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Leave mimi alone. If you could get over your jealousy for one second you would see would a sweet person she is. I follow her because she doesn't look for fights unlike blogs like yours. Yet there are fights on her blog cause of people who don't have anything better to do like you.

so it’s been a while and i finally worked up any sort of courage to address all of this and i will do it under this one ask because out of all the ones mimi’s “fans” sent me, this one was the most civil

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(A/N: if you’re into choking and denial and a very vERY dom Harry, then tHIS IS THE PIECE FOR YOU, HOPE YOU ENJOY ;D)

When Harry woke up this morning, he was expecting to do his usual routine. Stretch his body, glance over at Y/N, pepper kisses all over her face until she woke up.

Instead he was awaken by his hands tied with one of his scarfs, and a very mischievous girl straddling his waist.

He was still half asleep as he tried tugging his hands to run them over his face. They were bounded together over his head, with Y/N’s warm mouth nipping at the side of his jawline, his mind was getting fuzzier by the second. Her hand cupped the opposite side of his jaw, grinning once her mouth met the corner of his own.

“Morning H….” Harry narrowed his eyes up at her tugging at his hands again.

“Wha’ is all this?!” Harry grumbled tilting his head up to see the scarf bounded around the railing of the headboard, which lead to his wrists being tied off.

Y/N only giggled as she followed her eyes up to look at his wrists, walking her fingers up his bare chest. “Just thought I would… punish you this time…?”

Harry rose his eyebrows moving his eyes back to hers before squinting his eyes.

“‘Scuse me?”

“You heard me.” Y/N responded bluntly tapping her cheek with her finger. “Sometimes… daddy needs to be punished too.. not just me.”

He clenched his jaw shaking his head, keeping his eyes dead-locked on hers. “This isn’t how it works petal…. be a good girl an’ get these this tie off or else-“

“Or else what?” She challenges blinking down at him in mock innocenence. “Last time I checked…. you are tied to the bed post… not me.. unless you want me to just leave you here?”

Harry shut his eyes, inhaling a deep breath before looking up at her. “Why am I even tied up in the first place!”

Y/N glanced between his lips and his eyes, propping up her head in her hand. “Well… unless you’ve ordered it and it’s on it’s way… someone hasn’t bought me my baby pink set..”

Harry pressed his lips together trying to hide a smirk. “Tha’s why you tied me up then… because I haven’ bought your baby pink set.” Y/N nodded pouting her lips out a bit.

“You said you would by it soon.”

“I jus’ bought you everythin’ else a few days ago.”

“Yeah but I want it now.” Harry sighed flopping his head back on the pillow.

Stubborn little thing you are I swear….” He mumbles under his breath shaking his head.

Y/N leaned down pressing a long peck against his mouth. “Learning from the best.”

Their mouths connected lazily and slow, the sleep very evident in Harry’s kissing, they both couldn’t help but smile into the kiss. Y/N moved her mouth to press open mouthed kisses down the sides of his jaw, trailing them to nibble at the lobe of his ear. Harry tilted his head for her, deciding to let Y/N have her way with him just for now.

Her hot mouth sucked at the pulse point making Harry tug at the restraints, clenching his jaw to keep his noises to himself. He lifted his head up to look down at her, watching her kiss between his pectorals, and trace the butterfly with her tongue. Y/N’s eyes were looking up at him in the most innocent way possible, but she knew exactly what she was doing and it was driving him mad. One of her hands rested just above his belly button, letting her mouth over his semi hard cock hidden behind his white briefs. He could feel the heat of her mouth through the flimsy fabric, letting out a shaky breath keeping his eye on her. Y/N glanced up at him through her eyelashes, trying to hide her smile before using her other hand and tug at the waistband of his boxers.

“What do you want me to do hmm?” Harry narrowed his eyes looking down at her.

“You know what to do love…. no need to ask me.” The way he emphasized the petname make Y/N know that it wasn’t a term of endearment, but rather a warning that she was creeping more towards crossing the line. Y/N could only smirk, he was bound to the railing, he could just rip them off but she knew deep inside he loved switching places with her, even if it was just for a second.

She knelt on her knees as she tugged down his briefs down his legs, tossing them off the bed finally. Her teeth dug into her lower lip trailing her nails just barely touching the inside of his thighs. Harry twitched pressing his lips together, slightly shifting under her hands. Y/N leaned down pressing her lips over the tiger tattoo on his thigh, lying on her stomach between his legs. Her eyes dazing up at him as her hand wrapped around his base, letting her lower lip drag underneath and up his cock. Her lips finally wrapping around the tip, suckling softly. Harry hissed in through his teeth, digging his nails into the skin of his palms. Her mouth lazily mouthed up and down his prick, letting her warm mouth fully engulf him. His body felt like it was on fire, just wanting to wrap his hand around her neck and make her gag on his cock. He was hopelessly bound and could only lift his hips up towards her mouth to get what he wanted. Y/N pulled back when his hips lifted up, letting a thin line of her saliva connect from the top of his cock to her bottom lip. Harry nearly let out a whimper is discomfort when her hot mouth wasn’t covering him anymore. Y/N shook her head pouting in a mockful away.

“Don’t you know what patience is..?” Harry looked at her with a sharp stare, their eyes locked in a heavy stare down. Her eyes were twinkling with mischief, while his were burning with anger. Her hand remained wrapped around his cock, slowly starting to move it up and down again, trailing her lips up the middle of his torso. Harry’s breaths were stuttered, the feeling of her hand not as good as her mouth, but still better than staring at her cocky face. God, he just wanted to shove his dick in her mouth and focus her back into who was really in charge.

Their lips refocused back onto each other, her hand not losing its pace, and Harry’s desire just increasing. His head lifted up off the pillow as she tried to pull back her lips from his, eagerly wrapping them back around her bottom lip and sinking his teeth into the plush skin. Y/N whined at the pinprick of pain but pleasure as his teeth remained in her lower lip. He sucked it until it was swollen, letting it go and having Y/N blink a couple times. Harry licked over his lips, squeezing his eyes shut as her hand tightened around his cock, making a choked moan get stuck in his throat. Her eyes stuck on his as she saw the butterfly on his tummy start to tremble upon the skin. Y/N dropped her head down to bite down on the hinge of his jaw, letting her free hand wrap around his throat and smirking against the skin once she felt his Adam’s apple bob in his throat. Her lips sweetly pressing to his cheek completely contradicting the way her hand was sinfully moving down his cock. Y/N looks down at him brushing her lips against his chin, making his eyes open in a haze, looking up at her. She couldn’t help but smile seeing the state she had put him in, his cheeks were completely flushed, and his mouth was parted, flushed raspberry pink. It was rare she ever got to see this side of him, she was going to take full advantage.

“Ask me to cum..” Y/N murmured against his panting lips, making his eyes open a bit more before shaking his head.

“I don’ beg Y/N… let alone ask t’cum..” Harry mumbled lowly tugging at the restraints harder, making Y/N glance up at his bound wrists.

Sweetie…. I would listen if I were you…” Y/N hummed out, gently applying pressure around his neck. Harry looked up at her blinking a few times, feeling all of his senses heightened. Her hand wrapped around his cock was feeling warmer and warmer by the second. He was so close to cumming. He can feel it in the dip of his tummy. Y/N felt herself get soaked at the way Harry’s eyes started to gloss over, his whines slowly getting higher in pitch.

Then she stopped.

Harry let out a gasp of shock quickly tugging at his hands.

“N-no no no no please no come back.” Harry choked out feeling the ache in his cock, and eyes start welling up shaking his hand. Y/N’s hand were stationed at his chest looking down at him with big eyes, never having seeing him so helpless and begging like this. Part of her felt bad at the thought of letting him go on his day uncomfortably.

“Shh sh sh sh baby…” Y/N murmured cupping his cheeks, pecking over his lips slowly to get his breathing back to normal. “I’ll let you cum just relax..” She whispered brushing her nose against his.

Harry looked up at her tilting his head to sink his teeth down into her jaw, making her eyes flutter shut.

“Untie me… please… jus’ one hand will do I-I jus’ wanna touch you sweetheart.. please…?” Harry whined against her jaw, pulling back and looking up at her with soft eyes.

Y/N looked down at him, somehow locked in a trance before undoing one side of his hands, letting it go from its restraint. Harry looked up seeing his one hand free, immediately moving that hand to press on the middle of her back to press their chests together. His mouth hungrily connected back to hers, his hand now being able to roam down her back and through her hair. He tangled his fingers through her hair, tugging it back so her neck was taut for him. He tugged her head down to let his mouth mark every inch of skin over her neck. Y/N fluttered her eyes shut letting one of hands rest over the one hand of his that was still wrapped in the scarf. She let out a mix between a moan and a whine when his teeth sunk into her sweet spot, immediately sucking to bring color to the surface. Her hips pressed down into him, trying to squirm away from his greedy mouth. Harry finally pulled back looking up at her getting worked up himself again.

“Ride me righ’ now… need you…” His statement was stern but the wobble in his voice made Y/N quickly shed off the rest of the clothes she had worn to bed. Harry’s eyes took in her whole body, completely losing himself once again at everything about her. He swallowed thickly looking up at you at grabbing her jaw, tugging her head down to his. Her eyes had been submissive this whole time. Though he was tied up, he had full control of her.

“Keep your eyes righ’ on me… slip me in..” Harry murmured against her parted lips making her nod quickly. Her hand reached in between their bodies, grabbing his cock and feeling the tip tap against her entrance. Y/N shuddered resting her forehead against his before slowly sinking down onto his cock.

Y/N’s mouth dropped as her hips moved down his dick. It was taking every ounce of her to keep her eyes open to look at him when all she wanted to do was shut her eyes and burying her face into her neck. Harry’s eyes didn’t move one centimeter, tightening his grip on her jaw as he lifted his hips up to nudge the final bit of him in her. Y/N let out a choked whine when his cock nudged up in her. Her hand wrapped around his wrist tightly turning her head to slip her mouth around his thumb as she started moving her hips. Harry parted his lips watching her, letting out breathy moans and whines as he felt her cunt throb around him. His hips moving up to meet her each time, making her whine around his thumb, pulling back and pressing her mouth needily against his. Harry moves his mouth against hers just as deep, wrapping his full arm around her lower back before holding her down against him and thrusting his hips up into hers. Y/N moves to cup his jaw, letting him swallow up all her whines, completely at his mercy. Her mouth dropped from his gasping out and squirming once his hips pressed into hers, the spongy spot of her walls nudged by the top of his cock. He wouldn’t let her move looking up at her with battered breaths. He tugged at his hand still stuck, letting her get the message before she untied it. Both his hands now free, using that arm to wrap around her upper back. Y/N was completely trapped by him.

All she could smell, see, taste, hear, touch, was him.

He slowly began moving his hips back up to hers again, keeping her body pressed against his. Y/N dropped her head slightly to cry out every time his cock would hit that spot. His mouth eagerly pressing under her ear to nip at the skin, tugging at her hair to keep it out of the way. She was completely indulged into Harry. His mouth, his hands, his cock, she felt like she was melting into him.

Harry…” Y/N whined against his jaw gripping the side of his neck. She could barely get her words out before she felt her tummy coil and tense.

Harry pulled back and slipped himself out of her making Y/N cry looking down at him with big eyes.

All she could see was a stupid smirk on his face.

Oh, you wanted to cum?” Harry asked looking at her curiously. Y/N blinked slowly, feeling her release slip away just as his did earlier.


“Think it was smart to tie daddy up like tha’ huh..?” Harry turned them over quickly so she was now on her back.

She looked at him biting at her lip swallowing thickly.

“You know full well of the rules sweetheart… ‘m not letting you cum so easy after teasing me like tha…” Harry clicked his tongue sitting back on his heels. His eyes took her helpless state all in, seeing the way she was trembling and itching for her release, the regret all over her face knowing she would be cumming all she wanted if she didn’t tie him up. She was just too damn stubborn.

“Turn around.”

Y/N looked up at him whining before pouting and lying on her stomach, crossing her arms under her head. Harry shook his head smiling as he trailed his fingers up the back of her thighs.

“‘Ave to punish you baby…. do good girls act like tha’?”

Y/N shook her head pressing her cheek to the pillow. She yelped feeling his hand slap down on her ass.

“Asked you a question..”

“N-No daddy…” Y/N mumbles, whining out once his hand lied down again on the same spot.

“You know I hate punishin’ you petal…. bu’ you need to learn your lessson..” Harry murmured before rubbing his hand over the sore, red spot.

His scooted closer, tapping his cock against one of her cheeks, making Y/N feel the pre cum bubbling at the tip of his cock. He pressed his hand over her lower back as he nudged his cock into her once again. Y/N squeezed her eyes shut, the new angle intensifying her feelings. Both of them now chasing a release. Harry moved to rest both of his hands on either side of her body, rolling his hips into hers at a steady pace. Y/N’s moans were half muffled by the pillow she had lied upon. Her hands fisted the pillow on either side of her head as she let him take her as he pleased. Harry’s hair was flopping into his eyes, looking down to see the way his cock was properly soaked every time he was thrust out. He leaned down pressing his hot mouth up across her upper back, trailing them up to her shoulder and meeting the corner of her mouth. Her eyes peaked open lazily lifting her head to look at him. One of his arm slipping under her head, so she now had a place to rest her head, his other arm sneaking between the bed and her body to pinch at her clit.

“Oh fuck yes right there!” Y/N whined against the skin over his forearm, arching her ass back to meet his hips. Harry’s forehead was pressed against her temple, grunting each time her cunt squeezed around his cock.

“Naughty little thing you are…. loved getting fucked by daddy’s cock yeah..? Can feel it righ’ here yeah?” He emphasized by moving his hand by her clit, pressing it to her tummy where she could feel him. She nodded eagerly, feeling her body heat up even more as he need to cum became more and more.

Fucking love you like this…” Y/N let out through a moan turning her mouth to press against his bicep. Harry looked down at her grinning lazily pressing his lips to the nape of her neck.

Dirty little mouth too….” Harry murmured against her skin, now slamming harder against her bum, their skin slapping together in a vulgar sound.

Y/N couldn’t help but bite into his bicep each time his cock pressed into her, Harry growled at the pain, clenching his jaw together feeling it deep in his cock. He was about to burst. Harry leaned his body weight to one side, clutching her body against his as he let his hips move accordingly, feeling himself begin to spill. Y/N followed close behind, trembling against him.

“Atta girl…. tha’s it.… my pretty girl… ‘ve got you…..” Harry cooed against her ear as he thrusted lazily to ride out both her highs.

Y/N flopped lifelessly into the bed panting out. Harry peaked his head over gently kissing her cheek.

Hey… don’t die on me.” Y/N giggles lazily licking over her lips as she turned to her to look at him.

“Would be the best way to die in my opinion.” Harry rolled his eyes chuckling and moving to attach their lips sweetly. Y/N thumbed over her bicep as their lips moved together, rubbing at the glistening skin soothingly.

Harry pulled back letting out a sigh of content, flopping his head back down next to hers. Y/N kissed over the mark she lied on his bicep earlier, ruffling through his hair softly. After settling down, they were put into a content atmosphere.

Y/N looked at his relaxed face, pecking over his lips. “Baby..”

Harry hummed in response keeping his eyes shut.

“You know….. about that…. baby pink set?”

Harry groaned looking at her shaking his head. “You are jus’ insatiable aren’t you…”

Y/N gigged kissing over the mark by his mouth, rubbing her feet against his calf, making his dimple appear as he smirked.

He thinks she’s suffered enough, maybe he’ll get the baby pink set after al.


- The one where Y/n is left at the altar and has a hard time dealing with her emotions

Part 1


A/N: This is more of a filler chapter. This part is significantly shorter than part one and will be significantly shorter than the upcoming part 3, but it’s needed and wouldn’t fit in with the upcoming chapter.

Hope you enjoy. xx

Harry hasn’t seen Y/n in two weeks.

Two weeks and not once did he see her in passing, hear her moving furniture around her apartment at three in the morning, or even hear her door open to reassure him that she’s still home. Through his walls there’s been nothing but silence and he wasn’t so sure whether he was more upset or guilty knowing that something wasn’t right.

He’s considered multiple options as to why she’s suddenly disappeared since that night. Perhaps she left—ran away and decided to stay with friends, or even traveled to visit Rick. Or maybe she decided to work again—take the distractions a step further and just bury herself in the work she’s been avoiding.

Or worst yet, maybe she’s avoiding him. She knows his work schedules after being neighbors for so long and even knows the times he likes to run errands considering they were practically living with each other for a month. But none of the options made any sense because every morning when he leaves for work and every night he comes back home, her car is always parked in the same damn spot every single time.

He’s thought about knocking on her door several times to apologize for all that he said to her. He was feeling too many emotions at once to really think about his choice of words. Although it was her that did the wrong, he should have never accused her of such awful, terrible things because she would never do what she did unless something else was going on.

But he never did. He never did anything about it because he wasn’t so sure how to go about the situation considering she’s had a hard time opening up to him. That, and not knowing what he would be getting in between in regards to Rick and Y/n—if there still even was a Rick and Y/n at this point.

Instead, he stayed in his apartment like a coward, choosing not to face his problems and refusing to be a good friend and check up on her during a time she needed him most.

He felt like the shittiest person in the world for doing so.

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The Batkid’s Christmases before they were adopted by Bruce

Bruce tries every Christmas to make sure that his kids have the best holiday possible, since none of them besides maybe Dick have had even close to a perfect Christmas before.

Dick always had good holidays when he was still with the circus. Every year all the acts got together and had a huge party where they had dinner and exchanged gifts. They were always loud, and nearly every surface had some kind of shiny decorations on it. After he came to the manor, Bruce tried his hardest to make the home as festive as possible so Dick could feel like maybe some things do always stay the same.

Jason spent most holidays just trying to survive like every other day. Special events like Christmas and Thanksgiving passed right on by without him even noticing. Probably the best Christmas he’d had before coming to the manor was back when his mom was alive and sober for once. She used what little money they had to buy a small plastic tree and a present for Jay. It wasn’t much, but it was still better than any other Christmas he’d had.

Tim’s holidays were lonely. His parents were always off on some trip or other, so the majority of his time was spent by himself, alone in that big house with no one but the help for company. He’d never even had a Christmas tree until getting adopted by Bruce because his parents never cared enough to buy one, though sometimes he’d decorate his window with pine needles he’d found and makeshift ornaments so it could feel almost like he had a real Christmas tree.

Cass hasn’t even heard of Christmas until her family explained it to her. She’d never experienced a major holiday for herself before joining the batfam, so it was quite a shock to learn that there was a day in December in which they all decorated the house and exchanged gifts just because they loved each other. Her first Christmas she was so excited as she watched her brothers decorate the tree and listened to Alfred hum carols as he baked cookies in the kitchen. She even had Barbara take her shopping so she could buy presents for everyone to show them how much she cared.

Damian knew about Christmas of course, but he’d never really celebrated it back when he was with the league. When he joined the family, Dick made it his personal mission to ensure Damian never had to miss another Christmas again. Damian doesn’t love all the tinsel and lights everywhere, but he does enjoy the opportunity to give gifts to his family. While he may not show it all the time, he does care about his loved ones a lot and he likes the opportunity to show it in a way he knows how—by giving little gifts that he knows mean a lot to them.

together forever (part 1)

A different twist of Criminal Minds season 4, episode 24 “Amplification”

part 2 

“Two more minutes,” Y/N whine, snuggling deeper into the bed. She felt something heavy on top of her, and let out giggles as the man tickled her.

“Spence!” She yelled out, unable to control the giggling.

“Come on JJ said it’s an emergency,” He mumbled into her neck, his breath making her giggle again.

“Okay fine,” She gave in, letting him pull her up. He gave a quick kiss and went to the kitchen to put the coffee on. She got out of the bed, washing quickly and pulling her hair in a ponytail. She walks into the living room with her boyfriend holding two cups of the coffee. She kisses him as a thank you and together walks out.

Sometimes, she wonders how did she get so lucky. Two years ago Y/N joined the BAU, along with David Rossi and quickly became close to the team, especially to Spencer. She was a nerd herself, more loyal to her Hogwarts’ house rather than her high school, and that just made her like Spencer even more. She waited for two months for him to ask her out, but because he is incredibly shy, she knew that she had to take the initiative. So she asked him out and had to bit back her laugh when she saw stuttering in shock. And now a year later she moved in with him in his apartment, happy and content. Hotch was worried at first about how both of them would be in the team once Y/N and Spencer came out to the team, but after seeing that the couple were always professional he let go of his initial suspicion.

“Do you know what the case is?” She asked Spencer who shakes his head once they both are in her car.

“It must be local though,” He tells her, fidgeting with his bag. He had an uneasy feeling though as if something was going to go wrong. He must have been frowning because Y/N takes a hold of his hand as soon as they get out of the car. They both do not do any PDA near the headquarters because they had deemed it unprofessional, so he was surprised when she took hold of his hand and pulled him closer to her. “Are you okay?” She asks and he nods with a smile. She doesn’t let her hand go, and he doesn’t want to either.

Minutes later they both walk into a room full of military men and women walking around in the BAU bullpen along with Morgan and Prentiss.  "Wow,“ she muttered, tightening her grip on Spencer’s hand.

"Case must be local. JJ said not to bring a go bag,” Spencer stated, brushing his thumb on top of her hand. He knew it was calming him as much as it was calming her.

“What’s the army doing here?” Morgan asked, looking around.

“What the hell is going on?” Prentiss wondered.

Y/N stood with them for a moment, taking in the rush of people who were looking through files and talking to others. They were all tensed, completely focused on their job. Spencer dragged her up to the conference room, never letting her hand go. As they entered the room, he squeezed her hand, letting her know that it was okay and pulled away. She looked at him, concern in her eyes as he gave a small smile. They see as an Asian woman in a suit placing tablets in cups and JJ was standing beside her holding a large cup in her hand. JJ turn when the group walks in, and Y/N smiled back at JJ as she took her place between Morgan and Prentiss while he stood near JJ.

“Guys this is Dr. Linda Kimura,” JJ introduces her to the team. “Chief of Special Pathogens with the CDC.”

“Hello,” Prentiss politely welcomed her.

“Hello. I am sorry to meet you under these circumstances,” Kimura answers, her voice low.

“What circumstances?” Spencer asks.

Hotch and Rossi talking to each other as the two senior profilers walk in. "We need to get started,“ Hotch cuts in, giving everyone a nod.

"Last night, 25 people checked into emergency rooms in and around Annapolis. They were all at the same park after 2 P.M. yesterday, and writhing ten hours the first victim died. It’s now just past 7 A.M. The next day, we have 12 dead,” JJ said.

“Lung failure and black lesions,” Morgan said, looking through the pictures of the victims. “Anthrax?”

“But Anthrax doesn’t kill this fast,” You said, looking at Spencer for confirmation who nods in agreement.

“This strain does,” Kimura said.

“What are we doing about potential mass targets–airports, malls, trains?” Prentiss asked, her eyes landing on Hotch.

“There is a media blackout,” He answers.

“What?” You ask

“We are not telling the public?” Prentiss adds.

“We’d have a mass exodus,” Morgan answers.

“The physiology of group panic would cause more deaths than this last attack,” Rossi said.

“Yeah and if it does out, whoever did this might go underground or destroy their samples,” Spencer concludes.

“Or if they wanted attention and didn’t get it they might attack again,” Prentiss counters back. “Doesn’t the public have the right to know that?”

“If there is another attack, there’s no way we’ll be able to keep it quiet,” Hotch said, his voice leaving no question. You bit your lips to keep the groan and you notice how worried JJ looks.

“Our best chance of protecting the public is by building a profile as quickly as we can,” Hoth continues, ignoring Prentiss’s eye roll.

“What do we know about this strain?” Spencer asks, hoping to bring the focus back to the case.

“The spores are weaponized, reduced to a respirator ideal that attacks deep in the lungs,” Kimura explains. “Odorless and invisible.”

“A sophisticated strain,” Rossi concludes. “Only a scientist would know how to do that.”

“You can’t cross the possibility that it’s by a terrorist group who got the supply from somewhere else,” You add-on.

“These lesions are doubling in size in a matter of hours,” Morgan adds on.

“It’s not the lesions that I’m worried about,” Kimora interrupts. “It’s the lungs. We don’t know how to combat the toxins once they’re inside. And the reality is that we may lose them all.”

“The remaining survivors have been moved to a special wing at the hospital. Our office will become a small command center,” JJ also informed the team.

“We will be working with military scientists from Fort Detrick,” Hotch said.

“General Whitworth is coming here?” Rossi asks him.

“He is in charge of site containment and spore analysis. Determining what strain this is will help inform us who’s responsible.”

“My team is in charge of tearing all victims,” Kimura said to the team.

“Reid, go with Dr. Kimura to the hospital and interview the victims. Morgan, (Y/N) and  Prentiss, there’s a Hazmat team that will accompany to the crime scene,” Hotch lets everyone know what to do. “There’s Cipro that everyone needs to take before you go.”

“We don’t know if it’s effecting against this strain, but it’s something,” Kimura tells them.

“This is really happening huh,” You talked out loud, swallowing down your fear.

“We knew this would happen. We’ve done our homework. We’ve prepared for this. This is it,” Hotch said before he swallowed his pills.

“May we live 100 years,” Rossi dryly said before swallowing his pills down.

Y/N shared a wry smile with Spencer as she gulps down the pills. But it didn’t settle the bad feeling in his stomach.

Spencer nodded at Dr. Kimura, asking her if he could have a minute. She nodded and walked away, and Spencer walked to where Morgan and Y/N were standing. The two stopped when they see the tall man walking towards them, with a nod Morgan walks away, giving the couple the privacy they need. He brings her closer to him, and soon his heart calms down. He kisses her forehead and pulls back, cupping her face in his hands. “Be safe,” He said and kissed her with all the love he had. For a moment, all they could focus was on their lips, and soon the bad feeling he had goes away because he knows she can take care of herself. 

They pull apart, knowing that Morgan and Prentiss were waiting for Y/N, Her eyes open and he could see the concern in it. “Yeah,” she whispers heavily. “Be careful okay?”

“Okay. I love you,” He tells her with another kiss.

“Love you too,” She whispers to him. 


They both turn to see Morgan and Prentiss waiting. "Go,“ Spencer said with a smile and she brushes the hair away from his face. With a kiss on her forehead, he walks to Dr. Kimura, leaving her with Morgan and Prentiss.

“Are you okay?” Dr. Kimura asks Spencer, and his expression must be bad because even a stranger could read him. 

“Yes, I am fine,” He thanks her, and he could really believe that now. He knew that Y/N is going to look after herself, he knew that. Now if only he could believe it. 


After the team delivers the profile to the military men, Hotch assigns Y/N and Morgan to go to Dr. Nichols’ home while Prentiss, Rossi, and Spencer went to his workplace. They reach there and look around the home. Y/N didn’t really focus where she was going which ended up with cutting her hand when she fell flat on her face as she tripped.

“Do you want me to carry you, princess?” Morgan teased as he helped her get up. She glared in response, dusting off the dirt on her pants. She was about to reply back when his phone rang, so with a final glare, she left him talking as she wandered into the house. Instantly she knew that something was wrong when she stumbles into the house lab, so she took her gun out and headed carefully in. She stops short when she sees a dead body and broken vials of anthrax litter the floor.

“Y/N?” Morgan’s voice snaps her out, and she rushes to slam the glass door, locking herself inside when Morgan almost got into the lab. “Get back,” She shouts at him, locking the door and looking up to see Morgan’s terrified face.

“What’s wrong?” Morgan asked her, his hand on the glass. “Y/N, open the damn door!”

“I am so sorry,” She whispers as she sees his gaze land on the broken vials. He takes a step back in shock, just looking at her. “Call Hotch. Nichols is dead, and I am pretty sure that the cure is here.”


When Diana lost you, she was absolutely devastated. She felt as if her were all her fault that she let you slip out of her grasp, and now you were gone and she could never make it up to you.

The weather wasn’t making anything better. The rain fell to the ground aggressively and the thunder rumbled loudly. How it happened is what confused and frustrated Diana the most.

You went to find her in battle, even after the League told you to stay with Alfred. When you’d found her, you ran over and saw that she was pretty hurt.


“Diana!” You ran over and crouched down, touching her side gently to see if you could see any of her bruises.

“(Y/N) No! You need to go back with Alfred, now!” She yelled and there was what looked and sounded like an explosion from behind the wall where Diana was. She lifted her shield over both of your heads with a wince. “Please! I can’t protect you here!”

“Diana, I just-“ Something small was thrown over between you and Diana. You both looked at it, then at each other.

“Run. Run!” You helped her up and you both started sprinting, Diana tried to hold your hand for as long as you could, but you fell. That tripped her, and just as she looked back,


Gone, and left her nothing.


It had been days since the incident and after searching and searching the scene after the battle was over, there was no body to be found. She shut herself down again, after working so hard to open up again. This time Bruce and everybody understood.

She forced herself to go outside and take a walk. Maybe being outside around others would stop the crying.

It didn’t.

She was in this zone and no one could get her attention. She was to sad, too upset and too frustrated to pay much attention. She put on a raincoat and just walked down some sidewalks, over the sound of her shoes splashing in the water she couldn’t hear the feet running up behind her.

It shocked her when someone threw their arms around her from behind and hugged her tightly.

“You didn’t hear me calling you?” Your voice startled her even more. She turned around slowly, and when she saw it was you she instantly picked you up and hugged you tighter than you had been holding her. “I’m breakable, Diana.” You whispered with a giggle.

“How are you here? You… You di-“

“Died? Yeah. I told you I can regenerate.”

“Rege- what?” You laughed and pulled your rainhood down so she could look at your neck.

“You see these little dots?” There were almost ten. “These are all the times I’ve died,” you used air quotes on died. “and regenerated. I cant die Diana.” She had tears in her eyes and her lips quivered slightly. You frowned. “I didn’t tell you?”

“I thought you died!” She shouted and looked the other way sadly and angrily. “I saw you explode, and that was… It was fucking terrifying!” You winced when she cursed. She usually never swore. “I’m just, I was so scared that you were gone, and I’d be alone again.” You looked at her hurt expression and pulled as much of her as you could into a hug, you raincoat crinkled against hers.

“I’ll be with you for a really long time. Until you want to get rid of me.”

She hugged you back and sniffles into the side of your neck. “That won’t happen. I promise.”

i’ve found a real love - part one

the one with the ugly sweater party

“Knew it was you, Frannie,” he replies, corners of his mouth curving upwards a little, as he shoves one hand into the pocket of his jeans.

“Yeah, would’ve been embarrassing if it wasn’t me,” Francine replies and that causes him to chuckle. She doesn’t mean to make him laugh. In fact, she’s actually trying to be rude, but it’s not working. So she tries again, “What’re you doing here?”

read below // story page

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so I had this dream and I thought “you know this is actually something that’s very possible in canon” and the dream started with pidge and matt talking about random things and she brought up how she found him and now that she did she could focus on other things and then she glances over to lance, who’s talking to hunk, and then back at matt who wants to know what she’s implying, so naturally, he asks. she’s hesitant to explain and pushes it aside like “uhh I guess it doesn’t really matter” and “nevermind” but both of them knew he could get her to crack so it wasn’t long before she gave up and just told him that she had a crush on lance and was considering maybe telling him or at least letting him know about it but not really having a plan of what to do past that, if anything does happen. so a small part of matt kinda hates lance but most of him is just excited that his little sister has a high school crush, so over the next few days he tries to tell lance himself but pidge stops him every time and eventually she just gets agitated and goes up to lance and just tells her herself with matt behind her and both matt and lance are like super shocked that she actually said it and lance is appalled for obvious reasons so he just starts asking all these questions like “omg how long did you” “so like how much do you like me” “is this a prank” and she answers with all these half assed answers and eventually the conversation begins to deepen so pidge has to kick out matt and he’s hesitant to leave because he wants to see this but eventually leaves them alone. so pidge turns back around and asks lance “so, um, is this gonna change our friendship?” and he’s like “why would it? it doesn’t matter. we’re still besties” and he continues with “besides, I have experience with girls liking me!” and she just has this “yep mhm I totally believe you (/sarcastic)” face, and they both burst out laughing and so she asks him how he feels about her and he’s like “uhh I don’t know? im gonna have to think about it” and she accepts the answer, smiles in satisfaction and they both go away after talking a bit longer. about a season later and he begins to realize “shit. she’s beautiful, so smart, and my best friend… maybe I do like her” and that’s the part where I stopped dreaming

Yuletide Medicine (25 Days Of Richonne Tumblr Exclusive) by @blacklitchick

The joy of the Holiday is lost on both Rick and Michonne until the right medicine transforms their Christmas Eve.

It had seemed like the altruistic thing to do when Rick volunteered to take his aunt’s shift as a Salvation Army bell ringer after she came down with the flu. Most didn’t want the Christmas Eve shift, but the magic of the holiday season was lost on Rick that year. His kids would be two states away from him when they opened presents on Christmas morning. He figured it was better to do some good instead of moping around his empty house. But after two hours of ringing that annoying bell in icy temperatures, he was over it. The multiple looks of annoyance and aggravation he received as last-minute shoppers rushed past him and his frozen fingers made him want to pack it in early. The three dollars he collected after being on duty for two hours didn’t seem worth the hassle.

He tossed the bell and red apron into the bucket before reaching up to pull the Santa hat off his head. A split second before his hand touched his head he heard a small gasp and scream. His reflexes kicked in as he saw a body fall towards him from his peripheral vision. The new weight in his arms wasn’t as much of a shock to his system as the most beautiful yet haunting pair of brown eyes he’d ever seen, staring up at him.

It took it her being in waves: her dark skin, the long locs cascading down her shoulders from under a white knit cap, the matching white peacoat, the way her mouth slightly opened as she took in quick breaths that floated up into the air like smoke. The seconds ticked away as their eyes bored into each other’s and people continued to rush around them.

The small pellets of precipitation that began hitting his face jerked Rick out of their intense trance. His voice was soft yet rough as he opened his mouth. “You OK?”

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Five Times Maryse Lightwood Realized She Was Wrong (And the One Time She Admitted It)

Read on AO3

3- In the Doorway

Maryse Lightwood and ‘The Time She Went to Tell Alec to Get Some Sleep But Found Magnus There Already Doing It For Her’

or 'The 100000000000000000000000000th time that Malec was cute’


Alec had thrown himself into everything he did with as much energy and enthusiasm as he possibly could. It was what he had been trained to do, since he was a child. And becoming Head of the Institute was no different.

He had taken over at the worst possible time, Maryse Lightwood knew this, and she hated Imogen Herondale for it. For making every effort she could to throw her son under the bus, to let him taste his future, before she ripped it from his hands.

But Alec was not one to let himself fail, and she was proud, knowing that he was doing everything in his power to prevent Imogen from having any excuse to replace him. Alec was smart; Alec knew that he above all others had to be the perfect leader.

It was why Maryse Lightwood was on her way to Alec’s office at this very moment. Because Valentine had been recently imprisoned in the Institute’s basement. And she knew there was much still that Alec had to do to make sure that he stayed there. To make sure he could settle the stirrings of a Downworlder uprising that Imogen and the Clave had created, but had somehow become Alec’s responsibility to stop. Maryse Lightwood knew her son well, and she knew that it had probably been two days since he had slept.

She was going to make sure he learned how to take a break before he worked himself to an early grave.

Decades of Shadowhunting had taught Maryse how to stay silent in stilettos, and the training kicked in the minute she heard voices coming from Alec’s office.

“Darling, I’m serious,”

“So am I. I’m fine, I don’t need to sleep.”

What was Magnus Bane doing at the Institute at two o’clock in the morning? Maryse asked herself as she peeked around the corner of the doorframe.

Alec was sitting at his desk, his chair spun around to face Magnus, hand still hovering over the tablet in which he stored his documents. His elbow resting on the stack of files he still had to finish signing.

“You haven’t slept in two days, and stamina runes can only keep you going for so long.”

“I’m not tired.”

“Because you’re running on pure adrenaline.”

“I am not.”

“Alexander Gideon Lightwood, do not give me that bullshit,” Magnus chastised, pointing a single ringed finger at Alec, who frowned in shock. Maryse bit back a laugh, covering her mouth with her hand at the thought that Magnus Bane was feeding Alec the same spiel she would have given him. That there could be so much love and care in his voice, and so little room for argument. And maybe it was the fact that she had seen Magnus with Alec a few times before, that she no longer found herself surprised that Magnus could find exactly the right tone to make sure Alec was paying attention.

Magnus dropped his hand, he softened his posture, he ran a hand through Alec’s hair. “I know that you are under a lot of pressure to do everything perfectly. I know how scared you are of losing the only thing you’ve dreamed about your entire life because you’re dating me.”

“This isn’t your fault, Magnus,” Alec replied automatically, as if it were something he had learned how to say on autopilot.

“Well, regardless, I know how important this is to you, being Head of the Institute, and you know as well as I do that you are a phenomenal leader. You deserve this, Alec, you deserve every minute of leadership. You will do great things for the Shadow World. You’re doing everything you can to make a positive change, and I am so unbelievably proud of everything you’ve done to try to bridge the divide between Shadowhunters and Downworlders. But, angel,” Magnus tucked a strand of hair behind Alec’s ear, and kept his hand resting on Alec’s cheek. Alec pressed a brief kiss to Magnus’ palm. “Good leaders make smart decisions, and you can’t make smart decisions if you are exhausted.”

Alec sunk back in his chair, and Maryse could tell this was hitting too close for comfort with Alec.

“I know you know this,” Magnus pressed. “You aren’t going to be very helpful to anyone if you are too tired to focus, or if you drop in the middle of combat because you don’t have the energy to stand up. Alexander,” Magnus paused for a second, taking the opportunity to sit in Alec’s lap. Alec’s arms automatically going from where they sat on his paperwork to wrap themselves around Magnus’ body. And Maryse thought for a moment that for some reason it looked like the most natural thing in the world. Alec and Magnus, together. How had she not believed it before?

“The first step to being a good leader, is taking good care of yourself,” Magnus continued. “Valentine is in a cell downstairs, I am back in my own body.” Alec pressed their foreheads together at that. “The world is not going to end just because you let yourself take a break for a few hours and let your body rest,” Magnus said as he kissed Alec quickly before jumping off his lap and holding out a hand in offering. “Besides you don’t even have to leave the office. You can just sleep on the couch. God knows it’s more comfortable than your actual bed, and anyone who sees you will think you are the hardest worker they’ve ever come across…which is true anyway.”

“I don’t have a pillow,” Alec crossed his arms over his chest, a challenging smirk on his face.

“Alexander, do you so easily forget that you have a magical boyfriend who can summon you a pillow? Or, an incredibly handsome boyfriend with a lap that is perfect for laying your head in?”

“Well if I had known that offer was on the table I would have gone to bed much earlier,” Alec smiled, grabbing Magnus’ hand and allowing himself to be pulled out of his chair.

Magnus embraced Alec for a moment, kissing his forehead. “Let’s give that beautiful brain of yours a chance to rest.” They walked hand in hand to the black leather couch, Magnus taking time to sit before guiding Alec down after him. Alec curled on his side almost immediately upon laying down. A yawn contorting his face. Magnus smiled to himself, a small smile, a private one, one of uncontainable bliss. Something meant for no one but himself. A smile that Alec was completely oblivious to. Magnus twisted around to grab the blanket that was hanging off the edge of the couch. He splayed it carefully over Alec’s body. One hand entangling itself in the dark black strands of Alec’s hair, playing with it absentmindedly.

Alec hummed happily, reaching out with one hand to take Magnus’ free one. Magnus took it readily, drawing circles on Alec’s skin.

“I love you,” Alec murmured, sighing contentedly, as he snuggled deeper into Magnus’ lap, as if he had found safety in it.

“I love you, too,” Magnus replied.

And it was something Maryse believed whole-heartedly. She could see it now, she could see how good they were for each other, could see the way Alec’s confidence had grown under Magnus’ careful care. How Magnus had seemed happier too, in the brief moments she had seen him. How there was a new light in his eyes, how he was much more tolerable when it came to matters of business. How much he cared about Alec, about a Shadowhunter, a Lightwood no less. And what had she been doing trying to convince herself of anything else? Magnus would not break Alec’s heart. Magnus and Alec loved each other. And maybe, maybe Alec had started to show her that it was okay to find love in the arms of a Downworlder. That maybe it wasn’t so wrong, that maybe it was time to get over her bias, and her prejudice. To admit when she wrong.

She looked back at them once more, at the sound of Alec’s gentle snores, and nearly jumped in shock when her eyes met Magnus’ brown ones. He sent her a small smile; how long had he known she was here? How long did he know she had been spying on them? She could feel the slow pooling of heat in her cheeks, blush a too obvious sign of her embarrassment at being caught. She forced a small nod, the best approval she could think of in the moment, before turning on her heel and fleeing into the comfortable darkness of her own room.

You’re My Everything. ( Bellamy Blake x Reader )

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Request : Heyy! If you’re still doing requests can you do a Bellamy x reader where they get into a fight and it kind of follows the quote “Since I’m not your everything, how about I’ll be nothing at all to you?” And it ends in fluff? Sorry if that didn’t make sense!! - ANON

Pairing : Bellamy Blake x Reader

Warnings : Angst, hinted smut, fluff,  like 4 curse words

Word Count : 2,452

A/N : woo second request ever & sorry if it doesn’t really follow the quote my baaaad also a lot of sentences are random, imagine those as your thoughts? idk Keep requesting me though !! This is really fun !! love you !!


“ How’s the princess doing? “ Bellamy peeped in from the entrance of your room with a sweet tone and a happy. You shifted your glance from your leg brace to Bellamy, returning his grin with a smile of your own.

“ Just fine, king. Knee aches a little. “ You replied shortly after heaving your tired body off of your bed. Your balance faltered slightly under your bum knee. Bellamy’s hand instinctively shot out for you to grasp on. You regained your balance quickly and intertwined your hand in Bellamy’s, taking him by surprise.

“ Why, I’d love to hold hands with you, Bell. Thanks for asking. “ You playfully teased your freckle-face best friend with a tight grip on his hand and a self-satisfied smirk on your face.

“ You’re not funny. “ Bellamy groaned out, an adorable eye roll to go with his grumbling. This boy is too perfect; this has to be a dream.

“ Hey, I don’t see you letting go, handsome. “ You mentioned flirtily, your gaze flitting from your hands to Bellamy’s eyes. He breathed out a low chuckle before dragging you of your room into the Ark’s metal halls, fingers still connected.

“ You done, Y/N? I have something to show you. “ Bellamy abruptly halted your frisky advances, avoiding your sight so you wouldn’t see the growing blush on his cheeks. You laughed bubbly at how boyish Bellamy was acting; the polar opposite of his somewhat guarded personality. It was different, refreshing even. He maneuvered between the crowds and through the halls with ease, suddenly screeching to a standstill at a left turn.

“ Okay, I know for a fact that you don’t get see these often since you’re always working so close your eyes. “ Bellamy elaborated the reason why he lugged you across the Ark, his eyes twinkling happily. You furrowed your eyebrows in suspicion and hesitantly complied with his instruction, blanketing your eyes with your hands. Bellamy steadily guided you around the corner and slowed to a complete stop.

“ You can look now. “ You could hear the giddy smile Bellamy had on his face in his words. You lifted your hands and revealed a sight that took your breath away. The view of the moonrise left you speechless in awe. Bellamy contently watched you admired the marvelous spectacle of space.

“ This is fucking amazing, Bellamy! I’ve been dying to see one of these! “ You exclaimed joyfully, rapidly whipping around to tackle Bellamy in a bear hug. He wrapped his strong arms around your waist and twirled you around as you giggled radiantly. This was another of those countless moments that you wished would never end. However, all good things must come to an end.

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Maybe it was meant to be (I)

James Buchanan Barnes x Female!Reader
Modern! AU
1115 words

Summary: You planned on starting a new life alone when you caught your sister making out with your (ex)boyfriend, the sister whom your parents love and appreciate over you, but what if you stumbled across her (ex)boyfriend, James, who insisted you call him Bucky?

Warning: Angst, Bucky doesn’t appear till the next part, Family issues

A/N: This is a 3-4 Part Series. Sorry to those named Amelia and Tyler, or if your sister’s name is Amelia and your boyfriend’s name is Tyler. Enjoy!

“How could you?”

(Y/n)’s tone was calm, her gaze aimed at her boyfriend and sister. Their lips were caressing each other, his hand clasping around her waist and the other delicately holding up her chin. They both gasped, probably not expecting (Y/n) to be home so soon and untangled themselves from each other. The silence was unbearable, but (Y/n) really didn’t know what else to say.

“Look, sis,” Amelia started with her matter-of-fact voice, “If Tyler thinks he’s better off with me, you can’t stop him. I’m sorry.”

(Y/n) glanced at Tyler, whose head hung low but eyes daringly stared back at her. (Y/n) thought back to when they laid on their bed, him curling her hair with his fingers and her drawing circles on his shoulders.

“I know I can’t, but I never expected it from you,” (Y/n) said, spitting out the words to Tyler as if it were flames dancing on her tongue. He flinched, but (Y/n) wasn’t done. She recalled opening up to him, revealed all her fears and secrets; and to this day, remembering his exact reply.

“Two years. After everything I’ve told you, I trusted you. Remember when you told me this,” (Y/n) gestured between both her and Tyler, “will be the one thing she can never tear apart?”

(Y/n) let out shaky breaths, not knowing how much longer she’s able to wear this strong façade of hers because Fuck, I’m so tired of it all.

“Hey! We’re back and- what’s going on in here?”

(Y/n)’s eyes landed on the door where her parents stood, their face scrunched up in confusion and worry washing over their eyes.

“Honey, what happened?”

“Amelia was making out with Tyler,” (Y/n) heard herself speak. Looking straight into her mother’s eyes. The shock expression her mother had for a split second didn’t go unnoticed by her, but her father interrupted before she could say anything more.

“Oh, (Y/n), I’m so sorry. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be? I mean Tyler’s a good man, and maybe it just hasn’t been working out between you two lately-”

“Yes, I’m sure you both weren’t doing so well together anymore anyways, don’t get so upset,” her mother quickly added and (Y/n) felt sick to the stomach. Her vision blurred and the wetness she felt on her cheeks were no mistake, but she’s just tired of her older sister always getting it her way.

“Disgusting,” (Y/n) said, focusing her gaze on her parents, “I came back during semester break because you guys insisted. I brought Tyler because you guys wanted to meet him. I expected to just drop by and leave, but I ran out to grab some groceries and come back to my boyfriend cheating on me with my sister. And all you can afford to say is ‘Don’t get so upset’? You are,” (Y/n) paused, looking for the right word. There was no sugar coating this time, no more tolerating the attitude given to her, “assholes. You are all assholes.”

“(Y/L/N) (Y/N)! How dare you speak to us like that! We’re your parents-”

“Are you though?” (Y/n) looked at them; remembering the time when they forgot her Spelling Bee contest because her sister had her fifth school play, remembering the time when she came home with a 100 in her chemistry course and them brushing her off because her sister got the lead role in her Drama course, remembering the time when they yelled at her because she accidentally broke her sister’s make up palette.

“Because the last time I checked, parents care for you, respect you and love you. You’ve never done any of those things for me. It’s always Amelia. Always. You guys gave her all the love and attention, that you left me with nothing! I excelled in my studies, joined the intramural team! But you guys never cared. All you guys cared about was whether or not Amelia got into the school play, whether or not Amelia got the best dress for her prom, whether or not Amelia got into the College of her choice!”

(Y/n) was well aware that she was a mess, her eyes felt bloated and were probably red as hell and her voice was forcibly choked out. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw her sister intertwining Tyler’s hands with hers and (Y/n) wanted nothing more than to let it all out once and for all.

“You’ve always compared me to her! Compared me in places where I don’t belong. I know I’m not as tall or beautiful as her, and that my body isn’t feminine or slim- I hear enough of that from the boys in high school! I know I can’t be a model like you’ve always wanted mom, or an actress like you’ve wanted, dad, but still I try so hard to be someone. Someone that you both could’ve been proud of! And I thought that might’ve change after I got admitted to College with a full scholarship! I thought ‘Maybe, mom and dad can see me for me’ but no, I realised that Amelia will always be the daughter you guys need. And I will always be the child you guys never wanted.”

(Y/n) saw tears in her mother’s eyes and furrowed eyebrows from her father, but she didn’t care. It was all too tiring, fighting a war that has already been won by her sister.

“So this is the last straw, I’m leaving. For good. You guys can finally be rid of the child you guys are constantly disappointed in,” (Y/n) sighed out, not noticing the alarmed faces of her parents as she turned to Tyler, “Since I pay majority of the rent, I want your things out of my apartment in 3 days.”

(Y/n) walked to the door, ignoring her mother’s pleas and her father’s desperate yells. She turned to look at her sister one last time.

“Not sure if your boyfriend knows about this Amelia, but it’s okay. I’ll help you inform him of your little… hook-up endeavour.”

(Y/n) walked out of the door, walked out of their lives. She went into her car and drove off to a fair distance before parking at the side, tears fogging up her eyes and mind. Get over it, (Y/n). It’s done. Your life with them is over, no more belittling yourself. Breathe. That’s it. No more thinking you’re imperfect. She whipped out her phone, scrolling through her contact until it landed on the name she was looking for.

[Hey, it’s Amelia’s sister. Look, I’m sorry to break it to you, but she’s cheating on you. With my boyfriend- well, ex. Sorry you had to hear it from me, but you deserve better.]  Sent

Celebrating the New Year with You.

Happy.New Year everyone!

A little something sweet of our favorite half-demon and his beautiful priestess! I’m still not up to par on writing, but I hope you enjoy either way!

@keichanz @shardetector @sankontesu @mustardyellowsunshine @akiza-hades-rose @astarisms


She was smiling so wide, he could see every tooth in her mouth. It was cold in December, that much they expected, but it was especially cold on this beautiful moonlit night. He noticed that her cheeks were tinted pink and her bose was bright red. Large puffs of her breath were seen in the chilly air and Inuyasha caught himself inching ever so close to her.

His golden eyes were locked on her mocha orbs that twinkled in the Christmas lights decorating the shrine. She was even more beautiful than the day he met her, which seemed eons ago. Inuyasha reached out with a clawed hand and swept a strand of black hair back behind her ear, which too was red from the cold.

“I really wish you would wear more clothing out here, wench. You’ll freeze your ass off in that.“

The young woman, smile still plastered on her face, turned to him. “You’re one to talk you know. Wearing nothing but that fire-rat over a tee shirt and jeans. And where are.your shoes?”

“Feh. I don’t need no shoes. I’m perfectly fine without them. My feet get better traction than shoes could ever give me.” Inuyasha crossed his arms over his chest, but made sure their shoulders touched.

Kagome closed her eyes and shrugged her shoulders. “Well, when your toes get frost bitten and have to be amputated, I don’t wanna hear any complaining.” She opened her left eye to peek a glance at her favorite guy and jumped in shock at the horror stricken look adorning his handsome face.

“What kind of hell ridden curse are you trying to place on me, woman?!”

Kagome lost it. She doubled over in a fit of giggles complete with tears rolling down her cheeks. “I-I’m so-sorry!”

“Oi. You done with the giggles and shit?”

Laughing harder as she held her sides, Kagome bent over to compose herself. Once she was sure she was good, Kagome stood straight, wiped her eyes and turned to her half-demon. “I’m sorry. You had the most priceless facial expression. I don’t think you’ll have to have amputated toes, but I think you could possible get a cold. Demons can get sick, half-demon’s or full, it doesn’t matter.” She reached a delicate hand up to his cheek and caressed the soft skin of his high cheekbones. No longer did he have the face of a young boy, but now the chiseled face of a man and was he ever the most handsome man she’d ever seen. Not even the beauty of his brother, Sesshomaru, compared.

Inuyasha leaned against her touch, the warmth of her fingers sent shivers down his spine. He placed his larger hand over here and turned his cheek to press his lips against her palm. Kagome’s breath hitched and he couldn’t contain the grin that crossed her lips.

Fireworks erupted across the sky and Kagome jumped from her fantasy world. Retracting the hand he had just kissed, she looked at the little pink watch he had given her on her birthday and noticed that it was only a few minutes until midnight. “It’s almost time to ring in the new year.”

Her whisper reached his ears and he grinned once more. “So, according to your mother, isn’t there a specific tradition people take part in when it strikes midnight on this new year?”

A blush stole across her fair cheeks. Casting her eyes towards the sky, Kagome nodded. “When the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve, couples kiss as they ring in the new year together. It’s quite romantic when the couple is in a serious relationship.” pausing, she glanced his way. “Three years was too long, Inuyasha. I’m not sure anymore.”

Inuyasha wasn’t good with reading emotions or understanding women, but he sensed that she was looking for confirmation on their relationship. Not knowing if they were indeed an “us” or just “You and me” After all that time apart, but he was going to put her fears to rest and confirm once and for all, he was there to stay.

“It was a long time, but nothing has changed, not for me anyway.” He reached for her, pulling her flush against him. His ears picked up the faint sound of people counting down, ‘Ten, nine, eight….’

“Are you sure?”


‘Seven, six, five…’

“Keh, is not an actual answer, Inuyasha.”

"Yeah it is too.”

‘Four, three, two….’

"No, it’s not. Geeze why can’t you ever say what you fe-”


When he heard one, Inuyasha gripped her by the back of the neck and crashed his lips down upon hers. With a muffled squeak, Kagome quickly caught on and tangled her fingers into his silver mane. The simple kiss turned heated and it took everything he had not to back her up into the Goshinboku and have his way with her. Lack of oxygen became too much for Kagome and Inuyasha was forced to part with her.

Placing his forehead against hers, Kagome panted as she twisted her fists into the thin tee-shirt on his chest. Mocha eyes watered from the frigid breeze as she blinked up at Inuyasha. “Wha-”

“My actions have always spoken louder than my words. I needed you to know, that even though we were apart for three years, I’m NEVER gonna feel any different towards you.”

Now her eyes were watering for a completely different reason. “Yo- you don’t feel anything for me?”

Taken aback, Inuyasha scolded. “What the fuck? Why would you ask a stupid ass question like that?”

Frowning Kagome snapped back. “You just said you don’t feel any different for me. If I recall, according to you, we weren’t much of anything back then to begin with. So, how is it-”


"What?!”“Just shut up.” With that, Inuyasha bent down to seal his lips over here once more, pouring every ounce of love he held for her into that kiss.

When they broke apart, Kagome sported a goofy grin. “That spoke volumes. I love you too.” Inuyasha smirked, opening his mouth to say ditto, but Kagome lunged at him, wrapping her arms around his neck. He secured her around the waist and lifter her to where she was looking down at him. Kagome rubbed the base of his left ear, her favorite one, as she locked eyes with him. Inuyasha closed his eyes and bit back a moan as he forced his desire down.

We he opened them again, she was looking at him with such love and adoration that it was impossible for him not to kiss her again.

“Happy New Year, Kagome.” His kisses seemed to lull her into a haze, so when he spoke she didn’t quite hear him. He chuckled. “Kagome?”

Finally snapping out of a delicious haze, Kagome smiled sheepishly as she placed a kiss against his forehead. “Happy New Year, Inuyasha. I wouldn’t want to spend this new with anyone other than you.”

“Always.” Was his only reply and she knew he meant it too.

The fireworks continued to blast across the sky above them, but they were too caught up into one another to notice or to even care.

It was definitely the perfect way to ring in the new year and they wouldn’t have had it any other way.


I don’t seem to be getting any better at writing. Hopefully 2018 will be a better year. Happy New Year everyone. May 2018 be an amazing year!

a diary entry

i was in the market after school standing in line to buy fruit (as one does) and i see the prettiest girl i have ever seen in my entire life. i’m not joking. she was etheral. i died a little inside.

she was glancing around, kind of daydreaming, and her eyes passed over me and just kept going, and then, i kid you not, she whipped her head back around to look at me again. and oh my god. oh my god. our eyes met and it was like some stupid 90’s rom-com ffs my head was all just exclamation marks inside.

then she slowly and very obviously looked me up and down and smirked at me. SHE FUCKING SMIRKED AT ME.

i’m standing there blushing so hard that my stupid dimples are probably on display and i will take this moment to remind you that i have never met another queer person outside of tumblr (at this point i’m not really sure if i’m dreaming or not) and i’ve never flirted with another girl in my life, let alone chatted one up. i’m LIVING.

she walks up to me, all long dark hair and freckles, and i make a decision that i am not going to screw this up because fuck if i get another chance to do this.

“sofia,” she says, holding out her hand.

(i’m not staring at her lips)

(i’m definitely staring at her lips)

i lift my hand to shake hers

and drop my fruit all over the floor.

apples roll under vegetable stalls, oranges at other people’s feet, and all i can do is blush like an idiot in front her. after fruit is picked up and apologies are issued, i fully expect her to have left. but no, there she is, leaning against the wall, SMIRKING AT ME. (later she tells me she knows exactly why i dropped all that fruit)

i walk up to her and ask her why she waited for so long. she furrows her (perfect) brows at me and points at my hat, “slytherin. i’m a ravenclaw so i know we’ll get along. also your rainbow bracelet; you’re gay, but not out, and it’s subtle enough to let other queer people know, but only if they’re paying attention. i first looked at you because you’re fucking gorgeous, but you’re obviously also smart as hell. i’d love to take you out sometime.”

i stand in shocked silence for a bit, and i can tell she’s starting to doubt herself.

“i’m not…i’m not out,” i squeak.

“i respect that, i will definitely keep it quiet if you want me to.”

her eyes are brown and green. she’s taller than me. i really want to kiss her freckles.

yes, i say because i am definitely dreaming.

she pulls a pen out of her purse and writes her number on my wrist, old-school, and blows on it to dry the ink. (holy fuck) then her hand is pushing a strand of hair behind my ear and she has this wonderful little nervous smile and then she’s gone. and i’m melting.

Kakegurui Meta: Popularity Poll Breakdown.

Just when I thought things had calmed down a bit with KG, the official Twitter posted the results of a popularity poll. Starting from the top down, we have…

Mary Saotome at #1.

Kirari Momobami at #2. 

Sayaka Igarashi at #3. 

Ririka Momobami at #4. 

Yumeko Jabami at #5. 

And there is not a doubt in my mind that a chunk of the Kakegurui fanbase is baffled by those results. For the sake of those people, I will now attempt to explain the results of this poll. 

Mary being the most popular character shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. She’s one of the most relatable characters in the entirety of the series, be it anime or manga. Even though she started as a tsundere bitch, she grew into a much nicer person as the series progressed, and is showing a more noble side in both the main manga and Kakegurui Twin. Twin, by the way, is Mary’s own spinoff series. Being part of a grand total of four viable yuri ships probably helped a bit, too, but it’s far from the most important reason for her popularity. 

I’ve been meaning to do a full-blown meta just on Mary. This is just a little foretaste. P.S. Yen Press, please get back on translating Twin

Kirari Momobami takes the number 2 spot, and again, there shouldn’t be any surprise. Whereas Mary is a relatable character with no special powers, Kirari has all the power. She also has a ton of charisma, a great design (the closest character I can think of that matches is Kisara from Yu-Gi-Oh!), and is just a lot of fun to watch. I wasn’t completely sold on her (or, rather, was struggling to resist) until she revealed that she was capable of love. That really brought her otherworldly, divine feel down to earth for just long enough. 

Speaking of… 

Sayaka is up here entirely because of the Tower. The anime hinted that she was lesbian, but in the manga, there is no other interpretation. I’ve made post upon post about how Sayaka is a deconstruction of the divine problem of evil, how love is a great Achilles’ heel for a logic-driven character, and why KiraSaya is great yuri in general. Again, this is simultaneously love for the pairing and revenge for not getting it animated. We really do want KiraSaya in the fanbook. K? K. 

Ririka Momobami is even more of a head-scratcher for anyone not caught up with the manga. For the anime fans who may not have gotten it, Ririka Momobami is Kirari’s twin sister. She’s usually the one in the mask, but, for the Idol/Choice Poker episodes, Kirari wore the mask. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people got a little spun around by that. 

That aside, Ririka is also very much her own character. Twins are often opposites in personality, and Kirari and Ririka are not exceptions to this. Where Kirari is confident and firmly in control, Ririka hides behind a mask and has so little confidence that she can’t discipline herself or make promises. Also, n’awwww

In other words, Ririka is like Kirari in terms of visual appeal, only she’s a snugglemuffin. Sure, she’s possibly a manipulative snugglemuffin, but replace lethal games with Mary-centered cuddles, and…well, I’m surprised she got higher than Yumeko. Still not a shock that she’s popular. Take home, very yes. 

Here’s the question that’s probably bugging a lot of people: how the *bleep* did Yumeko get to number 5?! Even I was predicting maybe 3, if not 2. This next section might sting a bit, so brace yourself. 

Yumeko breaks or bends a few rules of anime protagonists. Unlike Mary, or anyone else on the list, she doesn’t grow or develop; any relationships with her seem temporary; we never know what’s going on in her head, and have to bank on faith a lot. In recent chapters, she’s shown some hints of psychopathy - and not the “cool” kind that involves running around with badass weapons. All we really know about her is all that’s in the title of Kakegurui: she’s an addict. 

Compared to literally everyone else on this list, Yumeko feels ephemeral. What’s her real MO? What happened to her sister? Does she really care for anybody, or are they all pawns in a much larger scheme? She’s fun to follow for a while, but humanizing Kirari in the one game called the Tower gave her more staying power. Yumeko really needs more development as a character. Fanservice will only carry her so far. 

Feel free to discuss, but have a lovely holiday if I don’t get back to you! 

La Incondicional, 1/2

CS Top Gun AU:  Emma Swan is one year away from finishing pilot academy before she meets someone that will change it all.

Dedicated to @captainswanandclintasha as a Hub Santa gif. You can watch the terrible 80s video that was inspiration in here: La Incondicional (Luis Miguel)  So you can get an idea, Luis Miguel was the bomb in the 80s and 90s. He was like Ricky Martin’s rival in popularity. The shock for a certain part in this video was HUGE. 

All the thanks in the world to @sambethe for beta and hand-holding duties

Ao3 -

She should have known, it was the bar all the pilots hung out at after all. Passing through or stationed, they all eventually found themselves at the same place. Emma herself had been a regular since she joined the Academy. And even now, in her last year, she still found herself here more nights than she’d like to admit. It was overrated - peanut shells littering the floor, pool tables in desperate need of refelting, and a beer selection that would make you wince - but the music was good, the drinks cheap, and it gave her the chance to scout the future competition.

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Lysandra and Evangeline Fanfiction: “Help Me”

I wrote this a while back and posted it under an ask for this fanfiction, so i wanted to repost it in just a regular post. 

Let me know what you guys think! I don’t write fanfiction often.

Help me

Lysandra and Evangeline’s beginning

The door clicked shut with a sense of finality. A little girl stood in the center of the room, she was so still that with her porcelain skin she could be mistaken for a statue. The only sign of movement came from her eyes, which were slowly taking in the finery that decorated the large upper apartment. The sun, accompanied by a light breeze, streamed through the lace curtains and gleamed off her copper tresses; turning them into liquid gold. Her pale hands were pressed into tight fists at her sides, no one had noticed the lines of blood her nails were making. It wouldn’t matter soon, they were coming to clean her. To make her beautiful, to turn her into something else.

She started as the door burst open, three girls erupted into the room in a flurry of long curls, snapping eyes, and full skirts. She felt her eyes filling with tears as they continued to chatter, and the hot fluid overflowed as they began starting a bath and collecting a gorgeous array of gowns.

“What did you do to piss her off Lysandra?” the girl with almond skin and chocolate curls grinned, as she started flatting a yellow dress onto the king sized bed.

The prettiest girl came back in from the bathroom, a purple jar of soap in her hands. The little girl noticed her eyes through her tears, the green a sharp contrast to her velvet black hair and pale olive skin. When she spoke, the beauty of her voice matched that of her face.

“I refused to go see Alby again…” The other two girls paused in surprised as the one they called Lysandra disappeared back into the bathroom.

“That bastard? Oh…I’ve heard about him. That’s a rough one” the husky voice of the blonde, who didn’t look much older than fourteen, was uncaring and unamused.  “I didn’t even think we were seeing him anymore, didn’t he come close to messing up your face last time?”

Lysandra returned with a towel, which she handed to the blonde. “The last time…was unpleasant. Mistress informed him we would no longer be in business with him. However, I guess he just recently offered her triple my normal price, with the promise to be gentler and she was reconsidering. I told her I would go to Arobynn and tell her she is allowing us to be damaged if she made me go back”

The darker one whistled, “You’re growing bold…I can’t believe giving you an acolyte was all she did”

Lysandra shrugged, “My debts will be paid off in 5 weeks or less. There isn’t much she can do.”

The pale one snorted, “If you ask me, that just makes her more dangerous. She’s just looking for a reason to get you in trouble. Remember when Bree left? She took that hot iron to her for talking back. She didn’t care if she was marred anymore, why should she? The blood was-“

A whimper mixed with a cry escaped from the little girl’s lips. The women, though more correctly they were closer to being girls, turned towards her for the first time. Lysandra’s emerald eyes grew softer, but a wall went up inside the girls next to her.

“Ah, look, she’s crying. So many tears for someone so small”
“Honey, I know you’re scared, but you’re going to learn to stop crying really fast or else-“

“There is no reason to be so harsh Caitriona” Lysandra interrupted, moving to bend in front of the child; handing her a tissue. “Go on, dry your face” she said, though not unkindly.

Caitriona flipped her blonde silken hair over her shoulder, a pout on her face. “You know we don’t spare the new ones the truth”

Lysandra was studying the girls face, mixed emotions flickering across her own. “No,” she said quietly. “But you can soften the blow…what’s your name?”

The girl hiccupped soundlessly, but managed to squeak out “Evangeline”.

“Well Evangeline, I am Lysandra. Caitriona and Fenella here are going to take care of you for now, because I have a dinner date with a client. However, I will be back tonight and we can begin training…you and I will be spending a lot of time together the next few weeks, thanks to Clarisse”. The first hint of annoyance crept into her voice as she stood up and moved to leave.

“Please try to at least be a little sensitive,” she said to the other two who stayed over by the bed, a threat clear in her voice. She paused as she opened the door, and turned back to Evangeline.  “How old are you?”

“Nine” Evangeline said, her voice barely above a whisper.

Something akin to pain flashed in Lysandra’s eyes, but was gone within a second. “I’ll see you tonight”. And the door shut, the sound of high heels clipping away.

Evangeline turned towards the other girls slowly, her golden eyes already beginning to tear up again.

Fenella looked at her sadly, but Caitriona just crossed her arms and said coldly, “Take your dress off and get in the tub, you smell”.

Hours later, Lysandra strode down the darken hallway quickly. She wanted to get this over with. She paused at the door, closing her eyes and sighing. “I hate this, I hate this god forsaken hell-hole.” She had hoped she was done with this ‘mentoring’. Normally when assigned an ‘apprentice’, the job would take a year or more, overseeing all of the girl’s training and upbringing. She never should have been assigned another one. Clarisse just gave her Evangeline because she knew how much Lysandra hated it. “Just five more weeks. Five more weeks and it can all be over”

Bracing herself, she opened the door.

The scene before her was so shocking she froze in place, her full lips widened into a perfect O.

Evangeline sat upon the bed, quivering from head to toe as if she were cold. Perhaps she was. Her light cream colored dress was covered in vomit, and it had been there a while based on the consistency and color…and smell. It was hard to tell, but the she could also smell a trace of urine. The newly branded tattoo on her wrist was bleeding, though it look to be from scratching.

Evangeline herself was hyperventilating, rocking back and forth. Her lip was quivering, covered in puke and sweat.

“Evangeline,” Lysandra gasped, rushing forward. “Wha…what happened?”

“I-I-I couldn’t sto-st-stop crying-ing,” the look she gave Lysandra stopped her heart. Those eyes, those beautiful golden eyes…

Lysandra’s hands hovered over Evangeline, not sure where to touch without getting dirty. She decided she didn’t care. She swept her up in her arms, and carried her to the edge of the tub. She drew a bath, took off her dress, cleaned away the blood, vomit, and urine. She found a nightgown, and put a band aid on her tattoo. Finally, after many coos and “it’s okay, breathe,” from Lysandra, Evangeline eventually calmed down.

“The—the girls told me what I would have to do. What I would learn to do…what I would be made to do”. ‘The poor girl can’t even look me in the eye,’ Lysandra tried to clear the thoughts in her head and the lump in her throat.

“Please,” Evangeline’s lip began to quiver again, and she brought her beige eyes up to meet Lysandra’s green ones. “You’re nice…please help me. I don’t want to do those things, please…help me”.

And Lysandra was taken back in time, to a place where a very similar girl, with jade eyes, olive skin, and black curls, watched a woman in finery shake hands with the man with auburn hair and the many scars. “I told her I would help her Clarisse”. His perfect teeth gleamed. “Make her glorious”. Clarisse turned her sinister, smiling, stare towards Lysandra. Eyes sparkling.

Golden eyes were looking up at her…pleading. Help me.

Lysandra could not look back. “I…I uh…I am supposed to take you to see…to tell you what to expect at…what to do when you…” she made the mistake of looking into those eyes. The eyes that were now quickly draining of hope. Lysandra looked down at her hands, they were shaking.

And then she heard a voice. The voice of Clarisse in her head, speaking to Alby earlier that same month.

“I’m sorry Alby, but this will be the last time we do business. Now, don’t give me that look. You know the rules…their faces are of the utmost importance, it can’t be overlooked. The moment their face is tarnished, they become of no use to me”.

Slowly, Lysandra looked up at the small, quaking, helpless girl before her. She thought again of that little girl years ago, the little girl with jade eyes.

Help me.

Lysandra moved quickly. She quietly ran to the dresser, and opened the top drawer. She moved aside silk underwear and nightgowns, and slid her finger along the secret switch carved into the wood. Taking up the top part of the drawer, she looked down at the contents below. Just two things. A letter in an envelope, six months old. A familiar pain entered the rhythm of her heartbeat, pushing it aside she turned toward the second object. A silver dagger in a black sheath.

Her heads were trembling as she lifted it from the drawer. She turned around and rushed back to the bedside. Evangeline jumped when she saw the weapon in her hand.

“Listen,” Lysandra said softly. “We don’t have much time, we’re already late for your training. I-I can help you. There is a way…a way I can keep this from happening to you. But I need you to listen to me. Listen to me and try to understand everything I tell you”

The hope was back in those eyes. Hope mingled with fear. Damn those eyes, those soul searching eyes.

“The way out… it will hurt. A lot. I will have to hurt you…cut you. Cut you so you’ll forever be marred, scarred. You will never look the same…people…people will look at you and say ‘she would have been beautiful’. But believe me, believe me when I say it’s the only way. It is the only way Evangeline.  You cannot run, I tried. I tried four times. Each time, Clarisse brought me back, and each time she beat me. She beat me in ways that no one could see, no clients could see. But I could…” her voice croaked, her eyes filled with unwanted tears, and she looked away.

Help me.

She looked up, and this time her voice was clear. The shaking stopped. A strength filled her she hadn’t felt in so long…maybe ever.

“I will do this for you…and you have to trust me. But I will only do it if you want, only if you want to…Evangeline, you have to decide.”

The tangerine eyes were clear when they looked at her, and there was only a slight quiver in her voice. “I don’t want, I don’t want this. I’ll do anything”

Lysandra nodded and grabbed her hand, and the little fingers squeezed back. “Trust me…” she said one last time. Her hands weren’t shaking even a little when she lifted the dagger.

A year and a half later

Lysandra opened her eyes, and squinted at the light coming in through Arobynn’s window. She sat up, and glanced over at the clock on the mantel. Good, it was still early. She was hoping he would let her return to have breakfast with Evangeline.

Not once, not once had she regretted what she did to Evangeline. After Clarisse had dragged her away from the bleeding girl, and had beat her purple in the square, she woke up to the girl asleep next to her in bed. She was holding her hand, the pillow case stained red from the wounds on her cheeks. She knew then, Lysandra knew that she was going to take care of her. That Evangeline was going to stay with her. She had never thought about what was going to happen after she ‘tarnished’ her, hadn’t even considered it. But in that moment she knew this girl was hers to protect.

And it was what held her together in the months after. After Clarisse piled on the debts, after she charged her for Evangeline’s clothes and food, after she kept saying she was worth more and more. After she watched her freedom slip through her fingers…Evangeline was her life line.

The one year anniversary of Wesley’s death was the hardest day. She came home after a day with a client, her heart felt like lead in her chest. When she opened the door of the apartment, there stood Evangeline. She had collected wild flowers and had scattered them around the apartment, they were already drooping. She had tried to make dinner for the first time, but the burnt food smoldering on the table.

“I heard you crying this morning,” she said dismally. “I-I was hoping to surprise you. I know it doesn’t look very good–” she didn’t get to finish before Lysandra burst into tears. When was the last time anyone had done something so kind for her? When was the last time she had someone to love and love her in return. The little girl had ran forward and wrapped her tiny arms around her neck. It was the warmest embrace.

Through the cold nights and the long summer days the two of them had grown together. Both gave each other affection neither had experienced before in their lives, having grown up with distant mothers and absent fathers. Neither of them spoke of the scars the other bore and both were happy that way. Evangeline was Lysandra’s anchor and Lysandra Evangeline’s shelter.

The door swung open slowly as Lysandra was slipping into her robe, and Arobynn floated into the room. He came to stand before her, and his smile was positively brighter than the sun. Suspicion arose within her.

“Lysandra my dear, today is a marvelous day. Tell me, how much have you missed our favorite assassin friend?”

Evangeline jumped from where she was sitting and reading when Lysandra swept into the room.

“I’m glad your home, I was thinking that for breakfast we could–” Evangeline began but stopped when she saw Lysandra go to that same drawer she opened on that unfortunate yet fortunate night, and click open the secret latch.

“Get your shoes and cloak, we have somewhere to go. I’ll explain in the carriage”

Evangeline stood, watching the outline of her caregiver, her friend, her confident, her savior. Her shoulders were high and strong, but she could already sense a change. She could feel it in the air.

“Lysandra…what happened?”

As Lysandra turned, she had an envelope pressed against her chest. Her eyes were brimming with tears, but this time it was the jade eyes that were filled with hope as they met the tangerine ones framed by copper eye lashes.

“Celaena is back”

Prejudiced - Pt. 9

Pt. I || Pt. VIII

Recap: Over the past months, you and Sirius have been growing closer through random encounters and his helping you transform into an animagus. Sirius is pretty confident you trust him by now, but is trust the only thing between the two of you?

Word Count: 2.3k

A/N: Aaaand here’s another Sirius-centric chapter for you babes! I’m not sure when I’ll switch back, if I do, as some elements of the story will make much more sense if seen from his pov. Anyways, hope you like this newest iteration, but do remember that ya girl has a couple tricks up her sleeve still, if you catch my drift.

Originally posted by byaseashore

That Monday morning in potions, Sirius had a hard time not falling asleep right on his workstation while awaiting for professor Slughorn to begin his class. He’d had a long weekend; on the Friday night he’d helped you transform into an animagus for the very first time, on Saturday he’d spent a good portion of the day helping you train in the woods, and on Sunday, well, him and the marauders had gone to Hogsmeade before the full moon that night. 

Needless to say, he hadn’t gotten much sleep, and Remus wasn’t even with him to keep him awake because he was in the infirmary. It hadn’t been his worse night, but Sirius did sport a brand new bruise on his lower neck which didn’t even have the decency to look like a hickey.

“Alright, class, time to review what we’ve covered so far, and see what you remember from the past few years,” Professor Slughorn announced, waltzing in from his office. “You will notice that in front of you are already laid out the ingredients to a potion with a list of instructions. You will also notice that there are no indications of the name of the potion, and that everyone will be brewing a different one. Your goal is not only to brew the potion correctly, but to identify it without consulting references,” the professor explained, waving his wand to reveal the instructions on the board. “People who succeed will see their grades on the end of term examinations bonified. Now, begin!”

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anonymous asked:

3 or 4 for royai as a writing prompt? :)

3. Drunk/sloppy kiss

Roy walked up to his second lieutenant with a grim expression and his mind full of dread. The phone call he had gotten only a short while ago had not made him feel any better about the situation currently at hand. 

“Hey, Havoc,” he started as he approached, his tone lacking the usual friendliness the greeting would have normally provided. “How bad is it?”

Jean heaved a loud sigh and turned toward the door of a backroom in Madame Christmas’s bar. Behind it, Mustang could hear vague tones of a familiar voice and his heart plummeted into his stomach. “It’s not pretty, boss. Rebecca really outdid herself this time.” 

The colonel shook his head in disbelief. “I just can’t believe she actually succeeded. After all these years, she finally got what she wanted.” 

Havoc scoffed. “Yeah, and we’re stuck here picking up the mess.” 

Roy grimaced at the truth behind those words. “Let’s just get this over with. Into the fray now,” he directed as his subordinate opened the door begrudgingly and the pair stepped into the room. 

Even with forewarning, Mustang had not truly been anticipating what he saw before him. Rebecca Catalina and her best friend were currently sipping drinks and laughing boisterously with each other. And while not normally a cause for such intense alarm, the faded look on his usually astute and composed lieutenant’s face immediately set off the alarm bells in his mind. 

“Jean! You finally made it…but, why is he here?” Rebecca drunkenly called once she noticed the men enter. Her eyes narrowed at Mustang and he shrugged off her blatant insubordination. He had other things to think about. 

“Because I can barely handle one drunken woman, let alone two,” Havoc responded, sounding thoroughly irked. Said drunken women merely laughed a touch too loud at his words and turned back toward each other, not a care in the world. 

“So how do you suggest we handle it, sir?” Jean asked, warily eyeing Rebecca and Riza. 

“One on one seems the most logical strategy. You take Catalina. Something tells me she wouldn’t hesitate in immolating me if I even stepped near her.” 

Havoc grimaced. “Yeah, probably wise.” 

The two wary gentlemen stepped forward to collect their respective charges for the evening. Roy leaned down to offer a hand for his lieutenant to take and her eyes turned toward him in shock, as if she had just now realized he was even there. 

“Colonel!” she exclaimed in a decidedly un-Rizalike voice. It made Mustang want to cringe, but he collected himself as best he could. “Where are we going?” she asked with a doey-eyed look as he gently grabbed her elbow and lifted her to her feet. 

“Home,” was his simple reply as he led her back to the main room of the bar, nodding his head in thanks to Madame Christmas behind the bar for keeping an eye on them temporarily. 

“B-but…I don’t want to go home,” she complained. He managed to find the coat she had come with and wrestled it onto her shoulders, all the while navigating her continuous quips about him dressing her. 

“Come on, Lieutenant, Black Hayate has probably been home alone for long enough. We need to go,” Mustang spoke in a strict tone once they reached his car and she practically refused to enter it. 

“W-wait! I need to do something first.” 

Mustang lifted an eyebrow, but decided to humor her anyway. Rookie mistake. 

Before he could even register it, she flung herself into his arms. He clumsily grasped at her to prevent them both from tumbling to the ground and watched in shock as she smashed her lips to his sloppily, not a care in the world, it seemed. 

Roy’s mind practically began screaming at him as she relaxed in his grip, her lips moving against his just so. He knew that this was completely and utterly ridiculous and decidedly against their strict protocol, but he couldn’t move. If she was even slightly sober she would have taken her gun out and shot him dead for not immediately pushing her away. 

But he did have to admit, her lips were shockingly soft. 

Abruptly she pulled away and stared at his shell-shocked face with a curiously contemplative expression. “Hm, Rebecca was right,” was all she said as she untangled herself from his arms. 

“H-huh?” he just managed to get out. 

“That was rather disappointing,” she spoke with a hint of distaste in her tone as she yanked open the door to his car and fell inside. 

Roy stared at the spot she had just occupied in complete shock for a moment before all the bewilderment and curiosity fled his mind at the speed of light, replaced by only one word. 


Send me a number and I’ll write a small fic!