she even rolled her eyes in annoyance

don’t say I didn’t warn ya
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“Try not to fall for me.” He straightened his tie and smirked, he even had the audacity to wink at her.

Her annoyance flared only at herself for making the mistake of taking the bait by glancing up to him. Gajeel Redfox was her antithesis and that alone made everything in her boil with reckless spite.

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Have you ever stared at Algrim's butt?

   “Why do you creatures ask me such.. vulgar questions? And least of all for Algrim! Why not for Luther? I have actually stared at his. But I would never do such a thing to my dear friend! ”

    Anja did not know why the creatures persisted in such ordeals with her. Afterall, the only person in the palace to her knowledge that was attracted to Algrim was Counsellor Skalla. Anja rolled her eyes in brief annoyance, before an certain memory struck her. 

      “Today I have to fill out a document with the trolls of Vannaheim, Anja. And I will be requiring you to–” Algrim had started saying something to her that evening as she was limping behind him, head laid low to the back of his robes, annoyed by the presence of Kusios whom was looming by one of the bookshelves. The elven man decided to keep an eye on her as part of his duties, but it instead made her feel like a child, and she badly wished to shoo him out. Algrim was telling her something, and it would be wise to listen, but Anja seemed to be more inclined to staring at Algrim’s flowing robes instead, more interested in that much like a child. And not a moment sooner, she had herself staring, in an place usually people should not stare at. Including for people they work for! But Anja stared as Algrim stopped his pace and was gesturing around, not noticing Anja had kept her gaze held somewhere else. She was smiling much like a goofed child for reasons she was not aware. —- At least it did not last long before Kusios noticed and stared at her with big, confused eyes, and she realized what she just did.

“I have to go.” She said, her eyes huge in shame as she suddenly walked away.

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Aila rolls her eyes in annoyance and sighed “Fine Joohyun, I understand…this roller coaster was quite a doozy-heck, I even screamed like a dolphin but sadly, you outscreamed me back there” She then patted the younger girl’s shoulders and teased “You know what, why don’t we do something else to keep that embarrassing moment off your head, you cute little schoolgirl~”

You did sound like a dolphin, you know.” Joohyun snickered, hiding her mouth in her hands and taking a step back to pretend to cower in fear before smiling again, returning to the female’s side. “What do you want to do though? Obviously, I’m not going into those scary rides for a while.” She laughs, head slightly thrown back. “It’s your call, but if you can’t decide, we can go on one of those tea cup rides.” She nods, smiling as she pointed to the said ride, which was nearest.

“What so you’re going to keep me on a close radar because of a little stint that bitch pulled? I don’t even know why I’m even here right now, you and I both know that my ass is innocent and that those fucking jurors let Malibu Barbie off the hook because of her fake tits.” Aisha wasn’t one to speak out of turn, but it was the heat of the moment that evoked such a sharp tongue. “You gonna watch me masturbate too?” She rolled her eyes at him, huffing out of annoyance.