she got a full schedule every day every week

AU: abottomfeederjustlikeme: Closed RP


Considering that she’d only lived in the apartment for a little over a month, Ash was still surprised to find that the guy across the hall had almost the same schedule as she did. They left at the same time, and generally got home at the same time as well. He was cute too, if a little distant. Still it wasn’t a surprise when she walked into the apartment building one day, and found him struggling up the stairs with his arms full of groceries. Ash had found him like this four times before. the same day every week. Every week she helped him, but she had yet to see the inside of his apartment.

“ Hey!” she exclaimed, hurrying over and taking a couple bags from him. “ here, let me help. don’t want to spill everything, or have the bag split."