she gave him up to be adopted

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au where 14 year old rita is brought into the ed, and charlie's reading up on her medical history + notes when he sees the box "birth surname: fairhead"

oh my god i can just imagine him being all like “wtf??????????” and so confused but then when he sees rita, she is like the spit of duffy and has the same level of sass as her and even tho he is lowkey yet highkey annoyed at duffy for not telling him that he had a daughter out there he wants to get to know rita more and basically just be her father

(bonus: he phones duffy up and starts quizzing her about it all but then she comes back to holby in floods of tears because she hates herself for not telling him and because she gave rita up for adoption as she had felt of ashamed/embarrassed for getting pregnant as such a young age but after talking over it for hours they sort it out and charlie forgives her)

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THANK YOU FOR BRINGING UP THE FACT THAT SATELE GAVE THERON UP FOR ADOPTION. She gave him to the man who raised and trained her to raise! She's not a bad person for giving up her child. Women are allowed to do whatever they want with their bodies. They are allowed to give up their babies for whatever reason. But you know, women are bitches if they don't raise their children themselves I guess.

And thank YOU for appreciating the comment! Because really, every single argument people have regarding how Satele is a horrible mother makes literally ZERO sense under the interpretation that Satele gave him up for adoption. She doesn’t interact with him? She doesn’t have to. She doesn’t sense that he’s not Force sensitive? She has no reason to. She treats him like any other person in the galaxy? She gave up her role as mother. She doesn’t have to.

The fact that she does open herself up to him a bit was never any indication that she was trying to forcefully take back any place she originally had in his life; she offered him help if he ever needed it and accepted his feelings about her, as hard as it was for her.

Anything that Theron suffered while being raised as a Jedi was no fault of the woman who was reluctant to even NAME him because she knew that Master Zho would be raising Theron and not herself. He was literally a few hours old. There’s no reason she should have sensed his Force sensitivity. It was Master Zho who wanted to force him to become a Jedi even though he had no Force-sensitivity strong enough to do it.

Hell, Satele could have had an abortion and then there wouldn’t even be a Theron for the fandom to woobify. *LE GASP*

But, you know, Theron doesn’t like Satele but loves Master Zho so obviously Satele’s the bitch in the situation, since Theron is a Perfect Human Being Who Can Do No Wrong™. And yeah, any woman who doesn’t drop everything for her child is an awful person who can’t be trusted in the universe.

Tbh, if I didn’t love Theron as much as I do, I’d probably be sick of him just because of the way some people in the fandom treat him. Like, jeeeeeez. You can like a character without making him out to be perfect and hold everything he says as gospel.

Edit: And while I’m on the topic, do I agree with every decision she makes and such? OH HELL NO. But she’s definitely not the villain in this situation, nor the Worst Mother In the Universe™.


tbt to 2008- along with Sugar-plum, we had two other parakeets. Rocket and name who I can’t recall. We’ll call him Shamrock. Rocket is the mostly white and blue ‘keet and Shammy is the aqua minty one.

Rocket I had since 1999. She lived about a year after these photos were taken. (2009). Although I can’t recall exactly.

Shamrock was an adopted bird. My aunt; who foolishly thought that birds just automatically bond to you, got this bird and called us up asking to take it because “he didn’t like her”. She literally had him for 3 days when she gave him up.

lesson- do research before you buy/adopt a pet and have patience.


Thank you for your lovely headcanons @zaziecurie!

I agree, I get so tired of seeing grimdark headcanons where characters die tragically for love. Especially lesbians. It’s the Bury Your Gays trope in full force, and I’m completely done with it.

Also I think Pearl could have normal human children and survive the pregnancy. It was confirmed that Rose could have lived if Steven was born a normal human baby, but she wanted him to be half gem and that’s why she gave up her physical form.

Also also we don’t really know what kind of genitals Mystery Girl has, but anyway. If they wanted to have their own kids they could try conceiving themselves or adopt.

And no matter what Steven will always be Pearl’s baby. 😊

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This boi. Tyne. Tell us about him.

You…wanna hear about Tyne? Ah…

Ok so. He’s currently 21. He’s California born but raised in Crawley, UK because his real.mother gave him up for adoption as soon as he was born because she didn’t possess the means to raise him. He was adopted by a British couple who basically were the type that adopt kids to make themselves look better. They kick him out at 17 when they find out he’s trans. Selling his vinyl collection, he moves back to Cali on his own.

Getting a job at a music shop, he meets Quinn and a foreign kid named Kidd. They start a band called Plastic Passion. Tyne is the singer and guitarist, keyboardist if need be, or synths or basically anything. He obsesses over learning to play instruments.

He’s real short. 4'11" so he has a love for combat boots and creepers. He’s got naturally white hair that used to be blond and hazel eyes. He’s got a tooth gap he got teased about in school but he likes it now.

He’s in love with Paul Simonon and Simon Gallup. He lost a bit of his accent in California and gets gently teased about how he speaks, Kidd calls it “Cali slang with a side of Cockney”.
Noah Day

So, I can’t remember if I’ve told everyone this already or not but…when my husband and I first got together, I got pregnant, and didn’t find out until after we broke up.  Well, I didn’t want to be a single mother with three kids so I gave him up for adoption.  It was an open adoption, the couple got to be in the delivery room and come to all my doctor’s appointments, and it was a beautiful experience. She sends me pictures all the time and we go out to eat once a year so we can see him and say hi and stuff.  Today was that day, pictures under the cut for anyone interested!

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