she flirted with her best friend's husband

Okay, so, lets hash this out,

Lets not fuck around here.

I am giving an opportunity to spread a bit of word that Susan is susceptible to certain forms of acknowledgement from anyone in the public.

You will recognize her because:

  • She’s that bitch who slept with your best friends husband,
  • She was the last person you interacted with before your valuables in your pocket went missing,
  • You visited her brothel,
  • You watched her steal some bread,
  • She slapped your ass while walking by,
  • She batted her lashes at your cutey patootie,
  • Flipped you off randomly,
  • Flirted with you randomly,
  • Wink-wonked the fuck outta you from afar,
  • She sold you drugs,
  • She promised you a discount on her whores,
  • She belittled you for acknowledging her neat ass tiger: “She’s pretty alright, pretty deadly. Likely to rip your throat out if you aren’t careful.”
  • She’s really hot, and kinda hard to miss

Literally anything and everything can go when it comes to Susan, Madam of the SIsters in Sin brothel of Elwynn Forest.

Honestly, that can mean you are very much allowed to do a number of things (Yes, this is MY OOC CONSENT to doing what you desire, so long as you are prepared for the consequences/reaction against your action):

  • Curse her name in public,
  • Confront her,
  • Be an ass wipe,
  • Advance upon her (sexually/threateningly),
  • Fight her (bishh lets go),
  • Spit on her,
  • Attack her without warning,
  • Call her a whore in passing (and watch her not give a shit),

Just talk to me oocly, on Tumblr private message (PM), or even poke me in game!

My in game name for Susan is “Gampre”, her last name. Hard to miss. Usually always dressed in red, gold and black “armor”.

Please, I wanna roleplay with you.

I want to explore pre-established relationships/hate-ships.

Lets stir up some fucking chaos and give eachother a run for their money!