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when i was 7, i hated my accent. I was the new girl in a texas school coming straight from new orleans. the kids made fun of me so I changed the way i talked to fit in.
when I was 9, my aunt lost custody of her daughter and my cousin came to live with us. she was of fair complexion, much like our mothers- with long, silky hair. when we would go out to the store people would stop us and say “my, your daughter is so beautiful, with all that pretty long hair” referring to my cousin. and i was there too. wanting to be seen. but my mother would say “that’s my niece and this is my daughter"… the looks on their face would change. I began to hate my skin at 10. My body was changing and so was my outlook on self esteem. when I was 12, I hated my body. I was fat. Every morning I stood in the mirror, I would shove 3 fingers down my throat, in hopes of cleansing my stomach of all fat. I went days without eating… just drinking water and throwing up. when i was 13, I was avidly playing sports. basketball, volleyball, tennis, softball… anything in hopes of losing weight. i made it to be 150lbs and still thought i was fat. when i was 14, I lost my virginity in the most unconventional way ever. i thought that sharing the most precious part of me was somehow tied to the attraction of others… and if they’d like me enough to want to have sex with me. I focused so much on maintaining external beauty that i was failing my inner self. by 17, I had contemplated suicide more than twice. I looked in the mirror and hated what I saw. The mirror became my enemy. at 20 years old, I entered a terribly toxic relationship. i felt that he was all I had, and if he left me… who would want me? I stayed through a lot of emotional abuse. through all of this, the number on the scale has constantly fluctuated. at 22, I am able to say that I’ve conquered myself. I’ve been through a lot and the journey of self love has been the most perilous. Every day, there is something new. A new fad, a new beauty standard- a new way to make yourself appear slimmer, a new tea, a new diet… whatever. none of those things will work if you don’t find and appreciate your own inner beauty. love yourself first. love yourself always. the number on the scale will change but you must continue to love yourself. lead a healthy lifestyle. take care of your body both physically and mentally. drink water. see a doctor. see a therapist. don’t deal with things on your own. someone will listen and someone will help.
don’t give up on yourself.
you are your greatest feat.


In a mood for fem!Keith so I present, the “Fitness Couple”!

Keith’s gotta maintain those muscles if she wants to keep on saving her cheesy Beef…

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It’s officially happened! 100 lbs down! I can’t believe it!

I remember walking out of fitting rooms with limp pairs of pants or dresses cradled in my arms and slowly shaking my head at my mother waiting outside. She would look so distressed and disappointed when not even the largest sizes in the store would stretch over me.

I remember kids gathering around me in 5th grade asking how much I weighed.

I remember jumping out of photos and cringing when I would actually see one of me and how my double chin would engulf my face.

I remember climbing up the stairs and almost needing to sit.

2017 has been the year that I am living, feeling, and being the best version of myself. I’m now a chemical engineering intern who will be receiving my bachelor’s and a business and biotechnology minor along with conducting research on hydrogels. I am now healthy, active, confident, and strong.

I am so stoked for 2018 and to continue my fitness and life goals.

anonymous asked:

Could you write a small thing about ryan leaving bodies for ray as a sign of courtship? And ray being like "what the fuck?"

Gotcha covered Anon. Warning for some gore and thank you so much for the prompt:

It’s not every day Ray finds a dead guy outside of his apartment (if it had been, he would have moved a long time ago), but there he is, lying there, eyes wide open, body riddled with bullet holes, three fingers missing.

It’s the fingers that give away who this guy is; Ray having shot them off in a struggle for his gun two days ago. It’s one of the downsides of working for Geoff Ramsey, sometimes guys tried to take them out at all hours of the day. The crew quickly learned they either have to fight back or let it happen. So far, none of them have let it happen.

Ray’s not sure who would take the time to track this guy down and kill him; especially with very little to go on. Until today, he had never seen the man’s face, hadn’t heard his voice, knew virtually nothing about him other than he worked for someone who at some point wanted Geoff and anyone working for him dead. And that three of his fingers were missing. Because of Ray.

Carefully, Ray steps over the body, making a quick phone call to the clean up crew they have on stand by, and Barbara promises to make quick work with the disposal; puns and all.

The rest of the day passes by uneventfully, and when Ray returns home no more bodies have been left in the hall. He does wonder why none of the neighbors bothered to call the cops, but then he remembers that last week he had heard gunshots coming from What’s Her Face’s apartment upstairs followed by a loud cackle. The next morning, Ray talked to the woman and she acted as if nothing happened, but he could have sworn he saw specks of blood covering her shoes. He didn’t ask, she didn’t tell, and they went about their lives.

He thinks about moving again, but dismisses the idea. His neighbor may be morally questionable, but she’s a fantastic baker and the commute to the FAHC office is only fifteen minutes. Plus, he’s already moved once thanks. Not again.

The next morning, he nearly trips over another body, this one laying right outside of his bedroom door. He takes several steps back, watching the new body warily, half expecting it to stand up and start swinging, but it just continues to lie there, immobile, throat cut, blood spattered across the front of his shirt.

Ray doesn’t recognize this guy, but he still has a feeling he should know who he is, so he snaps a picture of him and sends it to Gavin.

Gavin responds with an incoherent text followed by about fifty exclamation points and question marks, and Ray can’t help laughing softly, possibly sounding a little hysterical. He doesn’t blame Gavin for his response, would have had the same had their roles been reversed (possibly with a few less punctuation marks), and only types: Do you know who this guy is?

Gavin doesn’t respond for a good fifty minutes, but when he does it’s an email. The guy turns out to be the boss of the first dead guy. Some small time criminal with his hand in too many cookie jars, a record a mile wide, and a petty grudge against Geoff.

Why are you standing over this dead guy? Did you kill him? Gavin sends the text almost immediately after the email.

Not me. Ray sends back because if he’s going to get accused of killing one of Geoff’s enemies, he better be the one who pulled the trigger.

What sort of mof leaves a dead body on your floor?

I’ll let you know when I do.

After another quick call to Barbara, who delivers about a dozen rapid-fire dead body puns before promising to take care of the new dead guy, Ray sets out to find who has been leaving dead people around his apartment.

Geoff has a fit when Ray tells him about the body. He goes on about having to pay Barb not once but twice in the same week, and how the last person who cost him this much money on cleaners had been Ryan after his last murder break. It gives Ray an idea, but he stores it away for later, instead asking Geoff if he knows who could be responsible.

“How the fuck should I know? I gotta go make a few calls, make sure Barb isn’t the one doing it. She tried this two years ago.” He stalks away muttering to himself and Ray huffs. So much for Geoff’s help.

For a brief, very brief, moment Ray thinks maybe Barbara is behind this, but then he reminds himself she’d be more likely to leave the bodies outside of Geoff’s apartment, and he immediately abandons the idea.

No one else in the crew is all that helpful, but Michael and Jeremy offer to keep an ear out. Gavin starts going over security camera footage outside Ray’s apartment building and in the lobby, but whoever is doing this must have disabled them because he has no luck.

Jack offers up her couch until they figure out who’s behind it, but Ray kindly brushes off her concern. He’s sure whoever is doing this isn’t threatening him, but he knows there’s a message there somewhere. He just doesn’t know what is is yet.

The only person he can’t seem to find is Ryan, but knowing him he’s holed up in Sandy Shores somewhere, hiding out from the cops. It wouldn’t be the first time and Ray knows it won’t be the last either.

He goes for broke around noon, stopping by Fakehaus’ hideout, but the only one around is Lawrence. He’s sitting behind a desk, tinkering with an old laptop, but looks up when Ray walks into the room.

“Oh great, there you are. You here to pay me?”

Ray stops, confused. “Pay you?”

“Yeah, pay me. Look, I tried calling Ramsey but he’s not answering and I’m about this close-” he held up his left hand, his index finger and thumb nearly touching “-to tracking Ryan down myself.” He glances at his finger and thumb again before widening the space exponentially. “Okay, more like this…” he trails off again, squinting at his hand, and then says, “Fuck it. Just tell Ryan he still owes me for the information.”


“Yeah, information,” Lawrence retorts impatiently. “I mean fuck, if Ramsey is going to send Haywood around looking for some guy who fucked him over once like eight years ago the least he can do is send him along with some money. Especially since I found not only him but the flunky who works for him.”

Ray turns to leave, ignoring Lawrence when he calls him back. He thinks he understands what’s going on, maybe, but he can’t be sure and the uncertainty is going to drive him crazy.

Too lost in his head to actually be paying attention, he nearly runs into Ryan as he’s leaving the hideout. He looks up, scowling at Ryan.

“Uh, hi,” Ryan says with an awkward wave.

Ray narrows his eyes at him, opens his mouth to say something no doubt profound or witty, but instead grumbles, “I hate puns.”

“What?” Taken aback, Ryan shuffles back a few steps, watching Ray warily.

“I hate puns, Ryan,” Ray repeats softly. “I hate puns and yet because of you I had to deal with them.”

“I don’t…” Ryan clears his throat, his cheeks turning red. His voice cracks when he says, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Betrayed by one of my closest friends and he can’t even admit what he did.” He shakes his head, pushing Ryan back a step. “Dude, you left me not one but two bodies. Two. I mean, yeah they’re both involved in my almost death, but seriously. Can’t you have buried them in the desert like a normal criminal? I had to call Barb and I swear she has a book full of puns she has at the ready whenever anyone calls her. What the hell, Ryan?”

“I don’t know,” Ryan exclaims with a helpless shrug. “I thought, you know, you’d see the bodies and…”

“And what? What? I’d swoon at your feet and declare you my hero?” Ray can’t help it, he laughs, shaking his head again. “Dude, next time. Next time just ask me out like a normal person, you idiot.”

When something close to hope flickers across Ryan’s face, Ray knows his hunch had been right, but it doesn’t stop him from quickly saying, “That’s not a yes, by the way. You’re not getting a yes that easily.”

“I’ll wear you down,” Ryan replies with a self-assured grin.

“If I find another body on my doorstep it’ll be a definite no.”

“I make no promises.”

Comfort | Jughead Jones

Hi everyone! 

So here is one more Jughead imagine! I know you’re all waiting for Neglected part 2 and just so you know, it’s almost done. I need to do some editing and add some things but it’s almost there 💕 

I really hope you like it and stay tuned for Neglected part 2 💕 

Anon request: can u please do a jughead x reader where y/n has panic attacks & one day she has one while she’s with veronica & kevin while they r all at the mall & so she runs into the bathrooms & V comes after her & V calls jughead (who is y/n’s boyfriend) to come & help her because he’s the only one who can calm her down & he gets there & holds her in his arms&calms her & then takes her home, leaving V & kevin, & they cuddle & kiss & he makes dinner for her & does everything for her & it’s super fluffy xoxo

Warnings: panic attacks, anxiety. 

Flashbacks are in italics.


Everything was going perfect. The entire day had been full of laughs and chattering, accompanied by nice tops and fitting jeans. Kevin made his cheeky comments as always, and Veronica carried around her warm and friendly aura.

She was having so much fun hanging around her two best friends, feeling so carefree and cheerful.

Anyone would think nothing could go wrong…right?


All it took was entering a crowded store with sales. That was all it took for everything to go to waste.

The entire place was filled with loud yells and the music playing from the speakers. People were frantic inside, searching for the lower prices and bargains. The workers were running around the store, helping clients to find a clothing item or fixing things out of place. And the line for the cash register was so long it actually snaked around the place.

It wasn’t long before she felt the familiar pressure in her chest, her breathing already quickening. She placed her hand over her heart, closing her eyes while trying to put her brain at ease. But she was so concentrated on calming herself down, she didn’t notice when Kevin and Veronica lost themselves into the clothes, losing sight of them.

Her anxiety level rose to outrageous levels at the absence of her friends. Everything was crumbling in front of her and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

She felt herself losing a grip from reality as her eyes clouded with tears and her hand tugged at her hair. Her lungs were not getting the oxygen she needed and her chest was burning with the fast beat of her heart. Her body was aggressively shaking, barely standing up on its own.

She desperately looked around for an escape route, before it was too late.

She ran to the door, stumbling with some people in her way, but she didn’t stop. Not even when he heard Kevin’s voice calling her name. She just ran, looking for a shelter in the bathroom around the corner.


Veronica walked around the packed store, looking for a nice dress or a skirt with no luck yet. It was very hard to find something when people were practically ripping the clothes from its hangers before someone else took them.

She had to admit it wasn’t such great idea to look around that specific store, at least not that day.

“Veronica!” She turned around at the mention of her name, finding a very agitated Kevin.

“Hey what’s wrong?” she asked concerned at the sight of Kevin’s pale face. “Where’s Y/N?” she questioned, as she wasn’t behind Kevin.

“She ran into the bathroom, it happened again.” Veronica’s face fell at Kevin’s simple response, already knowing what went down.

They were both already sprinting out of the store, desperate to find Y/N. They had to make sure she was safe and help her to pull through this breakdown.

“You go in, I’ll wait here.” Veronica nodded and without a second thought she entered the room.

She instantly recognized the sobs and short breaths that echoed in the room. She didn’t need to look around for her as she found her on the floor, next to the sinks.

By just taking a look at her, Veronica knew this was one of the worst episodes she has had in the last months.

She was zoned out completely, not able to control her sobs and her hand was desperately clutching her throat. Her cheeks were red and stained with tears, combined with her almost plum colored swollen lips. Her hair was all out of place and she was uncontrollably shaking.

“Y/N…Y/N I need you to listen to me.” Veronica said, kneeling in front of her, squeezing her shoulders.

“I-I ca-can’t breathe.” she whimpered, her eyes roaming around the room.

“No, no. Everything’s fine, just take slow deep breaths.” Veronica took her hands trying to comfort her but nothing was working. “C’mon, I know you can do it.”

Y/N was not listening and certainly, she was not calming down. Veronica didn’t know what to do and feared that Y/N’s health was at risk because of this breakdown.

The only thing she could think of was Jughead. He would know what to do. He always knew how to act in this cases.

She picked up her phone, one of her hands still grabbing Y/N’s, and dialed his number hoping he would answer at the first tone.

“Hello?” his deep voice greeted from the other end making Veronica sigh in relief.

“I need you to come to the mall right now.” Veronica instructed, skipping all formalities.

“What’s wrong? Is Y/N hurt?” he asked, his mood drastically changing.

“She’s having a panic attack. It’s really bad.” Veronica explained as her heart broke at the sight of her friend suffering. It was even worse because she was so powerless in this situation.  

“I’m on my way.” he stated before hanging up.


In no time, Jughead was bolting out the door and towards the mall. He was eager to get to her and make everything okay. He knew how bad her panic attacks could get. Sadly, after years of suffering them he got used to her having them and eventually he learnt how to help her during her breakdowns.  


The sun shone bright in the sky with the warm summer breeze invading every single corner of the place. Kids were outside playing, enjoying their free time before they had to go back to school for the next year.

Betty, Jughead, Archie and Y/N were happily running around, the air filled with laughter and cheerful screams. The group of kids were concentrated on a game of “tag”, chasing each other and trying their best to be the fastest of the group.  

However, few moments later, the game stopped as little Y/N had stopped chasing around. Instead, she shrunk into the grass, full on sobbing with her arms wrapped around her knees.

The kids gathered around her, curious and worried as they had no clue on what had happened and what caused her crying. They even spent some time asking her multiple times what was wrong, but she didn’t give them an answer. She just kept crying, barely able to breathe.

Once the grown ups noticed the change of mood, Y/N’s mom went to her daughter in the blink of an eye, rubbing her arms in an attempt to comfort the girl.

“What’s wrong with her?” Archie asked playing nervously with his hands.

“She’s having a panic attack.” the mother replied, focused on calming Y/N down.

“What’s that?” Jughead asked this time.

“She feels scared and unsafe in some situations, without her being able to control it.” She hesitantly said, not really knowing how to explain panic disorder to children. “But don’t worry kids, she’ll be okay. I’ll go get her some water.” The woman went inside the house as the kids kept and eye on her distressed friend.

“Why does she feel unsafe?” Betty inquired confused. “There’s nothing here that can hurt us.”

Jughead, young as he was, put two and two together, thinking hard of what he could possibly do to help his friend. He thought of all the times he felt scared and unsafe and what made him feel better in those situations.  

Soon, he found the answer when he tried to rub his head.

He suddenly took off his characteristic beanie, causing a mop of hair to fall on his forehead. He roughly brushed the hair out of his face before carefully placing the beanie on Y/N’s head. It look much too big on her head and it covered her entire forehead but nonetheless, Jughead looked satisfied.

“What are you doing?” Archie asked surprised by his friends actions.

“When I feel scared or uncomfortable, I put my beanie on and I feel better.” he explained. “So now that she’s wearing it, it will make her feel better.”

He then remembered what his mom usually did whenever he cried or felt sad and tried to imitate her actions.

He gently rubbed Y/N’s back while he whispered comforting words.  

“It’s okay Y/N. There is nothing around to harm us. It’s okay, don’t cry.” The little boy repeated over and over with a soft voice, always being patient with her. He hoped it would work as it did when his mom comforted him, wishing for her to stop crying.  

And she eventually did.

Her tears stopped falling, leaving her rubbing her nose and hiccuping the rest of her cries. She had puffy eyes and stained cheeks but the important thing was that she had stopped crying.

When Y/N’s mom retuned with a bottle of water, she was surprised not only by the sweetness of the little boy taking care of her daughter, but also by his ability to manage the situation with calm and kindness just like any other adult.    

She kneeled in front of Y/N and offered her the bottle. She dried her wet cheeks and kissed her head, before turning around to smile to the raven haired boy.

“Thank you for calming her down Jughead.” She sincerely said, earning a smile from him, happy that he was able to make Y/N feel better.  


Jughead got to the mall in just a few minutes. Thankfully, Kevin had been waiting for him on the entrance, saving him time from looking around for them. He ran until he collided with the bathroom door, ignoring that it was in fact a women’s bathroom. He went inside, finding a very worked up Y/N and a desperate and concerned Veronica, trying her best to soothe her with kind words and a sweet voice.

Veronica turned around at the sound of the door opening, instantly sighing in relief at the sight of him.

“Oh thank God!” she exclaimed, backing up some steps to give him room to be with Y/N. Jughead gave her a short nod, before focusing his gaze on Y/N.

“Hey love.” Jughead said in a calm casual voice avoiding to startle her. He sat next to her, wrapping his arms around her body in order to place her in his lap. “Hey, it’s okay. I’m here, you’re safe.”

He could tell she was past the point of self control, not really knowing what to do with herself anymore. He had to ground her before anything else, otherwise everything he said would be useless.

So starting with that, he took her hand in his and placed it on the floor, making sure her palm was flat against the white tiles covering the concrete.

“Feel the floor beneath us Y/N. Feel how it’s supporting our weight and how soft and cold it feels compared to your hand.” Jughead moved her hand around, caressing the floor with slow movements. Once she opened her eyes, he took the chance and placed that same hand on his chest.

“Now you feel that?” he asked before taking a deep breath. His chest swelled under her hand, as the air filled his lungs. “I want you to take deep breaths with me and try to match your breathing to mine okay?” She didn’t give him an answer but she closed her eyes once again replicating his actions and taking her first deep breath. “That’s it, keep going.” he smiled proudly as she repeated the process.

The new intake of oxygen made its way into her system, slowly getting rid of the red tint of her skin and her purplish looking lips. The sobs became silent tears, the lump on her throat disappearing completely.  All in all, she was coming back to him as she had found some stability to hold onto.

“I’m here.” Jughead said, placing both of her hands on his cheeks. “You’re here too.” he reassured while he dragged one of his fingers all over her face, trying to make her aware of her body and her surroundings.

Encouraged by his actions, she gently mapped his face, feeling the warmth emanating from his skin. She traced every little spot and freckle she could find, giving her mind something else to think about.

“See?” Jughead asked once she was done tracing his features. He placed a kiss on her palm, holding it close to him. “I’m here, you’re safe and everything is okay.”

Y/N nodded and breathed relieved, hiding her face on her boyfriend’s chest. Jughead smiled a bit while brushing her hair with his hand, placing sweet kisses on her forehead. He was happy and beyond proud that she was able to pull through one more time.

“C’mon, let’s get you home.” He helped her up with careful moves, adapting to her own pace, making sure to keep his hand attached to hers at all times. “Thank you Veronica, I’ll take it from here.”

“Thank you. I’ll call later to see how she’s doing.” she replied, gently fixing a strand of Y/N’s hair. “Take care of her, please.” Jughead nodded, guiding Y/N out of the bathroom.

The way home was filled with silence. Jughead knew she needed space to ease her brain and he didn’t want to put pressure on her by starting a conversation. Struggling with panic disorder was something really hard for her and after being strong for so long, the only thing she needed was rest. Especially considering the battle she fought moments prior. Jughead knew he was walking on eggshells after an episode, but still, he wanted to be there because that’s when she needed him the most.

When they arrived at her house, Jughead took her to her room, both of them taking off their shoes and laying down on the bed. She scooted closer to him, silently requesting for him to cuddle her. Jughead instantly wrapped one of his arms around her waist while his other arm supported her head acting as a pillow. Y/N closed her eyes and sighed in contentment at the comforting feeling invading her senses.

“Why don’t you take a nap to reset your mind?” he suggested, holding her a tad bit closer. “I’ll be here the entire time.”

“I’m not tired.” she replied, but a yawn escaped her lips, betraying her previous complaint. Jughead chuckled amused and pulled the duvet to cover their bodies.

“Trust me, you need some rest.” she gave a little whine but he ignored it, reluctant to get her to sleep for a bit.

Her brain was like a little kid’s brain, needing to hear something in order to fall asleep. So he thought of an old trick that always worked when she needed to rest but she didn’t want to.

“You know the other day I was watching “12 Angry Men” for the thousandth time and I still can’t believe how underrated it is.” he commented.

“How so?” Y/N asked with a husky voice, fatigue laced in her voice. Jughead smiled satisfied as she snuggled to him, ready to listen to his story.

“You see, it is a great movie with a brilliant plot and well thought arguments that change the whole dynamics of the lawyers every once in a while. It has the perfect amount of cliffhanger to leave all the viewers at the edge of their seats.”

“Then why do you think it is underrated?” Her eyes shut closed, sleep taking over her body.

“It was a failure at the box-office. People was not interested enough because of its lack of color. It was only until it was aired on TV that people started to like the movie…” And he kept going. Talking about how the movie criticized the court system and how it displayed its rejection to the ignorance and stubbornness of some people in charge of the system.

He knew she was listening, but he also knew she was surely falling into a deep slumber. He could go on forever, giving his critical opinions on cinematographic matters just to lull her to sleep. He didn’t care if she was not awake to listen to his rants, as long as she was safe and calm, he didn’t care about anything else.


The smell of cooked vegetables and chicken invaded the house, hitting Y/N’s nose and pulling her out of her dozed off state. She patted the place next to her, realizing she had woken up to an empty bed. She rubbed her eyes and stretched a bit before standing up, her bare feet hitting the carpeted floor.

She followed the light and noise coming from downstairs, ending up in the kitchen. Jughead was in front of the stove, concentratedly stirring a pot while pouring a bit of salt into it. A grin bloomed on her face at the sight of him.

He turned around once he heard the footsteps approaching him and offered her a warm smile.

“Hey! I was about to wake you up.” he excitedly greeted her. “Come here, I made you some soup. Eating makes everything better.” he declared, earning a sincere laugh from her. She went to him and wrapped her arms around his torso, holding him tight against her.

“I’m really sorry Jug. I didn’t want to cause so much trouble.” she apologized with muffled words as her face was buried in his chest.

“Don’t be sorry.” he quickly replied taking her face in his hands. “This is a rollercoaster. Some days we’re up and some days we’re down. It’s okay to have bad days babe, so don’t apologize for not being okay.” She felt the tears gathering up in her eyes but she swallowed the lump in her throat as she had had enough crying that day.

“I love you.” Y/N whispered with her eyes closed, leaning into his touch and letting herself melt in his hands.

“I love you too.” he said with a smile before pressing a soft kiss to her lips.

“Now let’s eat some chicken noodle soup and we’ll both move past this okay?” he asked, pecking her nose.

“Okay.” she replied with a content mind and a warm lifted spirit.

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The Care and Keeping of Your Alien Baby

by: mldrgrl
Rated: PG
Summary: portrait of an alien baby baby mama and alien baby baby daddy

With Scully on maternity leave and Mulder with all the time in the world, the only thing he could think to do was show up at her apartment early in the mornings and leave late into the night.  She didn’t seem to mind…much.  He made excuses for it, called it boredom, but the truth was, since her brief little hospital stint, he was terrified of not being there if something went wrong.

Scully was hellbent on what the pregnancy books he’d been reading called “nesting.”  She cleaned cupboards, or tried to, but her belly always seemed to be in the way and since Mulder kept insisting he was there to help, not to be a nuisance to her, she put him to work.  So, he cleaned cupboards and emptied the little spare room under her scrutiny and supervision, boxing up books and knick knacks to take to goodwill later in the week.  He painted the walls a soft eggshell, questioning why it wasn’t pink or blue or seafoam green or sunshine yellow, but she shook her head and insisted on eggshell.

The crib she ordered came in a box, the instructions with it came in French.  Mulder sat on the floor in the freshly painted, sparsely furnished spare room and metaphorically scratched his head as he studied the drawings of little wooden pieces that didn’t seem to fit where they were supposed to.  

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Compliments And Complements

Originally posted by 0chlophobia

Pairing: Hannah Baker x Fem!Reader

Request: “I was wondering if you could write a Hannah baker x fem reader for your prompt 28 “you look sexy in these glasses” Thank you! I absolutely love reading your stuff!:) Have a great day:)”

“Pls do more Hannah Baker imagines!!! I can’t think of any ideas to request right now tho lol but I’d love to see more imagines with her”


28. “You look sexy in these glasses.”

Word count: 1.421

Posted: 13th of May 2017

A/N: Another Hannah imagine is up! I was posting this last night, but I fell asleep before finishing it. I was so tired and I am so so sorry! I hope that you enjoy this one and you can always send me some feed backs about it. I hope you have a nice day and thank you for requesting!

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests of my prompt imagines! Sorry.

- G. x

Link: Prompt list

Warning: (Y/L/N) is Your Last Name. A little bit of swearing

It was your free day and, luckily, you haven’t got any extra school activities to attend to. You needed a break from school because you were so stressed for your homework and group projects, for your needy teachers and for some shitty students that kept on fantasizing about the ass and the body of your girlfriend, Hannah.

“Hey, (Y/N).” You shook your head to bring yourself back to the reality. You looked at Hannah, who was sitting on the driver’s seat, and she had her sweet and lovely smile, one of the things you really loved in her. “We’re here.”

“Oh, sorry.” You laughed a little bit and you left a quick peck on her lips, earning some soft giggles from her. “Let’s go.”

“Yup.” You both got out of her car and you entered the mall with your hands tightly intertwined.

During the first months of your relationship, you were both afraid to hold each other’s hands in public because of people’s prejudices, but then you became more confident as the time passed by. You would still get some dirty looks from the people or you would still hear some judging mumbles behind you, but you would just shrug them off. You loved Hannah and you would never be ashamed of her, of your relationship, because you hadn’t got a reason to be one and you were proud of what you had with her.

“Finally, relax!” You heard Hannah exclaiming. You let out a heavy sigh of relief as you agreed with your cheerful girlfriend. “We both needed this.”

“I know, right?” You both laughed thoughtlessly as you lingered your relaxing day together.

You were happy that you’ve got some time to spend with Hannah. At least, she would stop thinking of those bullies, of the list that someone evil has created. She was giving weight to herself for something that those assholes have done and she wouldn’t stop thinking of it. Sometimes she would even feel observed by the people, while they fantasized of her butt. People sucked, didn’t they?

“What would you like to do, babe?” Hannah happily asked and it was obvious in her voice that she was so excited to spend some time with you too. She appeared less pensive and less absorbed in her thoughts.

“What do you suggest?” You smiled at her as you passed by different type of shops and restaurants. You never planned your dates with Hannah, you’ve always went with the flow and followed where your feet led you. It was unpredictable, more fun and less delusional.

“Wait,” She suddenly stopped in front of a shop and she tightened her grip on your hand to stop you. “Mum is planning on buying some eyeglasses and she asked me a favour, to look for something that might fit her well or something that doesn’t cost that much.”

“Sure!” You smiled at her and she smiled back at you before she dragged you to the store in front of you. “Olivia’s eye-sight is getting worse?”

“She told me so.” She raised her shoulders as she answered you. She then left your hand and headed to one of the shelves full of glasses. “She’s aging too fast because of the store, the stress.”

You nodded your head as you roamed your eyes around the shop. You were surrounded by different shelves with some different type of eyeglasses and sunglasses. There were shelves with boxes of contact lenses too, divided by their colours.

“Babe, how do I look with these?” Hannah called your attention and you smiled at her while walking towards her. You admired as the glasses enhanced her face and her eyes.

You look sexy in these glasses.” You honestly complimented her and she formed a big and wide smile on her red and full lips. You knew that she felt confident whenever you would give her some compliments and you loved her even more because she wasn’t one of those people who brag about their looks and their beautiful features.

“Flatterer!” She bit her lip as she tried to hide her red rosy cheeks. She was blushing and you couldn’t help but smile because of it.

“I was just stating the truth, my lady!” You rolled your eyes as you gently nudged her.

“Fine!” She raised her hands in defense and you both let out some loud laughs. She tried other different glasses, forgetting that she was looking at them for her lovely mother.

“These glasses would complement me to admire your ass better, Hannah!” You both turned around to reveal yourselves Marcus Cole, one of the maniacs who has always spat rude and sexual comments after the list at school.

“You would complement that trash bin if you threw yourself in there, Marcus!” You sassily replied as you defended your now hurt and sad girlfriend. How could something go wrong just like that?

“Wow, what a great compliment, (Y/N)!” Marcus smirked as he noticed how annoyed you were. Hannah took the glasses off her face and she stood beside you as she observed Marcus carefully.

“Get over yourself, Marcus!” You rolled your eyes as you lividly slapped Marcus on one of his cheeks. A loud and sharp clack was heard in the shop as you dealt with your aching and throbbing hand. You saw Marcus with his eyes wide open as he dealt with the sharp tingling sensation on his face. Your little group gained some attention from the crowd and they gave you some dirty looks because of it.

“(Y/N).” Hannah softly murmured to say that you didn’t have to do such thing.

Marcus was so rude to Hannah and you couldn’t stand that. Hannah was always the passive one, the one who’ve just received insults and abuses from people and she would never defend herself.

You were the exact opposite, you would always defend yourself with some heavy words, but words weren’t always enough to stop people from being annoying and assholes, they would always cross your line, if you ever let them to, even just once.

“You would pay for this, (Y/L/N)!” Marcus threatened you as you tightly grabbed Hannah’s hand. You bumped Marcus’ shoulder as you walked pass through him.

“What would you do, Cole? Humiliate me in public, just like what I did to you right now?” You harshly asked him and you waited for his answer but he remained silent. “You better behave yourself, if you don’t want to lose your fucking valedictorian shit title.”

You dragged Hannah out of the shop, while she silently apologized to the people in the store, and you continued on walking angrily, not taking care of the stares of these curious people. Why didn’t they mind their own business?

“Hey!” Hannah sweetly stopped you as she caressed your hand. “Thank you for defending me.” She gave you a sweet kiss on your cheek, calming your rage a little bit.

“Anything for you, beautiful.” You faced her and you gave her a true and wide smile. You might have made a scene in front of some people, but you didn’t care about it. You did it for Hannah and you believed that you just did the right thing. “Just don’t listen to those maniacs, okay?”

“I will try!” She suddenly wrapped her arms around you and you hugged her even tighter. “I love you, Babe.”

“I love you too, love.” You replied as you left a sweet kiss on her cheek. You hugged each other in the middle of the mall and you didn’t care of what people might think of you.

“You are the best!” Hannah whispered in a sweet voice and you admitted that she made you smile with those four words, shooing the anger that your body emanated.

“Flatterer!” You playfully said and she shook her head.

“I was just stating the truth, my lady.” She said as she copied what you had said to her before. You both let out some soft and contagious laughs to shake the bad thoughts off, you should be happy and not sad.

In fact, you were happy because Hannah was with you and she was happy because you were with her. Only God knew how much you completed each other’s lives. She was weak, but you helped her to be strong, you helped her to stand up for herself and to be brave. You helped her to be a better person and you saved her, you saved her from drowning in a sea full of shitty stuffs from shitty people.

anonymous asked:

How'd the 2p!allies react when their daughters tell them that they need to go bra shopping

2p France: “Here, go.”
Francois wouldn’t want to go with her, so he would give her money to go. He wouldn’t want to go into the store with her. It is pretty impossible to flirt with people and try to get them to come home for some dirty fun if they are shopping…and more likely, Francois would be thrown out of the store. So he would avoid it all together and just send his daughter out with the money to buy some bras. 

2p Canada: “Okay.”
Matt wouldn’t care either way. He would go with her and let her do whatever she wanted. Matt, however; wouldn’t fully realize that his demeanor and intimidating stature may make others uncomfortable in the store. Though to be honest, Matt just wouldn’t care. He was there to be a good father to his daughter, and that was all that mattered to him. 

2p America: “Bras? So how much will we be spending?”
Allen would bite his lip and look at his wallet. He would know it would be expensive and would do anything to make ends meet so his daughter can have bras that fit her and will last. He wouldn’t want to get anything cheap for his daughter, so even if it puts him under personally, she will get the best of what she needs. He would bite his tongue in the store so he didn’t get kicked out, but he would be a protector of anyone in the store form any creeps outside. 

2p England: “Of course! Let’s find some pretty ones!”
Oliver wouldn’t care if it was expensive, he would just want his daughter happy. Though he would also be the one pulling any pretty bras and asking if she wanted them. Anything pastel, cute lace, bows, or ribbons would be the top picks from him, though he would visibly be uncomfortable around any type of lingerie that was revealing or overly sexual. 

2p China: “Sure, how much do you need?”
Zhao would ask if she wanted to go by herself so he wouldn’t embarrass her. If she did, he wouldn’t be upset, but he would give her the money she would need. If she wanted him to go, he would try his best to be quiet or at least not make jokes super loud. For once, Zhao would be mature and make sure his daughter got everything she needed…they could always joke around in the car. 

2p Russia: “I see…let’s get you sized and get a good amount.”
Viktor wouldn’t be too embarrassed, he would just see it as something he must do as a father. So he would take his daughter out to good stores that aren’t too expensive or known for cheap materials, and would have her sized so that her bras are good and will last. He would not want to buy cheap ones that won’t last for long. Viktor would, however; stand outside the store and wait just so he does not intimidate other shoppers. 

So I don’t work retail, but here are some things that I have witnessed as a shopper:

-Store #1 is directly across from store #2 in the mall. Woman is shopping in #1, and decides that the line there is too long. Tries to go across the hall to check out at the totally unrelated store #2, and begins screeching like a banshee upon being stopped. The fit lasted 10 minutes and mall security had to be called. 

-I walk past a store that a classmate was working in. She was straightening up the shelves near the front, so I said “hi”  as I walked past. She responded with “hi” without stopping her work or looking up. We get on with our lives and the exchange is over. But lo and behold, as I’m about ten metres away, I hear a grown ass man screaming at her from inside the store. Apparently, our two second passive echange was too much for him to handle. He was fucking screaming at the top of his lungs about how our generation had no work ethic and that we were all useless peices of shit. The store manager had to politely ask him to leave. Then demand that he leave. Then call mall security. Then have him banned from the premises after he kicked over a small display table and refused to leave. 

-Drunk man mooning employees of a dress shop, then attempting to make out with a mannequin. 

-Man attempting to steal a lizard from the pet store by putting it in a box of takeout. 

-Mom in bulk barn doing nothing as her kids run around and eat everything (EVERYTHING) when the employees aren’t looking. I informed them as I as checking out and never got to see what was done about it. 

-“Can I feed this to my cat”

“No, ma'am, this is bird seed”

“But cats eat birds so can’t my cat eat this”



Paulie had been staring at these numbers for the better part of the morning. She was lounging on her couch with her laptop propped up on her thighs, a half-empty and long gone cold cup of tea on her coffee table, and her eyes set on all the money in her savings account. In said savings account there was one hell of a lot of money. The money that her grandmother had left her, that Niall had suggested she used until she knew what it was she wanted to do with her life. It was sitting in the bank, untouched, and with the interest she got for it, it was basically just getting more and more by the day.

Paulie was fucking loaded and no one other than her close family and Niall knew about it.

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Times Have Changed - Pietro Maximoff x (f)Reader

Words: 2909
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x (platonic)(f)Reader
Featuring: Skinny Steve, Bucky Barnes,  Howard Stark, Peggy Carter, Wanda Maximoff, Supersoldier Steve Rogers, Tony Stark
Warnings: talk of death, time travelling, swearing
Requested by anon
Idk if you’d do a time travel au, but maybe one where Piet and y/n end up in the 40s and meet Bucky and skinny!Steve but they have to be careful not to change the future.
Summary: Instead of Pietro dying in the Battle of Sokovia, Wanda did. Pietro was lost and unsure of anything without her. Determined to get her back by time travel, he overshot the time a bit and ended up many, many years off. The objective: Get back to 2017 without changing anything.
Authors Note: so i fucking love this au. i actually have plans to do more with time travelling (probably unrelated to this), so yeah! If you’d be interested in that I’d love to know :) This was so fun to write; how the fuck did i manage 2.9k words?

Pietro Masterlist. Masterlist.

Read on Ao3

After Wanda died, Pietro had been a mess.

Pietro saved Clint and a little boy, but it was close. And even though the Maximoff boy was new and on the other side for most of the battle, no one wanted him dead. He was an important addition to the team, as speed could be very valuable. It was very lucky when it was found out he was only shot in the leg and arm, nothing that couldn’t be fixed with Dr. Cho’s help.

Everyone besides the flying heroes was on the Helicarrier and away from the danger. All except Wanda Maximoff, she was guarding in the church. And once Sokovia started to fall, she went to go see Ultron. She wanted to get revenge and see him die. He hurt her and Pietro, and she would not allow him to get away with it.

“Wanda, if you stay here, you’ll die,” Ultron warned her.

“Do you know how it will feel?” Wanda asked Ultron and before he could respond, her hand jolted forward and pulled his heart out. “Like that.”

Ultron groaned, and laughed. “You missed,” He told her, and she looked down. She didn’t grab his heart, she grabbed a bomb that was inside of him; it activated once it was outside of his body.

You would never forget Pietro’s scream when he saw an explosion and Vision flying out with Wanda in his arms.

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A Fine Life

This fic was inspired by the amazing art of @bluuesparrow / @moineau-bleu! Happy birthday blue! I hope you had a wonderful day full of surprises and best wishes! Hope you enjoy this fic! You are an incredible friend and I’m so happy to have met you through our mutual love for Gajevy haha

Quick reminder! Blue is offering art commissions! And I’m involve along with some other awesome writers with a special offering to write a drabble for an additional $1 with said commission. Go check the details out!

Pairing: Gajevy

Words count: 5.5k 

Rating: T


Seahorses are among those species that mate for life. Once one dies, the other will soon die too. They can’t live without the other. That’s why people say seahorses die from heartbreak.

Levy’s life was something most people wanted for themselves. She had a beautiful apartment with a nice view to the oldest district in Magnolia; she had her dream job at the local library and was a part-time Literature teacher at a nearby high school; her social life wasn’t bad either since she had some friends to hang out with every once in a while.

Levy’s life was definitely fine, but she always felt like something was missing in it.

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The Guardian (Part 1)

Pairing: Demon!Bucky Barnes x Reader (Demon AU)
Word Count: 1795
Warnings: Mentions of suicidal thoughts, depression/body issues, religious questioning

Summary: Someone has been watching over you throughout your life. His intentions are bad, that is until you remind him of his past. Can you save the soul of a demon?

A/N: I didn’t intend to write this immediately but the first part just sort of happened and I wasn’t going to stop. I have no idea how many parts this will be, usually I write something in full first, then edit, re-edit blah blah. So this might be more of a mini series, who knows. I’ll try to work on it sooner than later. Gif not mine, source (x)  Tags are open!

We’ve all been told that we have a guardian angel. You know how it goes, an angel that was chosen to look after you from the day you were born. A narrow miss of a car accident, well that was your guardian angel intervening. What you didn’t know is that there is someone else assigned to look after you too. If angels exist that means demons do as well. They don’t call themselves “guardian demons”, that’s just silly, but they are demons and their motivations are very different from their angelic counterpart. They’re the ones that cause bad things to happen. A green light suddenly turns red and you have to slam on the brakes to avoid a crash, oh that’s them just having some fun.

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anonymous asked:

Only 10 minutes left in my shift and I get a lady who throws a fit because she can't use her coupon because it hasn't started yet. Proceeds to use a competitor coupon and then as her receipt is printing tells me that she prefers shopping at our competitor because she can ALWAYS use a coupon there and NEVER at our store. Like lady it isn't my fault you don't know what the date is and please if you prefer them so much, shop there. No one will miss you here -_-

So I like to joke that witchcraft skipped a generation in my family since my Nana was a witch but my mom isn’t. Nana didn’t teach either of us anything. But mom took a trip with me to my favorite witch/pagan shop today, and it looks like she might end up becoming a witch after all!

She bought herself a deck of tarot cards and wants to go back for runes soon, and she got this neat perfume designed to both fit an intent and smell nice~ And she picked out some hematite for grounding.

Even though she’s always been drawn to it, she didn’t feel like she could go for it until she had both me practicing and a guy in her life who supports it. I’m just so proud of her for finally testing the waters. It’s never too late.

strixmoonwing  asked:

Loved the last prompt you did so I hope you don't mind if I suggest another. Could you another Voltron Klance one, with the prompt being that Keith and Lance have just revealed that they're dating and immediately, an excited Allura insists that she performs the Atlean courtship ceremony immediately. At first they decline, but Allura is so heartbroken they give it a shot since it's really important to her and her culture. Allura then goes bridezilla making sure it's perfect. Everyone suffers.

Of course I don’t mind! I’m glad you’re enjoying them :D <3 Hope you enjoy my inventing Altean courtship rituals on the fly lol

           “So, long story short… we’re dating now!” Lance proclaimed, waving one hand in a jazz hands motion, the other occupied with Keith’s death grip. He grinned uncertainly at the rest of the team. Keith stared straight ahead, jaw clenched shut, a little too pale. Lance tried to watch him in his peripheral vision, wondering if maybe this was a mistake, and they should have waited a little longer. The two of them were barely adjusted to the idea yet, and if the rest of the team didn’t take it well…

           Right on cue, the team exploded. Pidge was shouting “Oh WHO called it? WHO called it?” and slapping Hunk’s arm to get his attention. Hunk was spluttering, somewhere between disbelief and congratulations, while Coran literally ran in circles, up to Lance and Keith, where he shook both their hands, back to Hunk and Pidge to exclaim in amazement, and back to Lance and Keith again with the whole group’s congratulations. Shiro stood there blinking stupidly for almost a full minute before he snapped out of it enough to come up and rest his hand on their shoulders and say how happy he was for both of them. But Allura, she simply stood still, hands clasped together and her eyes sparkling like glitter. Once the hubbub had died down somewhat, she came forward, smiling widely at both of them.

           “I am so very pleased for the both of you,” she said. “And, I know just the thing to celebrate. Coran, let’s give them a Majeval dance!” Lance and Keith glanced at each other.

           “Um… a what now?” Keith asked.

           “Majeval!” Coran said. “It’s an old Altean courtship ritual. Traditionally, every time we held a ball one of the songs would be Majeval. If you danced together during it, it meant you were courting each other. But it’s much more than that, there were all sorts of protocols involved.” Keith had pulled his hand out of Lance’s and was slowly backpedaling.

           “Uh, yeah, I don’t… I don’t dance.”

           “That’s really sweet of you, Allura, but I dunno, ‘courtship’ seems kinda formal,” Lance said, also backing away. Her face fell.

           “Oh, please, Paladins, you have no idea what you’re missing out on! The Majeval was always one of the most spectacular sights in the kingdom.”

           “It won’t be if I’m doing it,” Keith muttered.

           “Keith, please, I promise you it will be extraordinary. You’ll both love it.” Keith and Lance looked at each other, eyes wide. Allura held up her clasped hands. “Pleeeeease?” she asked. Lance and Keith both sighed, defeated.

           “Okay,” Lance said. “How does this… Maje-whatever work?”

           “YES!” Allura shrieked, and then seemed to realize how loud she’d been, because she cleared her throat and put her serious face back on. “First, you’ll need something better to wear. Shiro!” Her voice sounded so much like an army commander that Shiro snapped to attention on instinct before sheepishly relaxing.

           “Yes, Princess?” he asked.

           “You know where the stores of extra clothes are in the closets by the laundry rooms? Coran and I sorted out everything we didn’t think you would actually be wearing not long after we woke up, so there should be a box labeled ‘Majeval.’ Find something in there to fit Lance and Keith.”

           “You got it, Princess,” Shiro said, with a smile and a wink towards the mortified couple.

           “Pidge!” Pidge jumped wildly, glasses almost falling off her nose. She shoved them back up hurriedly.

           “Uh, yes, Allura?” she asked.

           “I will give you sheet music for the Majeval song. You are to recreate it using a computer.”

           “I’m not sure that I—”

           “Hunk!” Hunk looked pale.

           “Yes, Allura?” he asked hesitantly.

           “You are to help Lance cook something sweet and something savory to offer to Keith.” Hunk breathed an audible sigh of relief.

           “I can do that,” he said.


           “Yes, Princess?” Coran was the only person besides Allura who looked at all eager.

           “You are in charge of decorations,” she told him. “You know which ones.” Coran tipped an imaginary hat.

           “That I do, Allura,” he said, tipping an imaginary hat.

           “Well, don’t all just stand there. Get to work!” Allura shouted, sending the rest of the team scurrying off to their various tasks before turning to Lance and Keith with eyes as bright as a burning star. “As for you two,” she said, “I am going to teach you everything you need to know.”


           It took a week before Allura let them actually hold the Majeval. It was a week full of the most exuberant and enthusiastic Allura any of them had ever seen, and at the end of it all of them had no desire to see her again anytime soon. If regular Allura could sometimes be a bit overzealous, Allura on a mission for courtship was downright scary. Lance and Keith felt like they were caught in their own personal tornado of obscure Altean traditions. There were sparkly jackets to be refitted, an official proposal that they dance together that had to be done with food that Hunk had mostly cooked anyway, practice for the words they had to say to start the dance, practice for the dance itself, they had to fight each other one-on-one during training one day for some reason, there was a night when Allura practically kidnapped Keith out of his bed and quizzed him on his history with Lance, until they frankly lost count of the number of things involved in Majeval. By the day of the dance they were exhausted and everyone except perhaps Coran was regretting that Lance and Keith hadn’t just stood their ground and turned down Allura’s offer, no matter how disappointed she would have been.

           “It’s almost over,” Lance soothed Keith, rubbing his back lightly as they stood outside the door to the ballroom, which Allura hadn’t let anyone but Coran enter since this whole process started. Keith huffed and shrugged.

           “This jacket is itchy,” he complained.

           “Yeah, but I have to admit you look amazing in it,” Lance said, eyeing Keith up and down. The Alteans had a gorgeous sense of style, and the red and deep gold flame pattern cut a striking image. Keith snorted, but a smile tugged at the corner of his lips.

           “Are you sure compliments are allowed?” he asked. “Are we off script?” Lance rolled his eyes.

           “Who cares about a script?” he asked. “Scripts are boring.” He caught Keith around the waist and dipped a kiss to his surprised mouth. “I’d rather have you,” he whispered, and Keith rolled his eyes, clearly finding Lance as equally annoying and endearing as always. They both jumped back up when Allura pushed open the door.

           “Are you ready?” she asked. Lance grinned and winked at her, and offered his arm to Keith.

           “Shall we dance the Majeval together?” he asked.

           “Nothing would please me more,” Keith deadpanned the response and Lance almost lost it, but then they stepped past Allura into the room and his breath fled.

           Something reminiscent of Balmeran crystals glittered around the room, refracting light until rainbows shattered across the air. Pinpricks of light like stars covered the ceiling. Long banners with the Alten royal crest flowed down the walls. The castle was always elegant, but today this room had a feeling of softness and gracefulness to it that the sleek and practical ship usually lacked. Lance and Keith stood there and gaped until the first notes of the music trickling in startled them back to reality. They turned to each other. Keith was looking pale again, wetting his lips nervously. Lance caught his waist and grabbed his hand, pulling him close.

           “Just like we practiced,” he murmured.

           “Allura’s going to kill us if we do this wrong now,” Keith muttered in response, eyes fixed on their slowly circling feet. Lance glanced sideways at the door. Allura and the entire rest of the team were watching them eagerly. Pidge gave him a thumbs up. Lance turned back to Keith and briefly released his waist to tilt his chin up.

           “Hey,” he murmured. “I’m in space, in a 10,000-year-old outfit, dancing with the most beautiful boy in the universe. Nothing is going to spoil this for me.” Keith’s eyes caught him and held him until his heart thundered in his chest. “Don’t worry about Allura or anything else. Just keep your eyes on me.” Keith smiled just slightly.

           “I can do that,” he said.

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The Bahamas Incident

Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8


Words: 6857

Chapter Summary: On their last day in the Bahamas, Phil takes Dan on a romantic first official date. Presents are exchanged and promises for the future are made.

Tags: fluff, date night, the fluffiest smut ever

Warnings: None

A/N: This is the final chapter The Bahamas Incident that takes place in The Bahamas. The last part following this chapter will be the epilogue.

Dan kissed him back with a smile, “I love you, thank you Philly, for everything.” Phil smiled, "You’re welcome bear, I love you too.” He and took Dan’s hand. "Shall we go?” Dan nodded and squeezed his hand, grinning widely as they left for their first official date.

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anonymous asked:

Bellarke + separated but can feel each others emotions please. Full fic if you can!

If i ever finish the fic i’ll let you know but it’s looking unlikely so here. 

  • It starts like an itch under Bellamy’s skin and something crawling through his veins. He feels sick. He feels like death is following him around. After that’s eased he feels his emotions double. Feels the weight on the world pressing on his back in the form of sadness and grief.
  • He tells Raven about it and she looks at him like he’s crazy. Bellamy would be inclined to agree when he starts to miss Abby more then his sister. But then it disappears as suddenly as it came.  
  • Clarke recovers slowly and by some miracle finds food and water enough for her to recover. She’s in so much pain. The radiation burns her skin. Her recovery is slow. Sometimes when she’s aware enough she feels things that don’t fit. 
  • It’s not until it’s been months until she realises she’s feeling things on something almost like a schedule. Hungry when she’s just eaten, out of breath when she’s just woken up. She feels like she’s living someone else’s life at times.
  • Bellamy feels the warmth of the sun of his face. Which is ridiculous because he’s playing chess with murphy in the back of the store room. He shouts at raven to turn the heat down but she tells him it was never on. 
  • Clarke goes outside for the first time in months as revels in the fact that earth is survivable for her but she’s alone. She can leave the bunker and go outside. 
  • It’s emori that notices somethings wrong. She talks to him eventually while they’re working on the algae garden. Asks him why he feels breezes that aren’t there? Why he misses people he never even liked? Why he’s suddenly able to talk about murphys cooking when he never even tasted it?
  • There’s a legend on earth ,Emori tells him, that when two people are connected. When two people are tethered together. That they become linked via emotions or physical feelings. They can feel each other. Can feel what each other is going through even from thousands of miles apart. 
  • That’s when Bellamy knows Clarke’s alive. 
  • Clarke doesn’t know for sure. But she feels a rush of joy and love and she knows. She feels love for Raven and Monty and even freaking Murphy. She feels light and weightless once and she knows it’s spacewalking. 
  • They spend 5 years connected but unable to speak, unable to see each other and unable to know whats happening. There’s moments of fear when Bellamy feels a sharp stab and knows Clarke is hurt. Clarke feels the sense of fear and the rush of adrenaline and she knows somethings happened in space. 
  • They go through Madi, leaving the Ark, meeting threats, searching for new land. Everything together. Connected. 
  • But when they finally finally get reunited it’s not diminished by the connection they’ve had. It’s magnified a thousand time. 
  • They can feel the love, adoration and restoration of hope in each other. They can feel the pure joy. The relief. The comfort. 
  • Bellamy steps of the ship and Clarke can’t tell if it’s her heart beating that quickly or his but it doesn’t matter. 
  • She rushes towards him and throws herself into his arms. Finally she has him back. Finally knows his face again and it’s so much more then she could have hoped for. 
  • He just holds her there and squeezes. She pushes up on her tip toes and pushes herself further into his arms. Resting her lips on his shoulder. 
  • He pulls back eventually and laughs and says “i thought i was going crazy” 
  • She smiles back and grabs his hand “whatever you feel i feel it to right?” 

Seeking an FC and RP connections!

Once again, I’m reaching out to try and get Meg into an FC and to try and get her some RP connections!

Things about Meg that you should know:
↝ Meg is a 28 year old non-tribal Xaela, who grew up in Doma proper and remained there until the revolution against the Garleans. While she’s kept the Adarkim name to honour her ancestors, she had nothing to do with the tribe.
↝ She owns and runs a combination flower/botany/fortune telling shop in Lavender Beds, called Divine Flora. She’s hoping to get into teaching/mentoring soon as well.
↝ She does a massive amount of research into various things, namely botany, fortune telling, and the stars, though she also has a penchant for Othardian history and Eorzean history.
↝ Both of her parents are deceased and she is an only child. She never knew her grandparents and has no extended family that she knows of.
↝ She’s very friendly and upbeat, but also very very naive and gullible. Meg values selflessness and charity above all else.
↝ She is upper-middle class and is quite wealthy, though wasn’t always. Some people may know/recognise her from when she was begging in Pearl Lane for example. She makes no secret about her past and doesn’t see it as shameful.

What I’m Looking For:
↝ Put simply, I’m looking for a HEAVY RP FC. This is non-negotiable, sorry! This means that, most of the time in game, your FC is RP focused. I don’t mind PVE, (PVP isn’t my thing though, tried it, hated it,) and leveling or achievement hunting being a secondary focus. In fact, people to raid and level with would be nice!
↝ I suffer with anxiety IRL so the FC and any RP connections must be understanding of the fact that I sometimes just straight up don’t want to talk. This is nothing personal at all.
↝ I’d prefer the FC to have something in common with Meg, so I don’t have to change her story too much to make her fit. She probably wouldn’t ever work in a tavern or a club, (though she likes visiting them!) and doesn’t really do fighting, (so mercenary style RP is a no-go too.) Anything else I’ll consider!
↝ For RP connections, Meg is looking for any and everything! I prefer to develop relationships no matter what they may be, instead of having preformed ones. Sometimes chemistry doesn’t work out how you imagined it to! Special mentions for friends in general, charity organisations, staff for her store, people who want to be mentored in botany and/or fortune telling, and other Domans! But, as I said, I’m after any and everything honestly. Got an idea? Let me know about it!

Signal boosts are highly appreciated even if you don’t think our characters would/should ever cross paths!


Today I went shopping. For people with body image issues you know how stressful and hard clothes shopping can be. It’s even more horrifying when people make it harder for you.

I was in search of high waisted jeans. So my first stop was h&m since I saw that they had some online. I had not been here since high school, so I wasn’t sure what to expect or the quality. But I’m not a clothes or brand snob, if I like it I get it.

So I walked in with my mom and we found the jeans section. I found the high waisted and saw it was European sizes. I was trying to figure out the difference when my mom just called a woman over who worked there. My mom asked about the sizes, and the woman pointed to a sign where some of the size differences were posted.

Now the woman was rude from the beginning, which I could of dealt with. It’s when she body shamed people that my mom and I got mad. I’m a size 12/13/14 depending on the place. It turns out that h&m only carries up to size 12, which the worker referred to as large.
My mom was slightly peeved, so she asked what was up with that. Why would you only go up to size 12? Not to mention the 12 looked tiny. My mom said it wouldn’t of fit her and she’s a size 8! It was then that the woman said, “We usually appeal to the more slim demographic.”

I was heartbroken. My mom was pissed. We left swearing to never go back. The world is hard on women, the beauty standard to much sometimes. But to be told your body type ain’t what we like at a store? It does something to you. It makes you feel ugly, hurt, and unwanted. I’m a paying customer, why am I looked down on just for how I look?

I’ve always worried about the way i look and struggled with my weight. I was bullied for my weight, something I tried to put behind me. But with negative things like this, how can I? How could any woman? We search for perfection and we can’t find it, then we blame ourselves.
We went to another store and I was not in the mood. I wanted to go home, hide under my covers and not move. I didn’t want anyone to see me. I wished I could hide and not come out until I was the right type of beautiful. But I tried some stuff on, did my best. The first two pictures is me trying my first thing on. I did what you always did. I put on something that didn’t fit, two sizes two big, because I wanted to hide everything. I put the sweater on hoping I could disappear inside of it, make a home in it where no one would notice me.

The next pictures though, they came after. After I cried in that dressing room wishing I was someone else. I realized something, this was no way to live my life. Crying in a dressing room? When did I start letting the opinion of one woman or store change me? Why? It wasn’t fair to me. That’s when the other pictures were taken, everything in the open. All the skin, the rolls, the fat. It’s all part of me, to love me means to love all of it. Good and bad.

It didn’t matter what the store thought, or what that woman thought. Don’t like the way I look? Fuck em! Stick your middle finger in the air and wave it like you just don’t care. It is going to take some time, to really always believe that. To not care what people think. But in the end, it doesn’t matter if one woman thinks I’m ugly? That doesn’t mean I can’t see the beauty in myself! That same goes for you too! Love yourself! Find your inner and outer beauty! Beauty is not a size!