she gives the best hugs ever

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How about an MC who has a lot of siblings? Like, A LOT

As someone with a real sibling (and only one), I’d like to say - I know some of the interactions are kinda stereotypical and not very true to life, but I thought they were fun.


  • When MC told him she had older brothers, he didn’t think much about it
  • Until he went to meet her family and discovered she had five
  • Hahaha he’s sweating up a storm as he’s shaking their hands
  • Turns out their all really nice and just as easy to talk to as MC
  • One of her brothers is a little bit of a testosterone fest, but the family joke is that he’s so muscular so that he can give the best hugs ever, because really, he’s like a giant teddy bear
  • Yoosung is significantly less nervous walking out than he was walking in
  • One of her brothers does pull him aside as they’re leaving, however, and just says, “Don’t hurt her. Ever.”
  • He manages to muster his courage and declare, “I wont.”
  • Her brother immediately bursts out laughing, then shouts to MC, “He’s a keeper!”
  • Yoosung’s just “asjhflsakfhajskfhafaklsfha” *hides face in hands while blushing*


  • This is Jaehee’s face 😳
  • MC said they were having dinner with her family
  • “I didn’t realize we were going to a family reunion,” Jaehee whispered to MC when they walked into her parents house. “I would have dressed nicer.”
  • MC laughed, “Oh, no, I have twelve siblings. Most of them are older, so some are married with kids. This is just immediate family.”
  • Jaehee’s eyes bugged out so much MC had to try really hard not to laugh
  • She was VERY respectful towards MC’s mother, as well
  • Also, Jaehee had so much trouble keeping all of her siblings, their spouses, and kids, straight in her head
  • At the end of the get-together, pats Jaehee on the back, saying she did well, and promising to make a comprehensive guide to who’s who in her family (with pictures, names, and all in the form of a family tree), so Jaehee can learn if she’s interested
  • At least Jaehee will never want for family again


  • One morning, Zen gets up and finds MC cooking breakfast and on the messenger
  • He kisses her good morning and half-jokingly asks, “How did you get so good at multitasking?”
  • “Well, when you’re the oldest of seven, you tend to learn.”
  • ?!??!?!
  • Seven?! MC has seven younger siblings?!
  • Well, it turns out, five of them are sisters and two are brothers, there’s a set of twins, two are still in high school, and one is in 5th grade
  • When Zen gets to meet her family, he already knows their names and faces because of MC, and they take an instant liking to him
  • The sister in 5th grade likes him a little too much
  • She wants to take selfies with him every chance she gets, is overly affectionate, kisses him on the cheek, holds his arm, bats her eyes, monopolizes his time, and even chases MC away
  • Zen is super uncomfortable, but MC tells him that he can play along, she’s just a kid and can’t be taken seriously, after all
  • Her other siblings tell him the same thing
  • Aside from the one, uh, overly affectionate sister, the rest of MC’s huge family is nice, and Zen can’t wait to visit them again


  • They were figuring out the guest list for their engagement party
  • MC casually starts listing off her siblings, and it gets up to six before Jumin stops her and asks how many siblings she has
  • Turns out, MC is one of eleven
  • MC does explain that both her parents were married before they met, so she had four half-siblings from her dad, three from her mom, and she was the first of four born from the both of them
  • At the party, it fascinates Jumin to watch MC interact with her siblings, if only because she’s closer with some of them, but they clearly all get along
  • One of her older brothers comes over, and because he’s a lawyer, begins to… interrogate him, but casually
  • Jumin does well to impress her family
  • He also starts wondering if having a lot of children with MC would be better than having just one or two


  • When MC introduced Saeyoung to her family, he already knew all of their names
  • Which is impressive given that she had one older sister and six younger
  • Of course, Saeyoung, is respectful, but with so many younger siblings, Saeyoung discovers that if he’s goofy, performs magic tricks and the like, the younger set of her siblings (the youngest being in 4th grade) will adore him
  • Her family adores him, and her older sister even suggests that Saeyoung bring Saeran around next time
  • Because really, what’s one more member of the family? :)

So JK Rowling had mentioned that she almost killed off Ron midway through the series and though I love Ron Weasley I think that could have made for a really interesting plot twist. Consider this AU…

Instead of Fred dying during the Battle of Hogwarts Ron dies.  This is obviously a huge blow to the Weasley’s, Harry, and Hermione.  When Harry uses the resurrection stone not only does he see his parents, Sirius, and Lupin, but Ron is there too.  It’s Ron who gives him the strength to go into the forest and die because Harry doesn’t want his best friend’s death to have been in vain. 

Hermione and Harry become closer than ever because without Ron they feel like it’s just them.  After about two days of this Mrs. Weasley sends them a Howler at Grimmauld Place telling them if they don’t come join their family to grieve she’s going to come find them and make them. 

So the go the the Burrow and Mrs. Weasley hugs them both and tells them they’ll always be a part of the family, it’s what Ron would have wanted and then they all start crying. 

Months pass and everyone starts to heal.  Hermione goes to Australia to get her parents back and Ginny goes with her because she doesn’t think Hermione should face that alone.  They both go to Hogwarts together and it’s hard but they get through the year because of each other and their Hogsmeade weekends when Harry, Fred, and George come to visit.  

Fred comes more often than that because he and George bought Zonkos and he’s been running it. Ginny was a little curious as to where Hermione was disappearing some nights, but wasn’t surprised when she found Fred and Hermione both asleep by the fire at the Burrow at Christmas. 

As for Harry and Ginny they got together officially after Ginny graduated from Hogwarts.  She was recruited to play for the Holyhead Harpies as a backup chaser.  In her second season she got into first first game when the captain was knocked unconscious by the bludger.  She scored 9 goals and the Harpies won by 20.

Hermione and Fred married three years after the Battle of Hogwarts.  They lived in a little house in Upper Flagley and both worked in London. Harry and Ginny married the following year and continued to live at Grimmuld Place, though members of the Order find it unrecognizable now. 

Every year on May 2 Harry and Hermione get breakfast before going to join the Weasley’s in a mix of celebration of Victoire’s birthday and mourning the anniversary of so many deaths.  

It would be a very different ending if Ron had died. 

What a perfect day to remember that 'No Sanctuary' is the highest-rated TWD ep in existence:)

And why is that, you might ask? Well, the ep had:

  • Epic amounts of Carol 
  • Team Family working together, having each other’s backs, and fighting as a totally cohesive unit 
  • Like did I mention Carol? 
  • Multiple scenes with hugely satisfying emotional resonance – Tyreese fighting Martin, Carol figuring out what she’s stumbled into at Terminus, TF never giving up even when the odds looked way stacked against them, the Tyreese/Sasha reunion, the Rick/Carl/Judith reunion (watched by misty-eyed Carol and Michonne) 
  • Also did I say there was a lot of Carol? Because there was. A lot of Carol.

god freaking bless catilin snow for dropping the most accurate truth bombs and basically providing the best roast i‘ve ever seen on tv

okay no offense but you will never be able to convince me that 3x13 hug wasn’t the purest thing ever to exist on the face of this planet it happened entirely because of one person wanting to comfort her best friend and he cried but out of relief that he at least had her still and he buried his face in her neck and she held onto him and smiled in a way she hadn’t for weeks and they didn’t need anything to happen it was just them loving each other and having a moment of peace because at the end of the day that’s what they give each other

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Barbershop Quartet: Each month they all spend a weekend absolutely spoiling one of them or FUBAR (they're on rotation). And on that weekend its super soft clothes, kisses, yummy food, snuggles, really soft, gentle sex if they want. Whatever they need/want to feel soft and loved. It's a total boost for each of them and their relationship.


I was actually JUST thinking about this because I recently listened to the most recent episode of 2 Dope Queens (aka the best podcast to ever exist), and Jessica Williams had her mom on to give love advice, because she’s a minister/relationship counselor, and it was SO GOOD. 

Basically she talked about how there are five different kinds of affection/“love languages”: 
-Words of affirmation (you were great at that thing today!)
-Touch (not just sex, but like hugs, sitting next to the person, etc)
-Quality time (spending time together, doing a thing your partner loves)
-Acts of service (let me do the dishes for you, etc)
-Gifts (i saw this and thought of you)

Different people get the most out of different kinds of affection – it’s different for everyone. And the idea is that people tend to give what they want back (treat others the way you want to be treated), and that’s awesome, but also different people have different needs, and different types of affection resonate differently with each individual.

And Jessica’s mom said that when you have a partner who’s, say, high on the “acts of service” thing (meaning acts of service make them feel extra loved), then it’s good to even put that in your planner. Make sure you’re giving your partner that kind of affection. (Steve’s got a note: Put Sam’s fleece blanket in the dryer at X time so it’s warm right when he gets home. Sam’s got a note: Get Bucky a thing of cinnamon applesauce because it’s his favorite. Bucky’s got a note: Give Nat a back rub. Nat’s got a note: Take Steve out for hot dogs.) 

SO BASICALLY I HEARD THIS EPISODE and got OBSESSED with the concept of the Quartet really tracking what KIND of affection they need, physically, psychologically, and behaviorally, and really putting in that work. They’re four very different people with really wild lives, and maintaining that dynamic is probably challenging. The idea of them having almost a system for checking in on each other is so sweet to me!

Things I love about Rey:

-actual ray of sunshine
-also a badass ray of sunshine
-so??? resourceful and technologically clever
-holds onto things she shouldnt
-doesnt really know what it feels like to be cared about
-still gives the best hugs?
-10/10 id let her kick me

Things I love about Jyn:

-would punch the sun
-actually wants to fight everyone, literally, no joke
-angry 24/7
-terrifying like have you ever seen someone so small and so furious and so ready to kick your ass
-doesn’t like to care for people bc shes been left behind a lot
-equates her mind to living in a cave full of things she doesn’t want to remember? like wow thats deep i love it
-cant remember what it feels like to be cared about
-could kill a man
-has killed many men
-10/10 id let her shoot me


Tumblr has brought some very important people into my life. @xaidrawsandwrites is one of them. She is family that I have found that lives on the other side of the world! 

I am so fortunate to interact with such a talented, intelligent, loving and beautiful person. I am inspired daily to continue to work harder and try my very best because of this woman. I wanted to draw something…. I wish I could see you in person in your beautiful gown.

I would give you the longest hug ever…to the point it would become awkward LOL :) 


“Never have I ever told my parents I was engaged”

You know I imagined that it’s MC’s senior year and she’s graduating with her squad in Hartfeld’s gym or whatever. After the ceremony ends everyone is outside on the quad and everyone is saying their congratulations, taking pictures, giving each other gifts/hugs, talking about memories, etc. MC goes up to each friend and they all talk about the best memories only both of them share (hoping that they both would keep in touch in the near future). Then, Zack would insist on taking one last squad picture before they go off and do other things. After the picture was taken everyone would crowd around the camera, but MC’s wondering why everyone was a step behind her until she suddenly notices that James was on his knees behind her. MC turns around and suddenly realizes what he is holding. In the palm of his hand lays a box with a diamond ring inside it. MC looks up and notices Zack and Brandon holding up a sign that says “Will you marry me, MC?” She starts crying and kneeling down, nodding her head yes. It was then that James had asked all of her friends to help him set up a proposal after all. As soon as MC puts on the ring she immediately hugged and kissed him knowing the fact that James is the one for her 💝

….Okay I’m getting ahead of myself because right now IM SCREAMING FIANAKQN


Batgirl: Futures End

“When it got dark, Batgirl went away. And she never, ever went back. But in another way – a better, more loving way – Batgirl never really left at all.”

See? More of this, this is a good little ending and of course that hug is just something I utterly cherish. Barbara’s stupid costume and all. 

And Tiffany saving the day feels so right, giving her a shining moment since she doesn’t have a history to fall back on for her awesomeness. 

It’s not the best issue ever, but honestly I feel like this book was leagues better than most of the other content I read for Futures End, having the grace of being far from involved with the main tie-in I suppose. I maintain that Barbara and Bane were the weakest links of the story, which is really a problem since they were the biggest chunk, too, in what could have been used showing how the League of Batgirls was formed, give us some more time to actually show the relationships they have with Barbara rather than tell. 

It’s not perfect. But it was like water in a desert for Cass and Steph fans at the time. 

A Safe Harbor

Cullen gives the Inquisitor the best hugs she has ever received. He’s tall and muscular and he has to lean a little over her, cocooning her against his chest, opening his arms without fear or hesitation, and closing them around her not as a cage, but as a shield.

He rests his cheek against the top of her head, one arm around her shoulders, the other around the middle of her back, gently pressing her as close as he can. All she can see are the dark fur on his cloak and the rosy skin of his neck and all she can think is about home, safety, calm.

She can feel him inhaling slowly her scent, and maybe she knows that, when her duties bring her far away from him, he searches that fragrance between their sheets.

That delicate trace of her keeps the nightmares calmer, his nights a little less lonely, his thoughts more hopeful.

guess who is trans!!! it’s magnus that’s who!!!!!

  • when magnus is no more than 4 or 5 he comes up to natalie and says “mommy i’m a boy!! can i have a boy name?”
  • natalie being the BEST MOM EVER immediately goes “okay honey! how about magnus?”
  • magnus LOVES LOVES LOVES it and hugs her real hard !! they go 2 get his hair cut / renovate his wardrobe that same day
  • randolph gives natalie a lil bit of shit for it in that thinly-veiled transphobic way they do like “but what if this is just a phase?” and natalie just immediately fuckin yells at him and he doesn’t talk about it any further
  • annabeth couldn’t care less of course. all she cares about is that magnus won’t try 2 mess with her toys. he doesn’t.
  • on his 13th birthday natalie goes out and buys him a nice binder because like i said! best mom EVER! 
  • magnus sees a few doctors and all and is greenlighted to start taking hormones on his 14th birthday
  • but that all sorta goes out the window when his mom dies :((
  • he sorta gives up on passing for the next year or so, it’s hard to care about that when you’re trying not to die on the streets
  • but as he gets older it’s harder to ignore. so like the dummy he is he steals some ace bandages to bind (WHICH IS BAD 0/10 DO NOT ATTEMPT DO NOT!!)
  • blitz (who! plot twist! is also trans as heckie!) finds out that magnus is binding unsafely and basically flips a shit 
  • he goes out and buys a binder even tho he’s technically violating the rules of his agreement w mimir
  • when magnus asks how he got it he just shrugs it off and says he stole it (even tho he got in big trouble from mimir oops)
  • but magnus is grateful either way!!
  • but then he gets killed. #relatable
  • BUT!! GOOD NEWS he finds that his new einherjar body is significantly more masc appearing than before (need i remind u of how shocked he was when he looked in the mirror in hv COUGH TRANS COUGH)
  • he feels a thousand times more comfortable in his body once he died which is like the biggest irony he could imagine
  • he’s worried that frey won’t like that he’s a boy but of course frey is 100000% ok with it and him! aw!
  • anyway! trans magnus is canon!
  • if anything in this is transphobic or problematic in any way PLEEEASE tell me i’ll fix it in a heartbeat!!!

Hi @taylorswift! Hope you’re doing well💕 Let me introduce you to this beautiful, smart and LOVELY girls ❤️
Juli (the girl with long, wavy hair) @youcomeinwiththerain is the funniest girl I know, I can’t figure out why but absolutely everything she says makes me laugh, I’m sure you would love to someday talk to her and hug her really tight.
Flor (the one with short hair) @likeitwhenusleep is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She’s always there to give you the best advice and she listens to you carefully. She actually reminds me a lot of you. And she loves Grey’s Anatomy and Friends as much as you do and it’s certain that you would be glad to meet her and talk about all the characters of the shows.
Then there’s Giuli, unfortunately we’ve never had the chance to meet her in person but I can tell you that she’s so funny and she loves you so much and I swear she’s all the time standing up for you. I hope we can meet her at one of your concerts 😉. And then there’s me and all I can say is that I ADORE you.
This is us, Juli, Flor, Giuli and Belu. Four girls that probably would have never met if it wasn’t for you and your music, so thank you for this friendship, I hope you know that you’re part of our squad too!
Sending you big hugs from Argentina x 💕

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When you are not ready to talk to her, then take the time you need. When she care´s, then she will give you the time. Don´t blame yourself. It takes two for this not one ... and when she act´s like that what you described , then I think she is maybe not the right person for you. I wish you all the best and I hope my english is not so bad as I think it is... :) *send you a virtual hug*

the thing is, I don’t think I will ever be ready. I’m definitely more ready that I would be a few months ago, all thanks to the therapy. I don’t blame myself and I don’t blame her, I just want to explain things and find the best possible solution so we both are happy, not necessarily together… :( Thank you so much for your message and your English is very very good! ♡

Mari didn’t seem to try as hard to get her back, and we only ever see Dia giving physical affection to Kanan, but it’s never the other way around, Kanan only hugs Mari. I thought they were all friends, Dia probably lost the most in all this. She lost her two best friends and the idol group that was probably a dream of hers for them since we saw how excited she was to go to Tokyo. Mari and Kanan need to give Dia a hug too!

homestuck characters playing undertale
  • John: instinctive pacifist
  • Rose: tries to find everything in the game before realizing thats a dick move from the games perspective
  • Dave: cant figure out how to spare toriel so broods for a million years
  • Jade: pets lesser dog for 413483849384932849023492390840612 turns
  • Jane: holds on to the cinnamon butterscotch pie forever in every playthrough because she loves goat mom and goat dad so much
  • Roxy: instinctive pacifist. after getting tp spends a million years trying to give asriel a better ending
  • Dirk: spoiled himself on genocide and refuses to ever try it. has the hots for mettaton
  • Jake: initially attacks everything, then stops when the music gets scary
  • Aradia: wants to hug napstablook whenever they appear
  • Tavros: instinctive pacifist. cant figure out why his saves keep vanishing
  • Sollux: creates two save files and swaps between them arbitrarily. hacks for the best gear early on in one file
  • Karkat: says he'll do genocide but never even touches the fight command. instead just chooses all the mean options for sparing people
  • Nepeta: hOI!! i'm tEMMIE!!
  • Kanaya: instinctive pacifist
  • Terezi: kills anyone she thinks has wronged a major character. has a bizarre definition of what constitutes the above
  • Vriska: keeps deleting tav's save file out of spite. genocides to prove she's THE 8EST!!!!!!!! only to internally panic when realizing that genocide is actually the worst ending
  • Fishka: goes through about half the game on pacifist with no trouble but then worries shes doing it wrong and looks up a walkthrough despite not needing it
  • Equius: flexing with aaron at every opportunity. gets sweat everywhere
  • Gamzee: just sorta derps around. later goes back for both genocide and pacifist and never dies within either
  • Eridan: has the hots for undyne. is horrified and confused when she gets angry at him for doing genocide instinctively
  • Feferi: instinctive pacifist
  • Aranea: plays the game repeatedly for 100%, deliberately ignoring the fact that the game considers this a dick move. attracted to muffet
  • Meenah: sure lets krill all these motherfuckers...oh woops we werent supposed to do that shit lets start over
  • Calliope: instinctive pacifist. draws over 9000 fancomics, mostly involving papyrus and alphys. relates to alphys to an unhealthy extent
  • Caliborn: instinctive genocide. gets off to the undyne fight and deems sans a worthy opponent. no fucks given otherwise...up until chara challenges him to do something else
  • Hussie: laughing it up with radiation
  • Mayor: instinctive pacifist. cries loudly when flowey kills asgore (cause flashbacks)
  • PM: like terezi but with a less bizarre threshold for what counts as hurting someone
  • Bec Noir: instinctive genocide
  • Spades Slick: kills everything he encounters, but doesn't go out of his way to completely depopulate each area (not quite genocide)
  • Arquius: datamines everything, then makes a program thats just flexing with aaron endlessly
  • Jasprose: not actually playing, but keeps questioning everyone else about their playstyle. gives out spoilers at random and knows everything in the game
  • Davepeta: FINALLY figures out how to spare toriel
  • Dad: imagines sitting down with asgore as they smoke pipes together all night

i’ve been missing jasipereyna a little extra for the past few days so here we go

[cracks knuckles]

  • piper and reyna are the most cuddle loving girlfriends to ever exist, if they’re both home you can find them cuddling on the couch 9/10
  • jason sleeps in a t-shirt and just boxer briefs and in the morning he can’t pass the bed without piper slapping his ass or reyna kicking it with her foot, he smirks at them and they smirk right back from underneath the covers
  • there’s always a bowl with fresh jellybeans on the coffee table in their family room
  • piper gives the best suprise-from-behind-hugs, she’s never met with a frown, they’re always happy to see her
  • one time, piper and jason tried shower sex but jason slipped. it ended horribly and reyna came home just in time to find them both groaning in pain on the shower floor. after of five minutes of laughter she finally helped them up
  • they have three different coffee machines in their kitchen omg they drink so much coffee, and when reyna realized she could use one to make hot chocolate she was soooo happy she smiled so wide
  • reyna has all the best bakery shops in their neighborhood listed in her phone
  • jason’s such a puppy dog, reyna and piper can take care of themselves, but on those days when they’re just to tired and some guy they pass makes a dumb comment, they’re like “whatever” but jason turns around and puts the fear of ever god in the guy’s heart
  • reyna and piper each take him by the hand, roll their eyes, and walk away, but they still appreciate it
  • ok but their #aesthetic is such a deep burgundy color, gold accessories, fine wine, low lighting, like i thought i’d just get that out there
  • after a long day, jason will curl up with reyna on the bed while she’s reading a book, and he’ll just rest his head on her stomach and his glasses will get all crooked
  • after a few minutes she stops to look at him and he’s basically half asleep but reyna doesn’t want to disturb him and when piper walks in she curls up next to reyna and pulls off his glasses, runs her fingers through his, then kisses reyna goodnight and they’ve fallen asleep like that more than once
  • ok this is there guilty pleasure and no one can ever know or else nico and leo and frank will make fun of them for the rest of their lives, but they marathon a different anime every other month and they’ll literally lock themselves in their apartment with candy and popcorn and fresh fruit and a bunch of soda and juice and they watch the WHOLE THING
  • they have some merch shhh they’ll never let it see the outside of their apartment
  • piper loves cats so much, they have aurum and argentum, but they also have a little calico cat who sleeps next to them and tries to clean them even though they’re metal, both of the dogs love the cat very much though
  • they have the best time at the movies, their favorite movie theatres are the ones with the big leather seats
  • they have membership cards at panera bread, starbucks, and trader joes
  • they all share each other’s hoodies, and they’ve gotten so used to it that when the people at the cafe across the street see jason in a pink hello kitty hoodie (that seems just a bit too small) they don’t need to ask, they already know it’s piper’s
  • they think it looks pretty good on him
  • so do piper and reyna

omg i love them so much can we have more jasipereyna appreciation pls xxx


Xavier: Try again, I’m sure you’ll rock.

 After thinking for a while, Xavier passes the ball to Diana and she shoots right after and it gets in the basket.

Diana: I did it, I did it!

 Xavier: Yess! Congratulations, girl!

  Without thinking about it, Diana runs to Xavier and gives him a huge hug.

 Diana: We did it, we’re a great team!

 Xavier: Yes, best team ever!

Big Cass x Reader - Your sky, Your Limit

You blushed like mad when everyone in the lounge stood up and cheered for you. “LOOK WHOSE BACK BACK BACK AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN” the Usos sang as you limped in on your crutches. “I have missed you soo much” Paige ran up to you for a tight hug. “I’ve missed you too.” You give her the best hug possible while balancing on your crutches. “Sit down sit down.” Nattie ordered as she pulled out the chair beside you. “If I had known everyone was gonna act like this I would have stayed home.” You lied. You had missed all these crazy people ever since your accident. A few months back you took a fall off the top rope during a PPV and broke your ankle. It was just enough of a break to set you back close to a ten months and it was killing you to sit a home watching all your friends have fun in the ring. This was the first time in close to two months that you joined them backstage before a show and it seemed like all the girls you had grown close to were trying to make up for lost time by spilling every ounce of gossip on you as fast as possible. “Guys guys… I didn’t come here to gossip…” You snickered as you leaned in closer. “Wait till the guys leave and we can have some real girl time.” You smirk. “There’s the (Y/N) we’ve missed.” Nikki giggled along with the rest of the girls. 

You lounged on the couch in the catering room as everyone buzzed around getting ready for the show. It was fun to sit back and watch as everyone was in a frenzy making sure everything was perfect. Even the big macho guys seemed to turn into divas if one thing was missing to their routine. You smirked a bit to yourself as you watched Lana fuss over Rusev’s when a force shoved the couch you were on backwards. “Who you think you are sneaking in here without saying hey to me??” A familiar New Jersey accent questioned as your face lit up. “Enzo!!” You squeal as you give him a huge hug. “How has my little pistol doing??” He squeezed you tight before letting go of the hug. “I have been better but I’m getting back to my regular self. What about you??” You giggle as you fluff up his crazy hair a bit. “Still living the dream doll.” He smirked as he leaned back on the couch. “Can I sign your cast??” He sounded like a kid. “Sure but no cuss words.” You warn as he went on a search for a sharpie. “There she is in all her glory.” You look over your shoulder to see that Big Cass was towering over you. “Are you gonna get on my level so I can hug you or do I gotta hug your leg??” You beam up at him as he takes a seat beside you. He engulfs you in a tight bear up. “Geez I have missed you.” He mumbled against your hair. “Same here Cassie.” You smirk at the nick name that he hated. “Really?? Still with the Cassie thing??” He sighed letting go of the hug. “You know it.” 

About an hour later half way through the show you finally got some more time with your best friends in the industry. “You guys did amazing out there??” You smile as Enzo and Cass walk back to the lobby area after their match. “What else you expect from the realest guys in the room??” Enzo scoffed. “How you doin??” Cass smirked as you laugh. “Now… Like I wanted to do before.” Enzo pulled out a sharpie and scurried over to get to work on your cast. “I should have said no…” You giggle as he uncapped the pen. “No take backs.” Enzo winked as he got to work. “Sooo… How was the family??” Cass asked as he took a seat beside you downing about half his water bottle. “Good… Angry as ever but good.” You sigh. After your little accident you went back home to live with your parents for a while. They had never been supportive of your wrestling career so now that you were hurt because of it… They never shut up about it. On and on they would make up reason after reason that you should quit and move permanently back home. “They all but wrote me an essay about why I should give up wrestling.” “I’m sorry…” Cass gave you a sad smile. “Its okay… I wouldn’t mind it if most of what they said wasn’t true.” “What do you mean??” Cass gave you a curious look. “Well… I mean its true that I’m not very good… I have never been offered a title shot… I’m in the bottom 20 in merch sales… I only have like 200k followers on social media… and I got hurt doing one of the most fundamental moves in the book.” You list them all out on your fingers. “I would list more but… I kinda got a doctors appointment next week.” Cass looked at you in shock. “Do you seriously think all that about yourself??” He shook his head in disbelief. “Well… Yeah the proof is kinda in the pudding…” You shrug. Cass grabs your hand and with the other turns your head to face him. “Please don’t ever say that stuff about yourself again… You are an amazing woman who excels in everything she does.” Cass looks you deep in the eyes as he speaks. “You are living your life… No one else is living it for you… Only you can call the shots on what you want to do in life… Don’t ever let anyone tell you your limits. Its your sky and your limit. And before you say it… No I am not saying all of this just because I am a close friend of yours… I say this because you are truly amazing and need to hear that. If not from yourself then from someone who loves you.” Your breath hitches in your throat. “You… You love me??” Cass just nods and smiles. “These last few months without really showed me how much I love you (Y/N)… You are the most amazing woman I know… And if I may I would like to show you how I feel over dinner sometime…” He winks as you blush. “That would lovely.” You smile brightly. Before Cass can say anything else Enzo clears his throat. “Well… That was a beautiful moment but now it is time to marvel at my masterpiece.” You and Cass look down at the cast on your leg and bust out laughing. Your cast was now not only leopard print but had a huge heart that read (yours and Cass’ name combined). “Did you just give us a ship name??” You shake your head in laughter. “Free of charge my friends. But I do want credit at your wedding.” Enzo winked and put the marker behind his ear with a smirk. “Love is a beautiful thing.” Enzo grinned as he walked off leaving you and Cass still laughing. 

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