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Request:  Shawn doing a hickey prank on his girlfriend

“Shawnie what are we doing?” Matt asks as he holds the camera in Shawn’s face.

“We’re gonna pull a prank on Y/n, my girlfriend.” 

“And why?”

“Because she put hair coloring in your shampoo.” 

“So, we’re gonna give Shawn a hickey with the vacuum and make her think he cheated.” Matt says to the camera.

“And I am stealing Matt’s bunk when she kicks me out of ours.” Shawn smirks shoving Matt.

They record giving Shawn the hickey, ignoring Shawn’s protests and arguments about just using make up.

“She’s gonna kill me.” Shawn groans looking in the mirror at the purple bruise on his neck.

“She’s coming, Shawn act normal.” Matt calls hiding the camera.

Shawn jumps to the couch, hickey side facing away from her. She walks in, setting her shopping bags down. 

“Hey.” She smiles.

“Hey you.” He grins, leaning up to kiss her. Momentarily forgetting about the prank. She kisses him and then pulls away, running her fingertips down his jaw. Her eyes zero in on the hickey and she moves his head to the side inspecting it.

“What the fuck?” She curses, and Shawn knows he’s in trouble.

“I can,” He starts.

“Shut up Shawn. How dare you?”

“What’s going on?” Matt asks walking in.

“Shawn has a hickey on his neck.” She yells.


“I didn’t give it to him.” She glares at him, looking at the hickey again. It makes her feel sick. “I’m gonna be sick.” She shakes her head. She turns and walks towards the bunks, grabbing her stuff.

That’s where Shawn stops the prank, she’s seriously packing. 

“No stop.” He says grabbing her hands. “It’s a prank, it’s a prank.” He rushes pulling her away from her bag.

“A what?” She asks, tears falling down her cheek.

“A prank.” He says wiping her tears away. “Matt, made me do this prank to get back at you for the hair color.”

“It was you?” She asks looking over at Matt who’s got his camera.

“Yeah.” He laughs.

“How’d you get it to look so real?” She asks moving Shawn’s head to the side so she can look at the hickey. She runs her thumb over the bruise and when it doesn’t change color she gets worried again.

“We asked one of the fans to give him one.” Matt giggles.

“No!” Shawn says cutting him off, “We used a vacuum we have video proof.” 

“A vacuum?” She giggles looking at him.

“They wouldn’t let me use make up.”

“Matt you are so dead.” She says looking at him.

“I’m on her side from now on, I didn’t like this.”

“Team jumper.” Matt rolls his eyes.

“Team Y/n just got a whole lot better.” You smirk looking up at Shawn.

spidipig3  asked:

Piper finally going to visit Louis and going to his dorm where the tell her he moved home to be with Mari. When she hears Mari she assumes they mean his mother

“What a fucking loser, moving back in with mom” and then she gets a SHOCK



Reasons to be happy today:

  • One night after a difficult mission made Bruce even gruffer than usual, his children gathered for a group complaining session that featured sarcastic Bruce-impressions and comments like “it would be nice to get positive feedback every once in awhile”
  • “I get that he loves us and all, but he could stand to show it” “Or say it, even. Never heard him do that”
  • At that point Cass, who had been sitting quietly, confused all of her siblings by replying, “He says that a lot”
  • See, Cass’s understanding of language is different. She reads body language, and it allows her to understand how people feel when they aren’t necessarily communicating it to others. Technically, Cass has never heard Bruce say “I love you.” But she’s certainly seen him say it many, many times
  • And since her siblings found that hard to believe, she set about proving it to them. Through the rest of the mission, every time she saw Bruce say “I love you,” she approached the nearest sibling and whispered “There”
  • [Bruce adjusts Damian’s cape on his way past] “There”
  • [Bruce rolls his eyes as Dick and Tim strike intentionally melodramatic poses on the rooftop] “There”
  • [Bruce hands Duke a granola bar when his stomach starts growling] “There”
  • [Bruce uses excessive force on a villain that came slightly too close to Jason] “There”
  • [Bruce tells off the collective JLA for unprofessional behavior while they openly ignore him and continue said behavior] “There”
  • [Bruce turns away from the truly impressive kick flip Cass used to incapacitate three separate combatants with absolutely no change in expression] “There. See? He’s proud”
  • The others aren’t totally sure they believe her, but if she’s right…. wow. That kind of changes everything
  • And since Bruce had no idea any of that went on, she’s free to continue. Whenever Cass sees that one of her brothers is feeling down, she follows them around to act as Bruce’s translator. Somebody has to do it, she figures

surprisingly romantic🌸💕