she gave him up to be adopted


- She was adopted by the Luthors at the young age of 4. Whether her parents died or whether they gave her up it’s heartbreaking enough…

- The only person who made her feel welcomed into the family was Lex, she adored him and it must of absolutely broke her when she failed to stop him from turning bad, she must of felt responsible in some way even though she shouldn’t.

- Lex, the person she once adored and who she never did any wrong by then attempts to have her killed.

- She never felt welcomed by Lillian and always felt second best and as if she could never do anything right. Even though she didn’t want to believe it she knew in her heart that Lillian didn’t really love her because she wasn’t blood family and Lillian pretty much clarified this to her face. How awful, she lost her real mum and then her adoptive mum rejects her and shows her no love or affection.

- She mentioned to Lillian that she always spends thanksgiving alone at her desk which presumably means that she also spends Christmas and Birthdays alone.

- When she told Kara “you are my only friend in National city” she really meant that. She has no one.

- Kara comes along like the little ray of dorky sunshine that she is and she just makes Lena SMILE. You can just see Lena simply lights up when Kara enters a room, she BEAMS, her eyes sparkle. Here is someone who Lena can truly sense means well and is just a GOOD and pure person and she’s never known that in someone before and Kara smiles back at her and she blushes and the affection in Lena’s eyes, damn.

- She has spent a lifetime with pain and loneliness in her wake and she just needs someone, someone to show her that they care and that they care to get to know the REAL Lena, someone just to show a little affection.

- Supercorp could truly be a complex and beautiful love story if allowed to be explored. It could be a love story to end all love stories. Who would of thought it, a Super and a Luthor.

But right now? Right now all I really want is for Kara to give Lena a hug.


Snow (top left) being clingy as per usual; Eeyore (top right) posing with the cutest blep when I told him to look up; Lily (bottom left) hiding in her favourite hiding spot as she eyes Eeyore for ambush; Waffle (bottom right) spotting my phone as I gave him belly rubs; and (middle) Waffle looking displeased with Eeyore for some unknown reason as Snow only wanted pets that I was dishing out to his adoptive brother. Grateful for all my little angels.

Like Fathers Like Daughter (Carry On Countdown Dec 16th)

I love the idea of Simon and Baz having a little girl. Hope you enjoy! @carryon-countdown


Simon watched his husband throw their daughter up in the air and giggle at her squeals. She was only three years old but already Simon felt like he had to commit each moment to memory, like she might be twenty if he looked away for a few minutes.
“Daddy save me!” Natasha yelled.
“But dad put a binding spell on me, I just can’t!”
“Liar!” Her dark cheeks were rosy red.
Once Penny had told him magicians never gave up their children, but she hadn’t really known the complications that would arise in the years after the Mage died. People had been scared and some hadn’t been very careful during the crisis. A cousin of Baz’s in the Pitch branch had become pregnant. She was only 15 and needed a family to adopt. Simon and Baz had only been twenty-one, but they both knew that they were one of few magicians who would be willing, even wanting, to help the girl. So only months after marrying, they found out they would be expecting their first child.
Baz set Natasha down on the carpet and sat next to Simon on the couch. She crawled over to them and hopped on their laps. She had beautiful dark brown eyes that burned with fire and long curling black hair. Natasha looked very much like her grandmother whom she was named after.
“Is Aunt Penny coming over?”
Simon stroked her hair.
“Not tonight, she’s helping Nana.”
Mitali adored their daughter and liked to take her to the Watford library every weekend. When Natasha started talking she took to calling her Nana, which of course Mitali adored.
She pouted. “No fair.”
Baz tapped her nose gently with his long index finger.
“You’re stuck with us tonight little puff.”
“Can we do magic?”
Baz looked up at Simon, who shrugged and chuckled. He trusted his husband not to mess her up with his magic.
“Go get your wand.” Baz giggle whispered into her ear.
She grinned widely and ran off into the hall.
“We sure have a wonderful daughter.”
Simon leaned onto Baz. “Yes. And a wonderful life.”
Baz turned to kiss hiss forehead. “The magic…it doesn’t bother you does it?”
Simon lifted his head to look at his husband. Baz looked concerned, his eyebrows scrunched together.
“Baz, it’s who she is. Of course I’m not bothered by it. Besides, I remember what it was like. I can still help her with her form, pronunciation, and even talk about Watford. “
Baz nodded. “I just don’t want you to feel left out.”
Simon kissed him lightly. “Don’t worry love, you always make me feel included.”
Natasha rushed into the room with her wand. She was so young, but being surrounded by Bunces, Pitchs, and Grimms she was already learning so much about magic. She held up her wand, dark cherry wood with an ivory handle, and smiled. Armed with her grandmother’s wand she stared at her fathers.
“What am I learning today?” She asked excitedly.

Not long after we started spending time together, he came over one night and said he had something very important to tell me, something that might change my opinion of him. Shaking with nervousness, he told me that he was illegitimate. His mother gave birth to him in a home for unwed mothers in the East, he said, and they moved to Tacoma to live with relatives when he was very small. Then she married Johnnie Bundy and had four more children. Johnnie Bundy had adopted him, but Ted knew nothing about it until he was a teenager.

It had come as a terrible shock. A cousin had been teasing him about it, and Ted had refused to believe it. The cousin had taken Ted up to the attic and showed him proof: his birth certificate. Ted was upset by his cousin’s cruelty and furious with his mother because she had left him unprepared for humiliation at the hands of his cousin. “She never even had the decency to tell me herself,” he said bitterly. He asked if I thought he should confront his mother about it.

I told him no. I could sympathize with her. She had made a mistake when she was young, as I had, but had overcome it and had gone on to make a life for herself. It could not have been easy that many years ago - harder, I was sure, than it was for me when I was pregnant with Tina. “I’m sure it’s a source of a lot of pain for her,” I said, “and that’s probably why she didn’t talk about it. It’s not important anymore. What’s important is that you’ve got a lot going for you. I love you because you’re wonderful.” Ted put his head in his hands and cried. - The Phantom Prince : My Life with Ted Bundy by Elizabeth Kendall

Hugh Aynesworth : I talked to Liz. (….) She asked me, very frankly, “Does Ted want to live?” and I said, “Hell yes, he wants to live. You bet he wants to live. Why shouldn’t he?” I don’t know why she asked the question. She did say something that was interesting, though. She said that when you told her about being illegitimate, you cried. Do you recall that situation?

Ted Bundy : I don’t recall it. I could have been emotional about it. I can’t say for sure. I wouldn’t say… I wouldn’t….

HA : She said she thought it really bothered you, more than, you know… Naturally you’re going to say it doesn’t bother you, but she claimed it bothered you - and deeply.

TB : Well (long pause), that’s just her… that’s just her opinion. I just, uh, I can imagine it being something that, uh, you know, was and is of a certain amount of concern to me - although not as much now as it was ten years ago even.

HA : She told me, also, that you had mentioned that you’d been disciplined… or that you were, as a small child, disciplined rather harshly. Do you recall that?

TB : I wasn’t disciplined harshly as a child. I can’t imagine I told her that!

HA : You’ve never had any harsh discipline?

TB : Oh, I mean spanking, or like that. But that’s, I didn’t consider… I would not now, and did not then, consider it to be extreme.

HA : Maybe she’s reading too much into a lot of things.

TB : She’s probably looking for some way of saying, “Well, why?” you know. And who knows? - Ted Bundy, Conversations with a Killer by Stephen G. Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth

I was really upset about the show. They are throwing in the trash the beautiful friendship built by Caitlin and Barry because of a boring, without chemistry, uncomfortable and without storyline couple.

Barry and Caitlin have always been the anchor of each other, she admitted it in episode 2.23 and he admitted in episode 3.07. As I said before, Barry risked his own life by challenging a meta-human with ice powers to kill him, because he wanted to bring her back and believed in the strength of their friendship, he gave up on his work so she wouldn’t be arrested.

Snowbarry had such a special connection and are now wasting away because of a romance? If WA is an “iconic”, “indestructible” couple, why are they feeling so threatened with a friendship? 

Do they want Iris to be the only female around Barry? Of course, and since they don’t have the competence to write a good script that proves the size of her importance, they try to undermine anyone Barry cares about other than his adoptive sister/girlfriend.

I’m not complaining about Julian getting Caitlin back, I want them to be FRIENDS. Just as I hate that Barry’s life revolves around Iris, I’ll hate that if one day Snowbarry happens, Caitlin’s life revolves around Barry. We need more moments between Cisco and Cailtin too, this monopolization around the Wests is already irritating.

And if they don’t value Caitlin, let her free. If she turns to Killer Frost one day, let her own build the forces to control her powers. I didn’t want her to go through this torment alone anymore, after all friends should be by our side in the good and bad times. But since it seems they don’t want to do this, as it was said earlier in this tag, let her be the her own anchor.

Anti-Adoption and Emma's role in season 1

So I had a conversation today about Regina’s reaction when Emma came to Storybrook. She told me that she couldn’t understand why I’m so upset about how Emma behaved at the beginning. How she interfered in a relationship between a mother and her son. A son she willingly gave up for a closed adoption. Closed means Emma willingly cut all ties to her child. This was her decision Regina didn’t force her wasn’t even in her life at that point.

Regina is a bad mother because she didn’t want the biological mother of HER CHILD taking him away from her. I guess we can all agree upon that Regina likely screwed up the adoption conversation what made Henry withdraw from her. But that would’ve been something that could be fixed with time and understanding.Something neither Henry nor Regina got the chance to because of Emma. It’s canon that they used to have a great relationship.

She said Regina’s reaction was totally over the top and another sign of what an evil person she is and what a bad mother. That her “I’ll destroy you if it’s the last thing I do” proofs that even with Henry Regina never was anything more than the Evil Queen. A bad selfish person who abuses Henry by keeping him from Emma. That was her argument.

For her now and everybody believing the same.

This is Lena Adams- Foster form the tv show The Fosters. (Check it out its really good)

Lena and her wife Stef have 5 kids four of them are adopted. Lena is a teacher and the worst crime she ever committed is lying to her wife. She is actually the definition of a sweet strong caring mother with a pure heart.

In season 1 the biological mother of their twins a former drug addicted forces her way into their lives again and causes quiet some trouble. She also gave them up willingly she also interfered into their relationship with their adopted parents. Like Emma did. And you know what Lena’s reaction to it was…

(gif by @jamandstuff )

Sound familiar?

(gif by @reginagifs)

Both woman react the same way, both women couldn’t be more different but they have one thing in common: They love their children fiercely and don’t give a fuck who their biological parents are. Because those two women were the ones taking those children in, they raised them and cared for them. They are their mother’s.

I love the relationship Henry has now to both of his mother’s I do. But only now because now…its Regina’s choice to say yes. Back in season 1 it wasn’t and Regina as well as Lena had the right to protect their children.

BNHA AU where All Might is the single father of Izuku and Inko is the single Dorm Mother of Yuuei

  • Inko gave up Izuku for adoption because Hisashi walked out before he was born and she wanted to give him the best chance possible
  • All Might likes to go down to the orphanage to hang out with the kids as Toshinori because of charity and because he legit likes kids
  • He’s known Izuku since the day he came into the orphanage and they’ve bonded over years
  • Once Izuku found out he was Quirkless, Toshinori adopts him because he loves Izuku like a son already and wants to raise him as his own
  • Inko lives her life missing the son she’s never met but loves taking care of kids anyways (she’s always babysitting for the Bakugous even if their son is a little hellion)
  • Inko is the Head of the General Department at Yuuei because of just how good she is at miscellaneous things but is also extrememly good at guiding young people in the right direction
  • Inko takes the job as the Dorm Mother for Yuuei once it becomes apparent that she can handle Katsuki and the General Department
  • Inko met All Might before she met Toshinori, but she makes it a point to visit at least twice a week because he doesn’t know how to lead a group of students AT ALL
  • Inko meets All Might’s son Izuku during one of these meetings and adores him the moment she sets eyes on him
  • Izuku is shy towards Inko at first but finds it really easy to open up to her kindness and golden heart
  • They tag team to keep Toshinori as healthy as possible (”Midoriya-san, Dad is just really bad at remembering his meds and I’m in class so I can’t always be there, but if you could….” “I’ll make sure your father is well taken care of Izuku-kun, don’t you worry.”)
  • Izuku has been training to be like his dad since he was a kid, so he’s able to handle the force of One for All much easier but he never stops his love of analyzing other people’s quirks because that’s just how he is
  • Izuku doesn’t meet Katsuki until Yuuei but their rivals almost immediately anyways ( “I’m not losing to you just because you’re All Might’s kid!” “Good, I want you to lose to me because I’m me.”)

Basically I’m begging you to consider if All Might adopted Izuku straight from the beginning but Inko never knows what happened to the kid she gave up


  • “Wow Izuku, you really look like Midoriya-san, don’t you?” “You think so? I don’t really see it.”

keeperofhounds  asked:

There is this elseworlds comic with Talia and Bruce. Talia pretended to have a miscarriage and gave Damian up for adoption and he was adopted by a family (it was implied). How to do you think the Batfamily would find out about Damian? I would think that Talia found out about Ra's wanting to possess him and left him to protect him but didn't think Batman would be enough as he is Batman and he would still be in danger. At least with this she could give Damian a good life from the shadows.

I think they’d probably find him on accident, working a case in whatever town he was living in. Maybe save him or something. He might mention something that reminds Bruce of Talia, or only Talia would know or do. Does a DNA test real quick. Find out he’s Bruce’s and Talia’s. 

I think Talia would definitely watch him from the shadows, and regret having to give him up but also be happy he’s safe. 

let’s all just take a moment to imagine a universe where, instead of Jason pulling all that Under the Red Hood stuff, he instead started hanging signs all over Gotham that read “unattended Robins will be given a free puppy and expresso” and then follows through. Tim starts showing up at the cave tied to a golden retriever and a triple shot from Starbucks. he is so confused. Bruce has to find homes for six puppies in one week. Tim hasn’t slept for four days and has heartburn


ONCE UPON A TIME : the reboot
by drew and menelaos

season 1, episode 1 : The Land Without Magic

present : On the eve of her birthday, bail bonds agent Emma Swan takes a man into custody and then returns to her apartment to celebrate in solitude. A knock at the door reveals a surprise visit from a boy named Henry, who reveals he is the son she gave up adoption nine years ago. Henry presents Emma with a birthday gift: a necklace with a silver origami swan pendant. The next day, Emma takes Henry back home to Storybrooke, Maine and she crosses paths with Henry’s school teacher, Mary Margaret Blanchard, a mousy young woman who gives him books to read, and Emma learns that he has been desperately trying to locate his birth mother. Although resistant at first to developing a relationship with Henry, when Emma is faced with a threat from Henry’s adoptive mother, Regina Mills, the town’s mayor, she knows for a fact that she has come to Storybrooke for a reason. When Emma makes the decision to stay in town, Henry watches in delight as the town’s broken clock tower moves its minute hand for the first time in decades.

past :  In the Land of Ever, Snow White and Prince Charming rule as the High Queen and King over the eight kingdoms. A little over a year after Charming awakens Snow White with a kiss of true love and their happily ever after begins, they receive word that Snow White’s stepmother, the incarcerated former Queen, has begun exacting a plan of revenge: a Dark Curse that will collapse the Land of Ever, wipe the memories of its inhabitants, freeze time, and banish them all to a Land Without Magic. The pregnant Snow White and her husband pay a visit to the imprisoned Rumpelstiltskin, who reminds them that their child belongs to him through a deal they have made, and offers up a chilling prophecy regarding the baby’s true destiny: she will be their Savior from the coming Curse. The king and queen hold council with the Blue Fairy, Red Riding Hood, and other familiar fairy tale characters regarding the protection of Snow White and her coming baby, and the Blue Fairy and Geppetto devise a plan to protect one person from the Curse by creating an arc from an enchanted tree, with the intention of protecting Snow White and, by proxy, the child within her belly. But when the baby is born early, the royal couple is left with no choice but to seal the infant princess in the arc by herself and hope that one day, she will return to save them. They are just in time – for no sooner have they locked baby Emma away than Regina’s Curse sweeps through the realm, collapsing and consuming the Land of Ever and reforming it as the town of Storybrooke, Maine…

‘once upon a time’ stars : Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen/Regina Mills, Emily Rose as Emma Swan, Jaimie Alexander as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard, Henry Cavill as Prince Charming, Raphael Sbarge as Jiminy Cricket, Richard Madden as Sheriff Graham Buchanan, Naveen Andrews as the Magic Mirror, CJ Adams as Henry Mills, and Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin

guest stars include : Cate Blanchett as the Blue Fairy, Tony Amendola as Geppetto, Jakob Davies as Pinocchio, Meghan Ory as Red Riding Hood, and Beverly Elliott as Widow Agatha Lucas

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anonymous asked:

THANK YOU FOR BRINGING UP THE FACT THAT SATELE GAVE THERON UP FOR ADOPTION. She gave him to the man who raised and trained her to raise! She's not a bad person for giving up her child. Women are allowed to do whatever they want with their bodies. They are allowed to give up their babies for whatever reason. But you know, women are bitches if they don't raise their children themselves I guess.

And thank YOU for appreciating the comment! Because really, every single argument people have regarding how Satele is a horrible mother makes literally ZERO sense under the interpretation that Satele gave him up for adoption. She doesn’t interact with him? She doesn’t have to. She doesn’t sense that he’s not Force sensitive? She has no reason to. She treats him like any other person in the galaxy? She gave up her role as mother. She doesn’t have to.

The fact that she does open herself up to him a bit was never any indication that she was trying to forcefully take back any place she originally had in his life; she offered him help if he ever needed it and accepted his feelings about her, as hard as it was for her.

Anything that Theron suffered while being raised as a Jedi was no fault of the woman who was reluctant to even NAME him because she knew that Master Zho would be raising Theron and not herself. He was literally a few hours old. There’s no reason she should have sensed his Force sensitivity. It was Master Zho who wanted to force him to become a Jedi even though he had no Force-sensitivity strong enough to do it.

Hell, Satele could have had an abortion and then there wouldn’t even be a Theron for the fandom to woobify. *LE GASP*

But, you know, Theron doesn’t like Satele but loves Master Zho so obviously Satele’s the bitch in the situation, since Theron is a Perfect Human Being Who Can Do No Wrong™. And yeah, any woman who doesn’t drop everything for her child is an awful person who can’t be trusted in the universe.

Tbh, if I didn’t love Theron as much as I do, I’d probably be sick of him just because of the way some people in the fandom treat him. Like, jeeeeeez. You can like a character without making him out to be perfect and hold everything he says as gospel.

Edit: And while I’m on the topic, do I agree with every decision she makes and such? OH HELL NO. But she’s definitely not the villain in this situation, nor the Worst Mother In the Universe™.

batferret  asked:

42 and 43 for Tee'lah

42: Does your OC drink coffee or tea?

Neither, really? I mean, one time she mixed some vodka with coffee when she really had to wake the hell up. But she’s not a fan of the bitter, watery taste and tea is just… water. With cloth in it. 

43: Who is your OCs biggest hero?

Her adopted father was her biggest hero growing up and no one has come close to him since. He took her in at her lowest and gave her all the love she could ever ask for and a family that actually cared. He saved her life numerous times, even when it meant giving his own. 

so i have to add some angst to my Grandpa Torino/Dad Might/Toshinko au

Nana. Nana’s husband was killed due to her hero work, and she gave up her child for adoption because she was worried about what could happen to them. 

i imagine that, if she were alive while Toshi was dating Inko and adopting Izuku, she would be very…. weary about it. maybe she’d try to warn him away from those kinds of relationships, because she doesn’t want him to suffer the same way she did

i wonder if Nana ever actually did warn Toshi about that before she died… maybe Toshi is hesitant to start a relationship with Inko because of her words. but still, the love and affection between Izuku, Inko, and Toshi is too strong.

i bet Torino would know about it, too. he’d be just as weary for Toshi because of Nana’s history, but he just… decides to let the kid live his own life. make his own decisions. be happy with what he’s making. 

he still has that worry in the back of his mind about what Nana would say, but decides to trust Toshi. and besides, Torino is gonna be around to help in case anything goes wrong. he won’t let what happened to Nana’s family happy to this one, so new and pure and so full of hope.

Adoption Day

SaRequest by: avolon-knight-zodiac

Prompt: Imagine Pietro going to the local animal shelter and then playing with the cats, and he likes one that has an injury like a missing eye or something and he decides to adopt it. I also added the headcanon that Pietro used to bring home stray animals when they were on their own and she hated that so that’s in there too. Enjoy :)

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I used to work for animal control and my last call was for this little guy right here. He was shot by a BB gun and was found wandering around someone’s front yard. After hours at the vet, the bullet was removed and he was given drains for the wound. A few days later the owner was found but she refused to pay the vet bill to get her 13 year old cat back. She gave up on him and never called again. I couldn’t see this guy spend his last days in a shelter and so a few days after being let go from my job (due to budget cuts =/ ) I adopted this handsome guy. I’m happy that I did. He is now probably 14 years old now and runs around like a kitten sometimes. I never adopted a senior pet before and I don’t regret this decision. I’m happy to know he is happy.

Happy Mother's Day :>

May I remind you that there is a severe lack of mom’s in Ninjago
-Kais and Nya’s died
-Cole’s is MIA
-Zane NEVER had one
-Lloyd’s was kind of gone for a long time but hey at least she’s here now;
-Jay’s birth mom gave him up (but yknow what, his adoptive mom is his real mom as far as I’m concerned).

Point in case: appreciate your mom esp on this day of days. Let her know she’s loved. Do something for her because she’s done so much for you, and because not everyone is blessed with a mom.

Given how Abby is so familiar with Jasper and has basically adopted him as her disillusioned, really messed up son, I have a headcannon that Abby knew Jasper and Monty on the Ark. People probably always brought Jasper and Monty in while they were on drugs and Abby covered for them like “oh it’s just the response to a gas leak in the…fuel capacitator 295…” And then gave them a stern talking to about how Drugs Are Bad and Monty and Jasper pretended to listen. She’d never turn them in because they are too smol and precious and she has a soft spot for them, but she did give them stern, disapproving glares from time to time.

Everyone calling Brandon a white whining ass baby is absolutely wrong. I’m not here to offend you, I’m just telling you to take a good look at his character and answer me honestly. How many of you have cried because of something you care? That doesn’t make you a cry baby. It makes you a real person.  How many of you have to share stuff or anything with your siblings and argue? It doesn’t make you a selfish person it makes you human because, who doesn’t argue with their siblings? 

Brandon gave up his love for Callie for her to be adopted, she self-sabotaged herself by doing that video, my guess is that the judge will see the video and not let Callie get adopted and that’s why Brallie happens. Don’t blame Brandon for having feelings. Don’t blame him for speaking his mind, because everyone has a right to. Blame him if he harms Callie or manipulates her into doing something she is not willing to, but PLEASE don’t blame him for being human.

I’ve put a lot of tought into this, if Brandon is a cry baby then so am I cause I know what it feels to have loved and lost. To have to share your parents with siblings who need them more. To be an artist and have your dreams crushed because your not good enough or lose everything becuse of a mistake,and what The Fosters have taught me is to never be afraid to speak your mind and that is what Brandon is doing and all you do is hate him. Don’t come telling me you believe in love if you don’t accept brallie as a couple.

Explaining OUAT
  • Friends: Soo whats this show about?
  • Me: Well.... Prince Charming and Snow White (Snowing) have a daughter named Emma, who has a son named Henry, Henry father's is Rumpelstiltskin's son. Rumple is the dark one who is in love with Belle(Rumbelle)and he is the beast in beauty and the beast. The Evil Queen is in love with Robin Hood(Outlaw Queen), who died and we are all just like (Really... REALLY!) The Evil Queen wanted Snow White dead for killing her first love but they worked out their differences and the Evil Queen adopted Henry when Emma gave him up for adoption and he came to come find her to break the curse ad make her believe that she is the Savior and she has to bring back everyone's happy endings.... The Wicked witch of the West fell in love with Hades and had a baby with Robin Hood and is the Evil Queens sister and their mother Cora is the Queen of Hearts. Hades the God of Death died and now Curella Deville now kinda runs the Underworld were Captain hook or Killian was trapped with King Arthur (who is somewhat a villain but Merlin was kinda chill about it but then Merlin died and Merlin was the most powerful mage to ever live)and they went on this quest so that way Killian can get back to Emma (Captain Swan), and when Killian moves on from the Underworld to a better place he is taken to Zeus who is like yea lets get you back.... Emma and Killian are reunited and they are all happy and lovey and then they get back to Granny's, the diner were everyone always hangs out at which is run by Granny Red Ridding Hood's grandmother. And everyone always died and there is always a crisis going on and people become the dark ones and rip out other peoples hearts. People are always falling or jumping into portals and going back to the Enchanted Forest (were they are all from).... and yea thats about it.... and thats all in one series. Oh and Killian was in love with Rumple's first wife Milah (Rumple's son's Mother) who died and Rumple cut off Killian's hand and that's how he became Captain Hook. So they are all kinda this big mush of a family and they always find each other.
  • Friends: what.
Adoption Update! :)

Friends who are waiting for an update on Bitty’s status… Here is the post you have been waiting for. DCF responded today & gave final consent to the adoption! 

Earlier today, the paperwork was picked up & taken to the attorney’s office! 

(WHAT? Nothing moves this fast in Foster Care!) Our case worker said we should expect to hear from our attorney by the end of the week. Our 2 and a half year wait is almost over!

The attorney will get us a date on the docket to get this final. From what we have heard our Judge sneaks these cases in when she has free time because they are so quick.

Hold onto your hats friends! We really are *this* close to wrapping this up! Stay tuned…