she gets upset when i take a bath without letting her in the bathroom

There’s no “I” in Team (Kidney, edited)

All of the suggested revisions were made and a lot of my own revisions were added. Also this fic is supposed to play out like an episode of Grey’s Anatomy (not super realistic logistic timeline wise or medicine wise). 

It started with the itching. It felt like a bad sunburn a couple of days in, like there was a layer of skin on top of his skin. He had mentioned it in passing to his Mami, but she had just taken it as an opportunity to tell him about the importance of sunscreen, even though it was mid January. “Stop wearing wool.”She suggested, “Use a different laundry detergent. Oh, and don’t use fabric softener, it can irritate your skin.” About a week later a large basket filled with expensive bath products arrived on the front door of the Haus, but no amount of salt scrubs or exfoliating brushes or shea cocoa oatmeal ultra moisturizing cream stopped the itch. “Maybe you have eczema? I’ll call the doctor and see if he can get you in over spring break.” His Mami suggested an oatmeal bath for the fourth time in one phone call so he shouts a couple of “I love yous” and hangs up the phone.

Unfortunately even the medicated eczema cream his mother mailed in didn’t seem to work.   Nursey couldn’t sit for more than five minutes without scratching incessantly at his skin. Even on the ice, he would shift uncomfortably in his pads, missing passes and ignoring Dex’s angry shouts as he tried not jump out of his own skin. He had begged Chowder and Farmer and bribed them with Reese’s peanut butter cups until they agreed to help scratch every inch of his body.

He was exhausted all the time, barely alert or awake enough to even acknowledge Dex’s chirps. He writes it off as normal college student exhaustion, with his late nights, early morning hockey practices and excessive coffee consumption.  But he barely slept at night, tossing and turning in the bottom bunk and more than once Dex forces him to move to the toxic green couch. He can barely fall asleep because of the itch and once he falls asleep its restless and light and he wakes up to dark nail streaks all over is skin.

  Then it was the swollen legs and arms. Nursey was naturally more muscular, but Bitty had shouted when Nursey shed his pads after practice on Friday and revealed horribly swollen legs, arms and feet.  Bitty had poked and prodded before shoving Nursey towards Coach Hall who immediately advised Nursey to go to the student health center. Nursey had brushed them off, claiming he had a paper due that night that he couldn’t waste the time ( “I have a poetry midterm next week, I can’t waste any potential study time.”)

So later that night when Nursey and Dex were huddled in their room, each typing away on their respective computers was when the situation had finally dramatically escalated. Nursey had been complaining about nausea since dinner, but now he was rushing to the bathroom with both hands over his mouth. He can hear his Mami’s voice nagging in his head “Too much caffeine will upset your stomach.” It’s stress, it’s just stress, just calm down. He tries to coach himself through it to no avail.

The little bit of rice and saltines he had managed to get down was coming back up and he retched loudly enough to alert Chowder. He felt the warmth of Chowder’s hands rubbing circles into his back and vaguely heard the goalie calling out to Bitty. He was retching uncontrollably and his body was seizing with every wave of nausea but nothing was coming up, and Chowder smoothed a hand over the back of Nursey’s neck and shoulders. When his was finally able to stop retching Chowder pulled him up again his chest and someone else (Dex maybe?) grabbed his feet and maneuvered him down the stairs and into the back of Bitty’s small four door.

“Where are we going?” His own voice sounded slurred and muffled to his ears as another wave of nausea hit.

“The emergency room.” Chowder was still rubbing soft circles into his back and Dex reached back to pat his knee before relaying the directions to Bitty.

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Whipped...Boyfriend?? (Pt.5)

I want to take the time to thank my lovely @harryimaginedstories for nudging me in the right direction with this one. I was a bit conflicted in terms of which direction I wanted to take it, but she was able to settle my doubts. Thank you, love!

Without further ado…

It was impossible not to be so entranced by such a beautiful boy. A beautiful man. A wonderful human being. A decent human being, who taught the world how to be kind, even if they didn’t realize they were learning. He loves people the way they deserve to be loved, making sure to let them know it was okay. It was okay to be loved and to fall in love, that’s what we live for after all. But this boy lives for so much more. This man lives to make others happy, because that’s where he finds his own.

He’s a breath of relief, to see such maturity in a young person; it leaves others in true awe. The way he presents himself, with such confidence that could make you shrink into yourself, feel small. But he has the ability to pull you right out of that state of mind. He’ll make you feel like you’re the most important person in the world. He’s kind and sensitive and all that a man should be.

It was impossible not to notice him. It was impossible not to get caught up.

And it was impossible not to fall in love.


He was by no means perfect though. He had a temper. He had a tendency to disregard certain things, even though he didn’t mean to. He could be the life of the party one minute, and a great introvert the next, keeping to himself in an intriguing way. He was intimidating, but he had that aura. He would make you feel like you needed to be his friend, like you needed to know him and be a part of his extraordinary life.

He had spots and blemishes on his face, but make up covered that up well. When he was particularly tired, the circles under his eyes added to that imperfection. He had a bit of a lazy eye, but you couldn’t really tell unless you were dead on staring, and even then you would most likely get lost in the icy green of them, specs of gold.


But they never saw him like Y/N did. They never lay next to him like she did. They never felt the warmth of his skin like she did.

They never got to experience him in the morning like she did. She took notice to it all.

How his hair was lighter in the sun. A golden brown, or maybe blonde, that had her fingers running through the soft strands with little to no notice that she was doing it. His eyes, bright and excited, crinkles on the corners even though it was seven in the morning and all Y/N wanted to do was go back to sleep, but Harry was a morning person, and plenty times she failed to lull him back to sleep after the sun rose.

The dip on his cheek prominently deepened with every laugh shared, every joke told, every happy moment lived.

His lips, just like in the photos, and how the world sees them. Pink, and enticing. The way that he spoke, the way that his lips moved and pursed around every word, it was hard not to notice.

They never felt those lips like she did. They touched her hands, her fingers, her neck. Her ears, her hair, her forehead. Her temples, her eyes, her cheeks, her nose. Anywhere but where she wanted to have them for the amount of time they were best friends. Until finally, on that glorious night, they touched her lips. After that, she experienced the gentleness of them when he’d get home from work and lay a kiss on her waiting lips. She experienced how rough they could be, pressed tight against her own after long days apart. She experienced them on cold days, or nights. And never minded when they were chapped.

They were cold, they were warm. They were hers.

He was mesmerizing.


And they never saw him fall like she did.

Takes a grand deal to make a great man fall, but it takes even more to lift him back up.

Countless times he’d safely look to her to make his days better, until he realized he didn’t deserve her. Not after what he did.


He was superman. He was untouchable, indestructible. But only to the public.

Behind closed doors. Where everything happens.

Her touch couldn’t help him that night.

Her begging and pleading couldn’t save him.

Her love could not save them.


What did she do?

What did she not do?

Little did she know, it’s what he had done.

It honestly can’t be any more embarrassing. She should’ve let Harry accompany her, hell; she should’ve shot him a text, or called him while she was still in the loo. And though more often than not she’s able to handle herself, she should’ve really just trusted her gut and asked Harry to meet her outside.

It’s not as bad as it could be though, and in all honesty it might be her fault. But the dress just seems too expensive and she can’t believe she ruined it. She’s almost certain she would have burst out in tears if the woman behind the bar hadn’t gone around to help her dry up, but never the less the stain is still prominent, and she’s wishing and hoping that it’ll be an easy fix when she takes it to the cleaner once they get back home.

How was she going to explain what happened. So you see, I sort of kind of maybe definitely stumbled a bit because you know, alcohol, and maybe sort of definitely bumped into that lady over there and completely drenched myself in red wine.


His eyes went wide before he’d even taken a proper look at her.

“I’m sorry.” The whisper came as a shock.

She was beginning to get teary eyed because again, she cannot imagine how much this dress must’ve cost Harry.

His sigh of relief goes unnoticed, and in two long strides he’s stood in front of her.

“Wha’ ‘appened, love.”

At this moment, he really seems to have forgotten about the problem at hand, and only hopes Y/N won’t ask who he’d been talking to.

“I’m sorry. It all happened so fast and-” the words get caught in her throat.

He takes a look at the wine stained fabric, a thumb rubbing over the damp spot as if it would help clean it any.

“No, kitt'en. S'fine. Nothin’ t’ fret over.”

She wipes a stray tear from her cheek with a knuckle, a single sob huffing out.

Harry kisses the top of her hair line, a chuckle lightening the tension he’s sure she must be feeling.

“S'not funny. Aren’t you upset?” She looks up at him dolefully, “I ruined it, H.” She pinches the fabric in between her fingers, pulling at it just a tad to emphasize the mess.

But Harry can’t help but smile, “s'okay, love. I’ll buy ye’ another one. I’ll buy ye’ ten if ye’d like. S'no problem.”

He smiles wider, in attempt to reassure her that it’s not a big deal, he’s not mad. And only when he feels her relax does he shrug off his jacket, slipping each arm out before reaching behind her and settling it over her own shoulders.

“Now c'mon,” he grips the lapel between his fingers and gently pulls her closer, pecking her pout, “let’s get ye’ t'the hotel.”


A shower is very much what Y/N needed. The alcohol in her system seems to have evaporated along with the headache that was beginning to creep up. The noise outside has settled, allowing her to sit in bed in peace and quiet, the only sound being that of running water as Harry took his own shower.

“Have any of tha’ body wash ye’ use, pet?” It’s just like Harry to step into the shower unprepared.

“Running low, gonna have to use your own, babe.”

She wasn’t really, she always makes sure to pack more than needed when they go on trips. But she likes how Harry smells, and if denying him her own scent meant she’d be able to cuddle up to fresh, sometimes minty smelling, Harry, then so be it. He can scold her all he wants once he comes out and finds that she does in fact have plenty of her own body wash.

“Can ye’ han’ me a towel?”

Of course.

Y/N thinks he does this stuff on purpose sometimes. Whether it be 'can ye’ hand me m'towel, love’ or 'left m'loofa on the far end of the counter’, for some reason or another he always seems to forget something at shower time. Sometimes he even lures her into the bathroom with the smell of whatever bath bomb he feels like indulging in. And she’s not completely dull-witted either, nor a woman with no needs. So even though she huffs because 'Harry, really? Next time I’ll let you come out for it yourself. Teach ya a lesson and learn once you slip and fall on your ass,’ she can’t deny she hasn’t fantasied.

And she must admit she does get that tight knot just below her belly button every time she slips into the bathroom and catches a glimpse of his silhouette behind the curtain. Or a tingle, that will have her thighs clenching at the sight of him in the tub, bubbles long gone, bare ass on display. And he’ll tilt his head up and pout his lips slightly, silently asking for a kiss after she’s handed him the bath bar he oh so conveniently left on the bathroom counter. But he’d never turn over, because despite his own needs, he didn’t really know how she would react, never even tried.

“'Lo?” She’s brought out from the lusting thoughts, jolting in place before scurrying over to the room’s dresser and pulling out a white cotton towel, aware that the water’s been turned off.

“Here.” It’s cute, how she’s peeked the door open just a bit, slipping her hand in and waving the material without once looking into the room.

“Ye’ can come in, love.” Harry chuckles, body hidden behind the curtain.

“Should really stop forgetting the towel.” But he can’t help it, he always thought if it got her mind wondering, maybe it’d help ease her along. But that was then, before he’d gone and had sex with somebody that wasn’t her. Now, all he wants is to find the appropriate time to tell her.

“G'na make a note of tha’.”

Any other time she’d be quick to rush out, but right now. Right now she’s looking at him in a way he doesn’t think she’s ever looked at him. Eyes lingering, sizing what little of him she can see through the shower curtain. He notices how her bottom lips drawls out from between her teeth. And though he begins to feel himself growing, he can’t help the guilt washing over him all over again. So he breaks eye contact, and slides the curtain closed.


Why it took Harry a good ten minutes to finally come out of the bathroom, Y/N’s got no clue. Surely it couldn’t have taken more than three minutes to wash his teeth. When he does finally come out, he doesn’t make eye contact, instead she watches as he walks around the room from where she sits on the bed against the headboard, collecting every piece of clothing he wore tonight and hanging it appropriately on hangers.

She watches how the muscles on his back flex when he moves his arms. She watches the swallows high on his chest move to the way he breathes. She smiles at the way the damp strands stick to his forehead before he slides his fingers through and back to remove them from his eyes. She admires the stern look on his face as he fumbles to button his suit jacket, lifting it up to inspect it before hanging it inside the armoire.

Her eyes trace over his tense jaw, the dimly lit room allowing her to see the chiseled structure of his face. She bites the inside of her lip, eyes following the drops of water trailing from the tips of his hair, to the side of his face, to his collarbones, past his chest hair and down his abs before being absorbed into the white material. Her eyes linger lower, noticing how the towel hangs dangerously low on his waist, enough that she can see his happy trail.

A hand moves to settle between her thighs, already feeling the heat that’s worked up.

What sends her over the edge is the evident outline of his bulge, and when he turns sideways, the noticeable tent-like bump has her toes curling and thighs pressing closer against her hand.

“Harry.” She doesn’t mean for it to come out sultry, but it does and it has Harry giving her his full attention.

She’s on her knees now, walking on her knees to the edge of the bed where he’s standing at.

He can feel his breath hitch at the touch, her fingertips ghosting over the 17BLACK tattoo down to the butterfly on his tummy before she’s rubbing her thumb over the Might as well by his v-line.

Before he knows it, he’s exhaling a low moan into her mouth at the feeling of her fingertips trailing down his happy trail. They stop at the top of the cottony fabric. He forces his eyes shut when the pads of her fingers continue trailing down until her palm is against his growing erection and he’s bucking his hips forward.

He feels her smile against his lips. And it’s then that she starts a slow up and down motion, her hand working on his length.

Harry grips at either side of her hip, pressing the tip of his tongue against her slightly parted lips, and when she opens further, his tongue slips in to work against hers.

It’s been a while since he’s had a hand other than his own touching his cock, and although he’s denied of full pleasure because of the thick material around his waist, it’s better than him having to tug one out in the confines of a bathroom. 

The attention her hand is giving his cock is enough to have him in a daze. But he can feel her uneasiness still, not doing much other rather running her palm over his member, so he sets a hand over her own, squeezing it to cup over his cock, the knot in his lower stomach tightening as he detaches his lips from hers and throws his head back in pleasure.

His breathing has become jagged, eyebrows knitted in hopes to restrain the throbbing of his cock.

He feels her replace her hand with his own, and Harry can do nothing but lightly squeeze at the head.

She kisses from his shoulder, to the protruding vein on the side of his neck, and back down to the crook of it, hands trailing up to his chest. When she bites at the skin, the hand that was soothing the ache on his cock goes to her hair, and suddenly his eyes meet hers again.

“Need you.” It’s what she whispers as she presses herself closer, hips meeting his in an urge to feel him, her lips reattaching to his. This causes Harry’s hand to slip down to the curve of her bum where it meets the back of her thighs. And he’s pressing them firm against her bum, his own clenching in an attempt to press himself closer to her, wanting her to feel what she’s done to him.

She takes his body along with hers as she begins moving backwards onto the mattress until she’s completely laying down with Harry on top of her, holding his own weight with his forearms flat on the mattress. His hair, once too short, falls over the sides of his face, eyes downcast and nostrils flared.

He moves to hook a thumb inside her boy shorts, but doesn’t make any effort to slide them down. Instead, he holds it there.

Y/N starts to feel the pressing of his bulge against her mound, and her back arches when he grinds into her. The built up frustration is causing him to grip at her hip a tad too tight, but Y/N’s moan at the feeling only causes him to rut his hips harder.

Although Y/N might be a virgin, she’s not a complete saint. She’s spent countless times reading up on the pleasure that is sex. She’d often get off at the thought of Harry, hands gripping her bed sheets as she wrenched and moaned until she reached release. But she’s never been confident enough to take that big step. Not with Harry, not with anyone else she’s dated.

And she never thought it would feel this good.

Her legs hook around his waist, craving to have him closer, and he’s attaching his lips to her neck.

“Pet.” His whisper is mixture of frustration and pleasure.

All she can do is moan.

Soon enough, he’s pushing himself off of her.

Did she do something?

But he doesn’t say anything, moves to sit on the edge of the bed, trying his best to ignore the throbbing of his cock, well aware that he won’t be relishing in the pleasure of release. A hand runs through his hair before it settles on his lap. And then he’s letting out a sigh and bringing the heels of his hand to dig at his eyes.

“Everything okay, H?”

He’s waited so long for this. But he can’t. He won’t.

He needs to tell her, but where does he start.

He hears her yawn, and he can already imagine her kneeled behind him, hovering over his body.

But she doesn’t say anything, wraps her arms around his neck from and presses a kiss to the shell of his ear.

“Don’t have to, if you don’t want.”

But he does, he wants to. Just not like this.

He reaches behind to caress at her hair and presses his temple against her forehead.

“Not tonight, pet.”

She doesn’t say anything after that, so Harry stands up to walk to the dresser, grabbing a pair of briefs and making his way into the bathroom.

When he comes out, his Y/N is asleep, curled up in the middle of the bed, oblivious to the silent tears running down his cheeks.

He’s made up his mind. He’ll tell her tomorrow.

He stands at the side of the bed, looking her over, the guilt eating at him.

He manages to wedge himself in between her and the mattress without waking her, bringing her to lie against his chest, holding tight.

But the tears don’t stop.

At 4 in the morning he’s still awake, no sign that he’s growing tired. He’s trying to memorize all of her, his eyes and hands scanning and ghosting her sleeping figure.

She looks so pure. A sob racks his body, and when the next one threatens to shake him he inhales deep when he feels her stir against him.

How could he have done this to her.

After she buries her face in the crook of his neck, he closes his eyes tight, squeezing her to him one last time before letting sleep overcome him.

And though it’s a long shot, he just hopes they’ll be able get through this.


When Harry wakes up, it’s to an empty bed and a note on the side of mattress where Y/N laid the night before. He takes the hotel’s notepad in between his thumb and index finger.

Went out for breakfast with Lou. Giving you a Y/N free afternoon so you can hang out with the boys. Already packed for our flight tomorrow. See you later, babe!(:

Although he really wishes she would have woken him so they could eat together, Harry knows he’s got to sort his guilt out. He can’t let another day go by lying to her.


How did they end up here.

She knew it wasn’t gonna be anything good. From her experience, nothing good ever follows 'we need to talk.’

But she could have never imagined this. Never in a million years could she have thought those words would be coming out of Harry’s mouth.

She’s in complete shock, hands trembling and heart pounding, pounding hard against her chest and she swears she can hear it echoing in the room.

“You-” She can’t say it, she can’t repeat it, but she knows there’s no way around this.

“You slept with someone else.” She’s making sure she heard him right. She wants to believe she heard wrong, but his following words further prove that’s not the case.

“I’d had too much t'drink. I-I didn’t know wha’ I was doin’. I can’t remember anythin’. All I know s'I woke up next to h-”

“Stop.” Every word he says, hang in the air, floating in her head because no, she refuses to believe her Harry could have done this to her.

He had been stood frozen in the middle of the room after insisting she sit down, and though she was reluctant and wary, she had, the soft sofa failing to ease the growing tension.

“Y/N.” His eyes are red, fighting against his sobs to explain to her, to try to get her to understand that had he been in his five senses, it wouldn’t have happened because he doesn’t have eyes for anyone else.

“Stop.” There’s nothing else she can say. She doesn’t want to hear about what, or how it happened. She doesn’t want details on the night Harry betrayed her trust.

Harry can see tear drops landing on her jeans, hands clasped together on her lap, making no effort to wipe at her eyes or her cheeks.

“It meant nothing and I-”

“Harry.” And the look on her face when she finally looks up at him, that look has him falling to his knees in front of her, reaching out to take her hands in his.

“Y/N, no.” His lips are quivering, the corners of them pulled down. “It meant nothin’. Ye’ can’t think fo’ a minute tha’ I wanted it. I love you. You know tha’.”

His heart breaks all the more when she bows her head back down and says nothing. She looks at their joined hands and gives his a squeeze.

“Tell me ye’ know tha’.” The crack of his voice tugs at her heart.

“M'sorry, love. M'so so sorry.”

Suddenly, it clicks in her head.

“No,” she whispers in sudden realization.

She pulls her hands away when she feels his lips rest on her knuckles.

“That day, that’s what it was. That’s why you were crying.” It’s as if it’s all come together. “You should have told me.”

“I wanted to. I wanted t'tell ye’,” he chokes on his words, “and it killed me to-”

“You’ve kept this from me this long.” It’s more like she’s saying it to herself, trying to wrap her head around how he could sleep next to her knowing what he had done.

“I wanted t'find the right time t'tell ye’. I didn’t mean for it t’-”


She can feel his grip tighten on her thighs. She can’t do this. She can’t sit here and listen to his excuses.

“M'sorry for lettin’ it come this far. Pet, m'sorry. I wanted t'tell ye’. And then when I saw 'er last night-”

Is he serious? She was there? There’s a chance she might have had a conversation with the woman Harry slept with?

“Stop.” She really just wants him to stop.

“I was so scared. I didn’t know she was gonna be there. And I couldn’t have ye’ findin’ out like tha’. I couldn’t risk-”

She can’t take it. “Harry stop!” She didn’t want to yell, she’s never been one to yell. Their small tiffs never ended in yelling. But she knows this isn’t small, and she can’t be expected to keep calm.

He’s losing her, he feels it.

She brushes his hands off, pushing herself off the sofa and moving away from him to the door of the room.

“No,” he cries, tears welling up in his eyes, vision blurry, so he wipes at his them harshly with the back of his hand.

“Get out.” She’s opening the door, eyes fixated on the floor.

He sets his weight on the back of his heels for a moment, head in his hands. The only sound in the room being a mix of his ragged breathing and her sobs. He stays still, but only for a moment, until he hears her faintly whisper his name.

“Please, love-” he’s quick to get up, shoulders slumped as he cautiously moves to her, feet dragging.

“Out.” There’s no changing her mind.

She’s never felt so broken before, so betrayed.

And she doesn’t look at him, not even a glance even though she can feel his stare on her.

She listens as whis breathing evens, and lets him kiss the top of her hair before she’s shutting the door behind him.

Her world’s crashing around her, and all it took was one night with someone else. She wants the floor to swallow her whole. She wants this all to be a nightmare.

But it’s real. And it hurts.


Can you write A piece where Harry’s mom doesn’t like you (because she’s wary of you hurting him since he’s been hurt a lot before) but your family adore Harry and are really accepting of him please

When she first met his mum she was sure she would like her. Harry always told her how amazing his mum was, funny and always there for him. She was the most important person in his life.
Harry told his mum how amazing Y/N was too, loving and oh so caring. She was the most important person to him as well.
Anne wasn’t upset about that, she was hoping for years that someone would come along who her son would fall in love with. The problem was that Harry did that a lot, meeting girls and catching feelings for them. But those girls never wanted anything serious. They wanted fun, maybe even the profit being seen with him would bring. He dated models, bloggers and singers. But never a normal girl.
Y/N was exactly that, normal. She went to uni and worked at a cafe when she didn’t have lessons. She didn’t even know who Harry was when she met him even though she knew One Direction. She got to know him, just Harry without glamorous suits and expensive boots. She got to know the real Harry, the normal one.
And then she fell for him.
She fell fast and she fell hard. She loved him. She loved him when he woke her up at 8 am on a Sunday morning and was happier than any normal human should be at that time. She loved him when he drank too much wine and got clingy and whiny. She loved him when he was grumpy and she loved him when he needed someone to be there.
And he loved her just as much. He loved her when she was grumpy in the morning and pushed him away when he woke her up. He loved her when she refused to go to sleep without at least four kisses. He loved her when she was there for him and listened to him. He loved her when she needed him to be there for her and listen to her.
Harry thought that Y/N was perfect, made just for him and he was made just for her. There was no reason as to why Anne wouldn’t like her.

But then he brought Y/N home and Anne was anything but welcoming. She stared Y/N down with cold eyes and didn’t send her one warm smile. She asked her questions that made Harry choke on the water he was drinking and look at his mum with shock. Anne made Y/N feel so uncomfortable that she had tears in her eyes and had to excuse herself from the table in order to go the bathroom and calm down.
Harry tried to talk to his mum during that time and asked her what the hell was going on but Anne just shrugged and told him Y/N sent her bad vibes.
The worst about it was that Y/N’s family absolutely adored Harry. They made him feel so welcome when he first met them. They loved him immediately and accepted him. Harry felt so guilty that his family couldn’t do the same.

When they visited Anne for the second time for a nice barbecue Y/N almost told Harry she was sick and couldn’t go. The thing was that she was scared. Not of Anne or how rude she would be this time but of what Harry would do if his mum really wouldn’t approve of her. She knew how important his mum was to him and she knew that she couldn’t compare to that. He would surely break up with her.

Y/N made it her mission to show Anne that she was right for her son. She was nice to Anne the whole time even though she still threw daggers at her. She even offered to help and set the table on terrace and prepared a salat.
But then something happened that Y/N couldn’t handle. Harry cut himself while slicing the zucchini to lay on the grill and blood was everywhere. His pained whimper made Y/N stop what she was doing and turn to him immediately, running over to him when she saw what happened.
“Oh, Harry! I told you to be careful!”
She ushered him to the sink, holding his bleeding finger underneath the water. But then her hands began to shake and her eyes welled up with tears. She wasn’t the one in physical pain but her she was suffering emotionally.
It never happened before while they were together that Harry hurt himself and maybe that was why it affected her like that. The thing was that Y/N absolutely hated blood. She couldn’t look at it without panicking and getting sick.
And now that Harry was bleeding and in pain, it was too much.
“Hey.” Harry cooed and turned to Y/N, cupping her face with his palms and carefully trying not to get any blood on her.
“Breathe with me, okay? Just like we practiced. In and out.” he demonstrated her, trying to get her to control her ragged breathing.
Anne watched all that from the doorway, how her son held on to his crying girlfriend and how she panicked because her boyfriend was hurt. It dawned on her then that the impression she had of Y/N was completely wrong. She wasn’t using him for anything as she might have thought, she was in it just for him.
Y/N’s breathing was almost back to normal but her tears kept streaming down her cheeks and Harry wiped them away every few seconds.
“I’m okay, you know that, right?” Harry asked her softly.
She nodded after a moment, but her sobs started all over again.
“Shh, oh darling.” Harry pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly to his chest, his one hand on the back of her head, stroking through his hair and his other hand on her back, moving in soothing circles.
Anne decided to take that moment to walk over to them, placing her hand on Harry’s shoulder.
“Run a warm bath for her, love. Let her calm down.” she spoke to him softly, hesitating for a moment before she stroked over her back as well.
“That sounds good, yeah?” Harry asked Y/N snd pulled back a bit to remove all the hairs that have gotten in her face.
She nodded and wiped her tears away on her own.
“W-Want to take c-care of y-your finger before.” she hiccuped.
“Think that’s a good idea, sweetheart? Don’t want you to panic again.”
She shook her head and pulled Harry with her into the bathroom.

Once inside she rinsed his wound again and put a plaster on top, the whole process taking longer than it normally would due to her shaky hands. When she was done Harry filled the bathtub with warm water, pouring a bit of coconut bubble bath inside to get the bubbles she loves.
He helped her undress, kissing over her skin after each article he dropped to the floor. He held her hand when she stepped inside, careful that she didn’t slip.
“You’ll join me, right?” she asked when he didn’t seem to get undressed any time soon.
“You want me to?”
The thing was that they weren’t together for that long, and intimacy was in the future. Yes, they’ve seen each other naked before but they’ve never touched each other while being naked. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to but they decided in the beginning that they would take it slow.
“Yeah.” she nodded.
“Alright. Let me just grab something to drink real quick.” he kissed her forehead before leaving the bathroom.

“How is she?” Anne asked Harry when he entered the kitchen.
“She’s okay, I think.”
“That was a full blown panic attack. Does that happen often?”
“Sometimes. More often than I would like. But I know what to do when it happens now. I practiced breathing with her and know how to calm her down.”
Anne nodded in understanding and scratched her head awkwardly, the same habit as Harry has.
“Harry, I’m really sorry for how cold I was to her and-”
“Don’t apologize to me, apologize to her. I’ll join her now.” he let his mother know, grabbing a water bottle and walking upstairs again.

He hugged her to his chest tightly and held her until the water turned cold and the bubbles disappeared. He stroked her skin and kissed over it, enjoying the closeness and intimacy they shared for the very first time.
Once they started to shiver and goosebumps arose on their skin they got out, wrapping each other in big fluffy towels. Harry got them both clothes from his old room, a shirt that was at least three sizes too big for Y/N and sport shorts that almost slipped down her legs.
And when they came downstairs again Anne was waiting for them on the terrace, everything prepared for their barbecue.
Anne stood up when they came outside, looking at Y/N before she locked eyes with Harry and silently told him to leave them alone for a moment.
“Um… I’ll grab us something to drink.” Harry said before kissing Y/N’s temple and leaving them to themselves.
“Are you feeling better?” Anne asked Y/N.
“Yeah. I’m sorry for causing so much drama but… I often get emotional when it comes to Harry.” she shrugged.
“There is nothing for you to be sorry about, alright? If someone needs to apologize it’s me. I don’t know what came over me to act so cold and rude towards you. It’s just… I see the way Harry looks at you and I know that you have the power to destroy him completely. He’s been hurt so many times and I can’t watch him getting his heart broken again. You’re already so important to him and I was scared that you might not feel the same but… I saw earlier exactly how you feel about him.” Anne smiled softly at her.
“I’m in love with him, Anne. I haven’t told him that because he better be the first to say that.” she joked and Anne giggled softly.
“I really love him and I have no bad intentions in any way. I want to be with him. As long as he’ll have me.”
Anne took a step forward and grabbed Y/N’s hand, squeezing gently.
“I think he’ll want you for a very long time. He might haven’t said it yet but he loves you. He’s never looked at anyone the way he looks at you. I think you’re the one for him.”
Y/N breathed a happy laugh and hugged Anne briefly.
“Thank you for forgiving me.” Anne grinned at Y/N.
“Of course.”

Their barbecue was exactly how it was supposed to be, delicious and filled with nice conversations and laughter. It felt like family.
Y/N was glad she could finally act around Harry how she always does, teasing and bantering.
Harry teased her the whole time as well.
“It’s actually really cute that you cried for me because I cut a finger. Don’t want to know what you’d do if I were about to die.”
And just like that everything felt as perfect as it was supposed to be. Anne was just as Harry had described. Warm and gentle. Loving.
And somehow everything felt familiar.

that home

that home by cinematic orchestra just popped up on my spotify and brought back all of the crushing emotions of to build a home, so. go read that fic. and then this drabble. and then listen to this on repeat and cry with me.

Apartment 6 hadn’t felt like home for a long time. It was somehow far too big and far too small at the same time. 

There wasn’t enough room for Mrs O’Leary to run around, so she was constantly knocking things off tables and skittering on the rug in the lounge, and sometimes when she was particularly excited Annabeth would have to press herself up against the hall wall to avoid being bowled over by her as she ran by. There were boxes hidden in every spare space, storage containers under the desk and folders and loose sheets of paper and pens scattered over every surface.

But there was too much space at the breakfast bar in the kitchen, an empty seat at the dinner table, cold sheets on the other side of the bed. There was a gaping hole looming there, and even though memories of Percy were threatening to spill from every corner of the apartment, Annabeth just couldn’t fill it.

She had to leave.

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Me, Not Her | A | .01

Kwon Jiyong | BIGBANG | 1K Words | .01 .02

When you given up, and no matter what you do it’s never good enough.

When you never thought that it could ever get this tough.

That’s when you feel my kind of love.


We Can’t Be Friends

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“So, let me get this straight,” Minako said while arching an eyebrow, “He bought you a three-bedroom house. A house that has the biggest ensuite I have ever seen, an entertainment room – because normal people needs one of those – and tree house for our little hellcat. And you, the wonderful man that had this all given to him, are upset?”

“Yes,” he said, nodding his head.

“He organised for moving men to pack up, move and unpack everything,” Minako pointed out.

“He did,” he muttered while dropping his gaze to the mug he was holding, staring at his reflection in his tea.

“What is the problem then?” Minako questioned with a sigh.

“He paid for everything.” He glanced up as he spoke, locking eyes with his life-long dance teacher.

“I want… to be able to pay for things. To be able to contribute to bills and things,” he admitted.

“Yuuri, you have to realise something, Victor is spending all this money on you without being asked. You aren’t manipulating him, he is doing all this because he wants too. He wants to make you happy, wants to make sure Yu-chan grows up healthy and happy,” Minako told him gently while reaching over the table to grab his hand and give it a gentle squeeze.

“But,” he stared before shaking his head.

“But?” Minako questioned.

“How am I meant to repay him?” he mumbled softly, ducking his head in embarrassment.

“You don’t have too,” Minako ensured him, squeezing his hand again, “You don’t have to do anything. I’m sure if you simply gave him a few wild nights in bed, he would be happy.”

“Minako-sensei!” he gasped, cheeks heating up in embarrassment at his teacher’s words. Minako let out a cheerful laugh while letting go of his hand and leaning back in her seat.

“I’m being serious though, you don’t have to do anything,” Minako stated with a shrug.

“But,” he paused before taking a breath, “I want to.”

“Huh? You want to what?” Minako questioned.

“I want to… contribute to this relationship. I don’t want to be dependent on Victor,” he declared, though his cheeks remain heated in embarrassment. Minako stared at him for a moment as she lifted her mug to her lips and took a slow sip before setting it down quietly at the dining table.

“You could contribute more if you accepted more of the roles offered to you,” Minako suggested.

“You know I can’t do that,” he said, shaking his head.

“Yuuri, just talk to him,” Minako sighed.

“I can’t do that,” he insisted, causing Minako to sigh again.

“Fine. If you won’t accept more roles, you could always…”

“Papa. Papa!”

Yuuri jolted awake at the feeling of someone gently shaking up. He glanced around before finally spotting Yuri standing beside his bed, Potya cradled in his arms.

“Yurochka? What’s wrong?” he asked, glancing toward the small digital clock set up on his bedside table. It was a little after three in the morning, or so the clock read, way too early for the boy to be up.

“I miss Vicchan,” the boy mumbled while shyly burying his face into Potya’s fur.

“I know, baby, I miss him too,” he ensured the boy while gently reaching over to grab Potya. The cat let out a meow of protest as she was taken from her rightful owner, only to start to purr when she was set on the bed. Once the cat was released, he reached over and lifted Yuri into the bed next, settling the boy down beside him on Victor’s side of the bed.

“When does Vicchan come home?” Yuri asked, staring up at him with wide eyes.

“Six days,” he mumbled as he settled back down against his pillow.

“That’s so long, papa,” Yuri whined, gently tugging on his shirt under the cover of the blanket.

“I know, I know. But Vicchan is at the World Championships, remember? It’s one of the biggest skating competitions,” he reminded the boy before a yawn escaped him.

“But I want Vicchan,” Yuri whined. He sighed softly as he leant over and pressed a gentle kiss to his son’s forehead.

“I want Vicchan as well, Yurochka,” he said with a sigh.

He never expected it to be so hard to function without Victor around.

He expected to just fall into the rhythm that he had had before Victor had popped up in to their life, but he hadn’t, they hadn’t.

He never realised how much he depended on Victor’s help and support until the other man was away.

He had to sacrifice his lunch breaks to pick Yuri up from school, having to take the boy back to the dance studio with him and try to find a way to amuse the boy for a couple of hours so he could finish practising for the day. Having to walk Makkachin and go food shopping after a long day at the studio, only to than cook dinner and get Yuri ready for bed.

All that while still adjusting to the new house Victor had bought for them.

And then there was the silly things, that he shouldn’t miss, but did.

The love messages in the mirror every morning.

The feeling of falling asleep while being held

The presence of another adult in the house.

“Papa,” Yuri whispered, causing him to hum in response, “Vicchan is going to come back, right?”

“Yes, baby, Vicchan will come back,” he promised as he found himself slowly drifting off to sleep to the sound of a cat purr and his son’s breathing.

“Can I take a holiday?”

Victor glanced towards his coach curiously, hoping that he would get a positive answer.

“What? The season isn’t over, Victor,” Yakov huffed, frowning in his direction.

“But after Worlds, there is only the World Team Trophy,” he pointed out.

“Which you are competing in,” Yakov said, though he was sure his coach was reminding him more than stating.

“Yes, but it is in Japan, and I want to take a trip to Japan,” he stated while flashing his coach a bright smile.

“I’ll make sure to practice every day! Oh, and I’ll send you lots of pictures of Yuri too,” he promised, continuing to grin at his coach.

Yakov stared at him for a moment before letting out another sigh.

“Didn’t you just buy your Yuri’s a house? Why are you now taking them on a holiday?” Yakov questioned.

“Well, Yuuri said I couldn’t marry him until I bought him a house, got his parents’ permission and bought him a ring,” he explained.

“So,” Yakov said before pausing, “You want to marry him?”

“Yep,” he confirmed, nodding his head.

“But Russia-“ Yakov started, he waved his hand towards his coach.

“I know, Yakov. Russia isn’t a good place to be gay, but I want to try, I need to try. Yuuri is the love of my life,” he said softly.

He had never felt like this before. The joy of being with his two Yu(u)ri’s, the giddiness of doing something nice for them, the warmth of cuddling either or both of them.

He didn’t want to lose them. He glanced down at his phone, smiling at the ‘Good Luck’ message that was lid up on his screen, slightly blurring out the adorable picture of the three of them together, smiling for a selfie he had managed to get when they were in Moscow.

“Fine, you can go on a holiday,” Yakov sighed, shaking his head, “But I want daily videos of you training, you understand?”

“Yes!” he gasped in delight, dragging his coach into a tight hug, “I’ll make you a grandfather soon, I promise.”

“Dyadya, Victor! I don’t want to be a grandfather!”

Victor hummed softly to himself as he dragged his keys out of his pocket and quietly enter their house.

He had known that Yuuri would be a little upset with him for buying the house without his opinion, but to be honest, he had gotten Yuuri’s opinion on the house.

They had looked over the house a few weeks back, only for Yuuri to reject it when they had been given the wanted price for it. Sure, it had been rather pricey, but it had also been perfect for them.

A house with a proper backyard for Makkachin, a luxury treehouse in the backyard for Yuri to play in during the warmer months. It also had three bedrooms, giving them an extra room to invite guests over. And the main bedrooms ensuite was to die for, he had seen the look of pure wonder on Yuuri’s face when they had seen it for the first time.

A large marble bath that could easily fit two adults was located in the middle of the bathroom, situated in front of a large frosted panel that had the ceiling mounting shower head behind it. And how could he forget the ‘his and her’ sinks with all that extra cabinet space for his beauty care products.

All three bedroom were decently sized – much larger than the rooms at their previous apartments.

He paused in the doorway, gently putting his luggage to the side when he heard a sound coming from the lounge room.

He walked the couple of steps to the lounge, poking his head into the room to see his Yu(u)ri’s sitting in the lounge.

Yuuri was fast asleep on the lounge, blanket thrown over his lap with Makkachin snoozing at Yuuri’s feet.

Yuri, on the other hand, was wide awake, lying on his stomach right in front of the television as he drew in a colour book. Potya was lying beside the boy, seeming to listening attentively to the quietly chattering boy.

“And-and-and papa will kiss Vicchan and then it will be happily ever after,” Yuri told Potya, pausing his colouring to look at the cat. Potya let out soft meow before flicking her ears in his direction before turning to look at him. Yuri slowly followed his cats gaze, only for his eyes widen when they made eye contact.

“VICCHAN!” the boy shouted, jumping to his feet and brawling towards him. He chuckled softly as he scooped the boy up into his arms, planting a kiss on the boy’s cheek.

“What are you still doing up, Yurochka? It is past your bedtime,” he asked with a bright smile.

“He wanted to stay up to see you,” a new voice spoke up, causing him to glance towards the love of his life, who seemed to have been woken up by Yuri’s shout.

“Hi love,” he cooed, walking towards his boyfriend and leaning over the back of the couch to kiss him gently.

“Gross,” Yuri whined.

“Time for bed, Yurochka,” Yuuri mumbled, slowly dragging himself off the couch.

“No, papa,” Yuri pouted while glancing towards him with big puppy-dog eyes.

“It’s bedtime,” he said, gently tapping Yuri’s nose.

“Nooooooooo,” Yuri whined in defeat as they began the walk to the boy’s bedroom.

“How was your flight?” Yuuri asked before pausing to hide a yawn behind his hand. He couldn’t help but smile as he watched Yuuri make them both a cup of tea from one of the kitchen bar stools.

“Long, tiring,” he sighed softly while running a hand through his hair, “How is the house?” he questioned. Yuuri let out a thoughtful hum as he grabbed everything he needed, seeming to know where everything was located in the kitchen already.

“It’s bigger,” Yuuri said, voice blank of any real emotion, making it hard to gauge how Yuuri really felt about the house.

“Do you like it?” he tried again. Yuuri glanced towards him for a moment before turning back to the cups he had set out. He pouted slightly, he only wanted to know if Yuuri liked the house. He had said yes when they had walked through the house when they had gone house hunting, but now that they actually owned it, he was worried that Yuuri had changed in mind.

Yuuri finished making them tea and brought a mug over to him. He smiled as he accepted the mug, only to blink in surprise as his boyfriend happily made himself comfortable in his lap.

“The house is nice,” Yuuri mumbled while leaning back against his chest.

“Only nice?” he questioned while draping an arm across Yuuri’s waist to help keep him in place.

“It’s very nice,” Yuuri corrected, causing him to chuckle softly.

“Let’s go on a holiday,” he suggested.

“Victor, we just moved house,” Yuuri groaned.

“My next competition is in Japan. Yakov said that as long as I train every day, he is fine with me having a mini-holiday. So, we can go visit your family, watch me compete and then come home,” he explained before taking a small sip of tea. Yuuri remained silent for a moment, simply sipping his tea while leaning into him.

“Okay,” Yuuri finally spoke up.

“Huh?” he questioned in surprise, not expecting Yuuri to give in so easily.

“Yes,” Yuuri said, tilting his head up so they were looking at each other, “Let’s go to Japan.”

Skater Next Door AU

AO3 Skater Next Door


Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 9.)


Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3. - Part 4. - Part 5. - Part 6. - Part 7. - Part 8.

Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (post-apocalypse)
Negan and Simon welcome the Reader to her new home.
Word Count: 4,053
Author’s Note: I am so excited to delve into this latter half of this story. I have no idea what’s going to happen between these three (kidding, maybe I do, who knows really lmao). But I just want to thank everyone who likes, replies, and even sends me asks about this story. It truly means the world to me; you guys have no idea! So, thank you so much and I hope you enjoy! :) 

Taglist: @oceaninwinter || @fiftypercentmoreintoyou || @isayweallgetdrunk || @illysamorgan || @loreleilara || @adayinmymeadow || @cheyanhicks || @theonethatgotaway213 || @jannavaire || @butler-boi || @female-x || @1d-niallerbieberforever || @voidobsession || @choolhooter || @smudged-lineart || @zaddygrimes || @see-you-then-winchester || @neganisking || @adreamemporium || @thewew || @collette04 || @clinicalkayla || @ja9erz || @butterangrystudent-54d63c09 || @jmackie1983 || @anakatrinawinchester || @halluciel || @simons-thirst-squad​ || @negans-network

(GIF Source: @heartfulloffandoms)

You thought everything was a dream. You were afraid to wake up and realize that you were still in that abandoned house with Chris and the other two men. You were afraid that you were simply dreaming of Negan and Simon coming to your rescue.

But, you knew that somehow the bed you were lying on was much comfier than the one at the abandoned house. Quietly, you grunted at the pain your body felt; it was such a long time since you had a good rest.

Slowly, you opened your eyes to see Negan and Simon talking amongst one another at the couch. You looked around, furrowing your brows at the unfamiliar room.

Maybe you weren’t dreaming after all.

“[Y/N]…” Simon said.

You shook your head, covering your ears. “You’re not real. Fuck! I’m losing my mind,” you mumbled to yourself, sitting up and shutting your eyes.

For once, you wished you had woken up from whatever hallucination you had slipped into. This was torture. You could hear Simon’s voice so clearly and when you looked at Negan, he seemed so real.

“Doll, it’s us… We’re here,” Negan cooed.

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A Dangerous Game (Suho Mafia!au fic) Chapter 19 - Lego Land

Warnings: None

Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7, Ch. 8, Ch. 9, Ch. 10, Ch. 11, Ch. 12, Ch. 13, Ch. 14, Ch. 15(M), Ch. 16, Ch. 17(M), Ch. 18Ch. 19, Ch. 20, Ch. 21, Ch. 22, Bonus Chapter

Nothing could possibly ruin the fact that I was about to climb into a nice warm bubble bath and have a glass of wine from one of the most expensive bottles that Junmyeon owned.

Bang Bang Bang

“Whatever you’re doing in there, finish up! Junmyeon needs you in the living room now!” Minseok yelled through the door.

Expect maybe his voice…his voice could ruin that moment. Wrapping my bathrobe around myself I made my way to the living room where I saw something that I definitely wasn’t expecting to see.

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Bathing Suit

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Notes: Established relationship, one-shot, no smut (it’s implied), pool parties, low self-esteem, shopping, Reader hates shopping, Bucky is a supportive boyfriend, based on real events

Summary: Bucky tries inviting the you, his girlfriend, to a cookout and a pool party the Avengers are hosting at the compound, but you decline because you don’t have a bathing suit. You haven’t owned one in years, actually. Bucky takes you out shopping for one, and the whole day you come up empty-handed and upset. That is, until you find the bathing suit that changes everything.

A/N: So I bought a bathing suit for the first time in YEARS this weekend. Saturday seriously sucked for me. In the middle of my drudgery of trying to find a suit that actually looked decent, I came up with this idea for a fic. I hope you like it! Let me know if you did, and enjoy! ^_^

“Oh c’mon Y/N, I’m sure you’ll find something you like in no time.”

“That’s easy for you to say, Bucky. You were in and out of store like that!” you snapped your fingers on your last word to emphasize how quick Bucky got his new bathing suit. It was true, though. You and Bucky were literally in and out of Target in 15 minutes, and within that time he managed to find a pair of swimming trunks that of course made him look ridiculously hot, and all just for $20, too.

You on the other hand weren’t so lucky. It took you ages to find anything that you thought looked all right to you, and bathing suits were the worst offenders. Your bad luck with bathing suits had gotten to you so much, you quit trying to find one ages ago. In fact, it had been five years since you’ve owned a bathing suit. Maybe longer, you thought to yourself. It’s been so long you actually forgot exactly when you quit. But today’s shopping excursion reminded you of why you quit in the first place.

It was Bucky’s idea to take you out shopping. Last weekend, the entire Avengers team decided to have a cookout and a pool party. It was something they hardly had the time to do since they were too busy with missions, training, and other Avenger specific obligations. Each team member was allowed to invite a few friends, and of course Bucky invited you, his girlfriend. He was shocked and confused when you declined. You were always up for visiting at the compound, so why were you refusing now? When he asked, you gave him a simple reason.

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x files fic: under the stars (minimal fate required)

or: ways mulder and scully could’ve been happy

for @leiascully‘s challenge: list sort of


The X-Files are never shut down and Scully is never abducted.

They fall into a comfortable rhythm of partnership: an incredible solve rate, an easy repertoire. (He never convinces her to believe in aliens, and she never convinces him not to.) They start spending time together outside of work - getting drinks, watching movies over long-abandoned paperwork. It’s at least two and a half years before Mulder realizes that she is his best friend. (Even over the Gunmen, he thinks about telling her, but how would that go down? They don’t say things like that to each other. She’s only ever called him Fox once, and he’s called her Dana a total of six times before she asked him to stop; what kind of friends are they?)

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Undeniable Heat Chapter 38: Party

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1150 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Arriving at the bar, you weren’t surprised to see many people had already shown up. People you talked to on a daily basis, or even those you seldom saw, but worked on the set of Supernatural. A back room in the bar had been rented, and food and drinks were scattered on tables on the far wall. Music from the bar could be heard through the open door, creating a festive but relaxed atmosphere.

With your arm in Jensen’s, you walked into the room to the cheers of everyone inside. One by one they came forward, hugging you and letting you know how much they enjoyed having you back on set. Jensen stayed by your side, a possessive hand on your waist as his eyes scanned the crowd.

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lovely; part ii


PROMPT; in which archie andrews finds himself smitten with a dear friend, and after a not-so-fun encounter during lunch, it dawns on him that its about time he comes clean.

PARING/CHARACTERS; archie andrews x reader, jughead jones, betty cooper, and veronica lodge.

WARNINGS; god you’re gonna hate me but angst, feels and possibly fluff at the end.

AUTHOR’S NOTE; aaaaaaaand its back from high demand! i usually don’t do part twos to a lot of my imagines (i’ve had previous blogs) so this is a bit odd for me. either way, i hope you all enjoy!


It had been weeks since the dance, and for Archie, nothing had really been the same.

The world was duller and sadder. The bright red neon lights outside of Pop’s never seemed welcoming anymore. The playground behind one of the elementary schools always seemed depressing when the swing would move with the wind.

His music and grades fell slowly, chipping away like his heart did. Everyone noticed the ginger’s change in heart, the change in his personality.

You noticed it, and it made your heart shatter.

You had tried talking to him, but he would just look at you and walk away. Hell, you cornered him in the locker room once when all the boys had left.

You had never seen him so mad or upset when you did that. He looked ready to hit you, but, of course, he didn’t. He had just gripped your hand tightly and basically told you to never talk to him again.

So you didn’t.

And you had lost one of your closest friends.

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Bubble Baths

summary: after a particularly bad day at the avengers headquarters bucky returns home exhausted, frustrated and sullen. y/n takes it upon herself to make sure he feels better. 

word count: 2.4k

pairing: bucky x reader

warnings: literally just fluff but there’s some nudity, i guess? basically bucky likes to be cared for, y/n is mom af and steve is awful at buying gifts

a/n: this is so cute i want to stab myself but i also want to stab myself bc first day of school tomorrow

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anonymous asked:

coco oil disaster reporting: I'm okay! thank you all for the care! my hair is still kinda funny from all washing but it looks okay now. I'd ask for RFA+3 react @ MC messing up her hair (dyeing/haircut), maybe put this in your queue? thank you loves!

I’m actually really glad to hear that your hair is doing better and tbh I was talking to myself (don’t judge) about my hair and started to wonder about yours the other day (wow that’s probably creepy im sorry) so I’m glad I finally got to your request ^^;; ~Admin 404


-He’s probably the one who helps you mess up your hair?

-MC! He dyes his hair! He can totally help you dye yours!



-Cries with you when you see the results


-He finds a beauty club on campus and joins, hoping it’ll help him figure out how to fix your hair

-You won’t let him near your hair anymore, at all. He has to pat your back when he’s consoling you for weeks afterwards because you’re very serious about not letting him touch

-Begs to go with you to the beauty parlor to watch them fix it though!

-Literally praises your hair 27 times a day once it’s actually the colour you wanted, because you look so good!!! He tries to tell you that you were beautiful before but the glare you give him makes him hold his tongue

-You considered messing with his hair the next time he did it

-But realized that would be tERRIBLE and you weren’t sure you could deal with the poor baby’s crying poor bby ;A;


-You were just… simply getting ready for a night out with your boyfriend

-You couldn’t just go out in some comfortable clothes, nnooo

-You decided you had to dress up- jewelry, makeup, hair, the works


-So when you attempted to curl a piece of your hair and attempt to simultaneously talk to Zen, you thought ‘Hey, it’s easy, I can do this’

-You were wrong

-Did you know you could set the curling iron too high? No, of course you didn’t, because you didn’t read the instructions

-’Oh no,’ you thought, ‘I know how to curl my hair. I don’t need this. What’s it gonna say? Step one: curl your fucking hair?’


-Because that curl? Completely burnt off

-You now have a missing chunk of hair and the house smells like burning hair and no amount of candles can cover it

-Trust me, Zen tried. After over-reacting and practically dropping to the floor, mourning the lost chunk of hair

-Who’s more upset, you or Zen?

-You’re crying, he’s crying, everyone is crying up in this house

-He tries his best to try and help you hide it

-Luckily for you, it’s in a spot that it can be easily blended in until you decide what to do to fix it

-So he helps to style your hair in a different way until then!

-Always coming home with adorable hair accessories to mix up your hairstyle!

-And when you’re upset, he’s always there for hours at a time telling you how amazing and beautiful he thinks you are, and refuses to stop his speech until he knows you’ve forgotten all about your hair disaster (at least for the moment)

- seriously has to buy like 20 more candles to help the burnt smell in the house


-You just wanted to do a nice, relaxing, hair mask while you took a hot bath

-Did you buy a premade one at the store? No no of course not

-Your Pintrest loving ass had to make a homemade one




-Hours upon hours you’ve spent washing your hair and you just. Couldn’t. Get. It. Out.

-So when Jaehee came home and heard the water running she was obviously concerned because??? You texted her like a million hours ago that you were going to take a bath

-Did something happen to you??? Were you hurt??? OR WORSE???

-*Judo kicks down the door*

-Sees you just sitting in the bathtub, running water over your head, quietly sobbing

-*Mother Jaehee instincts kicking in*

-You explain what happened and she just laughs at you??? Like stOP LAUGHING MY HAIR’S A MESS

-She spends the rest of the night helping you strip your hair of the terrible mask you attempted, doesn’t stop until she knows your hair is gonna be okay

- that and she doesnt want that gross oil feeling all up on the pillows mc, keep it away from her at all costs


-”Why in the world did you attempt to cut your bangs yourself?? I have a hairdresser. Why didn’t you just make an appointment”

-You sat in the middle of the bathroom floor in defeat, a large chunk missing from your bangs, where you’ve been sitting for hours, crying on and off

-He stares at your hair for a good while, without saying a word. He’s trying to assess the damage, not judging you, stop crying MC

- mc, he has money, JuJu can fix this for you

-Bang extensions? Bang extensions.

-At least until your actual bangs grow out and you can style them

-He always tells you how beautiful you look, no matter what

-If he could, he’d fix it himself, but he knows that he’d just make it worse so he let the professionals handle it

-But he is a little…mothering? Always hovering and running around both you and the hairdresser

-Loves showering you with compliments no matter what your hair looks like, but he hides all the scissors from you. No joke. You can’t do any crafts without someone having to get you scissors. They check up on you every now and then. juST LET ME CRAFT, JUMIN, PLEASE

-You once threatened to cut Elly’s fur if he didn’t stop hiding the scissors

-But all that did was make sure that you only got safety scissors and a designated scissor handler daMMIT JUMIN


-You wanted to go for just a little trim of your split ends!

-The love of your life just wanted to scare you a little bit without realizing you were a little busy!

-Cue the fact that you now have a chunk of hair missing. What was once flowing, long hair is now as short as Jaehee’s. Only in one spot. Just one.


-He told you he loved it, you can just be unique with one spot shorter than the rest!

-”It’s a fashion statement, MC! It’s fabulous!”

- im gonna shove this fucking “fabulous” pair of scissors up your aSS SAEYOUNG WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU

-Runs away from you and your fury, scissors in hand.

-He comes back later, plopping one of his wigs on top of your head, kissing your cheek in apology

-Promises to get you an appointment with one of the best hairdressers! He’s gonna get this fixed!

- news flash, the hairdresser is him in disguise. He actually did a fantastic job at fixing your hair

-He’s so cute though! After he gives you an adorable (and flattering) new hairstyle, he can’t stop taking pictures of you??

-The group chat is spammed with candids of you and everyone else thinks it’s absolutely adorable! They all love your haircut too <3


-Okay but he’s the one who fucked up your hair

-How was he supposed to know just how much coconut oil was supposed to go in your hair? He’s never done it

-’The more oil, the more it’ll smell like coconut, right?’ is what he thought to himself

-Smh this asshole was just thinking of himself- he wanted to spoon you and just lose himself in a sweet coconut scent

-”Here, you said you wanted to try a hair mask thing, right? I researched and found that coconut oil helps… I got you some! Let’s go shower”

-Like hell yeah I’ll go shower with you Jihyun, who would turn that down??

-But now you regret it. You regret it and you wanna pour the rest of the bottle over his head

-Obviously he’s apologizing like crazy

-Sounds like he’s on the verge of tears and you can see the guilt splattered across his face


-He’s calling everyone he knows, looking all over the internet, anything he can do to help your hair

-Even calling some famous hairdressers he’s met overseas

-*Lays napkin on your head* “Sit with this on MC, maybe it’ll soak some of it up”

-Like clockwork, he’s changing the napkins on your head

-Well he got what he wanted- your hair smells like coconut. So does your whole bathroom. And house. And everywhere you go. He can pick you out of a crowd by following the coconut smell


-Also does his own hair

-Refused to help you dye your own because??? He’s not taking responsibility if something goes wrong

-He should have knocked on wood because…. You fucked up. Real bad.


-You MCFucked up(™)

-He walked into the room as you stared in disbelief that your hair was dry, coarse, and just all around dead

-What did he do? Stared blankly, finger-gunned, and walked out of the room. whAT THE FUCK SAERAN GET BACK HERE AND CONSOLE ME

-He sat in the bathroom while you dyed it *insert whatever colour you want here* hoping maybe the dye would bring it a little life?

-It Did Not.

-He bought you a few different hair masks and damage repair shampoos hoping it would help, and help stop your crying

-You made him promise to help you with your hair the next time you decide to do it. He agreed because jesus christ MC why would you do this to yourself okay but??? This whole part vof the hc is literally what i did when i first bleached my hair ;A;

-Seriously though, he helped no matter what you wanted to do from then on. You wanted to retouch the colour? He’s helping. You wanna change the colour? Also helping. You want it to go back to a normal colour? HelPING.

-Literally always on the internet looking at different articles on how to help repair hair damage, how to keep it healthy, different products you could use, he is not gonna let you do that again because??? He loves your hair and actually felt terrible when you cried about it

Perfect For Me

This if for @pearltheartist I hope this makes you feel better!☺️ I’m always here to talk, rant or just to reassure you💗

Pairing -> Richie Tozier x Reader

Warnings -> suicidal thoughts and actions, swearing

A/N: If you get easily upset by things like this, please do not read😘


You hated yourself.

The way you still had pimples, your cheeks were still chubby, you were taller than the average girl but you weren’t thin. The one highlight in your life was Richie, your husband. You had both gotten married at a quite young age, about 22, but you knew it wouldn’t be one of those short marriages that lasted a few months/a year. He was still a trash mouth but he loved and cared for you, so to you that’s all that mattered. It had been a year and a half of a happy marriage.

That was up until this new woman started at Richie’s work. She was the complete opposite to you. She wore skirts while you wore jeans, heels while you wore trainers, friendly while you were quiet. Richie would come home late from helping her finish work or going out for drinks. So you gradually grew depressed. You didn’t blame Richie, he was a talkative person after all, but the way the woman looked at you showed that you weren’t welcome when she was around.


Curling up in a ball on your shared bed, you flick through the TV channels, your mind running into darker and darker thoughts that you knew you couldn’t escape, not right now. Slowly getting changed out of your comfortable clothes, you slip on Richie’s white t-shirt and head towards the bathroom, grabbing a razor blade along the way.

You enter the bathroom and shut the door. Leaning over the bathtub, you turn the hot water and block the plug hole, watching it start to fill. You glanced down at the veins in your arms and sigh. Taking your hair out of its ponytail, you let it fall past your shoulders as you let out a shaky breath and press the razor blade against your vein to cut downwards.




Freezing, you sigh and turn round to see Richie in the doorframe, arms folded.

“Don’t you fucking dare Y/N”

Richie steps forward and takes the razor out of your hand and throws it across bathroom. You watch as it hits the floor, skidding slightly causing a rough sound. After that, the bathroom was silent apart from the bath water which looked like it was going to overflow at any minute. Reaching down, you turn the tap off and go to stand back up when you feel a head against your shoulder and arms wrapping around you. Richie sighs against your shoulder as you look down at the floor.


“I don’t know Richie”

“Jesus Christ Y/N there has to be a reason”

Sighing, you turn round and stare up at Richie. You still found it weird at how when you were teenagers, you towered over Richie, and now, here was a six foot Richie standing over you.

“I hate myself. I’m depressed”

“Why? Why do you hate yourself?”

“Because of your workmate! I’ve seen the way she glares at me every time you kiss, hug or as much as talk to me when she’s around us. She’s gorgeous and girly. And you hanging round with her later and going out just makes me self conscious that you’re gonna leave me for her!”


You didn’t know how you managed to get all that out without bursting into tears. Staring at you, Richie releases you from his grip and walks out of the bathroom. You sigh and turn back to face the bath, adding some bath fizz to it when you hear a cough.

Turning around, you stare at the black party dress and your favourite nude heels in Richie’s hands. You glance up towards his smirking face and furrow your eyebrows.

“We are going out for a meal tonight. And when we get back, we’re gonna cuddle watching your favourite movie and eating junk food. You may not be perfect for everyone else, but you’re perfect for me. So we’re gonna celebrate that and help you get over your depression” Richie smiles, waking over to you

Shaking your head in disbelief, you stand on your tip toes and kiss Richie on the cheek, ruffling his curls.

“Thank you Richie. That has already helped me by saying that”

“And I’ll say it everyday until you are confident again. Now get in the bath beautiful. We’re gonna go and have fun”

And you never tried to commit suicide again. Because with Richie by your side reminding you that you were perfect for him.

That’s all that you needed.

Noona, Unnie (Final)

Member: Jimin (Jimin x Reader x OC)

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut : Poly! BTS

Word Count: 5173

A/N: Yes folks it’s here. The end…no seriously

SHOUTOUT TO MY PROOFREADERS —> @notaseoul & @look-its-a-nunn  <3

*Yeoshin means Goddess


I know I don’t much feedback but I’d really appreciate feedback on this. 

~~  Meet Unnie  ~  One  ~   Two  ~   Three  ~  Four  ~  Five  ~  Six (?) ~~

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Summary: she thinks her boyfriend is just clumsy. He’s okay with that.

I hope you guys like this, not quite sure how I feel about it (:

Reader’s POV

I stand outside the door with my arms crossed over my chest, waiting for Shawn to finish locking it. I know he’s purposely taking a long time fiddling with the key just to annoy my bad mood and me. I huff dramatically and catch the corner of his lip twitch, trying to suppress a smile for fear of my infamous temper. I stare daggers at him as he fumbles around trying to find the key to the door out of all of three keys on his lanyard. After ages, he finally fits the key in the lock, slowly turns it, and tucks the lanyard back in his pocket.

“You forgot to wish me a happy 50th birthday somewhere in there,” I say as Shawn turns to me.

He rolls his eyes, grabbing my hand and starting towards the door. Shawn opens his mouth to say something but, before he gets the chance, his foot catches on…absolutely nothing. He stumbles a couple steps forward, trying to regain his balance so as to avoid falling on his face. Having not let go of my hand, I’m dragged along with him as he takes a ridiculous amount of effort to steady himself again.

Shawn catches his breath, pausing for a moment before glancing down at me. I look at our intertwined hands and back up at my boyfriend and feel a giddy laughter pass my lips.


Shawn’s POV 

My fingers pass the right key for what’s likely the tenth time as I sneak a glance at her. She’s tapping her foot impatiently and shaking her head microscopically. I look back down at the keys and hear her sigh irritably. I try to push down the smile that’s working its way to my mouth but I can feel my lips turn upward anyway. It’s taking everything I have not to laugh but she’s known for her temper and I know that probably the last thing I should do is exactly that. I fit the key in the lock and twist it before pocketing my lanyard again and turning to her, rolling my eyes as she teases me.


“You forgot to wish me a happy 50th birthday somewhere in there.”


I roll my eyes and take her hand in mine. I know she’s in a bad mood tonight because I take forever to get ready. I hate seeing her in bad moods, especially when it’s because of me, and I hate that there’s nothing I can do to fix it. Maybe I can do the next best thing, though.


So I wait until she turns to me, anticipating a response, and I drag my foot against the floor, setting myself off balance and staggering forward a little over a meter. I keep a tight grip on her hand whilst I animatedly trip over myself, drawing her along with me for the several feet it takes me to recover. Finally, I stand fully again and peek down at her, waiting for her reaction. Her eyes flick down to our joined hands momentarily before settling on my face and I get what I’m waiting for; a gorgeous laugh bubbles from her lips, bringing a goofy smile to my face along with it.

Reader’s POV

It’s been the sort of day that just makes you feel hollow inside. I have long since surpassed the simple feeling of sadness or morose, and the place I’m at now is foreign to me just as much as it is dark and scary. First, I got the phone call earlier that my childhood dog, my best friend for over half of my life, had been run over by the neighbor. In an attempt to distract myself from this, I figured I’d work on an essay I had due soon, so I logged into my school account only to get a notification that midterm grades were in and I had, of course, failed miserably. And, to top this all off, there was the cherry on top: my grandmother had had a heart attack and was in the hospital, 2000 miles away from me. I was willing to bet my dad or mom had already called Shawn and filled him in on everything, based on the constant calls I had been ignoring. I knew it was unfair to him to be so unresponsive as he was only trying to help, and I knew that by avoiding his calls, he’d feel obligated to leave the studio and come comfort me. That’s the last thing I wanted him to do since he had an upcoming album release fast approaching, but I couldn’t bring myself to pick up the phone and reopen all those wounds. Somewhere in my blank state of mind, my thoughts register the sound of keys jingling and the door opening. The next thing I know, Shawn is rushing to where I sit curled up on the love sofa with makeup smudged across my face and an empty box of tissues next to me. He sits by me and pulls me into a hug. I allow myself to be held in his firm grip as he whispers sweet nothings in my ear. The tears start spilling down my face again and splashing onto his shirt. He strokes my hair as he holds me against him and I let the tears fall for several minutes. Shawn readjusts us so we’re lying on the sofa and rubs my back. He waits till I’ve cried myself dry and I’m feeling a bit drowsy, and he’s still there as I feel my eyelids flutter and begin to drift off.

When I wake up, Shawn’s perched on the armrest of the sofa, carefully watching me, looking somber. When he notices that my eyes are open, he walks over and kneels in front of me.

“Hey,” he says, smiling sadly.

I swallow back the lump in my throat as I remember the events of earlier today. “I’m sorry.”

Shawn looks lost. “For what?”

“I made you come back from the studio early,” I elaborate.

He shakes his head frantically. “Shh..” he murmurs, reaching out to tuck my hair behind my ear. “You didn’t make me do anything. This is more important.”

With that, he bends over and delicately picks me up. He walks us over to the bathroom, me in his arms, gently nudging open the door with his foot, and he’s carrying me so safely in his arms, like I’m the most fragile thing on the planet.

Shawn sets me down on my feet, but keeps a steady arm around me. He helps me pull off the clothes that are drenched in sweat from a restless sleep and tosses them in the hamper before turning to me again. I take his arm as he offers it to me, and step into the tub. Shawn lowers me in with care, before crouching down beside me.

“I will be right back. Thirty seconds, tops. Promise.”

I nod and he exits the bathroom in a hurry. I sigh to myself, staring up at the ceiling. Less than half a minute later, he knocks quietly before entering with a pint of my favorite ice cream and a spoon in hand. I smile as he sets it down on the edge of the bath. He always knows exactly what to do to make things better, and this is only proven again as he turns around to close the door and his foot hooks on the trash bin. The barrier makes him topple forward, and he grabs the wall quickly to steady himself, but it’s too late. The giggle has already passed through my lips and it only doubles as he turns around and glares at me playfully, but he can’t hold back a smile either. I’d be smiling, too, if I were he. Why? Because, he’s just succeeded in the impossible; he’s made me laugh when I thought I never would again.


Shawn’s POV

I hang up the phone and feel my heart clench in my chest painfully. I’d just gotten off the phone with her father, who’d called to tell me a heap of bad news, not just for the sake of depressing me, but to give me an idea of the kind of state his daughter would be in. Since we both knew that she would rather die before feeling like an inconvenience of any sort, both her father and I had figured­– correctly– that she would avoid calling me as well as avoid my calls. If it had been anything minor, I would’ve been a little peeved that she wouldn’t stop being independent for half a minute so I could comfort her, but, no, it was this pile of negativity that I’m sure was drowning her. I’d already been a little suspicious earlier when she’d missed two of my calls, but I’d chalked it up to her just taking a nap or something along those lines.


But the call had told me everything I’d needed to know, so I’d informed Andrew and Geoff that I needed to go and sprinted out the door to my car. The entire car ride is silent, an odd thing for me as I can never go two minutes without some sort of music, but too much is occupying my mind right now. All I can think about is what a dark place she must be in right now, worrying about her grandmother dying and mourning the loss of her childhood best friend and, between everything, not even being able to take an extra breath to think of anything positive. My chest squeezes painfully. My heart breaks at the thought of her right now, and I’d be willing to bet that there’s only one person more upset than me right now, and that’s her. I hate the feeling of helplessness I get whenever she’s even on the verge of crying almost as much as I hate the thought of her crying.


Finally reaching the door, I burst in and make a beeline for where she’s curled up on the love sofa, looking like a beautiful mess. I waste no time in wrapping her up in my arms, pulling her close to me and rocking her back and forth. Her hands grasp at the fabric of my shirt and she breaks down. I can feel her hot tears seeping through the material and I only hold her tighter. I hold her until I see sleep taking over and I shift on the couch so I can rub her back until she falls asleep. I trace patterns on her back for a few minutes after she’s dozed off before gently extracting myself from her and standing. I make way for the bathroom, turning the faucet on warm and checking the temperature to make sure it’s perfect for her. The vanilla scent from the bubble bath fills my nose as I squirt some into the tub. Behind me, I scan the box of bath bombs we have right now before selecting a sparkly golden one and depositing it in the bathtub. Once I’m sure the bath is perfect for her, I head back to the living room and sit on the edge of the couch, admiring how peaceful she looks when nothing from this world can touch her. The first couple minutes of her nap she’d been very restless, kicking and thrashing, but she’s calmed down significantly since. She’s gorgeous, in every way possible, and I want to scream when I think about how sad she’ll be when sleep releases her. I sigh at this thought, just as her eyes flicker open and she peeks up at me. I walk around the sofa, kneeling in front of her.


“Hey,” I say. Her eyes are so gorgeous. I try my best at a genuine smile, but it turns out as a weak smile that guests would give at a funeral.


I silently curse myself because the smile seems to have triggered her memory. She swallows and I wait patiently for a response. “I’m sorry.”


What? Confused, I answer: “For what?”


“I made you come back from the studio early,” she explains.


Oh no. I shake my head furiously, desperate to crush this misconception. I can’t let her think that. “Shh..” I mutter and reach out to tuck a stray piece of her hair behind her ear. She is so beautiful. “You didn’t make me do anything. This is more important.”


I don’t let her protest, instead crouching down to lift her into my arms and walking us to the bathroom. I push open the door with my foot and gently set her down on her feet before helping her pull off her sweatpants and baggy T-shirt. She settles in the tub with a little bit of help and I lean down.


“I will be right back. Thirty seconds, tops. Promise.”


I rush out of the steaming bathroom and pull open the freezer, grabbing the pint of her favorite ice cream I’d bought yesterday. Quickly, I take a spoon from the drawer, slamming it shut with my outer thigh and running back to the bathroom in record speed. A little breathless, I place the spoon and ice cream on the rim of the bathtub and spin around to close the door, making extra sure my foot connects with the trashcan on the way. Immediately, I feel myself lose my balance and stumble forward a couple steps. Along the way, I hear what I was waiting for. Her laugh reaches my ears and warms my heart. Music to my ears. Grabbing the wall for support, I turn to give her a goofy glare, failing to suppress the smile that she always brings to my face. This only makes her laugh harder, and it gives me tingles. I wouldn’t mind tripping every time I take a step if it means getting to hear my favorite sound on the planet more often. I swear one day, that laugh will be in a song.

Reader’s POV

Today was perfect, much like the man I had spent it with. At the thought of Shawn, I glance up at him next to me. He tips his head downward a little to acknowledge me and squeezes my hand a little tighter. A dorky smile breaks out on my face as I look at him. I hope I get to marry this man someday. I love him and all of his quirks. I love his kind heart, his determination, his humor, his habits, his goals, his clumsiness…I shake my head as I think of this and reach over to shove Shawn slightly. He blows the nudge way out of proportion, staggering forward about six steps and toppling to the ground. Passersby gaze on curiously, and, for a second, I’m worried I actually hurt him as he waits for me to approach him. This notion quickly dissolves, however, as I stop right before him and his not-so-graceful fall turns into a kneel. Not just any kneel, however. The kneel. I gasp as he takes both of my hands in his. Onlookers stop and stare.

“Shawn…” I whisper.

“For every single day since I’ve met you, you have made me the happiest man alive. Everything from your smile to your eyes to your body is beautiful. You belong in a museum. Your ambition and dreams never fail to amaze me. Your thoughtfulness, compassion, and soul will always serve to remind me how lucky I am to have you. You are a beautiful spirit, inside and out. You light up my world. I could write songs about you for an eternity. I love everything about you, from your intelligence, to your adventurous mind, to your laugh. God, your laugh…I love your laugh, and I love making you laugh even more. It’s my favorite sound. I always get so proud when I can make you laugh; it’s weird.” He grins sheepishly and lets out a nervous laugh. “I love your quirky habits, your curiosity, even your bad moods. I’d still call myself the luckiest man on Earth if I got to deal with your temper every day. You are so vibrant, and you color my world in impossible ways. I love you, so much.” I feel the tears welling up behind my eyes as he takes a deep breath. “So…will you do me the biggest honor I could have, and be my wife?”

I nod my head frantically as I say the biggest yes of my life and watch through blurred vision as he slips the gorgeous ring on my finger. I grab his shoulders, pulling him up for a kiss, which he gratefully accepts, his hands going to my elbows. The small crowd around us begins clapping and I pull away, glancing down at the ring on my finger that, in every way, just seemed Shawn. Looking back up at him, I smile happily and pull him in for another kiss.


Shawn’s POV

The only thing I can think about is how much I hope she can’t feel how sweaty my hand is, or how badly my arm is shaking, because I can’t even remember how to walk properly. I feel her glance up at me and I can sense her smile, but I don’t dare look at her directly for fear she’ll see something’s up. I am so in love with her, with every part of her. I tilt my head toward her and tighten my grip on her hand, more for my sake than hers as I reach my other hand behind me to grab the small velvet box from my back pocket. I’m nervous beyond my wits. All of a sudden, I feel her bump into me slightly and, in that instant, I know it’s now or never. My nerves fade away momentarily as I make a big show of staggering around before falling to the ground. I wait patiently for her to approach me, ignoring the prying eyes around us. When I can sense her right in front of me, I settle myself into a kneeling position on one leg. She gasps and I take both of her hands in mine.


I hear her whisper my name, and it sparks my intention. I swallow back the lump working its way up my throat and open my mouth.


“For every single day since I’ve met you, you have made me the happiest man alive. Everything from your smile to your eyes to your hair is beautiful. You belong in a museum. Your ambition and dreams never fail to amaze me. Your thoughtfulness, compassion, and soul will always serve to remind me how lucky I am to have you. You are a beautiful spirit, inside and out. You light up my world. I could write songs about you for an eternity. I love everything about you, from your intelligence, to your adventurous mind, to your laugh. God, your laugh…I love your laugh, and I love making you laugh even more. It’s my favorite sound. I always get so proud when I can make you laugh; it’s weird. I love your quirky habits, your curiosity, even your bad moods. I’d still call myself the luckiest man on Earth if I got to deal with your temper every day. You are so vibrant, and you color my world in impossible ways. I love you, so much.” I can see the tears in her eyes at this point and I’m sure mine are visible as well. I press on, feeling more nauseous than ever as I finally ask: “So…will you do me the biggest honor I could have, and be my wife?”


Somewhere through the nerves, I register her nodding and her lips forming the most beautiful yes I’d heard in my entire life. The people around us clap and I feel her hands on my shoulders. I accept the kiss graciously. She pulls back a little and looks down at the ring I’d picked out. Everything about it had just screamed her name. I admire her as she stares at it. She has a gorgeous glow surrounding her and I feel myself grin in adoration. I get to marry this woman. I really am the luckiest man on the planet. I’m in a sort of daze as she pulls me back in for another kiss. She’s got my heart, for sure, and there will be no getting it back. That much is easy to see. I’m hopelessly and entirely in love with her; I’m a klutz in love.

Love at First Video Part 40: Marry Me

Misha Collins x Reader

1300 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost 

“So, will you marry me today instead of three days from now?” Misha asked you, gently grasping your hand. You stared at him, wanting to say yes in the worst way, but your fears holding the words back. “Listen, I know I was the biggest jackass not too long ago. And I wouldn’t blame you if you said no, and turned your back on me. But I love you, more than I hate normalcy, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“Misha, I love you too. But I don’t want you doing this because you’re guilty, because you think what you did was wrong.” You told him, watching his face closely for a sign of what he was truly feeling.

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ML Fluff Month Day 13 - Elation


Rated: G
Pairing: Adrinette

For: @miraculousfluffmonth


Day 1 / Day 14

Marinette’s eye cracked open as the sun peaked in through the blinds. She sighed contently at the feeling of strong arms wrapped around her and body pressed against her husband’s. Smiling to herself, she knew today was the day. She was going to tell Adrien today. She and her mother had been planning this for about a week now. Was she nervous? Of course. She didn’t know how he was going to take the news, nor did she know how well she would actually execute the plan.

With a lot of coaxing, Marinette had convinced Gabriel to host a party for Adrien’s birthday that year. At first, it was supposed to be just a simple party to make her husband feel special since he didn’t get parties from his father in the past. Now, it had turned into an entirely different ordeal.

She rolled over in his arms, taking in Adrien’s sleeping form. His breathing was slow and even, while his hair was tasseled and wild, much like when he was Chat Noir. Brushing his bangs out of his face, Marinette giggled as he nuzzled into her palm. Such a cat.

He peeped an eye open to see her, letting out a small chuckle with a smile. “Good morning, my lady.”

“Good morning, kitten,” she cooed as she ran her hands through his hair.

Adrien hummed, and his smile grew wider. “You’re in a good mood. You’re usually a grumpy bug in the mornings.”

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Dirty Imagine #7 -  Housewarming Party

Hey guys it’s been awhile, this is my next imagine, it’s very very dirty. It’s for a girl named Serena. This is part one, there will be multiple parts.


I was just putting the final touches on my makeup when my phone lit up with a text message. “Crap!” I said to myself. It was the taxi messaging me to let me know he was here. I took one last look at myself in the mirror, knowing full well who I might be meeting tonight. I got my things and headed outside toward the taxi.

“Serena?” The taxi driver asked.

“Yep, that’s me” I said, scrambling to get in. “Sorry that took so long”.

“No, no problem at all” replied the driver, a white man in his mid 50s who gave me a friendly smile.

“I regularly have to wait a LOT longer than that for some people who ride, so a few minutes doesn’t bother me” he said. I thanked him as he continued toward my destination.

“So, where you headed tonight?” he asked – it the classic small talk you often encounter in a taxi or Uber.

“Just to a party my friend is hosting” I responded with, not knowing whether or not I should go into more detail.

To tell the truth it was more than just a party. First of all, it was a housewarming party, as my friend had just moved into a new house her and her partner built. It was a massive house, in fact it was pretty much a mansion. They both had highly paying jobs. She was a criminal lawyer and her partner was a roadie, or road crew. Not just any roadie though, a roadie for Justin Bieber! He was responsible for travelling with the crew and overseeing the construction and making of the stage at every concert. So, he travelled a lot but was paid generously for it. But now on to why it was more than just a party. As I mentioned my friend’s partner was a roadie for Justin. Well it turns out he is actually quite close to Justin from always travelling with him, and it meant that Justin was coming to the party! I couldn’t believe it. I’ve always been a massive fan of Justin and to have this opportunity to see him at the party was so surreal. My friend knew I was a massive fan of him, but she wasn’t really a fan herself. She was 26 and I was only 18, so there was a bit of a gap. Either way I was so grateful to get invited and have the chance to meet Justin as I knew this was something every girl had been dreaming of.

I made sure I dressed for the occasion, going to the extra effort knowing Justin could be there. I wore something that was nice but sexy, something that would hopefully make Justin notice me. It was a red, tight fitting dress that stuck to my curves.

The taxi dropped me off at the party at 8:00pm and I paid and thanked the driver. I walked in and was immediately greeted by my friend. We chatted a bit and she gave me a tour of the new house and introduced me to some other people. I settled in, helping myself to the wide range of free drinks available. I decided to go for the vodka, knowing I’d needing to be a bit drunk if I was to talk to Justin successfully without shaking or crying uncontrollably.

I was trying to act like Justin wasn’t the ONLY thing on my mind, but he was. An hour and a half has passed and he wasn’t there. The party had a great vibe and most people, including myself, were now a bit drunk. I was having a good time but to be honest, the only thing I cared about was Justin showing up. I was starting to convince myself he definitely wasn’t coming. Who am I kidding? I thought. He’s the most famous guy on the planet. He’s probably got thousands of places he could be right now, and he probably gets invited to hundreds of things every week. Just as I had given up all hope, I saw someone emerge from kitchen into the party. It was him. It honestly took a few seconds for me to register it was him. You see so many photos of him but seeing him in real life, up close, is something so special. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I didn’t even realise my jaw had dropped and I was staring at him the whole time. He was greeting people and he must have seen the look on my face because we made eye contact, and he had a giggle. He came alone, but he knew a lot of people there because they were also roadies. Me on the other hand, I knew nobody except my friend. He wore jeans and a hoody, and he looked sexy as hell.

I sat there trying not to keep staring at him, heart still racing. I was trying to figure out a plan in my head on how I was going to meet him. I didn’t want to bother him or come across as annoying. I got so carried away I didn’t even realise that Justin had stopped talking to the people he was talking to, and had approached me.

“Hey, how are you?” He said smiling. “What’s your name?”

I immediately stood up and hugged him tight. “I’m Serena. And I’m good! So good! I can’t believe you’re here” I said.

“Well it’s nice to meet you Serena. I’m guessing you’re a fan, I saw the way you looked at me when I came in” he replied, again having a giggle.

“Yeah, sorry about that reaction” I said, blushing. “I’m a HUGE fan!”.

“Don’t be sorry Serena, it was cute” he said as he winked, which almost made me fall over. 

For the next half hour, we chatted lots and I explained to him how much of a fan I was and how long I had been following him. He is so humble and was constantly thanking me for my support. We also chatted about other stuff, nothing to do with his career. It amazed me how after all of the fame he was still so genuine and nice, and willing to chat to anyone. I didn’t know if it was just in my head or not, but it seemed like he was subtly flirting with me. Just a few of the comments and a few winks made it seem like that. I couldn’t tell if he was, or whether he is just a really charming guy and was like that to everybody. I’m not sure, but I was pretty sure I was in love with everything about him.

Right at the moment where it seemed like the night couldn’t get any better, something disastrous happened. One of the guys at the party, who was now very drunk, tripped on the leg of the table and fell right into me. He had a glass full of whiskey and coke and it was now all over me. I couldn’t believe it. I was so angry, but most of all embarrassed. Justin saw the whole thing happen as did a lot of other people. I wasn’t angry at the guy, just at the situation. It was an honest mistake so I don’t hold anything against him. Justin, being the gentleman he is, got me a towel straight away. It was all in my hair though, and it stunk. Luckily my friend was one of the people who saw it and she came over.

“Serena! I’m so sorry that happened! Are you okay?” She asked, with Justin looking on in concern as well, noticing that I was pretty upset by the whole thing.

“I’ll be fine” I said. “I’m just annoyed. And I stink”.

My friend seemed to think for a few seconds before saying “You can have a bath! Upstairs is off limits for everybody else but you can have a bath”.

I decided to take her up on that offer. I was angry because it meant I had to leave Justin, but I didn’t want to be around him smelling like whiskey with a wet dress anyway. I thanked Justin for the towel and went upstairs into the bathroom and shut the door. I was trying to decide between shower or bath but I decided bath as I saw the bubble bath mix on the edge of the tub. I ran the bath, added the bubbles and undressed. I stared at my naked body in the mirror for a few seconds and thought about how there were probably over 100 people downstairs. I stepped in and slowly slid into the bath. The water was hot and it was very relaxing. I let the soap absorb into my skin and I laid there thinking about Justin. Would he even be there when I got out? Was he laughing about what happened right now with someone? I decided I should stop wasting time in here and see for myself. I usually spent a long time in baths but I decided I would get out as I didn’t want to waste a second and miss talking to Justin.

Just as I was about to start getting up, I heard the sound of the door opening. I gasped and my eyes shot towards to the door. I must have been so caught up in thinking about Justin as well as being annoyed that I had completely forgot to lock the door. I slid lower in the bath, so my boobs would be fully hidden by the bubbles. I stared at the door and then saw Justin’s face appear. I swear I almost passed out.

Immediately my heart started racing, and I felt a tingle in my pussy, and felt my nipples harden. I couldn’t help myself.

“Justin!” I said, completely shocked

“Hey Serena” he said, winking. “I know upstairs is off limits but I couldn’t stop thinking about your sexy ass in that red dress, and the thought of you taking that dress off was even better”.

I couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing, did he really just say that. I was in complete shock, but I found my hand moving to my pussy under the water, touching my clit. I opened my mouth but didn’t have any words… “I… Umm… I…” was all I could manage.

“Shhh” he said. “You don’t need to say anything beautiful”.

I watched in shock as he took hid hoody off, then his shirt. Standing in front of me was Justin Bieber, shirtless, his abs looking sexier than ever, his biceps looking toned, his shoulders big. He took off his jeans and was standing only in his Calvin Klein briefs. The bulge was amazing. Jerry must be massive I thought. My jaw dropped when I saw him in his undies and he laughed, running a hand down his chest all the way over his abs before he grabbed onto his package then letting go. I let out a deep breath, not being able to take my eyes off him, still subtly rubbing my clit under the bubbles.

“I wouldn’t want you to see me naked now, would I?” he said. “Close your eyes”.

“Whaa… What?” I replied, wondering what his intentions were then.

“You heard me Serena. Shut your fucking eyes please” he hissed.

This scared the crap out of me. Justin had been so nice to me all night so for him to swear at me blew me away and frightened me so much I immediately shut my eyes. Was he teasing me, or did he really just not want me to see? It was his body after all.

I held my eyes tight shut as I heard him take off his Calvins, approach the bath and step in. It was a huge bath for a house, it must have cost a fortune. It was at least double the size of any normal bath, and you could easily fit two people in it side by side without them touching. After all, I did feel bad using that much water! He ordered me to keep my eyes shut until finally he allowed me to open them. He was fully submerged in the bath and he had come up to the same end as me, so we were laying directly next to each other, shoulder to shoulder, almost as if we were in a bed. 

Part of me really wanted to reach out and run my hands down his body, part of me wanted to kiss him, and part of me was just plain terrified. Without saying anything he turned his head and we stared into each other’s eyes. He moved his head closer to mine, gently grabbed my neck and kissed me. It was by far the best kiss of my life. I let my mouth open a little as he explored my mouth with his tongue. It truly was the most lustful kiss I have ever received in my life – he was a pro.

“You’re so fucking sexy Serena” he whispered in a seductive tone.

“So are you Justin” was all I could reply with, still completely overwhelmed.

He stopped kissing me and raised his hand out of the water signalling me to do the same. I complied and he touched my palms, before interlocking fingers with me for a few moments. He then untangled fingers from me and moved his hand around so he was lightly holding the back of my hand. He guided my hand over to his chest and placed it on him. His chest felt amazing. He guided my hand down his stomach to his abs and I ran my hand around in circles over them as he tensed them for me. They were amazing too. I thought I was about to get to touch jerry but he went back to interlocking his fingers with me. Then he rolled onto his side, and slid closer to me. That’s when I felt it. He slid right up to me and I felt Justin’s dick on my thigh. I gasped and my jaw dropped. I could feel the whole length touching my leg, but Justin wasn’t hard yet. He pushed in right against me so his dick was firmly against me. 

“It feels so big Justin” I said.

He didn’t say anything only smiled, before untangling his fingers from mine. This time he put his hand on my chest, moving them to my boobs straight away. He grabbed one gently, before swirling his finger around my nipple. Because he was on his side, his head was facing my boobs. He moved his head over and stuck out his tongue, licking my nipple. Shivers ran down my spine as I felt them harden even more. At the same time, he ran his hand down my stomach to my pussy, and rubbed his whole hand over my clit. He stopped licking and sucking my nipple for a moment and stared me deep in the eyes with a hungry look, paused for a few seconds, before shoving a finger inside me. It felt amazing. Making eye contact with Justin as he shoved his finger in me almost made me orgasm straight away. I gasped.

I was getting pleasure from all angles. He continued sucking and licking my nipple and increased the pace of his finger inside me. At the same time, he used his thumb to rub my clit and it felt amazing. I could feel myself coming to an orgasm and I told him.

“Justin oh my god, this is so good” I said, breathing heavily. “I’m going to cum”.

“Cum for me Serena, your pussy feels fucking amazing” said Justin, with lust in his voice.

This sent me over the edge and I started moving my hips uncontrollably as Justin pushed his finger all the way inside me.

“Ahhhh fuck yes! Fuck yes Justin” I moaned as I felt my orgasm wash over me. It was the most intense orgasm I’d had in my life, and me and Justin stared each other in the eyes as I cummed while his finger was still inside me.

He took his finger out of me and put it in his mouth, sucking it.

“Mmmm” he moaned. “Your turn to make me cum”.

He stood up, water dripping off every part of his body. I still hadn’t seen jerry yet, but while fingering me I felt him get rock hard, and his dick was pushing hard against my leg. So, when he stood up I was blown away. There was his perfect cock, right in front of me, dripping water. It was so big. And his balls looked delicious, hanging down, I just wanted to feel them. I slid across a bit to the middle of the bath, and he stood over me, making me feel like he owned me. He stood with a leg either side of my hips, bent his knees a little, I opened my mouth, and he pushed jerry in quite aggressively. So aggressive in fact that I gagged and choked, and he had to take himself out of my mouth for a second.

“Sorry Justin” I said, as I really felt like he was in control now. 

He said nothing. Again, he entered my mouth. I did a better job not to gag this time, but he was so big I ended up gagging again, and he had to take himself out of my mouth again. This next bit shocked me. He bent down and grabbed me by the throat.

“I just fucking made you cum Serena, now are you going to return the favour or not?”

“Yes Justin, I’m sorry” I responded.

“Get up!” he yelled.

I complied and stood up. He grabbed my shoulders and turned me around facing away from him. Without saying anything he smacked my wet ass very very hard. I let out a whimper but said nothing.

“You’re a bad girl Serena” he said, smacking my ass again just as hard. “Do as you’re told”. I let out another whimper.

“Get back down” he said with a sternness in his voice.

“Good. Now you’re going to suck my dick Serena, and I’m going to cum on your face and in your mouth, and you’re going to swallow every bit of it” he demanded.

“Yes Justin” I answered. 

Secretly this aggression turned me on so much, and I could already feel my pussy tingling again, hot, wanting to feel him touch it again. My ass was burning from where he smacked me. He shoved his dick back into my mouth, and it took every effort not to gag, but finally I didn’t. I started licking the head of Justin’s dick while feeling his balls with my hand. It must have been having an effect on him because I could hear him moaning.

“Fuckkk Serena, you’re good! Keep sucking my fucking dick!” he demanded.

I kept sucking as he wished, getting faster and faster and running my tongue further and further down his cock. I could tell he was getting close to cumming and he grabbed my head with two hands and started thrusting himself into me.

“Yeah, you like that huh Serena? You like me fucking your face with my big dick?” he said.

All I could do was nod my head, concentrating too hard on pleasing Justin.

“Arghhh fuck! I’m going to cum Serena! You ready to feel Justin Bieber cum in your fucking mouth! You naughty fucking girl” he said aggressively.

I moaned and nodded my head again, and it felt like I was getting just as turned on by this as he was.

I continued working my tongue around his knob and slurping on his cock when I felt him start to erupt.

“Fuckkkkk! Fuck yes Serena!” he said as his orgasm started. He stopped thrusting and pulled his dick out from my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and stuck my tongue out as I watched his massive dick just inches from my face. He held it still. A massive spurt of Justin’s cum came out and landed right on my cheek, followed by squirt after squirt landing on my face, in my mouth, my tongue, and in my eye. It was all over me. As he stopped he came closer, and held his dick above my tongue. He milked out every last drop. I swallowed it and enjoyed every bit of it. I remember thinking in my head I wasn’t sure if I would like the taste, but it was Justin Bieber. I remember thinking, I’ve just had my idol, Justin Bieber, cum in my mouth. I loved the taste of him and enjoyed every drop of it.

“Good girl Serena. How about we clean you up” Justin said, emptying the bath and turning on the shower.

I nodded my head, but I wanted more.

“Justin… I.. I want to feel you fuck me. Can you?” I asked nervously.

He simply looked at me, leaned in and whispered in my ear: “Serena, I’m going to fuck your brains out in this shower”