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700 FOLLOWERS GIFT PROMPT: “The Only One” - Bella & Mortimer Goth (The Sims 3)

It was almost midday, when the sun was about to light up the neighborhood on the highest point of the sky in Sunset Valley. And there we come to the house of the richest family of the town - The Goths.
The couple that was every other pair’s example of a happy, loving marriage was slowly waking up from the sleep.

Bella and Mortimer Goth’s children - Cassandra and Alexander left for a school trip, so their parents could spend some quality time. And they did, last night. Romantic dinner, dancing to the classical music, stargazing like they used to in their younger years, as teenagers or even as children. The night full of love, passion and romantic atmosphere…

…it was a very long night, that’s why they were both sleeping so long in the morning and it was a very unusual thing for both of them, or actually, for any person living in the house. But well, they could let themselves use a bit of life and be kinda crazy.

The window’s curtain of their bedroom (or actually you could say it was a chamber, as it was so big, elegant and beautifully restored with old, expensive furniture) has woken up the black haired woman, that always wore red as her color. It was blowing with the wind that came from the sea from the other part of town.
Bella laid on her husband’s chest all night and when she reminded herself of this fact maybe a second after opening her eyes, she tried to wake him up, as well.

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