she got to be in the middle

Okayyy so Jenn is wearing a ring hopefully its not a ring she just got lol and forgot to take it off for filming but IF IF!!! They get engaged It better be romantic as hell and it better not be rushed like in a middle of a disaster or one of them hurt cause i will be so upset and i need it to be when they are sitting in their home and just enjoying each other’s company okay pleaseee!


Arizona is one of my favorite characters but the buffoonery stops right here for me. Idk if it’s just me but the characters during this second half of the season are all acting so ooc suddenly. April steps up to the call of duty and takes a job to keep the hospital going after Mer’s suspension and everyone reverts right back to high school pettiness and completely shuns her as a filthy traitor. Even Arizona. Her best friend. After April was pretty much the only person who was still hanging with her after she cheated on Callie.

So everyone hates April, doubting her abilities as a surgeon and character as a person, for even associating with Minnick/Bailey’s side but all of a sudden, Arizona, who gave April push-back for that exact reason, starts sucking face with Minnick literally right outside the hospital doors like a double agent. Again, I love Arizona but I’m an equal opportunist. The way April got exiled and literally yelled at in the middle of the hallway in front of others, Arizona should feel the wrath of being a “traitor” just as well. I do not think it’s fair that she can keep of the act of being “Team Webber”, allowing people to drag her own friend through the mug, while secretly seeing Eliza. 

Finished #reading The Last Men on Top, by Susan Jacoby. 

This is a “Kindle Single” I bought ages ago but hadn’t got round to reading. It consists of three essays previously published by Jacoby looking at what she calls “the grateful generation”: the generation of men born between 1910 and 1935, the last generation of men to reach maturity before the arrival of “second-wave” feminism; the men depicted (and simultaneously glorified and demonised) in Mad Men. 

Essentially, Jacoby’s argument is that the old pre-feminist order, in which (at least for those in the middle class) the expectation was that the man would work as sole breadwinner and the woman would stay at home raising the children, was damaging for men as well as women. This is her father’s generation, and in the first two essays Jacoby depicts how unenviable her father’s life “on top” was - though equally how crushing things were for her mother, forced to abandon her career when she became pregnant, spending years drinking too much in the afternoons out of sheer boredom. A further essay, “Phallocrats”, highlights the damage caused to many relationships by the mutual ignorance of men and women of the “grateful generation” about sex, especially female sexuality. 

Jacoby is not romanticising the era of the “last men on top”: there was an undoubted bonus to being born a white man, and many men exploited this at the expense of the women around them. But, she argues in a closing reflection, this was also the generation that started to put their daughters, as well as their sons, through university, and to give young women jobs that would have been as solely for men at the start of their own careers. I suppose her position can be summed up as: “don’t hate the player, hate the game.” 

Jacoby concludes: 

When you are always supposed to be the one on top, there is never any time for rest. It is no denial of feminism, or of the wrongs that women endured, to look back in sympathy at the imperfect efforts made by men of another generation to cope with unsettling change in what were supposed to be the best years of their lives. Let us now take a moment to praise these not-so-famous men, who tried, as best they could, to meet the future instead of to stubbornly keep their gazes focused on the past.

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OKAY SO ABOUT DIOPSIDE!!! What is her backstory??? where has she ended up??? What would she do if she crash landed into pluto with no hope of returning anywhere??


Diopside is a “retired” gem warrior that kinda got stuck on earth.

She was in the fight against the rebells with her -now- two girlfriends, Moldavite and Danburite!

In that time, Dio had a HUGE crush for Phenecite, her best friend. They used to do competitions about which gem could shatter more rebels and they playfully mocked at the one who losed.

They had a fight in the kindergarten, and it was harsh, Mol and Dan where there too, but as always, Dio and Phen did their little bet and started shattering rebels.

It was common for them to get lost in the middle of the fight and kinda get separated by that, Dio in that moment was reckless and carefree, she though the rebels where just a kind of hobby, some amateur warriors.

All of that changed when she came back with some gems shards, to see one of the rebels stepping on Phen’s gem, shattering her…

Dio felt a tornado of emotions, guilt, sadness, fear, anger… she just did the first thing that ran into her mind…

Leaving this place…

She couldn’t stand the idea of more loved ones being hurt, so she puffed Mol and Dan and took their gems with her…

The ship leaved without them, letting them stuck on earth.

Can it be April yet?

Just got an email from the county letting me know that my training that starts on Monday is being changed a bit.

Instead of twice a week for 2.5 weeks, it’s going to be once a week for 5 weeks. So I’ll be finished at the end of March now instead of the middle. Which kind of sucks, but at least it will give me a little more time to get my sister moved and get everything ready.

She did reiterate that the plan was still to have everyone complete their physicals, background check, paperwork, fingerprinting, etc. during training and then to schedule the homestudies for the first week in April.

I’m still on track to be licensed in April at least. Kind of irritated that I got this email today and class starts on Monday though. Sigh. I guess I should feel grateful they even warned me at all.

It also mentioned that they’re low on homes with open beds (as usual) so they may need to expedite the process for some people (depending on needed age range, # of kids desired, etc.). She said basically that if they needed us asap, all that would have to be completed pre-placement is our background check and a quick homestudy.

So that’s a scary thought.

when cas looked right at dean and said, “the things we’ve shared,” mary’s face looked like she had some massive revelation all of the sudden.

like, “wait holy shit they’re in love,” or, “wait holy shit they’ve had sex,” or, “holy fuck i think i just accidentally got my son’s husband killed,” or possibly all 3 at once

so this is basically what i think about the school systems policies on bullying… when i was in like middle school there was this girl who was mentally ill and poor, and she was relentlessly bullied by pretty much all the kids in my school and one day she sat at the only spot open at a lunch table to eat and every kid at the table got up and left, and so like I yelled at them for being fucking assholes because … it was.. obviously fucked up?

and you know what the teacher who saw this did… they rewarded me for doing the literal bare minimum. I got like some voucher for food you could buy at the school instead of getting regular school lunch. 

they didn’t reprimand the students who were being fucking assholes and they literally never asked the girl if she was okay or talked to her about it or tried to stop the bullying themselves, as they stood there the entire time this happened.

They rewarded me … who had absolutely nothing to lose, and was not harmed by any of the actions.

From what I’ve seen in school the teachers literally don’t care about the victims of bullying, they simply want to act like they do lmao. In my experience everything they do to stop bullying is performative, nothing more.

I’d even go as far as to say some teachers actively engage in, and encourage, bullying. Lets be honest, it’s been said before, people are bullied typically because they’re members of marginalized groups, and the fastest way for a teacher to become liked by the majority of their students is to pick on the kids they already know the other students hate.

Teachers absolutely have something to lose when defending marginalized children, and they’d rather appeal to those students who aren’t marginalized because it makes their job easier when the majority of their students like and respect them.

Concept: when you got lost in the Enchanted Woods, you were lucky enough to be one of the kids who gets to star in a wondrous adventure rather than a grim cautionary tale - and like all young adventurers, you soon found yourself with a magical talking animal companion.

However, it seems that Fate was all out of mischievous fairies and smart-aleck cats that day. Instead, you got Phyllis, a scar-faced, middle-aged honey badger who’d been assigned to guide lost children safely through the Woods as part of a community service sentence for some offence whose particulars she refuses to discuss.

In retrospect, this was probably for the best.

THE STYDIA KISS (and hug)- an Extra™ frame by frame analysis

ok so we start out with this shit. even before this frame, dude is staring at them Martin lips like he’s in the middle of the desert and they’re the only water for miles. Then we get here and they both go in OPEN goddamn MOUTH for this kiss. she is PUCKERED for him. She was puckered ten feet ago, she was puckered when she walked in the damn door, hell, she was puckered 3 months ago. She got her tongue fucking ready to dock at Port Stilinski Lips.

She comes in fucking Little Caesar’s Hot ‘N Ready with the hands on the neck. goddamn. And they are PRESSED into each other. If they were kissing any deeper they would swallow each other. Which now, come to think of it, might have been their goal.

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BBC Sherlock Instagram AU. AU in that any of them are any good at Instagram.

concept: maggie works long hours filling out paperwork for her cases, and she ends up staying at the office until well into the night. kara also stays out late sometimes, flying around the city to keep watch when she can’t sleep. since maggie and alex started dating, kara makes sure she flies by maggie’s office just to check on her. whenever she sees maggie there working in the middle of the night, she always drops by with coffee. at first maggie is so shocked that she almost chokes on the lump in her throat, and kara is fiddling with her glasses saying, “oh, it’s nothing.” but then it becomes a sort of routine, and they grow closer and more comfortable with each other because of it. but some nights kara can’t make it because she’s out on supergirl duty, so she sends james. he walks in like, “kara is busy but she wanted to make sure you got your coffee tonight,” and sits with a stunned maggie for awhile while she works. and then one night winn shows up with coffee AND donuts because how can you have one without the other? the three of them start rotating who goes on what night, and maggie can’t believe it. she even starts to look forward to her late nights because she knows one of them will show up to keep her company. all that time she’d spent worrying about them accepting her after she started dating alex, and all it really took was little danvers, and a simple cup of coffee.

can you believe in the middle of all of this louis had the wherewithal to ask steve to record a song with him and he managed to write something uplifting and heartwarming in dedication of his mother? that he was able to pour his love into a song that he gets to sing, and that steve is right there for him even though as far as we know they only met this year. that they managed to keep this private and process in peace. that this is how he chose to honor her and that he’s allowing us to be part of it; that he’s gotten to choose what he’s sharing, and that this is what he’s sharing with us. 

@disney if kylo ren isn’t canonically in love w/ rey then you seriously messed up because you

  • wrote him so he acts completely illogically whenever Rey is present; stopping to carry her in his arms through a battlefield so he can’t defend himself, waiting for her to wake up so he can talk to her instead of just yanking the info from her unconscious mind, unmasking himself for no reason other than her implying she thinks he’s monstrous while he wears it, walking toward where she was unconscious in the middle of a goddamn fight with Finn for no apparent reason, not shoving her off of a cliff when he had the chance
  • had him completely trash Finn and Poe when in confrontations with them but then not leave a single scratch on Rey
  • made them have similar goals and flaws as characters beyond what is typically expected for a protagonist/antagonist dynamic
  • cast a guy who makes doe eyes at her instead of murder death kill eyes like you would expect to see from the main antagonist like oh my god even in the saberlock he’s just looking at her with determination instead of hostility
  • again can i just.
  • the eyes
  • look at the way he looks at her

am i just imagining things? maybe. but man if i am i feel like i have plenty of reasons to do so based on all the shit kylo does (or in some cases doesn’t do)

okay but, question: why are there all these posts about dirk not knowing how actual earth things tend to work when he was likely to actually TRY and learn things because dirks like that?? instead, i propose this:

jade harley, who pretty much was raised by a goddamn dog on an island in the middle of nowhere, who got all of her social interaction through an online messaging service and in her wild prospit dreams, AND THEN SPENT 3 YRS COMPLETELY ALONE ON A BOAT FLYING THRU SPACE, horrifies her friends regularly on earthc by her lack of knowledge of some stuff

shed know basic things like whats food and whats not since she presumably grew all her veg and hunted for her meat, but imagine the following:

  • jade not understanding how loud it is normal to speak at and shouting all the time
  • jade not understanding how to act, like, physically when shes around people!! when s it normal to touch them, when isnt it, that kind of thing
  • jade having never worn makeup and done stuff like painting her nails so its all super foreign to her!!! all the girls + davepeta have a big sleepover and teach her how to apply eyeliner. she tries to user lipliner on her eyebrows
  • jade only having had basic foodstuffs, has never tried a lot of actual… dishes. shes never even had frozen pizza. 
  • jades voice being a super weird mix of accents because she ended up learning a lot of her speech online since, yknow, her only irl human interaction ended when her grandpa DIED. so she learns from things like different tv shows, etc
  • jade eats with her mouth open and speaks with it full
  • jade will bite her nails and leave the nail ‘clippings’ all over anyones sofa or floor
  • jade, having never had a parent to tell her to “sit like a lady”, sits with her legs all akimbo even if shes wearing a dress or skirt because who the fuck cares

im no jade expert but i personally think this is good


One of my best friends from camp happened to have a mop of curly brown hair the same shade as mine and often tended to wear a baseball cap, glasses, and navy blue bomber jacket. People were always mistaking us for one another, even though she’s much taller than me. We decided to roll with it and tell the kids that we’re identical twins, and they all believed it. It only got awkward on her birthday when she was called to the podium during the middle of a group meal. To maintain our ruse, I went up with her and we stood uncomfortably in front of hundreds of people.
Later, we decided to fuck with people further by wearing the same clothes.