she gives me so much life in this movie omg

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GOM, Kagami, Takao, Kasamatsu & Kiyoshi watching a horror movie with their s/o, expecting them to be clingy and generally all over them because she’ll be scared but instead s/o is having the time of her life, commenting how fake the movie was and that she could do better the killer’s job and she started giving examples lol (that’s sounds so much like me~)

omg this is so not me HAHAH horror movies make me piss my pants

AKASHI: He blinked at you several times, you really went beyond his expectations. Though, he couldn’t help but enjoy the sound of your laughter as you watched the bad visual effects.

AOMINE: Being a horror movie fan himself, he would laugh along with you, constantly sharing thoughts and comments on the movie. The two of you would be wrapped up around each other the whole time.

KAGAMI: Kagami is actually terrified of horror movies so headcanon and he’d be shocked to hear you laughing, and despite his attempts to remain strong, he gave up in the end, “Hey, how about we watch something better like Tangled or Cinderella?”

KASAMATSU: As you commented and picked on every single thing in the movie, he would just watch you in amusement. But, when you decided to put on a real scary movie, he stiffened instantly. Nope, he wasn’t scared at all.

KISE: He jumped onto your lap. No joke. “____-chi,” he bawled out. “It’s scary.” You sighed then started going on about how fake things were and pointing out how unrealistic it was. He sniffled, “Okay, now it’s not that bad.”

KIYOSHI: Kiyoshi wasn’t someone who was so easily affected, and that included horror movies as well. He sat there, listening intently to your comments, and when you reenacted your corrections, he just laughed.

KUROKO: While you rambled on about the horror movie, you didn’t notice that Kuroko had gone missing. You looked around only to have Kuroko suddenly appear before your eyes, making you scream. Who needed a horror movie when you’ve got Kuroko scaring the shit out of you 24/7?

MIDORIMA: Oh shit, oh shit. That girl on screen did not have any luck at all. On the other hand, he had to listen to you redo some of the scenes in a “better” way. “A-All right, I think we can call it a night.” He stammered. You touched his arm and he screamed.

MURASAKIBARA: He wasn’t even paying attention to the movie and just enjoyed your voice talking as he finished off the last of the popcorn. He screamed in the kitchen and you hurried in. “We don’t have popcorn anymore.” That was scarier.

TAKAO: Surprisingly, Takao wasn’t afraid of horror movies at all and he actually enjoyed the shit-scary ones. With an arm wrapped around you, he laughed along and commented on the bad parts of the whole movie.