she gets no love on here and she is flawless

Can we all appreciate how flawless Shelagh looked here??

 Random thought of the day: *Shelagh/Laura with this shade of blonde hair was like my fav thing* BUT FOR REAL - can Shelagh be allowed to wear lipstick again? She looks so perfectly pretty I die! 

Her wardrobe is slowly but surely getting better (like thank god that brown suit is gone) but there was a couple times in series 3 her makeup was more noticeable and I loved it & I’m hoping she starts that up again. I mean either way she is gorgeous but it’s always nice to change it up. Also, she better not wear anymore blue for a while. She looks fabulous in blue + I’m sure it was to foreshadow baby Teddy but damn, no one needs to wear that much blue. So basically they need to give Shelagh everything she deserves: a better wardrobe * at least to match her gorgeousness*, actual friends, another tube of lipstick, scenes besides ones with her husband/family, etc..


Music Video Miracles - Conor Maynard

Request: Hi is it okay if you could maybe write an imagine where y/n is a model who’s in one of Connors music videos and they instantly find eachother attractive and get together

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: Guys, I’m going Paintballing tonight and I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty nervous! It’s going to hurt so bad…ugh. Although, I’m pretty good with pain so hopefully it doesn’t hurt as much as I think it will LOL! If you’ve got an advice/tips, feel free to drop them in my ask! I’d love it :)

I hope you like it :)


Conor’s POV

Today was the day. The filming of the Are You Sure? music video and I couldn’t be more stoked. The storyline was one I have pictured over and over again and I’m so happy that everyone in the crew really enjoys it just as much as I do.

“Alright Conor, so we’re going to start off with the solo scenes first and then when (y/n) arrives, we’ll shoot the rest.” John, the director explained.

“Sounds good.” I said, smiling. 

Most people would have thought I was smiling about the video but I was really smiling about (y/n). She was seriously one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen and the minute I pictured this music video, I knew she had to be a part of it. Her beautiful (y/h/c) went just to her chest and she always preferred to have it in loose waves over anything else. Which I’m completely fine with because she looks gorgeous in anything.

“She’s here.” Kelly, the producer said as she walked past me with her radio. 

We were on a pretty big set so radios were necessary to be able to communicate with each other. As soon as Kelly’s voice ran through the endless amount of radios, everyone started running around frantically, trying to get things cleaned up for her. Sure, she was a model…and a pretty big one at that but I’m sure she’s just like everyone else…right?

“And finally,” Kelly said, walking over to me. “This is Conor Maynard.”

“Lovely to meet you.” (y/n) said, smiling. Her skin was absolutely flawless and her (y/e/c) eyes shined brighter than any star I had ever seen. God, everything about her was gorgeous. Let’s see how this goes…

“I’m so sorry.” (y/n) said, laughing, cutting the take and I couldn’t help but smile at her laugh. “This is all just…so new to me.” 

“It’s totally fine, you’ve probably seen by now that I’m not the most serious guy out there.” I reassured her. “Just channel your inner badass.” 

The scene we were filming was about how I finally met up with her boyfriend and were currently making her choose one of us. However, she surprises both of us when she decides to walk off with yet another guy. I knew filming a music video with someone who was completely new to this scene was going to be difficult but I just had to have (y/n) in it. 

“And cut!” John yelled as we finally got the scene down. “Well guys, I think that’s it! Conor, care to do the honour?”

“First, thanks so much to everyone who helped out and put in 100%, I think it’s going to turn out amazing. Second, thank you to (y/n) for gracing us with your presence and allowing your first acting job to be in my video. And last but not least…that’s a wrap!” I yelled, smiling.

“Thanks so much Conor,” (y/n) said, walking over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. “I loved every minute of it.”

“Thanks for doing it.” 

“Um…so I’m going to be in London for a couple more days…would you be down to do something?”

“Sure.” I replied…maybe a little to eagerly. I couldn’t help it. “I could give you a tour of the city…or something…”

“That’d be great.” She said, taking my phone out of my hand and putting her number in it. “Call me.”

I stood there smiling like an idiot as I watched her walk away and I couldn’t believe it. Not only had (y/n) been in my video but I had actually managed to get her number in my phone and possibly get a date out of it. Holy crap…this was actually happening.

“Bro, you’ll never guess what happened to me today.” I said, walking into Jack’s apartment, ready to tell him everything.

Okay by far one of my favorite moments in retail was when I saw this girl and she had a neat shirt so I was like “nice shirt!” and upon getting a better look at her, I saw she had a nice necklace so I added “and necklace!” and then I saw her shoes and they were super sparkley and cool looking so I was all “and shoes!” 

and right at that moment, she then kicked her heels back and heelied on my sales floor and I lost my mind.

That was the sickest thing I have ever seen because I had unintentionally made all this buildup to this flawless person riding around on sparkley heelies in my store I love the world I was blessed everything is sick and radical from here and henceforth. 

Request: Sins & Non-Sins hiking

Sins here!


Elizabeth: Flawless. Hair is not frizzy, not a single mosquito bite on her beautiful skin, and there’s not even dirt on her shoes. Everyone else wonders how she does it, even though she falls more times than they can count

Gilthunder: He gets sweaty, but not a gross sweaty, it’s a pretty, glowing sweaty. 

Howzer: Hair is ruined. There are twigs and probably small animals in it. It’s also deflated. He also brings all the snacks and beer, and starts singing loud camp songs. Bugs love him

Arthur: Enthusiastic. He carries Merlin’s stuff instead of Escanor, because Escanor is busy carrying Merlin. Is a huuuuuuge fan of smores

Guila: Probably the trail guide. Wears the cutest outfits, like shorts and button-up crop tops and timberland boots. Starts the fires

Jericho: She’s very tired and very sweaty and very annoyed. She covered in scrapes and bruises, and the only reason why she’s there is because the trail guide is hot, and is probably carrying her stuff for her

Elaine: Basic Disney princess. Animals love her. Hair gets adorably frizzy, though

Helbram: Everything hates him. Animals, plants, bugs. Everything is out to get him. He wants to leave, but stays so he can mess with King

MaskCara Beauty 

Last week I received this alluring bundle from MaskCara Beauty.
If you watch my tutorials, you’ll be sort of familiar with the brand having watched me create looks using their IIID Foundation palettes.

Cara Brooks, a beautifully talented woman, is the creator of Maskcara Beauty - aptly named, Mask‘Cara’.
She is a lover of all things beauty and has a very successful blog, which you can find here - 
Cara’s blog contains a whole host of helpful posts! Whether you want to learn how to HAC (aka highlight & contour), tackle your tresses, or apply self-tan for that perfect golden sun-kissed glow, she has you covered! 

Cara loves to help women embrace their beauty! As if giving you tips and tutorials on how to get the perfect flawless foundation base wasn’t enough, she went one further and has provided you with the tools and products to do so!  

IIID Foundation Palette $45.00

Please excuse the swipe marks in this palette, I have used it a few times. 
This is the pre-built ‘Medium’ palette which contains an illuminator, blush, highlight and contour shade. I’ve had this particular palette for a while now, and the shades in the pre-built palettes online have recently had a move about to accommodate more skin tones. So the list of shades in this palette may not match the order of the ones online. 

* Pearl - Illuminator 
* Sunlit - Highlighter
* Pink Grapefruit - Blush
* Walnut - Contour

The highlight and contour shades are cream foundations, so you would go straight in with these onto your face, there is no need to apply a liquid foundation first.
You probably read the word ‘highlight’ and assume that it’s not suitable for the entire face. It’s a foundation shade that is formulated to brighten your face, not add an extreme tippex white triangle under your eyes. 

I have a custom built palette next that contains shades suited to a darker skin tone: 

* Ruby - Blush 
* Shadow - Contour 
* Stone - Contour Creme 
* Wheat - Highlight

Just recently, Maskcara Beauty brought out individual pan refills that come with picturesque tin lids, that slide on and off. They can used to replace an empty pan in your Maskcara palette, or you keep them as individuals which makes them easy to transport in your purse! 

IIID Foundation Pan Refills - $10.50 each

I was fortunate enough to receive an array of the new pan refills, as well as their new brushes, and another of my favourite latex-free sponges!! 
Here are the pans: 

I just adore these, and I think they are super convenient! Whether you’re a pro who wants to carry around a minimalistic kit, or if you’re simply a lover of makeup, these tins are the ideal size! 

The last colour I have to show you is a favourite of mine, and it’s not for those who like to shy away from blush - that’s for sure!
This blush is called, Dahlia. 

The Completed Look! 

Here is my ‘before & after’ using the Maskcara Beauty IIID Foundation pans, including blush & illuminator:

For full details on this natural but flawless looking highlight & contour foundation base, click here to watch my tutorial! 


because I am already so in love with this show (but it could be EVEN BETTER!!)

first a quick q&a

did you see the show? nope, i’m on the other side of the country.

so how did– downloaded the audio recording of the whole show. no, i can’t share it.

so who did you get it from? I AINT NO SNITCH

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Alright so after a slew of Zutara stuff rolling across my dash I got a crazy amount of angst and also just general emotional distress seeing my OTP and how so very canon they are that it physically pains me that they AREN’T ENDGAME (I don’t say “not canon” because screw you it was definitely canon, they just didn’t end up together). So I took it upon myself in order to justify my overload of emotions, to find my favorite Zutara moments and tell you why they’re my favorite. This might get ranty but sHUT UP ITS 1AM AND IM EMOTIONAL!

FIRST UP HERES KATARA FINDING ZUKO OUTSIDE OF HER TENT WHEN SHE WAKES UP absolutely flawless without a hair out of place I might add

And then there’s Zuko. I love this whole scene so much because he has been trying SO HARD to get Katara to like him, or even just forgive him. “I waited out here all night” he says bUT HE DOESN’T SAY IT FOR PITY!!! NO SIREEE e says it to say “Look Katara you’re really important to me.” He didn’t sleep. He just sat on that uncomfortable looking rock all damn night and even when she greets him with animosity, the hope…the ABSOLUTE GEUINE DESIRE TO SEE HER in his eyes is soasdfghjkl

And this is just a short little rant like look at how in sync they are as they move and fight they don’t even need to look at each other its just like second nature to have the other person beside them.

Okokok and obviously there’s this scene, The one that every Zutarian loses their shit over

BECAUSE HE HAS SPENT YEARS ASHAMED OF HIS SCAR! ASHAMED OF WHAT IT MEANT AND ASHAMED TO LET ANYONE TOUCH IT. This scar is a symbol of everything wrong he has ever done. His entire quest to regain his honor stems from it and here comes Katara, ready and willing to wash that all away. She was the first person to trust him REMEMBER back in Ba Sing Sae! AND YOU TURNED AROUND AND BETRAYED ME! It is such a major breaking point in Zukos Arch when he lets her try and help him.

And heres a biggie OOOOOHHHHH BOOIIIII

This is the definition of love children. HE DIDN’T EVEN THINK ABOUT HE HAD TO MOVE FATER THAN A GOTDAMN LIGHTNING BOLT IN ORDER TO SAVE HER AND HOT DIGGITY HE DID. Now I’m not saying that he would have only done this for Katara. He was selfless and brave and would have definitely protected Aang, or Sokka, or Toph. But In my brain, I don’t think Azula would have targeted either of those three. Katara has always been Azula’s foil in my opinion and I think Azula knew just how much she mattered to Zuko and THATS why she aimed for her. And to add to it, the look of complete horror and shock no pun intended  in her eyes is heartbreaking this FRICKEN SCENE MAN

Also the way that they look at each other like they make the earth turn and they personally put the stars in the sky.


Like ok. I have never thrown myself into a hug unless I really REALLY like that person. She straight up LEAPS. Like boy has to recoil because she so enthusiastic. And the way that their bodies fit together and his arm rests so perfectly on her waist. The way she leans her head into his shoulder like she might fall asleep. The way that she smiles as if he is a deep ass poem and she just spent an hour doodling it all over her notebooks. Zuko’s genuine look of shock that she is forgiving him also kills me. She is Zukos Metaphorical Spirit Water in that moment. SHE heals him by loving him and if that’s not gotdamn beautiful then HONEY I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS.




Captain Swan AU Prompt Series No. 2

Credit to the original source of prompt!

Link to No.1: Alphabet City (Unconnected one shots!)

‘We’re both trying to get our wasted roommates back to our dorms AU’- “I understand that you want taco bell, but you’re about to pass out and I will not be carrying you home tonight.”

Of Singing and Streaking

There was a saying that went, “Friends are the family you choose for yourself,” or something to that effect.

Most times, most times, Emma Swan was a firm supporter of the sentiment. It was hard not to be after all, because she had an excellent group of friends. Hadn’t there been a time, when caught in the grip of what had to be the strongest strain of flu currently known to man, Mary Margaret Blanchard had alternately pampered and coaxed and threatened her into wellness? And wasn’t it so, that in another instance, during the great panic attack of fall 2013 (brought on by a terribly ambitious class load and the finals week from hell) Elsa Aren had calmly and patiently stayed up all night, helping her revise for exams in classes she wasn’t even in? Friends, especially friends like hers, were a blessing, a miracle, to be treasured and loved.

This was the mantra she kept repeating to herself over and over, as one of her very best friends continued in her very loud efforts to serenade the statue of their University’s founder.  Emma still wasn’t quite sure what she was going for here, perhaps an effort to make it fall in love with her or kill Emma’s ear drums, but whatever it was, she wished she would stop. Ruby Lucas was many things, fiercely loyal, with a hilarious (occasionally scary) sense of humor as well as being insanely beautiful, a true photographer’s muse with miles of leg and flawless bone structure, but a talented singer, hell, a passable singer, she was not.

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Stop hitting on my soon to be girlfriend

Pairing: Wanda x reader

Requested @borgzimoff : mmm….I’d like to see a jealous Wanda, so maybe Wanda and the reader aren’t actually together yet at first but they have to attend a a party and someone relentlessly hits on the reader, making Wanda super jealous and protective, leading to fluff and sexytimes?

“Ladies and gentlemen please gather around in the living room, I have an announcement” Tony yelled as he stepped out of the elevator. “If your going to announce that you and pepper had sex I’m going to kill you stark” Natasha replied sipping on her coffee as she made her way to the living room. “No, but we did by the way” soon everyone was sitting around and waited for Tony to start talking.

“I am announcing that I’m throwing a party tomorrow ! ! ! ” Tony announced excitedly

“NOOOOOOO” everyone collectively said

“What do you guys have against parties”

“We have them every other week, you need to give it a rest” Natasha complained

“Well tomorrow is going to be that day so I expect everyone to be there. Got that y/n?” Everyone’s now looking at me

“Damn you miss one party and it’s like the end of the world to you but don’t worry I’ll be there”. I replied back with a fake smile. “Can we go now ?”

“Yes you guys can go” I immediately got up and made my way towards the elevator to go to my room.

*Wanda’s pov.*

I sighed watching y/n leaving towards the elevator probably to go to her room. I wonder what’s she’s going to wear to the party? It doesn’t matter she could wear anything and still look gorgeous.

“Hello Wanda are you even listening to me ! ! ! ! ” Pietro started waving his hands in front of my face.

“Uh what was that, I wasn’t listening?”

“I asked if you were going ask y/n to dance at the party. Seeing as all you ever do is stare at her.” Pietro started laughing when he saw me blush. We started to walk toward the elevator now so we could go to our room.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about brother” I tried not to bush but he saw it.

“You’re blushing ! ! ! Oh this too good. Are you going to kiss her at the party, I bet you are ! ! ! If it’s any constellation I approve of her.” Pietro started making kissing sounds as the elevator door. Y/n and I have been best friends since Pietro and I joined the team. But I’ve been kind of distancing myself from y/n for the last couple of weeks because I started to realize I was falling in love with her. The elevator door opened and Steve stepped out.

“I don’t want to know” Steve just shook his head as he exited the elevator.

*the next day y/n pov*

I have been here an hour and I already want to leave. Don’t get me wrong love parties but when you go to one every other week they get boring. The only reason I’m tolerating these parties because I needed to distract myself from my Wanda dilemma. She has been my best friend since she joined the team with her brother. Unfortunately she’s been avoiding me these last couple of weeks and I didn’t know why. So I’m sitting alone at the bar drinking alone.

“Is this seat taken” a gorgeous woman asked. She has long brown hair flawless makeup, big boobs and a knockout body. Basically the typical girl I would hook up with but I wasn’t feeling it tonight.

“It’s all yours” I replied back as she gave me a seductive look and sat down next to me.

“Now why is a gorgeous woman like yourself sitting alone. Shouldn’t you be on the dance floor or be surrounded by other woman that are trying to take you home with them. My names lily by the way and I already know your name y/n”

“Well I really don’t like attention like Tony does ” I looked over at Tony who was surrounded by people.

“Ahh you’re a humble one. And here I am thinking all the avengers were shallow and full of themselves”

“No that’s just Tony” lily started laughing as she placed her hand on my thigh. I started to feel uncomfortable.

An hour and three drinks later lily started to get a little too close for my comfort. Rubbing my lower back and my inner thigh while relentlessly flirting with me. I tried removing her hands and tried to change the subject and anytime it got sexual but she would let up “so y/n what’s it going to take for me to take you home with me. I can show you how appreciative I am for all the hard work you do for the city” oh no I started looking around the room and finally spotted Wanda with Pietro. Why does she look so mad. “Wanda I know you are listening. Please help this woman won’t stop flirting with me.” Wanda looked up at me with a confused look. “please Wanda help” she whispered something to Pietro before he took her drink and she came towards us.

“Oh sweetheart here you are I’ve been looking for you since the party started. Oh any who might you be” Wanda asked lily in the bitchiest tone but the look in Lily’s eyes said she wasn’t intimidated.

“I’m lily, I’ve been keeping your gorgeous girlfriend company. You know while you were sitting with your brother the entire time.” Lily bit back as she was determined to hook up me tonight.

“There were a lot of people blocking you two. The only reason I found you is because my y/n was mentally shouting she needed help getting you away from her. I’ve also been reading your thoughts and I will make one thing clear to you. YOU WILL NOT TAKE MY GIRLFRIEND HOME WITH YOU” Wanda started to yell causing everyone to stare. I looked over at Lily and saw fear in her eyes, Wanda must be showing her her greatest fear. “So I suggest you leave this party and never come back or you’ll see what I’m capable of” Pietro started laughing at the fact that his sister actually intimated someone. lily started to panic but managed to get leave before Wanda did anything else.

“Thank you for that. She wouldn’t leave me alone.” I whispered into her ear as gave her a hug. She hugged me back and I felt relieved that she wasn’t ignoring me anymore.

“I need to talk to you in private"Wanda’s voice still sounded mad. Holding onto her hand we made our way towards the elevator, we could hear Pietro and Tony yelling at us to get some. I just flipped them off as the elevator door closed. The minute the door closed Wanda pushed me against the wall and kissed me. I was shocked at first but quickly responded snaking my arms around her waist. Once the door opened Wanda grabbed my hand again and lead us to her room. She pressed me up against her door her lips attached to my neck as I start to unzip her dress. Wanda reached around for the door knob and opened the door. Stumbling back I kicked off my shoes and took off my dress thanking god that I actually wore cute underwear tonight. Wanda smiled at my thought as she slammed the door shut and pulled down her dress. I smiled when I saw she wasn’t wearing a bra. Making her way over to be Wanda reached around and unclasped my bra, tossing it aside she started to leave lipstick stains all over my chest. Wanda started moving us until my back hit the mattress. Sticking her hand down my panties Wanda started messaging my clit.

“Mmm your so wet y/n. Did that slut make you wet ?” Wanda slipped two inside my pussy and began moving them.

“Noooo mmmm it’s from our kiss Wanda.” I ran my hand up and down her back as she got between my legs finally removed my underwear. She kissed her way up both of my thighs before circling my clit with her tongue. “Don’t hold back y/n, I want to hear you scream” Wanda plunged her tongue in my cunt and began rubbing my clit fast with her hand.

“wanda ! ! ! ! ” I whispered as began to slide her other hand so she could touch herself as well. “Ahhhh fuck keep doing that Wanda. I love watching you touching yourself” I began playing my right breast as my other hand was lost in Wanda’s hair.

Wanda looked up at me with lust in her eyes. She switch and started sucking on my clit while finger fucking me. “I want you to scream my when you cum” Wanda accent got thicker as she started got up to remove her underwear and got between my legs again. She started grinding on me, our pussies molded together. Our juices mixed together and making a delouse sound as Wanda started going faster.

“WANDA ! ! ! !” I shouted as my orgasm consumed me. I was holding onto her tightly .

“Y/N” Wanda flipped us over so I was on top of her. She moved my leg so her thigh was between my legs and started moving me even faster. “I love watching you boobs bounce y/n they’re so beautiful. AHHHHH Y/N IM CUMMING” Wanda shouted causing me to have another orgasm. “WANDA ! ! ! !”

After our orgasm Wanda pulled me down so I was laying on top of her. She began to trace patterns on my back and playing with my hair as I was kissing her collarbone.

“Wanda as much as I loved this I need to ask you something” I asked looking at her. Her face now full of worry.

“Uhh what?”

“Why have you been avoiding me these last couple of weeks. Did I do something wrong for you to have ignored me?” Wanda’s face was now filled with guilt

“Oh no no no you didn’t do anything wrong y/n it’s me. I’ve developed these feelings for you and I wanted to know if they were true feeling and not just lustful thoughts. Once I was 100% sure it was love I got scared you wouldn’t feel the same. I was going tell you tonight how I felt but then I saw that woman walking towards you and started talking to you. I was so mad and jealous. Pietro was telling me to read your thoughts to see if you were interested in woman or not”

“Why didn’t you” I interrupted her

“Because I always promised myself I would never read your thoughts. I love you too much to invade your privet thoughts. But I did read her’s though and she was thinking all these horrible things. Mostly about how she couldn’t wait to have sex with you and how it wouldn’t take much to become famous off of you. I couldn’t take it and tried to switch it off. then when I heard you practically yelling your thoughts at me to help you is when I broke my promise. And I’m glad I did but now I need to know do you feel the same way?”

“Oh Wanda if you wouldn’t of made the promise and read my thoughts you would’ve know I’ve been in love with you the entire time” I smiled as she started blushing.

“Can we be a couple then? Pietro keeps pestering me that I need to ask you out. He also told me yesterday that he approves of you so he won’t be a problem”

“Of course my love and I would still be with you even if he didn’t approve. You’ll be the one having sex with me not him. but now we have to worry about him not leaving us alone”

“Don’t worry I’ll keep him in check.” We stayed in silence for awhile until Wanda spoke up again. “Do you want to go back to the party?” Secretly hoping I say no.

“NOOOOO I just want to cuddle with you” I responded immediately

“Good because I wasn’t going to let you. You never know another dumb tramp might try and steal you away from me again.”

“Don’t worry I’m all yours” I kissed her softly but got heated quickly and we ended up making love for the rest of the night.

*next day*

As I made my way into the dinning room for breakfast with Wanda we noticed everyone already eating. Pietro was the first to notice us and smiled. He had the the biggest smile on his face as he watched his sister her girlfriend.

“They’re awake ! ! ! ! So moaning queens what time did you fall asleep? “Tony yelled causing everyone to look at us. "And I gotta say I’m impressed we heard you two and we were two floors below you.” Everyone started laughing but Pietro.

“Yeah well I was on the same floor as them I heard it louder. Wanda if you two are going to be having sex do it in her room. I’m traumatized now. I don’t need to hear you begging for more.” Pietro groans as everyone started laughing even harder.

“I make no promises brother” Wanda snapped back as she starts nibbling at my earlobe.

“Get a room I’m trying to eat my breakfast” Clint grumbled

“We will let’s go to the kitchen” Wanda excitedly said as she pulled me towards the kitchen.

“NOOO” everyone yelled but we were gone.

Character Comparison: Tiana vs Anna

Oh boy, this one is going to be fun because I get to talk about one of my favorite princesses!

Now, before we start this I want Anna fans to do me a favor and NOT COMMENT ON THIS. Why? Because more than likely, you’re going to whine and complain that I didn’t paint Anna in a positive light. I am sorry but this is my opinion, not yours. Please don’t comment on this and try to derail the subject at hand.

Now lets start off with character design. Tiana is up first.

Here she is, my flawless queen. Tiana’s desgin is perfect. She has lovely, dark brown eyes, a cute nose and a pair of nice, full lips. You can’t see it here but she also has dimples and dimples are hella cute. Now, I have one minor gripe.

It’s her hair.  When she’s in human form, her hair is in a bun. Now this wouldn’t have bothered me until I saw this:

This is Tiana concept art. Here, she has curly, wild hair. But instead of this, we got her hair stuck in a bun. Really? You guys were able to get Merida a head of crazy, fiery curls but you couldn’t do the same for Tiana? Not cool Disney, not cool at all.

But Tiana fairs better than Anna does.

Now Anna doesn’t look bad at all but there is a huge problem with her design.

Need a hint?

Yep. Anna is a clone of Rapunzel. Yes, she has different hair and eyes but their faces are exactly the same. Their lips, their nose, their ears, even their damn eyelashes! So the point goes to Tiana for obvious reasons!

Now, let us look at their roles in their films.

Tiana is the hero of her story. Basically, little Tiana is told by her daddy that you can wish on a star for your dream but you have to work towards it too. So Tiana grows up into a hardworking, no nonsense type of gal. Everything is fine until she kisses a talking frog and boom, she becomes a frog too. Now she has to find a way to turn back into a human and keep Prince Naveen, a spoiled rich boy, out of trouble.

Anna is the hero of Frozen or at least she’s suppose to be. Anna’s sister Elsa has ice powers. Why? We never know. Anyways, Elsa accidentally hits Anna in the head with ice magic, parents freak out, take Anna to some talking rocks and they take the ice out of her head. Then they erase her memory and then her parents lock Elsa away without explaining anything to Anna. Years later, Anna faces Elsa, Elsa freaks out, runs away and freezes their home. So Anna tries to bring Elsa back so they can unfreeze their kingdom.

Now here’s the thing about Anna. Anna is a really weak hero. My reason for saying this is because she makes a lot of mistakes. Like a lot of them. And yes, human being make mistakes but Anna doesn’t seem to learn from any of them. Tiana, on the other hand, learns that working hard all the time isn’t a good thing. She realizes that it’s okay to have some fun and that it’s alright to fall in love while you work towards your goals. She develops while Anna stays the same.

Another major issue is that Anna cannot do anything unless Kristoff, her forced romantic lead, is with her. She couldn’t get up the mountain, couldn’t escape from Marshmallow, couldn’t find the trolls and couldn’t get back to Arendelle without Kirstoff. People call her feminist but I have a feeling they don’t understand what that means.

Time for personality.

A lot of people say Tiana has no personality but that just isn’t true. Yes she is hardworking but Tiana is smart, driven and extremely kind. When Louis get pricker bushes stuck in his behind, she doesn’t yell at him or get angry at him. She says, “Oh, poor Louis!” Yeah she was on a deadline but she wasn’t going to force her friend to go on when he was in pain! Another thing is that Tiana is also fearful. She’s so scared that she won’t reach her dream and afraid of letting down her father. She’s complex and real.

Anna on the other hand…she’s basically Rapunzel except not as likeable. Anna is quirky and that is really it. She has no growth whatsoever throughout the movie. Also, she is extremely naive. Like painfully naive! She decides to marry a man she just met that day. Okay, they didn’t even know each other the full day and she was like, “Okay, I’ll marry you!” Who does that? She even leaves this random man in charge of her country! Really?

So it’s really no surprise that Tiana wins this round as well.


Lets look at Tiana’s boo, Naveen.

Oh my god, look at this handsome man! I mean damn!

But Naveen isn’t just a pretty face. He’s suave, charming, fun going but he’s also a bit lazy. In fact, his parents cut him off told him either you get a job or find a rich girl to marry! So Naveen, being the gullible boy that he is, makes a deal with the Shadow Man and gets turned into a frog.

The reason I like Naveen is that he goes through a lot of growth in the movie. He starts out as a lazy, selfish jerk but he slowly starts to realize that he doesn’t know how to do anything on his own and that working hard isn’t all that bad! He even was willing to marry Lottie just so Tiana could get her restaurant because he saw her passion and drive and he wanted her to get what she wanted!

Next up is Anna’s man, Kristoff!

Dang, what a cutie!

Kristoff is an ice harvester and his best friend is a reindeer. He was raised by rock trolls.

And…that’s really all we know.

I don’t know what happened when it came to Kristoff but we know nearly nothing about him! We have no idea where he came from! All we know is that he and Sven have been together forever! Also, as adorable as he is, Kristoff is kinda a dick to Anna. Granted, I don’t blame him for pointing out her flawed logic but throughout the whole movie, he belittles her. When he suddenly is in love with her, I didn’t really buy it. In fact, I wanted Anna to be with Hans! You know, the villain? Something is wrong when I don’t ship you two leads here!

So again, the point goes to Tiana.

I don’t care if I get hate for this. I do not like Anna. I wish I did but I just can’t. There is nothing to her. She’s rather bland design wise and her development is non-existent. I can’t help but find Tiana to be the better princess of the two.

Am I sorry? Not really. It’s my opinion. I just wish Disney had given Anna more depth! It’s a same because she had a lot of potential. But for now, I stand by everything I’ve said.

Varrick dropped an enormous trunk in the middle of their living room, and looked terribly pleased with himself.

Zhu Li looked at the trunk, then at her husband. Then she went back to reading her book.

“Isn’t there something you want to ask?” Varrick prodded, bent down with his arms propped on top of the trunk, leaning closer to her.

“Is there something you wanted to tell me?” she asked in return, no longer actually reading but maintaining the pretense.

“Well I was thinking about your weird box full of my face–”

“Oh sweet spirits,” she said, dropping her book in her haste to cover her mortified face. It bounced off her lap and to the floor, losing her place in the process. “I thought we weren’t talking about that,” she said, muffled by her palms and face turning hot.

“Ha!” Varrick scooped her book off the floor as he came closer, spinning unnecessarily as he did so, until he was behind her chair and kissing her temple and depositing her book back into her lap. “It’s hilarious how you think I’ll ever shut up about literally anything.”

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Bri Reviews-Hit the Floor S3 Ep4

Hit the Floor. Season 3. Episode 4.

This review is typed scene by scene. I used name headings to make it easier to read. I will also save “The Scene” for last. I have a lot to say about that. HAHA!

Sloane, German and Ahsha

Wasn’t this scene creepy? It was only scary because we know what German has done. I am still side eyeing Pete for having Ahsha move out in the first place. She wasn’t living with German at the beginning of the season, so wouldn’t she had moved in with him a long time ago if that’s where she wanted to be? Huh Pete? When German told Sloane he wouldn’t let Ahsha out of his sight, I got chills. He has said several things that have made me feel afraid for Ahsha. I also picked up on Sloane telling Ahsha not to worry about Oscar. Why do I have a feeling that Oscar will send someone after Ahsha just to mess with Sloane? I hope I’m wrong.

Kyle and Beau

Am I the only one who doesn’t like this guy? There is something off about Beau and I haven’t picked up on what it is. Maybe I’m being biased because I want Benny to come back into the picture. I also find it interesting that Beau and Kyle are starting to bond in their special way again. I’m assuming the guy doesn’t know Kyle and Raquel are married, unless I missed this moment. What happens if Kyle and Beau get serious? Yeah, Raquel is in deep trouble if that happens.

Terrence and Derek

This scene made me feel bad for Derek. Here he is being a great friend and Terrence is stabbing him in the back. I get that Terrence felt guilty, but that doesn’t take away what he did. I see Jelena clearly doesn’t give a damn about their friendship and is all about the business. We will see how that works out in the end.

Zero and Jude

Alright, I will have to admit that I didn’t want to slap Zero at all this episode. He usually gets under my skin but he was good in episode 4. I am here for him scheming against Jelena and telling Jude about the deal he made. I know the deal was more about helping Jude but him telling Jude this information got it into the right hands. You go Zero! You get .5 of a brownie point. I still don’t trust him though.

Lionel and Jude

Like I said, Zero telling Jude that information got it into the right hands. I knew Lionel would get a hold of that information sooner or later. I honestly thought Zero would have told her himself.

Ahsha, Lionel and Jelena

Why can’t these three women just team up and get along? That would be the easy way out, right? I adored this scene simply because Lionel bumped Jelena’s ego once again. When she gave Ahsha that $200,000 dance, Jelena saw red. You could tell she was beyond pissed about Lionel doing that. Jelena’s face was priceless! The way Lionel is messing with Jelena in every episode is hilarious. Miss Howard didn’t know what she was getting herself into when she brought Lionel into the mix. That was the best mistake she could have ever made. I’m loving the reads Lionel is giving Jelena and I hope they continue.

Pete, Jelena and Terrence

When I saw them meeting with Pete I knew there would be fuckery. I won’t call Pete dumb (I am really close to calling him a dumbass) but he’s more oblivious. It is very frustrating for the viewers because we know what is up with the situation and honestly Pete should too.  He knows Jelena is the devil’s daughter but he decides to play with fire anyway? I understand he is trying to get Lionel out but come on Pete, be smarter about it.

Pete and Sloane

I love Sloane’s independence and how she is wanting to protect herself. Her at the gun range was bad ass. TT actually learned how to shoot the gun. Alright now!

I also loved how she told Pete that pairing with Jelena and Terrence was a horrible idea. Then Pete had the nerve to say “She has Terrence” like that would stop her from being evil. Has it stopped her before because I believe she is still screwing with your daughter? I could have bopped Pete in the head this entire episode. He needs to open his eyes because obviously he is blind to a lot of things that are in his face. 

Lucas and Jude

I was liking Lucas at first. Too bad that went left but we’ll touch on that later. I know Zude shippers want this guy to suffer after what he pulled. He tricked me into thinking he was really into Jude and I was rooting for that. Add Lucas to the list of fuckboys.

Ahsha, Jelena and the Devil Girls

Once again Ahsha takes charge. I am proud of this girl for standing up to Jelena without even being a bitch to her. Jelena never practices with the girls and I never understood that. Ahsha made sure she knew she wasn’t special and Jelena was seething. HAHA! Jelena has been taking L’s this season. FINALLY!

German and Pete

Here comes oblivious ass Pete again. German has lost his mind, that isn’t a secret. It was a bold move for him to enter someone else’s office and break their things. Are you really that crazy and angry? The way he smashed Derek’s picture pretty much sums of German’s feelings at this point. The guy is a mad man ready to explode at any given moment. Pete smh. He didn’t find any coincidence in German “breaking” Derek’s picture. Nothing about that made him stop and think. Besides, that picture was sitting on a low shelf and shattered like that on a carpeted floor? Okay Pete, you have to start using your thinking skills. I don’t even think the thought of it being Derek’s picture crossed his little mind. Ugh! Like I said, German had some nerve going into that man’s office and breaking that picture.

Jude and Zero

Jude has been paying Zero dust for the past two episodes and rightfully so. Zero isn’t giving the man what he wants and he has every right to be angry about being kept in the closet. All he wants is to be loved. Is that wrong?

Finally Zero opens up and tells the man he loves him. Hot diggity dog. “I love you, stupid.” That is so Zero by the way. LOL! I was happy Jude told him that wouldn’t be enough. You can love the man all you want, but if you aren’t willing to claim him in public then goodbye. You tell him Jude! Sorry, I just think Jude is adorable and I don’t like seeing him stepped on by these men. They better recognize.

Ahsha and Derek

Our babies! These two make my heart sing with every scene they have together this season. I find it hilarious that guy thought Ahsha was a prostitute. He was being extra. Then who comes in and saves the day? Derek Mf’n Roman. Why is this man so damn dreamy and fine? Why? It almost isn’t fair. All that melanin glistening in that Vegas sun…chile! I loved how he came in and basically told dude he would kick his ass if he didn’t back away from Ahsha. Funny how he switched off the protective Derek Roman mode and sat down as though everything was cool. HAHA! Ahsha couldn’t even get her thoughts together. Notice she didn’t correct him about saying “my girl”. Him coming in the way he did had her all hot and bothered. Yeah, we were fanning ourselves too Ahsha.

Terrence and Sloane

Loved this scene! Besides Kimberly Elise looking flawless, I loved Sloane’s attitude. She wasn’t here for Jelena at all and let Terrence know that up front. When she asked him why he was with Jelena, we already knew his answer. It’s obvious that Jelena is different with Terrence and he sees a softer side of her. That still didn’t seem to move Sloane because she swerved that deal. Do you think she really cares about how Jelena is different with him? The girl has screwed with her and Ahsha from the time they got there. I’m glad Sloane paid them both in dust. Pete, take notes.

Ahsha and Derek

Again, Derek comes in with the win. When Ahsha was asked why they weren’t together anymore, she looked like she has no idea how to answer that. Then Derek Roman flies in and pretty much tells the world he ruined their relationship. This was the sweetest gesture! He took the blame for them failing as a couple and that shows so much growth in his character. Would the Derek Roman in season 1 do this? I think not. You can tell Ahsha was moved by his speech. You see that look she gave him at the end of the scene? Him owning up to his mistakes in front of everyone was a big step and she knows that.

Note: The interviewer called them the “IT” couple. Let that marinate.

Sloane and Pete

Sloane is not here for Jelena. I love how she told Pete there was no chance in hell that she would work with Terrence and Jelena. See, if Pete would have gotten that same speech from Terrence, he would have fallen for it. You know he would. Sloane is right about Terrence too. HE IS WHIPPED! So whipped that he would stab his best friend in the back.

Jelena and Pete

This is when I thought Pete would come through. After this conversation with Sloane, I figured Pete would tell Jelena no on the deal. I get he is trying to protect Sloane and get Lionel out, but what he did was stupid. Why on earth would you give this speech about Jelena hurting the two important women in your life then still agree to work with her? I don’t have any more words for this because Pete really screwed the horse on this one.

German and Ahsha

Did she really kiss this man with the same lips she put on…nevermind. BAHAHAHA! Once again, German looks out of it. Wonder what he was doing while Ahsha was in Vegas? Visiting graves? Screaming out Olivia’s name?

Jelena and Ahsha

After Pete pretty much tells her he doesn’t appreciate her messing with his daughter, she goes and does it again. Ha! I figured she wasn’t done with that because Ahsha is a threat to her. Jelena is in downfall mode.

Sloane and the bodyguard

Man, things are getting crazy dangerous. Oscar isn’t playing around and the fact that the bodyguard told her to get the help of the police says a lot.

Pete and Telena

This scene gave me all types of life. The MVP awards go to Derek and Lionel in this scene. The way Derek looked at Terrence when he came out of that office burned a hole through my TV. That man was so pissed off he probably could have hurt Terrence. Then here comes Lionel with that signature red lipped smirk. I love her when she’s not messing with Sloane and Ahsha. Telena  got the carpet ripped out from under their feet and didn’t even see it coming. I loved the exchange between Pete and Lionel too. When she did that fake cry then laughed, I hollered. This lady is genius!

German’s Crash

Is it wrong that I laughed? Like I really laughed out loud. I knew he wasn’t going to die but I didn’t see the crash coming at all. Hmm, karma much.

Zero and Jelena

More brownie points for Zero in this scene. I figured Zero would find a way to get Jelena back from her stunt last season. This was the perfect revenge. Plus he didn’t really want to get rid of Derek? Okay, I can deal with you a little more Zero although you aren’t completely out of the dog house. Jelena has multiple eggs sitting on her face now. Good for her. 

Terrence and Derek

I swear Derek has the best one liners. His “Rot on the bench” line was “Drown bitch” all over again.

The Dance

I loved this dance so much! It took me back to my dance school days when we had to use chairs as props. This dance was very technical and different. I enjoyed seeing them use props because it brought a different flavor to the dance. Great number from the Devil Girls.

Zude Kiss

Lucas wasn’t who I thought he would be. For him to really dog Jude out like that pissed me off. I do hope he comes back though because I would like to see more interaction with him and Zero. Think Zero will punch his lights out for messing with his boo?

Then Zero finally comes out and kisses Jude…IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY! The reactions from each character was epic. I think Jelena’s was the best one though. The girl was probably pissed about not knowing they were a thing so she could blackmail Zero.

German and Ahsha

Does anyone know how he got home from the hospital? I’m going to guess he got a cab. The guy was clearly high on meds. When he admitted to killing Olivia, I screamed. I wasn’t expecting him to do that at all and especially not this soon. Clearly his meds have him blabbing off at the mouth.

What does Ahsha do now? I know I would have been out of that apartment in a heartbeat. The man was already yelling Olivia’s name in his sleep, now he’s saying he killed her? That would be enough for me. No questions or answers needed. Bye German! What else does Ahsha need to see or hear at this point? Run girl! You in danger.


Let me take a breath before I can actually type this out.

I wasn’t expecting a scene like this between Dersha. I really wasn’t and they went beyond what I imagined. I even wrote a fanfic about how I thought Vegas would go down. Yep, they went above and beyond that by far.

So we start out in the casino with Ahsha trying to sneak away when the guy yells “Hey, a Devil Girl.” I loved Derek’s response to that. The Devil Girl. Awww! Then we finally get her at the table where Derek is all up on her. Ya’ll know she felt the “Good D” which had her all out of sorts. When he blew on the dice, it was over. She was way too turned on by that and he made it even worse by getting all up in her ear. How they made it all the way up to the room is the question. What went down in the elevator because those Vegas rooms are far away from the casino at times?

When they got to that room…..let me gather myself. When they finally made it to the room, the magic occurred. Did you all see how desperate and hungry those kisses were? Did you?! They have been feigning for each other for a long time and it was obvious in those kisses. I enjoyed seeing Ahsha take charge in the first part of the scene. The girl slammed the man against the wall and began ripping his clothes off. Then all of a sudden she disappears on the floor. The way his hands were in her hair….I seriously cannot with these two. All I will say is, she wasn’t searching for lost pennies down there. You better Ahsha! Then he helps her out of the dress and bites her ass. I was too through by then. The man actually bit her ass. This occurred twice! Dammit Derek. Ahsha rode that man like she was trying to win the rodeo and then they move to the window. The damn window looking out on the beautiful view. By this time, I am on the floor. This was just too much for me to handle when I wasn’t prepared in the first place. I don’t know if everyone has seen the uncensored version but you need to go to to view it. You need this in your life, okay? These two were actually butt ass naked in the uncensored version of the scene. I can’t. James LaRosa is seriously trying to end me. I mean, how many positions did they accomplish that night? I honestly got dizzy. The girl was upside down at one time. This scene was very beautiful and I’m proud. They really did the damn thing. The actors were fully committed which made the scene that much better. You cannot deny the chemistry there. The chemistry they have is fire!

I don’t know how many times I have watched that scene. We’ll just say, it has been more than 10 times. Way over 10 actually. HAHA! Although, I really appreciated getting that epic love scene, now it’s time for Ahsha to get serious. I am not here for her going back and forth between Derek and German. This isn’t season 1 and she needs to figure out what she’s going to do. Leading both mean on is not cool and is dangerous. The scary thing is Ahsha doesn’t know how dangerous the situation has gotten. German isn’t the same guy from season 1. Derek has put it all out on the table and put the ball in her court. Breaking up with German is the best bet, although it is dangerous. But she is in a lose-lose state right now. She can dump him and he loses his marbles but staying is also out of the question.  There is no doubt in my mind that Ahsha is in love with Derek Roman. She is not in love with German anymore. Sure, she has love for him and cares about him but she is no longer in love with him. That is why she needs to go ahead and break that off because leading German on will only make matters worse. I want a deep discussion from Dersha. We know they are way deeper than sex. Them having sex in Vegas does not fix the issues they have yet to talk about. I need that to happen this season. Even if it means yelling at each other, they need to talk and call each other out on their mess. I need for Ahsha to tell Derek how she feels because he has done his part. Now it is on her to do her part. We know she loves him and those feelings are deep, but to hear those words come out her mouth would be nice. Toying around with German is not where it’s at and she needs to end that immediately. Because let’s be honest, will she leave Derek alone. No. That’s not going to happen.

We don’t get Hit the Floor next Monday but that gives everyone time to recover. I will post my predictions once we get more previews for Episode 5.

happyfrasers  asked:

Well helloo again!! Your reply made my day as well :D <3 !! I was about to ask you what was your fav AP scene of all time but I don't even know mine! The pregnancy announcing is just aqdfwsxhdk THOUGH :D and the scene on the balcony... let me die! I'm Marie btw <3

Yayay, that makes me so happy that my reply made your day! You’re seriously the sweetest! *HUGSSS* <3333 And I’m Cailey! ;D

And ofmghdjkaf, I seriously love all the Anidala scenes, even the silly awkward ones, but my favorite ones are definitely, not in any order btw, the moment when Padme reunited with Anakin in Revenge of the Sith and Anakin literally picked her up into the air, in a lovely, grand hug.

Also, look at dat smile:

I’m obsessed with the balcony scene sooo much because it was the last truly happy moment between them until all the shit storm that came after. You could just feel and see the deep love they share for each other. You can see how deeply in love they are in their eyes. It’s so beautiful yet so sad to re-watch it.

Another scene I’m madly in love with is the “i love you” scene. It’s the first scene we see where Padme finally confesses her feelings towards Anakin when realizing this will be her last chance to tell the man she loves that she loves him. It was so beautiful and so romantic, and bravo to Natalie because damn, her acting was flawless, you could literally see tears in her eyes. You could literally feel how deeply she loves Anakin, it was truly beautiful!

And lets talk about this kiss right here, look at how epic it looks, I love it!

One scene that I’m just completely head over heals for is, Anakin and Padme on the fields of Naboo, where they are completely flirty dorks! I literally get so giddy every single time I see the scene where those two goof balls are rolling around in the grass together, laughing their asses off. They are literally so cute, it makes my heart do lots of happy things!

Also, I’m so madly in love with Padme’s face when looking at Anakin. I see you girl, you falling in love! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

There are soo many more scenes I’m literally obsessed it and consider my all time favorites, that if I were to write them all down this would be the longest post ever.

Seriously, it would be every single Anidala scene. I love them all! ;D

And I just have to mention this scene that I can’t help but fangirl every time I see it. That cute, adorable cheek kiss:

And the Anidala wedding, I’m so in love with Padme’s dress btw. Their wedding was sooo beautiful. Also, I adore that C-3P0 and R2D2 are such Anidala shippers. 

They are literally the Anidala fandom in this scene:

They are like, “Yes! Our otp just became canon!” Hahah ;P

Once Upon A School Trip- Part One. (Luke Hemmings imagine)

Summary: While on her school trip to Vienna for a week, Y/N runs into her favorite band, 5 Seconds of Summer, at an airport coffee shop. They thought that was all it was going ever be, until they run into each other again.

Warning: Language and smut to come later in future parts.

Requested: Yes by @mrshemmings26 and she has asked me to make this long for her so this will come in parts. This is part one.

Y/F/N= Your Friend’s Name.

If you have requests feel free to message me! I love to write so send me all the crazy ass ideas your dirty minds can think of! :)

*I DO NOT own that GIF of Luke*

*Written on Monday June 13th, 2016*


Y/N’s P.O.V.

Every year as a type of “Proper Sendoff” to us my high school takes the senior graduating class overseas on an European trip. This year, 2016, is finally my year to go! I have been dying to go on this trip since I was younger when my older sister’s both went so now that it’s finally my turn I am so excited! I’ve only been waiting years for this moment to finally come. Not just graduating high school, but to finally go on this European trip too!

The trip is the same every single year, but that’s okay because the group of students who go on this trip are different every year so they can get away with that and no one will care. We start in Vienna, Austria and then we head to Milan, Italy, and then we end in the London, England before we head back home to America. We’re going to be here for almost three weeks spending a week in each country we go to.

I had everything packed up and ready to go with me the trip like almost a week too early because I just that excited about this trip. I had all of the clothing and all of the bathroom items that I knew that I would need packed up and sealed up tight for the trip ahead of me. For the long plane ride to Europe there were really only a few things that I knew that I would need to make me happy and to keep me entertained.

  1. My fully charged iPod that had all of the songs from my favorite band, 5 Seconds of Summer, on it.
  2. My iPhone that also had all of those songs on it too for when the iPod dies during the flight, because I know it’s going to.
  3. My fully charged laptop computer.
  4. My copy of 5 Seconds of Summer’s DVD How Did We End Up Here? Because I know I am going to watch to watch it while on the plane ride. It’s my favorite movie ever.

You can say that I have a bit of a 5SOS obsession, but that’s okay. They make me happy with their dorkiness and they also make fucking amazing ass music too so I don’t care what people have to say about my favorite band. They’re my favorite band and I am not ashamed of it.

On the morning we leave for the Europe I am greeted at the airport by my best friend, Y/F/N. Y/F/N and I have been best friends since the seventh grade in school kind of like our favorite members of 5SOS, Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood, have been as well. She’s my fellow 5SOS buddy. Meaning she loves those four Australian dorky idiots as much as I do and she’s not ashamed of it either.

We have 5SOS discussions all the time. We talk about how much we love them, we have our fandom inside jokes, we talk about why our favorite members are our favorites, who we ship in the band as a bromance and who we ship as a romance, and we send pictures of them back and forth to each other all the time. What can I say? We didn’t choose the fangirl life, the fangirl life chose us.

“Did you see Calum’s picture of him and Luke on Instagram yesterday?” She asks me as soon as I reach her. She’s freaking out because Calum is her favorite boy in the band and Luke is my favorite.

“I did,” I answer her nodding my head yes to her. I knew exactly the picture she was talking about too and I can see it in my mind right now.

“God they’re so cute! And Calum’s hair was, as usual, on point. Oh my God he’s so hot I can’t!” She coos out smiling wide. I just shake my head at her. She was funny when she gushes over her crush on Calum Hood like that I couldn’t help but laugh at her for it.

She knows that she will never have a chance to be with him for real yet here she is totally smitten over a picture of the boy. I can’t blame her for her love of him though, or about the way she acts when she talks about him either, because I get the same way about Luke Hemmings. You can’t blame me thought because in my eyes Lucas Robert Hemmings is a flawless human being. And I mean that physically speaking here, character wise he’s got some flaws but that’s okay because he’s human and we all have them.

But I seriously cannot tell you the amount of times that I have gotten lost staring into his beautiful, expressive, brightly colored ocean blue eyes over my phone or computer screen, or even looking at one of my many posters of 5SOS that are on my bedroom walls. Or when I am looking at the gorgeous mane of blond hair quiff or not in a quiff I don’t care he looks great either way. And that smile of his. Don’t even get me fucking started on that smile! He used to have a black lip ring, but he took it out recently. But that’s okay with me because I actually like the way. Luke Hemmings is nothing but perfection to me.

On the plane ride to Vienna Y/F/N and I listened to our boys sing to us, took a few naps here and there, and then I watched my DVD that I brought with me. It was a long plane ride, but it wasn’t a boring one when I had my four favorite Australian boys with me the whole entire time.

When we landed in Vienna, the very first thing Y/F/N and I did was go and get come coffee from the Starbucks at the international airport we were in. Y/F/N had left her wallet in her suitcase so I offered to pay for her drink for her. When I went to go retrieve my wallet from my bag to pay for our two drinks I realized that I must have put mine in my suitcase as well.

“I swear it was in here,” I say quickly as I frantically search through my bag. “I must have put it in my suitcase too.”

“Great, so we can’t get coffee until we get our suitcases?” Y/F/N scoffs annoyed at the circumstances we were under right now. I was annoyed too.

“No worries girls I’ll get it for you,” We hear a chipper, happy, and oddly very, very familiar voice say. I know that voice. I know that I know that voice. But there’s no way that it’s actually him, is it? Only one way to find out. I have to turn around and look at who it is.

I turn around slowly, because if it is him I am going to probably faint, and I see none other than Ashton Irwin, the drummer of 5 Seconds of Summer standing behind me alongside the band’s guitarist, Michael Clifford. I am in disbelief and shock right now. I was going to open my eyes and be on the plane still. This was a fucking dream!

“You don’t have to do that, Ashton,” I blurt out like an idiot regretting it immediately. If he didn’t know I was a fan he sure as fuck does now! So much for fucking playing it cool.

“She knows your name, mate,” Michael smirks at his fellow band member then brings his frosty green eyes back to us. “I am guessing you two are fans.”

“Yeah, we are,” Y/F/N says nodding her head.

“Well it’s my pleasure to buy your drinks then. Really it’s not a problem, after all you fans have done for us it’s the least I can do,” He steps up to the barista lady and tells her that he’s paying for us and then he adds his own drink order onto the bill and hands her his credit card. I stand there in total awe. Ashton Fletcher Irwin just bought me and my friend fucking Starbucks! What the hell is my life right now?

We go over to where we wait for our drinks and I look at Y/F/N in shock. Her eyes are too busy scanning rest of the inside of the tiny airport café. I know exactly what she is looking for too. It’s not a what, but a who, that she is looking around trying to find. She’s looking around for Calum Hood.

Ashton starts up a conversation with us pulling her out of her concentration. “So, you two are both American, right?”

“Right,” I say nodding my head yes to him.

“What brings you guys to Vienna then?” He asks keeping the conversation going.

“It’s a school trip,” Y/F/N answers him now and then we’re joined by Michael who has now paid for his own drink order too.

“Oh, so there are more of you guys here?” Michael says smiling his wide smile at us happily.

“Yeah, there’s a lot of us here,” I say awkwardly. This was so strange to me right now to be standing here with Ashton Fletcher Irwin and Michael Gordon Clifford and to be talking to them too! This was fucking unlike anything I could ever imagine happening to me, ever.

“How long are you here for?” Ashton asks us again.

“For a week, then we go to Italy,” Y/F/N answers him.

That’s when I hear it.

I hear the laugh that I would know if I heard it in a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people. Millions of people even.

I hear the high pitch squeak of a laugh of Luke Hemmings.

“Shove off, mate,” Luke’s deep Australian accent says with a laugh in his tone so I know he’s not serious. My eyes go to where it’s coming from and I see Luke and Calum exit the Starbucks Men’s bathroom together. Luke pushes Calum on his arm making Calum now laugh at his friend in a little high pitch laugh. Seeing Luke in person makes my heart race. If seeing Ashton and Michael in person didn’t do that enough to me already this was surly doing it right now!

Luke brings his gorgeous blue eyes over to where the four of us are standing and he starts walking in our direction and Calum quickly catches this and follows his friend’s lead. When they reach us, Ashton begins the talking. “Hey guys this is, um…Oh wow…I am so sorry. We haven’t even got your names yet girls.”

“I’m Y/F/N,” She pauses allowing me to speak but I am too busy getting lost looking at the beautiful, 6 feet something tall, blond haired, blue eyed, lanky and skinny piece of male perfection standing in front of me. Y/F/N catches this and she continues talking for me, “and this is Y/N.”

“Y/F/N and Y/N,” Ashton finishes introducing us with a smile.

“They’re 5SOS fans,” Michael adds.

“Oh really?” Luke asks cocking an eyebrow at the two of us.

“Yeah,” I say nodding.

“You guys didn’t already take pictures without us, did you?” Calum asks sounding a bit worried the answer may be yes and he missed getting pictures with Y/F/N and I.

“No, we didn’t,” Ashton tells him. Calum instantly cheers up at this news.

“Well, then I think that this calls for some pictures then,” Calum announces proudly clapping his large, bass player hands together happily.

Just then our drinks are done and the barista places them on the counter and we grab our drinks. Y/F/N and I get our phones out to take pictures with the boys. We get one selfie with each of them. I started with Michael, then went to Calum, then Ashton, saving Luke for last because I was so nervous to actually speak to him let alone take a selfie picture with him and have him wrap his arm around me and all of that.

“Thank you so much for the drinks, Ash,” I tell him after I take my selfie picture with him. He gives me a big hug then.

“It was no problem, Y/N,” he assures me. “I would have done it even if you weren’t a fan. I’m just that nice.”

“You’re the sweetest,” I say giving him one more quick hug.

Now it was Luke’s turn. I turn to him ready to get this selfie taken.

“Save the best for last, right?” He jokes with a little chuckle in his tone.

God he was so cute, and I was a mess with plane hair and all of that. Even with total bedhead and plane ride hair Luke still looked fucking flawless. God, I loved him and I hated him at the same time.

He places his arm around my shoulders as we take the picture bending his legs a bit so he’s in frame with me because he’s so tall. He smiles sweetly at my camera as I snap the picture. “Wait, let’s take one more,” he says before I can exit out of my camera.

He places his lips onto my cheek kissing me there. I totally freeze up at the feeling of his lips on my cheek and it takes me a moment but once I am back to reality I snap the picture. “Okay, I took it,” I tell him so he knew.

“Your friend told me I’m your favorite,” He explains in a whisper in my ear.

I look over at Y/F/N, who I see taking a selfie with Calum with him kissing her cheek as well. I told him to do that too her too. I would so have to thank her for that one later. Wow.

Part Two

Solange Knowles forced me to redo my entire digital homework assignment that was due TODAY when she released those wedding photos yesterday. She made me get up early and start this digital painting all over. Here Solange Knowles! I hope you love this! You look beautiful and I had to represent that beauty and flawlessness.  Follow and see more of my work here at

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Is this Happening? Chapter 20

Is this Happening?

A Harry Styles Imagine Series


HELLO! ALL MY BEAUTIFUL & LOVELY READERS! This is the final chapter of the ‘Is this Happening?’ Imagine Series! I hope you like it! Be sure to read what’s coming up AFTER this series :]

Warning: There is SMUT in this chapter.


Chapter 20: I Love You, Harry Styles.

Harry’s POV

What the hell?

“Go back by myself?” I questioned.

“Yes! Just trust me okay?” Madeline nodded her head with a huge smile on her face which was red from the champagne that she had been drinking for the last hour.

I hugged Madeline, “Alright, be safe. See you later then?”

“Nope! I won’t be home tonight! Oliver and I are going to another party now! But you two have fun!” Madeline winked.

I gave Madeline a confused look then said my goodbyes to her, Oliver and my friends then headed towards their condo.

Why would Y/N go back to her condo without me?

I had no idea what was going on, I was getting frustrated as I made my way back, alone. There were so many drunk people including me, so I was constantly being bumped into, which made me even angrier. I kept trying to call her, but it just would ring once then send me to voicemail, which meant her phone was on ‘do not disturb.’

Damn it! Why was she ignoring me?! FUCK.

Almost 45 minute later when I finally reached her building, I was already sobering up from the frustration. On the elevator ride up, I took deep breathes and tried to calm myself down not wanting to blow up at her for leaving me.

Your POV

Madeline finally texted me back.

Madeline: Harry’s on his way back to our place! Good luck!

Me: Thanks! Oh god… I’m shaking. I’m so fucking nervous!

Madeline: You can do it, I believe in you! <3

I saw that Harry tried to call me again.

Damn that’s the 10th missed call.

I felt so bad, but I didn’t want to ruin anything. I locked my phone and threw it on the couch. I started picking on the sleeve of the red dress Madeline made, I felt so nervous as I sat there waiting for Harry to come back.

Everything was ready. Tonight is the night I show Harry how I feel; that I trust him, that I love him. My stomach was churning, my head was spinning, my hands were shaking and sweating.

“You can do this Y/N. You can do this.” I exhaled slowly.

“You love him, you can’t be afraid anymore.”

- - - - - 

Harry’s POV

As I unlocked the latch, I swung the door open and the back of it slammed into the wall. It was completely dark with the exception of two rows of candles making a pathway  on the floor leading into the living room.

“What… the hell… is happening?” I breathed.

There were poster boards hanging down from the ceiling.

I closed the door behind me and locked it, I then heard a guitar beginning to play a familiar tune, all frustration I had felt seconds ago was gone and nervousness started to take over.

What… is all this?

I took a few steps and read the first poster board on my left.

  • Happy New Year’s Harry!

Then I continued to the next one which was few more steps further in.

  • I know that you feel like I don’t trust you…

“Oh my god,” I started smiling; she copied this from Love Actually. I continued.

  • It took me a while, so thank you for being patience.

I couldn’t stop smiling. I felt my heart beginning to race as I slowly followed the pathway of candles.

  • You mean so much to me and I know that I can trust you with all my heart.

I was now in the living room, there was a poster sitting on an easel. The feeling of happiness was taking over.

  • There’s something that I need to show you.

The candles illuminated a path towards the east wing of the condo to the next poster.

  • Please don’t say anything until I’m done.

I was then at the entrance of the room that Y/N said once was storage, and then empty another time… Hmmm.

  • Harry, seriously, this is nerve wrecking for me.

I couldn’t stop smiling. I slowly step foot into the room to find Y/N sitting on a stool, the whole room was  surrounded by candles, and I realized that she was one playing the guitar.

She plays…? Since… when?

The last poster was sitting against the stool by her feet.

  • Just sit on the couch and listen, okay?

As I slowly made my way towards the couch, I could hear my heart beating louder. Y/N looked really nervous but at the same time very passionate as she played the guitar. I quickly looked around the dark room lit by nothing but candles and was able to make out a recording microphone, a camera, guitars hanging on the wall behind the couch and a small black baby grand in the corner, it was a definitely not ‘just an empty’ room.

I sat down directly in front of her on the couch and noticed that she had changed into a short red dress which showed off her incredible legs, and a lot of cleavage. Her hair was curled and draped over her shoulders. She looked… FLAWLESS. I felt myself getting nervous, my throat dried, and my palms started sweating.

[PLEASE LISTEN AS YOU READ! PLEASE! It will give a better effect (hopefully)!! click here]

My eyes finally met hers and she smiled at me, “This song’s for you.”

When your legs don’t work like they used to before
And I can’t sweep you off of your feet

Why does her voice…? My eyes grew wide.

Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love
Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks

She’s… she’s… oh my god, she’s…

Cause darling I will be loving you ‘til we’re seventy

My hand came up to my mouth as my jaw dropped.

And baby my heart could still fall as hard at twenty-three

She’s Heartstrings. My mind begun to spin. She was singing with so much passion, I hung on every single word.

And I’m thinking ‘bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand

She’s THE Heartstrings. My cheeks started hurting because I was smiling so wide.

Oh me I fall in love with you every single day
And I just wanna tell you I am

I felt my heart beat faster and my stomach was feeling massive amounts of butterflies. This is how she feels about me?

So baby now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
I’m thinking out loud
Maybe, we found love right where we are

My heart skipped a beat. As I watched Y/N sing, I was in awe, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, what I was hearing. I felt a goosebumps raise on every inch of body, she sounded amazing.

When my hair’s all but gone and my memory fades
And the crowds don’t remember my name
When my hands don’t play the strings the same way, mm
I know you will still love me the same

In this moment, I felt myself fall in love with her all over again.

‘Cause honey your soul can never grow old, it’s evergreen
Baby your smile’s forever in my mind and memory

I don’t know if it was possible to love someone this much, but I felt like my heart was going to burst.

I’m thinking ‘bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe it’s all part of a plan
I’ll just keep on making the same mistakes
Hoping that you’ll understand

She finally trusts me. I felt tears forming in my eyes. This is what she was afraid to show me… She trusts me.

But baby now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Oh darling, place your head on my beating heart
I’m thinking out loud
That maybe we found love right where we are, oh

A few tears started falling from my face I quickly wiped them away when she looked up and winked at me. My heart skipped a beat, I felt myself becoming overwhelmed with happiness and love. I was shaking.

I am so deeply in love with her, more than she even realizes.

As she strummed the very last chord, I immediately stood up and she put her guitar down and smiled at me, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her like there was no tomorrow.

She finally broke the kiss to catch her breath; she brushed my hair away from my face as I wiped the few tears that were falling down her cheeks. She looked up into my eyes and said the words that I’ve been so patiently waiting to hear.

“I love you Harry Styles.”

Your POV

The biggest smile slowly formed on Harry’s as he heard me tell him I loved him. He pulled me back in and captured my mouth with his and kissed me as if his life depended on it.

I felt Harry’s hand slowly travel down my back, he stopped at my bottom and gave it a small squeeze which made me giggle. He then slightly bent his knees and lifted me up off the ground, wrapping my legs around his waist.

As he carried me across the condo, I kissed, licked and sucked his neck, knowing that there would be dark marks there in the morning. I then nibbled on his ear and he let out a loud moan as he kicked my door open.

Harry slowly put me down on the ground as he crashed his lips into mine again, his hands never leaving my body and making their way slowly up. One hand he tangled into my hair and another he used to pull me into him.

I lightly bit his bottom lip and he forced his tongue into mine and moaned. I slowly began unbuttoning the rest of shirt and pushed it and his jacket off onto the floor.

I slowly traced my hand over every muscle on Harry’s chest and abdomen, my fingers toyed with his belt and I felt him beginning to get hard as he continued to kiss me.

Harry made his way down to my neck and began licking and sucking as I took off his belt and unbuttoned his pants. His fingers began fumbling with the button in the back of my dress, trying to undo it. As he gently peeled off my dress, he slowly kissed my neck, my shoulder then collarbone and slipped the lace off my arms.

When my dress finally fell to the ground, he realized I didn’t have a single thing on underneath. He stared at my body as he bit his bottom lip and whispered, “You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

Harry lowered me down on the bed, kicked off his shoes and stripped off his pants and boxers, releasing his erection. My eyes grew as I gazed at him, I immediately felt nervous, but he smiled then lowered his body over mine and began kissing me again.

Minutes later, Harry lips left mine and slowly made their way down, to my breast, as he licked and sucked on each of them, his fingers slowly made their way to my core. My hand was tangled in his hair and the other was gripping on his arm. His fingers slid down and touched my core, and I dug my nails into his arm as I let out a loud moan.

When he felt how wet I was, he moaned, it turned him on even more and his lips made its way back to mine. Harry slowly slipped one finger inside me.

“Oh god, Harry…” I exhaled.

He pulled back and watched my reaction as he slipped another finger in.

“Fuck!” Both hands flew to my sheets and I gripped them. My stomach began churning and my head spun.

Harry watched me as he slowly slipped his finger in and out, my breathing became labored and I began moaning into chest as I slowly kissed his left sparrow tattoo.

Harry dipped his head and kissed my neck as he continued slipping his finger in and out of me. After a few moments, his thumb began rubbing my clit and I squirmed and lightly bit his arm and he let out a loud moan.

Harry pulled his fingers out and sucked my juices off his fingers, I stared at him with wide eyes, watching him turned me on even more. I pulled Harry on top of me and he repositioned himself.

He looked into my eyes, “I’ve been dying to make love to you Y/N.”

“Then make love to me Harry,” I pulled his head down and kissed him passionately.

Harry looked into my eyes as his supported himself over me, placing one of his hands on the side of my shoulder, and the other he gripped himself. I felt the tip of Harry’s cock at my entrance and as he slowly slipped in, he let out a loud groan.

I yelped. Harry was big and it had been years for me.

“Fuck you’re so tight.” Harry exhaled as he place his other hand on my side.

I winced from the pain, I felt a tear forming.

“Are you okay?” Harry’s voice was gentle as he lightly kissed my lips.

I closed my eyes and nodded, giving him permission to continue.

Harry slowly moved in and out and the pain soon turned to pleasure, low guttural moans escaped from both our mouths, feeling him inside me sent shivers down my spine and I felt my nipples harden.

As Harry continued grinding his hips harder into mines and my sounds became louder. Our breathing became more labored and harsh. I lifted my legs and wrapped it around his waist, bringing his body closer to mine.

My hands gripped Harry’s back for support as he continued slowly sliding himself inside me, my nails made long red marks all down his back from the pleasure.

My teeth grazed against his arm and then he pounded deeper inside me. I bit down on his biceps and he grunted, enjoying the pain, I traced over the place bit with my tongue.

“Ha-Harry…” I kept moaning his me. I felt tingling sensations build throughout my whole body. Harry’s breathing and moaning made my head spin. He traced a line between my breasts with his tongue, making my body naturally arch into his.

Harry’s lips crashed back into mines as he changed the pace. I could feel that I was close, but I wasn’t ready to finish.

I grabbed Harry’s shoulder and flipped us over.

“Whoa,” Harry was shocked by my actions but he let out a seductive smile and bit his bottom lip as he gazed at my body in front of him.

I had never done this before, so I was nervous. I placed my hands on his chest, steading myself and lowered down on top of his cock.

“Fuck!” I yelled as I took all of Harry.

Harry groaned as his hands flew to my waist, “Fuck Y/N!”

I began swiveling my waist in circles. Harry laid his head back and closed his eyes and let out a loud moan.

My hands went behind me and gripped the back of his thighs for support as I picked up the pace.

“Fuck Y/N, I’m going to cum if you- if you- keep doing that,” Harry stuttered then eyes opened and watched me. He bit his lip as his hands came down to my thighs, then shot up, squeezing my right breast.

I continued by rocking myself back and forth, I felt myself coming close.

“Har-Harry- I’m coming.” I moaned loudly.

“Come for me baby,” He pulled me down by my neck, locking his eyes into mine.

My body became overwhelmed with waves of pleasure as he commanded. I felt a burst of tingling sensations from my head to my toes as I screamed his name. Hearing his name echo off the walls turned him on even more.

As I slowly came back from my orgasm trying to catch my breath, Harry flipped me back over and entered inside me again.

He kissed me urgently, as he grinded his hips into mine again. He sat up on his knees and pulled my legs above his shoulder as he pounded deeper into me.

“FUCK!” Harry groaned then he kissed the inside of my legs, licking and sucking, as he continued thrusting, and I felt myself coming close again.

“Harry! God, Harry I’m going to-“

“I’m close baby,” Harry breathed loudly.

Simultaneously, both our bodies felt waves of pleasure as we both came undone. My toes curled and Harry bit his bottom lip as he groaned. I felt his juices spill into me as his thrusts slowed. He whimpered as his head rested in between my neck and shoulder. He gave one last thrust and collapsed on top of me.

After we both caught our breath, he propped himself.

“I love you Y/N.” He smiled as he placed a kiss on my nose, I could see him glisten in the moonlight.

“I love you too Harry.”

Harry lazily rolled off of me and pulled me onto his chest.

For a moment we were both silent, until Harry’s eyes grew wide with panic.

“Fuck. I didn’t use a condom!” He hit his forehead.

I bursted out into laughter, “Really that’s the first thing you think of after we have sex?”

He stretch his lips back, making a dorky smile showing his full teeth, but I saw the panic in his eyes, “Sorry…”

“Good thing I got on birth control a couple months ago.” I giggled as I kissed his cheek.

Harry propped himself back up on his elbow and grinned, “You did?”

“Well yeah, after the weekend in L.A., I knew I had to take precautions just, you know, in case.” I licked my lips.

“I see,” Harry clicked his tongue, “so I was just so sexy, you had to ready for yourself for my body.” Harry joked.

“Oh shut up,” I pulled Harry’s lips down into mine.

And we made love again.

- - - - -

The sun was brightly shining into my room. As I slowly stirred awake, I felt Harry tracing my back with his fingers as I laid facing down on my stomach, my arms underneath my pillow.

“Good morning beautiful.” He smiled as he brushed my hair away from my face.

“Have you been watching me sleep?” I lifted my head and kissed his chest.

He placed kisses on my shoulder, “Yeah, I like watching you sleep, you look… so adorable. You do this thing, with your nose and it makes me all happy inside.”

I shook my head into the pillow and giggled.

“Last night was… incredible.” He breathed.

He turned my head towards him and slowly kissed me. Harry’s lips made their way down my back as he traced my naked body with his fingers.

I felt Harry’s hand spread my legs as he touched my core from behind, he was surprised that I was already wet.

He began kissing me again, as he positioned himself on top of me from behind, I felt his morning erection and smirked.

He pulled his lips from mine and placed kisses all over my back as his fingers spread my folds and slipped in.

“Harry!” I moaned into my pillow and propped myself up on my elbows.

“I love you,” Harry breathed, he replaced his fingers with his cock and I let out a deep groan as I bit my lips. I will never get over that sensation of him first slipping into me.

After 20 minutes, Harry collapsed on top of me as with both came back down from our orgasm.

He kissed my back several times before he rolled off of me, catching his breath.

For a moment we were both quiet, not a word was spoken, the only sounds we could hear was our breathing and then slowly as our hearts steadied, the cars, people and trains in the streets.

Then Harry let out a soft chuckled.

“What?” I asked as I propped myself up on my elbows.

He turned his face towards me and grinned.

“I can’t wait to see the look on Niall’s face when I tell him who you are.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


I love you all so very very much, I wouldn’t have been motivated to write without all the love and support from my lovely readers! You guys are all amazing! <3 I can’t express into words how happy you all make me when I recieve messages about my imagine series!

Thank you all again!

Be sure to read the drabbles, Love Happened. They are of events that happened before the sequel. You can find them on the ‘Is this Happening?’ master post.

Love & Misadventures: a sequel to Is this Happening?

<3 M

Thirty Minutes

Word Count: 3100+
Pairing: Michael/Reader.
Requested: yes


Warnings: explicit content/offensive language.
Summary:   When a twenty three year old Michael Clifford has a thing for the hot tour manager it escalates into what he love so much, sex. And Jolene can’t help but give in to his effortless charm and seduction, but it is not a secret for too long. When they hit the small excuse of a bathroom and decide to start their activities, one of the band members walks in on them when they’re about to be through with it. And let’s just say humor is included.  
A/N: This idea I had for a while, and when I finally got to finishing writing it I was through, this is smut from start to almost end. I hope you love it because I put such effort into this.

His lips were in a rush against hers – as it always was – his hands holding her by her waist to his body tightly, their breathing is ragged and eyes closed and hearts beating fast as they rush to get their needs in order again.

She moans against his needy lips and runs her hands up his body and reaches his shoulder and then stops, she breaths against his lips and moves her hand to her own hair and pulls it down; setting it free from its cage as it runs down her back in soft waves and curls pilling it down.

His hands tangle in them and he pulls it a little down so he could leave marks on her neck, and she closes her eyes in pure pleasure when his full, red lips make contact with her skin, the breath seems to give up on her and travels to the air around them. His other hand reaches for the bottom of her pencil skirt and pulls it up, feeling her skin in his rough hands and then runs down again and lift that leg again up and around his hip as an act of need.

He moves forward taking her body with his and pushes her against the wall with a thud that never fails to bring her body pleasure, her hands move to her blazer and she moves it down her button up with ease, and he pulls away a few inches to admire how she looks with her upper body against the wall and her crotch touching his.

Lips between white teeth, heart beating as fast as a racing car, and hair as messy as ever; Michael moves forward and kisses her with the passion she had been waiting to feel for a while now that she forgets that he would be up on stage in a few minuets.

“You always taste so good,” his voice was so raspy that it sent vibrations down her throat through the kiss they were sharing, and he places his other hand around her hip and pushes her against him greedily and then feels the wet patch of her underwear against his exposed member.

His cock was wet with her own saliva due their pervious actions, and he thrusts his hardness against her softness and appreciates the moan that leaves her flower-kissed lips. He finds it so seducing how only with him she loses herself, completely giving up her body for his needs. His hips are rocking against hers in a speed of lightening’s as moans leave their lips with passion.

“I hate doing this in such a rush,” She says breaking the kiss, she pulls on his hair and she finds it so fucking arousing how he makes such loud pleasured noises, and the way he pulls on her body and just gives her the love and pleasure she so much adores makes her needs heighten and her body shakes in pure pleasure.

And his hips were rocking hers against the hard tile of the bathroom’s wall, and she felt the pressure of his hands warming her body in the best type of way possible which almost made her faint.

She’s kissing at his neck and jaw and just marking him up with the most painful and delicious type of dirty pleasures that all he has to do is only enjoy it and moan. They’re not being responsible enough at the moment because he has to be on stage in half an hour, which is like thirty minuets.

“It would be better if it’s on my bed,” he starts taking control and pushing her body harder against the wall, “with me buried so deep inside you that every inch is being hunger-filled.” His words bring her a sensation that only brings her much arousal and she finds herself pulling on him.

“I want you so bad, baby.” She moans as his lips smash against hers; her eyes are closed as he rubs against her harder as ever and she wraps her arms around his neck and pulls closer.

“This needs to be quick,” he says in a rush, taking her underwear off and she smirks at him with glitter-like eyes.

“Someone’s horny,” he never gives her his eyes because they’re staring her pussy off, he wants so bad to crawl in it and lick it as much as he can until her juices are coating his whole face and then pull her hips harder against his face and dive the tongue she loves so much into her wet pussy lips.

“Shut up,” he growls, his hands reach her waist and he arches her back so her breasts are level with his face, then with one swift movement he turns her around, his back is towards the mirror and her face is towards the wall of the small bathroom, her breasts pushing hard against the wall coursing pleasure through her whole body. Hands rough as ever reach for his cock, moving it towards her wet opening. And he grinds himself against her.

The friction is enough to drive one wild as it gives them both that amazing dizzy feeling of the dirty pleasure everyone loves to death, his hips snap into hers every time he grinds them in a hurry, warming up is something he only finds so arousing and she enjoys.

Her milky ass is moving and shaking every time he snaps his hips against hers, it feels so good that she reaches behind her and grasps his hair tightly as he groans with every move of his hips.

“Oh, Mike baby,” her whine is something he adores to hear so much, he moves his face next to hers and starts kissing and sucking on her neck, his cock rocking against her making her throb with need and lust.

“Yes,” he whispers, and the way she shivers makes the satisfaction run through his veins and it feels so good that he can’t control the way his palm lands on her left ass cheek.

“Please,” she takes a breath and closes her eyes in complete pleasure, “Give it to me,” she moans loudly and he finds it so disappearing to shush her, so he simply doesn’t and spanks her again.

“I’m not sure if you’re ready for daddy’s milk yet, kitten,” he hisses with closed eyes and an open mouth, she’s dripping now, her button now button down is keeping his eyes away from looking at her fully. “Take it off.”

She moves her hands from his hair to up button the wrists of the top, and in a hurry both their hands move it down her arms and then throw it on the floor, his hands move to her hips and he stops thrusting, he leans in next to her ears.

“Beg for it, baby girl, beg for it hard.” She can hear the raspy in his voice, and she moans and pushes her ass against his unmoving hips.

“Mike, please darling, feed my hunger honey,” she closes her eyes in desperation and rests her head against his shoulder, “Please fuck me,” she turns her head and gives him the eyes of a devil, and his smirk is devilish too as he squeezes her hips and pushes her body flush against the wall.

“So adorable,” he shakes his head, looks at his cock as his hand takes a hold of it, and he somehow pulls her closer.

His cock is so wet with her juices and he moves his legs so they part hers enough for him to go deep into her, his hand takes a hold of the hem of her skirt and pushes it over her hips, and she moves her hips in a motion for him to hurry.

She moves her hands and lays them against her own ass cheeks, and spreads them for him to ram into her, and he does. In all the power in his body he moves his hips and slams into her ass cheeks.

They only got fifteen minuets until he’s on stage, and he starts to thrust harder into her as he pins her body to the wall with his, he’s pushing his hips into her as if he’s taking revenge of something, and his skin slapping hers makes the pleasure  and the filth run through their veins so fast.

“Ugh so fucking tight,” he throws his head back and smack her ass, he feels so good that its making him dizzy, and he finds it so hard to fuck her as they stand but there’s no other way to do it.

His hands move to hers, and he pushes them above her head and against the wall, he presses his chest against hers as his hips take the fastest motion he had ever tried, and their bodies are literally pushed against the wall and he finds her moans so addicting, that he thrusts harder into her to hear them getting louder, and feel her get closer.

She’s moaning and closing her eyes, she loves the feeling of him taking the full control over her body, loves the way he makes the way she’s completely submissive to him looks so flawless, she loves it so much that she’s ready to let him do whatever he wants to here even though she won’t like it.

His hands hold hers tightly as he moans next to her ear, her face is pressed against the wall and she’s finding it hard to breath, but she seem to not care as he hits places deep inside her that she can barely function well.

He makes sounds like ‘umph’ and ‘huuuuh’ and a lot of others as his pace slows a little, he moans and wraps his arm around her waist as his hand hold both of hers above her head.

He likes feeling he body against his, so much. It feels so nice to be that close to her as his moans and hers combine and make that delicious filthy sound of pure and dirty sex, it makes him want to claw at her body, bruise and mark her and give her whatever she wanted.

She finds it so seducing how he likes the intimacy, and likes to keep her close, and kiss her shoulders and back and head and whisper sweet pet names like ‘darling’ and ‘baby’. She likes hearing how good she makes him feel and feel how good she makes him feel.

“Oh God, I can smell how sweet you are down there,” he closes his eyes, and bites his lips, he stops for a moment and holds her closer to his body and just feel her hot skin touching his, it feels so good to have her in his arms, Michael finds it so weird that he needs love when he’s so turned on you can hammer nails with his hard cock.

“All for you,” she moans, and when he let go of her hands she drops them to her sides to rest them.

He wraps both his hands around her waist and turns her around to face him, he looks her dead in the eye, and notices all the sweat covering her face, and he also notices her ragging breath and the lust in her eyes as she looks back at him.

She moves her body against his and wraps her arms around his neck, and he grabs her ass and squeezes, he garbs the back of the thigh of her left leg, and rests it around his hip, he tells her to guide him in, tells her how sexy she looks with her hair ruffled and bra barely covering her breasts, and her skirt pulled up, and all that just for him.

When he feels his tip at her opening he pushes in without hesitation, the feeling of being inside of her once more seems to become even better and he finds himself loosing breath fast, and feels a little dizzy.

“So good,” He closes his eyes when he holds her closer, the way they look is so in sync that it would be so easy to tell they’re not doing it out of only lust. They look like love is moving their bones and emotion as if it’s their oil.

“Go deep, baby.” She pulls on his dark hair and kisses him. The way his hips are rocking into hers is making her body literally move against the wall, up and down and he leans into her neck to leave marks she loves to see so much.

He garbs her hips and moves faster, going so deep every time as her bones have that buzz that tells her she’s going to cum hard. He pulls away after the mark is placed and looks at her eyes.

“You likin’ thins, huh? You love this so much, don’t you,” there would be a smirk on his handsome face if he wasn’t feeling so much pleasure.

“So much,” she moans throwing her head against the wall, making a thud to course over the sounds of their skin slapping and pleasure noises. A moan rises from her throat and she wants him to stop them, but he doesn’t, he only picks up speed and that makes her feel so dizzy, so dizzy she might cum.

“Please tell me you’re close,” he sounds as if he’s suffering, his head rests on her shoulder as his hips slow down, and she looks at him in the mirror and she almost screams at how good he looks.

“I am, baby,” she says, and before she knows it he pulls out and gets on his knees, “No, Mikey,” she says but he shakes his head and grabs her leg and throws it over his shoulder.

“I can’t help it,” he moans against her inner thigh and starts to kiss it softly reaching her pussy.

He licks her; he pushes his tongue against her as if he’s trying to remove her juices with one lick from her wet cunt, he eats her out as if she’s his most delicious meal ever, pulling her closer to him and sucking on her hard.

“This is so good,” she starts, swallowing and closing her eyes, “You have to be on stage in a few minuets, Mike,” she says alerting him.

And it seems that something in him snapped and he’s sucking on her harder and fingering her, her clit is so swollen from his raw sucking and she almost screams because he’s doing her so good that there’s that slight taste of pain.

And she enjoys it so much that she pulls his face closer, when her eyes drop to him on hiss knees she could only see his hair and eyes looking back at her, she almost leans down and kisses him but she’s so close she can taste it.

“I’m there, I’m there,” she chants over and over, her head is against the wall and she feels her stomach heating so much, and her eyes close on their own, she feels her toes tingling and then her legs, and there’s that piercing silence throughout the bathroom as her moans stop and her high hits her hard.

She can barely hear or see or feel anything but hiss sucking stopping, and then she feels hands on her waist that pulls her to his body hard, she feels her high unleashing her and she finally opens her eyes.

She can barely make out any noises around her, but Michael is yelling and there’s another person’s laugh going around. And she wants to hit herself, but then she realizes what’s going on and she clings to Michael hard.

“Please no,” she whines softly into his chest; his back is towards the door that Ashton is standing at laughing his ass off.

“I said!” Michael yells so loudly that he scares her, “Get the fuck out!” and everything is turning serious as Ashton stands in the door way , Michael’s yelling has caught him off guard and he clears his throat before closing the door, muttering a small apology.

After Ashton’s exit there’s a silence so strong that it scares him, he looks at her and notices she’s clinching to his chest hard, and he knows she’s about to cry. He places his hand on her hips as a gesture of reassurance.

“Hey,” he whispers, and he feels her stiffing in his chest. His hard on is completely gone by now, and the mood of sex and filthiness is gone, now replaced with embracement and awkwardness. “Its okay he hadn’t seen you, baby, I didn’t give him a chance to,” his voice is so soft that she has to look at him to make sure that this is the Michael that she had a few minuets before.

He was so rough and demanding with a voice so deep and raspy, but now he was sweet and gentle with such a soft voice.

“Now he’s going to tell everyone about us,” she says with a sad voice.

“No he’s not, I will speak to him, don’t worry about it love.” He coos her, pulling away slightly, kissing her forehead and rubbing up and down her arms. “Please don’t be sad,”

“I just don’t want to loose my job,” there’s something behind her voice, she seems to be sad enough that she doesn’t even care that she’s having this conversation in only her bra and nothing but.

“You won’t baby, just have faith in me, okay?” he’s trying to soothe her with his sweet voice, his hands move to her cheeks and he leans in giving her nose a small kiss, “I’ve got you,”

“Okay,” she nods her head, “Now you have to get dressed for your show.” She pulls back, moving to the sink and wetting her hands.

“Alright,” he says and washes his hands too, reaching down and cleaning himself as fast as he can, and then he pulls his pants up, then does his hair the bets he can.

She looks at him when he’s done, and she’s buttoning her top as he watches her with eyes that she hopped weren’t looking at her because of love or affection. When they’re done they kiss and he walks out, running in the direction of the stage, and she looks herself in the mirror and notices a blush on her cheeks.

“Have faith in him.” She mutters to herself.

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bearhugsbeerhugs-deactivated201  asked:

What is it about JMO that you love so much? (I love hearing people describe their interests/attractions) :)

Oh boy. Ohhhhh boy here we go.

Let’s just start with the physical. I love her face. All of it. But let’s break it down. Big baby doll eyes. Unique perfect eye brows. An adorable little nose. The cheek bones! Her cute little frowny mouth. The crooked bottom teeth. HER SMILE! The little dimple in her chin. And beyond the face – Her actual princess hair. The guns. Her tummy. The beauty spots. UGH JMo IS FLAWLESS!!

And then, AND THEN! The way she expresses herself. Her style. The way she speaks. Her optimism, and the way she wants to see the good in people. Her genuine wish to see everyone just get along. The way she doesn’t play favorites with ships. She’s so eloquent. She’s reserved and not overtly sexual, but then suddenly here she is doing a nude photo shoot or wearing that see through dress.

She’s modest without seeming insecure. She seems to own herself so much. She has so much respect for her family, her coworkers, her fans. She doesn’t seem to like to put herself out there but when she does its so genuine.

She’s a dork in the most glamorous way! She loves to read and to learn and encourages her fans to do the same by sharing that. She doesn’t get nearly enough credit for the thought and work she puts into her characters.

Basically, she is a flawless human, not only physically but she is so loving and so kind and really really thoughtful – like she seems to think so much and consider everything. I have so much respect for her and none for JMo haters because she is a truly rare and wonderful human!

One thing I am NOT here for.

Bonnie Bennett in pain.

I’m sorry, but Idk if it’s Kat Graham’s flawless acting, or just my love for Bonnie Bennett, but I can not STAND seeing that girl in pain!

Like it literally made my stomach hurt last episode when she was simply panting hard and taking pain pills, while trying to put together that darn ascendant! :o

Idk what I’ll DO if it gets any worst than that! :o :o :o TVD just might bring me to tears. 

It’s like she just DOESN’T DESERVE this mess!!! :’(

But if it’s for the betterment of her storyline, I’ll watch and put up with it. But Lord have mercy, it’s going to be a struggle. :/