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I have a request: Can you write a short scene with the Hakouki characters (in a modern AU) ~ A summer day at the beach? Extra points for Saito in a speedo. 👌👍👌

May the celestial spirits help us all.

Words: ~2800 (it just happened I swear!!!) | FFN | AO3

For DWS aka @nalufever (tumblr): a faithful reader, reviewer and hilarious collaborator. You have an even stranger imagination than mine at times. I hope you enjoy this offering!

Hakuouki Vignettes:  The Shinsengumi in the Sunshine

The sun blazed in a blue sky, through which a few white clouds drifted like wispy cotton balls. It t looked like a painted background instead of a real sky. It was only just starting to get really hot when a silver minivan and a slick dark convertible pulled into the small parking lot overlooking the pristine beach area.

“Oh man this is perfect!” shouted a smallish teenage boy, flinging back a sliding door and racing down across the sand toward the water’s edge. “Look! The tide is just starting to come in now–awesome!”

The back hatch of the minivan began to rise automatically while three more passengers disembarked: a tall red-head in his mid-twenties, a muscular guy in a green bandanna and matching trunks of about the same age, and a third man who looked young until you noticed that the unusual green eyes had fine lines around them that suggested some kind of pain or trouble in the recent past. To call the middle of the three muscular was saying something, because all three men had sinewy, corded arms and walked with the light, springy steps of natural athletes. A casual observer might leave it at that. A more observant sort would take a second look (for more than just aesthetic reasons!) and more-or-less correctly conclude that the visitors were officers on leave from a nearby military base or maybe a larger city police force.

“Yo, Heisuke! Get your ass back here and help unload or you can forget about your share of the beer!”

The teenager—who was presumably older than he looked—waved a middle finger back at the man with the green bandanna, but ran back across the sand to do as he was told. The gesture earned him a “friendly” tap on the head when he arrived, which he shrugged off with almost startling indifference.

In the meantime, a lean, compact man with dark hair had gotten out of the driver’s seat, his movements almost unnoticeable against the backdrop of his louder and more colourful colleagues. He was wearing a plain black t-shirt over plain black trunks with some kind of white logo at the hem. He briefly surveyed his passengers, giving a slightly longer scrutiny to the green-eyed man, and then walked over to the convertible.

A slightly older man with black hair and movie-star good looks had already gotten out from behind the wheel of the other car and was unpacking the small storage space in the back that passed for a trunk. The young—and indeed only—woman with the group was just getting out of the passenger seat, her warm brown eyes bright with excitement. Like the youngest of the men, she appeared to be in her late teens.

“Hello, Saitō-san,” she said cheerfully to the quiet, dark-haired man. She showed no surprise at his rather sudden—and silent—presence. “The wind made a mess of my hair, but Hijikata-san said there was no point in having a convertible if you didn’t have the top down in nice weather. Oh well, I think I’ve finally gotten it all straight again.”

Saitō nodded, since the young woman’s hair appeared to be tied up in its usual short, neat ponytail. Without waiting for him to speak—or perhaps aware that he wouldn’t —the woman smiled and went on:

“Did you have a good drive? Did Heisuke get picked on too much? Is Okita-san doing alright?” The last question was asked in a low voice; apparently she didn’t want Okita to hear her.

“The drive was fine, Yukimura. Heisuke is in good spirits. Souji did not cough at all during the trip.”

“Well I hope he doesn’t overdo it now that we’re here,” growled Hijikata, stalking up to the two of them, his arms full of an odd assortment of objects. The strangest of these was a large pink inflatable duck, which he thrust unceremoniously at Chizuru (as she was invariably called by anyone other than Hijikata or Saitō). “Any trouble, Saitō?”

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