she gives the best hugs ever

The Signs As Girlfriends


Aries: She’ll make fun of your quirks but secretly fucking adores them, she’ll stick by you through thick and thin but will give you a kick up the ass if you need it. If you’re not giving her enough attention/affection, trust me she will let you know. Like Aries boyfriends can get jealous easily but is less confrontational about it (you’ll know by her face and eyes)

Taurus: She’ll picture you’s two together in the future if you guys are committed. She takes commitment really seriously so if you get it you lucky bruh. She likes sensual things like food and massages but it could literally be as simple as a bag of chips and a back rub. If you promiseher your love you better mean it because she can get hella jealous and possessive.

Gemini: Much like Gemini boyfriends, the girlfriends can be super extroverted in their relationship, she will talk the ears off anyone who asks about you. She’ll be witty and sarcastic with you but in a charming manner and she’ll do things to get a reaction (for example, run off your phone). When it comes to emotions she wont like getting too deep and will probably try and talk her way out of the subject.

Cancer: She thinks A LOT and might worry a lot about the relationship cause she doesn’t want to fuck up so you might need to reassure her a good bit. She can get emotionally jealous and possessive sometimes but only cause her mind can trip her up a bit. She has such a lovely smile that’s simply contagious and she can make you feel so fucking safe and cared for, like she will always be there when you need to talk no matter what time it is. Great sense of humour (blushes at dirty jokes but secretly she fucking creates them lmao)

Leo: She’s the type that’ll make you look at life with excitement. Like a child
she finds beauty and happiness in the simplest of things. She’s the type that will dance with you in the back garden at 2am with sparklers. Her laughter is infectious and she loooooooves to tease omg but she knows when you need affection and she’ll give it to you without hesitation. She’ll love to show you off as well like omg ‘’This is my partner and they’re the best person ever like look at this lil shit”

Virgo: SARCASTIC. AS. FUCK. Intellect is a big thing with this sign, if you’re boring her good luck getting some. She loves to be witty and smart assed around you. She’s not very touchy feely but will melt into hugs. She won’t always express her feelings, if you compliment her she’ll probably brush it off nonchalantly or make a witty comment but trust me she appreciates it and you probably just made her tummy do the spinny thing. If you ever get the chance to get into an emotional conversation with her cherish it cause they’re not very common.

Libra: She’ll watch rom coms and give out to you because you don’t do those things for her and then you’ll do them and she’ll be like “Ew cringeeee” but she’ll appreciate it a lot. She’s witty but doesn’t really use it unless she’s pissed off. She’s really caring and also really fair, you have to meet her halfway or she’s not gonna bother with you lol. She’d walk through hell to make you happy if she really cares about you but if you cross her she’ll walk back through hell to make sure karma kicks you in the face

Scorpio: In public she’s soo chill (think Rosa from Brooklyn nine-nine). She’s neither overly affectionate or completely affection-less, she’ll hold your hand and stuff. When it’s just you’s two, she can be really giggly and soooooo dirty minded whether you know about it or not omg. She’ll listen to your problems and try to help you through it. Look after her feelings tho, even though she might not show them, she feels deeply. Oh and if you ever want to slash someones tires she’s your girl.

Sagittarius: She’s the type to romanticise travelling, and she does it so well. Whether she wants to travel the world with you or just 5 miles, she loves to make plans. As a fire sign, she’ll be really fiery when she flirts, she could probably bring you to your knees tbh. She takes NO shit whatsoever so don’t even try to play her. She likes when you two play as a team rather than. She can get bored easily and needs to be occupied.

Capricorn: She’ll probably be hella quiet until you two get close enough for her to trust you with her personality. Not into public displays of affection and likes to keep relationships low key cause they know that people can be assholes. She’s like a living meme generator tbh and has suuuccch a dirty mind omg. Like Cap boyfriends, they keep so much heartbreaking stuff to themselves and rarely ever open up so if they open up to you feel blessed son.

Aquarius: Think of every eccentric disney female character. That is an Aqua girlfriend to a certain extent (depending on their moon). She will ferociously twerk to untwerkable songs and it’ll work??? like idk how it just does. She always tries to make the best of a bad situation and she’ll do the same with your problems. She’ll try to help you grow and develop mentally. She’ll be the one to text you at 3 am like “Babe do you think aliens are real?”. She’ll make really good jokes too (some can be offensive but not intentionally)

Pisces: She can be so aloof and sometimes she won’t actually hear what you’re saying because she’s too busy admiring you, she will love you whole heartedly. She’s so emotionally intelligent and can always tell when there’s something wrong with you SO DONT DENY IT because you will frustrate her and she can get nasty when frustrated. She’ll sit with you and talk about dreams and aspirations and she’ll be the one to encourage you to do whatever makes you happy. Don’t try to take advantage of her because she will know and you will pay.

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Could you rate how good of a hugger each of the 1A kids would be?

oh heck yeah

Izuku - gives excited, soft sweet hugs. sometimes lifts up whoever he’s hugging. will sometimes squeeze the life out of you but that’s ok and, his friends love when he gets excited enough to do that. very affectionate, a great hugger, 10/10

Ochako - GREAT HUGGER!!! Loves hugging her friends!! Sometimes accidentally activates her quick tho and makes them float but that’s cool too, and floaty happy cheerful hugs are always great. 10/10

Iida - gives strong, sturdy hugs. never hugs halfheartedly, always gives it his all when hugging. hugging is Serious Business and he must show his friends the proper amount of affection for them to understand how much he loves them. 10/10

Kirishima - LOVES TO GIVE HUGS. Gives the best big bro hugs ever. will surround you with brotherly love and affection and will cry with you when you’re feeling sad. is a cuddler. 10/10

Bakugou - rarely gives hugs, but when he does, they’re very strong and soft, like he’s not sure what to do but dammit he’s gonna do his best but doesn’t wanna hurt you. the rarity of them makes them even more special. 11/10

Kaminari - will excitedly hug anyone close by, and loves giving and reviving hugs. will sometimes zap you when hugging but that’s ok, he’s just excited and loves his friends. 10/10

Tokoyami - gets embarrassed to give hugs, but when he does, he gives quick, tight ones that make you feel all warm and safe and like he doesn’t wanna let go. will often bury his face in your shoulder. only downside is that they end so quickly, but still really good hugs. 10/10

Todoroki - will drape himself over you in a hug. is still kinda new to hugging, but will cling onto you and never let go. was kinda awkward and stiff at first, but now he’s gotten used to it and is a very comfy hugger. 10/10

Momo - gives the most sweet, maternal hugs anyone has ever felt in their life. her hugs feel like sweetness and home and they all love hugging Momo b/c she is just So Nice. 10/10

Satou - STRONG HUGS!!! Will smother you with hugs and make you feel safe in his arms and give you big happy grins that make you feel all happy and fill you with brotherly affection. will sometimes lift you up depending on the EXCITEMENT!!! level. 10/10

Kouda - gives very, very shy sweet hugs. chest makes for a great soft pillow to rest your head against during hugs, and he will sometime pet your head and/or back during hugs. 10/10

Tsuyu - gives the most big sisterly hugs ever, that fill you will contentment and  happiness. very cuddly. will make you wanna sleep in her arms. 10/10

Jirou - gets embarrassed about showing affection, but gives quick, tight, cuddly hugs, and will grip the back of your shirt. short and sweet. 10/10

Aoyama - is actually not?? used to giving or receiving hugs, and tries to play it off as nothing, but tries to give the best hugs he can while feeling a little awkward. he ends up getting very cuddly after a while. wants to get better about giving hugs so he can become a better classmate to his class. great effort, 10/10

Tooru - loves squeezing people tight in sweet, energetic hugs that make you feel uplifted and encouraged and like nothing could ever make you feel sad again. her hugs smell like flowers. 10/10

Mina - doesn’t know her own strength sometimes and will lift people up and twirl them around if she can, and will make you feel like her best friend EVER!!! loves rubbing her face against people’s faces/shoulders/chests (depending on the height of the person). super affectionate. 10/10

Ojirou - gives quiet, soft, strong hugs that makes you feel comfortable and homey and like you’ll never have to worry again. feels the way homemade baked goods smell. 10/10

Sero - is a cuddly hugger and enjoys resting his head against people he hugs, especially on shorter people. always makes sure his elbows don’t poke people in awkward/painful ways. always gives big happy grins. sometimes ruffles your hair. very kind and sweet and considerate. 10/10

Shouji - absolutely LOVES giving hugs. can hug everyone at the same time. is the ultimate at giving big brotherly hugs. makes everyone feel safe and comfortable in his arms, and is very soft and sweet and a great pillow. will let you sleep on him. 11/10

All Might - depending on the situation, he will either give you STRONG ENERGETIC HUGS, or he’ll give you quiet fatherly hugs and hold you close in a soft, gentle grip. both are good. 11/10

Aizawa - rarely gives hugs, but when he does, he will practically lay against you, or hold you close like a pillow. very warm, cuddly, and comforting. will sometimes fall asleep on you. that’s perfectly ok. 10/10

highlights of 4x13
  • bellamy got to hear octavia say she loves him 
  • THE HUG 
  • Bellarke hugs give me life 
  • Raven Reyes is a mothafuckin genius 
  • Bellamy FLIRTING 
  • omfg
  • Monty is so self-sacrificing he deserves better
  • “Wouldn’t it just be easier to walk outside?” Bellamy with the sass yo
  • “We may need to throw someone overboard to lighten the load” JEEZ BELLAMY UR DAD JOKES
  • Ok Bellamy waiting like a lost puppy for Clarke was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen
  • “May we meet again” ok bye I’m crying
  • Raven gets her spacewalk!!!
  • Clarke saved them all!!
  • Bellamy thinks Clarke is dead goodbye
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: A Very Potter Musical/Sequel/Senior Year are just a parody of the Harry Potter franchise, yet the song "To Have a Home" is the best representation ever of what Hogwarts means to Harry, and even though the musical is overall comical that one song always gives me goosebumps because DAMN, I want to step onto the stage and hug Harry so much. Too many feels.

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: A fight doesn’t always lead to an end

Word Count: 1188

Warnings: could be a little vague :/

Author’s Note: old fic italics are texts from Bucky

Masterlist Here

(gif isn’t moi)

One of the worst things that ever crossed path between two people is disagreement. And it becomes even more delirious when those two people are lovers. People say no couple is perfect. Fights happen and the ones that prove to be not of any worth lose and you still get your happily ever after. Some fights are childish, you don’t need to run away like a kid and cry into your mommy’s lap because some things had been unfair to you. Some fights don’t let you sleep, they end up in tears. Some fights end up in one of you leaving to find solace somewhere else, when all the comfort you can have is with that one person who has your heart.

You hated fighting and you hated the outcome of it. You knew nothing would change, but one fight speaks a thousand words that neither of you two meant. But somehow, they hurt because you said them and now you cannot take them back. All you can do is sit alone and mope around.

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I'd love to hear Tracer/Widowmaker/Mercy/Zarya/Sombra's reactions to having someone who has a crush on them or their current s/o using really stupid pick up lines on them.

I love the idea of the their s/o using dumb pick up lines on them. It’s so creative!

Tracer -
Lena was lounging on the couch, relaxing and watching TV. You dramatically strolled past her to get her attention.
“Hey baby,” You say with a silly grin on your face, “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?”
Lena cracked up laughing, which sent you into a fit of giggles.
“Love, that was so lame!” She laughed. “I loved it.”

Widowmaker -
“Hey Amélie,” You say.
“Hm?” She replies, glancing up from her book.
“Did you sit in a pile of sugar?” You ask.
She gives you a confused look.
“Because you have a sweet ass!” You say with a smile.
She lets out a chuckle. “You are a fool.” She says, still smiling. You lightly slap her butt as you walk past.
“You’re my fool, though.” She smiles.

Mercy -
“Angela!” You yell, stumbling into the medbay.
“What?” She asked, clearly alarmed.
“Do you have a band-aid!? Because I scraped my knee falling for you!”
She looks up at you and laughs. She walks up to you and playfully slaps your shoulder.
“You had me worried!” She giggles. You pull her into a big hug and give her a kiss.

Zarya -
“Zarya, are you okay?” You ask. You do your best to look concerned.
“Yes?” She asked, kinda confused.
“You look ill.” You say, “You must be suffering from a lack of vitamin ME!”
“That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.” She says with a laugh, before pulling you into a hug.

Sombra -
The hacker was sitting at her computer, like always, typing away. You walk up behind her and wrap your arms around her.
“Sombra, are you a computer keyboard? Because you’re just my type!”
She tries to act serious and unimpressed, but you can see her smile. You lean in until your lips are against her ear, “Did you get those pants on sale? Because at my place they’re 100% off.” You whisper.
At that, she cracked up laughing.
“You’re lucky we’re already dating, mi querido, because those were awful.”

Never Have I Ever

A/N: Ok so y'all this isn’t edited and i’m on vacay so i might not be able to edit this anytime soon but enjoy nonetheless i guess?? lol
“Shawn wow it’s been a long time how are you? It’s good to have you back!” Ellen said

“I’m good I’m good, glad to be back!” Shawn replied

“How long has it been since you’ve last been here?” She asked

“It’s been a long time that’s for sure.” he said making her laugh

“Ok before we start I just wanted to say congratulations on launching your third album!” She said making the audience cheer

“Thank you.” Shawn said fiddling with the ring on his finger

“Ok so one of these songs is about your girlfriend, Y/N right?” She said making the audience scream and Shawn hiding his face in his hand mumbling an ‘oh god’

“A few of them are about her yeah.” He chuckled

“And does she know?” she asked

“Well she does now.” Shawn laughed

“How do you think her reaction is right now?” Ellen asked making Shawn shrug

“Why don’t you see for yourself.” Ellen said making Shawn frown in confusion as you scared him from behind making him jump out of his seat and clutching his heart as you high fived Ellen

“You scared me!” he said hugging you

“That’s kind of the point.” you said hugging the tree in front of you

“I’m honored by the way.” You whispered in his ear making him smile and rub your back.
You soon pulled away and greeted Ellen properly and went to sit by Shawn

“This is your first time on the show right?” Ellen asked you as they gave you a mic

“Yes it is.” you smiled

“And I’m gonna make sure to give you the perfect and best first time on Ellen. Let’s play: Never Have I Ever.” She said making you bury your face in Shawn’s chest

“Karma sucks doesn’t it?” Shawn whispered teasingly in your ear making you smack his chest

“Here are two paddles and this is how the game works: For example I’m gonna say never have I ever gone skinny dipping and if you have you’ll show the ‘I have’ side on your paddle and if you haven’t well you’ll know what to do.” She said making you laugh

“Ok let’s start: Never have I ever gotten a tattoo I regret.” Ellen said making you and Shawn show the ‘I have never.’ side of the paddle

“You sure Shawn?” Ellen teased making you laugh again and Shawn’s cheeks turn a light shade of pink

“Never have I ever sent a dirty text to the wrong person.” She said making you raise the 'I have never’ and Shawn hiding behind the 'I have’ paddle making you laugh

“Just keep going.” Shawn said trying to hide his red face

“No who did you send it to?” You asked trying to breathe after the laughing fest you just had


“Who?!” You and Ellen asked

“My younger sister, Aaliyah.” Shawn mumbled making you wheeze for air

“Ok next one: Never have I ever told a girl or guy how I feel about them through song.” Ellen said making Shawn reveal the 'I have’ paddle and you reveal the 'I have never’ paddle

“We kinda all already knew the answer.” Ellen said making you laugh and place the paddle down on the table and Ellen went to commercial and Shawn was supposed to get ready for his performance

“I can’t believe you’re here!” Shawn said lifting you in the air then giving you nose kisses

“Well here I am.” You said giggling

“Thank you.” he said

“For what?” You asked confused

“For always being there for me.” He replied kissing your knuckles

“What kind of girlfriend would I be if I wasn’t?” you chuckled

“Also, thank you Shawn.” you said and it was his turn to be confused

“For what?” he asked and you turned to meet his gaze

“For being the best boyfriend ever.” You said kissing him

“Now go get ready!” You said as he left to get ready.

EXO scenarios: The moment they realize they like their s/o (ot9)

Requested by super sweet anon <3 Some of them are a bit long because I’m a terrible person :(

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Kim Minseok/Xiumin

“Say it again.”

“(y/n), you’re the most generous and wonderful person in the world.” a small pause. “Are we done?”

“Nope, a few more times. But not now.” she smiled teasingly and grabbed a box of cleaning supplies.

 Minseok liked to clean. It was a common fact about him. Everyone knew how crazy he was when it came to it. Usually he would do it by himself but recent injury limited his moves so he needed a hand. Although (y/n) volunteered to do it, she made him do things he wasn’t proud of in return.

 They walked over to the kitchen and began cleaning. She did the dishes while Minseok was putting everything in original order. (y/n) insisted on lifting some of the heavier things instead of him.

“You know I can do it? I don’t need both hands to do that.” he told her while watching her put the bags of flour on one of the higher shelves.

“Yeah, you need to show off your guns etc.” she turned to look at him with soft expression on her face. “You need to cure yourself and letting it rest is one of the ways to do so. I’m here to help you so let me do it.”

 Minseok nodded in understanding, a bit taken back by her seriousness. The first thing he thought of was to just cover it with something cheesy.

“(y/n), you’re the most generous and wonderful person in the world.” left his lips in robot’s tone.

 She laughed at that and returned to washing the dishes. Minseok felt relieved because his heart was close to jumping out of his chest. He busied himself with wiping the counter, from time to time stealing glances at his friend. It definitely felt nice being cared for by (y/n). He wondered whether he could make her heart pound the same way she made his heart do.

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Kim Junmyeon/Suho

 Junmyeon knew that Chen didn’t like his sense of humor. Still, it didn’t stop him from trying to get to his friend’s fun side. But when he heard someone else laugh, his purpose disappeared into oblivion. Jongdae turned to look critically at (y/n). She was shaking because of Junmyeon’s joke.

“No, don’t tell me you too!” Chen groaned and hid face in his hands.

 Laughter that was plugged before by (y/n)’s sudden reaction suddenly came again with much more force. Suho joined the woman. Jongdae got up to leave because of that. He gave them a look that said weirdos but Junmyeon couldn’t care less.

“That was hilarious!” (y/n) finally let out when both of them calmed down.

“I’ve got more.”

“Tell me another one!”

 They spent the whole evening laughing at his jokes. Junmyeon couldn’t understand how they had never interacted that way.

“And Chanyeol told me that your jokes are terrible! My stomach hurts because I’m laughing so damn hard!” she told him meanwhile clutching her tummy.

 He patted her on the back and shook his head. His cheeks were hurting because he couldn’t stop smiling. Somehow it didn’t bother him at all. The presence of (y/n) made the whole experience enjoyable.

“Maybe we should start spending more time together so I could tell you more.” he suggested smoothly.

 She looked at him shyly. Junmyeon raised an eyebrow and tickled her side sending (y/n) into fit of giggles. He could get used to hearing it at the regular basis.

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My Taylor Swift story

It was Monday, 9th of October 2017. Me and my European group chat had just spent the whole evening freaking out over that Taylor Swift had reached her follow limit on tumblr and that we would never be noticed. I was devastated because I fell in love with Taylor 2008 but had never got noticed before and it made me really sad that she wouldn’t know that I even exist.

I was in the car, my boyfriend was driving me home and we were as usually listening on Taylor Swift and long live came on. The time was 10.14 pm and I was scrolling on tumblr when I out of nowhere received a message from Taylor Nation, I thought it was some cruel joke and checked the URL a million times. When I finally understood that it was the real Taylor Nation I started freaking out, I was just crying and I couldn’t breath, but yeah I think you understand what im talking about. My boyfriend was like omg have Taylor liked something of yours and I was just NO SHE HASN’T LIKED ANYTHING THEY SENT ME A DM. I tried to read the message a hundred times but all I was able to read before freaking out even more was *CONFIDENTIAL MESSAGE*. I started answer them like “omg is this a joke? It’s not funny! Please don’t joke with me” And then I was like “in case it is for real, here are my information (I didn’t want to risk anything haha). When I realized what it could be and it may be serious I called my mom immediately and she honestly thought that we had been in a car accident or something like that because I was crying so much and she couldn’t hear what I was trying to say. I managed to say that there was nothing bad that had happened, but that I had gotten a DM from Taylor Nation. My mon tried to make me more calm and told me that we could talk when I was home (I was literally two minutes from my home but I couldn’t wait to tell my parents until I came home.

When I came home I started trying to explain everything to my parents and I must say that they were really suspicious. I showed them the 1989 secret sessions video and started crying again.

Fasten forwards to later the same night. I was just on my way to my bed when I at 11:09 pm got a call from New York, and I answered. This woman from Taylor Nation (sorry I don’t remember your name, it was so much happening at once) presented herself and explained everything, Taylor had been noticing me on tumblr and seen how much I love her and how much I care about other swifties and asked if I could travel to London that Friday (Friday 13th) for a secret event. She told me that I could take someone close to me with me so I didn’t have to travel alone, and for me I felt like the safest thing would be to take my boyfriend with me who also likes Taylor and always supports me loving her. They also told me that they had seen my post on tumblr with him and I explained that we had been freaking out in our group chat that Taylor never would notice us now that she has reached her follow limit. She just started laughing and told me that both Taylor and Taylor Nation are really good at lurking fans without them knowing it. AAHHHH WHAT HAVE THEY SEEN?!?! Our conversation went towards the end and I gave her my email so she could sent me more information.

I was shaking the whole time I talked to her and as soon as we hung up I called my boyfriend and told him everything, the only thing he answered was “you do know that your passport has expired right?” Imagine how I started freaking out when he reminded me of that. But I was determined that I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. I couldn’t sleep all night, I was shaking so much and I felt really sick. Rest of the week I just booked everything and was freaking out like all the time and I couldn’t eat or sleep the whole week and I couldn’t tell anyone expect my parents. LIKE IMAGINE GETTING INVITED TONA SECRET EVENT THAT YOU KNEW WERE PROBABLY SECRET SESSION. Still dying over that….

Fasten forwards to Friday 13th.

I started getting ready like 4 hours before we were leaving to get to the meeting point ( a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do). To get there we had to take 2 trains and bus nr 13 that stopped outside our meeting point (coincidence? Don’t think so). We were there an hour and half early but there were some people there early too and I met @lovingherisred13 and @shakeitoff6202 who I had been talking to before and I was so shocked but happy to see them there.

After a while we got in a line to register and TN was like “hi I’m so glad you could make it!” And then turned to my boyfriend and was just like “oh you must be Martin, Felicia’s boyfriend!” and I died. We got these bracelets that said United Kingdom in reputation front. We went downstairs to leave our stuff and we also had to wait there until we were going on the bus to a secret location. Me, my boyfriend, Bea and Morgen all got on the second bus and we were all saying together all night and freaked out together.

But okey okey, the bus stopped outside this enormous house that we were going in to, there were more security checks and after that we started mingling with everyone and eat all the wonderful food in her kitchen, she had M&M that said REP and also bisques with REP on them, olives, cheese (the best cheese ever), chicken tenders and much more. We talked to Scott and he gave us guitarpics (what a dream!). Taylors mom and Tree and some other people suddenly came down the stairs and told us to go sit in her living room, so we did that and then after a little while of freaking out when we say the chair in the front middle, the goddess Taylor Swift walked in looking like a sexy angel and she sat down and she was like “Hi guys, I’m Taylor” and yes I died, right there, died. She told us that she had handpicked all of us and that she as been lurking all of us for one year and that she had screenshots of our post that she sent to Taylor Nation. She played us the entire album and told us every detail behind every song and what’s to come. All the time she was just her beautiful, precious, sexy, dorky self, and several times during the evening she just looked straight in my eyes and just smiled (and yes I died, right there, again). When she was done she told us that we were going to meet her in pairs in another room and while we were waiting we got to look in the magazines and talk to Taylor Nation. (So awesome!)

When it was me and my boyfriends turn to meet her, I walked in the room and was just in shook that she was there, like she was there, she was (is) a human being for real (no I hadn’t processed that during the whole evening). She say that and just walked up to me fast and just gave me the longest biggest and best hug ever, the kind of hug your mom would give you if she haven’t seen you in 9 years, and I was like this is it, I’m gonna die. And in the hug she told me that she was so happy to finally meet me. When the hug was over she was like “Oh my gosh you have the exact same hair as me, that’s so crazy”, and we talked about that. And then she hugged my boyfriend and thanked him for coming with me and for always supporting me support her. I told her that I’m so incredibly happy to see that she is so happy and she thanked me so much for saying that and said that she knew I was happy too (and looked at my boyfriend) and that she was so happy for me too, and then we hugged again.

I asked her if she could sign my emergencypassport, that I bought just for that trip and she was like I’m so sorry but I cant do that because of rules, I really wish I could! And she hugged me again. And then she told me some stuff about the album that she didn’t tell earlier (but ofc I can’t tell you what) and we hugged again and then we took a picture all three of us and I asked if I could get a picture alone with her and she was like “yes of course sweetie!” And we hugged again. It was then our turn to leave and we said goodbye and I told her that I loves her and she told me that she loves me back and we hugged again for the hundredth time. When I got out I was so shaken up and in shook and I think her mom saw that because she just walked up to me and hugged me and told me that Taylor loves me and that she is so thankful that all us swifties always supports her. She also said that my hair was just like Taylors and I told her that Taylor said the same thing and we just talked for about 10 minutes before Tree told us that it was time for us to go downstairs and wait for our bus. Downstairs in her like gym we where all freaking out and sobbing and yeah…

Then we had to go to the bus and we got a bag with merch and on the bus everyone was like in shook and when we got back to our meeting point all our social media exploded as we told everyone what just had happened.

And that was the best evening in my entire life!

Thank you so much @taylorswift and @taylornation for this incredible and wonderful night. It was truly the most amazing night of my life. I’m just so happy that I got too meet the one person who I have been looking up to for 9 years and who always makes me wanna be a better person. I love you so much Taylor and I just wanted you to know that I’m forever grateful! ✨🌻💛

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How about an MC who has a lot of siblings? Like, A LOT

As someone with a real sibling (and only one), I’d like to say - I know some of the interactions are kinda stereotypical and not very true to life, but I thought they were fun.


  • When MC told him she had older brothers, he didn’t think much about it
  • Until he went to meet her family and discovered she had five
  • Hahaha he’s sweating up a storm as he’s shaking their hands
  • Turns out their all really nice and just as easy to talk to as MC
  • One of her brothers is a little bit of a testosterone fest, but the family joke is that he’s so muscular so that he can give the best hugs ever, because really, he’s like a giant teddy bear
  • Yoosung is significantly less nervous walking out than he was walking in
  • One of her brothers does pull him aside as they’re leaving, however, and just says, “Don’t hurt her. Ever.”
  • He manages to muster his courage and declare, “I wont.”
  • Her brother immediately bursts out laughing, then shouts to MC, “He’s a keeper!”
  • Yoosung’s just “asjhflsakfhajskfhafaklsfha” *hides face in hands while blushing*


  • This is Jaehee’s face 😳
  • MC said they were having dinner with her family
  • “I didn’t realize we were going to a family reunion,” Jaehee whispered to MC when they walked into her parents house. “I would have dressed nicer.”
  • MC laughed, “Oh, no, I have twelve siblings. Most of them are older, so some are married with kids. This is just immediate family.”
  • Jaehee’s eyes bugged out so much MC had to try really hard not to laugh
  • She was VERY respectful towards MC’s mother, as well
  • Also, Jaehee had so much trouble keeping all of her siblings, their spouses, and kids, straight in her head
  • At the end of the get-together, pats Jaehee on the back, saying she did well, and promising to make a comprehensive guide to who’s who in her family (with pictures, names, and all in the form of a family tree), so Jaehee can learn if she’s interested
  • At least Jaehee will never want for family again


  • One morning, Zen gets up and finds MC cooking breakfast and on the messenger
  • He kisses her good morning and half-jokingly asks, “How did you get so good at multitasking?”
  • “Well, when you’re the oldest of seven, you tend to learn.”
  • ?!??!?!
  • Seven?! MC has seven younger siblings?!
  • Well, it turns out, five of them are sisters and two are brothers, there’s a set of twins, two are still in high school, and one is in 5th grade
  • When Zen gets to meet her family, he already knows their names and faces because of MC, and they take an instant liking to him
  • The sister in 5th grade likes him a little too much
  • She wants to take selfies with him every chance she gets, is overly affectionate, kisses him on the cheek, holds his arm, bats her eyes, monopolizes his time, and even chases MC away
  • Zen is super uncomfortable, but MC tells him that he can play along, she’s just a kid and can’t be taken seriously, after all
  • Her other siblings tell him the same thing
  • Aside from the one, uh, overly affectionate sister, the rest of MC’s huge family is nice, and Zen can’t wait to visit them again


  • They were figuring out the guest list for their engagement party
  • MC casually starts listing off her siblings, and it gets up to six before Jumin stops her and asks how many siblings she has
  • Turns out, MC is one of eleven
  • MC does explain that both her parents were married before they met, so she had four half-siblings from her dad, three from her mom, and she was the first of four born from the both of them
  • At the party, it fascinates Jumin to watch MC interact with her siblings, if only because she’s closer with some of them, but they clearly all get along
  • One of her older brothers comes over, and because he’s a lawyer, begins to… interrogate him, but casually
  • Jumin does well to impress her family
  • He also starts wondering if having a lot of children with MC would be better than having just one or two


  • When MC introduced Saeyoung to her family, he already knew all of their names
  • Which is impressive given that she had one older sister and six younger
  • Of course, Saeyoung, is respectful, but with so many younger siblings, Saeyoung discovers that if he’s goofy, performs magic tricks and the like, the younger set of her siblings (the youngest being in 4th grade) will adore him
  • Her family adores him, and her older sister even suggests that Saeyoung bring Saeran around next time
  • Because really, what’s one more member of the family? :)
The Wedding - Daddy’s Little Lovebug

Word Count: 3985

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Beta’d by @iwillprobablybechangingthislater and @percywinchester27

Aesthetic by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

Feedback and Constructive Criticism Always Welcome

Daddy’s Little Lovebug Masterlist

A trail of kisses down the back of your neck pulled you from an amazing dream. You were out on a deserted beach, just you, Dean, and JoJo. You were wrapped in Dean’s arms, watching JoJo run through the surf, the wind and the water in her hair. You wanted nothing more than to get back to it and whined, burying your face back in your pillow, when the kisses pulled you towards consciousness. Dean chuckled and moved his trail of kisses to your shoulder, then retraced the route, back up your shoulder and back up your neck. “That must be a really good dream if you don’t wanna wake up and get married.”

“It was.” You mumbled, turning yourself in Dean’s arms to face him and smile. “Can’t we just call Cas and have him do the ceremony right here so we don’t have to get outta bed?”

“You’re adorable when you’re sleepy.” He chuckled, moving one hand to brush your hair from your face. “I mean, we could do that, but then we’d have to face JoJo’s wrath that she didn’t get to throw flowers.”

“JoJo.” You mumbled, rubbing your eyes. “Where is she? I thought she’d be in here like a tiny tornado by now.”

“Maybe Sam took her?” Dean shrugged, but the look on his face said he didn’t think that was true. “We should probably check.” He groaned, sitting up with you still wrapped in his arms. “Before she tornadoes her way through the entire bunker.”

Dean took your hand and pulled you out of your room and down the hall. “A quiet JoJo is the most terrifying monster I’ve ever faced.” You giggled.

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Loser’s Soulmate AU 2

The day a person turns 16 they switch bodies with their soulmate.

  • The fucking shenanigans that would take place
  • Richie turns 16 first and the moment he wakes up in Eddie’s body he runs downstairs and tells Eddie’s mom he’s going to marry “a dapper young man named Richie Tozier and there’s nothing you can do about it!”
  • Eddie nearly fucking pisses himself when he wakes up
  • Eddie gets dressed (which is a really awkward ordeal) and steals Richie’s bike, rushing to his house to do damage control
  • When Eddie gets there his mother slams the door on his face, “Richie Tozier, you are never allowed in my house again! You’ve poisoned my son’s mind!”
  • Eddie watches as his own body giggles at him- he’s very, very angry
  • Richie spends the entire day pretending to be him, telling the other Loser’s that “Richie’s just playing a stupid game like usual. Could you stop joking around Richie? It’s getting old” while Eddie tries to convince everyone that it’s really him
  • The losers know it’s Richie’s birthday and that Eddie has to be his soulmate, but sometimes they like to have a little fun
  • When it happens to Bev and she wakes up in Ben’s body she just calmly goes about her day until Ben turns up and gives her the absolutely most heartfelt hug ever
  • Bev says it’s the best birthday she’s ever had
  • Mike wakes up in a girl(who lives away from Derry)’s body. He meets a few of her friends and leaves a note for her with his name and address. It’s all pretty cute, and the Loser’s loved her.
  • When Bill wakes up in Stan’s body he says a few sentences to see what it’s like without the threat of a random stutter, then he goes to his house and explains what happened to his parents before Stan wakes up.
  • When Stan wakes up, it’s to breakfast in bed while Bill smiles at him with his own face.
  • Stan literally falls off the bed
  • They make out pretty much the entire day
  • Then, when Stan wakes up on his own birthday, he’s the one who makes breakfast for Bill
  • When Eddie wakes up in Richie’s body, he decides to enact some revenge- starting with refusing to kiss Richie because it’s “like kissing yourself, and that’s weird”
  • Eddie totally hides all of Richie’s favorite shit in weird places
  • Stan comes over to help him.
  • Ben is the last one to go through the switch
  • He totally sings a lot that day, so that he can commit Bev’s singing voice to memory
  • Mike walks around telling everybody that Bev is the “nicest man” in the loser club for at least a week after they switch back
  • Bev is totally in on it, and Mike and her go wood chopping to prove their manliness for no other reason than “meme purposes” (as Richie likes to put it)

Just cute Loser’s being happy.

BTS Reaction: Their daughter says she want to marry them when she's grown up

Jin: “Awwww”. Jin would coo at her, his whole face turning red (including his ears). “Of course you do.” He shouts blowing a kiss and laughing with you.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Jungkook: “Shhh, don’t say that too loud, mummy will get jealous!” He ‘whispers’ (actually shouts making sure you hear). He turn to face you see your reaction with a huge grin on his face. You jokingly pout and he gets up from where he is sitting and grabs you in a hug before pulling your daughter in for one too.

Originally posted by jeonify

V: Omg he would be so cute. He’d be playing tea party with your daughter when she would tell him. His whole face you immediately light up and. “Ahhh, thank you.” He’d whisper squeezing her cheeks. He would be so happy that his daughter loves him that much and it would get rid of any doubts he had about not being a good father.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Jimin: As soon as she says those words he’d look over at you with a smirk. “Did you just hear that?” He’d say chuckling lightly. “Yeah, she’s too cute.” “She can’t resist my charm just like you huh?” He’d smile at you giving you a kiss on the cheek.

Originally posted by chimchams

J-Hope: He would get so excited. “Really? Me? Really?” He would question her so much that she’d get confused lol. “Hobi, just accept it.” You’d say laughing as you stand in the doorway watching them. “Thank you so much!” He’d shout squeezing her in for a hug.

Originally posted by panwithoutaplan

Rap Monster: “Really? Can you say that again?” He’d say after pulling out his phone. “What are you doing?” You’d ask confused. “I need to record this to show it to her when she’s older and starts to not spend as much time with me.” He’d be completely serious but you’d burst into laughter. “Wow, you really think ahead huh?” You’d reply before giving him a kiss. “Don’t worry, she’ll still love you.”

Originally posted by ksjknj

Suga: “Well what can I say?” He’d reply as he shrugs his shoulders. “I am the best man you’ll ever meet.” But once he stopped joking he’d pull your daughter in for a hug. “Thank you, princess.” He’d say kissing the top of her head, a small smile on his face as he can’t stop thinking about how adorable she is.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Corruption Pt. 1 // Jungkook


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Summary: You’re tired of being innocent, so you take matters into your own hands with your best friend.

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Word Count: 996

A/N: This will eventually become a smut

The lights flashed in brilliant colours, dancing and swaying across the room as if they were flowing with the beat of the music that blared throughout the club.

“Take another!” You friend, Mi Na shouted, handing you your fourth shot. You took it and downed it quickly, grimacing at the burn of the liquor sliding down your throat.

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Play For Her

Part Three of Pick Her Up

Presley series.

“Daddy?” Presley asked as she bounced from couch to couch in his dressing room.

“Yes sweetheart?” Shawn said walking out of his closet area, buttoning the last few buttons on his shirt.

“Who am I going to be with when you are on stage?” She asked stopping her motions.

“Uncle Geoff, is that okay?”

“Yeah that’s great! He always lets me play with his walkie talkie!” She says smiling wide. She goes back from jumping from couch to couch. 

Shawn has a few hours before his show starts, he just wanted me to be ready for his meet and greet. 

“Yeah he does doesn’t he.” Shawn says smiling at her. 

He watches as she jumps up and bounces from the loveseat to the ottoman and misses it. She falls to the ground, rolling when she makes contact. 

“Presley!!” He jumps into action. He stays calm, she’s not crying and he doesn’t need to freak her out. 

“Daddy!” She says as see starts crying. 

He rushes to her side and sits next to her, pulling her into his lap. 

“What hurts baby?” He asks. He starts examining her body, checking for broken bones.

“My knee.” She says tears welling in her eyes.

“Let me see.” 

She holds up her knee and he can see the red starting to stain her white tights. 

“Oh honey.” He sighs. “We need to take your tights off, I need to call Uncle Geoff to get us a band aide.” Shawn says slipping off her shoes.

“Okay.” She sniffles.

“Take your tights off and I’ll get Uncle Geoff.” Shawn says getting up and grabbing his phone. 

“Daddy my tights are ruined.”

“We’ll get new ones today, I promise.” Shawn says dialing Geoffs number. “Hey, I need a band aide. She fell, she’s okay, she’s fine. She cut her knee, ruined, Geoff just bring me a freaking band aide.” 

“Is he coming?”

“He’s on his way.” Shawn nodded. 

With in seconds Geoff was bursting in the door.

“Presley? What happened? Are you okay?”

“I’m okay, I was jumping around and fell, I just cut up my knee.” She says sighing. “I ruined my tights.” She says pointing at them laying on the floor.

“We’re gonna get new ones.” Shawn nods.

“Does she have any for tonight?”

“No! These were the only ones I packed.” She says becoming fussy.

“We’ll get new ones.” Shawn says putting the band aide on her knee. He then kisses her knee and she gets up and hugs him. 

She stays pressed up against his chest as he moves back to the couch. He starts rubbing her back and he can feel her relax, breathing becoming even.

“Geoff,” Shawn says before he leave the room. “Get her new tights ASAP.” 

“I’m already getting a car set up.” He says before walking out. 


“Pres.” Shawn says whispering into her ear.

“What Daddy?” 

“I have to go to Meet and Greet, I need you to sit with Uncle Matt.” 

“Where’s Uncle Geoff.”

“He’s busy right now, but Uncle Matt said he’d hold you.”

“Okay.” She yawns against his chest. 

“I love you.” Shawn whispers into her hair before kissing her head. 

“I love you to Daddy.” She hugs him before being transferred to Matt’s arms.

Shawn goes up to his Meet and Greet, doing Q and A right after. Matt stood near by, holding Presley the whole time. She sighed and clutched his shirt resting her head on his shoulder. 

“Uncle Matt?” She asks looking at him.

“Yeah Pres?” He asks.

“Can I have some chocolate milk?” She asks pouting a bit. 

“Um,” He looks over at Shawn who is in the middle of Q and A. “Hold on.” He says looking around back stage. “Andrew!” He hisses. 

“What? I’m a little busy.”

“Sorry, can you text Shawn and see if it’s okay if I take Presley to get chocolate milk?” 

“Yeah of course. How the knee?” He asks looking at Presley.

“Better.” She nods. 

Andrew starts typing and then Shawn is checking his phone quickly. He looks up and over at Matt and nods at him. 

“Be careful.” He mouths to him, more of a warning. Matt nods and heads off to the vendors.


“Where are they? Andrew we need to find them.” Shawn says panicking, he’s pacing around the room and running his fingers through his hair. 

“Daddy! Guess what?” Presley comes running into his dressing room. 

“Presley, thank god, where were you?” Shawn says picking her up.

“I was with Uncle Matt.” She says looking at Matt.

“You said we could go get chocolate milk.” He shrugs.

“I didn’t think it’d take you an hour and a half.” Shawn says snapping at Matt.

“Sorry, she told me about her tight issue, and then how she wanted to wear a shirt like one of ours. So we stopped at on the of merch tables and got her new shirt. And we got a bracelet too.” Matt says pointing at her shirt. Shawn looks down and smiles.

“Look! Andrew!” Presley shouts as Andrew comes in the room again.

“My Daddy is on my shirt.” She says pointing to her Illuminate World Tour shirt. 

“I know.” He smiles. “Guess what.” He says looking at the door. “Uncle Geoff is back.”

Geoff walks through with a target bag.

“I got new tights.” He smiles. 

“YAY!” Presley shouts practically jumping out of Shawn’s arms. He sets her down and she runs to Geoff.

“I got five pairs. Black, White, Blue, Pink, and Purple. Two of each pair.” He says looking up at Shawn.

“So you got ten pairs?”

“Yeah, to be on the safe side.” Geoff shrugs.

“Look!! Daddy I could wear the blue ones and they’d match the blue on my shirt.” She says holding up the pair of blue ones.

“Yeah, and your black skirt would be a perfect match.” He says walking over to her bag, where her black tool skirt is. “Wanna go get changed?” He asked handing her the skirt.

“Yes.” She says running to the bathroom. She closes the door and starts changing.

“Thanks for getting them man.” Shawn says to Geoff. “And thanks for getting her that shirt.” He says looking at Matt.

“Our pleasure.” They say looking at each other. “Never thought I would see you be a dad, thought for sure you would never be mature enough for that. But you are the best dad I have ever seen.”

“Look Daddy! Does it match?” She asks walking out.

“It looks amazing baby.” Shawn says looking at her. She’s so cute in her get up.

“Shawn, it’s go time.” A security guard says popping in the room.

“Ready?” Shawn says holding his hand out for his little girl.

“So excited.” She says taking his hand and walking with him to stage. 

They walk together, skipping a little, and she gives him a hug and a kiss before he steps on stage. 

“Look! Geoff that’s my Daddy out there.” She points, staring at Shawn amazed. 

She couldn’t take her eyes off him, amazed that her Dad was the guy out on stage. Singing to a crowd that big. 

“Hey how are we doing out there?” Shawn asks, almost done with the show. “Good?” He smiles at the crowd. “We have a few songs left but I just wanted to say this one thing.” The crowd goes quiet. “I have a special someone here, watching from the wings right now.” He looks over at Presley. “I just wanted to dedicate this song to her, it’s her favorite.” He says back out to the crowd. 

The crowd cheers and awe’s as a picture of Shawn and Presley flashes on the screen behind him. 

“This is Never Be Alone, this is for you Pres.” He says looking at her. He starts to strum and then sing with the crowd.

“Whoa, ohhh, ohhh, whoa, ohh.” Presley sings along softly. “I promise that one day I’ll be around.” She sings as Geoff sits her on his shoulders so she can see Shawn better.


“Daddy that was awesome!” Presley cheers as Shawn comes running back stage.

“Yeah, did you like your song?”

“Loved it.” 

“She sang along the whole time.” Geoff says looking over at Shawn.


“Word for word.” Andrew says chiming in.

“It’s my favorite.” She shrugs, smiling at her Dad.

anonymous asked:

Hey gal can you pretty pretty please do headcanons for adopting the twins before anything bad happens to them? I just want to save them both so badly. Like, they're 4 or 5 years old and they need a good mom ;-; . So like can you do headcanons on how they would act if they were adopted and had a good mom growing up, and how they would react if their adoptive mom brought home her girlfriend and introduced them to her? Thank you so much!!

Bless you.

~I need to save them. Thank you for this request!! I might have gotten carried away but I’m so passionate about this???!

  • They weren’t in foster care long before getting adopted out to her
  • She was so ready to be a mother
  • After hearing a story of siblings ripped apart through the adoption system, she decided that she needed to have siblings
  • No way could she stand by and let that happen if she could help it
  • When they told her they had twin boys, she couldn’t believe her luck
  • No, more like fate!
  • They were both very timid at first
  • This was all a little overwhelming for them as they entered a brand new home
  • She had a room for each of them
  • One was animal/zoo themed (for Saeran)
  • The other was space/rocket ship (for Saeyoung)
    • “Do you boys like your rooms?”
    • “…These are all ours?” Saeyoung asked.
    • “Yes, of course! They belong to you, now.”
  • He grabbed Saerans hand and pulled him inside to look at all their new toys
  • However Saeran wasn’t used to sleeping alone at night, and the dark room scared him
  • She often woke to find Saeran cuddled with Saeyoung in his bed
  • The boys grew strong with proper nutrition
  • The first few weeks, she was astounded at how much the boys ate
    • “What is this red stuff on my pancake?” Saeran asked.
    • “That’s a strawberry, honey. Do you like it?”
    • Mmmhmm. It’s yummy, mom!”
  • She had to excuse herself for a minute, and cried quickly and quietly in the bathroom
  • It wasn’t the first time the twins didn’t know about something like a fruit or vegetable
  • How could someone have treated them so poorly? she thought 
  • She didn’t expect to be hit so hard by these random moments…
  • The glimpses of neglect
  • She always pulled herself together quickly, though
  • They were with her now, after all. And she’d see to it that they were happy from this point on
  • She took them to the zoo, to the museum, to festivals
  • So many things they had never seen before
  • They were like little sponges, soaking up all this new information the world had to offer
  • When she felt it was finally the right moment, she introduced her girlfriend to them
  • They were nothing but elated tbh
  • I mean, they went from one bad mom to two amazing moms??? !
  • They loved her
  • Their favorite thing was all four of you baking in the kitchen on the weekends
  • The twins were in charge of pouring and mixing the ingredients
  • Saeran always tried to make a mega cookie or beg for an extra scoop of ice cream
  • Each weekend they traded off who got to lick the spoons
  • So many macaroni art projects and drawings covering the fridge and the walls, she is so proud of their art omg!!
  • As they grew older, Saeran seemed to be the more level-headed of the two
  • Their personalities started to shine through even more
  • One day she came home to find them sitting in the living room, the parts of the remote broken apart and scattered all over the place
  • They flinched, expecting to get scolded or hit
  • But she just bent down to their level
    • “Did you guys do this?”
    • “Yeah,” they nodded.
    • “Why?”
    • “…I wanted to see what it was like inside,” Saeyoung replied.
  • She went out the next day and bought them several science and robot kits for kids
  • Just really supportive of their hobbies tbh
  • They were building all sorts of stuff around the house
  • And as they grew and grew, they were just normal boys
  • They fought sometimes, had each others backs other times
  • They had their hearts broken by crushes at school
  • And had their moms’ lectures if they started slacking in a class
  • They were just like any other family
    • “Saeyoung, do you remember our biological mother?”
    • “Hm…a little bit, why do you ask?”
    • “I can’t really recall much.”
    • “I think I remember her being…really mean? But I don’t remember a lot. We were so young…”
  • She had prepared herself in case the twins ever asked about their bio mom
  • But they never did, they never asked to meet her
  • Saeyoung and Saeran were the best of friends
  • Their slightly differing personalities made them very good work partners
  • Eventually they graduated with scholarships, went to college
  • She cried like a baby dropping them off at their dorm room
    • “Mooooooom you’re embarrassing us,” Saeran groaned.
    • “Yeah what if a hot chick sees or something?!” Saeyoung chimed in.
    • “Sh-shut up and give your mom a hug,” she slapped them both playfully through her sobs, “and I don’t want you eating junk while you’re here! Promise me one more time you’ll call me if you need money for groceries or anything…”
    • “Yes, yes, we promise. Mom. We’ll be fiiiine.” Saeyoung hugged her.
  • They ended up creating a successful robotics company together, really leading the industry
  • They made their moms retire, buying a nice lake house for them
  • And eventually
  • Their moms became grandmothers
  • The best grandmothers!
  • They’d get together for holidays and weekends with the kids and S/O’s
  • She felt her heart overflowing when she looked into her grandchildren’s faces as they sat on her wife’s lap reading books
  • She baked with them the same as she baked with the twins all those years ago
    • “Mom, no sugar before dinner!”
    • “Oh hush. I don’t recall you complaining when it was your turn to lick the spoon at their age,” she’d wink.
Nice Guys Finish Last (Jeff Atkins x Reader)

Chapter Summary: You and Anthony begin to have more than a once sentence conversation. Then you and Jeff go to your first class together.

02. Girls Love Jeff Atkins

Y/N P.O.V.

The loud and obnoxious bell rang, signalling that 2nd period is over and nutrition has started. Before you headed out to meet your group of friends, you went straight to your locker to exchange notebooks with your 4th period class. You couldn’t wait to mess around with Jeff since you have 3rd period with him (getting his schedule because you had Office Assistant for 1st). You shut your locker closed and turned on your heels to head out of the building, but came face-to-face with Anthony. A surprised gasp escaped your lips and your face was heating up as he smiled.

You’ve had a crush on Anthony Grant in 10th grade when you saw him in the gym for the football rally. Truth be told, you only liked him because of his looks; but his personality was shit - as you heard:

He’s a pothead.

He only wants sex.

He’ll leave after 2 months in a relationship.

Those were the few of many more rumors.

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remember when

pairing: mark x reader
genre/warning: no warning. fluff. 
word count: 411
description: based on ed sheeran’s ‘castle on the hill’ from his new album divide.
a/n: mark’s was a bit rough last go around, so we thought he deserved something sweet this time. 

“What about this picture?” Your daughter asks. You finish folding her shirt and place it in her drawer before walking over to see what picture she’s pointing at. It’s of you and Mark. Your arm is in a cast, and Mark looks like he wants to die. You laugh remembering that day. “That was the first time I met your grandma and grandpa. We’d gone on a hike with them, and your daddy accidentally knocked me down a hill.” You couldn’t keep a straight face as you told the story. The fall had hurt like hell, and you’d broken your arm, but Mark had spent the next couple months being your personal servant. Jackson had even bought him a maid outfit which he had worn. Sadly, that picture had not made it into the photo album.

“What about this one?” You lean over to get a better look at the picture and feel a pair of arms slipping around your waist. A chin rests on your shoulder.

“That’s the first time I kissed mommy. I don’t think I did it right.” Mark laughs in your ear. Your heart flips at the sound or maybe it was the memory of that first kiss. You two had been hanging out with Jinyoung and JB. The boys had been playing ridiculous games, making the losers do even more ridiculous things. Mark had lost a game to Jinyoung, and Jinyoung said he had to kiss you. You’d tried to run away because you liked Mark and your first kiss with him wasn’t going to happen because Jinyoung told him to. He’d chased you around eventually getting a hold of your face. He’d planted a kiss on you, and you smacked him. JB had taken the photo right after the smack.

“What about this one?” Mark leaves your waist and goes to sit beside your daughter. He takes her into his lap and situates the photo album so it lays across the both of them.

“That’s a very special picture. You’re mommy took that after telling me the best news.” He leans his head back to smile up at you.

“What news?”

“That I was going to be a daddy to the sweetest, most wonderful girl that has ever existed.” Your daughter squeals and reaches around to give her daddy a hug. She continues to point to pictures and ask about them, and you watch and listen as Mark tells the stories behind each of them.

anybody else ever start crying thinking about what it’s gonna be like when lance reunites with his family….,,they all come running out to him and bury him in hugs….he starts crying as soon as he sees his mom and she just holds him so tight and his little siblings are trying to jump up on him and tell him all the cool stuff they did that he missed while he was gone (stuff that they would normally go running to him with right away bc he always gives the best encouragement and praise)!! it’s just. a lot of hugging and crying and kisses and then a warm home cooked meal and the whole family sleeps in the living room that night because they’re all finally together again why would they separate now??? god lance is such a sweet boy i’m in tears

Dear Evan Hansen: August 1st

The Theater: -My seats were amazing. Third row. I was about a yard away from the base of the stage it was amazing -the theater was so small and intimate. i thought it would be much bigger, but it really made it feel like a personal experience -the actors went all the way downstage a lot and i SWEAR ben could’ve spit on me thats how close he was -Being up close was so amazing because you could see every single detail. I saw his shoes, his pill box, i saw certain facial expressions that i feel like were subtle and you wouldn’t be able to see them from far back About the show: -evan playing with things- his tie, the bed, his shoe lace, pulling at his shirt -he. actually. fuckinf cries. like. you could see tears streaming down his face its not fake. -will is SO FUCKING GOOD -olivia is amazing. shes not as desperate as kristolyn, but she definitely shows more sadness and emotion -garret is WOW. she doesnt act quite as sad as jennifer, but her voice is amazing. she is incredibly talented and so sweet. -mlb is great. i love mike faist so im very biased, but i thought that michael was really good. he wasn’t as good at playing mean as mike is, though. he played more emo and sad as opposed to mike, who is aggressive and shows much more depth. but he is such an amazing singer im shook -laura is possibly the most beautiful person to ever exist. seeing her close-up was amazing and you could really see all the emotion she puts into that role. she was simply amazing. Her voice is incredibly and wOW HER BELTING WOWWOWOOWOW -she def cried during requiem -evan & zoes kiss after YWBF was so cute because they were all messy and eager bc neither of them knew what to do -jARED SAID KINKY -Will is so fucking handsome wow i love that man. his voice is so fucking amazing. he is a bit loud, i wish they turned his mic down a little during certain songs (disappear & sincerely me) so that you could hear the other parts more, but he is so incredibly talented wow -ok so we all know that larry cries during YWBF, but he legit had a full breakdown it was amazing to see first-hand -Ben. Shakes. like wow. i shake when im anxious (aka 24/7) and it was completely realistic and honestly the way he depicts mental illness is so accurate and truly art -larry is still an ass but when act two comes he is SUCH A LOVEABLE ASS. he is a much better character live because you see how much emotion he actually has -zoes hair during act one is so cute. it looks a bit like pig tails even tho it isnt, but its adorable -I. cannot. stress. this. enough. Ben Platt deserves everything. he has my ENTIRE heart. he is so talented in everything he does. He cries almost the whole show and i mean CRIES. real tears. real emotion. He is incredible. Like. i dont have words for how amazing he was. His voice was perfect throughout which IDK HOW IS POSSIBLE BC I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME SING WHILE CRYING SOOO. he is such a good actor and his fast talks were SO CUTE WOW -rachael was. fuck. wow. I’ve always had a bit of trouble understanding her acting choices during act one, but they worked well live. and once act two came around, she was outstanding. After So Big/ So Small, the entire audience. the. entire. audience. was crying. seriously there was not a dry eye in the house The Set/Choreography: -the forest set is so amazingly beautiful like. wow. -seeing the band up above is sO COOL WOW -Everything about it was absolutely beautiful. -i read something about this the other day and i couldnt stop thinking about it. During Waving Through A Window, everyone is turned away from Evan, they don’t see him. But during You Will Be Found, they are all with him. He is one with them. He is finally seen. It was so cool to see that contrast live. -the environment was so well done. you would think that since the background is either screens or just blackness, it would feel a bit empty and cold. but the set pieces (evans bed, connors bed, the couch, the dinner table, etc) were so well done and it really pulled things together. -Michaels knee movements aren’t as good as Mikes 🙊 Stagedoor: -People who came out: Michael (Park), Olivia, Garrett, Laura, Michael (lb) -Colton came out first but he left right away bc he wasn’t in the performance rip i lov him -first Michael Park came out and I told him I loved him and he was like “wow don’t you want to get to know me first?” and he signed my book and we joked a lil and he is such a nice guy -then Olivia came out and she signed and I told her how fucking amazing she was and she was so happy and blushy it was adorable. -Garrett came outside and she was so sweet. She looks so cute with her glasses and her hair up wow i love her. I told her that she is an amazing singer and she thanked me and wow what a gal -mlb came out and he was so sweet. I told him that he did so well and that i’m really happy for him for playing all the roles. I told him how great his singing is and he was so sweet to everyone we had a lil convo -last. but. DEFINITELY NOT FUCKING LEAST. Laura. Fucking. Dreyfuss. The living breathing human angel. She got over to me and I handed her the letters that I wanted to give to the cast (everyone was giving them to her bc she is a trustworthy gal). she got a lot of gifts (including more trix) bc she is so loved wow. OK OK BUT. I thanked her for speaking up for the trans community the other day and she was so happy and smiley and she rlly cared abt what i had to say AND SHE HUGGED ME. LIKE SHE WASNT HUGGING ANYONE ELSE. AND I DIDNT ASK HER TO HUG ME. SHE JUST DID AND WOW IT WAS. FUCK. WOW. All in all, that was definitely the best thing i have ever witnessed and i cried a fuck ton and it changed my life.