she gives me dirty looks

i’m at my job interview. everything is going well - i’m dressed to the nines, my resume and cover letter are both laminated and gold encrested, and so far i’ve wooed the interviewer with my knowledge of the customer service industry. nothing could possibly go wrong now. just as the interviewer is about to offer the job, there is a knock on the door and the secretary from the lobby steps through. i turn to say hello to her again, an expression of my politeness and charisma, but she gives me a dirty look. i don’t understand, but i think perhaps shes just having a bad day. i don’t think much about it. the interviewer invites her in, and she walks around the desk and whispers something into his ear. his eyes widen, and i see him glance at me with a look of shock and disgust. the secretary stands up straight and gives me one more nasty look before exiting. suddenly i am afriad. what could they possibly have found out about me to warrant such a reaction? what had i done between walking into the office and this point to cause such an obvious problem? i swallow, and it feels like a stone in my throat.

“well,” the interviewer says. “we’ve run into a bit of a problem.”

i have to hold back my disappointment. “what’s wrong?”

“my secretary just informed me of something quite disturbing about you, and i’m not sure we can allow it within our company.”

“okay,” i say. “what did she say?”

he paused for a long moment; he glanced away from me and then back to me, as if he was struggling to get the words out. i noticed, at the end, that he had tears in his eyes.

“she……she told me……”

“yes, sir?”

at that moment, he looked me dead in the face. “she told me…..that op is an aphobe.”

There’s a white girl at my work who strongly hates me when we’ve never spoken and as petty as it sounds- I can only put it down to me being black. she LOVES black dick and is always talking to my coworkers about how they’re so “dark” and “big” and how she loves hooking up with them even tho they break her heart. But every time she sees me or my friend she gives us dirty looks…I just find it funny how some of them don’t mind fucking black men but they hate some of us women with a passion.

So today at work me and my coworker both had to slice American cheese but my coworkers customer wanted it layered with out the cheese touching so my coworker let me go first since she was trying to figure out how to make that work so I slice some cheese and stack it regularly and put it on the scale the other customer literally growls at me! I go back to slice some more cause I didn’t have the proper amount and the lady was like “I’ll let it go this time but I asked for it layered” and I politely tell her that I’m not her associate and she says “well you took my cheese” Bitch this isn’t your cheese its my customers cheese and she just spent the rest of the time giving me and my Co worker dirty looks while she orders a crap ton of meat

Made a fuss over nothing? Get even less.

So I was working a shift with my boss when this lady comes in. She orders 2 ice cream cones and I make them while my boss rings her up. Now, when I made it there was probably a 1 oz difference between them. However, they were both probably 2 or 3 oz above the normal. So, when I give them to the lady, she starts throwing a fit about how one is bigger than the other, and how we were trying to rip her off. So my boss tells her with a concerned voice that he would be happy to remake them “properly” (with a stern look in my direction), and she accepts (also while giving me a dirty look).

So my boss throws out the originals and makes 2 cones both 5 oz EXACTLY (about 2/3 the size of the originals). He gives them to her while she stares with disbelief and starts arguing with him. He pulled out the training guide and shows her exactly where it says 5 oz on a small cone. She took her cones and walked out then. As soon as she left me and my boss started laughing our a**es off.

Petty Revenge: Your daily dose of the best petty revenge stories. | source

Luna’s recovering well, though the idiot swallowed a rock the size of a golfball yesterday because she was really drugged up so we were worried about that for a long while

She threw it up late last night which is a relief, but it was not a fun afternoon worrying about that. 

  • Sam: What took you so long? Where are the drinks?
  • Nathan: *hands one to Sam and Sully*
  • Nathan: Well, I told the waitress 'Me encanta tu lengua', but she was giving me a dirty look.
  • Sully: Kid...
  • Nathan: What?
  • Sam: You literally told her that you loved her 'tongue'.
  • Nathan: I need a stronger drink.

I bought a phone case for my phone. It was broke. And I talked to the manager because I lost my receipt. (Actually I threw it out with the package because I have like 5 of the same case in different colors) the manger told me to bring it in and I mentioned to him I didn’t have it. He took my card looked it up and gave me a printout. A few days later I was back near the store so I went to exchange it. I had the case but forgot the receipt so I figured they could look it up again.

Here’s my experience.

I handed her the case and told her it’s broken. She sucked her teeth and asked for my receipt. I told her I forgot it at home but here’s my card you can look it up. Another teeth suck and she says she can’t find it under my card. And asks end I bought it. I said maybe two weeks ago. She says there is only a 30 day return policy. (The receipt says 90 but whatever) I’m like ok fine I will use my drivers license and she goes “you will get the lowest sale price” my wife almost shouts “we just want an exchange” she sucks her teeth again and does the exchange.

Am I overly sensitive or was she kind of hostile to me. She always gives me dirty looks when I shop there but that doesn’t bother me. That was the only negative experience in this bullseye store. I have been getting my meds here for almost 4 years.



Elesh Norn Sprite!

Committed: Chapter Six

A/N: Thank you SO much to everyone who has been reading this and has sent in your thoughts on it. I have to say I sort of love this frustrated, uneasy Eric. I like watching him flounder when he’s out of his element, and the slow painful realization that he isn’t Queen Bee of the insane asylum. This chapter does mark the slow return of the Eric we all know and love, in a very small and discreet way. 

Originally posted by erichive

Thanks to BK2U for editing this chapter! I hope you made it out of town safely!

Thanks to everyone who is reading and has taken the time to review and follow the story :)

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little mix foursome {dirty imagines}

“where is she?” perrie asks. i point towards the stairs behind us. perrie sighs,“ but its her birthday.” “i know but she wants to study all night.” i roll my eyes.“something about a test on monday.”  "JADE!!!! GET DOWN HERE!!“ perrie yells. "where is leigh-anne?” i ask quietly. “shes coming with our little surprise.” she smiles at me. perrie, leighanne and i have been having a fling for a few months now we thought it would be fun to bring jade into it as well. “JADE!” perrie shouts after we hear no sound from upstairs. our front door opens and leighanne walks in with a bright pink stripes bag with tissue paper poking out at the top. “got it.” leighanne says coming towards us shaking the bag smiling. we make our way up the stairs with perrie leading the way. “jade.” perrie mumbles opening the door to find her with headphones on reading the huge book labled “pshchology” and papers spread out in front of her in her handwriting. “jade!” perrie says shaking her, she jumps up making the left headphone fall. “shit you scared me!” she says pulling the other ear bud out. “we have been calling you for ages!” i say looking at leighanne who tries hides the bag behind her. “what do yall want?” she says glancing to her studies laying on her bed. “umm how about some time with you on your birthday.” perrie says sitting in front of her. “whats that?” jade asks starring at the bag leighanne failed to hide. “a gift.” i say as leighanne smiles giving it to her. jade smiles placing the bag on her lap. me and perrie share a glance. jades smile fades as she sees the toy at the bottom of the bag. she looks up to us. “what the hell.” she mutters looking at perrie. “this is a joke right?” she goes on pulling out the strap on. perrie goes for it crashing her lips on jades. she pins jade under her straddling her waist. “does it look like this is a joke?” perrie purrs letting her lips trail down her neck. jade tries to break free but that quickly changes as perrie starts rubbing her core through her leggings. jade starts moaning softly letting perrie do what she wants. i make my way around the bed sliding all her papers and books onto the floor. i lift jades shirt off as leighanne does away with her leggings only leaving her undies. perrie is already naked, when she reaches for leighannes shirt. i peel off my clothes just leaving my undies. perrie reaches for the strap on tracing it along jades body. “birthday girl goes first.” leighanne mumbles rubbing jades clit through her undies. jade moans out when the object slips into her undies just gently touching her pussy lips. perrie makes her way next to me as leighanne takes over with jade. “sit on her face.” perrie whispers just before she kisses me. i nod swinging my leg over her face. jades hands quickly grab on my thighs, pushing her head into my pussy licking quickly on my clit. i grind myself on her face making her tongue go into my pussy. she moans into me, i turn to look over my shoulder to see leighanne with the strap on wrapped around her waist ramming the toy into our birthday girl. “leighanne!!! fuck yes!!!” jade screams from under me. perrie kisses me, her hands travel to my clit, twisting and rubbing my little bud. i jump up when jade inserts three of her fingers into me. “jade!” i whimper. her fingers slide into my pussy slowly. i breath heavily as she takes her time. perrie is sucking down on my neck leaving small purple spots down to my breasts. leighanne is still behind us but instead of using the toy she starts using her mouth i watch her tongue slip into jades pussy. jade reacts by whimpers something under her breath. i get up walking to where leighanne is kneeling and join her. we both lick at jades pussy as it gets more and more wet. “holy shit!! ahhh fuck!!!” she moans grabbing her breasts and spreading her legs into a wide “V” shape into the air. perrie is behind leighanne unbuckling the toy from her waist then puts it on herself. a moment later i feel the wet warm toy between my legs. i hum while sucking down on jades clit while leighanne works her magic on her little hole. “keep going please fuckkk pleaseee iam gunna cumm!!!!” jade screams rocking her hips violently. perrie shoves the toy into me making me scream into the pussy in front of me, then jades wetness leaks out in front of us as jade scream out in pure enjoyment. jade shivers closing her legs rubbing her clit slowly. i fall back on perrie with the toy sliding into my pussy. “there you go jes.” perrie whispers into my ear, grabbing my waist to push me harder onto the toy. i whimper bouncing on the toy as it gets rammed into my pussy. the slapping noise fills the room along with moans and screams from jade. leighanne is licking her wetness from her pussy, leighannes ass is in front of me swaying. she gives a look over her shoulder to me. “you dirty slut.” i  moan. “oh i know it.” leighanne smirks then going back to jade. i get on all fours rubbing jades pussy, perrie grabs my waist slamming the toy roughing into me. “yes!! please dont stop fuck me just like that yes!! perrie!!” i scream feeling my high building. leighanne is moaning as i rub her and she rubs her clit. me and leighanne cum at the same time her juices spray onto my hand, i cum all over perrie as she keep her rhythm going. “best birthday.” jade laughs sitting up. “well if you feel that way… wanna do it again?”  perrie smiles standing up and walking to jade. jade nods glancing to the toy around her waist. perrie gives jade a long kiss before round 2 begins. 

hope you liked it sorry if it wasnt good, & sorry i havent been on in awhile. tell me what you think! 

Rajigaze Dec 9

Reita: “On the theme of Christmas, there is one bad memory that comes to mind right away. My boyfriend at the time lost his shit at me because I didn’t have roast chicken ready on Christmas. I know it was my bad, but is it really worth freaking out over? Would you guys be pissed if you didn’t get chicken on Christmas? I would love to hear your answer! And just btw, we didn’t spend the following Christmas together.”

(both laugh)

(*also btw having chicken on christmas is a thing in japan, especially fried chicken)

Kai: I see…I guess [that guy] had chicken every year growing up…you know, like a tradition (laughs) 

Reita: Well I mean, having chicken is standard, you know…

Kai: But like, it’s nothing to get mad about. Just go pick up some KFC together! 

Reita: What a pussy.

Kai: What a pussy.

Reita: Can’t you just say something like, ‘I’m just glad [I’m spending Christmas] with you?’ Little chicken shit.

Kai: HA!! GOOD ONE! U get a gold star (giggles)

Reita: Omg stop ur embarrassing me (laughs) 

Kai: Ahhh I see….

Reita: So, what would you do? Like, let’s say you wanted to eat chicken. And you had already told [your girlfriend], “let’s eat chicken on Christmas.” 

Kai: Oh I told her?

Reita: Yeah. And then on the day, you show up and there’s no chicken…………wyd

Kai: I’d be like, “Okay! Let’s go buy it together! I’ll make it!”

Reita: But the stores are out of chicken.

Kai: Huh?

Reita: U went to the store and they were all gone.

Kai: Even KFC?

Reita: Yep.

Kai: Okay, then…I’d be like, “Let’s do our Christmas tomorrow.” ….How’s that? Hm? Hm? (giggles)

(both burst out laughing)

Reita: The shit-eating grin on ur face rn ffs

Kai: (giggling) But anyway it’s nothing to be upset about! There’s no way I’d get mad. 

Reita: Yeah same. Like why did he get mad so easily? 

Kai: Yeah~ it’s like they say (*the expression he says is like, if you lose your temper it’s your loss ??)

Reita: Yeah, take notes, Leader.

Kai: Huh? I never get mad!

Reita: Didn’t you just get mad? Last week…?

Kai: Ahhh yeah…so I thought about it, and I think legally I was actually in the wrong. With that pedestrian on the road that I went, pu! at. 

(*last week he talked about honking at a girl walking in front of him and she was pissed)

Kai: So…yeah. I’m sorry.

Reita: Yeah, but laws or whatever aside, it’s fundamentally a matter of being considerate of each other. 

Kai: Yeah. Well, that girl walking also didn’t have to give me such a dirty look. She could have just come up and said, “don’t you think that was unnecessary?” and I would have been like “ah you’re right, I’m sorry,” and that would have been the end of it. 

Reita: Ahhh…

Kai: Right? 

Reita: That girl probably had just got in shit w her boyfriend cause she didn’t get the chicken 

Kai: (laughing) I see…then I guess I can’t be mad

19. ‘You’ve got a fire inside, but your heart’s so cold’

Sebastian Stan

Part 2

# Words: 3686

Two months had passed and the only thing Y/N knew about Sebastian was that he had not yet married. They hadn’t spoke since that night where everything broke and left Y/N downhearted.

The love of her life was going to marry another woman who wasn’t her. Someone else would watch him wake up every morning. Someone else would kiss him. Someone else would tell him “I love you“. Someone else would hold his hand. Someone else would hug him. Someone who wouldn’t be her. 

The last Friday of the month, Y/N got out of the work walking to her house, feeling sadder than ever. Sebastian’s wedding would take place on Saturday morning. 

Astrid tried to get her out but she refused to go saying “not in the mood for social Friday“.

The next day, Sebastian was all over the news. Was his wedding that cool? She turned on the tv and turned up the volume.

“Sebastian Stan called off engagement to Susan Davies leaving her ‘devastated.’ This was announced by his publicist just minutes ago. Let’s just said Sebastian was getting married today and apparently he waited to end the engagement just hours before the wedding.“

Her mouth fell open. He was a total dickhead, he dumped her first and then he jilted Susan.  

Someone knocked at her door and instantly thought it was Astrid. She probably was there to gossip and try to make her feel better. But how does that could make her feel better? 

She stood up and walked towards the door and opened it.

“I really appreciate your…“ her face went blank when she saw Sebastian standing outside of her house. “What in the freaking world“

“May I come in?“ 

“I… Why? I mean, yes“ she said, confused.

Sebastian entered the house and looked at her.

“I know how odd this is, and I also know that I’m a son of a bitch for hurting your feelings and treating you the way I did. I know I don’t deserve you nor anyone, but if I’m sure of something is that I want you. It has always been you. I know I’m selfish and I have my issues, but even with those mistakes you loved me.“

Y/N stayed quiet for a minutes, just looking at him.

“So, that’s it? You called off your engagement and come to my house to tell me all this? Two months later? Are you kidding?“ she said, giving him a dirty look, “That’s even shittier than leaving me heartbroken.“

He frowned.

“Although you’re here now. You know what they say, better late than never…“ her mouth curved into a smile

Sebastian’s expression brightened, smiling.

“I know I have to work even harder to get you back“ he extended a hand to her.

“I know you will“ she assured “because I’ll be there to kick your ass“

He giggled and nodded.

“It’s a deal“

He kissed her and the world fell away. It was slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be. His hand rested below her ear, his thumb caressing her cheek as their breaths mingled. She ran her fingers down his spine, pulling him closer until there was no space left between them and she could feel the beating of his heart against her chest.

“I love you, Y/N“ said Sebastian, putting his forehead on hers.

She smiled.


It was an Autumn wedding in the late afternoon. The area faced the breathtaking sunset.  At the end of each seated aisle, jasmine scented candles hung from naked tree branches. Spread down the aisle was white leaves, as far as the eyes could see, slightly moist so they wouldn’t crack when you stepped on them.

The flowers entwined between her fingers holding fast in her hand as the bride showed up in the garden, the light reflected from the ivory bouquet wich made her look dazzling in the spotlight. 

And there was Sebastian, looking at her with a big smile. He was going to marry the love of his life.



Request: @hellocapnkickass- Can you please do a Supernatural scenario where the reader is not a hunter and is dating Dean, but does not travel with him.  One night, the reader forgets to turn their stove off and finds themself stuck in a house fire.  Dean, who is a couple of hours away receives a phone call from the hospital and is incredibly worried.  The reader ends up with burns and smoke inhalation but is otherwise fine.  Lots of fluff please. :)  if you could do this it would be awesome! :D

Warnings: swearing 

Tags: @brandinicole911 @everydayrandomlife


Originally posted by cursedestiel

“I’ll be back from the hunt soon sweetheart. I love you!” I can hear Dean’s smile over phone. I stir the rice on the stove, trying not to cry from missing him so much.

“Okay babe, I love you!” I say, wishing more than anything that Dean was here with me.

Hitting the end button on my phone I sigh, tonight is going to suck. Dean and I have been together for five years now, and living together for three. I have accepted the fact that he and his brother have to leave for hunts, that they are saving the world, saving me from the things that go bump in the night; it just doesn’t make my nights alone any easier.

Putting on my music to jam out, I head over to the fridge for some much needed wine. Pouring a glass of my favorite red, I start to smell the smoke.

Spinning around, I see the cat jump off the counter. In a panic I drop my wine glass. I feel the shard of glass rip through the bottom of my foot, as I rush to the stove.

The cat was batting around the dish towel, and pushed it onto the gas stove. All it took was a second for the dish towel to ignite, sending it up in flames.

Before I could make it over to the stove the towel fell to the floor. the line of fire spreads as it finds the spilt wine on the floor. I scream as I run away from the kitchen, I have to get out.

I am at the front door, grabbing the car keys when I remember, the cat. “Fuck” I scream. The house is filling with smoke. I take the stairs two at a time, knowing the cat would be in Dean and I’s room; that’s where he goes when he is scared.

Flinging the door open, I start calling his name. “Taz!!” Cough. “Taz! Come on we have to go” I cover my nose and mouth as I cough. I can feel my lungs filling with smoke, as my head feels lighter and lighter.

Getting on my hands and knees I look under the bed. Sure enough Taz is under there curled up, scared. Reaching my hand under I beckon for him to come. He looks at me scared, unsure what to do. I cry out as I feel the heat starting to surround me.

“PLEASE COME HERE!” I try and scream, but the smoke hinders me. Finally, he starts to crawl over to me. Grabbing him, I stand having to catch myself on the bed.

Every step I take towards the door is a stumble, like I am black out drunk. I manage to keep Taz cradled in my arms, he doesn’t fight me, I think he is just as paralyzed with fear as I feel.

Out of our room and into the hall I try and get to the stair case when the floor gives way under my foot. I feel my left foot touch the flames. I scream as I slide backwards, lifting my foot out of the hole in the floor.

I manage to crawl back into the bedroom. Somehow I manage to stand as the flames creep up the walls, the room dark with smoke.

I can feel darkness encroaching. I am going to die. I try and get the window open, ignoring the searing pain of hot metal from the window fixtures. Finally, they open, giving me some much need oxygen.

Throwing my leg over the side, I step out onto the roof of the garage. I thank god that we picked the house that had the garage next to our bedroom.

I stumble on the roof, letting go of Taz. He jumps down off the roof, landing safely on his feet. I am not so luck as I sit on the edge. Out of energy as I fling myself off the roof, onto the grass below, I hit the ground with a thud. Feeling the cool grass on my face as fall out of consciousness.

Dean’s POV:

Sam and I check into the hotel for the night. I drop my bags on the bed, and run my hand through my hair. God I miss (Y/N).

Stripping out of my cloths, I plan to hop in the shower when my phone rings from across the room. My heart picks up, hoping it is (Y/N) again, wanting to hear her voice.

I frown as I see an unknown number flash on my screen. I answer. “Hello?”

“Hello, is this Dean?” the hair on the back of my neck stands up.

“Yes, this is him.” I tense. I get a bad feeling from this.

“This is Sargent Thomas, from the Naples police department. I have some bad news regarding a (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N).” He pauses briefly. “There was a fire tonight, that engulfed your house.” My heart stops. “(Y/N) was found unconscious on the back lawn. It looks like she went through the bedroom window, onto the garage roof to escape. She is alive.” I feel the tear slip down my cheek at the news, breathing a sigh of relief. “She is currently at Naples Hospital receiving treatment. She also got your cat out of the house, and he is at Naples Animal Hospital being checked out. Both should recover fully.” I break down, fully crying now. Sam comes over and puts his hand on my back as I give my thanks to the officer. Wiping my face, I end the call and fill Sam in on everything that happened.

It takes no time for us to be back in the car, and on the way home.


The beeping is loud and annoying. I feel a pain in my feet and legs. Taking a breath my lungs feel like they are on fire. What happened? The darkness consumes me once again.

Dean. The beautiful green eyes, soft kissable lips. The love of my life. I swear I can hear him. God I would give anything to be with him right now.

“When will she wake up?” I hear Dean say. Confusion washes over me. Who is he talking about? Me? Where am I?

I try and open my eyes to see where he is. I need to see him.

I am surprised by how hard it is to open my eyes. I scream in frustration as I use all my strength. Finally, I see a ray of light. Its blinding. I close my eyes again feeling the burn of the light.

“Did you see that Sammy! She opened her eyes!” Dean sounds so happy and excited, like a puppy.

“I don’t know Dean; I didn’t see anything.” Sam voice sounds tired and concerned, but Sam almost always sounds like that.

“That’s bullshit Sammy, I Saw it. I think she can hear us!” Suddenly there is a pressure on my right hand. It feels warm and comforting. I know it dean’s hand; only he could make me feel this way. “Babe, if you can hear me. Please, please open your eyes. I need to see your beautiful (Y/E/C) eyes. Please.”

I try. I use every bit of mental and physical strength I have and slowly I see the bright white lights come into view.

I feel Dean’s hand tighten and hear Sam stand from his chair. I turn my head, wincing at the pain on my neck.

Dean sit in a chair on my right. Hands clutching mine. A smile that looks out of place with the tears filling his beautiful eyes.

“…” Only a croak come out as I try and speak.

“Hey, hey gorgeous. Oh you have no idea how much I love you.” He puts his head in the nook of my neck. I can feel his tears soak into my hospital gown.

I try and speak again. “wh…” my throat and mouth are so dry; I can barely make a noise.  

“Sam, get her some water please!” Sam nods.

“Of course, I’ll be right back.” Sam gets to the door, when he turns around and looks at me. “oh and it’s good to see you awake (Y/N)” I nob my thank you, not even trying to talk again.

Dean and I are finally alone. “You scared the crap out of me.” He sits back down in his chair, clutching my hand like he was afraid I was going to leave.

We sit in silence for what feels like hours. I had so much to say, it was killing me not to be able to say anything.

Sam comes back bringing a nurse with him. She is beautiful and smiling at Dean when she enters, causing my hand to tighten around his. He laughs at me scowling at her, knowing full well I was annoyed with the leggy blonde.

She comes over and does her medical thing, but her eyes and attention stayed on Dean. my blood boils. She finishes her test or flirting with my boyfriend, whatever you want to call it, and brings me a cup of water with a straw.

I lift my hand to grab it, when I “accidentally” lose my grip and spill it down the front of her pants, making it look like she peed herself. Dean burst out laughing, while her face turns bright red. She says it’s okay, it happens sometimes; but gives me a dirty look as she gets another cup of water and helps me drink through the straw.

Nurse “Stay in your lane”, as I decide to name her, leaves. Dean laughs again. “lying in a hospital bed, and you still manage to make sure every girl knows I’m yours.” I give the biggest smile I can in response.

Dean leans over and kisses me on the forehead. My eyes start to feel heavier and heavier. Dean can see my eyes slowly start to close. “you can go to sleep. It’s okay, I’ll be right here.” With that I fall sleep once again, a smile on my face.

Three days later:

I have burns on my feet and legs, along with a giant cut from the wine glass. The doctor also said I inhaled a lot of smoke and my lungs were going to take the longest to recover. I have to take it easy, and walking as much as from the bedroom to the bathroom down the hall would feel like hell.

I can talk again though which is nice. I could tell the annoying nurse all about Dean and I’s amazing relationship.

I am being released from the hospital today. Sam said Dean and I can stay at his house till ours is rebuilt.

Sam and Dean picked Taz up from the animal hospital. He took in a little too much smoke as well, but will be fine, and he really loves Sam’s house.

We are putting our bags in Sam’s guest room when Dean stops in front of me. “(Y/N) I love you so much.”

“I love you too Dean.” I say. Suddenly he drops to one knee. And pulls out a little red box.

“I have had this for a while, I just need the perfect moment to give it to you. But I can’t go another day without knowing you will be mine forever.” I put my hands over my mouth. Tears forming in my eyes. “will you (Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N) marry me?”

“Yes! Of course I will!” He stands up, and slips the diamond ring onto my finger. Slipping his hands around my back he pulls me close, and kisses me so soft yet so passionate I lost my breath and had to sit on the bed.

Clapping and congratulations come from Sam, who is standing in the door way watching. He and his brother hug, and when I catch my breath he hugs me too. Taz jumps up on the bed, and rubs his head on my back.

My beautiful happy family and I are alive and well.  

This girl in my class literally hates me and is jealous of me for no reason lol, like she is constantly giving me dirty looks and I have no idea why because I’ve been nothing but nice to her???????

Stardust Trail
  • Darren:
  • I sigh as Auburn has a break and transports away in tears, she could be captured and used for more evil ways by the darkness that controls this world. It was not a good thing.
  • ((Auburn! You have been restored somehow to your true self, its a wonderful thing! Do not give up the world is not safe for you and your kindness, Orca did not understand your condition! Mistakes happen, you can always be forgiven!))
  • I try to call out, Orca gives me a dirty look even though she chase Auburn off like she wanted. I look at her confused and try to see what we hit.
  • ...what is a woman doing in transwarp!!
  • "Get her!"
  • I shout to the helmsman and he tries to tractor beam her and transport her inside. She was covered in frost and loose data sparkling like orbs around her.
  • Who is that..?
  • I felt I should know but it escaped me from so long.
  • *throws a multicolored blanket over her trying to warm her*
  • "Ma'am???"
Done// Luke Hemmings


Part Two

Part Three


I walked into Luke and I’s shared apartment, setting my bag on the floor and kicking off my shoes. I sat down on the couch, propping my legs up and turning on my phone, quickly unlocking it and going on Twitter.

And of course, all of my mentions were:

Hey @Y/T/N!! Look at this post of Luke and Arzaylea!!!

tbh Arzaylea is so much prettier than @Y/T/N


Guys seriously stop it clearly @Y/T/N is better than Arz

lol @Y/T/N is a complete joke


Arzaylea may be bad, but @Y/T/N is 1,000x worse

I sighed, exiting out of Twitter and locking my phone.

No matter how many times Luke assured me that he was not cheating on me with Arzaylea, I was still suspicious. I mean, I trust Luke with all my heart, but when it comes to Arzaylea, I have to be. Even I have to admit, she’s really shady.

I turned my phone around in my hands, looking blankly at the window. Thoughts ran around my head as if they were in a race to see who could make me the most delusional first.

What if he is cheating on me?

What if he doesn’t love me?

What if he leaves me for Arzaylea?

What if he’s fucking her?

Am I not pretty enough?

Am I not skinny enough?

Am I not satisfying him?

Am I not good enough?

I tried blocking the thoughts out of my head, but they kept breaking the barrier.

I felt the familiar sting of tears before the wet, salty droplets began rolling down my face. I tried to get the tears to stop, but they just kept on coming. I wiped my face off as the tears flowed, before standing up and putting my shoes back on. I grabbed my bag and keys and opened up the door, walking out to my car. I needed a drive. They always seem to calm me down when I’m stressed out.

I got in my car, quickly turning it on before backing it out of my parking space.

Tears were still streaming down my face as I drove down the street. My ringtone went off, and I quickly looked down to see that Luke was calling me.

I sighed and ignored the call. I needed time to myself without him. I drove until I got to The Cliff, a popular college hangout. There was also a great view of the sunset from the ledge.

I got out, sitting on the roof of the car, looking as the sun faded into hues of orange, purple, and pink. I sat and thought, scrolling through my notifications on Twitter.

More about Arzaylea, the occasional compliment that made my heart flutter, the hate that I’ve gotten used to in the past year I’ve been dating Luke.

The usual.

Quite frankly, the mentions of Arzaylea sickened me. She sickens me in general.

I met her once, at a party Luke took me too. She kept on glaring at me and giving me dirty looks. She even took it to insulting me, INFRONT OF LUKE! And then when Luke went to get us some drinks, she decided it would be fun to threaten me, fat shame, slut shame, and just insult me in general. So yeah, she’s an A-Grade bitch.

Hell, she even went to fucking Bali with them and I wasn’t invited. Not to sound like an over-obsessive, clingy girlfriend.

I just wanted to be with my boyfriend on the beach, laying in the sand. But no. I was stuck with my laptop laying on my bed.

While she was out with them, leaking videos of her and Luke, and rubbing it in the Fam, and my, faces.

I exited out of Twitter and went on Instagram, liking the photos on my feed.

Food, food, friends, Luke, Mikey, Calum’s ass, Luke and Arzaylea.

Nope. This is the last straw. I exited out of Instagram and powered off my phone, then threw it across the car from me.

I’m absolutely, 100% percent done with this.

I laid down on the hood of the car and stared at the sky, before I slowly began falling asleep. My eyelids felt heavy as sleep consumed me.


My back ached as I sat up on my car. I quickly rubbed the drowsiness out of my eyes before hopping off the hood of my car, getting in it then began driving. I looked at the clock in my car.

8:34 AM

Damn, I stayed at the cliff for a long time. I finally arrived back home, quickly opening the door with my keys and quietly entering. I’m almost positive that Luke is still asleep.

But sadly, he wasn’t.

“Where were you all night?” He accused, the moment I poked my head into the kitchen, where he was sipping a cup of coffee. He slammed the mug onto the counter with so much force I thought it would break.

I winced, but quickly composed myself.

“Out,” I said simply, before slipping off my shoes and walking into our bedroom.

But Luke was hot on my tail, storming into the room and slamming the door behind him.

“Where were you?” He asked, his voice on the verge of yelling.

“Like I said, I was out,” I replied, starting to get mad.

“WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU Y/N?” He yelled, making me wince at the volume.


“DON’T CALL HER THAT!” He screamed. Oh wow. So now he’s defending her.

“SO NOW YOU’RE DEFENDING HER?!” I screamed, my pure hatred for Arzaylea fueling me.

“YES! BECAUSE SHE IS MY FRIEND!” He yelled, his face beginning to get red from anger.

“SO YOUR “FRIEND” IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR GIRLFRIEND?” I yelled, beginning to get more mad than I ever had before. I guess Arzaylea just has that kind of affect on people.

“NO! WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT?” He yelled, beginning to soften up a bit.

“BECAUSE IT SURE AS HELL SEEMS LIKE IT!” I yelled, still incredibly mad.



I am 100% done with Luke Robert Hemmings.

Letter from a Fan (Jaime Preciado ONESHOT)

Hi - here is the fluffy Jaime oneshot as promised! This one was really fun to write. I hope it’s not too cheesy though. I finish my holidays on Monday but I will try to write one more oneshot for you guys. Enjoy! xx

Swearing-potatobutt requested: Can you do one where you meet jaime after a concert and he likes you and you two start dating and please make it fluffy c: thanks :)

Anon requested: Can I please have a Jaime one shot, where you’re at a meet and greet before the concert, you’re 25, and you give Jaime a letter saying how you look up to him, and how he’s not just a bassist, he’s more than a bassist…. he’s a hero, and during the concert, Jaime stops just to look for her…. fluff please xoxo

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