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Chill/vibe songs Part2

This is like a part2 to the whole chill/vibe playlist (since a lot of people asked), hope you found some songs to listen to!

Let Me Love You - Ariana Grande
Too Deep - DVSN
TLC - Tory Lanez
No Rush - Ella Mai
Too Far - Majid Jordan
Child’s Play - SZA
Wiseman - Frank Ocean
The Wilhelm Scream - James Blake
Trust Issues - Drake
We All Try - Frank Ocean
She Ain’t Me - Ambré Perkins
Jealousy- Roy Woods
Twelve - Abhi//Dijon
With Me - DVSN
Priorities - Sy Ari Da Kid
Love a Nigga - Elhae
Don’t Want You - Ella Mai
Boss - Tinashe
Birthday Suit - The Weeknd
They - Abhi//Dijon
You Vs. Them - Jhene Aiko
Go Go Go - Roy Woods
In For It - Tory Lanez
DnF - P Reign
On My Vibe - Travis Scott
Just Know - Amir Obe
U - Majid Jordan
I Get Loney Too - Drake
Yours Truly - Ambré Perkins
N.A.M.E. - Tory Lanez
What You Need - The Weeknd
Wait - Abhi//Dijon

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: If Frank Ocean has the time to make an entire rant on his blog about the existence of space, why can't he drop his album on time? He told us July 2015, but obviously his worries about the space time continuum affect his ability to look at a calendar and efficiently keep a time oriented promise. If Meek Mill can take a few days and ruin his entire rap career, why can't Frank take the time to heighten his? A single audio post of Frank farting would be sufficient enough for his fan base to survive, yet it's August 2015 and there's nothing to hold Frank's fans over another month. Frank better collaborate with the spirt of Michael Jackson himself on this album, it better include a three hour hologram of him pondering the existence of the universe and a signed sweaty bandana.