pretty neighbor’s face tells me he’ll be okay.”

Jily Student/Teacher AU

Requested by read-it-and-sleepSorry that it kind of sucks!

Lily had only been teaching Transfiguration since September and she had to admit that those boys were getting on the last of her nerves. Did they ever shut up and pay attention? She gave the students their essays on Animagi back and tapped on Sirius Black’s desk as she passed by him. She gave him a stern look that brought him to a smug silence and she marched on to the front of the class. “If you have any questions in regard to your grade, you may stay after class and we’ll discuss it.” She turned to the blackboard and took a piece of old fashioned chalk. She liked the feel of it between her fingers even if it made her hand look like a grandmother’s at the end of the day. “But for now, please turn to page 254 of your books.”


Lily closed her eyes for a moment, before she took a deep breath and turned around again. “Yes, Mr. Potter?”

He leaned back in his chair and gave her an arrogant smirk. “I know you find me irresistible, my loveliest of flowers, but you don’t need to give me an E for me to stay behind after class.” The wink he gave her after that statement, nearly made her head blow up. And not in the good way, either.

“Detention, Mr. Potter.”

He waggled his eyebrows. “I knew you couldn’t resist the Potter charm, darling!”

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BBRae Week - Day One: Midnight. NSFW.

- - -

“Smoking is bad for your health, you know. What would Nightwing say about it?”

Changeling jumped and flicked the cigarette over the edge of the balcony, his cheeks darkening as he turned around to see Raven standing there. The corners of her mouth turned up into a sly, secretive smile and she adjusted the folds of her blue velvet dress with somewhat dainty, delicate movements. She looked a bit like a princess, like a twisted, dangerous version of Cinderella before him, and her eyes were as dark as they had always been, as if there were shadows creeping in from the edges of her soul.

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Unexpected Nights - George Weasley X Slytherin!Reader

Request: I know it’s not on the prompt list but can I get a “why are you in my bed naked?“with George and a Slytherin girl

Prompt List // Masterlist // Request Here

George scanned her from across the room. He took a sip of his Firewhiskey. Y/N tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and glanced at the ginger. He watched as her face flushed, causing him to smirk. She began to walk towards him with a grin.

“Y/L/N,“ he greeted coldly and took another sip of his Firewhiskey. “Weasley.”

“Didn’t think you would make it,” he told avoiding eye contact. He couldn’t bare to look in the eyes of a Slytherin. Of course, not all Slytherins were bad and he actually did have a few mates who were Slytherin, but Y/N was different. She acted the way everyone expected her to act. This was the main cause of their conflicts, George hated her and the feeling was mutual. Or so they say.

She scoffed, “And miss an amazing party like this?” Y/N grabbed the glass of Firewhiskey from his grasp and took a sip. George responded with a single glare, and oh if looks could kill. “I see you came here alone, not that I’m surprised.”

She rolled her eyes at the snarky comment. George grinned at her, “What? No witty remark? Bummer. I was just having fun.” Just like that, in a swift movement, she grabbed his yellow and red tie. They were now facing each other, his eyes widened at the sudden motion while hers were narrowed. George’s breath had hitched and he gazed into her beautiful Y/E/C eyes. Y/N could feel his heart rapidly beating but she ignored it.

Their lips were only a short distance from one another and the Weasley had to refrain himself from leaning in. He watched her lips move rapidly and her eyes furrow with anger. He even noticed the cute way she scrunched her nose. After a while, George realized he couldn’t hear a thing. There was no music, no cheers from the other side of the room. He didn’t even notice all the sweaty bodies of teens around him. It was just him and her.

Before George could realize what he was doing he let his guard down. Their lips connected and it clearly caught the Slytherin by surprise. Soon enough, her lips began to move with his. He inhaled her sweet vanilla fragrance one last time before pulling away. He opened his mouth to apologize, but he was cut off by Y/N’s lips being in contact with his once again. He began to kiss down her neck and she whispered, “Not here.” She grabbed his wrist and dragging him upstairs, and into his dorm.

A goofy grin, appeared on the boy’s face as she closed the door to his dorm. George pushed her against the wall and sloppily kissed her. She let out a moan and hungrily kissed back. “This wasn’t how I expected to spend the night,” Y/N smirked.

“Do you regret it?”

“Not one second,” she responded beginning to untie his tie and kiss him once again.

The Gryffindor boy awoke from his slumber. He rolled on his side, only to be greeted by, Y/N. His eyes widened and he rubbed them to make sure he was seeing things right. George looked at her with confusion. He poked her cheek hoping she would wake up. Y/N stirred and eventually awoke. She stretched and it took her a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the brightness.

Her head turned towards George and gave a lopsided smile. He didn’t return but instead responded with, “So, uh, why are you in my bed, naked?

She grinned, “I’m sure you can connect the dots.” He groaned covering his face with his hands, then running his fingers through his bright ginger hair. Y/N laughed, “What? Embarrassed that you frickle frackled with a Slytherin?”

“Please never say that again,” he muttered. Eventually, George sat up only to lay back down due to his throbbing headache. “Oi, Y/N, can you get my bag under my bed. There should be a bottle of electrolytes.”

She took a tablet before screwing the top back on the bottle and throwing it towards the Weasley. Y/N then plopped besides him, resting her hands behind her head. She bit her lip, “What now?”

George only shrugged and the two remained silent. The Slytherin rested her head on his shoulder, he tensed for a moment before relaxing. “Oi, George!”

The two heard his twin yell from outside the dorm. Their eyes widened and before they could move the slightest, Fred opened the door. The grin that had once been on his face had faded at the sight of the two. His eyes widened matching theirs, “What happened here?”


Part Two


Request: It’s Reid’s and the reader’s anniversary and Reid forgets.

Pairing: Reid x Reader

Trigger Warning: None.

A/N: Here you go! My actual first request from someone! I hope you guys enjoy it! (:

Reid was sitting at his desk in the bullpen when his phone vibrated from on top of the desk. He grabbed it and unlocked it, seeing a text from his girlfriend, Y/N. Hey babe! Can’t wait for tonight! (: It read. Reid’s eyebrows furrowed. Tonight? What was happening tonight? What’s going on tonight? He texted back. A few seconds later his phone vibrated again. Are you fucking serious Spencer? The text said.

Reid was confused. Why was she getting so mad? They never planned anything special tonight. He shrugged his shoulders and went back to working on some of the paperwork he was assigned. He will resolve this when he goes home soon. A few minutes later, he felt someone hit his shoulder. He looked up to see Morgan grinning at him.

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