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hello!! i'm currently studying for my exam and i'm slightly stressed out so is there anyone in this host club that's good at helping me de-stress??

Hoseok: Try not to stress yourself out, relax and take a little break every now and then. I’m sure youre studying hard and that you’ll do just fine!! hwaiting!!!

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Mr. Robot Rant


I get why a lot of people were mad at Shayla’s death.

“It was like she only existed so Elliot could save her and the she got killed off so Elliot would feel upset”

But I don’t agree with it.

Shayla was one badass motherfucker. She stood on her own two feet pretty damn well. When she stopped dealing, she went out and tried to make her life better by getting an actual job. A non drug dealing job.

She gave a shit about the people around her. When Elliot’s dumbass wanted Morphine without the suboxone withdrawl meds, she initially refused because she knew it’d fuck him up.

She had a secret passion(not quilting but idk what you’d call it.) She was an artist.

Don’t reduce her to some “she only existed for the men in this show” stereotype.

The way I see it she was so much more.

SIDENOTE:On top of that. It was very realistic to have her killed off. What? Was Vera supposed to say “Okay cool my nigga you got me out of prison here’s your girl back. Go live a happy life and have children.”

Yeah okay.